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  1. If you only know your parents and grandparents, type in the names of your grandparents. If you know your great-grandparents, start with them. Focus your research on the earliest generation that you know.

  2. Type the last name of your ancestor in the Surname text box.

    NOTE: Use the MAIDEN name for female ancestors.

  3. Type the first name of your ancestor in the Given Name text box.

  4. In the Spouse box, type ONE of the following: a) spouse's first name only, b) spouse's maiden name only, or spouse's first and maiden name.

    IMPORTANT: Do NOT fill in any other search boxes unless you are researching an extremely common name.

  5. Click the Search button.

  6. Review your results. Twenty results are displayed at once. Each result is a separate file uploaded by a separate individual. To view the next set of results, click Next below the last result.

    NOTE: The icons listed below the name in the first column provide information on the type of the data contained in the file.

      A pencil and paper icon indicates that notes are included in the file. Notes are often meaningless, but they can include very important information such as an entire transcription of a will. Be sure to review all files with a pencil and paper icon.

      A book icon indicates that sources are listed in the file. All files with sources should be reviewed.

      A blue head icon indicates that children are listed in the file.

      An ancestral chart icon indicates that parents are listed.

  7. Click the name of the ancestor listed in the first column.

  8. When you are in a file, you have three options for moving further back in time. You can click on either the a) father, b) mother, or c) spouse. Each option may provide a line to a Revolutionary War patriot.

  9. Once you reach the Revolutionary War period (1775-1783) as a result of clicking on various combinations of fathers, mothers, and spouses, look for direct ancestors born between 1710 and 1765 who were living in 1775-1776.

  10. To print the page, click the Printer Friendly Version link at the bottom of the page.

  11. Click once in the right frame where the page appears to activate the frame.

  12. Click the Print button in your browser's menu.

  13. Use your browser's Back button to return to the list of results.

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