Listed below are the Revolutionary War ancestors of our chapter members.






  Abel, Joshua MA Corporal   Lyon, Elizabeth
  Adams, Thomas CT Private   Eno, Rosanna
  Anctil St Jean, Jean B. CAN Pat. Svc.   Fournier, Marie Elizabeth
  Arner, Henry PA Soldier   Daubenspeck, Catherine
  Baucher Morency, Basile CAN Pat. Svc.   Guyon, Marie Josephte
  Baugh, Joseph VA Soldier   Gentry, Nancy
  Beall, Jonathan Jr. MA Private   Bates, Naomi
  Beall, Jonathan Sr. MA Private   Harlow, Abigail
  Beall, Thaddeus MD Captain   Beall, Amelia Jane
  Bender, Adam PA Pat. Svc.   Jutzin, Barbara
  Bicking, Frederick PA Pat. Svc.   Ungervast,Mary Catherine
  Bicknell, Amos VT Pat. Svc.   _____, Elizabeth
  Bishop, Joel CT Private   Avery, Phoebe
  Bishop, Reuben CT Pat. Svc.   Wright, Anne
  Blewett, William NC Pat. Svc.   Garton, Sarah
  Board, Philip NJ Private   Thompson, Eleanor
  Bostwick, Levi CT Private   Smith, Anna
  Bourdeau Carignan, J.B. CAN Pat. Svc.   Hamel, Marie Louise
  Bradley, James CT Private   Stone, Leah
  Brooks, Lemuel CT Soldier   Sprague, Esther
  Brown, Oliver MA Officer   Law, Susanna
  Buckminster, Solomon MA Private   Davis, Elizabeth "Betty"
  Burdett, Ebenezer MA Private   Loveland, Ruth
  Burr, Simeon MA Private   Read, Elizabeth
  Campbell, Charles VA Private    
  Castleman, David VA Pat. Svc.   Johnston, Margaret
  Cebra, William NY Lieutenant   Yates, Rebecca
  Chadbourn, Simeon MA Sergeant   Yeaton, Elizabeth
  Chouinard, Julien CAN Pat. Svc.   Fortin, Marie Reine
  Cleveland, Jabez CT Fifer   Trumbull, Jane
  Coolbaugh, Moses PA Lieutenant   Shoemaker, Hannah
  Cornish, Benjamin NY Private   Miller, Freelove
  Curtis, Samuel MD Private   Williams, Priscilla
  Daugherty, Joseph VA Soldier    
  Dearborn, Josiah NH Private   Emerson, Susanna
  Dearborn, Nathaniel NH Private   Bacon, Polly
  Dessaint St Pierre, Jean CAN Pat. Svc.   Richard, Marie Angelique
  Dewey, Jedediah VT Pat. Svc.   Hayden, Mindwell
  Dickinson, Sylvanus CT Lieutenant   Miles, Mary
  Duane, James NY Pat. Svc.   Livingston, Mary
  Dunn, Samuel NJ/CT Private   Coykendell, Phebe
  Dwiggins, Robert MD Lieutenant   _____, Lydia
  Dwinell, Benjamin MA Private   Estes, Mary
  Earle, Thomas MA Pat. Svc.   Wait, Hannah Southgate
  Ely, Thomas VA Private   Smith, Jane
  Field, Zechariah MA Civil Svc.   Strong, Rachel
  Flesher, Henry VA Lieutenant   Peninger, Catharine
  Foster, John VA Pat. Svc.   _____, Rose
  Fox, Thomas VA Pat. Svc.   Herndon, Philadelphia
  Gardner, Benjamin MA Civil Svc.   Smith, Rachel
  Gore, Daniel CT Lieutenant   Parks, Mary
  Greenlee, James NC Soldier   Mitchell, Mary
  Hamilton, Thomas PA Private   Westfall, Sarah
  Hartman, John PA Pat. Svc.   _____, Margaret
  Hawkins, Thomas SC Private    
  Haney, Michael PA Private   Schaefer, Hellenah
  Hench, John Jr. PA Lieutenant   Rice, Margaret
  Hench, John Sr. PA Pat. Svc.   Schneider, Christina
  Hillegas, George Peter PA Private   Hornecker, Anna Barbara
  Hicks, Nathaniel VA Pat. Svc.   Chrisman, Jean
  Hobbs, Ezekiel VA Private    
  Hoke, Frederick NY Private   Shaver, Margaret
  Holcomb, Roger CT Corporal   Gillet, Mercy
  Hollingsworth, Jeptha SC Soldier   Gordon, Nancy
  Hopkins, Thomas MD Private   Hurd, Catherine
  Hubbs, John SC Private   Woolsey, Rebecca
  Hudgins, John VA Pat. Svc.   Foster, Amelia
  Hunt, Samuel MA Private   Ring, Elizabeth
  Husted, Ebenezer NY Pat. Svc.   Holmes, Sarah
  Ickes, Nicholas PA Private   Bernheisel, Susan Lei
  Isaacs, Godfrey NC Captain   _____, Sarah
  James, David VA Private   Atchinson, Nancy
  Joyce, James NC Soldier   Tate, Margaret
  Keck, Conrad PA Private   Moser, Mary Ann
  Keim, John PA Captain   De Benneville, Susanna
  Keller, John PA Private   Rupp, Dorothea
  Kennedy, William PA Private   Doak, Susanna
  Lambert, Louis Joseph CAN Pat. Svc.   Frontigny, Marie Therese
  Landon, Laban NJ Private   Gilles, Elizabeth
  Leach, John MA Private   Riggs, Ruth
  Lee, Isaac Sr CT Colonel   Norton, Tabitha
  Lindsey, Thomas NC Pat. Svc.   Clark, Hester
  Lipscomb, Ambrose VA Private   Mardus, Winifred
  Longfellow, Nathan NH Soldier   Healey, Susannah
  Lyon, Caleb CT Pat. Svc.   Lyon, Margaret
  Lyon, Cyrus MA Private   Abell, Mary
  Maddox, Notley MD Private   Compton, Mary Ann
  Mathieu, Charles CAN Pat. Svc.   Dufresne, Therese
  Maynard, Francis MA Pat. Svc.   Hubbard, Ruth
  McKenney, Peter PA Officer   Shorts, Mary
  McMullen, Neal PA Private   Mann, Susannah
  Medlock, Samuel SC Private   _____, Nelly
  Merrill, John NH Sergeant   Rowell, Sarah
  Miles, Isaac CT Captain   Baldwin, Catherine
  Morenus, William NY Private   Truax, Margrette
  Morris, Joseph MA Private   Phillips, Rachel
  Moseley, Robert Jr PA Lieutenant   Peak, Sarah
  Nadeau, Francois Etienne CAN Pat. Svc.   Martineau, Genevieve
  Nail, Matthew NC/SC Private   Swagerty, Catherine
  Nicholas, Joseph VA Private   Fowler, Elizabeth
  Olmstead, Ebenezer NH Private   Spofford, Damaris
  Overmyer, John George PA Captain   Vogt, Barbara
  Pace, Thomas NC Pat. Svc.   Mathews, Cebell
  Page, George VT Private   Bicknell, Betsey
  Palmeter, Paul CT/RI Corporal   Satterlee, Elizabeth
  Parker, Samuel MA Private   Hunt, Rebecca
  Patrick, Jeremiah VA Civil Svc.   Blair, Sarah
  Peninger, Henry VA Pat. Svc.   _____, Barbara
  Perrault, Basile CAN Pat. Svc.   Rocheleau, Angelique
  Poland, John NJ Sergeant   Bennet, Sarah Smock
  Pope, Henry VA Private   _____, Elizabeth
  Porter, Benjamin MA Private   Tisdale, Rebecca
  Prilliman, Jacob VA Pat. Svc.   Helm, Walburga
  Putnam, Richard Dirk NY Ensign   Van Brakle, Neetje
  Quigley, Philip PA Private   _____, Ann
  Raysor, Peter VA Soldier   _____, Anna
  Reed, William Sr. MA Pat. Svc.   Evans, Ruth
  Rexrode, George VA Private    
  Rice, Benjamin MD Soldier   Hook, Parnell
  Rice, Zachariah PA Private   Hartman, Maria Appolonia
  Richards, Dodipher MA Private   _____, Sarah
  Root, Billa CT Sergeant   Hawkins, Rebecca
  Schureman, James NJ Lieutenant   Williamson, Eleanor
  Shelby, Isaac VA Colonel   Hart, Susanna
  Sherwin, Ahimaaz MA/CT Officer   Day, Ruth
  Shipman, Samuel Jr. CT Lieutenant   Stanclift, Sarah
  Shipman, Samuel Sr. CT Pat. Svc.   Doty, Sarah
  Slaven, John Sr. VA Pat. Svc.   Stuart, Elizabeth
  Smith, Robert PA Colonel   Vaughan, Margaret
  Snell, John Jr. VA Pat. Svc.   Watts, Elizabeth
  Spenard, Antoine CAN Pat. Svc.   Vezina, Marie Euphrosine
  Spofford, Bradstreet NH Lieutenant   Page, Mary
  Stevens, Joseph Lawrnce VA Sergeant   Shackleford, Nancy
  Stevens, Mary Bowman VA Pat. Svc.   Stevens, Lawrence
  Stimpson, James NJ Private   Parker, Mary
  Strickland, Jacob Jr NC Pat. Svc.   Young, Priscilla
  Strowbridge, Henry MA Private   Gordon, Jane
  Strowbridge, Robert MA Sergeant   Nelson, Elizabeth
  Sullivan, James MA Colonel   Odiorne, Mehetable
  Thayer, Asa MA Private   Hunt, Molly
  Thayer, Ellis NH Private   Shafter, Mary
  Thayer, Zachariah MA Private   Pray, Lydia
  Thomas, Jane Black SC Pat. Svc.   Thomas, John Sr.
  Thomas, John Sr. SC Colonel   Black, Jane
  Thomas, Robert SC Captain   _____, Martha
  Van Duzer, Christopher NY Captain   Tunsten, Juliana
  Wallace, William Brown VA Lieutenant   Fox, Barbara
  Wardwell, Samuel NJ Pat. Svc.   Arney, Sarah
  Wardwell, Solomon NJ Pat. Svc.   Andriss, Mary
  Watson, John SC Pat. Svc.   Murphy, Anne
  Weirich, Valentine PA Private   _____, Catherine
  Whitmore, Peter Jr. PA Soldier   Overmyer, Mary Magdalene
  Whitmore, Peter Sr. PA Private   _____, Maria Sallome
  Wilder, Silas MA Sergeant   Sawyer, Elizabeth
  Willis, Joel NC Soldier   Gwaltney, Sarah
  Woolsey, Thomas VA Private   _____, Phobe
  Woolsey, Zephaniah VA Soldier   Woolsey, Sarah
  Wright, William VA Private   Lloyd, Elizabeth
  Yates, Rebecca Waldron NY Pat. Svc.   Yates, Johannes
  Yohn, John PA Ensign   Vanderslice, Bandina
  Young, Gideon MA Private   Cilley, Jemima
  York, William NC Captain   ______, Ailsey

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