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Most vital records, probate records, and deeds are cataloged at the county level. However, vital records can also be cataloged at the town level (especially for New England states). If you do not find a vital record at the county level, search for one on the town level.

  1. Click Catalog in the menu above the search boxes.

  2. Type the name of county followed by a comma and the name of the state in the Place box
    (e.g., Perry, Ohio).  NOTE:  Do not type the word "County."  Be sure to spell out the state name.  Do not abbreviate.

  3. Select the correct location from the drop-down list.

    NOTE: The Country is listed first, the State is second, the County is third, and the Town/Township is fourth.

  4. After selecting the correct place in the drop-down list, click the Search button.

  5. Review the categories of available records for the county. Click on ONE of the following: Vital Records, Probate Records (for wills), Land and Property (for deeds), or Church Records.

  6. Review the results.

  7. Click any records of interest.

  8. If there is a camera icon to the far right, it means the microfilm has been digitized, and the images are available online.  Click the camera icon.

  9. You can browse the images by typing an image number in the Image number box.  You can make the image bigger or smaller by clicking the plus or minus signs on the left.

  10. If a camera icon with a key above it appears in the catalog listing, that means you must visit your local Family History Center to view the digitized images.

  11. If a microfilm reel icon appears in the catalog listing rather than the camera icon, that means the microfilm has not yet been digitized.

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