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Home Sources Checklist

5-Generation Ancestor Chart

4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Family Group Sheet

Birth Date Calculator

Town to County Database


Test Your Knowledge

   1.   The Family Group Sheet is a useful tool for:

   Your Answer:   depicting 4 generations in a family tree.

   The correct answer:  collecting information on a nuclear family.

   The Ancestral Chart depicts 4 generations in a family tree.
   The Family Group Sheet focuses on the parents and children in a family.

2.   The Social Security Death Index is a valuable database for
      genealogical information because:

    every American who obtained a Social Security card is included.

    it provides the Social Security number for each person in the database           which enables you to order a copy of the individual's SS-5 application.

    it provides the birth date and birth location for each person.

    it serves as a valid substitute for a death certificate.

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