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Florida Society Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) Patriot Index
Copyright 2013 - 2015 Debbie Duay, Fort Lauderdale, FL. All Rights Reserved.
Below is a free index to the Revolutionary War patriots of members of the Florida Society SAR. It is part of the free tutorial Researching Your Revolutionary War Patriot Ancestor
This index is intended to be a supplement to the SAR Patriot Index Edition III CD published in 2002. Information from some
older applications is included. However, the majority of the entries are from applications approved from 1997 to 2015.
In addition to providing information on each SAR member's Revolutionary War patriot ancestor, this index also lists the
CHILD of the patriot AND the GRANDCHILD of the patriot in each member's lineage. NOTE: If the lineage goes through
the patriot's daughter, the patriot's grandchild will have a different surname. The different surname will be in ALL CAPS.
We assume no responsibility for the accuracy of the information or the acceptability of any SAR Record Copy for application purposes.
Information on ordering SAR applications is here: Ordering SAR Record Copies (Applications)
Patriot Patriot State of Spouse Spouse Member Patriot Patriot
Last Name First Name Service Death Place Maiden Name First Name Number Child Grandchild Comments
Aaron William c1751-1841 VA Franklin County, GA Elizabeth 186727 John Mitchell
Abbe Thomas 1731-1811 CT Enfield, CT Terry Penelope 178700 Thomas Horatius listed as Thomas ABBEY in DAR Patriot Index
Abbey Solomon 1730-1799 CT Mansfield, CT Knight Sarah 193346 Esther Leonard SESSIONS
Abbott Reuben 1763-1843 MA Hancock, ME Hodgkins Mirabah 186418 William Moses
Abrams James 1745-1822 SC Newberry District, SC Mary 185720 Alexander Samuel S.
Abrams John 1758-1829 NY Westlake Hannah 166247 Samuel Thomas Griggs
Acker Ursula Susanna Klotz 1732-a1784 PA Berks County, PA Acker Johann George 166163-SUP Leonhard Margaret
Ackerman John 1757-p1805 NY Mabie/Mebie Elisabeth 181511-SUP Leah/Leya Emma J. BERTHOLF
Acre John d. 1814 VA Clinton County, OH Mary 150361 John Daniel aka John ACHOR
Adams Abraham 1748-1827 MA Newbury, MA Bricket Mary 194995 Abraham Enoch
Adams Amos 1746-1845 MA Madison, ME Kemp Sarah 182681 Amos Daniel
Adams David 1753-1828 SC Charleston, SC Lawrence Mary (2nd wife) 164774 David Lawrence Edward
Adams Drury 1755-1815 SC Edgefield District, SC Roper Mrs. Sarah (2nd wife) 161685 John W. Henry Abram
Adams James 1748-1805 CT Canterbury, CT Knight Jerusha 162580 James James Bradford
Adams Joel 1749-1828 MA Sharon, NH Whitney Lucy 187964 Nathan Nathan
Agard Noah 1756-1840 CT/NY Tioga County, NY Jones Lucina 186412 Samuel Noah
Agnew George c1762-p1826 SC Washington County, AL Jane 172233 John George Washington
Ainsworth Edward 1729-1806 NH Claremont, NH Child Sybil (2nd wife) 175338 Calvin Laban
Ainsworth William 1733-1815 CT Wales, MA Mary/Marcy 166346-SUP Lovisa Doddridge PAUL
Akeley Thomas 1755-1850 MA/VT Brattleboro, VT Wilder Abigail 159698 Joseph Cynthia
Akers Solomon c1745-p1806 VA Montgomery County, VA 186628 William Andrew listed as Solomon ACKER in DAR Patriot Index
Albee Benjamin 1740-1824 MA Wiscasset, ME Clifford Abigail 148882-SUP Ebenezer Henry Sewall
Albright Ludwig 1731-1810 NC Orange County, NC Keller Anna Marie 182800 John Benjamin
Alden Noah 1725-1797 MA Bellingham, MA Vaughn Joanna 151617 Israel Noah
Alderman Daniel c1711-1785 NC Duplin County, NC Harris Abigail 183447-SUP David Daniel
Alderman David 1749-1831 NC Bulloch County, GA Hall Jemima 123606 James William
Alderman David 1749-1831 NC Bulloch County, GA Hall Jemima 179478 Rachel Daniel SLOAN
Alderman David 1749-1831 NC Bulloch County, GA Hall Jemima 183447 Daniel George
Alexander James 1756-1844 NC Buncombe County, NC Cunningham Rhoda 170943 James Mitchel Harriet A. E.
Alexander James 1726-1791 PA Mifflin County, PA Reed Rosa 193972 Hugh Rosanna
Alexander John McNitt 1733-1817 NC Mecklenburg County, NC Bain Jane 160881 Abigail Bain David Thomas CALDWELL
Alexander Robert 1746-1820 VA Campbell County, VA Austen Ann 169400 Esther Esther Judith Clark MOORMAN
Alleman John 1733-1811 PA Dauphin County, PA Eshenauer Barbara 166787 Henry George W.
Allen Charles c1730-1808 NC Warren County, NC Vincent Nancy Ann 158897 Vincent Turner
Allen David 1754-1818 VA Pittsylvania County, VA Lewis Apphia Fauntleroy 143273 Mary Meriwether Sarah Allen ROSS
Allen George 1756-1835 NJ Portage County, OH McCullon Jane 161877-SUP Jacob John M.
Allen Joseph 1723-1798 MA Tisbury, MA Nye Patience 143397 Lydia Prince ATHEARN
Allen Joseph c1747-1835 NJ Burlington County, NJ Leak Mary (2nd wife) 143639-SUP Sarah James Mason DARBY
Allen Josiah c1735-1781 SC Ninety-Six District, SC Elizabeth 189194-SUP Nancy Elizabeth Mary Quarles MATTHEWS
Allen Peter c1720-1784 NJ Burlington County, NJ Wheeler Elizabeth 143639-SUP Joseph Sarah
Allgood John 1751-1839 VA Walton County, GA Willis Sarah 177760 William Rebecca
Alling Ichabod 1756-1809 CT Hamden, CT Gilbert Rhoda 183785 Russell George Bidwell listed as Ichabod ALLEN in DAR Patriot Index
Allis Eber 1745-1821 MA Deerfield, MA Mann Sarah 182683 Electa Reuben JEWETT
Allison William c1740-1818 NC Wilkes County, NC Lucy 178139 Ephraim Thomas
Alston Philip c1740-1791 NC Washington County, GA Smith Temperance 174281 James Elizabeth
Alter Jacob 1742-1815 PA Washington County, PA Landis Margaret 178526-SUP Jacob David
Amburgey John 1758-1831 NC Perry County, KY Hamon Elizabeth 149479 John J. Ambrose
Ammerman Albert c1750-1819 NJ Northumberland County, PA Campbell Jane 171333 Henry Isaac spelled AMERMAN on SAR application
Ammerman Derick 1759-1813 NY Dutchess County, NY Ranous Margaret 174640 Susan Ann Augusta DEAN
Amonett Charles d. 1802 SC Sumter District, SC Sarah 127021-SUP Jean William BUDDIN approved 2010
Anderson Augustine 1750-1834 NJ Morgan County, OH Edsel Hannah 190263 Joseph Joseph Jr.
Anderson David 1748-1783 PA York County, PA Hepburn Margaret 129880 James C. James
Anderson Gideon c1740-1806 GA Wilkes County, GA 173557-SUP Wiliam William
Anderson James 1726-1782 VA Cumberland County, VA Trogs Margaret 138899-SUP William Garland approved 2010
Anderson John 1747-1805 SC Sumter District, SC McBride Frances Moore (2nd wife) 178284 Sophronia Robert Morton MULDROW
Anderson Robert 1741-1812 SC Pendleton District, SC Thompson Ann 150922 Mary Elizabeth MAXWELL
Anderson William 1744-1780 SC Camden District, SC Stinson Nancy 166960 Mary Joshua SMITH
Anderson William 1763-1844 GA Baldwin County, GA Finch Sarah 173557 William John
Anderson William 1725-1805 MD Anne Arundel County, MD Edwards Elizabeth 181190 William James
Andrew Nehemiah 1746-1813 MA Guilford, VT Scott Elizabeth (2nd wife) 180273 Solomon Luther
Andrews Charles 1710-1790 CT Glastonbury, CT Strickland Elizabeth 125021-SUP John Nancy listed as Charles ANDRUS (Andrews) on the SAR application
Andrews Josiah c1738-1778 MA Taunton, MA Padelford Mary 186729 Josiah Alanson
Andrews William 1758-1821 VA Oglethorpe County, GA Gaines Catey 156933 William Gaines James
Andrus Charles 1710-1790 CT Glastonbury, CT Strickland Elizabeth 125021-SUP John Nancy
Angstadt John/Johannes c1732-1806 PA Berks County, PA Kolb Anna Marie (2nd wife) 171577 Peter David
Ankeny Christian 1751-1824 PA Westmoreland County, PA Shaffer Elizabeth 176274-SUP David Elizabeth
Anthony George 1762-1833 NJ Jackson County, OH Piper Catherine 195141 Nicholas Levi
Applegate Daniel 1768-1826 NJ St. Louis County, MO Lindsay Rachel 171682 Lisbon James Lindsay
Applegate Daniel 1768-1826 NJ St. Louis County, MO Lindsay Rachel 145342 Lisbon James Lindsay
Arbaugh Adam d. 1800 VA Greenbrier County, VA Mary 182742-SUP Lucinda Elias Rookstool CLAYPOLE
Archer Benjamin 1727-1780 NJ Washington County, PA Sarah 164809 Philip Paine Benjamin
Archer James 1747-1830 VA/PA Monroe County, OH Linthicum Jane (2nd wife) 160032 Joseph Henry
Archer John 1752-1830 MA Cherryfield, ME Tupper Elizabeth 73197-SUP John Julia Ann approved 2004
Ard Reuben 1740-1836 NC Dale County, AL Dixon August 170988 George Jesse
Arden Jacob 1719-1781 NY New York, NY Beekman Catherine 143504-SUP Catherine Abijah SOMERS approved 2007
Armstrong Robert 1731-1796 SC Knoxville, TN Cunningham Margaret 169003 Aaron Francis B.
Arnett Henry 1761-1847 NY/NJ Monroe County, VA Trusdel Elizabeth 154035 Henry William listed as Henry ARNOT on SAR application
Arnold Edmund 1757-1843 RI Exeter, RI Himes Abigail 166426 John Edmund
Arnold George c1752-1835 MD/PA Holmes County, OH 148312 George George
Arnold Jeremiah c1760-1791 VA Jefferson County, KY Rizley Elizabeth 193340 Jeremiah John
Arnold John 1752-1816 NY Saratoga County, NY Hall Ruth 175609 Joseph Eleanor Lang
Arnold Nathan 1733-1778 RI Cumberland, RI Cargill Lucy 167525 Nathan Seth
Arnold Peleg 1749-1839 RI Washington County, RI Slocum Margaret 145156 George George Collins
Arnott or Arnot Henry 1761-1847 NY/NJ Monroe County, VA Trusdel Elizabeth 154035 Henry William
Arp Abednego 1763-1844 VA Wilkes County, NC Wright Elizabeth (2nd wife) 178073 Benjamin Mary "Polly"
Arthur Barnabas a1735-1799 VA Wilkes County, GA Talbot Martha 194600 Lewis Lewis C.
Asbury George 1756-1819 VA Tazewell County, VA Taylor Mary Ann 169784-SUP Lavina Jarrett Wesley BOWLING
Ashburn Luke 1749-1838 VA Lancaster County, VA Roberts Susanna A. (2nd wife) 189246 Zachariah "Zack" Jesse Downing
Ashby Jesse 1738-1823 VA Ohio County, KY Ruby Tamar (2nd wife) 158803 Thomas Jesse
Atchley Thomas 1755-1836 NJ/VA Sevier County, TN Richards Lydia 174458 Benjamin Louisa
Atkins Hezekiah 1759-1842 VA Cabell County, VA Levon Mary "Molly" 169068 Isaiah Washington
Atkinson Isaac 1752-1838 VA Cumberland County, NJ Alloways Anna Sheldon (2nd wife) 147604 James Frank Lee
Atlee William Augustus 1735-1793 PA Lancaster County, PA Sayre Esther Bowes 153060 Mary Rachel Mary JAMES
Atwater David 1723-1806 CT New Haven, CT Bassett Elizabeth 172330 Jared Jared
Atwater John 1757-1838 CT Cayuga County, NY Davis Lucy (2nd wife) 152163 Richard Newman Lucy Nina
Aumack William 1762-1833 NJ Monmouth County, NJ Hof Christiana 172793 Jacob William Daniel Stillwell
Austin Caleb 1718-1792 CT Suffield, CT King Phoebe 166328 Josiah Seneca
Austin Gideon 1731-1792 RI Scituate, RI Angell Prudence 149139 Ruth Ruth CRANSTON
Austin Isaac 1737-1824 NY Argyle, NY Vaughan Rhodinah 194830 David Isaac D.
Autry John c1735-1788 GA Greene County, GA Elizabeth 178223 Jacob Jacob Brown
Avant Joseph c1740-1801 GA Washington County, GA 144967 Ransome Davis Sarah Elephair listed as Joseph AVENT on SAR application
Avery Elijah 1734-1781 CT Groton, CT Morgan Prudence 191253 John J. Albert Lay
Avery Oliver 1729-1815 MA Charlemont, MA Gilman Abigail Sayers (2nd wife) 143279 Eunice Abel AVERY
Avery Richard 1763-1834 MA Cayuga County, NY Furgeson Submit Marietta 180791 Elizabeth Martha Catherine Marietta RANDALL
Avery Solomon 1729-1798 CT Luzerne County, PA Punderson Hannah 173753 Henry Henry Cyrus
Axline Adam 1733-1818 VA Bedford County, PA Pryor Mary Anna 143371-SUP Elizabetha Philip J. SHOEMAKER spelled EXLINE on SAR application
Ayer Travis 1723-1812 CT Saybrook, CT Matson Ruhamah 160557-SUP John Hannah
Ayers Daniel c1732-1818 NJ Perth Amboy, NJ Elizabeth 160557-SUP Elizabeth Obadiah Ayers MARTIN
Babb Philip 1731-1813 VA Greene County, TN Perkins Mary 155697 Seth Seth
Babb William 1742-p1805 MA Westbrook, MA Conant Elizabeth 116817 Solomon Stephen
Babcock Jonathan c1735-1807 NJ Gloucester County, NJ Sarah 173671 John Beasley
Babcock Oliver 1740-1777 CT Stonington, CT Kinney Marcy 194197 Abigail Jabish BROWN
Baber James 1762-1836 VA Gwinett County, GA Arthur Mildred "Millie" 167467 Anna James Hines CARPENTER
Bachtel John Jacob 1750-1815 MD Canton, OH Letch Catherine 166500 Frederick Jesse
Backus Electus Mallory 1765-1813 CT Sacketts Harbor, NY Judson Sabra 168634-SUP Delucena Emily Lindsley
Backus William c1760-1814 PA Harrison County, VA Mary 162182 Eleanor Jeriah SWIGER
Bacon George c1750-1834 MA Lorain County, OH Crease Hepzibah 183231 George John C.
Baden John 1753-1824 MD Prince Georges County, MD Maudlin Wilhelmina 177686 John John Thomas
Baden John Jr. d. 1846 MD Prince Georges County, MD Naylor Elizabeth 177686-SUP John Thomas Thomas George
Badger Benjamin 1756-1832 MA Charlestown, MA Emerson Naomi 186910 Benjamin Benjamin
Baggs Archibald 1753-p1796 GA Liberty County, GA Dennison Hannah Ester 157487 William Charity listed as Archibald BAGG in DAR Patriot Index
Bailey Asa 1745-p1791 NH Grafton County, NH Abbott Abigail 160553-SUP Caleb Amos
Bailey Benjamin 1747-1822 MA Scituate, MA Mercy 193532 Mercy Elijah CLAPP
Bailey James 1735-1812 CT Lebanon, CT Gay Lucy 184564 Hezekiah George Hezekiah
Bailey Oliver 1738-1822 CT Bradford County, PA Scoville Hannah 172237 Scoville Harry
Bailey Paul 1743-1831 MA Scituate, MA Holmes Anna 156310 Paul Samuel Bates
Bailey William Fleming 1750-1818 NC Lancaster District, SC Sprunt Molley 153771-SUP Nancy William Bailey CAUTHEN
Baker John 1722-1792 GA Liberty County, GA Sarah 177762-SUP Stephen Richard Fuller
Baker John 1740-1787 VA Marshall County, VA Sullivan Elizabeth Adams 165231 Martin D. Jackson
Baker Jonas 1751-p1791 CT Killingly, CT Polly 126216 Jonas Mariah
Baker Nicholas 1744-1832 VA Lawrence County, IN Lampkin Lucy 131866 John Jesse K.
Baker Robert 1754-1833 VA Montgomery County, MO 174453 Jacob John T.
Baker Silas 1747-1825 MA Littleton, MA Fiske Betsy Wilson 170940 Silas Silas Washington
Balch Amos 1758-c1835 NC Bedford County, TN Patton Ann 185157 Alfred Moore Ann Jane
Ball John 1746-1814 VA Arlington County, VA Thrift Mary Ann 103057 Horatio Samuel
Ball Samuel 1757-1844 NJ Licking County, OH Lindsley Mary 93651-SUP Cornelius Lindsey Samuel D. approved 2009
Ballance Leven 1762-1832 NC Currituck County, NC White Chloe 179253 Bethuel Timothy Ephraim
Baltzegar John 1732-1798 SC Orangeburg, SC Margaret 149799 John John L.
Bancroft John 1753-1822 MA Broome County, NY Newhall Mary 120493 Timothy Wilder
Banks Aaron 1738-1823 MA Hancock County, ME Perkins Mary 73197-SUP Elizabeth Ebenezer WARDWELL approved 2009
Bankston Daniel c1733-1811 GA Morgan County, GA Williamson Rachel 170942 Spencer Henry Gaines
Bannerman George 1762-1841 NC New Hanover County, NC Williams Phebe 169842 George Washington Phebe Williams
Bannerman George 1762-1841 NC New Hanover County, NC Player Hester (2nd wife) 170527 Charles Robert James
Barber Nathan 1733-1816 RI Westerly, RI Maxson Thankful 144701-SUP Mary Nathan B. WILBER approved 2009
Barbour Plyer c1735-a1816 NC Johnston County, NC Amey 170837 Mary "Polly" Elizabeth MESSER
Barfield Frederick c1758-p1815 NC Rutherford County, TN Williams Susannah 187868 James William Dickson
Barker Moses 1737-1821 MA Naples, NY Gutterson Lydia 162261 Elisha Elisha D.
Barkley Jacob 1733-1819 PA Somerset County, PA Hauer Veronica 163701 David John
Barnard John (Juan) c1763-1826 PA Philadelphia, PA Work Elizabeth 185565 Santiago (James) Claudia Maria Adelina
Barnes Elias c1752-1808 NC Madison County, KY Turner Rebecca 177658 Sophia Thomas Marion JACKS
Barnes John c1756-1840 VA Harrison County, KY Milly 182539 Oliver Sarah Elizabeth
Barnes Jonathan 1740-1797 MA Brookfield, MA How Dorothy 172795 Francis Thomas
Barnett Benjamin 1756-1828 VT Quebec, Canada Miller Mary 154907-SUP John David H. approved 2009
Barnett Joel 1762-1851 VA Noxubee County, MS Meriwether Mildred (2nd wife) 172650 Francis M. Nicholas Meriwether
Barnett John c1696-p1778 NH Londonderry, NH Seaford Joan 154907-SUP Samuel Benjamin approved 2012
Barnett Samuel c1726-1794 VT Newbury, VT Smith Amy 154907-SUP Benjamin John approved 2010
Barney Joseph c1735-1821 CT Milton, VT Chapman Sybil 160631 Erastus Jacob
Barnhard Ulrich c1750-p1794 PA York County, PA Catharine 150501 Philip Simon Edward
Barnhart Jeremiah 1758-1834 NY Ulster County, NY Winslow Hannah 155702 George Winslow Hannah
Barnhart Ulrich c1750-p1794 PA York County, PA Catharine 150501 Philip Simon Edward listed as Ulrich BARNHARD on SAR application
Barnum Stephen 1757-1834 MA Shoreham, VT Wolcott Lucy 143188 Susanna Mary Arvilla MUNN
Barrell James 1727-1827 MA Scituate, MA Bowker Deborah 162912 Noah Deborah
Barrell Noah 1758-1838 MA Pembroke, MA Palmeer Martha 162912-SUP Deborah William TORRENCE
Barrett Reuben c1756-1814 SC Greenville District, SC Hannah 157488-SUP John John R.
Barron James 1752-1848 SC Cherokee County, GA Gemima 169322 Elijah James Jasper Newton
Barron Timothy 1740-1797 NH Haverhill, NH Russell Olive Moore 192897 Sarah "Sally" Moor Russell TEWKSBURY
Barter Pelatiah 1741-1825 NH St. George, ME Mary 179483 Robert Walter H.
Bartlett Joshua 1736-1823 NH Unity, NH Badger Sarah 165616 Joshua B. Oliver Joshua
Basham Jeremiah c1730-a1826 VA Bedford County, VA Dowell Mary 170126 James Nathan
Baskin James c1739-1790 SC Abbeville District, SC Pickens Margaret 148307 James Stuart Margaret Pickens
Bassett William c1753-1846 RI Otsego County, NY Burdick Avis 190264 Lewis Samuel Clark
Batchelder Rupee 1753-1842 RI Panton, VT Parsons Sarah 191123 Samuel Charles Lockwood also spelled BACHELLER
Bates James 1721-1785 VA Halifax County, VA Hix Winnifred 148501 Nathaniel Isaac
Battle Elisha 1723-1799 NC Edgecombe County, NC Sumner Elizabeth Ruth 117393 Elizabeth Mourning CRUDUP
Battle Elisha 1723-1799 NC Edgecombe County, NC Sumner Elizabeth Ruth 193786 Elizabeth Bathsheba CRUDUP
Baxter Aaron 1740-1822 CT Hebron, CT Mentor Mercy (2nd wife) 175929 William Warren J.
Baxter John 1726-a1815 MA Sandisfield, MA Ruth 150718-SUP Stephen Stephen
Baxter Joseph 1748-1822 NC Currituck County, NC Ferebee Mary 164045 Joshua Martha Elizabeth
Baylies Hodijah 1756-1842 MA Dighton, MA Lincoln Elizabeth 123647 Edmund Edmund Lincoln
Bayne Ebsworth c1719-1793 MD Prince Georges County, MD Middleton Susannah 173563-SUP Thomas William Jones
Beach Joseph 1753-1798 CT Phelps Jerusha 150658 Ahira Joseph Phelps
Beard John 1765-1826 SC Williamson County, TN Blackstock Mary 185963 Aaron Aaron Moses
Bearden Benjamin 1748-p1821 NC Granville County, NC Harris Molly 150379-SUP Benjamin William H.
Beaujean Charles 1754-1799 MA West Indies Kimberly Anna 148819 Michael Moses Eusebius
Beaumont Samuel 1758-1837 CT Kanawha County, VA Towner Thankful 162578 Virginia Frances Thankful Frances GRIFFIN
Bebout John Jr. 1752-1836 NJ Washington County, PA Agnew Mary 143278 Ira Condit Samuel M. H.
Bedel Joshua 1740-p1820 NH Bath, NH 126130-SUP Anne Mary Eliza FIFIELD
Bedell Absolom c1740-1802 GA Greene County, GA Jackson Ruth 155514 Mary Hampton B. WATTS
Beebe Asahel 1763-1848 CT Malone, NY Parmalee Amarilla 150193 Barzilla Elmira
Beebee James 1751-1812 CT Onondaga County, NY Fairchild Mehitable 173959 Lewis John West listed as James BEEBE in DAR Patriot Index
Beecher Walter 1757-1829 CT Madison County, NY Rachel 123607 Chauncey Marilda
Beegle Charles 1750-1808 PA Bedford County, PA Holler Catherine 159711 Frederick William listed as Charles BEAGLE in DAR Patriot Index
Beeson Benjamin c1716-1794 NC Randolph County, NC Hunter Elizabeth 165231-SUP Richard Ann
Beeson Richard 1747-1817 NC Randolph County, NC Lewis Abigail Demmit 165231-SUP Ann Robert HARRISON
Belcher David 1746-1811 MA Stafford Springs, CT Burr Rachel 177551 David Norman W.
Belew Zachariah 1758-1845 SC Lawrence County, TN Ballington Mary 156762 Renie William
Bell James 1755-1831 MD Gloucester County, NJ Johnson Michel or Michal 143639-SUP Hannah Sarah Bell JOHNSON
Bellamy Richard c1745-a1815 GA Franklin County, GA Mary 148750 John Richard
Bellinger Adam 1757-1822 NY Herkimer County, NY Zimmerman Lena G. 160021 Chrischanna Henry Bellinger WEATHERWAX
Bemis Timothy 1734-1806 MA Weston, MA Wesson Martha 171425-SUP Sally Sophia WRIGHT
Benchley William c1725-1811 RI Smithfield, RI Arnold Deborah 171749-SUP Arnold Samuel
Bender Jacob 170-1820 PA Northampton County, PA Schaefer Elizabeth Catherine 193531 Martin Catherine
Benedict Gilbert c1745-1827 CT Onondaga County, NY Weed Mercy 184690 Levi Alexander H.
Benedict Silas 1740-1778 CT Wyoming Valley, PA Weeks Lydia 149874-SUP Sarah Thomas TAYLOR approved 2006
Benedict Silas 1740-1778 CT Wyoming Valley, PA Weeks Mary 192379 Silas Delina
Benefiel George 1759-1832 PA Jefferson County, IN Buchanan Mary 156311 Mary "Polly" William J. MCCARTY listed as George BENEFIELD in DAR Patriot Index
Benefiel John c1760-p1821 PA Daviess County, IN Rebeckah 191002 Robert Jacob White
Benham Peter 1725-1780 VA Loudoun County, VA James Anne 158496 Robert Absalom
Benjamin Jonathan c1765-p1807 NJ Big Plains, OH Barnes Elizabeth 167522 Samuel Phoebe
Bennett Asher 1753-1837 RI Foster, RI Herrington Mary 160964 Mary William Reed SEAMANS
Bennett Richard 1758-1830 NC Appling County, GA Cook Mary 153129 Henry William
Bennett Thomas 1754-1814 SC Charleston, SC Warnock Anna Hayes 143651 John Singleterry Anna Keith
Benson Jephthuh or Jeptha 1763-1858 MA Brooksville, ME Churchill Silence 179386 Joseph America B.
Benson Moses 1732-1806 MA Brookline, VT Holbrook Eunice 178141 Peter Lyman
Benson Peter 1763-p1832 MA Orange County, VT Marsh Azuba 178141-SUP Lyman Arba
Bent David 1730-1798 MA Rutland, MA Moore Lucy 162886 David Thomas W.
Bent Peter 1707-1798 MA Marlborough, MA Mary 172481-SUP Patience Elizabeth HARVEY
Bent Silas 1744-1818 MA Washington County, OH Carter Mary 184928 Mary "Polly" Cynthia SMITH
Bentley Ezekiel 1738-1834 RI Stonington, CT Chapman Anna (2nd wife) 149919 David Niles Andrew Jackson
Bentley William 1710-1800 NY Dutchess County, NY Tillinghast Elizabeth 168634-SUP Elizabeth Clark NOXON
Benton Jacob 1728-1807 CT Alstead, NH Slade Hannah 195985 Samuel Slade Reuben
Bergstresser Elizabeth Negley c1739-1795 PA Bucks County, PA Bergstresser Valentine 166163-SUP George John W.
Bergstresser Valentine 1737-1780 PA Bucks County, PA Negley Elizabeth 166163 George John W.
Bernard John (Juan) c1763-1826 PA Philadelphia, PA Work Elizabeth 185565 Santiago (James) Claudia Maria Adelina
Berry Hudson 1752-1840 NC Greenville District, SC Anthony Sarah 165386 Nancy Eizabeth ARNOLD
Berry William 1753-1824 MA Oxford County, ME Doane Joanna 159699-SUP Dorcas Elon G. WHITMAN
Bertholf Samuel 1745-1813 NY Orange County, NY Hopper Hannah 191242 John W. William
Besse John b. 1744 MA Plymouth County, MA Cushman Hannah 156967-SUP Sarah Eliza A. STURTEVANT approved 2008
Bessent Abraham c1759-1814 SC St. Marys, GA Ann 125190 Abraham William Abram listed as Abraham BESANT in the DAR Patriot Index
Best John 1761-1836 NC Screven County, GA William Sarah 170628 Henry Henrietta
Bethea John 1752-1812 SC Marion District, SC Henagan Mary 186572 William Philip Pearce
Bethea John 1740-1821 SC Marion District, SC Parker Absola 147603 James James Edwin
Bettinger Philip c1752-c1817 NY Onondaga County, NY Maria Margaretha 191690 Leonard Peter
Betts Spencer 1759-1837 VA Halifax County, VA Fowlks Nancy 163289 Nancy Sarah Jane WOODY
Betz Abraham 1743-1821 PA Jefferson County, OH Harvey Eve Bower (2nd wife) 156378 Susanna Delilah CABLE listed as Abraham BETTS in DAR Patriot Index
Bevan William 1757-1837 NC Bladen County, NC Hogan Nancy 182080 William James George Washington
Beverett Jacob c1748-p1840 NC Dale County, AL Brooks Deliah 181952 Henry Jacob Shorter
Bevier Andries 1742-1800 NY Wawarsing, NY DuBois Jacomyntje 121479 Josiah Edwin
Bibb Sarah Martin 1718-p1784 VA Amherst County, VA Bibb Thomas 162491 Martin Charles
Bickford Solomon c1734-1830 NH Northwood, NH Fox Susan 171425-SUP Gideon Olive Ann
Bidwell Zebulon 1743-1777 CT Stillwater, NY Burnham Mary 155695 Moses Austin Burnham
Bierley or Bierly Anthony 1747-1825 PA Centre County, PA Warner Anna Maria 166163-SUP Rosina Michael GRAMLEY
Bierly Melchior b. c1713 PA Northumberland County, PA Ocker Marie Barbara 166163-SUP Anthony Rosina
Biffle John c1744-c1850 GA DeKalb County, GA Ingraham Sally 181604 Sarah A. Malicia "Maliissa" MITCHELL
Bigelow Ivory 1741-1804 MA Marlborough, MA Bigelow Sophia 167197 Gersham Lucy
Bird George c1730-p1790 SC Sumter District, SC Commander Sarah 125979-SUP Redden Frances
Bird Richard c1760-1818 NC Johnston County, NC Sparkman Elizabeth 153865-SUP Redding Edward approved 2011
Bird Richard c1760-1818 NC Johnston County, NC Sparkman Elizabeth 163147-SUP Redding Birtis (Birt)
Birdsall John 1727-1815 NY Unadilla, NY Tripp Elizabeth 150919-SUP Lemuel William
Birdsall Lemuel 1749-1838 NY Delaware County, NY Calkins Martha 150919-SUP William William
Birney William c1740-a1819 NC Bayou Bartholomew, LA 179485 Winnaford James FISH
Bishop William 1760-1836 SC/NC Spartanburg District, SC Agee Elizabeth 179477 Elijah Mathew Lloyd
Bittinger Nicholas 1725-1804 PA Adams County, PA Reinboldt Maria Christina 147844 Susanna John KEPNER
Black Robert 1745-1805 NC Greene County, KY Latimore Sarah 173563-SUP Rachel Daniel L. UPTON
Blackburn John 1753-1837 PA Shelby County, KY Mary 171476 Joseph William
Blackinton Oliver 1734-1811 MA Attleboro, MA Whipple Mary 175156 Othniel Lemuel
Blackman David 1746-1821 NJ Gloucester County, NJ Clarke Mary 180629 Thomas Andrew J.
Blackwelder Isaac 1757-1843 NC Cabarrus County, NC Redling Mary 162181 Jeremiah Moses
Blackwell Robert c1742-1813 NC Caswell County, NC Rice Zillah 157666-SUP Carter Julia A.
Blaisdell Oliver 1736-1803 MA Essex County, MA Bagley Mariam 154041-SUP Joseph Levi B. approved 2011
Blaisdell Samuel 1716-p1777 MA Amebury, MA Barbard Dorothy 154041-SUP Oliver Joseph approved 2011
Blakely John c1718-c1798 SC Laurens District, SC Orr Rachel 175066-SUP Margaret George Prangle COPELAND listed as John BLAKESLEE in DAR Patriot Index
Blakeslee John c1718-c1798 SC Laurens District, SC Orr Rachel 175066-SUP Margaret George Prangle COPELAND listed as John BLAKELY on SAR application
Blakeslee Samuel 1759-1834 CT Livingston County, NY Curtis Phebe 152782 Asenath Samuel Blakeslee CHAPEL
Bland Richard 1710-1776 VA Williamsburg, VA Pothyress Anne 142876 Edward John
Blankenship Daniel c1761-1849 VA Coosa County, AL 178076-SUP Mary Frances "Fanny" Lucy BLANKENSHIP
Blankenship Reuben 1765-1850 VA Coosa County, AL Wilkenson Elizabeth 178076 Mark Lucy
Bledsoe Anthony 1733-1788 VA/NC Sumner County, NC Ramsey Mary 178868 Mary Polly Bledsoe B. WEATHERRED
Bledsoe Anthony 1733-1788 VA/NC Sumner County, NC Ramsey Mary 181513 Mary Polly Agnes Malvina WEATHERRED
Bledsoe Miller 1761-1841 VA Oglethorpe County, GA Bolling Jean Elizabeth 178072-SUP Eunice Columbus Judson LANDRUM
Bliss Abel 1763-1852 MA Rehoboth, MA Carpenter Lucy (2nd wife) 168249 Caleb Franklin Smith
Bliss Samuel 1734-1785 MA Warren, MA Gleason Mary 163705 David Porter Mason
Blitch Thomas c1740-1777 GA Battle of Brandywine, PA Hodges Ann 190084 Benjamin Benjamin
Bloodworth Robert c1755-1839 MD Somerset County, MD Keziah 193248 Rachel John Newman PRITCHETT
Bloomer Stephen c1738-1813 NY Westchester County, NY Richards Mary 188863 Henry Clark
Bloomfield Thomas 1746-1814 NJ Crawford County, PA Morris Elizabeth 176400 Lewis Sarah Ann
Bloss Valentine 1757-1850 VA Wayne County, VA Smith Mary Margaret 164776 Nancy J. Jacob PYLES
Blount Elisha 1759-1835 CT Chenango County, NY Davis Sallie 163706-SUP Pharoah (Ferry) Lemuel
Blount Stephen c1761-1804 SC Savannah, GA Fitzgerald Judith Brown Hull 170164 Stephen William Edward Howard
Bock Baltzer 1746-1827 PA Schuykill County, PA Bolick Susanna Margaretha 194507 Daniel Benjamin
Bogart Isaac 1754-1812 NY East Woods, NY Hoogland Annetje 179667 Daniel Annette
Bohr Burkhart 1738-1815 PA Berks County, PA Catherine 157485 Heinrich Eva
Boisseau John 1764-p1830 VA Simpson County, KY Carter Nancy 191517 Lucy C. Robert C. DANCE
Bolling John c1741-p1806 VA Oglethorpe County, GA Wisdom Ursula Bell 178072-SUP Jean Elizabeth Eunice BLEDSOE
Bolsinger George 1752-1832 MD Fayette County, PA Elizabeth 188744 John George
Boltz Jacob c1730-1795 PA Dauphin County, PA Madern Catherine 160301 Henry (Heinrich) Thomas listed as Johann Jacob Boltz on SAR application
Boney Wimbeck 1731-1801 NC Duplin County, NC Teachey Catherine 187076 William John William
Bonham Absalom 1739-1794 NJ Lincoln County, NC Cox Rebecca Morris (2nd wife) 156417 John Bethel Jarrell
Bonham James 1766-1815 MD Edgefield District, SC Smith Sophie Butler (2nd wife) 148555 Malachi Mark Elizabeth
Bonnel James 1758-1807 NJ Morris County, NJ Burnet Rhoda 148721 Stephen Carter Hannah Parcel
Bonner Thomas c1744-1804 SC Clarke County, GA Jones Margaret 173089-SUP Jordan (James) George Washington
Bonner Thomas c1744-1804 SC Clarke County, GA Jones Margaret 148951 Jordan Seaborn
Book Jacob 1761-1852 PA Lawrence County, PA Mary 163947 Barbara Conrad CLINE
Boon William c1740-a1795 VA King George County, VA Green Keziah 170162 George Green Milton Rodes
Boone Daniel 1734-1820 VA St. Charles County, MO Bryan Rebecca 176278 Jemima Susannah CALLAWAY
Boone Daniel 1734-1820 VA St. Charles County, MO Bryan Rebecca 182541 Levina Leah SCHOLL
Boone Jacob 1754-1827 PA Mason County, KY DeHart Mary 181008 John Indiana
Boone Josiah 1726-c1814 VA Woodford County, KY Henton Hannah 158603 Ruhemah Lemuel THOMPSON
Boone William c1740-a1795 VA King George County, VA Green Keziah 170162 George Green Milton Rodes spelled BOON on SAR application
Booth Andrew c1744-p1800 MA Sandgate, VT Kirby Jerusha 148483 Eden Timothy Hurd
Border Nicholas 1735-1820 VA Bedford County, PA Eva Elizabeth 143371-SUP Catherine Conrad FILLER
Bordner Philip Jacob c1740-1786 PA Berks County, PA Velt Mary Elizabeth 188923 John Philip
Bosley Gideon 1748-1803 MD Lincoln County, KY Cole Sarah 179671-SUP James William T.
Boston Levin 1747-a1820 MD Somerset County, MD Benton Gertrude "Gatty" 185594 Thomas Williamson Wilbur Fisk
Botsford Ephraim 1720-1795 CT Sharon, CT Hawley Sarah 169308 Ephraim Anner
Bott Rhinardt or Reinhart c1730-1790 PA York County, PA Mary Elizabeth 174642 Marie Catherine Elizabeth WINKLER
Bottomer Jacob c1758-1820 PA Fayette County, PA 176274-SUP Elizabeth George Crawford MCCORMICK
Bourne Asa 1760-1829 MA Barnstable County, MA Bourne Abigail 185567 Richard Herbert M.
Bouton Nathaniel b. 1726 NY Penoyer Lydia 181511-SUP Lydia Elnathan WEED
Bouton William 1749-1828 CT Norwalk, CT Benedict Sarah 123660 Mary William Augustus GWYER listed as William BOUGHTON in the DAR Patriot Index
Boward Michael a1759-c1798 MD Washington County, MD Prakunier Margaretha 181809 Michael Martin Luther
Bowden Baker 1743-1789 NC New Hanover County, NC Martha 151698 Richard Simeon
Bowen Charles a1756-p1786 MD Calvert County, MD Gray Martha Elizabeth 162952-SUP Jasper Young Sarah Elizabeth
Bowen Eleazer 1722-1810 RI Glocester, RI Wood Lydia 125988-SUP Lydia Andrew DARLING approved 2014
Bowen Thomas 1743-1834 NH Richmond, NH Aldrich Penelope 153613 Nathan Rachel
Bowen Thomas Bartholomew 1742-1805 PA Charleston District, SC 158013 Owen Jones Perry
Bowers Morris 1735-1781 VA James City County, VA Bonner Esther 161934-SUP Elizabeth Noah WALKER
Bowker Silas 1739-1789 NY Ulster County, NY Hobbs Esther 180552 Silas Archibald
Bowles David c1730-a1807 VA New Kent County, VA Sarah 158122 Jesse Robert
Bowling Jarret 1762-1856 VA Tazewell County, VA Garrison Elenor 169784 William Jarrett Wesley
Bowling Joseph a1750-1790 MD Charles County, MD Queen Catharine 132944 James Marsham William Francis listed as Joseph BOLLING in DAR Patriot Index
Bowlsby Samuel 1730-1822 NJ Sussex County, NJ Duran Betsey 151418-SUP John Samuel Barker
Bowman George 1758-1820 PA Lebanon County, PA Zinn Catherine 155516-SUP John Cyrus Elias
Boyd David 1743-1831 PA Washington County, PA Henderson Elizabeth 178526 Nancy Hannah GILSON
Boyd James 1738-1784 SC Ninety-Six District, SC Burns Martha 177857-SUP Samuel Mary "Polly"
Boyd Samuel 1763-1835 SC Wayne County, IN Higgins Isabella 177857-SUP Mary "Polly" Carolyn BRADBURY
Boyden Ezekiel 1741-1808 MA Walpole, MA Richardson Leah 167533 Ezekiel Azel
Boydston George 1746-1825 VA Wayne County, OH Burris Eunice 174457 Thomas Charles
Boydston William 1753-1838 VA Clay County, MO Christian Elizabeth 171804-SUP Priscilla Jacob Cummin FAUBION
Boykin Burwell 1751-1817 SC Kershaw District, SC Whitaker Mary 169285 William Whitaker Hunter Rives
Bracey Sackfield Maclin 1757-1807 VA Brunswick County, VA Hicks Lucy Harrison 143794 Washington James Harrison
Brach Johann Casper 1704-1785 PA Berks County, PA Gruebel Anna Sophia Margaretha 166163-SUP Marie Elizabeth Catherine "Katie" MURRITTS
Brackenridge Margaret Douglas d. c1790 PA Bedord County, PA Brackenridge Robert 188394-SUP James John
Bradbury David 1760-1824 NJ Wayne County, IN Craig Susan 177857-SUP Abner Marshall Carolyn
Braddock John Cutler 1743-1793 GA Glynn County, GA Cook Lucy 169684 John David John Spicer
Bradford John c1708-1787 NC Halifax County, NC Reed Patience 181289 Henry Nathaniel
Bradford Simeon 1729-1793 VT Springfield, VT Whiting Phebe Whiton 176273 Joel Oren
Bradford Thomas 1757-1830 NC Clarke County, AL Hargraves Mary "Polly" 180275 Nathaniel Marion Decalb
Bradley Isaac 1722-1784 CT New Haven, CT Lewis Lois Bishop 179476 Lewis Isaac
Bradley Joseph 1744/45-1802 MA North Andover, MA Osgood Mary "Polly" 150601 Thomas Osgood Richard S.
Bradley William 1717-1780 MA Haverhill, MA Emerson Mehitable 150601-SUP Joseph Thomas Osgood
Brady Simeon 1737-1806 NY Westchester County, NY Brundage Mary 154117 Simeon Simeon
Bragdon Aaron c1756-1844 MA Cornith,ME Staple Ruth 152069 Stephen Stephen
Bragdon Joshua 1743-p1785 MA Wells, ME Littlefield Mehitable 158172 Thomas Thomas
Bragg Elijah c1760-1838 VA Bryan County, GA McCord Sophie 151278 Elizabeth Susan ELABER
Bragg Elijah c1760-1838 VA Bryan County, GA McCord Sophia 151278 Elizabeth Susan ELABER
Brainerd Stephen 1699-1794 CT Chatham, CT Gates Susannah 164064-SUP Susannah Asa DAY
Brainerd William 1746-1820 CT Colchester, CT Day Lucy 164064-SUP William Clarissa Loomis
Brakeman Lodovic or Ludovic c1735-1813 NY Otsego County, NY Bleecker Eve 183682 Catherine James STRAIN
Brammer John c1740-1813 VA Patrick County, VA 157780-SUP John Mary
Brandenburg Matthias c1740-1806 VA Clark County, KY Esther/Hester 170162-SUP Samuel Joseph
Brandow Godfrey c1720-p1789 NY Albany County, NY Overbagh Catrina 154041-SUP Maria Abraham LAMPMAN
Brandow Godfrey c1720-p1789 NY Albany County, NY Overbaugh Catrina 173959-SUP Annatje Peter (Petris) VANDENBURG
Brandt Adam 1751-1838 PA Fairfield County, OH Metzler Ava 192789 David Adam
Brandt John 1754-1844 PA Montgomery County, pA Taylor Elizabeth 154870 Eliza Sarah Ann REZER
Branner John 1752-1837 VA Shenandoah County, VA Harpine Catherine 170528 Catherine Catherine ZIRKLE
Brannon John c1745-1804 VA Berkeley County, VA Rebecca 187873 Levi Robert Page listed as John BRANDON in DAR Patriot Index
Brant John 1754-1844 PA Montgomery County, pA Taylor Elizabeth 154870 Eliza Sarah Ann REZER listed as John BRANDT in DAR Patriot Index
Brashear Lucy Phelps 1761-1854 VA Madison County, KY Brashear Marsham 173563-SUP Eden Celia
Brashear Marsham a1758-1807 VA Bullitt County, KY Phelps Lucy 173563 Eden Celia
Bratton Adam c1750-1800 VA Augusta County, VA Feamster Elizabeth (2nd wife) 160557-SUP Robert Nancy Rebecca
Bratton James c1748-1786 PA Cumberland County, PA Isabella 154391 Jane Elizabeth PARKS
Bratton Robert 1712-1785 VA Augusta County, VA Dunlap Ann McFarland 160557-SUP Adam Robert
Bray Nicholas 1752-1843 MA Harrison, ME Bray Polly 159699-SUP Anna Sophia WILSON
Braxton Carter 1736-1797 VA Richmond, VA Robinson Judith 180792 Judith Robinson Judith Robinson WHITE
Breese Samuel 1758-1837 NJ Luzerne County, PA Pierson Hannah 159317 John Sarah
Breese Samuel 1758-1837 NJ Luzerne County, PA Pierson Hannah 181949 Daniel Lewis
Breiner George Michael c1736-p1785 PA Berks County, PA Loy Anna Catharina 73197-SUP Johann Jacob Jacob J. approved 2002 listed as George Michael BRYNER in DAR Patriot Index
Bretzius Michael 1740-1803 PA Schuykill County, PA Sarah 156578 George George
Brewer Jonathan 1725-1784 MA Waltham, MA Buckminster Frances 164778 Francis Hiram
Brewer Solomon 1746-1824 MA Springfield, MA Smith Martha 170991 John Cynthia Aurelia
Brewster Jabez 1747-1802 CT Preston, CT Park Dorothy Brewster (2nd wife) 157280 Elisha William
Brewster Truelove 1760-p1790 MA Pawlet, VT Lydia 195811 Augustus Lafayette Augustus
Bridges James a1755-1820 GA Oglethorpe County, GA Rich Susannah 161934 Burrell (Burwell) Williamson approved 2005
Bridgewater Samuel 1749-1827 VA Scott County, IN Caughman Mary Ann 155512 Samuel James Christian Leander
Briggs Timothy 1713-1803 MA Norton, MA Mary (Merce) 169566 Timothy Polly
Brightwell Anderson c1763-1837 VA Pittsylvania County, VA Brightwell Nancy 143504-SUP Dicy Samuel PHELPS
Brightwell Reynold c1735-p1804 VA Prince Edward County, VA 143504-SUP Nancy Dicy BRIGHTWELL approved 2006
Brindle John 1734-1817 PA Franklin County, PA Marret Catherine 161737 Johann Melchior Malachi Jacob listed as JOHANNES Brindle on SAR application
Briner George Michael c1736-p1785 PA Berks County, PA Loy Anna Catharina 73197-SUP Johann Jacob Jacob J. approved 2002 listed as George Michael BRYNER in DAR Patriot Index
Brion John George 1757-1801 PA Snyder County, PA Heinly Elizabetha 177854 Benjamin Franklin Henry
Brittain William 1723-1804 NJ Hunterdon County, NJ Collins Mary 134253-SUP Nathaniel Mary
Britton William 1756-1840 MA Marion County, OH Mary 174157 William Stayner Benjamin Gitto listed as William Stayner Britton on SAR application
Brobst Matthias 1736-1792 PA Pennsylvania Stambach Anna 193787 Michael Samuel
Brokaw Abraham 1728-1810 NJ Washington County, PA Davis Judith 152310-SUP George Abraham
Brokaw George 1755-1842 NJ Harrison County, OH Custard Jane 152310 Abraham Abraham
Brooke Matthew 1719-1806 PA Birdsboro, PA Reese Sarah 146163-SUP Sarah Matthew Brooke BUCKLEY approved 2010
Brooks Benjamin 1753-1838 PA Clearfield County, PA Harkins Elizabeth 184165 Margaret Rebecca SHAFFER
Brotzman Ludovic c1735-1813 NY Otsego County, NY Bleecker Eve 183682 Catherine James STRAIN listed as LODOVIC BRAKEMAN on SAR application
Brough Daniel 1762-1825 PA Botetourt County, VA Elizabeth 163943-SUP Mary Catherine SMITH
Brough Hermanus Sr. 1722-1794 PA Botetourt County, VA Catherine 163943-SUP Daniel Mary
Brown Bartlett 1731-1789 SC Orangeburg District, SC Holcomb Katherine 148765 Benjamin James
Brown Benjamin 1713-1806 NH Kensington, NH Batchelder Elizabeth 125021-SUP Elizabeth Anna PAGE
Brown David 1732-1802 MA Concord, MA Munroe Abigail 176405 David John Buttrick
Brown Jacob Sr. 1731-1808 NC Washington County, TN Elizabeth 195491 John David
Brown John 1756-1838 PA Union County, PA 183950 Abraham Elizabeth
Brown John c1742-1801 MD Baltimore County, MD 153713-SUP Robert Lloyd
Brownson Gideon 1739-1796 VT Sunderland, VT White Cornelia 177851 John White William White listed as Gideon BRONSON in DAR Patriot Index
Bruce William 1745-1818 VA Nelson County, KY Perciful Polly Lucas 193929 James Sarah "Sally"
Bruere James 1751-1807 NJ Allentown, NJ Horsful Sarah 115065 John Horsful Stephen
Brugh Hermanus Sr. 1722-1794 PA Botetourt County, VA Catherine 163943-SUP Daniel Mary listed as Hermanus BROUGH Sr. in DAR Patriot Index
Brumback Peter 1754-1846 GA Boone County, KY Simpson Elizabeth Lee 149619 Peter Warren Nathan E.
Brumbaugh George d. 1838 PA Huntingdon County, PA Metzger Susanna 166163-SUP Barbara Catherine DILLINGER
Brunson David 1720-1785 SC Sumter District, SC Johnson Susannah 156008 David Benjamin
Brush Eliphalet 1748-1846 CT Ridgebury, CT Lee Eunice Hull 193529 Arza Henry Chapman
Bryan Nathan 1756-1835 NC Pike County, GA Little Rebecca 178382 Littleton Erastus
Bryan William 1724-1781 NC Johnston County, NC Smith Elizabeth 147620 Blake Elizabeth Patay
Bryant Bartholomew 1737-p1810 MA Washington County, ME Brookins Ellen 169366 Patience Joseph Brookins JOHNSON
Buchanan Alexander 1752-1824 NJ Clermont County, OH Van Schaick Rachael 158709 Mary "Polly" Ann Leonard ANTLE
Buchanan Benjamin 1754-1821 SC Jasper County, GA Wood Mary 153771 Micajah Anderson Benjamin
Buck Daniel 1762-1843 MA Oneida County, NY Heyford Marietta 164451 Horace Maryette
Buck Daniel 1762-1843 MA Oneida County, NY Heyford Marietta 165384 Schuyler George Washington
Buck Daniel 1762-1843 MA Oneida County, NY Heyford Marietta 150989-SUP Schyuler Webster Alonzo
Buck Moses c1747-1809 MA Balstown Twp, MA Adams Mary "Polly" 152309 Cyrus Adams Albert Cyrus
Buck Nicholas c1730-1786 PA Bucks County, PA Kohl Apollonia 161500 Joseph Henry
Buckelew Frederick c1755-p1830 SC Twiggs County, GA Goslin Ruth 151555 William John Proctor listed as Frederick BARKELOW in DAR Patriot Index
Buckles William 1743-1824 VA Jefferson County, VA Hendricks Priscilla 190067 James William
Buckley John 1719-1799 DE Brandywine Hundred, DE Clemson Hannah 146163-SUP Daniel Matthew Brooke approved 2008
Buckner Philip 1747-1820 VA Bracken County, KY Daniel Tabitha Ann 149551 Susanna "Susan" T. Anna Elizabeth TALIAFERRO
Buell Archelaus 1737-1811 CT Litchfield, CT Landon Mary 164779-SUP Anne Harriet Buell MERRILL
Buffington David 1762-1836 VA Fairfield County, OH Margaret 195567 Peter Rebecca
Buford John 1757-1852 VA Bedford County, VA Shrewsbury Rhoda 153713 Rhoda John Henry LAWHORN
Bull John 1731-1826 PA Northumberland County, PA Phillips Mary 154030 Animus Eliza Barnwell SMITH
Bullard Samuel 1740-1816 MA Holliston, MA Partridge Lydia 168090 Jotham Joseph
Burbach Philip Poorbaugh c1747-1815 PA Somerset County, PA Blickensderfer Elizabeth Igenfritz 189019 George Andrew
Burbank Eliphalet 1760-1816 MA Gilead, ME Barker Susannah 181511-SUP Susannah Churchill J. LARY
Burdick Simeon a1727-1802 RI Westerly, RI Saunders Isabel 166733 Stephen Billings
Burdit Frederick 1753-1841 SC Laurens District, SC Bramlet Mary Ann 150191 Reuben Jesse
Burdue Nathaniel 1748-1837 PA Huron County, OH Welch Margaret 187070 Nathaniel Harriet
Burgner Peter c1755-1824 PA Lebanon County, PA Maria Catharina 149367 Jacob Jacob
Burham Oliver 1760-1846 CT Cornwall, CT Rogers Sarah 164779-SUP Clarissa Harriet Ann NORTH
Burkhart George a1755-1834 MD Nelson County, KY Hobbs Nancy Ann 190059 Joshua George
Burney William c1740-a1819 NC Bayou Bartholomew, LA 179485 Winnaford James FISH
Burnham Frederick c1750-p1813 VT Windsor County, VT 125973 Hannah Joseph AINSWORTH
Burnham John 1758-1837 CT Erie County, NY McCarty Barbara 161950 Celia Marie John SEYMOUR
Burns Alexander 1739-1826 PA Washington County, PA Carroll Jane 164809-SUP James William
Burns William c1756-c1842 VA/NC Clay County, KY 144079 William Perry Arthur
Burns William c1756-p1840 VA/NC Clay County, KY 167669 William Joice (Nancy)
Burson Isaac c1745-1830 SC Jackson County, GA Sarah 189776 Brookfield Lucinda A.
Burt Zephaniah c1740-a1816 NJ Washington County, PA Axtell Hannah 171581 Luther Daniel
Burton Allen c1755-1841 VA Caswell County, NC Burton Mary 164447-SUP Thomas William Thomas William
Burton David 1744-1794 MA Cheshire, MA Tibbits Amey 191691 Charles David
Burton John c1731-1785 VA Cumberland County, VA Merryman Agnes 164447-SUP Mary Thomas William BURTON
Burwell Lewis 1745-1800 VA Mecklenburg County, VA Harrison Elizabeth R. 192799 Peyton Randolph Jane Christian
Bush Richard 1725-1803 SC Edgefield District, SC Prescott Mary (2nd wife) 163147 John Pendleton Abner
Bush Sanders c1765-1810 NC Pulaski County, GA Mary 188864 William Martha Ann
Bushnell Handley c1731-1811 CT Saybrook, CT Bishop Chloe 171201 Joshua Joseph
Bushong John c1760-a1827 VA Ross County, OH Summers Jennett 154294 George George
Bushong John (Johannes) 1732-1808 PA Shenandoah County, VA Sprenckel Elizabeth 154332-SUP John Jacob John
Bushong John Jacob 1754-1796 PA Shenandoah County, VA Windle Elizabetha 154332 John Jacob
Butler Charles a1746-1811 NC Sampson County, NC Elizabeth 154541 Robert Charles
Butler John c1732-1819 NH Cheshire, NH Oak Susannah Allen 185359-SUP Susannah Butler Emery MARBLE
Butler John 1758-1836 MA Campton, NH Poor Sarah 182944 John Poor Elizabeth Ann
Butler Percival 1760-1821 PA Carrollton, KY Hawkins Mildred "Milly" 182537 Pierce William Orlando
Butler William 1738-1836 VA Anderson County, TN Duckett Ann 163149 William M. Emily Jane
Butt John c1758-1805 VA Norfolk County, VA Wilson Abiah 195989 Cary Wilson Anne Woodward
Butterbaugh George c1737-1800 PA Franklin County, PA Adams Christina 166163-SUP Christina Conrad DILLINGER
Butterbaugh George c1737-1800 PA Franklin County, PA Adams Christina 182741-SUP Christina Susan/Susanna DILLINGER
Buttermore Jacob c1758-1820 PA Fayette County, PA 172002 Polley Eliza BOLEY listed as Jacob BOTTOMER in DAR Patriot Index
Button Harmon c1753-1822 VA Culpeper County, VA Fishback Sarah 154038 Frederick James M. listed as HARMAN Button in DAR Patriot Index
Buttrick John 1731-1791 MA Concord, MA Jones Abigail 176405-SUP Esther John Buttrick BROWN
Buzan John 1756-1844 VA Bullitt County, KY Rebecca 160759 Rebecca William Fountain WHEELER
Byers William c1735-p1798 SC York County, SC Elizabeth 192788-SUP Edward Elizabeth
Bynum John 1757-1841 GA Cannon County, TN Sear Elizabeth "Betty" 191689 Mila William FERRILL
Byram Ebenezer 1743-c1827 NC Knox County, TN Guerin Lydia 165165 Levi Alden
Byrd Jonas c1735-c1802 SC Bulloch County, GA Mary 140486-SUP Jonas William Arlington approved 2008
Cable William 1739-1778 CT Montgomery County, PA Merwin Ruth 186233 Joseph Isaac
Cackler Christian 1758-1830 PA Portage County, OH Sedicher Julia Ann 171426 Mary Polly Susannah FARLEY
Cady Elisha 1750-1827 NY Montgomery County, NY Waterman Ruth 184736-SUP Zilpha Mary Miller HOLLISTER
Cady Isaac 1739-p1820 NH Alstead, NH Hendrick Sarah 186730 Joseph James Bigelow
Caffey John 1752-1826 MD Montgomery County, AL Buchanan Mary 170135 Charles Sarah A.
Cain Daniel 1758-1821 MA Hingham, MA Holmes Hannah 183902 Walter Walter
Cains Richard 1755-1823 VA Lawrence County, KY McKinney Margaret 179475 Margaret Susan GRIFFITH listed as Richard CAIN in DAR Patriot Index
Calder John 1761-1845 GA McIntosh County, GA Richey Mrs. Winewood (2nd wife) 177762 Eugene M. Elizabeth Louise B.
Caldwell John 1756-1840 NH Northfield, MA Swan Elizabeth 161941 James William French
Calhoun Patrick 1727-1796 SC South Carolina Caldwell Martha (2nd wife) 164635 John Caldwell John C.
Calkins Joseph 1737-1806 CT Tinmouth, VT Crippen Deborah 181989 Levi Amos
Calkins Roswell 1761-1823 CT Delaware County, OH Hine Eunice 162582 Marcia Marcia BEEBE spelled CAULKINS on the SAR application
Calkins Samuel 1749-c1815 VT Ontario, Canada Dean Anna 155516-SUP Samuel Alva approved 2002
Call Alexander 1760-1803 PA Jefferson County, OH Larkin Hannah 170685 David David
Campbell Hugh c1750-1807 VA Bourbon County, KY Malcom Jane 192569 John Oscar James
Campbell James c1719-1804 VA Brooke County, VA Patience 186281 Alexander Robert
Campbell James 1747-1799 MA Brookline, NH Adams Rebecca 152140 Benjamin Benjamin Jewett
Campbell John 1742-1824 SC Warren County, OH Clark Hester 159670-SUP Elizabeth Mary "Polly" MARTINDALE
Campbell Lawrence c1735-1814 VA Amherst County, VA Catlett Henrietta 113293 Mary Ann Harriet F. BURK
Campbell Robert 1765-1827 PA Lycoming County, PA Morrison Rachel 128907-SUP Margaret Abner WILLIAMEE
Campbell Robert 1765-1827 PA Lycoming County, PA Morrison Rachel 160408 George Mary Ellen
Candler William 1736-1784 GA Richmond County, GA Anthony Elizabeth 194596 Daniel Samuel Charles
Canedy William 1757-1836 MA Middleboro, MA Brown Mary Gooch 179045 Zebulon Elkanah William listed as William KENNEDY in DAR Patriot Index
Cannon David 1759-1826 SC Newberry District, SC Johnson Nancy 169811 Samuel D. David Albert
Cannon John 1730-1794 NC Mecklenburg County, NC Martha 194177 Job Malcolm
Cantey Charles c1718-1780 SC South Carolina Drake Harriet 147346-SUP Charlotte Benjamin WALKER
Capron Seth 1762-1835 MA Orange County, NY Mann Eunice 185010 Seth M. Lavinia
Card Job c1718-1777 RI South Kingston, RI Martha (2nd wife) 186755 James Elisha
Carhart Cornelius 1729-1810 NJ Sussex County, NJ Coleman Williampe 149549 Lydia Rebecca BOWLBY
Carleton Thomas 1747-1795 NC Duplin County, NC Martha 105365 John John Wright
Carleton Thomas 1747-1795 NC Duplin County, NC Martha 153765 John Alderman
Carlock Hanchrist c1727-1803 VA Bath County, VA Whitman Sarah (2nd wife) 165574 Isaac James Chism
Carlock Hanchrist a1727-1803 VA Washington County, VA Whitman Sarah (2nd wife) 143406 Abraham Miriam
Carlton John 1735-1875 NC Duplin County, NC Watson Martha Jane 172097 Hardy Isaac
Carlton Thomas 1747-1795 NC Duplin County, NC Martha 175915 John Alderman listed as Thomas CARLETON in DAR Patriot Index
Carmichael Archibald 1754-1827 NC Surry County, NC Nix Elizabeth 177685 Starling Sara
Carpenter George c1730-1778 VA died in service Shutley Anne (2nd wife) 172978-SUP Henry George Washington
Carpenter John a1750-1803 VA Louisa County, VA Mary 160183 William William Thomas
Carper Frederick 1736-1789 PA Dauphin County, PA Margaret 143277 Nicholas Jacob
Carr James 1754-1823 NC Logan County, KY Kerr Mary 178074 Esther Cyrus WADE
Carrell Jacob 1748-1815 SC Kershaw District, SC Fair Elizabeth 129877 William Arthur Brown
Carroll Bartholomew 1722-1827 VA Johnson County, IN Sumvald Catherine 152102 Bartholomew Nancy listed as Bartholomew CARROL on SAR application
Carroll Charles c1757-p1815 NC Liv - Madison County, AL Mary 171190 Charles Thomas Johnson
Carroll Jacob 1748-1815 SC Kershaw District, SC Fair Elizabeth 129877 William Arthur Brown spelled CARRELL on SAR application
Carroll James 1765-1834 NC Johnston County, NC Stevens Rhoda 163942 James Major
Carter Charles 1752-1842 NC Oglethorpe County, GA Roberson Susannah 167056 Robert G. George W.
Carter Charles 1752-1842 NC Oglethorpe County, GA Roberson Susannah 159250 Holley D. William Griffin GRAY
Carter Edward 1743-1827 NH Belmont, ME Powers Esther 165717 Isaac Powers David Gay
Carter Joseph c1760-1845 VA Morgan County, KY Chastain Magdalene Salle 165231-SUP Rene Chastain Elizabeth Manesa
Carter Josiah 1726-1812 MA Leominster, MA Hough Tabitha 157412 Abijah Henry
Cartwright Cyrus a1755-1823 PA Centre County, PA Jones Rebecca 166163-SUP Samuel James
Carver William 1737-1819 NC Person County, NC 185359-SUP John Green
Cary Ezra 1749-1839 MA Turner, ME Tolman Cynthia 159699 Luther Calvin W.
Cary Joseph 1723-1803 MA Williamsburg, MA Marsh Phebe 143640-SUP Elizabeth Ruth CHEESEMAN
Case Augustus 1759-1852 NJ Wayne County, OH Bell Elizabeth 155249 Anna Eliza CULBERTSON
Case Edward 1748-1822 CT Canton, CT Lawrence Zeruah 143556 Edward Nelson
Casey John 1762-1844 RI Calhoun County, MI Delano Abigail (2nd wife) 130840 Jotham Charles Mathew
Cash Bartlett 1757-1835 VA Amherst County, VA Elizabeth 175608 John Powhatan
Cash Warren 1760-1850 VA Hardin County, KY Baskett Susannah 166198 Claibourn Jeremiah
Casner Adam 1747-1836 PA Washington County, PA 182741-SUP Solomon Susanna
Cason John 1752-p1840 NC Brunswick County, NC 156011 Mary Louisa CLEMMONS
Cassidy Patrick 1738-1827 PA Huntingdon County, PA Mooney Mary 160410 Baptist John Thomas
Castleman David 1734-1826 VA Frederick County, VA Johnston Margaret 177030 James Daniel Stephen
Caswell Joseph 1758-1846 NH Strafford County, NH Evans Lydia 170985 Anna Stephen WALKER
Catlett Reuben c1753-1794 VA Caroline County, VA Elizabeth 194179 Francis Benjamin
Caulkins Roswell 1761-1823 CT Delaware County, OH Hine Eunice 162582 Marcia Marcia BEEBE
Cauthen Thomas c1750-a1824 NC Lancaster District, SC 153771-SUP George William Bailey
Cessna John 1726-1802 PA Bedford County, PA Rose Sarah 186909 Jonathan Stephen
Chadwick John 1760-1850 NC Greenup County, KY Shortridge Karen Elizabeth 184927 George E. Margaret
Chaffee Amos 1744-1815 MA Rochester, VT Brown Anna 161498 John Marcia
Chaffee Otis c1764-1813 VT Jefferson County, NY Abby Abigail 178138 Jarville Jarville
Chaffin Francis 1729-1778 MA Valley Forge, PA Cummings Rebecca 183620-SUP Reuben Shadrach
Chamberlain Amasa 1748-1826 VT/NH Strafford, VT Briscoe Molly 136367 Amasa Brewster
Chamberlain Benjamin 1750-1824 MA Schenectady, NY Day Lucy 152605 Levi Day Erial D. listed as Benjamin CHAMBERLIN on SAR application
Chamberlin Benjamin 1750-1824 MA Schenectady, NY Day Lucy 152605 Levi Day Erial D. listed as Benjamin CHAMBERLAIN in DAR Patriot Index
Chamberlin Charles 1760-1835 VT Livonia, NY Thayer Mary 169286 Lydia Jewell Charles C. BLISS
Champion Jacob c1757-1832 SC Kershaw District, SC Anne 151033 John William H.
Champion Jacob c1757-1832 SC Kershaw District, SC Anne 149381 John William H.
Chandler David 1765-1838 NC Granville County, NC Stovall Ann 169587-SUP Thomas Seymour Puryear
Chandler Joel c1740-1800 NC Granville County, NC Hays Jane 169587-SUP David Thomas
Chandler Robert c1745-1803 VA Caroline County, VA Martin Lucy 164049 William Thomas Coleman
Chandler William 1723-1800 MA Andover, MA Lovejoy Rebecca (2nd wife) 126130-SUP Hannah Rebecca PARKER
Chapline Jeremiah 1756-1809 MD Washington County, MD Nourse Elizabeth 169002 James Nourse William Richard
Chapman Isaac c1758-1822 VA Washington County, VA Elizabeth 185355 James Joseph
Chapman John 1740-1813 VA Giles County, VA Abbott Sallie 154042-SUP Isaac Nancy
Chapman John 1740-1813 VA Giles County, VA Abbott Sallie 196368 George Phoebe
Chapman Jonathan 1755-1813 MA Deerfield, MA Sweet Anna 143640-SUP Dudley Mary Ann approved 2004
Chapman Joseph 1745-1836 NC/SC Pickens District, SC Mary 158171 George Joseph Lewis
Chapman Timothy 1752-1828 CT Canada Curtis Avis 181390 Elizabeth Aurelia WEEKS
Chappell Thomas 1755-p1830 MD Loudoun County, VA Harvey Eleanor 158012 James Moore George Washington
Charles John 1746-1831 MA Fryeburg, ME Abbott Olive (3rd wife) 182257 Simeon Benjamin W.
Charles Michael c1730-1813 NC Orange County, NC 180004 George David
Charlton James 1752-1825 VA Montgomery County, VA Sigler/Zeigler Hannah (2nd wife) 181189-SUP Elizabeth Ann Charles W. C. WOOLWINE
Chase Daniel 1720-p1790 NY Hoosick, Albany County, NY Cook Hannah 195633 Deborah Rebecca WING
Chase Ephraim 1744-1836 MA East Machias, ME Hathaway Lydia 183618 Levi Laura Amanda
Chase Jabez b. 1733/34 MA Swansea, MA Edmonds Mary 182762 William Joanna
Chase Nathaniel Lowe 1752-1836 MA West Newbury, MA Dustin Lydia 179395 Moses Lydia Dustin
Chase Obadiah 1743-1799 NY Dutchess County, NY Knapp Susannah 157900 Alvin Henry N.
Chase Stephen 1755-1827 NH Topsham, VT Blodgett Hannah 154701 David Jeremiah
Chasteen James 1761-1841 VA Rockcastle County, KY Kennedy Nancy 157372-SUP John John approved 2009 listed as James CHASTAIN in DAR Patriot Index
Chasteen James 1761-1841 VA Rockcastle County, KY Kennedy Nancy 164740 John Brightberry Gentry "B.G." listed as James CHASTAIN in DAR Patriot Index
Cheeseman Anson 1752-1813 MA Schenectady County, NY Cary Elizabeth 143640-SUP Ruth Anson Cheeseman CURTIS listed as Anson CHEESMAN in DAR Patriot Index
Cheesman Joseph 1744-1800 NY North Hempstead, NY Crawford Elizabeth 133861 Joseph B. John Rowling
Cheney Joseph 1726-a1804 MA Wells, ME Stewart Dorcas 175073 James John
Cheshire Burch c1737-1816 MD Rowan County, NC Jane 174280-SUP Eleanor George Washington WALKER
Cheshire John 1745-1832 NC Rowan County, NC Graves Catherine 174280-SUP Margaret "Peggy" Benjamin Cheshire WALKER
Chesman Edward 1726-1776 MA died in service Dyer Margaret 143640-SUP Anson Ruth approved 2007
Chichester Richard c1736-1796 VA Fairfax County, VA McCarty Sarah (2nd wife) 155511 Richard McCarty Richard McCarty
Chick Aaron 1742-1812 MA Berwick, ME Keays Mary 159699-SUP Mercy Mary GOWEN approved 2009
Chick James 1760-1845 VA Knox County, KY 188137 Mildred "Milly" Benjamin Franklin ENGLE
Chidester Phineas 1757-1814 NJ Morris County, NJ Byram Rebecca 152457 Penina William BOYD listed as Phineas CHEDISTER on SAR application
Childers Henry c1765-1853 VA Grant County, KY Thompson Mary C. 165164 Henry Newton
Childress Isham 1766-1841 NC Lawrence County, IL Parker Patience 177680 Thomas Sisan Frances
Choate William 1730-1785 MA Ipswich, MA Giddings Mary 154867 Job David Job
Christian Gilbert c1734-1793 VA Knox County, TN Anderson Margaret 166957 George George
Christmas John 1743-1810 NC Sumter County, SC Nancy Ann 126346 Nathan J. Richard
Christy Archibald 1760-1838 PA Cambria County, PA Maryland Mary 158804 Francis Xavier Henry Clay
Chunn Sylvester c1757-1841 VA Marshall County, TN Obedina 170357 Berry William
Churchill Ichabod 1746-1826 MA Windsor, VT Tinkham Sarah 173334 William John
Claflin Cornelius 1733-1818 MA Framingham, MA How Deborah 178141-SUP John John
Claghorn William 1733-1793 MA Boston, MA Dexter Thankful 125233 William John William
Clap Seth 1722-1788 MA Norfolk County, MA Bullard Mary 125981-SUP Mary Mary Harriet EVERETT approved 2012
Clapp Stephen 1752-1829 MA Washington County, NY Wheeler Katherine 193633 Constant Leonidas Liander
Clark Elisha 1752-1838 VT Tinmouth, VT Spafford Betty Jewell 187953-SUP Harry Varnum Colvin
Clark George 1722-1792 MA Colrain, MA Harroun Alice 147853-SUP Ruth John WATERMAN
Clark Henry d. 1797 SC Union District, SC Underhill Elizabeth 159670-SUP Hester Elizabeth CAMPBELL
Clark John 1758-1842 MA Nobleboro, MA Bryant Abigail 149618 Jacob Alfred H.
Clark Joseph 1751-1835 NH/VT Bradford, VT Muzzy Sarah 180554 Moody Franklin
Clark Rufus 1765-1849 CT Saybrook, CT Bushnell Lydia 175733 Mary Elizabeth Clark SANFORD
Clary Benjamin c1725-1783 MD Baltimore, MD Eleanor 165569 Samuel Joshua
Clary Benjamin c1725-1783 MD Baltimore, MD Eleanor 187775-SUP Annastacia Beale SPURRIER
Clay David c1761-1818 NC Wilkinson County, GA Harden Eve 161901-SUP Adam Harriet Elizabeth
Clay David c1761-1818 NC Wilkinson County, GA Harden Eve 160176 Edmund Nancy "Nannie"
Clay Slator 1754-1821 DE Montgomery County, PA Holstein Hannah 161533 Ann Mary HEPBURN
Claypole Ephraim c1763-p1820 VA Greenbrier County, VA Arbaugh Lucinda 182742-SUP Elias Rookstool Elias West
Claypole Joseph d. 1790 VA Greenbrier County, VA Osborn Abigail 182742-SUP Ephraim Elias Rookstool
Clayton John c1758-p1833 NC Person County, NC 185359-SUP Nancy Green CARVER
Clemens George d. 1817 PA Lancaster County, PA Elizabeth 150379-SUP Mary William EMERY
Clements Gabriel 1749-1825 SC Crawford County, GA Watts Mary (2nd wife) 147837 Clement Wesley listed as Gabriel CLEMENT in DAR Patriot Index
Cleveland Aaron 1727-1785 CT Canterbury, CT Paine Thankful 171582-SUP William Pitt Harriet Lewis
Cleveland Jacob 1760-1821 CT Canterbury, CT Vaughn Lacy (2nd wife) 185959 Esther George W. CHASE
Cleveland John 1738-1825 NC Pendleton District, SC McCann Mary "Molly" 161937 John Reuben
Cleveland John 1722-1799 MA Ipswich, MA Dodge Mary 195630 Nehemiah John
Cline Bostian c1715-p1791 NC Lincoln County, NC Beaver/Beiber Elizabeth 127021-SUP Michael Henry approved 2009
Cline Conrad 1757-1837 PA Delaware County, OH Ginders Nancy 147842 Barbara Samuel FOGLER listed as Conrad KLINE in DAR Patriot Index
Cline Michael 1762-1840 NC Lincoln County, NC Killian Fanny 127021-SUP Henry Ruana approved 2009
Clodfelter Felix 1727-1814 NC Rowan County, NC Sarah 188865 Jacob Barbara
Clough Daniel 1737-1786 MA Dracut, MA Varnum Abigail 124533 Asa Zelotes
Clough Ithamer 1750-1843 CT Hartford, NY Heath Betty 159704 Betty Philenda OATMAN
Cloyd Michael 1735-1807 VA Botetourt County, VA Neely Elizabeth 172978-SUP John Joseph
Coachman James c1742-p1785 SC Georgetown District, SC Poole Hannah 127021-SUP Hannah William POSTELL approved 2014
Cobb Andrew 1734-1822 MA York County, ME Green Hannah 73197-SUP Andrew Dorcas approved 2004
Cobb Charles 1735-1800 VA Campbell County, VA Walton Ann 125983 Caleb John Wills
Cobb Joseph c1720-1796 MA Cape Elizabeth, ME Sawyer Mary 126231-SUP Mary Joseph DELANO
Coberly James Stell a1731-a1806 VA Hardy County, VA Mary 151556 Levi Bushrod Washington listed as James Stell CUBBERLY in DAR Patriot Index
Cochran Edward 1748-1816 VA Franklin County, VA Edwards Mary 157780-SUP Isham David
Cockram Edward 1748-1816 VA Franklin County, VA Edwards Mary 157780-SUP Isham David
Coe David 1716-1807 CT Middletown, CT Camp Hannah 190844 Jesse Jesse
Coe David 1761-1824 MA Charlestown, OH Pratt Sarah 145121 Claudius Lucius Sarah Ann
Coe David 1761-1824 MA Portage County, OH Pratt Sarah 185965 Claudius Lucius Nancy Agnes Ann
Coffee Peter c1750-c1804 VA Hancock County, GA Smith Sarah 171924 John Andrew Jackson listed as Peter COFFEY in DAR Patriot Index
Coffinberry George Lewis 1760-1851 VA Richland County, OH Little (Klein) Elizabeth 165564 Nancy Mary Jane GILKISON
Coiner Michael 1720-1796 PA Augusta County, VA Diller Margaret 161938 Mary Jacob HATTABAUGH
Colburn Reuben 1740-1818 MA Pittstown, ME Lewis Elizabeth 188742 Elizabeth "Betsey" Carpenter WINSLOW
Colby Levi 1757-1827 NH Henniker, NH Smith Catherine 187423 Moses Levi
Cole Ebenezer 1754-1815 NY Putnam County, NY Ogden Mary 177432 James S. Ebenezer
Cole Richard 1717-a1781 VA Louisa County, VA Hill Lydia Hansford 172238-SUP William Lydia
Cole William c1742-1795 VA Louisa County, VA Bibb Eleanor 172238-SUP Lydia Samuel TALLEY
Coleman Isham 1758-1825 VA Hancock County, GA Roper Ann 157488 Nancy Robert Harrison SHERMAN
Coleman Jonathan 1750-1825 GA Burke County, GA Pittman Milly (2nd wife) 158598 Charles Jeremiah "Jerry"
Coleman Thomas 1748-1837 PA Huntingdon County, PA Gray Pheby 153485 John Jane
Colley Andrew 1747-1801 SC Christian County, KY Granville Susannah 165231-SUP William Andrew Thompson
Collier Cornelius 1720-1810 VA Abbeville District, SC Wyatt Elizabeth 187246 John William
Collier John c1742-1821 VA Madison County, KY Mildred 191514 John Harrison
Collins Andrew c1748-1791 NC Wake County, NC Martha 175148 Urias Candes/Candis
Collins Joseph c1737-1802 NC Bertie County, NC Bunch Rachel 183449 Joseph George Washington
Collins William 1751-p1786 NC Warren County, NC Head Anna 186408 Zachariah Gabriel
Colson Samuel 1719-p1809 MA Cherryfield, ME Gerrish Mary "Molly" 73197-SUP Samuel Lucy Willey approved 2006
Combs Jonathan c1720-1800 NJ Cranbury, NJ Reed Elizabeth 160557-SUP Ann Mary RUE
Comegys Cornelius 1758-1844 MD/CC Philadelphia, PA Baker Catherine (2nd wife) 154622 Hannah Baker Catherine Comegys MASON
Compton Zachariah 1739-1788 VA Culpeper County, VA Middleton Mary 153127 E. Howard Zachariah
Comstock Abel 1721-1814 CT Otsego County, NY Payne Judith 158335 Solomon Giles
Comstock Abijah 1721-1797 CT Norwalk, CT Benedict Deborah 163354 David David
Comstock Caleb 1760-1834 CT Whippenay, NJ Mead Lucy 147616 Zeno Lucy
Comstock Elisha 1737-1807 CT Montville, CT Fox Anna 148309 Fannie Stanton FARGO
Condit Daniel 1723-1785 NJ Orange, NJ Harrison Ruth 93651-SUP Amos Cornelia approved 2009
Cone William c1745-1816 GA Bulloch County, GA Barber Keziah 164637 Aaron Kezia
Cone William c1745-1816 GA Bulloch County, GA Barber Keziah 178869 Aaron James
Cone William c1745-1816 GA Bulloch County, GA Barber Keziah 196301 Aaron Robert
Cone William c1745-1816 GA Bulloch County, GA Barber Keziah 136837 William James Barnard
Conkey Alexander 1754-1847 MA Pelham, MA Peebles Mary 162885 James Orin Sidney
Conner Lawrence c1754-1826 VA Cumberland County, KY Blane Margaret 162183 Joseph B. James C.
Connor Terence or Terrence 1752-1841 VA Perry County, IN Speaks Sarah J. 189128 Dade Lewis
Connor Terence or Terrence 1752-1841 VA Perry County, IN Speaks Sarah J. 154405 Samuel Frederick James
Conrad Daniel 1737-1781 PA Lancaster County, PA Barbara 159505-SUP Daniel John approved 2010
Converse Thomas 1738-1809 CT Jefferson County, NY Smedley Sabrina (3rd wife) 170356 William Henry Clarissa
Conway John c1730-1801 VA Bourbon County, KY Bridgewater Elizabeth 155700 Elizabeth Jesse DAUGHERTY
Conway Robert c1753-1823 SC Georgetown District, SC Easton Juliana 157413 John Baxter Margaret
Cook Jesse 1717-1792 CT Coventry, CT Root Submit 178141-SUP Submit Submit PORTER
Cook Lemuel 1759-1866 MA Orleans County, NY Curtis Hannah Esther 174366 Esther Sarah "Sally" M. COLEMAN
Cook Levi 1757-1830 MA Abington, MA Pool Sarah 148303 Peleg Mary Savory
Cook Severinus 1752-1841 NY Sharon, NY Elizabeth 172101-SUP Elizabeth Catherine (Kate) MOYER
Cook Valentine c1730-1797 VA Greenbrier County, VA Baughman Susannah 157372 William Lindsey
Cook Valentine c1730-1797 VA Greenbrier County, VA Baughman Susannah 149366 Valentine John Fletcher
Cooke Richard Donaldson 1749-1811 NC Granville County, NC Bullock Priscilla 190065 John Donaldson Green or Greenberry listed as Richard Donaldson COOK in DAR Patriot Index
Coolbroth Daniel c1759-1833 MA Oxford County, ME Harmon Elizabeth "Betsey" 166606 James William Towle
Coombs Stephen 1739-1808 MA Bath, ME Dow Jemima 166323 Stephen Warren
Coon Joseph 1720-1798 VA Marion County, VA Cunread Catherine 165231-SUP Philip William
Cooper Gilbert 1741-1815 NY Rockland County, NY Vandervoort Elizabeth 169185 Michael Salyer
Cooper James 1756-1833 PA Montgomery County, OH Powers Rachel 176403 John Wilkins Elizabeth Margaret
Cooper Leven 1754-1841 PA/VA Jefferson County, KY Calloway Elizabeth 151703 Leven Samuel Quartermos
Copeland John 1748-1826 SC Laurens District, SC Blakeley Margaret 175066 George Prangle Robert Hatten
Copeland Stephen 1756-1833 VA Overton County, TN 188922 Stephen Martha
Copenhaver John Thomas 1739-1802 PA Wythe County, VA Mosser or Moser Catherine 152887 Frederick Henry
Copp David 1738-1817 NH Wakefield, NH Palmer Margaret 185203 Jonathan Esther
Corbett Brinkley 1745-1816 SC Barnwell District, SC Connell Margaret 169323 Isham Martin
Corbett Brinkley 1745-1816 SC Barnwell District, SC Connell Margaret 179388 Isham William
Corbin Asa 1742-1808 CT Williamstown, MA Harlow Mercy 189902 Nancy David ROSCOE
Corl John 1757-1842 NY Schenectady, NY Van Vorst Susanna 154500 John Baptiste Mary Jane
Cormany Michael 1750-p1825 VA Wythe County, VA Wampler Catherine 187865 Magdalena Sarah "Sally" VAUGHT listed as Michael KARMANY in DAR Patriot Index
Cornish Joseph c1744-1777 CT Groton, CT Denton Phebe 183445 Aaron Joel Denton
Correll John a1755-p1829 NC Iredell County, NC Townsend Mary 150927 John Hiram
Corsa Andrew 1762-1852 NY Westchester County, NY Poole Mary 183681 Lettishe Isaac Poole WALTON
Corson Samuel 1719-p1809 MA Cherryfield, ME Gerrish Mary "Molly" 73197-SUP Samuel Lucy Willey approved 2006 listed as Samuel COLSON on SAR application
Cortner George 1738-1819 NC Guilford County, NC 161708 John Matthew Abraham
Cortright Moses Anthony 1745-1824 NY Owasco, NY Van Etten Anna 142933 Safferyn Isaac
Cosby Hickerson c1759-a1807 VA Columbia County, GA Harris Nancy Ann 196298 William Terrell Mary Elizabeth
Coss Conradt c1755-p1800 NY Albany County, NY DeVoe or DeVow Gerritje 163475 Annatje Nansy Conrad RAMSAY
Cotheal Alexander c1734-1812 NJ Piscataway, NJ McDaniel Elies 164810-SUP Charlotte Jacob MARTIN
Council Henry 1712-a1784 SC Cheraws District, SC Pledger Elizabeth 167534 Lucretia Margaret COCHRAN
Courtright Abraham Van Kampen 1748-1825 PA Fairfield County, OH Drake Effie 182798 John John listed Abraham Van Kampen CORTRIGHT in DAR Patriot Index
Couvain Lazare 1743-1819 SC Abbeville District, SC Roquemore Anne 171199 John Peter Joseph S.
Covalt Abraham 1742-1791 PA Hamilton County, OH Pendleton Lois Louisa 160300 Bethuel Enos
Covalt Bethuel 1746-1822 PA Bedford County, PA Hart Sarah 143592 Bethuel Isaac F.
Covenhoven Daniel 1750-1823 NJ Monmouth County, NJ Rezeau Margaret 160557-SUP Garret Rezo Eleanor
Covenhoven Garret 1716-1797 NJ Monmouth County, NJ Schenck Eleanor 160557-SUP Daniel Garret Rezo
Covenhoven Hendrick 1750-1799 NJ Monmouth County, NJ Covenhoven Gashy 160557-SUP Peter Hendrick P.
Covin Lazarus "Lazare" 1743-1819 SC Abbeville District, SC Roquemore Anne 171199 John Peter Joseph S. listed as Lazare COUVAIN on SAR application
Covington William 1753-1816 SC Lincoln County, GA Mary "Molly" 173751 Thomas P. Thomas P.
Cowdrick John c1740-1818 NJ Hunterdon County, NJ Alton Sarah 177332-SUP Samuel Isaac also spelled COUDRICK
Cowherd James 1759-1841 VA Green County, KY Young Nancy Ann Drucilla 172483 Yelverton Marion E.
Cox Benjamin Sr. 1740-1788 VT Barnard, VT George Jerusha 187953 Benjamin Benjamin
Cox Enoch c1757-1840 VA Grayson County, VA Mackey Mary 147838 Jeremiah James Riley
Cox James 1763-1842 VA Grayson County, VA Terrell Elizabeth 145037-SUP John Elizabeth
Cox John 1739-1818 VA Ashe County, NC Davis Margaret 145037-SUP James John approved 2009
Cox Moses 1756-1845 NC Washington County, GA Avent Martha 129989 Robert L. Thomas Lewis
Cox Nathaniel 1741-p1799 MA Washington County, MA Mitchell Hannah 174981 Nathaniel Sarah "Sally"
Cox Solomon a1738-a1820 NC Hocking County, OH Hussey Naomi Amy 175342 Enoch Jeremiah
Coy Jacob 1739-1832 PA Greene County, OH Susannah 195400 John John
Coyle Gabriel c1728-p1807 VA Ross County, OH Rebecca 186274 James William H.
Cozby James 1753-1831 VA/NC Rhea County, TN Woods Isabella 151189 Mary William C. HILL listed as James COSBY in DAR Patriot Index
Craft Archelous 1749-1853 NC Letcher County, KY Adams Elizabeth Ann 163151 James Joseph
Craig Eleanor c1740-1785 SC Laurens District, SC Craig John 143504-SUP John Sarah approved 2006
Craig John c1740-1785 SC Laurens District, SC Eleanor 143504-SUP John Sarah approved 2006
Craig John 1761-1842 SC Pickens District, SC Wilson Catherine (2nd wife) 185359-SUP Margaret Annie BOON listed as John Nean Craig on SAR application
Craig Lewis 1740-1825 VA Mason County, KY Sanders Elizabeth 189196-SUP John Francis Marion
Craig Mary Polly Hawkins 1716-1804 VA Scott County, KY Craig Tolliver Sr. 189196-SUP Lewis John
Craig Tolliver Sr. c1704-1799 VA Woodford County, KY Hawkins Mary "Polly" 189196 Lewis John
Crain Aaron 1755-1822 VA Fayette County, KY Veatch Susannah 172978 Thomas Underwood Susan
Cram Joseph 1750-1841 NH Deerfield, NH Batchelder Deborah 192114 Stephen B. Alfred J.
Crampton Neri 1743-1827 VT Tinmouth, VT Field Abigail 176536 Lois Charles RIPLEY
Crampton Neri 1743-1827 VT Tinmouth, VT Field Abigail 158754 Lois Charles RIPLEY
Crandall William 1721-1785 RI Westerly, RI Crandall Deborah 156482 Rhoda Justice ROSS
Crane Benjamin 1740-1813 NJ Montgomery County, NY Meeker Phebe 192414 David David
Crane Thaddeus 1728-1803 NY North Salem, NY Baxter Lydia Reed (2nd wife) 123726 Welthan Charlotte CRANE
Cranmer Isaac 1756-p1784 NJ New Gretna, NJ Adams Dorcas 184735 Lucy Ann Nicholas Visant JOHNSON
Crapo Francis 1738-p1797 MA Beale Margaret 165229 John Beale Josiah Wheelock
Crary Ezra 1737-1828 CT Clarendon, VT Randall Dorothy 165229-SUP Dolly Lemuel SMITH
Cravey Owen c1736-1795 NC Edgecombe County, NC Hines Mary (2nd wife) 162950 David Martha E.
Crawford Patrick 1750-1781 SC Ninety-Six District, SC Cowan Mary "Molly" 150197-SUP Jane Jane SNODDY
Crawford William 1722-1782 VA Sandusky, Illinois County, VA Vance Hannah 176274 Effie Ophelia Sarah Crawford MCCORMICK See note on DAR Patriot Profile that line goes through Effie's daughter Sarah
Crawford William 1722-1782 VA Sandusky, Illinois County, VA Vance Hannah 159195 Effie Provance MCCORMICK
Crawford William 1722-1782 VA Sandusky, Illinois County, VA Vance Hannah 192790 Effie Hannah MCCORMICK
Creager Adam 1737-1805 MD Frederick County, MD Hufford Christiana 162952 John William William Henry
Cree Robert Jr. c1760-a1802 PA prob. Greene County, PA Villiers Elizabeth 173203 Ann Robert HAVER listed as Robert CREIGH in the DAR Patriot Index
Creighton Thomas 1750-1815 SC Kershaw District, SC Nancy 195495 William Chapman Levy
Cressy Daniel 1730-1817 NH Bradford, NH Allen Abigail (2nd wife) 182540 Edward Daniel
Creswell Andrew 1757-1838 VA Sevier County, TN Evans Dorothy 149918 Samuel Evans Rufus
Crews Gideon 1730-1815 NC Granville County, NC Wicker Jemima 148504 Littleberry Wesley E.
Crippen Roswell c1755-p1810 NY/MA Sullivan County, NY Griffis Sarah 191240 Rhoda John Crippen ROSE
Crissey Nathaniel bp1759-1794 CT Stamford, CT Hoyt Mary 181511-SUP Nathaniel Jr. Frederick
Croghan George 1720-1782 PA Philadelphia County, PA Tekarihoga Catherine 161936-SUP Catherine Jacob BRANT
Crooker Abner 1736-1776 MA Marshfield, MA Hatch Jerusha 190025 Sebra Mercy
Crosby David 1737-1816 NY Putnam County, NY Paddock Bethia 159702 Bethia June BAXTER
Crosby John 1755-1853 VA Shelby County, KY Peters Nancy 161943-SUP Mary Ann Mary Agnes HOWELL
Cross Noah c1750-p1811 NY Ulster County, NY Osterhoudt Rachel 186732 Benjamin VanWagenen Adam
Cross Zachariah 1761-1838 NC Wayne County, IL Johnson Easter Hetty 166497 Mary James Tillford FUNKHOUSER
Crowell Henry 1729-1784 MD Frederick County, MD Bader Anna Margaretha 143231 Elizabeth Sarah ROOT
Crowell Shubael 1754-1815 MA Yarmouth, ME Parker Abigail 192786 Higgins Higgins
Crum Adam c1759-1831 MD Monroe County, OH Mary 165196 Henry Philo listed as John MILEHAM in the DAR Patriot Index
Crum Christian c1748-1820 VA Frederick County, VA Schmidt Christiana 175065 Elizabeth "Betsy" Lewis AMBROSE
Crutchfield William c1752-1807 VA Mercer County, KY Sevier Agnes 150379-SUP Keziah William C. KENTON
Cuddeback Benjamin 1747-1787 NY Ulster County, NY Van Vliet Catharine 183901 Henry Simeon
Culbreath James c1759-1843 GA Harris County, GA 194352 Susan Strawther Artemus Leroy REYNOLDS
Culbreth Neil c1740-1825 NC Sampson County, NC Autry Martha 152007 Archibald Martha listed as Neil CULBRAITH in DAR Patriot Index
Culver Nathan c1746-c1830 MD Hancock County, GA Powders Nancy 134928 Nathan Asa Oliver
Culverhouse Thomas Welman 1720-1789 NC Granville County, NC 143431 Jeremiah Gilmore John
Cummings Jonathan 1729-1787 NH Merrimack, NH Russell Deborah 182682 Cyrus Abigail
Cummings Joseph 1762-1853 VA Van Buren County, TN Sellers Rosannah Colyer 172231 Malachi James
Cundiff Isaac 1759-1833 VA Bedford County, VA Eckhols Mary 181512 Chesley C. Samuel Christopher
Curry John 1755-1818 SC Edgefield District, SC Lewis Keziah 150986 Lewis Susan
Curry John c1757-a1823 VA Knox County, IN Adams Margaret 160404 Margaret Walker George W. HARPER
Curry Robert 1741-1780 PA Northumberland County, PA McWilliams Jane 148508 James John listed as Robert CORREY on SAR application
Curry William 1748-1844 NY Seneca County, NY Lockwood Charity 184948 James Amos
Curtis John 1753-1843 PA West Liberty, VA Wilkins Elsie 152139 Josiah William Baker
Curtis John c1755-1837 CT Ballston, Saratoga County, NY Lacey Abigail 186228-SUP John Mary A.
Curtis Joseph 1745-1836 NY Schenectady County, NY Palmer Lydia 143640-SUP Abiah A. Anson Cheeseman approved 2008
Curtis William 1742-1821 MA Pembroke, MA Tinkham Hannah 190025-SUP Lydia Mercy CROOKER
Cushman Isaiah Jr. 1757-1841 MA Sumner, ME Ripley Sarah 148303-SUP Dorcas Dummer SEWALL
Cushman Isaiah Sr. 1730-1818 MA Oneida County, NY Ring Sarah 148303-SUP Isaiah Dorcas
Cushman Robert 1738-1799 MA Woolwich, ME Delano Martha 157005-SUP Mercy Lucy Harden WADE
Cutler Thomas 1742-1812 MA Lexington, MA Reed Abigail 175351 Thomas Thomas C.
Daingerfield William c1740-1781 VA Spotsylvania County, VA Willis Mary 153866-SUP Catherine Mary Willis LEWIS listed as William DANGERFIELD in DAR Patriot Index
Dakin Samuel 1731-1807 MA Sudbury, MA Eaton Mehitable (2nd wife) 194994 Abel Mary Hayward
Dalrymple Andrew 1746-1790 NJ Sussex County, NJ Rickey Eleanor 171734 Brice Andrew
Dalton Reuben Alfonzo 1752-p1822 VA Grainger County, TN Shockley Elizabeth 172976 Timothy Colby Timothy
Dame George c1752-p1805 VA Middlesex County, VA Green Mary 156504 George George A.
Damon David 1710-1778 MA Reading, MA Goving Esther 182540-SUP Ebenezer Joshua
Damon Ebenezer 1736-1812 MA Reading, MA Hartshorne Susannah 182540-SUP Joshua Tamer
Danforth Abner 1760-1841 MA Litchfield, ME Eaton Christina 171802 Samuel Elbridge C.
Daniel Andrew 1757-1841 PA Dauphin County, PA Hoy Susanna 143371-SUP Barbara Catherine LUBOLD
Daniel Christopher 1736-1793 VA Spotsylvania County, VA Mickelborough Mary 172797 Beverly Sarah "Sally"
Daniels David 1759-1813 CT Portage County, OH Meigs Lucina 148306 Frederick George F.
Daniels Josiah 1744-1811 VA Granville County, NC Key Elizabeth 170160 James Key James B. listed as Josiah DANIEL on SAR application
Dann Squire 1755-1839 CT Stamford, CT Lockwood Rachel 183787 Sylvanus Elliott Smithson
Darby John Jr. 1762-1829 NJ Scotch Plains, NJ Stansbury Nancy 143639-SUP Recompence James Mason
Darby John Sr. 1736-1820 NJ Scotch Plains, NJ Squier Rachel 143639 John Recompence
Darby William 1760-1836 PA Jackson County, OH Rushton Signet 123801 Tacy Ann James MCVEY, Jr.
Darling Ebenezer c1752-1820 CT Providence County, RI Bowen Lydia 125988-SUP Andrew Mary Etta approved 2011
Dart Levi 1764-1842 CT Springfield, MA Utley Elizabeth 165562 Lewis Joseph Esta
Davidson Alexander 1751-1840 MA Windham, NH Clark Elizabeth 158015 Mary William Davidson LAMSON
Davidson William 1736-1814 NC Buncombe County, NC McConnell Margaret 161946 Mary McConnell Elizabeth "Betsy" SMITH
Davidson William 1747-1811 PA Gallia County, OH McDole Barbara (2nd wife) 176788 Sarah Andrew Duncan MCKEE
Davidson William Lee 1746-1781 NC Mecklenburg County, NC Brevard Mary 154501 Margaret Lee Ephraim Brevard EWING
Davis Arthur c1755-c1830 SC Montgomery County, GA Vick Mary 166425 George W. Joseph B.
Davis Arthur c1755-c1830 SC Montgomery County, GA Vick Mary 172235 James Randall John
Davis Baxter c1743-p1823 VA Henderson County, KY Amelia 159385 Baxter William Henry
Davis Cornelius c1750-1782 VA Kincheloe Station, VA Eleanor 165167-SUP Isaac Ellen C.
Davis Daniel 1759-1838 VA Cabell County, VA Stephenson Betsey 179673 Rebecca Cynthia BOOTEN
Davis Elnathan 1735-1802 NJ Cumberland County, NJ Bond Susannah 157781 Elnathan Belford Ewing
Davis Israel 1744-1818 NY Riverhead, NY Wickes Elizabeth 178203 Joseph Josiah Hallock
Davis Samuel 1734-p1776 MA Gorham, MA Gorham Mary 156549 Ebenezer Sarah Mayo
Davis Thomas 1757-1832 CT/RI Thompson, CT Brackett Rebecca 178381 Abner Noadiah Bixby
Davis Thomas 1754-1840 MA Holden, MA Rice Lettice 191122 John Daniel
Davis Thomas 1760-1845 SC Chesterfield District, SC Rivers Nancy 193336 Margaret Elizabeth George R. BOATWRIGHT
Davis William 1765-1831 GA Wilkes County, GA Easton Nancy 163256 Jeptha Vining Jonathan Billington Sanders
Davis William 1750-c1825 SC Marion District, SC Dunham Susan Mary 163355 Benjamin Thomas Port
Davis William c1741-1841 NC Yancey County, NC Weatherman Frankie (2nd wife) 149383 Jacob Jonathan Miller
Davis William c1755-1846 VA Fayette County, VA Milstead Benedicta 182742-SUP Sarah Catherine KINCAID
Dawson Thomas c1760-1832 VA Berkeley County, VA Kopp Anna B. (2nd wife) 196185 Rachel Samuel CHRISTY
Day Abraham 1712-1792 MA South Hadley, MA Foot Irene 164064-SUP Lucy William BRAINARD
Day Asa 1761-1841 CT Colchester, CT Marvin Anna 164064 Stephen Brainard Everett Wilbur
Day Joseph 1731-1819 CT Colchester, CT Brainard Susannah 164064-SUP Asa Stephen Brainard
Day Noah 1757-1841 CT Washington County, NY Whitney Alice 183150 Hannah Polly E. ELLSWORTH
De Dampierre Pierre Francois Millancourt 1755-1814 FRANCE St Denis En Agenais, France De Carbonneau Madeleine Celestine 194660 Aymar Elie
de La Puerta Sebastian Calvo 1751-1820 SPAIN Paris, France Penalver Navarrete Maria 178339 Ignacio Ignacio
de La Puerta Sebastian Calvo 1751-1820 SPAIN Paris, France Penalver Navarrete Maria 184734 Juan Montalvo Rafael Montalvo
Dean David 1737-1816 MA Dighton, MA Jones Lydia 143505-SUP David Abiatha
Dean John 1740-1823 NY Steuben County, NY Niles Mary 165195 Richard Tenny
Dean John 1755-1816 NY Westchester County, NY Storms Mary 179998 Sarah "Sally" William Henry Peck WESCOTT
Dean Richard c1760-1840 NC Muscogee County, GA 159586 Elijah Martha R.
Dean Samuel 1751-1826 PA Anderson District, SC James Gwendolyn 178867 Joseph Isabell
Deats John 1759-1836 NJ Northampton County, PA Smith Elizabeth 194998 Peter James listed as John DIETZ in the DAR Patriot Index
Debora Jacobus c1753-c1805 MD Miami County, OH Bertrana 169201 Daniel Samuel listed as DEBRA on SAR application
DeBra Jacobus c1753-c1805 MD Miami County, OH Bertrand 169201 Daniel Samuel
DeBruhl Edward Cornwallis 1750-1821 NC Camden, SC Stevens Patience (2nd wife) 151596 William Francis Benjamin Franklin
Deem John Christopher 1744-1828 PA Reading, PA Sittely Otella Margaretta 168998 John Adam Thomas
Dees John 1763-1838 SC Lowndes County, GA Mary 164449 Thomas Isaac C.
DeGraff Frederick 1729-1800 NY Amsterdam, NY Marselis Sarah G. 181235 Frederick David
DeHart Hendrick c1735-1816 NJ Somerset County, NJ Van Deripe Maria 143505-SUP Anne James V. HOWELL
DeHaas John Philip Jr. 1762-1826 PA Centre County, PA Shippen Ann 196191 Edward Rebecca V.
DeHaven Andrew 1745-1788 PA Montgomery County, PA McGlathery Elizabeth 147851 Nathan Jehu
Delano Barzillai 1745-1820 MA Cape Elizabeth, ME Cobb Mary 126231 Joseph Joseph Woodbury
Delbridge Thomas 1759-a1845 VA Brunswick County, VA Gwaltney Nancy 183680 Benjamin John C.
DeLaughter George 1760-1830 SC Edgefield District, SC Pace Charlotte/Charity 189194 Absalom James Pickens listed as George LAUGHTER in DAR Patriot Index
DeLoach John 1762-1818 SC Tattnall County, GA Swearington Elizabeth 149034 William Mary Jane
DeLong John Nicholas 1756-1823 PA Frederick County, VA Goose Elizabeth Margaret 154693 Maria Joseph MYERS
DeMent George 1742-1798 VA Ohio County, VA Gordon Sarah 191244 William William
Dendy William c1738-1800 SC Laurens District, SC Cargill Clara 143118-SUP Sarah Morris MOTES
Dendy William c1738-1800 SC Laurens District, SC Cargill Clara 143505-SUP Joel Polly Clara
Denegar George 1759-1843 NY Columbia County, NY Potts Maria 148085 George Albert
Denham Charles 1756-1805 GA Columbia County, GA Ann 180384 Charles Daniel
Dennard Jacob 1750-1810 SC Twiggs County, GA Harriet 151704 Bird or Byrd William Marshall
Denise Tunis 1704-1797 NJ Monmouth County, NJ Hendrickson Francynthe 160557-SUP Maria David SCHANK/SCHENCK
Dennis James 1761-1847 PA Columbiana County, OH Hall Rebecca 149030 John John Wesley
Denos Augustin Rouxelin 1741-1806 FRAN Baltimore, MD Shields Mary 175341 Constance Samuel D. BATEMAN
Derby Jonathan 1734-1819 MA Weymouth, MA Pratt Elizabeth 148303-SUP Sarah Maria TIRRELL listed as Jonathan DARBY in DAR Patriot Index
Detweiler Jacob c1755-1831 PA Franklin County, PA Feronica "Freny" 166163-SUP John Samuel S.
Detwiler Jacob 1733-1804 PA Franklin County, PA Anna 166163-SUP Jacob John
DeVillier Balthazar c1736-1782 LA Natchez, LA Voisin Marie Francoise Doretha 156760 Marie Clothilde Marie Artimise DUPAY listed as Balthazar DE VILLIERS in DAR Patriot Index
Dewey Jedediah 1714-1778 VT Bennington, VT Hayden Mindwell 148917 Eldad Mary "Polly"
Dewey Levi 1764-1827 MA Crawford County, PA Scott Mary 154904 Ann Levi Dewey SACKETT
Dewey Levi 1764-1827 MA Crawford County, PA Scott Mary 160558 Ann Levi Dewey SACKETT
DeWitt Lucas 1738-1820 NY Green County, NY Person Deborah 161949 James (Jacobus) E. Lucas
Dial Martin 1744-1844 SC Laurens District, SC Abercrombie Christy 153768-SUP John Hastings Elizabeth
Dibble Israel 1742-1824 CT Cornwall, CT Millard Elizabeth 172481-SUP Noah Esther Fidelia
Dick John 1747-1832 SC Pulaski Couny, KY Wylie Margaret 163066 Sarah Alexander COMBEST
Dick John 1747-1832 SC Pulaski County, KY Wylie Margaret 174280-SUP Sarah Margaret COMBEST
Dicken Joseph 1764-1848 VA Campbell County, KY Sutton Mary Jane 177246 Levi Selina
Dickens Joseph c1737-1802 NC Halifax County, NC Hannah (2nd wife) 150553 Bennett Malachi listed as Joseph DICKEN in DAR Patriot Index
Dickenson Henry 1747-1825 VA Russell County, VA Powell Mary 158378 Henry Mary "Polly" listed as Henry DICKINSON in DAR Patriot Index
Dickerson Walter 1763-1855 NJ Vigo County, IN Heaton Penelope (1st wife) 192790-SUP John Phoebe listed as Walter DICKINSON in DAR Patriot Index
Dickey Edward c1740-1779 SC Camden District, SC Neilson Anne (2nd wife) 148817 William Neilson W. Harriet James
Dickson David 1750-1830 SC Fayette County, GA Smith Anne Allen (3rd wife) 178958 Robert David Emma Sophronia listed as David DIXON in DAR Patriot Index
Dickson James 1756-1842 NY Erie County, PA Morris Mary 175930 Fergus Helen
Diem Christopher 1744-1828 PA Reading, PA Sittely Otella Margaretta 168998 John Adam Thomas listed as John Christopher DEEM on SAR application
Digges George 1743-1792 MD Prince Georges County, MD Brent Catherine 177247 William Dudley George Atwood listed as George DIGGS in DAR Patriot Index
Dillon Jesse 1753-1823 VA Vermilion County, IL Ruckman Hannah 93651-SUP Luke James Wright approved 2009
Dimmick Edward 1748-1836 CT Susquehanna County, PA Tilden Esther (2nd wife) 195492 Abigail F. Alfred W. CARPENTER
Dinwiddie Hugh 1722-1777 PA in service Crawford Jean 173748 Hugh Rosanna
Dix John 1734-1806 MA Reading, MA Mary "Polly" 177033-SUP Susannah Samuel LEWIS
Dixon Ambrose 1712-a1792 MD Somerset County, MD Horsey Martha 156232-SUP Outerbridge Martha
Dixon John c1734-p1807 VA Bedford County, VA Arthur Mary 149138 William James
Dixon Outerbridge 1750-a1813 MD Hickman County, TN Carey Easter 156232-SUP Martha Levin Dixon WRIGHT
Dixson Thomas 1732-1802 CT Sterling, CT Parkes Lydia A. 144117 William James listed as Thomas DIXON in DAR Patriot Index
Dobbs Chesley 1749-1834 VA/NC Claiborne County, TN Hannah 158174 Phebe Moore Margaret Chamberlain MARCUM
Dockstader George 1728-1808 NY Jefferson County, NY Weber Maria Magdalena 156482-SUP Catharina Philip L. HERDER approved 2008
Dodd Nathaniel c1720-1784 VA Fauquier County, VA Sarah 143505 James John
Dodge Jeremiah 1744-1824 MA Orange County, NY Spofford Judith 164064-SUP Temperance Spofford Dodge JEWETT
Dodson George 1737-1825 VA Pittsylvania County, VA Elizabeth R. 182611 George Ruel
Doebler Abraham 1765-1849 PA Lancaster County, PA Kerlin Mary 181677 Edwin Godwin James Coyle
Dollinger John 1758-1843 PA Schuylkill County, PA Ditzler Veronika/Eufronika 148480 Elizabeth George LEHMAN
Dolph Stephen S. 1765-1824 CT Jennings County, IN Lindsley Eunice 187424 Stephen Morris Stephen
Dominy Andrew a1765-1817 SC Richland District, SC Margaret 156415 Andrew Lucy Caroline also spelled DOMINI and DOMINEY
Dooley Thomas c1735-1778 VA Bedford County, VA Sharp Rebecca 153871 Obadiah Damaris
Doolittle Ephraim 1725-1807 MA Shoreham, VT Morton Sarah 176790 John John
Dorney Adam c1750-1818 PA Northampton County, PA Eva Margaret 160033-SUP Peter John listed as Adam TURNEY in DAR Patriot Index
Dorsett James 1761-1844 NJ Monmouth County, NJ Bennett Eleanor 194126 Catherine Lydia HULSE
Dorsey Ely 1744-p1820 MD Frederick County, MD Worthington Sara 195393 Elizabeth Washington WATERS
Doty Benjamin 1735-1802 NJ Sussex County, NJ Mary 173333 Isaac Isaac
Doty Cornelius 1736-1799 NY Oneida County, NY Harmon Ann 150989-SUP John Sarah "Sally"
Doty Stephen 1749-1833 MA Topsham, ME Hannah 186629 Samuel William
Doughty Stephen 1749-1833 MA Topsham, ME Hannah 186629 Samuel William
Douglas Robert d. a1795 PA Washington County, PA Orr Isabella 186527 Thomas William "Colonel"
Douglas Susannah a1737-p1781 VA Northumberland County, VA Douglas John 165167-SUP Jane Randall HEADLEY
Douglass Joseph c1755-1810 MD Caroline County, MD Lee Rebecca 147920 Joseph James Elbert listed as Joseph DOUGLAS in DAR Patriot Index
Dow John 1754-1835 MA Deer Isle, ME Saunders Betty 167538-SUP Samuel William H.
Downing Samuel 1764-1867 NH Saratoga County, NY George Eunice 153766 James Madison Anson Josiah
Downing Stephen 1762-1843 CT Monroe County, MI Helm Susannah 177243 Rufus Zelia L.
Downs David 1760-1838 CT Waterbury, CT Chatterton Mary 150982 Delia Maria Samuel ROOT
Downs John 1745-1819 CT Milford, CT Stone Hannah 172234 John Calvin
Doyle Barnabas 1754-1797 PA Franklin County, PA McElhenny Mary 157748 Edward W. Edward Barnabas
Dozier James Seaborn 1739-1808 VA Warren County, GA Dinwoody Mary 178521 Leonard Wesley Henry
Dozier John 1741-1807 SC Pee Dee, SC Giles Elizabeth 160028 Abraham Giles Albert John
Dozier Peter 1762-1838 VA Clarke County, IL Pritchell Alley 158497 Margaret "Peggy" William TARWATER
Drake Isaac 1764-1837 NJ Jackson County, MO Frances "Fannie" 187624 Elizabeth William ADAMS
Drake Samuel 1747-1826 PA Mifflin County, PA Hamilton Nancy 153014 Mary Elizabeth Elizabeth POSTLETHWAITE
Dray Edward 1741-1828 PA Trumbull County, OH Mary Agnes "Nancy" 181389 William John C.
Drennen Joseph c1755-1812 PA Chester County, PA Mary 151915 Samuel William Garrett listed as Joseph DRENNAN in DAR Patriot Index
Drowne Solomon 1753-1834 RI Foster, RI Russell Elizabeth 151280 Henry Bernadin Henry Thayer listed as Solomon DROWN in DAR Patriot Index
Drum Philip 1721-1788 PA Northampton County, PA Jonahan Tanche 147613 Philip Jacob
Drummond John 1763-1843 PA Indiana County, PA Bollman Mary "Polly" 152184 William Sarah E.
Dryden James c1734-1810 VA Rockbridge County, VA 153869 David Sarah
Dryden William a1755-a1820 MD Adams County, OH Morgan Rachel 174723-SUP Nancy Samuel GREENLEE
Dubs or Toops John 1746-1818 PA Ross County, OH Christina M. 159670-SUP John James listed as John DUBBS in DAR Patriot Index
Dudley Stephen 1735-1784 MA South Carolina Harwood Lydia 152922 Peter Elvira
Duff John c1754-1823 PA Allegheny County, PA Shakley Mary 143570-SUP Mary James WILSON or Mary WILSON
Duffey John 1752-1843 MD Butts County, GA Pharr Margaret 159289-SUP Margaret Ann Pharr FOSTER listed as John DUFFY in DAR Patriot Index
Duffield Patrick 1748-1831 PA Perry County, PA Hardy Susan 161689 Thomas Samuel
Duke Matthew c1750-1819 NC Warren County, NC Clanton Elizabeth 189195 Matthew Littleton Clanton
Dukes Joseph 1728-1800 SC Orangeburg District, SC Hazelwood Margaret 185205 Thomas Edmund Thomas listed as Joseph DUKE in DAR Patriot Index
Dulles Joseph 1752-1818 SC Charleston, SC Heatly Sophia 146163-SUP John Heatly John Welsh approved 2009
Dumm Peter 1754-1837 PA Ross County, OH Drum Maria Catharine 179484 Barbara William Wilson HETTINGER
Dunaway William 1751-1830 GA Wilkes County, GA Burton Eleanor 141294 James W. John Burton
Dunaway William 1751-1830 GA Wilkes County, GA Burton Eleanor 143230 James W. Johnson Lee
Dunaway William 1751-1830 GA Wilkes County, GA Nancy (2nd wife) 171797 Samuel Joseph Marshall Dearing
Dunbar David Sr. 1731-1824 MA Scituate, MA Bennett Margaret 73197-SUP David Elizabeth "Betsy" approved 2013
Dunbar David 1756-1841 MA Penobscot, ME Elms Elizabeth 73197-SUP Elizabeth "Betsy" William Henry CONNER approved 2004
Duncan John c1753-1823 VA Greenbrier County, VA Patterson Elziabeth 156483 John William Harvey
Dunham Azariah 1718-1790 NJ New Brunswick, NJ Tuxton Mary 159045 David George W.
Dunham John 1762-1840 NJ Westfield, NJ Williams Phebe 192121 John John Alfred
Dunham Jonathan 1694-1777 NJ Piscataway, NJ Piatt Jane 157004-SUP Ruth Ruth MARTIN
Dunham Sylvanus 1754-1821 NY Madison County, NY Gilbert Ursula Wright 163945 Daily Stephen H.
Dunn Joseph 1755-p1842 NC Calloway County, KY Long Jane 166196 John P. William P.
Dunn Nathaniel 1739-1823 MA Cornish, ME Dyer Mercy 73197-SUP Samuel Samuel approved 2009
Durant Benjamin 1760-1804 MA Redding, CT Hamilton Miriam 162659 Preston Lydia
Dutton Amos 1745-1788 CT Wallingford, CT Turner Sarah (2nd wife) 149223 Jesse Horace
Duvall John Miles c1750-c1787 MD Virginia Tarleton Annarpy 142635 Jacob Gabriel
Dwight Samuel 1743-1789 SC Berkeley District, SC Marion Rebecca 177160 Samuel Samuel Broughton
Dye Andrew 1744-1835 PA Miami County, OH Miner Sarah 181515 James Priscilla
Dyer Samuel 1751-c1818 MD Enroute to Indiana Griffith Elizabeth 153574-SUP Thomas Robert
Dygert Johannes (John) 1739-1777 NY Battle of Oriskany, NY Schumacher Dorothea 151037 Rudolph John R.
Earle Baylis 1734-1825 SC Spartanburg District, SC Prince Mary 182260 Aspacia Charlotte M.
Earle Morris 1757-1833 NJ Bergen County, NJ Terhune Elizabeth 147977 Martha Gilbert BERTHOLF
Early Daniel c1755-p1801 PA Augusta County, VA Allison ?? 160405 Elizabeth Isaac Newton YEAROUT
Earnest George 1762-1840 VA Meriwether County, GA White Catherine 174368 Elisha Christian Elisha Christian
Earnest George 1762-1840 VA Meriwether County, GA White Catherine 194099 Elisha Christian Thomas
Earp Abednego 1763-1844 VA Wilkes County, NC Wright Elizabeth (2nd wife) 178073 Benjamin Mary "Polly"
Easter John 1760-1844 MD Morgan County, VA Thomas Margaret 185009 Jacob Jacob
Eastman Ebenezer 1746-1794 NH Gilmanton, NH Butler Mary 182256 Ebenezer Adeline Rosina
Eaton Ebenezer 1735-1805 NH Walpole, NH Brown Ann 156864-SUP Elizabeth Ebenezer Eaton KITTREDGE
Eaton William 1764-1852 VA Union County, IN Gossom Margaret 183149 Dorcas Margaret JUSTIS
Eberhart Martin Adolphus 1760-c1828 NJ Greene County, PA Spielman Sophia 149428 Charles Leander James Adolphus
Eck Joseph a1757-1827 PA Berks County, PA Riffel Mary Agatha 169203 Joseph Joel
Eddins Benjamin 1735-1818 SC Madison County, AL Norris Judith 166197 Washington Mary Huff
Eder Matthias d. 1821 PA Lycoming County, PA Jessie 150598 Samuel Alexander James
Edick Conrad 1763-1845 NY Delaware County, NY Whitaker Margaret 155355 Elizabeth Charles Oscar WRIGHT
Edsall Jacobus 1725-1801 NJ Orange County, NY Barton Charlotte 178701 Benjamin Richard Burt
Edson Seth 1761-1849 CT Broome County, NY Comstock Desire 153867 Rufus Newton Warren
Edwards David 1743-1782 NJ Cape May County, NJ Thompson Deborah 192116 Sarah Deborah TOMLIN
Eisenhower George Martin 1754-1839 NC Lincoln County, NC Blackman Anna Maria 171804 John Martin Moses
Elam Joel 1736-1798 VA Mecklenburg County, VA Hill Phebe 169587-SUP Peter Joseph Daniel
Elder Guy c1731-1805 MD Frederick County, MD Beall Eleanor Ogle (2nd wife) 186524 Priscilla James ELDER
Elder Guy c1731-1805 MD Frederick County, MD Wickham Eleanor (1st wife) 193242 William William W.
Elder John 1762-1835 PA Centre County, PA Dougherty Mary 160973 John William
Eldredge Edward 1737-1821 MA Schoharie County, NY Hammond Adna 172101 Barnabas Clinton
Eldredge Edward 1737-1821 MA Schoharie County, NY Hammond Adna 178703 Ezra B. Ephraim
Eldredge Jonathan c1744-1790 NJ Cape May County, NJ Prudence 188770 Jonathan Lois Ellen
Ellerson David 1750-1838 VA/PA Schoharie County, NY Beacraft Sara 148507 Thomas Rufus
Elliott Jonathan 1730-1813 MA Sutton, MA Wheeler Hannah 182613 Elizabeth Abel CHASE
Elliott William 1740-1788 VA Loudoun County, VA Burgess Eleanor 167559 Burgess Eleanor
Ellis William d. 1813 MD Worcester County, MD Elizabeth 186908 William Avery J.
Ellison James c1762-1804 SC Greenville District, SC Sarah 153092 James Wilson James Wilson listed as James ALLISON in DAR Patriot Index
Ellison Robert 1742-1806 SC Fairfield District, SC Potts Elizabeth 164051 Sarah Elizabeth Margaret Milligan ADGER
Ellsworth Oliver 1745-1807 CT Windsor, CT Wolcott Abigail 194100 William Wolcott Pinkney Webster
Ellithorpe Azariah 1760-1835 CT Saratoga County, NY Younglove Elizabeth 191007 Mehitable Solomon Leonard STIMSON listed as Azariah ELLITHORP in DAR Patriot Index
Eltinge Abraham 1757-1796 NY Columbia County, NY Van Deusen Arriantje 187536-SUP John Phillip Henry
Eltinge James 1736-1822 NY Columbia County, NY Van Steenberg Marytje 187536-SUP Abraham John
Ely George 1745-1820 NJ Northumberland County, PA Farley Susanna 148482 Caleb Caleb
Ely George 1745-1820 NJ Northumberland County, PA Farley Susanna 192021 Esther Charles BIRD
Emerick Andrew 1747-1838 PA Southampton, PA Heller Christina 125021-SUP Jonathan Catherine
Emerson James a1737-1786 NC Chatham County, NC Margaret 181312-SUP Eli James
Emery Caleb 1763-p1802 MA Lebanon, ME James Mary 143820 Henry Tilton Oliver
Emery George 1730-a1800 PA Chester County, PA Haas Anna Elizabeth 150379-SUP Peter William
Emery John 1742-1814 PA Plain Grove, PA Reed Mary 183541 John Christina
Emery Peter c1761-1852 PA Chester County, PA Clemens Mary 150379-SUP William Elizabeth Caroline
Endicott Moses 1759-1834 NC Harrison County, KY Hill Martha 161947 James Harrison Jacob James
Engle Peter 1749-p1787 NY Albany County, NY Werner Sarah 73536-SUP Christopher Mary Margaret approved 2004
Ensign John 1723-1810 CT Canaan, CT Sedgwick Mary 157967 Mary "Molly" John BUSHNELL
Erskine Alexander 1749-1825 MA Bristol, ME Bryant Mary Poland (2nd wife) 176710 William Simon
Erskine Michael c1752-1812 MD Monroe County, VA Paulee Mrs. Margaret Handley 190604 Michael Melinda Mary
Esher George 1766-1847 PA Philadelphia, PA Shuster Sarah 143743 Mary Ann George W. FOX
Esler Conrad Jr. c1753-1832 NJ Morris County, NJ Mary Molly 189287-SUP Conrad Ezra also spelled ESTLER
Estabrook Nathan c1760-p1829 MA Upham Mary Polly 171425-SUP Aaron Aaron G.
Esterly Jacob 1753-1826 PA Lancaster County, PA Reed Catherine Rosanna 182741 Christina Samuel D. SHAFFER
Estes Benjamin c1753-1816 VA Bedford County, VA Thorpe Celia Rebecca 185202 Joel Moreau Pinckney
Evans Guilford 1754-1829 RI Freetown, MA Howland Elizabeth (2nd wife) 186913 Noah H. Joseph
Evans Sampson 1752-1842 VA Campbell County, VA Lewis Mary 195631 William Edward P.
Evans Thomas c1745-1794 MD Somerset County, MD Euphemia 152923 Rachel Elizabeth "Betsy" EVANS
Evarts Jehiel 1718-1792 CT Killingworth, CT Bishop Deborah 157248-SUP Nathan Maria
Everett Nathaniel 1745-1791 MA New London, NH Connelly Rebecca 147853-SUP Jesse Richard
Everhart George 1755-1835 PA Berkeley County, VA Brendle Barbara 184423 Henry George W.
Ewing Andrew 1740-1813 NC Davidson County, TN Shannon Susannah 187871 William Jesse H.
Exline Adam 1733-1818 VA Bedford County, PA Pryor Mary Anna 143371-SUP Elizabetha Philip J. SHOEMAKER spelled AXLINE in DAR Patriot Index
Fain Nicholas 1730-p1789 NC Washington County, NC Taylor Elizabeth 167054 Thomas Rebecca
Fair Marks c1755-1792 PA Berks County, PA Moyer Catherine 175515 Daniel Isaac
Fairchild Abraham 1753-1843 NJ Whippany, NJ Russell Phoebe 167464 John Edmund R.
Fairchild Daniel 1719-1807 CT Stratford, CT Lewis Hepsibah 173959-SUP Mehitable Lewis BEEBEE
Fancher Richard 1756-1829 VA Overton County, TN Journegin Sarah 167667 Isaac Richard W.
Faris Alexander 1758-1841 SC Obion County, TN Strain Elizabeth 173749 Benjamin Strain Isaiah Alexander
Faris Martin 1762-1857 VA Fluvanna County, VA Amos Rebecca 158753 Frances Ann Elizabeth Rebecca MARTIN
Farley Meindert 1720-1790 NJ Hunterdon County, NJ Van Doren Barbara 158495 Isaac Anthony T.
Farley Thomas c1730-1796 VA Montgomery County, VA Clay Judith 180003 Henry Elizabeth
Farmer Samuel 1758-1838 MA Oswego County, NY Bailey Tamar 171191 Silas Spalding William Franklin
Farnum John Sr. 1711-1786 MA Andover, MA Frye Sarah 194991 Daniel Alfred
Farr Ebenezer 1750-1833 NH Littleton, NH Titus Mary 177033-SUP Noah Gilman
Farragut George Anthony Magin 1755-1817 SC Jackson County, MS Shine Elizabeth 160406 William Augustus C. William Joseph
Farrand Bethuel 1741-1794 NJ Morristown, NJ Smith Rhoda 113057 Daniel Robert Plum
Farrow Landon 1759-1799 SC Ninety-Six District, SC Walker Rachel 94883-SUP Chaney William Thomas approved 2013; listed as Landon FARRAR in DAR Patriot Index
Farrow Thomas 1755-1843 NC/SC Spartanburg District, SC Wood Rebecca 181739-SUP Rosannah Waters Pamelia Adeline WOODRUFF listed as Thomas FARRAR in DAR Patriot Index
Fassett John Jr. 1743-1803 VT Cambridge, VT Safford Hannah 192210 Persis Martin Dewey FOLLETT
Faulkner Alexander 1756-1834 PA Barren County, KY Conyers Margaret 104776 Gilbert John Ellington Morgan
Feamster Thomas c1720-1797 VA Augusta County, VA Graham Elizabeth 160557-SUP Elizabeth Robert BRATTON
Feamster William c1740-1801 VA Greenbrier County, VA Fulton Mary (3rd wife) 160557-SUP Susannah Nancy Rebecca BRATTON
Fell Benjamin 1739-1811 PA Westmoreland County, PA Casner Rebecca 130014 Rebecca Phebe Fell BEAZELL
Fellows Willis 1758-1840 MA Crawford County, IL Hart Sarah 187869 Willis Lydia E.
Fenimore Samuel c1752-1830 NJ Philadelphia, PA Gordon Mary Eyre 185158 Sarah Thomas GROTJAN
Fenner Richard 1755-1828 NC Madison County, TN Geddy Ann 171582-SUP Martha Matilda Richard John COORPENDER
Fenstermacher William 1740-1801 PA Northampton County, PA Margaret Elizabeth 149367-SUP Philip Catharine
Fentress Valentine 1760-1835 VA Breckenridge County, KY Hogg Sarah "Sallie" 161943 Valentine Jasper
Ferguson Joel c1727-1788 VA Lunenburg County, VA Catherine 150379-SUP Catherine Joicy Dorcas RUDDER
Ferguson Josiah 1740-p1802 VA Fayette County, KY Ford Priscilla 156401-SUP William F. Birthod
Ferguson Samuel 1744-1825 VA Cabell County, VA Jameson Mary 178523 Thomas Sarah
Ferre Solomon 1752-1835 MA Springfield, MA Sanderson Rhoda 156849-SUP Daniel Loderick approved 2007 listed as FERRY in DAR Patriot Index
Ferrell Robert c1740-1822 VA Monongalia County, VA Hannah 189899 Robert Hiram listed as Robert FERRILL in DAR Patriot Index
Ferrin Jonathan 1753-1827 NH Thornton, NH Ela Hannah C. 162179 Micah Clark Ela
Ferris Oliver 1753-1825 CT Greenburgh, NY Lockwood Abigail 174721 Elizabeth Eliza CLOSE
Ferry Solomon 1752-1835 MA Springfield, MA Sanderson Rhoda 156849-SUP Daniel Loderick approved 2007
Fertig John 1736-1831 PA Chester County, PA Dihm Elizabeth 155693 Abraham Abraham
Fetterolf Peter 1699-1784 PA Berks County, PA Rothermel Anna Maria 166163-SUP Catherine Margaretha SIEGFRIED
Field David 1712-1792 MA Deerfield, MA Doolittle Thankful Taylor 176525 Samuel Edward Samuel Edward
Fiester Godfrey 1746-1813 PA Lycoming County, PA Kepner Mary Magdalene 177332-SUP Jacob John Robb
Fife John 1721-1800 PA Allegheny County, PA Wright Margaret 172971 John John
Fifer Michael 1749-p1814 PA Burlington County, NJ Bingeman Catherine 161690 John Sarah listed as Michael PHIFER in DAR Patriot Index
Filler Frederick 1759-1797 MD Bedford County, PA Border Catherine 143371 Conrad Frederick
Fink Henry d. c1790 VA Randolph County, VA Powers Mary Magdalene 166346-SUP Hannah Hezekiah W. ROBERTS
Finklea Thomas c1730-1787 SC Georgetown District, SC Frances "Franky" 175147 John Willis
Firestone Matthias 1744-1829 PA Columbiana County, OH Beaver Mary 163150 John Elizabeth listed as JOHN Matthias Firestone on SAR application
Fischer Christian 1724-1780 PA Upper Milford, PA Maria Magdalena 195637 Anthony Joseph
Fisher Asa 1732-1792 MA Grafton, VT Metcalf Esther 126517 Amelia / Mabel George Metcalf BROOKS
Fisher George 1739-1830 PA Montgomery County, PA Eberhard Anna Barbara 169817 George Jacob
Fisher William 1741-1822 NC Carteret County, NC Paquinet Charity 168633 Michael Michael Nelms
Fisk Jonathan 1748-1797 VT Franklin County, VT Walbridge Anna 190260 Jonathan B. Joseph Ira
Fitch Zachariah 1734-1820 MA Groton, MA Lakin Sybil 176405-SUP Sybil Sybil Parker POTTER
Fitz Randolph Nehemiah 1744-1806 NJ Middlesex County, NJ Wooden Sarah (2nd wife) 157004 Peter Elkanah
Flack John c1743-1792 NC Rutherford County, NC 185962 John James
Flannigan William c1760-p1835 SC Franklin County, GA Mary Polly 186571 George Russell listed as William FLANAGAN in DAR Patriot Index
Fleming Thomas c1750-1830 NC Warren County, NC Fleming Mary 195566 Thomas Sarah "Sallie"
Flint John 1720-1802 MA Reading, MA Kimball/Hunt Tamar (2nd wife) 182540-SUP Hepzibar or Hephzibah Tamar DAMON
Flint Nathaniel 1720-1795 CT Windham, CT Bidlock Sarah 178141-SUP Benjamin Amelia
Flowers Henry c1761-1800 SC Marion District, SC Stewart Rachel 158128 Lovelace Rachel listed as Henry FLOWER in DAR Patriot Index
Flowers Ignatius c1740-p1793 NC Bladen County, NC Gray ?? 160983-SUP Goldsborough Luke listed as Ignatius FLOWER in DAR Patriot Index
Floyd William 1734-1821 NY Western, NY Jones Hannah 126178 Nicoll William
Foard Richard Boulding 1747-1806 MD Cecil County, MD Ann 185092 Levi George Richard James listed as Richard Boulden FORD in DAR Patriot Index
Fogg Josiah 1728-1790 VT Raymond, NH Eastman Abigail 140047 Dudley Ruth Ann
Fogler Simon 1733-p1800 PA Maryland Brod Elizabeth 147843 Christian Henry
Follin John 1761-1841 VA Fairfax County, VA Sanford Catherine 167535 Matilda Margaret Ann FRIZZELL
Follin John 1761-1841 VA Fairfax County, VA Sanford Catherine 148952 Richard Martha Jane
Follin John 1761-1841 VA Fairfax County, VA Sanford Catherine 191125 Edward Eliza Ann
Follweiler Bernhardt c1742-p1785 PA Northampton County, PA Elizabeth 175175-SUP Daniel Anna Maria
Folsom William 1745-1785 GA Burke County, GA Armstrong Sarah 175241 Lawrence Armstrong Randall
Fontaine Aaron 1753-1823 VA Jefferson County, KY Terrell Barbara 164638 James Terrell James Terrell
Fontaine Francis c1750-c1780 SC died in service Johnson Jemima 164637-SUP Nancy Samuel BREWTON
Fontaine Henry c1739-1797 NC Edgecombe County, NC Tate Isabell 179480 Henry Green Kendrick
Fontaine Jemima Johnson c1755-p1803 SC Montgomery County, GA Fontaine Francis 164637-SUP Nancy Samuel BREWTON
Foote Elijah 1740-1813 CT Ohio County, VA Peck Eunice 166963 John Wesley Sarah
Foote Nathan 1738-1808 VT Cornwall, VT Selkrigg Meriam 185011 Jesse Selkrigg Joseph
Foote Nathaniel 1742-1829 CT Colchester, CT Skinner Patience (2nd wife) 164064-SUP Patience Clarissa Loomis BRAINARD
Forbes Absalom 1751-1778 MA White Plains, NY Hall Martha 161277 Abner Charles
Ford Isaac 1752-1813 MA Herkimer County, NY Earl Martha 163153 Betsey Martha TALLMAN
Ford James 1715-1804 SC Marion District, SC Townsend Ann (2nd wife) 111369 John Washington
Ford James 1708-a1788 VA Buckingham County, VA Bondurant Elizabeth Anne 165231-SUP Ann Margaret CHASTAIN
Fordyce Samuel 1734-1824 NJ Greene County, PA Hudgins Elizabeth 154702 Isaac Barnet William
Fort Elias 1730-1819 NC Robertson County, TN Sugg Sarah 189456 Elias Jr. Burwell Jackson
Foster Benjamin 1714-1803 VT Clarendon, VT Day Rachel 171582-SUP Rachel Amos Elmore WALKER
Foushee William 1749-1824 VA Northampton, VA Harmondson Elizabeth 146163-SUP Charlotte Charles CARTER approved 2008
Foust Jacob 1757-1841 PA Marion County, OH Alspach Christina 146497 Andrew Ella listed as Jacob FAUST in DAR Patriot Index
Fouts Michael John 1722-1803 NC Randolph County, NC Varner Catherine 167698 Andrew Andrew
Fowler Edward 1753-1819 MD Somerset County, MD Roberts Ann Nancy 155178 Alice Julia Ann WHITE
Fowler William 1764-1846 SC Randolph County, IL Tindall Hannah 151418 Rachel Mary Ann HEARD
Francisco Ludwick c1742-1799 VA Botetourt County, VA Elizabeth 169955 George Lewis
Franklin John 1727-a1819 NC Burke County, NC Phoebe 148750-SUP Samuel Joseph Samuel Joseph
Franklin Jonathan 1722-1804 CT Middlesex County, CT Griswold Abigail 157248-SUP Samuel Heman S.
Franklin Samuel 1752-1826 CT Woodbury, CT Pierson Mabel 157248-SUP Heman Swift Orviett
Frantz Abraham c1731-1779 PA Westmoreland County, PA Williams Catherine 194914 Jacob Franzina "Fanny"
Frantz Peter a1745-1821 PA Northampton County, PA Gauer Catharine 173335-SUP Jacob W. Jacob W.
Frasher Micajah 1753-1843 VA Lawrence County, KY Hamilton Susannah "Susan" 156864-SUP Hasten or Haston Irvin listed as Micajah FRAZIER in DAR Patriot Index
Frayser Jesse 1764-1827 VA Henrico County, VA Hobson Kesiah 144429 Nancy Ann Charles Hammet CLARKE listed as Jesse FRAZIER in DAR Patriot Index
Frazee Hiram 1745-1832 NJ Woodbridge, NJ Oliver Hannah (2nd wife) 173433 Hannah Hiram HOOPER
Frazee Hiram 1745-1832 NJ Woodbridge, NJ Oliver Hannah (2nd wife) 176398 Hannah Thomas Frazee HOOPER
Freeman Christopher 1749-1803 SC York District, SC McKnight Margaret 179663 William Robert M.
Freeman John c1750-c1830 NJ Middlesex County, NJ Marshall Elizabeth "Betsey" 171426-SUP Simeon Abraham
Freeman William c1744-1802 NC Surry County, NC Sarah 174723 Tyre Elizabeth Stowe
Freeman William c1744-1802 NC Surry County, NC Sarah 177050 Richard John
Freer Elisa 1739-p1788 NY Ulster County, NY Everett Martha "Patty" 178141-SUP Jonas Elisha Maranda/Miranda
Freethy Joseph 1754-1837 MA Sedgwick, ME Black Elizabeth 178281 Alfred/Alford Sarah Elizabeth
Frelinghuysen Frederick 1753-1804 NJ Millstone, NJ Schenck Gertrude 144701 Catharine Frederick Frelinghuysen JUDD
French Ebenezer 1735-1802 MA Billerica, MA Kidder Rebecca 188135 Hezekiah Zadock Joshua Heywood
Fridley Ludwig 1758-1842 PA Clinton County, PA Esther 166163-SUP Jacob Elizabeth
Frierson John 1727-1797 SC Georgetown District, SC Smith Margaret 191124 James Martha Elvira
Fritz Philip c1760-1825 PA Columbia County, PA Deborgue Charlotte 149557 Henry H. Jacob H. listed as PHILLIP FRITTS in DAR Patriot Index
Frost Josiah c1744-a1819 VA Allegany County, MD Parcell Elizabeth 184737 Abigail Josiah Frost DORRIS
Frye Abraham a1730-c1806 PA Washington County, PA Young Agnes Anne 175350-SUP Abraham Thomas listed as Abraham FRY in DAR Patriot Index
Frye Abraham Jr. 1764-1813 PA Washington County, PA Johnston Hester 175350-SUP Thomas Anna Errena listed as Abraham FRY Jr. in DAR Patriot Index
Frye Samuel 1729-1814 VA Washington County, PA Speers Christena 175350 Abraham Abraham listed as Samuel FRY in DAR Patriot Index
Fulghum John c1747-1825 NC Wayne County, NC Bardin Sarah 152487 Jacob Jacob Bardin
Fulkerson John 1758-1844 NJ Beaver County, PA Smith Aulkey 174278 William Isabella
Fuller Issachar 1725-1822 MA Carver, MA Doten Elizabeth 188019 Edward George
Fuller Levi 1762-1822 NH Cheshire County, NH Benton Mary 144002 Judah Levi Lyman Russell
Fuller Lot 1733-1811 MA Sandisfield, MA Rogers Rachel 163948-SUP Samuel John Douglas
Fuller William 1761-p1826 MA/RI Cuyahoga County, OH 165197-SUP John Nathan
Funderburgh Devault c1724-1806 SC Lancaster District, SC Laney Catherine 173760 David Abel Laney listed as DEVAULD FUNDERBURK on SAR application
Funderburk Devauld c1724-1806 SC Lancaster District, SC Laney Catherine 173760 David Abel Laney
Furber Richard 1725-1807 NH Somersworth, NH Downing Elizabeth 179387 Richard Pierce Powers
Furr Henry 1762-1851 NC Cabarrus County, NC Wiser Catharine 164053 John William Allison
Futhey Robert PA Franklin County, PA Kidd Isabella 161877-SUP Mary Mary JOHNSTON
Fuqua Isham c1752-a1820 VA Davidson County, TN Hammons Mary Maury 188735 Jesse Jerome Jesse Jerome
Gabbert Michael c1765-1838 VA Mercer County, KY Reed Rachel 155704 Sarah John Greenberry DICKEY
Gabeau Antoine 1756-1829 SC Charleston District, SC Henley Elizabette 125990 Susannah Charles Picton EVANS
Gable Valentine c1757-p1820 PA York County, PA Blanck Anna Maria 183446 John John listed as Valentine GABEL in DAR Patriot Index
Gaff James c1758-1833 PA Stark County, OH Kilgore Elizabeth 149480 David John
Gage George 1740-1806 NY Pittstown, NY Adams Sarah 163706-SUP Hannah Alfred George PARDEE
Gaines Francis c1759-1825 VA Elbert County, GA Judy 150365 Robert Taliaferro James Barden
Gaines James 1719-1786 VA Culpeper County, VA Pendleton Mary 153764-SUP Mary Ann Benjamin HERNDON
Gaines Thomas 1738-1811 VA Stokes County, NC Strothers Susan Dabney 194047 James Strother Phillip Pendleton
Gaines William Henry 1705-1796 VA King & Queen County, VA Pendleton Isabella 194047-SUP Thomas James Strother
Galbraith James 1703-1786 PA Cumberland County, PA Bertram Elizabeth 152160-SUP John Mary
Gale James c1750-c1840 NJ Wading River, NJ Cramer Sarah 143639-SUP Bethier William MAXWELL
Gale Robert F. 1760-1847 VA Wood Elizabeth 164446 Philadelphia Harvey BOHANNON
Gambill Bradley c1751-c1806 VA/NC Rutherford County, TN Susanna 179107 Aaron Susanna
Gamble Bradley c1751-c1806 VA/NC Rutherford County, TN Susanna 179107 Aaron Susanna
Gamble James c1750-p1812 SC Fairfield District, SC Aiken Ann 143742 John Aiken John Bones
Gardiner Job 1723-c1787 RI Rensselaer County, NY Fry Anna 144701-SUP William Mary Ann approved 2009
Gardner Elijah 1757-1807 NJ Bergen County, NJ Force Sarah 148969 James Force Cornelia Smith
Gardner James c1720-1790 NC Bertie County, NC Mary 165297 Averet (John Evert) Ezekiel
Garfield Moses b. 1729 MA Warwick, MA Writford Sarah 177248 Joshua Moses
Garlington Christopher Sr. 1729-1808 SC Charleston District, SC Young X 181189-SUP Joseph Josiah
Garner John Michael 1728-1806 MD Huntingdon County, PA Seiss Catherine 187069 John Mary
Garner Joseph c1754-1840 VA Cherokee County, AL Orr Sarah (2nd wife) 179041 Joseph Henry James Henry
Gaston James c1749-a1825 PA Beaver County, PA Lyle Elizabeth 161877-SUP Eleanor Jane Esther MILLER
Gates Nathaniel 1738-1813 CT Susquehanna County, PA Deans Deborah 188394-SUP Nathaniel Gipson Erastus
Gatewood Dudley 1747-1836 NC Caswell County, NC Dix Elizabeth 167531 Lewis Robert Allen
Gatliff Charles 1748-1838 VA Whitley County, KY McGuire Christiana 157372-SUP Aaron Moses
Gatliff Christiana McGuire 1753-1807 VA Knox County, KY Gatliff Charles 157372-SUP Aaron Moses
Gatliff Martha Farris c1720-1799 VA Monroe County, VA Gatliff James 157372-SUP Charles Aaron
Gaumer Jacob 1756-1820 PA Muskingum County, OH Showash Catherine 151417 John Chester Thompson
Gay Thomas c1730-1784 NC Franklin County, NC Patience 177760-SUP Glbert Dicey
Gaylord Jotham 1748-1807 CT New Hartford, NY Hotchkiss Esther 159705 Memory James Gaylord FERGUSON
Gearhart Peter c1750-1802 VA Franklin County, VA Margaret 145979 Peter Eleanor "Ellen"
Geddy John 1748-1798 NC Raleigh, NC McKinnie/McKenny Patience 171582-SUP Ann McKinney Martha Matilda FENNER
Gee James 1741-1804 NC Cumberland County, NC Walker Mary 123659 Isabella Isabelle Gee CHAPMAN
Gee James 1741-1804 NC Cumberland County, NC Walker Mary 169364 Henry Bolivar Hopkins
Geist Andrew 1755-1849 PA Northumberland County, PA Schneider Maria Christiana 161005 Abraham Lydia
Geist Mathias 1748-1823 PA Montgomery County, PA Elizabeth 143114 Conrad Mathias
Gemmill John 1745-1798 PA York County, PA Wallace Agnes 149974 William James listed as John GAMBLE in DAR Patriot Index
Gentry Benajah 1733-1830 VA Albemarle County, VA Jones Nancy (2nd wife) 113293 John Wallar John Wallar II
Gentry Samuel a1756-1816 NC Barren County, KY 159039 Joseph Dicey
George Moses Jr. c1751-1803 MA Newburyport, MA Page Anna 125021-SUP Benjamin Jason J.
George Moses Sr. 1731-p1800 MA Weare, NH Downing Susannah 125021 Moses Jr. Benjamin
George Reuben 1749-1832 VA Pendleton County, VA Frasey Ailey 166687 William C. Samuel
Getchell Dennis c1723-1792 MA Vassalboro, ME Margaret (2nd wife) 161503 Dennis Dennis
Gettemy William 1751-1838 PA Westmoreland County, PA Williams Sarah 163122 William Elizabeth
Gibbons Jacob 1745-c1831 VA Frederick County, VA 154906 Jacob Nathan A.
Gibson James 1746-a1830 NC Wilkinson County, GA Jane 158385 James (Anna) Jane
Gibson Reuben Jr. 1748-1836 MA Fitchburg, MA Gibson Betty 150718-SUP Lovisa Julia Ann STRATTON
Gibson Reuben Sr. 1725-1800 MA Fitchburg, MA Smith Lois 150718-SUP Reuben Lovisa
Gibson Thomas c1735-1804 NC Richmond County,NC Williams Agnes 195401 John Nathaniel
Giffen Robert c1743-1829 PA Ohio County, VA Bane Mary 167523 Elizabeth William DOWNING
Giffin Robert c1743-1829 PA Ohio County, VA Bane Mary 167523 Elizabeth William DOWNING spelled GIFFEN on SAR application
Gilbert Joseph 1759-1850 CT Monroe County, NY Rachel 187954 Sarah Theodore Dwight SPERRY
Gill John 1748-1822 PA Allegheny County, PA Shaw Jean 160409 Elizabeth Mary Ann GORMLY
Gillespie James c1746-1805 NC Washington DC Mumford Dorcas 171918 David Richard Street
Gillihan Clemmons c1760-1830 VA Washington County, KY Hardin Nancy Ann 186912 Mary "Polly" Lydia FUNK
Gilliland Thomas c1745-1814 VA Hardin County, KY Huff Priscilla (2nd wife) 173563-SUP Priscilla Celia BRASHEAR
Gillis Thomas c1750-c1819 VA Washington County, KY 148821 William Hugh
Gilman Nicholas 1736-1786 NH Raymond, NH Elizabeth 148608 Phineas Sophia
Gilman Samuel 1732-1799 NH Carroll County, NH Fowler Deborah 154290 Jacob Alexander Hamilton
Gilmore James c1720-a1783 VA Rockbridge County, VA Beatie Martha 145052-SUP William James approved 2014
Gilmore William 1760-1836 VA Putnam County, OH Lackey Martha 145052-SUP James Robert A. approved 2014
Girouard (Jervis) Jean Baptiste c1749-1824 CANA Quebec, Canada Bufford Hannah Anne 176891 Marie Anne Antoine TELLIER dit LAFORTUNE
Gist Nathaniel 1733-1796 VA Clark County, KY Bell Judith Cary 179251 Sarah Howard Joseph Henry BLEDSOE
Gladden Jesse c1750-1821 SC Fairfield District, SC Hollis Nancy "Nelly" 165436-SUP Kiziah Amanda HALL
Glazier John 1755-1831 SC Fairfield District, SC Edwards Elizabeth 179382 Renthea Elizabeth Edwards RABB
Glenn James c1740-1805 VA Chester District, SC Bowles Elizabeth 177855 John Bowles Emory Thomas
Glenn William 1759-1839 PA Harford County, MD Headington Rebecca 126586 Elizabeth John WILLIAMSON
Glover John 1732-1797 MA Marblehead, MA Gale Hannah 196196 Susanna Nicholson BROUGHTON
Glover William 1760-1835 NC Franklin County, GA Pulliam Elizabeth (2nd wife) 158377 Joseph P. William Judson
Goble Stephen 1759-p1840 PA Bartholomew County, IN 177548 David H. William Henry Harrison
Godfrey George Sr 1721-1793 MA Taunton, MA Hodges Bethia 192791 Bethiah Nicholas BAYLIES
Godfrey William 1754-1787 SC Charleston District, SC Britton Sarah 188646 William Abraham Dozier
Goff Salathiel c1748-1791 VA Randolph County, VA Gray Elizabeth 148308 Hiram Eva "Effie" spelled SELATHIEL Goff on SAR application
Goforth Preston 1739-1780 NC Battle of Kings Mountain, SC Potts Nancy Elizabeth 151129 Sarah Rachel Goforth HARMON
Goggin Stephen c1755-c1802 VA Bedford County, VA Moorman Rachel (2nd wife) 163148-SUP Nancy Milton Anthony TATE
Golding William 1760-1835 VA Boone County, KY 151418-SUP Eliza Thomas LEMING
Goltra Oliver 1757-1821 NJ Somerset County, NJ Van Tuyle Anna 185957-SUP Oliver Oliver
Gomez Joaquin m. 1779 LA possibly Louisiana Hernandez Isabel del Pino 182894 Jose Mateo
Goodman Eleazer 1750-1829 VT Warren County, NY White Rebecca 151705 Origen Origen White
Goodrich Jedediah 1717-1803 CT New Britain, CT Hooker Mercy 164064-SUP Abigail Mary "Polly" LEE
Goodwin Levi 1758-1836 CT East Hartford, CT Drake Jerusha 141402 Stephen Buckland Jane Anne
Gooshorn Hans Jacob 1751-1833 PA Huntingdon County, PA Susannah 150851 John Joseph listed as Jacob Gooshorn (Goshorn) on SAR application
Gooshorn Johan George 1725-a1806 PA Franklin County, PA Buckle Susanna Elizabeth 150851-SUP Jacob John
Gordon Alexander c1755-1831 SC Robertson County, TN Lee Sarah 175597-SUP John John
Gordon Isaac 1754-1838 NC Spartanburg District, SC Rebecca 118627 Silas John Wesley
Gore William 1753-1828 NC Horry District, SC Simmons Mary 154866 John Elizabeth Ann
Gorton William 1748-c1834 RI Sullivan County, NY Daniels Phoebe 172480 Joseph William
Goss Frederick 1738-1804 NC Rowan County, NC Rickard Isabella 166330 Daniel John
Goss Joshua 1748-1814 MA Marblehead, MA Necks Rebekah 178383 John Crawford Duncan
Gossart John c1750-c1834 PA Franklin County, PA Keiffer Mary 163065 Jacob Mary
Gould Ebenezer 1755-1809 NY Washington County, NY Robbins Rhoda 173756 Abigail Ebenezer PERRIN
Gould Gideon 1762-1840 MA Bernardston, MA Marsh Hannah 189200 Gardner George W.
Gould Nathan 1733-1816 MA Virginia Gilbert Martha 125981-SUP Benjamin Mary Alden approved 2012
Gove Jonathan 1742-1832 NH Nottingham, NH Sweatt Sarah 171425-SUP Sarah "Sally" Olive Ann BICKFORD
Grady Alexander 1744-1821 NC Duplin County, NC Thomas Nancy/Anne 151035 Winifred Hayas GRADDY
Gramley Francis 1756-1833 PA Centre County, PA Spangler Margaret 166163-SUP Christian Michael listed as Francis GRAMLICH in DAR Patriot Index
Gramley Francis 1756-1833 PA Centre County, PA Spangler Margaret 149555 Mary Margaret Daniel WALKER listed as Francis GRAMLICH in DAR Patriot Index
Gramlich Francis 1756-1833 PA Centre County, PA Spangler Margaret 166163-SUP Christian Michael listed as Francis GRAMLEY on SAR application
Granger Aaron 1736-1782 MA Westfield, MA Ward Mary 125308 Elihu Gaius
Granger Thaddeus 1765-1825 MA Akron, OH Manley Julia E. (2nd wife) 167537 Lewis Francis "Frank"
Grannis Enos 1754-1824 CT Westmoreland County, PA Margaret (2nd wife) 143276 Thankful Simon NAUGLE
Grant Daniel c1735-1786 VA Sussex County, VA Johnson Mary 171193 Daniel Elizabeth
Graves Bela 1751-1852 CT Allegheny County, NY Griswold Sarah 176186 Seth George
Graves Lemuel 1757-1802 MA Sunderland, MA Battle Deborah 189199 Asaph Leman
Graves Thomas 1763-1847 VA Cumberland County, KY Chilton Mary 148107 Catherine Susan Elizabeth WINFREY
Graves Zebediah 1741-1823 MA Deerfield, MA Graves Lydia (2nd wife) 169567 Zebadiah Harriet Newell
Gray Elijah 1764-1847 CT Marengo, IL Raymond Sarah 143372-SUP Percia Jonathan POWELL
Gray Frazer 1761-1849 DE Marion County, OH Lockwood Elizabeth (2nd wife) 152883 David Samuel Frazer
Gray George 1740-1824 VA Fayette County, KY Stuart Mary 152616 George Joseph
Gray John 1729-1810 MA Kingston, MA Cushman Desire 179813 Lewis William
Gray Nathaniel 1736-1810 CT Chenango County, NY Lathrop Deborah 143372 Elijah Percia
Gray Pardon 1737-1814 RI Tiverton, RI Brown Mary 165503 Hannah Godfrey COOK(E)
Grayson Spence Monroe 1734-1798 VA Prince William County, VA Wagener Mary Elizabeth 180889 Beverly Robinson William Spence
Green Elijah 1752-1842 NC Bedford County, TN Lucy 151282 Elizabeth John "Joe" KELLER
Green Jacob 1767-p1840 SC St. Clair County, AL Acre Frances 149876 Lucissa Jacob W. WHISENANT
Green Joseph 1739-1822 NH Bowdoinham, ME Mary 149031 William Joseph
Green Richard 1729-a1778 VA King George County, VA Rankins Mary 170162-SUP Keziah George Green BOON
Green William 1740-1815 SC Barnwell District, SC Pheriby 194597 Reuben William Joseph
Greene Joseph 1745-1825 RI Kent County, RI Sheffield Patience 163064-SUP Lydia Maria SWEET
Greene Philip 1705-1791 RI Kent County, RI Wickes Elizabeth 125245 Mary John GREENE listed as Philip GREEN in DAR Patriot Index
Greenwell Bennet 1761-1838 MD Scott County, KY Tarlton Susannah 169610 Benedict Andrew Jefferson
Greenwood Philip 1755-1842 MD Owen County, IN Sarah (2nd wife) 153574 Joseph Simon Peter
Gregory Robert c1753-1813 SC Union District, SC Young Mary Ann 174988 Sarah Cassandra HUMPHRIES
Gregory Thomas c1755-1814 VA Caldwell County, KY Staples Sally 187626 Abigail Isaac Walter PIRTLE
Greninger Henry 1757-1833 PA Centre County, PA Zartman Anna Maria 183904 Peter Peter
Gresham Thomas c1761-c1816 VA Lauderdale County, AL Thornton Mary 167906 Jarred William George
Gribble Thomas c1748-p1810 SC Mecklenburg County, NC Irwin Sarah 185359-SUP Thomas William Carroll
Griffin James 1753-1836 NC Irwin County, GA Lodge Sarah 152886 Joshua Jacob B.
Griffin Ralph 1754-1838 VA Switzerland County, IN Munson Catherine 173264 Mary "Polly" Amy GREEN
Griffith George c1738-p1790 MD Mary 153574-SUP Elizabeth Thomas J. DYER
Griffith Henry 1720-c1794 MD Montgomery County, MD Dorsey Elizabeth 161936 Rachel Henrietta WELSH
Grimard Pierre c1745-1783 VA prob. Illinois County, VA Colon Genevieve 125211 Peter Michael
Grimes Demsie or Dempsie d. 1778 NC Pitt County, NC Coffield Penelope 157666-SUP Elizabeth Allen GRIST
Grinter John 1755-1831 VA Logan County, KY Hill Elizabeth 194442 Margaret "Peggy" John CREWDSON
Grist John d. p1786 NC Beaufort County, NC Allen Jemima 157666-SUP Reading Allen
Grist Reading 1763-1846 NC Beaufort County, NC Grimes Elizabeth 157666-SUP Allen Margaret
Griswold Elijah c1767-1813 NY Tioga County, NY Lois 177684 Asahel Philip
Groff John Peter c1730-1800 PA Somerset County, PA Yost Anna Maria 177245 Anna Gertrude Barbara Ann HAY
Groscost John c1732-1803 PA Adams County, PA Noll Christina (2nd wife) 164060-SUP Mariah Christina John KNIGHT
Grow John 1750-1834 CT Monroe County, NY Davidson Deborah 178141-SUP Sally Paschal Enos TAYLOR
Guard Alexander 1761-1811 NJ Dearborn County, IN Keen Hannah 150926 Chalon James Thomas listed as Alexander GARD in DAR Patriot Index
Guersney Jonathan 1729-1804 CT Watertown, CT Bronson Desire 180034 Daniel Guy
Guilbeau Charles c1736-1809 LA St. Martin Parish, LA Trahan Anne 174456 Ludivine Marcelite CORMIER
Gulick Henry 1734-1798 NJ Hunterdon County, NJ Williamson Mary 192804 Minnor/Minne Emma
Gump George 1709-1792 PA York County, PA Mack Rosina 143371-SUP John John George
Gump John 1739-1816 MD Frederick County, MD Weller Elizabeth Juliana 143371-SUP John George John Alexander
Gunn Daniel 1763-1825 NC Jones County, GA Street Susan 149430 Daniel Ann Augusta
Gunsalus Richard 1756-1838 PA Centre County, PA Lucas Eustatia Ann "Stachee" 182741-SUP Wesley Mary
Guth Lorentz 1743-1814 PA Lehigh County, PA Dorney Maria 152931-SUP Daniel Silvester
Guthrie Daniel 1737-1826 PA Lawrence County, IN Jane 178697 John Hugh
Guthrie John 1761-1830 VA Pike County, IL Crump Nancy 171478 John Timothy Jenkins
Guthrie John 1749-1832 PA Allegheny County, PA Davis Sarah/Ann 139026 John Sarah Elizabeth
Guy William 1752-1824 VA Allen County, KY Mathias Nancy 183448 William Greenlea Washington
Gwinn Samuel 1752-1839 VA Greenbrier County, VA Graham Elizabeth Lockridge 182741-SUP John Lockridge
Habersham James 1745-1799 GA Chatham County, GA Wylly Esther 179042 Richard Wylly Richard Wylly West
Hackett Peter c1766-p1820 VA Madison County, KY Adkins ?? 180553 Rice T. George
Hackney John c1760-1843 DE Russell County, VA Jane V. 161945 Thomas John
Hadley Joshua 1743-1815 NC Chatham County, NC Lindley Ruth 165163 Sarah Edith NEWLIN
Haffer Andrew 1755-1791 PA Snyder County, PA Druckenmiller Elizabeth 73197-SUP Maria Anna Catharine Sam MYERS approved 2008
Hagerman James 1758-1840 PA Williams County, OH McNabb Abigail 166346-SUP John J. Phebe Ann
Haggard Nathaniel 1723-1805 VA Clark County, KY Gentry Elizabeth (2nd wife) 190259 Henry James
Hahn John 1757-1817 PA Mifflin County, PA Herner Catherine 167560 David John David
Haile Barnard 1758-1847 RI Bristol, RI Bardine Mary 181005 Gardner William Wallace listed as Barnard HALE in DAR Patriot Index
Halbert William Anson 1744-1808 VA Pendleton District, SC Hill Elizabeth 153128 John Hill William
Hale Edward c1760-1823 VA Giles County, VA Perdue Martha "Patsy" 143432 Elias Conrad Peters
Hale Francis 1757-1834 MA Onondaga County, NY Harrison Olive 186630 Ebenezer Seneca
Hale Isaac 1732-1797 CT Glastonbury, CT Lucy 157248-SUP Wait Orrin
Hale Jacob 1744-1832 MA Winchendon, MA Town/Towne Ruth 175071 Asa William Stillman
Hale Thomas 1758-p1838 NC/SC Franklin County, VA Sheridan Rachel 191120 Jonathan Sparrell
Hale Timothy 1692-1784 CT Glastonbury, CT Frary Sarah 157248 Isaac Wait
Haley William 1748-1830 VA Elbert County, GA Turman Mary 154540 Sally Judith Johns MANN
Hall Anthony c1752-1846 VA Letcher County, KY Butler Ruth 162493 Alexander James P.
Hall Asa 1758-1841 NY Montgomery County, VA Adams Sarah 154621 Asa Reed Crandall
Hall Asa 1758-1841 NY Montgomery County, VA Adams Sarah 189408 Asa Thomas Bennett
Hall David 1752-1817 DE Sussex County, DE Tingley Catherine (2nd wife) 177328 Elizabeth Louisa WHITE
Hall John 1765-1834 SC Fairfield District, SC Gladden Martha 165436-SUP Thomas Amanda
Hall John 1723-1777 VT Castleton, VT Reed Jemima Kinney (2nd wife) 179384-SUP Sylvina Sylvina/Melvina SAFFORD
Hall Josiah c1753-1809 MA Taunton, MA Andrews Susannah 195638 Joseph Andrews Josias
Hall Levi c1758-1847 MA Washington, ME Jones Jane 156967-SUP Joseph Joseph W.
Hall Nathaniel 1746-1826 NH Lebanon, NH Storrs Mehitable 171582-SUP Nathaniel Albert Gallatin HALL
Hallman Benjamin 1757-1834 PA Montgomery County, PA Gotwals Fronica 168096 Mary Samuel ISETT
Hallock Peter 1728-1791 NY Mattituck, NY Mapes Joanna 179811 Frederick Benjamin F.
Halsey Daniel 1739-1801 NJ Elizabeth, NJ Williams Abigail 181359 Ichabod Benton Mary Elizabeth
Halsey John 1756-1827 NJ Warren County, OH Sayre Nancy 153512 Rhoda John OGDEN
Halsey Matthew Jr. 1753-1841 NY Sullivan County, NY Rose 188655 Rufus Thomas J.
Ham Benson 1730-c1802 NH Epsom, NH Wallace Martha 171425-SUP John George Benson
Ham Drury 1760-1835 VA Lincoln County, KY Williams Rachel J. 132102-SUP Sarah George Washington HARRIS approved 2013
Ham John d. 1837 NH Epsom, NH Towle Olive 171425-SUP George Benson Martha Jane
Ham Moses 1733-1817 NH Dover, NH Grafton Ann 169749 Moses William Hanson
Hamblin Pierce Dant 1756-1843 VA Knox County, KY Vincent Abigail 180005 Elizabeth "Betsy" Catherine OWENS
Hamblin Thomas 1756-1811 VA Mecklenburg County, VA Seat Elizabeth 169587-SUP Mary Thomas YANCEY
Hamilton Obadiah c1760-1828 MA Monroe County, NY Richardson Lusanna 180734 Adam R. Lovis Bartlett listed as Obadiah Wendell Hamilton on SAR application
Hamilton Stewart c1760-1831 NC Montgomery County, GA Stringer Clarissa 172476 Solomon Elizabeth
Hamilton Stewart c1760-1831 NC Montgomery County, GA Stringer Clarissa 193005 Josiah Mary "Polly"
Hamlin Cornelius 1705-1784 CT Sharon, CT Mudge Mary 179126 Hopestill Charles PLATT
Hamlin Eleazer 1732-1807 MA Westford, MA Sarah 174719 Asia Nathan
Hammer Henry 1759-1841 VA Rockingham County, VA Davis Mary "Molly" 175240 William Henry C.
Hammond Jonathan 1747-1794 NY Warren County, NY Hannah 169808 Elnathan William
Hammond Philip 1753-1832 VA Jackson County, AL Cook Christena 190677 James Silas Milton
Hanchett Ebenezer 1747-1795 CT Salisbury, CT Holley Phoebe 186417 Anson Lyman L.
Hancock Nathan 1762-1823 MA Orland, ME Craig Sarah 165300 Lucinda Melinda J. KENNEY
Handley John 1746-1811 VA Monroe County, VA Harrison Mary 113293 Alexander Virginia E.
Haney Charles 1745-1836 VA McDowell County, NC 165617 James Mary Elizabeth
Hankins Zachariah 1754-1850 NJ Ocean County, NJ Herbert Phoebe 164067 Richard William John C.
Hankinson Aaron 1735-1806 NJ Sussex County, NJ Snyder Mary 172479 Aaron Rachel Emeline
Hanks William 1728-1807 MA Pawlet, VT Sargent Hannah 163706-SUP Arunah Harvey
Hanna Thomas a1755-1818 GA Jefferson County, GA Ann 191890 William Margaret
Hannah Joseph c1763-1810 NC Davidson County, TN Sarah Ann 162301 Annie William H. SCOTT
Hanscom Humphrey 1754-1836 MA Scarborough, ME Libby Esther 175149 John Esther Ann
Hansford William 1744-1798 VA Elbert County, GA Brown Janet 178072 William James Alexander listed as William HANSARD in DAR Patriot Index
Haralson Herndon 1757-1847 NC Haywood County, TN Murphy Mary 187867 Jonathan Emmeline listed as Herndon HARRELSON in DAR Patriot Index
Hardee Joseph c1751-1831 SC Horry District, SC Baker Penelope 159196 John Isaac Pierson listed as Joseph HARDY in DAR Patriot Index
Hardeman Thomas 1730-1791 SC Effingham County, GA Elizabeth 125979-SUP Harty Benjamin SIRMANS listed as HARDYMAN on SAR application
Harden John 1756-1808 NC Orange County, NC Holt Sarah 164447-SUP Margaret "Peggy" Henry Clay HURDLE
Hardin Henry 1710-1796 VA Pittsylvania County, VA Lynch Judith 167033 Martin Burgess
Hardin Henry 1761-1845 NC Walton County, GA Cook Sarah 192783 Athy/Effy Henry Baker FLETCHER listed as Henry HARDING in DAR Patriot Index
Hardin Joseph 1734-1801 NC Knox County, TN Gibson Jane 184459 Gibson Amos listed as Joseph HARDING in DAR Patriot Index
Hardin Mark 1753-1813 VA Warren County, KY Newsome Martha Frances 169471 Martha Newsome William Waters GERARD
Hardy Humphrey c1740-c1809 NC Bertie County, NC McGloughan Mourning Howell 153537 Joseph Jeremiah P.
Hardy Lemuel 1730-a1800 NC Greene County, NC Sutton Mary 156869-SUP Lemuel Parrott Mewborn
Hardy Thomas 1734-p1790 MA Brookfield, MA Rice Hepzibah 193238 Rufus Levi
Hardy William c1720-a1791 VA Lunenburg County, VA Mary 148385 Covington Henry
Hardyman Thomas 1730-1791 SC Effingham County, GA Elizabeth 125979-SUP Harty Benjamin SIRMANS listed as HARDEMAN in DAR Patriot Index
Harkness Robert c1740-p1791 NC Ninety-Six District, SC 183230 William Robert
Harman (Harmon) Mathias c1736-1832 VA Tazewell County, VA Scraggs Lydia 171883 Phebe Elizabeth "Lizzie" BEAVERS
Harmon Michael 1740-1807 PA Bracken County, KY Coval Margaret Mary 165231-SUP John Peter
Harnish Christian c1764-1846 PA Huntingdon County, PA Newman Catherine 166163-SUP Lydia Mary KELLER
Harnish Samuel 1704-1788 PA Lancaster County, PA Elizabeth (2nd wife) 166163-SUP Christian Lydia
Harper Jacob c1743-1828 VA Pendleton County, VA Margaret 128699 Moses Jacob C.
Harrington Drury 1752-1839 NC/SC Chambers County, AL Petty Rachel 182084 Rachel Larkin Marion POE
Harrington Edward 1758-1832 MA Concord, MA Wellington Susannah 165229-SUP Thankful Josiah Wheelock CRAPO
Harrington Edward Jr. 1735-1776 MA Ticonderoga, NY Lawrence Anne 165229-SUP Edward Thankful
Harrington Edward Sr. 1702-1792 MA Watertown, MA Bullard Anna 165229-SUP Edward Edward
Harrington Nathaniel 1742-1831 MA Worcester, MA Stone Ruth 150660 Francis Daniel
Harrington Sion 1752-1830 NC Moore County, NC Watts Elizabeth 157709 Thomas John
Harris Benoni c1761-1845 MA DeKalb County, IL Miles Thankful 174982 Thankful John WILCOX
Harris David 1757-p1820 CT Middlesex County, CT Prout Mary 157248-SUP Rachel Henry Joseph BROCK approved 2014
Harris Jedediah c1728-1811 CT Killingworth, CT Plumb Elizabeth 157248-SUP Jedediah John
Harris John 1753-1838 PA Chester County, PA Bowen Mary 190265 John John
Harris John d. 1826 GA Oglethorpe County, GA Lavina 139977-SUP Francis Mary Mariah STEPHENS approved 2010
Harris John Jr. 1762-1845 SC/VA Anderson District, SC Pickens Mary 188737 Benjamin F. Overton Columbus
Harris John Sr. 1725-1791 SC Ninety-Six District, SC Handy Mary 188736-SUP John Jr. Benjamin F.
Harris Richmond 1762-1853 NC Madison County, KY Spence Dulcene "Dulley" 132102-SUP James George Washington approved 2013
Harris William 1725-p1795 CT Middletown, CT Summer Mary 157248-SUP David Rachel approved 2014
Harris William 1746-1797 NJ Cincinnati, OH Runyon Sarah 185957 John Anna Maria
Harris Wooten 1759-1840 VA Fayette County, IL Adams Frances 123677 Polly Alexander Monroe JERDEN
Harrison Benjamin 1726-1791 VA Charles City County, VA Bassett Elizabeth 157751 Sarah David MINGE
Harrison Reuben 1731-1807 VA Rockingham County, VA Harrison Lydia 150852 Joseph Jabez
Harrod Levi 1750-1825 PA Knox County, OH Mills Rachel 175600 Levi William
Harrod Levi 1750-1825 PA Knox County, OH Mills Rachel 150384-SUP Michael Elizabeth
Harroun Alexander c1691-1784 MA Colrain, MA Catherine 147853-SUP Alice Ruth CLARK
Hart James 1757-1823 VA Pittsylvania County, VA Muse Margaret 143370 John Muse Eliza
Hart John Bryan c1750-1822 SC Lawrence County, MS Gill Mary 161693 Sarah James Gale Hale SASSER
Hart Joseph 1715-1788 PA Bucks County, PA Collett Elizabeth 165568-SUP Josiah Elizabeth
Hart Joseph 1746-p1800 MA Reading, MA Dix Anna 182540-SUP Asa Joseph Mulikin
Hart Josiah 1749-1800 PA Southampton, PA Watts Anne/Nancy 165568 Elizabeth Elias YERKES
Hart Timothy 1761-1817 CT Oneida County, NY 156482-SUP Cyrus Caroline M. approved 2008
Hart Titus 1752-1844 CT Colebrook, CT Andrews Elizabeth (2nd wife) 153009 Timothy Orson Jane Susannah or Susan Jane
Harter Johan Martin 1706-1800 PA Northampton County, PA Magdalene 149367-SUP Johan Martin Maria Gertraut
Harter Lorence 1742-1815 NY Herkimer County, NY Catherine 156482-SUP Philip L. Elizabeth
Harter Lorentz 1698-a1792 NY Herkimer County, NY Helmer Appolonia 156482-SUP Lorence Philip L. approved 2008
Harter Martin c1745-1804 PA Luzerne County, PA Maurer Christiana M. 149367-SUP Maria Gertraut Catharine FENSTERMACHER
Hartman John 1757-1842 PA Preston County, VA Keller Christina 137892 Michael John Marshall
Hartman Peter 1740-1810 PA Chester County, PA Schreiber Margaret Metzler (2nd wife) 183539 Moses Peter
Hartshorn Beriah 1757-1827 CT Ulster County, NY Hunt Lydia 194178 Joseph Daniel
Harvin Richard 1746-1807 SC Sumter District, SC Ragan Frances 171733-SUP James Edward William N.
Hastin (Hastings) Absalom 1761-1835 VA Spartanburg District, SC Wade Martha "Patsy" 164066 Jacob H. Wade Othel
Hastings James 1745-p1785 MA Washington County, NY Perry Mary 179245 Wareham/Warham Eber
Hastings Samuel 1736-1823 MA Princeton, MA Bigalow Anne 125988-SUP Charles John approved 2012
Hatch Asa 1759-1847 CT/NH Williamstown, VT Delano Roxana 194509 Alanson Sanford
Hatch Lemuel 1754-1790 NC Jones County, NC Bryan Sarah 161692-SUP Sarah Bryan Francis Edwin WHITFIELD
Hatch Nathan 1757-1847 MA Brookfield, WI Fisher Jerusha 163473 Edmund Alanson
Hatley John c1735-1801 NC Chatham County, NC Martha 175811 Abner Britton
Haughtelin Abraham 1756-1821 NY Adams County, PA Counover Jennie 163165 John C. Mary C. listed as Abraham HOUGHTALING in DAR Patriot Index
Hawes David 1752-1802 MA Brooksville, ME Parker Rebecca 153773 John John
Hawkins Ephraim 1761-1835 NC Person County, NC Farmer Nancy Ann 182797 Nancy John HARGIS
Hawkins John 1750-1799 NY New Village, NY Newton Mary 150760 Zopher or Zophar Charity E.
Hawkins Samuel 1721-1810 NY Suffolk County, NY Green Mary 172555 Moses Ira
Hayden William c1739-1807 MA Cummington, MA Spear Anna 148303-SUP Phebe Rachel THAYER
Hayes Enoch 1759-1802 PA Chester County, PA Stevens Elizabeth P. 179482 Abiah Abiah
Hayes John 1766-1820 NY Cairo, NY Hine Olive 159080 Martin G. Eugene F.
Hayman Henry 1758-1835 SC Lowndes County, GA Goodall Mary 162661 James William Cicero
Haynes William c1710-a1781 VA Bedford County, VA Elizabeth 192567 Henry Henry
Haywood William 1730-1779 NC Edgecombe County, NC Hare Charity 126347 Mary Henry John Gray RUFFIN listed as William HAYWARD in the DAR Patriot Index
Hazelrigg James c1738-a1819 PA Bath Co KY Margaret 193883 Nancy Nancy SNOWDEN
Hazelton Asa 1740-1823 MA Franklin County, NY Woodward Mary 175348 Simeon Thomas Jefferson listed as Asa HAZELTINE in DAR Patriot Index
Hazen Benjamin 1745-1807 MA Groton, MA Woods Lydia 172557 Edward Asa Allen
Hazen Thomas 1732-1802 NJ Sussex County, NJ Giles Mary 163064-SUP Nathan Joseph Kerr
Head John Stromatt 1763-1852 SC Gwinnett County, GA Barbara 170081 James B. Joseph
Heard Benjamin 1744-1817 MA Berwick, ME Andrews Mary "Molly" 143893 Benjamin Isaiah
Heard Thomas 1742-1808 VA Greene County, GA Fitzpatrick Elizabeth 104832 Abraham/Abram Joshua Thomas
Hearne Drury 1760-1839 NC Edgefield District, SC Bledsoe Keren or Karen 149080 Abner Lafayette Martha E. spelled DREWRY Hearne on SAR application
Hearst Joseph 1760-1814 SC Abbeville District, SC Pressly Jane 166199 Elizabeth Knox Sara PRESSLY
Heath Jordan 1758-1840 GA Burke County, GA Wimberly Christian 158011 Isaac I. Jane Demerius
Heath Levi 1743-1818 MA New Marlborough, MA Doud Abigail Orton (2nd wife) 179809 Anna Luke Miner HALL
Hedges Charles 1712-1795 MD Frederick County, MD Stille Mary 165197-SUP Absalom Susanna
Heffer Andrew c1737-1791 PA Snyder County, PA Druckmiller Mary Elizabeth 73197-SUP Maria Anna Catherine Sam MYERS approved 2008
Heintz Johann Nickel 1734-c1804 PA Highland County, OH Sophia 159670-SUP Heinrich Sophia
Heller John 1764-1849 PA Washington County, IN Low Margaret 189288 John Mary "Polly"
Hellman Christian 1735-1815 PA Northampton County, PA Hubler Rosanna 180694-SUP Catherine Asa ROHN
Helm Thomas 1731-1816 VA Hardin County, KY Pope Jane 165167-SUP Celia George Washington HOBBS
Helmar George 1740-1823 NY Herkimer County, NY Myer Margaret 126327 George Frederick Margaret
Helmer Henry A. 1747-1815 NY Herkimer County, NY Maria Elizabeth 126464 Leonard Jacob
Helphenstine Peter 1724-a1779 VA Frederick County, VA Berger Catherine 181507 Philip Susannah
Helphenstine Philip 1754-1830 VA Fleming County, KY Wolfe Rebecca 181507-SUP Susannah Matilda Jane SWIM
Helzel Tobias c1732-1792 PA York County, PA Mohr Engela Elizabeth 151809 Henry Mary Magdalene
Hemenway Jeffery 1737-1819 MA Worcester, MA Bowman Hepsibeth 166326 Lydia James J. JOHNSON
Hempleman George 1732-1842 PA Portage County, OH Duffy Margaret 139214 George Henry F.
Henderson Ezekiel 1763-1846 NC Greenville, SC Brasher Elizabeth 169001 Brasher Henry Langford
Henderson John c1740-1813 VA Montgomery County, VA Downard Mary O'Brien 181189-SUP Jane Harvey Green JOHNSTON
Henderson John 1740-1819 VA Greenbrier County, VA Givens Ann 183830 William Elizabeth
Henderson Pleasant 1756-1842 NC Carroll County, TN Martin Sarah 170158 Alexander Martin Fannie
Henderson William 1756-1807 VA Wilkes County, GA Johnson Hannah 160983-SUP Dorothy "Dolly" Martha Brown SIMMONS
Hendrick John 1758-a1815 VA/GA Warren County, KY Ellington Lucy 157668 John Henry listed as John HENDRICKS in DAR Patriot Index
Hendrickson Oke (Okey) 1744-1833 NJ Lewis County, KY Steppe Mary Ann 171424 Daniel Mary "Polly"
Hendry Robert 1752-1830 NC Liberty County, GA Lee Ann 148302 William James Edward
Hendry Robert 1752-1830 NC Liberty County, GA Lee Ann 195406 William Robert McFail
Heninger Conrad 1755-p1834 NC Kentucky Boltenhammer Christine 153574-SUP Catherine Robert DYER/DYAR
Heninger Johann Conrad 1722-a1786 VA Washington County, VA Kutz Anna Catherina 153574-SUP Conrad Catherine
Henley Richardson 1720-1781 VA James City County, VA Rhodes Ann 166956 Leonard Thomas Meekins
Hennen Matthew 1752-1840 PA/VA Greene County, PA Elizabeth 164636 William William Clyde
Henning Judiah 1709-1782 MD St. Mary's County, MD Elenor Carrie 153575 Stephen Ezekiel
Henry Aaron 1744-1825 PA Monongalia County, VA Burrell Rebecca 156934-SUP Elizabeth Peter HESS
Henshaw William 1736-1799 VA Berkeley County, VA Anderson Nancy Agnes Ann 188020 Hiram Evelina Avilina
Herbert James 1746-1834 NJ Monmouth County, NJ Van Deventer Mary 184149 Patience Joseph MORRIS
Herbert Obediah 1731-1777 NJ Hunterdon County, NJ Warner Elizabeth 160557-SUP William H. Hannah
Hereford John 1758-1846 VA Mason County, VA Patterson Betsey 147343-SUP William Patterson Sarah Catherine
Herndon Benjamin 1749-1819 NC Newberry District, SC Pines Sarah 185201 Nancy Coke John Washington RICE
Herndon Edward 1738-1831 VA Madison County, VA Gaines Mary Ann 153764 Benjamin Michael
Herndon William c1743-a1784 SC Ninety-Six District, SC Rambo Elender 191961 George Henry
Herr John 1726-1796 PA Lancaster County, PA Myers Mary 195276 Mary Elizabeth KAUFFMAN
Herrick Ebenezer 1763-1847 MA Saratoga County, NY Washburn Sarah 187074 Ebenezer Levi
Herrick Israel 1721-1782 MA Lewiston, ME Kilham Abigail 183156 Joseph Joseph
Herrick Samuel 1732-c1798 VT Springfield, NY Kingsley Silence 143070 Sarah Samuel Herrick BUTLER
Herring Bethuel 1751-p1815 VA Rockingham County, VA Miller Mary 179814 Mary Matilda DAVIS
Herring Richard 1726-1803 NC Sampson County, NC Anders Sarah 143272 Stephen John
Herrington Ephraim a1760-1839 GA Emanuel County, GA 149794 James Thomas
Hess Henry/John Henry 1730-1810 NY Minden, NY Garlock Mary Elizabeth 177756 George H. George listed as Johan Hendricks (Henry) Hess on SAR application
Hess Michael 1757-1820 PA Lancaster County, PA Shock Maria 193241 John Benjamin
Hess Peter c1755-1833 PA Monongalia County, VA Elizabeth 156934 Jeremiah Peter
Hester Barbara Cook c1720-p1784 VA Mecklenburg County, VA Hester Robert 143504-SUP Agnes Simeon WALTON
Hester Barbara Cook c1720-p1784 VA Mecklenburg County, VA Hester Robert 163948-SUP James Mary
Hester James 1745-1818 VA Mecklenburg County, VA Hicks Elizabeth 163948-SUP Mary James MOODY
Hetfield Morris 1757-1820 NJ Elizabethtown, NJ Clark Abigail 176926 William Clark Margaret Susan listed as Morris HATFIELD in DAR Patriot Index
Heviner Frederick c1743-1817 VA Pendleton County, VA 180143-SUP Catherine John Patrick SINNETT
Hewitt Gershom 1743-1839 CT Canaan, CT Stephens Elizabeth 173202 Mary "Polly" Polly PHELPS
Hewitt Sterry 1756-1845 CT Rensselaer County, NY Barnaby Hannah 149429 Lewis Celia
Hewitt William 1745-1826 NH Hope, ME King Sarah 181605 Sarah Judson Adonirum TOLMAN
Hibbard Josiah 1735-1776 CT White Plains, NY White Hannah 185958 Jedidiah Henry James
Hickman Edwin 1762-1857 NC Stokes County, NC Isbell Patsey 155706 Elender Childs Mary Ann HAMPTON
Hickman Sotha 1748-1834 VA Harrison County, VA Davis Elizabeth 176275 Arthur Arthur
Hicks Amos c1710-a1786 VA Mecklenburg County, VA 163948-SUP Elizabeth Mary HESTER
Hicks David c1756-c1840 VA White Hall, IL Thomas Nancy 187383 Vines Elizabeth
Hiers Jacob 1739-a1808 SC Colleton District, SC Howard Catherine 163218 Philip Philip Southwell
Hiers Jacob 1739-a1808 SC Colleton District, SC Howard Catherine 172235-SUP Joseph Eveline Savilla
Higbee Obadiah 1732-1808 NJ Allegheny County, PA Brower Anna May 158178 Rhoda Anna HULL
Higginbotham Burroughs "Burris" 1759-1816 GA Nassau County, FL Isabella Donna 165436-SUP Joseph Alexander Mary Ann
Higgins Ebenezer 1721-1779 MA Eastham, MA Burgess Martha 164055 Jonathan Thankful
Higgins Elisha 1701-1777 VT Bennington, VT Atwood Mrs. Hannah Doane 154907-SUP Uriah Esther Hadassah approved 2012
Higgins Joshua 1732-1793 MA Eastham, MA Sparrow Hannah 195882 Hatsel Sparrow
Higgins Samuel 1743-1811 VT Benson, VT Kelsey Temperance 184877 Dan Alphonse
Higgins Uriah 1742-c1800 VT Fairhaven, VT Cooley Esther 154907-SUP Esther Hadassah Lucy HOADLEY approved 2012
Higgins William 1745-1842 VA Highland County, OH Mooney Margaret 166661 John Amos Lorraine
Highbaugh George 1755-1840 GA Hart County, KY Close Catherine 173563-SUP Margaret Julia Ann HILL
Highsmith Jacob c1755-1829 NC Wayne County, GA Sarah 172556 William John Cloe
Highsmith Jacob c1755-1829 NC Wayne County, GA Sarah 187772 John Thomas Joseph Henry
Highsmith John c1739-a1800 NC Pitt County, NC Sarah 187772-SUP Jacob John Thomas
Higley Isaac 1753-1810 CT Simsbury, CT Clark Anna 191370 Isaac Anson
Hikes George 1762-1832 PA Jefferson County, KY Oleweiler Barbara 153574-SUP Andrew Nancy Anne
Hildreth Jonathan Sr. 1727-p1805 NH Westmoreland, NH Davis Dinah (3rd wife) 164052 Adams Fannie
Hildreth Stephen 1742-1800 NH New Ipswich, NH Manning Esther 178140 Joel Jared
Hileman Michael 1756-1849 PA Frankstown, Blair County, PA Young Anna Maria 192115 Frederick Anna Maria Magdalena
Hill Daniel c1737-p1822 MA Calais, ME Holmes Elizabeth 154365 Elizabeth "Betsy" James MAXWELL
Hill Hardy 1754-1798 VA Spencer County, KY Wallace Margaret 168091 Hardy Martha Jane
Hill Israel 1719-1777 MA Oakham, MA Latham Beriah 160557-SUP Beriah Latham Emery
Hill Jedediah 1761-1841 CT Jefferson County, NY Kilby Abigail 149119 John Henry John William
Hill John 1735-1803 MD Clermont County, OH Buher Elizabeth 174029 Samuel Amos
Hill Moses c1758-1821 SC Fairfield County, SC Roden Savilla N. 126568 Thomas Nathan Barrett
Hill Squier or Squire 1747-1826 CT Canajoharie, NY Walker Dorothy 173959-SUP Zacheus Ann
Hilleary Rignal c1750-1783 MD Annapolis, MD 151913 Elizabeth Elizabeth MAGRUDER listed as Rignal HILLERY in DAR Patriot Index
Hillery George a1760-p1806 MD Prince Georges County, MD Smith Sarah 162952-SUP Harriet Sarah Ann WILSON listed as George HILLEARY on SAR application
Hillery Henry 1726-1783 MD Prince Georges County, MD Magruder Cassandra 162952-SUP George Harriet listed as Henry HILLEARY on SAR application
Hillis John c1760-1836 VA Scott County, KY 156932 Isaac Woodson P.
Hillsman John 1764-1850 VA Knoxville, TN Thrasher Rebecca (2nd wife) 180653 Frances Elizabeth Frances "Bettie" MYNATT
Hillsman Matthew c1735-1781 VA Amelia County, VA Guillintine Ann 153149 James Sterling Smith
Hinds Joseph c1735-a1815 NC Wayne County, KY Grider Hannah 165231-SUP Ruth Rachel SHARP
Hines Jacob c1750-1825 PA Ross County, OH Elizabeth 184168 Adam David
Hines Jacob c1750-1825 PA Ross County, OH Elizabeth 190778 Elizabeth John WHEELER
Hinman Abijah 1733-1807 VT Benson, VT Minor Rebecca 166686 John Seth
Hinman Asabel 1742-1825 NJ Warrick County, IN Hinman Mary Harris 162304 Samuel James listed as ASAHEL Hinman on SAR application
Hinman Benjamin 1720-1810 CT Southbury, CT Stiles Mary "Molly" 149550 Aaron George
Hisey Christian c1759-1827 PA Shenandoah County, VA Fultz Rosanna 184086 Frederick James M.
Histed Edward 1739-1805 NY Saratoga County, NY Moore Jerusha 160555 John A. Rensselaer
Hitchcock Abner 1750-1805 MA Oneida County, NY Lucy 161149 Daniel Myron Davis
Hitchings Josiah c1730-a1813 NH New Brunswick, Canada Livingstone Ann/Anna 154365-SUP Hannah Josephus MOORE
Hitchock Josiah 1726-1819 MA Springfield, MA Hitchcock Martha 186631 Luther Walter
Hitchock Oliver 1755-1838 CT Cortland County, NY Parker Mercy 169478 Hannah Orilda HARRINGTON
Hitt Harmon or Harman c1721-p1797 VA Fauquier County, VA Weaver Mary 125476-SUP Martin Samuel Merritt approved 2001
Hitt Peter c1726-c1810 VA Fauquier County, VA James Sarah 153574-SUP Joel Nancy James
Hoadley Daniel 1736-1806 CT Broome County, NY Barker Mary 159187 Ira Chauncey Edwards
Hoadley Thomas 1737-1829 MA Hartland, VT Stone Mary or Mercy 154907-SUP Aaron Lucy approved 2010
Hobbs Ezekiel c1762-1835 VA Washington County, VA Lilley Elizabeth (2nd wife) 181418 Preston George Washington
Hobbs Joseph 1747-c1825 NH Rockingham County, NH Mary 188741 David Jane Hill
Hobbs Joshua 1742-1813 MD Nelson County, KY Sellman Margaret 173563-SUP Lydia William "Buck" BAYNE
Hobday Robert 1744-1797 NC Sumner County, TN Cotton Talitha 177679 Edmund Edmond
Hobday (Hobdy) Edmund 1760-1848 VA Pike County, AL Harrell Nancy Ann 156714 Harrell Mary
Hobson Nicholas c1745-1809 VA Jackson County, GA deGraffenreid Sarah 169000 Matthew Augusta Elizabeth
Hockersmith Conrad Edward c1746-1808 MD Jessamine County, KY 188394 Eve John BRECKENRIDGE
Hodges Joshua 1736-1809 NC Bulloch County, GA Raiford Ann 165007 Joseph Joseph Carruthers
Hoff John 1737-1818 NJ Monmouth County, NJ Stout Helena 172793-SUP Christiana Jacob William AUMACK
Hoffert Christian c1710-a1788 MD Frederick County, MD Keim Elizabeth 162952-SUP Christiana John William CREAGER
Hogeboom Lawrence 1737-1805 NY Ghent, NY Leggett Hester 178873 Tobias L. Joseph P.
Holbrook John 1725-1801 CT Derby, CT Nichols Esther 163064 Anna Sarah "Sally" NOYES
Holbrook William 1746-p1780 MA Kittery, ME Fernald Lucy 167666 Benjamin Elias Tarlton
Holcomb Eldad 1734-1789 MA Granville, MA Church Michel 171801 Candace Eldad COOLEY
Holcomb Grimes 1725-p1786 SC Beaufort District, SC Busbee Elizabeth 178282 Ann Louisa Calvin WADE listed as Grimes HOLCOMBE on SAR application
Holcomb Hezekiah 1726-1794 CT Granby, CT Alderman Susanna 148610 Timothy Timothy
Hole Jacob 1758-1842 PA Carroll County, OH Thomas Mary 159986 Mahlon Israel P.
Holland Henry 1757-1853 NC Tattnall County, GA Clay Sara 163255 Frederick David Henry
Hollis James d. 1794 NC Tennessee County, NC Crockett Anne 156232-SUP Isaac Achilles
Hollister Gideon 1699-1785 CT Hartford County, CT Talcott Rachel 157248-SUP Gideon Abigail
Hollister Gideon 1728-1812 CT Glastonbury, CT Case Esther 157248-SUP Abigail Orrin HALE
Hollister Solomon 1747-1822 MA Saratoga County, NY Davis Mary 184736-SUP Solomon Davis Mary Miller
Holloway Benjamin 1761-1846 NJ Morris County, NJ Evolt Elizabeth (1st wife) 195636 Charles James H.
Holloway James c1759-1829 VA Jessamine County, KY Spencer Martha Owen 166735 Julia Elizabeth James S. RUCKER
Holman George 1762-1859 VA Wayne County, IN Fisher Elizabeth 195078 Joseph Joseph George Ephrain
Holmes Asher 1740-1808 NJ Monmouth County, NJ Watson Sarah 162584 Sarah Mary HOLMES
Holmes George 1761-1843 MA Stoddard, NH Allen Rachel 167521 Clifford Edward
Holt Jonathan 1758-1833 CT Windham, CT Faulkner Ann 185964 Nathaniel Henry F.
Holt Philip c1755-p1830 MD Calvert County, MD Ann 162952-SUP James John Thomas
Holzendorf William 1714-1798 GA Camden County, GA Stafford Elizabeth 163063 John Frederick John Lewis Kale
Honeywell Rice 1760-1839 VT Prescott, Canada Fishback Catherine (2nd wife) 143640 Richard Rice
Hooe Robert Howson 1748-1833 VA Prince William County, VA Waugh Mary 193632 John Virginia John
Hooker Elijah 1746-1823 CT Kensington, CT Seymour Susannah Judd 150404 Samuel Harriet Maria
Hooper Absalom 1765-1845 SC/GA Haywood County, NC Silers Sarah 136447 John Andrew
Hooper Richard Brooks 1756-1846 VA Habersham County, GA Word Elizabeth Adams (2nd wife) 160411 Matthew Brooks Richard Lane
Hopkins Esek 1718-1802 RI North Providence, RI Burroughs Desire 158605 Abigail Mary HAWKINS
Hopkins James 1765-1844 VA Pittsylvania County, VA Carter Frances 185201-SUP Arthur Augusta
Hopkins Nehemiah 1730-c1814 VT Essex County, NY Smith Tryphena 152009-SUP Matthew William Augustus
Hopkins William 1748-1832 NY Nichols County, KY Scott Peace 178870 Abiah Ann Margaret BARKER
Hopwood John 1745-1802 VA Fayette County, PA Humphreys Hannah 184783 Moses Moses
Horn (Horne) Henry 1758-1845 PA Bedford County, PA Pretzman Elizabeth 171805 Andrew Andrew Monroe
Horne Abishai c1750-1795 NC Edgecombe County, NC Ricks Mary Molly 181676 Joab Arthur Bryant listed as Abishai HORN in DAR Patriot Index
Horner David 1739-p1785 PA York County, PA Love Mary 172334 William Elizabeth listed as David HORNOR in DAR Patriot Index
Horner Jacob 1736-1808 PA Northampton County, PA Knerr Barbara 143371-SUP Susanna Susanna WOODRING
Horner John c1740-1814 PA Cambria County, PA Dick Susanna 149302 Christian John C. listed as John HORNOR in DAR Patriot Index
Horner John c1740-1814 PA Cambria County, PA Dick Susanna 191065 Christian Christian listed as John HORNOR in DAR Patriot Index
Horton Nathaniel 1725-1807 NJ Morris County, NJ Case Mehitable 167555 Bethia Mehitable SWAYZE
Hoskins John 1751-1813 VA King & Queen County, VA Chaney Elizabeth 169004 Thomas Judith Elizabeth
Hoskins John 1751-1813 VA King & Queen County, VA Chaney Elizabeth 147841 Thomas John Thomas
Hosmer Simeon 1754-1831 CT Genesee County, NY Steele Lucretia 172478 Simeon H. Cyrus Cyrenus
Hotchkiss Harris 1763-1854 CT Tioga County, PA Cary Lucy 176039-SUP Malinda William BAILEY
Hotz Johann Michael 1731-1783 PA Philadelphia County, PA Guenzler Catharina 192800 Johann Peter Elizabeth
Houck Philip 1740-1805 PA Lancaster County, PA Fessler Barbara (2nd wife) 176795 John Samuel
Hough Benjamin 1718-1783 VA Botetourt County, VA Ruth 174365 Catherine Catherine WILSON
Hough William 1754-1838 VA Highland County, OH Bean Rachel 150378 Paten David
Houghtaling Abraham 1756-1821 NY Adams County, PA Counover Jennie 163165 John C. Mary C. spelled HAUGHTELIN on SAR application
Houk Michael 1755-1852 NC Calhoun County, AL Elizabeth 175244 Enoch Elizabeth
Hounshell John Casper c1730-1810 VA Wythe County, VA Messerschmidt Christina 189409 Andrew Peter
Houston William 1742-1822 NC Mecklenburg County, NC Williams Margaret 159289 Elizabeth Squire Stilwell
Hovis George 1735-1807 NC Lincoln County, NC Hoyle Anna Elizabeth 127021-SUP John Solomon approved 2009
Howard Edward 1724-1801 NY Dutchess County, NY Hart Phebe 173755 Patience John HOWARD
Howard Groves 1733-1806 NC Granville County, NC Allen Hannah 177853-SUP Allen Joseph F.
Howard John c1756-1831 SC Edgefield District, SC Tubb X 193970 Robert Charles Minerva
Howard Samuel 1762-1840 VA Harlan County, KY Osborne Chloe 172796 Sarah "Sally" Chloe NAPIER
Howe Timothy 1742-1826 CT Genesee County, NY Andrus Elizabeth 191063 Timothy Aaron
Howell Daniel 1759-1836 VA Floyd County, VA 170407 Mark Thomas
Howell Joseph 1753-1836 SC Barnwell District, SC Kirkland Elizabeth 176792-SUP Jessie Rue Richard Allen
Howerton James c1755-1821 VA Laurens District, SC Elizabeth 195494 John Wesley Thomas Jefferson
Hoxie Gideon 1729-1805 RI Charleston, RI Congdon Dorcas 174462 Peleg Dorcas
Hoxie Stephen 1713-1793 RI Richmond, RI Kenyon Elizabeth 173087 Ruth Othneil FOSTER
Hoy Albert c1735-c1809 PA Berks County, PA Snavely Susanna 143371-SUP Susanna Barbara DANIEL
Hoy William 1727-1806 NY Salem, NY Guthrie Agnes 153006-SUP William Jane
Hoyle John 1740-1822 NC Newton, NC Costner Margaret 143654 Mary Daniel WARLICK
Hoyt Asa 1744-1806 CT Norwalk, CT Kellogg Ruth 157666-SUP Asa James Edmund
Hoyt Nathan 1718-1799 CT Norwalk, CT Lockwood Elizabeth 157666-SUP Asa Asa
Hubbard Aaron 1735-1803 CT New Haven, CT Wakeley Damaris 157248-SUP Hezekiah Diantha Ann
Hubbard Benjamin b. c1740 VA Virginia 157780-SUP Jesse John
Hubbard Elisha 1752-1834 VT Rochester, VT Moore Tamer 181360-SUP Elisha Isaac P.
Hubbs John 1763-1844 SC Grainger County, TN Woolsey Rebecca 165231-SUP Joshua Catherine
Huddleston William c1740-1803 SC Hancock County, GA Jane 158498-SUP James Charity approved 2008
Huffman Tilham 1735-1826 VA Culpeper County, VA 143505-SUP Elizabeth Sallie SETTLE
Hughes James 1756-1802 VA Hardy County, VA Mary 176398-SUP Levi James
Huggins Medad 1746-1812 MA New Marlborough, MA Cutting Merial 190775 Candace William Henry COLE
Hull Samuel 1755-1840 CT Tioga County, NY Kelsey Freelove 133400 Samuel Samuel
Humphrey Thomas 1737-1818 NY Chenago County, NY Hopkins Elizabeth 186061 Elizabeth Lorenzo Hopkins COOK
Humphreys Ralph 1735-1789 VA Grindstone Ford, MS Wilson Agnes 143384 George Wilson Sarah "Sallie" listed as HUMPHREY in DAR Patriot Index
Hungerford Jehiel 1758-1844 CT Tompkins County, NY Spencer Hannah 191119 Jehiel Amos
Hunt Israel 1756-1842 NJ Hopewell, NJ Hunt Charlotte 166248-SUP Westley R. Israel
Hunt James c1723-1795 VA Charlotte County, VA Whitlock Sarah 143504-SUP Mary Elizabeth MCCRAW
Hunt John 1750-1834 NC Muhlenberg County, KY Charity 192462 Daniel John
Hunt Jonathan 1760-1845 NC Morgan County, MO Hampton Rachel 123754 John Wesley Wiseman
Hunt Jonathan 1730-1795 NJ Lawrenceville, NJ Hunt Abigail 166248-SUP Israel Westley R.
Hunt Stephen 1736-p1784 NJ Bedminster, NJ Wortman Margaret 144420 Catherine Steven Hunt SUTPHEN
Hunter James 1718-1784 SC Charleston, SC Fayssoux Frances 142407 Frances Stobo Richard PERRY
Hurdle Hardy c1754-1828 NC Orange County, NC Outlaw Christian 164447-SUP George Henry Clay
Hurst Henry 1762-1844 VA Morgan County, KY Kizer Elizabeth 160960 Esther America WILSON
Huston Joseph 1722-1778/79 PA Westmoreland County, PA Cunningham Margaret 161877-SUP Mary Robert Smith CUNNINGHAM listed as Joseph HOUSTON in DAR Patriot Index
Hutchcraft Thomas c1762-1825 MD Bourbon County, KY Apperson Eleanor "Nellie" Harrison 171921 Reuben Lee William L.
Hutchins Charles 1742-1834 MA Penobscot, ME Perkins Mary 73197-SUP Sarah John HANSON approved 2008
Hutchinson Elisha 1751-1800 NH Milford, NH Burton (Buxton) Sarah 161935 Jesse Andrew B.
Hyatt Abraham 1747-1820 NY Chappaqua, NY Ryder Sarah 161942 Nathaniel Marietta HYATT
Hyde Elijah 1735-1800 CT Lebanon, CT Clark Mary 147852 Rhoda Rhoda Louisa HYDE
Hyskell Benjamin 1729-1811 MD Huntingdon County, PA Specord Margaret 159505-SUP Jane Ellen Mary Ann STONEBRAKER listed as Benjamin HEISKELL in DAR Patriot Index
Iddings William Jr. 1749-1804 PA Columbia County, PA Sharpless Hannah 155145 Phebe Mira JOHN
Ijams John Frederick 1765-1839 MD Grainger County, TN Johnson Mary 195810 William Ariana/Arena
Inabinet Christian 1749-1839 SC Orangeburg District, SC Horger Peggy 185052 Catherine Christian Davis AUSTIN
Ingalls Solomon 1750-1840 MA Jefferson County, NY Wilson Mercy (2nd wife) 165168 James Jerome
Ingalsbe Ebenezer 1730-1802 MA Washington County, NY Robbins Susannah 145379 Joseph Betsey
Ingalsbe Joseph 1757-1816 MA Hartford, NY Barrett Elizabeth 145379-SUP Betsey Mary Elizabeth ROWLAND
Ingleheart John c1748-1811 MD Prince Georges County, MD Denune Mary 158803-SUP John Mary Elizabeth
Inslee Joseph c1738-1813 NJ Steuben County, NY Adams Elizabeth 154118 Jonathan Magaretta Gay
Irby Joshua 1730-1808 VA Halifax County, VA Mason Elizabeth 168630 Charles Wiley Robertson
Irish Jedediah c1730-a1782 NY Dutchess County, NY West Susannah 156482-SUP Hannah Sarah PIERSON approved 2008
Irish Joseph 1728-1808 MA Bucksfield, ME Doane Hannah 73197-SUP Betsy Dorcas COBB approved 2008
Irvine John 1735-1814 VA Campbell County, VA Tucker Mary Ann 163288 Louisa Mary Ann Tucker HUNTER
Isbell Pendleton 1757-1829 VA Pickens District, SC Henderson Sarah 179815 Livingston Samuel
Ivy Adam c1723-1792 VA Sussex County, VA Mary 183158 Samson Thomas listed as Adam IVEY in DAR Patriot Index
Jackson Benjamin 1759-1835 NC Wagner Jane 143552 Turner Mary Rosaline
Jackson David 1745-1818 SC York District, SC Morrison Mary 184610 David Andrew
Jackson David 1745-1818 SC York District, SC Morrison Mary 156869-SUP David Sarah Patterson
Jackson Edward c1740-1804 MD Cecil County, MD McMullin Margaret 176526 John Alexander
Jackson Edward 1755-1845 SC Walker County, GA Hill Charity 155694 Benjamin Elmina Thompson
Jackson Isaac 1758-1845 MA Northport, ME Scott Submit 184169 Nathaniel Harriet
Jackson Jacob 1756-1832 NY Columbia County, NY Foote Freelove 169202 Asa Washington Walter
Jackson Lyman 1756-1835 MA/NY Erie County, PA Dunham Deidama 167532 Jesse Dunham Eli F.
Jackson Stephen 1744-1812 NJ Morris County, NJ Burwell Mary 170297 William Samuel Beach
Jacobs Ezekiel 1755-1834 CT North Haven, CT Walter Eleanor 164737 William George W.
Jaggers Nathan 1759-1839 SC White County, IL 149077 Daniel Duncan James Minis listed as Nathan JAGGARS on SAR application
James Benjamin c1740-a1800 SC Jefferson County, GA Sarah 150850 John David
James Benjamin c1740-1800 SC Jefferson County, GA Sarah 149620 John David M.
James Dinah Allen 1716-1800 VA Fauquier County, VA James John 153574-SUP Sarah Joel HITT
James John 1709-1778 VA Fauquier County, VA Allen Dinah 153574-SUP Sarah Joel HITT
James John c1755-a1802 VA Fauquier County, VA Wright Elizabeth 137813 Aldridge Duncan Wright
Jamieson Joseph 1764-1853 SC York District, SC 148748 Allen Rowe Joseph Hilhouse listed as Joseph JAMESON in DAR Patriot Index
Jamison John 1743-1811 PA Washington County, PA Gilmore Sarah McFadden (2nd wife) 155516-SUP Elizabeth Alexander MCFADDEN listed as John JAMESON in DAR Patriot Index
Janes Ebenezer 1736-1808 MA Northfield, MA Field Sarah 164044 Jemima Lucy ALLEN
Jay William c1744-1797 SC Ninety-Six District, SC Elizabeth 159670-SUP Sarah Charity WRIGHT
Jayne Timothy 1741-1790 PA Montgomery County, NY Allen Sarah 181949-SUP Daniel B. Daniel Boone
Jefferies Nathaniel 1733-1823 PA Chester County, PA Chalfant Mary (2nd wife) 152606 Emmor/Amor Amor
Jefferis Nathaniel 1733-1823 PA Chester County, PA Chalfant Mary (2nd wife) 152606 Emmor/Amor Amor
Jellison Joseph 1754-1827 MA Mariaville, ME Maria 148145 Joseph Moses Adams
Jenkins Bartholomew c1750-1796 MD Monongalia County, VA Mary 159670-SUP Joshua Nancy Ann
Jenkins Lot 1737-1776 MA Castle Island, MA Howland Mary 185566 Mary "Polly" Hannah HOLBROOK
Jenkins Thomas 1727-1792 MA Ware, MA Smith Jemima 159125 Sarah Polly SMITH
Jenks Ichabod 1732-1803 RI Pawtucket, RI Bagley Margaret 174989 Abner Sylvester
Jennings Elias c1757-p1790 NY Southampton, NY Purple Dorothy 154295 Elias Purple Morancy Purple
Jerome Benjamin 1743-1824 CT New London, CT Brown Desire 161729 Jesse Harriet Elizabeth
Jerome Samuel 1728-1796 MA Onondaga County, NY Foster Lucy 192884 Chauncy Mariah
Jersey John 1740-1821 NY Orange County, NY Blauvelt Annetje 177032 Abraham John A.
Jeter Henry 1744-1821 VA Bedford County, VA Bell Elizabeth "Betsey" 159191 John Allison M.
Jeter William c1725-1797 SC Ninety-Six District, SC Vaughan Margaret 169587-SUP Elizabeth Sarah "Sally" CREWS
Jewett Ichabod 1738-1796 CT Coventry, CT Carpenter Mary 178141-SUP Eleazer Joseph Porter
Jewett Jeremiah 1757-1836 MA Barnstead, NH Dodge Temperance "Tempe" 164064-SUP Spofford Dodge Annie Elizabeth
Johnson Asa 1728-1820 MA Leominster, MA Whitcomb Tamar 164057 Silas Sophronia
Johnson Cornelius 1743-1828 NJ Middlesex County, NJ Anne 160557-SUP Ann Garret COTTRELL
Johnson David c1765-1834 SC Leon County, FL Hardyman Martha 125979-SUP Martha Lucretia SIRMANS
Johnson David 1756-1839 MA Baileys Island, ME Rodick Jane 150376-SUP Charles Abigail Bibber
Johnson Jeremiah 1763-1847 NH Reading, VT Blanchard Thomazin 157750 Thomazin Lucinda GRANDY
Johnson Jesse c1762-1834 NC Wilson County, TN Lewis Mary 174030 Mary Lewis Foster Gaines FINLEY
Johnson Matthias 1720-1794 NJ Cranbury, NJ Elizabeth 160557-SUP Cornelius Ann
Johnson Oliver 1727-1801 CT Middletown, CT Hall Sybil 157248-SUP Sarah Joseph ROBERTS approved 2014
Johnson Reuben 1758-1833 NC Pendleton District, SC Greenlee Nancy 169813 Deborah Joel ELLISON
Johnson William 1761-1838 CT Delaware County, NY Smith Hadassah (2nd wife) 162417 Lyman Benjamin
Johnson William 1764-1845 NC Newton County, MS Adams Diana 160962 Rachel Nancy OYLER
Johnston David 1726-1786 VA Montgomery County, VA Abbott Annie 181189 Andrew Harvey Green
Johnston David 1726-1786 VA Montgomery County, VA Abbott Annie 154042-SUP Elain Nancy CHAPMAN approved 2009
Johnston Jacob 1738-1781 PA Washington County, PA Mary 175350-SUP Hester Thomas FRYE
Johnston James 1742-1805 NC Lincoln County, NC Ewart Jane 173332 Robert Ewart John Reid
Johnston James c1758-1832 SC Sumter District, SC Haley Frances 157413-SUP Haley William James
Johnston Larkin 1727-1816 NC Jasper County, GA Rogers Mary 194659 Richard William Hemphill
Johnston Nathan c1738-c1807 SC Beaufort District, SC Henry Elizabeth 150364 Amos Josiah Daniels
Jones Aaron c1745-1804 VA Lincoln County, GA Stroud Sarah 177760-SUP Mason Alford Noland
Jones Abraham Parham 1752-1831 GA Wilkes County, GA Cole Ann 172477 Rebecca John LaFayette VEAL
Jones Edward 1742/43-1818 VA Jefferson County, KY Kellar Elizabeth 153574-SUP Elizabeth "Ann" Edward Jones HIKES
Jones Evan c1724-1781 MD Montgomery County, MD Ann 164062 Nathan Evan
Jones James 1759-1841 VA Orange County, VA Robinson Catherine 143344 Catherine Emily Frances MASON
Jones John c1743-p1797 VA Elbert County, GA Shackleford Ann 166621 Allen Gideon Hamilton