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Home Sources Checklist

5-Generation Ancestor Chart

4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Family Group Sheet

Birth Date Calculator

Town to County Database


Test Your Knowledge

   1.   The Family Group Sheet is a useful tool for:

   Your Answer:   citing sources for genealogical data.

   The correct answer:  collecting information on a nuclear family.

   Although sources are cited on the back of the Family Group Worksheet,
   this is not the main purpose of the worksheet.
   The Family Group Sheet focuses on the parents and children in a family.

2.   The Social Security Death Index is a valuable database for       genealogical information because:

    every American who obtained a Social Security card is included.

    it provides the Social Security number for each person in the database           which enables you to order a copy of the individual's SS-5 application.

    it provides the birth date and birth location for each person.

    it serves as a valid substitute for a death certificate.

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