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Home Sources Checklist

5-Generation Ancestor Chart

4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Family Group Sheet

Birth Date Calculator

Town to County Database


Test Your Knowledge

3.   When researching female ancestors, which databases perform
      most effectively when the MARRIED name is used?

   Your Answer:   Social Security Death Index & RootsWeb's WorldConnect

   The correct answer:  Social Security Death Index & Ellis Island Database

   Use the MARRIED name of your female ancestors when searching
   Social Security Death Index.
   Use the MAIDEN name of your female ancestors when searching
   RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project.

4.   When researching a common name, the most effective strategy for
      finding information using Google is to:

    type the husband's name in the search box.          

    type both the husband's name and the wife's name.

    use the AND operator between the names.

    enclose the husband's name and the wife's name in double quotes.

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