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Index to War of 1812 Pension Application Files
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This site provides a free index to the War of 1812 pension application files. It is part of the free tutorial Researching Your Revolutionary War Patriot Ancestor
Digitized pension application files for most of the soldiers listed on this page are available for FREE at Fold 3.
We assume no responsibility for the accuracy of the information.
Husband Husband State of Wife Wife Marriage
Last Name First Name Service Residence Maiden Name First Name Date Comments
Aaron Conrad 1793-1859 PA Clarion County, PA Schneider Maria
Aaron John d. 1872 SC Jefferson County, AL Waters Mary 01 Dec 1821
Aaron Thomas 1794-1864 US Inf Nevada County, AR Smith/Symth Susanna V. 19 Mar 1818
Abbey Alanson 1793-1877 NY Steuben County, IN Daggett Lucy 02 Jun 1816
Abbey Charles Huntington 1800-1843 US Inf Yazoo City, MS Shorts Maria (2nd wife) 26 Sep 1830 1st wife Catherine St. Clair
Abbey Daniel d. c1879 VT Orleans County, VT Hackett Hannah 12 Nov 1817 2nd wife Betsy L. Clone
Abbey Jeremiah d. c1882 NY Niagara County, NY Teachout Harriet Jan 1824
Abbey Samuel d. 1883 US Inf Grant County, WI Wooster Anne Jan 1817 2nd wife Mary Baxter
Abbit Thomas b. 1790 OH Andrew County, MO
Abbott Asa d. 1860 MA Oxford County, ME Charles Hannah 06 Apr 1817
Abbott Daniel c1794-1872 ME Oxford County, ME Tripp Sally Jan 1813
Abbott Daniel d. 1814 US Inf Carroll County, NH Hodsdon Hannah
Abbott Daniel b. 1798 US Inf Windsor County, VT
Abbott David 1792-1882 MA Essex County, MA Grant Mary 05 Sep 1833
Abbott David d. 1856 TN Gibson County, TN Cummings Elizabeth 15 Oct 1811
Abbott Dominicus b. 1794 US Inf Carroll County, NH
Abbott Ebenezer 1792-1874 MA Oxford County, ME Farnum Catherine 17 Feb 1820
Abbott Ebenezer 1792-1867 VT Orange County, VT Flint Sally 09 May 1815
Abbott Elisha c1774-1854 OH Clermont County, OH Hawkins Cassandra
Abbott Enos 1795-1867 MA Oxford County, ME Hutchins Polly Elliott 06 Dec 1821
Abbott Ezra 1791-1872 NH Grafton County, NH Lang Mary Ann 2nd wife Mira Parker
Abbott George d. 1814 US Inf Chick Dorcas 23 Jun 1808
Abbott Goodwin W. d. 1856 GA Effingham County, GA Loper Abigail 24 Jun 1819
Abbott Harry/Henry c1796-1880 NY Erie County, NY Potter Margaret 21 Mar 1819
Abbott Isaac d. c1883 MA Oxford County, ME Irish Elizabeth 06 Feb 1821
Abbott Israel B. c1791-c1847 NY Cattaraugus County, NY Lippitt Harty 10 Dec 1833 1st wife Hannah Lane
Abbott James 1794-1874 OH Delaware County, IN Keenan Rose 19 Jun 1823
Abbott Jeremiah d. 1854 OH Clark County, IN Berry Mary A. 02 Oct 1814
Abbott Joel b. 1795 US Inf Huron County, OH
Abbott Joel 1793-1855 US Navy Wheaton Laura died Hong Kong
Abbott John d. 1865 KY Ripley County, IN Mitchell Ellender 25 Dec 1815
Abbott John 1796-c1884 MD Carroll County, MD Zents Margaret 1820
Abbott John c1783-1872 MA Kennebec County, ME Delano Mary 08 Nov 1806
Abbott John 1785-1815 NY Betsy fifer, prisoner of war
Abbott John d. 1821 PA Philadelphia, PA Bailey Mary 28 Jan 1809 seaman on ship "Ontario"
Abbott Joseph Jackson 1789-1855 OH Franklin County, IN Osborn Mary 14 May 1812
Abbott Joshua d. 1880 NY Wyoming County, NY Parsons Caroline 15 May 1831
Abbott Joshua d. 1882 NY Cook County, IL Babcock Eunice 29 Dec 1817
Abbott Josiah c1790-1860 OH Linn County, MO Hollister Anna 29 Oct 1816
Abbott Levi b. 1792 NH Washington County, ME Beaz Martha 05 Sep 1822
Abbott Nathaniel Frye 1783-1855 MA Oxford County, ME Stockbridge Mary "Polly" 23 Feb 1817
Abbott Peter d. 1876 US Inf Somerset County, ME Abbott Abigail 02 Jun 1814
Abbott Pleasant b. 1791 VA Appomattox County, VA Bagby Sally 17 Aug 1811
Abbott Samuel 1790-1872 US Navy Knox County, ME Burgess Abigail spelled Abbot
Abbott Samuel d. 1880 MO Josephine County, OR Hetherly Elizabeth
Abbott Samuel d. 1814 TN Catharine 1802 died in service
Abbott Samuel Moore 1794-1866 MD Gibson County, TN Elam Prudence
Abbott Samuel P. d. 1865 NH Carroll County, NH Wheeler Louisa (2nd wife) Jun 1865 vet died 3 months after marriage
Abbott Shimuel/Shemuel 1790-1873 MA Hancock County, ME Ford Hannah spelled Shimmuel
Abbott Silas b. 1795 US Inf Oxford County, ME Never Married
Abbott Stanislaus b. 1798 US Inf Montcalm County, MI spelled Stanilaus; unmarried
Abbott Stephen b. 1794 MA Essex County, MA Robinson Sally 20 Jan 1859 probably 2nd wife
Abbott Thomas d. 1870 PA Hamilton County, OH Ruth A. 30 Dec 1845
Abbott Thomas d. 1871 VA Halifax County, VA Edmonson Nancy 28 Dec 1830
Abbott William 1795-1879 MA Hancock County, ME Stratton Lydia 02 Mar 1815
Abbott William 1793-1877 MA Somerset County, ME Robinson Patience
Abbott William 1794-1874 NH Merrimac County, NH Fowler Esther (1st wife) d. 1831 2nd wife Nancy D. Campbell
Abbott William c1794-1859 VA Pittsylvania County, VA Owens Temperance 22 Dec 1816
Abbott William T. 1788-1885 MA Essex County, MA
Abee Jacob 1795-1872 NC Burke County, NC Stamey Elizabeth spelled Aber in Footnote
Abel Azel 1792-1880 NY & US Inf Clair County, MI Basney Mary Regina 26 Jul 1821
Abel Henry 1793-1879 VA Jay County, IN Franklin Sarah Ann
Abel John 1791-1831 US Inf Orange County, IN Carey Jane
Abel John b. 1794 NJ Camden County, NJ Wells Elizabeth 01 Jan 1823
Abel Oliver 1789-1880 NY Essex County, NY Post Polly (1st wife) 2nd wife Almina Barnum
Abell Charles 1780-1835 CT Springfield, MA Bates Abigail 20 May 1812
Abell Henry b. 1788 NY New York City, NY Surmardyke Rachel 1816
Abell Simon L. d. c1879 CT New London County, CT Hoxie Susan 01 Jan 1820
Abell Theophilus d. 1833 VT Swanton, VT Abell Minerva 19 Feb 1823
Abell Thomas d. c1838 VA Fauquier County, VA Thomas Frances "Fanny" 28 Dec 1816
Abell William 1788-1870 MA Essex County, NJ Arms Jerusha S. 20 May 1824
Abell Zebediah b. 1793 US Inf Ulster County, NY Beadle Judith Mar 1818 spelled Zebadiah
Aber Eli c1793-1865 NY Montague, NJ Cortright Margaret 14 Aug 1820 spelled Abers
Abercrombie James c1786-1851 US Inf Henry County, IA Cox Jane (1st wife) ca. 1813 2nd wife Cyrene/Syrena Remy
Abercrombie Thomas Benbo d. 1816 PA Christiana 15 Nov 1801
Abernathy Allen 1777-1838 TN Giles County, TN Abernathy Susannah 15 Feb 1812
Abernathy Elisha c1782-1862 VA Giles County, TN Reed/Read Nancy (1st wife) 07 Apr 1809 2nd wife Mary Ann Rebecca Evans
Abernathy James R. 1795-1886 KY Monroe County, MO Winn Jemima 2nd wife Rosanna Davis, 3rd wife Jane Davis
Abernathy Littleton c1794-1856 TN Weakley County, TN Cutbirth/Cuthbert Rachel 06 Feb 1817
Abernathy Raleigh H. c1789-1858 VA Brunswick County, VA Avery Martha T. (1st wife) 2nd wife Susan Peterson
Abernathy Thomas d. 1840 VA Shelby County, TN Warler Martha 07 Jan 1811
Abernathy William 1795-1888 IN Union County, IN Hollingsworth Susannah
Abey Joseph d. 1864 MD Baltimore, MD Forman Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Saffle
Able John c1795-1883 MO Bollinger County, MO Mounts Octavia (1st wife) 2nd wife Lina Virgin
Ableman Christian 1790-1879 NY Albany, NY Potter Jane C. 22 Jul 1823
Abney William 1790-1835 US Inf Gallatin County, IL Bates Amelia
Aborn John 1789-1848 MD South Reading, MA Gould Elizabeth 14 Nov 1820
Abraham Anthony d. 1859 OH Highland County, OH Greathouse Rachel 01 Apr 1811
Abraham Elnathan d. 1861 NY Duanesburgh, NY Strong Anna 16 Mar 1823 alias Elnathan Abrams
Abrahams James 1782-1874 OH Delaware County, OH West Catherine Mar 1813
Abrams Basil 1790-1850 KY Greenup County, KY Lakes Susan Aug 1818 spelled Abrames
Abrams George b. 1790 NY Albany, NY Edwards Elizabeth 03 Aug 1815
Abrams Jonathan d. aft 1871 NY Frontenac County, Canada Elizabeth Sep 1817
Abrams Josiah d. 1846 NY Ontario, Canada Tucker Margaret 04 Jun 1811
Abrams Nathaniel 1790-1857 NY Hempstead, Queens, NY Abrams Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Eliza Boucher Garvey
Abrams Thomas d. c1878 NY Steuben County, NY Hess Betsey
Abshire Abraham b. c1787 LA Vermilion Parish, LA
Abshire John d. 1868 VA Wythe County, VA Blanchard Margaret 25 Dec 1812
Abston Merry Carter 1795-1860 TN Sumner County, TN Douglass Mary Ann 05 Apr 1832
Aby Jonas d. 1849 VA Frederick County, VA Hulett Barbara 28 Jul 1808
Achenbach Jacob d. 1881 PA Wayne County, OH Houser Susannah 16 May 1816
Acheson Humphrey b. 1784 PA Coshocton County, OH
Achor Abraham 1792-1876 VA Daviess County, IN Ellis Nancy Feb 1815
Achord John d. 1879 VA Augusta County, VA McFarland Zedda 08 Jan 1822 possibly John Eckhard
Achorn Michael 1796-1849 MA Knox County, ME Gregory Celinda 29 May 1822
Ackason George 1792-1876 US Inf Cedar County, MO Hybarger Mary 1815
Acker Daniel b. c1790 PA Stark County, OH Clauser Catharine 03 Jan 1819
Acker Daniel b. 1783 US Inf Clinton County, NY
Acker George 1783-1853 NY Cortland County, NY Shumway Clarissa 14 Jan 1813
Acker Joseph b. 1777 TN Shelby County, AL
Acker Samuel d. 1860 NY Wayne County, NY Foskett Lucy 07 Jul 1818
Acker Silas 1791-1866 NY Livingston County, NY McClellan Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth John, 3rd wife Phebe Scott
Ackerly Abraham 1795-1887 NY Delaware County, NY More Sarah "Sally" Dec 1816 spelled Akerly
Ackerly James c1797-1881 NY Suffolk County, NY Moger Sarah 03 Jun 1815
Ackerman Abraham 1791-1873 NY Rockland County, NY DeBaun Maria Jane 23 May 1813
Ackerman Daniel d. 1869 NY Vernon County, WI Wheeler Elizabeth 26 Jul 1808
Ackerman Daniel b. 1786 NY New York City, NY Ackerman Ann 09 Feb 1823
Ackerman Ebenezer P. d. 1871 US Navy St. Louis, MO Taft Ann Mary (1st wife) 15 Oct 1802 2nd wife Abbey Sophia Taft
Ackerman Elisha 1791-c1888 NY Jones County, IA Brundage Betsy 1811
Ackerman John NY Jennings County, IN Neelan Susanna 1831 spelled Acerman
Ackerman Lawrence 1790-1880 NJ Passaic County, NJ Terhune Margaret Hendrick (1st wife) 2nd wife Hannah Young
Ackerman Obadiah 1780-1855 NY Jefferson County, NY Lewis Saloma 17 Jan 1803
Ackerson John D. d. 1866 NY New York, NY Phillips Elizabeth 18 May 1812
Ackerson John T. d. 1828 NJ Sussex County, NJ Storms Elizabeth c1812
Ackert Sybrant 1786-1863 NY Washington County, NY Van den bergh Marytie "Maria"
Ackler Adam 1795-1864 NY Herkimer County, NY Helmer Catherine 10 Jan 1820
Ackler George 1791-1862 NY Herkimer County, NY Bell Elizabeth 30 Jan 1814
Ackler Jacob 1790-1869 NY Herkimer County, NY Bell Catherine 01 Mar 1812
Ackley Ananias 1788-1878 NY Warren County, NY Fuller Sally E. c1819 spelled Akley
Ackley Francis B. b. 1797 NY Wayne County, NY Terry Emily
Ackley Gad 1784-1865 NY Saint Clair County, MI Foote Emma (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary E. Pond
Ackley Henry 1785-1854 NY Tompkins County, NY Tillotson Lydia 08 Jun 1814
Ackley John c1789-1862 NY Queens County, NY Nelson Jane 01 Jan 1812 spelled Akley
Ackley John 1791-1878 NY Fulton County, NY Hill Phebe 11 Jun 1814 spelled Akley
Ackley John d. 1857 NY New York County, NY Morgan Phebe 07 Jul 1821 spelled Akley
Ackley Joseph d. 1849 NY Washington County, NY Bates Nancy Sep 1812
Ackley Justus 1771-1874 NY Oneida County, NY Devoe Catherine Apr 1806
Ackley Samuel c1794-1869 NY Allegany County, NY Lucy (1st wife) 2nd wife Sophrona Tuttle
Ackley Samuel Jacob 1794-1874 NY Yates County, NY King Elizabeth 12 Sep 1816
Ackley Warren 1783-1873 NY Otsego County, NY Tubbs Demarius 28 Feb 1805
Ackley William 1792-1874 MA Oxford County, ME Capen Deborah 21 Mar 1815 spelled Akley
Acock Aquilla R. d. 1836 US Inf Beaufort County, SC Burdick Mary 14 April 1836
Acors William b. 1793 VA Spotsylvania County, VA
Acree Ambrose d. 1867 VA King and Queen County, VA Broaddus Hannah B. (2nd wife) 01 Nov 1853
Acree Leonard d. 1872 VA King William County, VA Fisher Eliza 01 Jan 1821
Acree Nathaniel 1786-1875 GA Crenshaw County, AL O'Neal Elizabeth Ann 10 Jan 1810
Acres George d. 1841 MA Boston, MA Trench Hannah 29 Oct 1818
Acton William d. 1872 OH Ross County, OH Craig Amelia 12 Mar 1811
Adair Hiram 1788-1872 GA Randolph County, GA Jenkins Elizabeth c1816
Adair James d. 1850 SC DeKalb County, AL Sharp Sarah 10 Mar 1828
Adair John d. c1837 PA Lancaster County, PA Oar Mary c1811
Adair John d. 1852 SC Perry County, IL Rebecca (2nd wife) 21 Jan 1841
Adair John 1796-1878 SC Graves County, KY Wilson Margaret W. 27 Jan 1820
Adair Patrick 1780-1865 PA Wayne County, OH
Adair Richard 1788-1866 KY Nicholas County, KY Tarr Mary 13 Jan 1812
Adair Robert d. 1845 NJ Middlesex County, NJ Bishop Eliza 30 Oct 1824
Adair Samuel 1790-1849 OH Madison County, OH Corothers Margaret (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Byers
Adair Whitmill Harrington 1794-1874 GA Paulding County, GA Sorrells Sarah "Sally" (1st wife) 2nd wife Rachel Colbert
Adair William b. 1792 NC McDowell County, NC Asenia
Adam Jean Baptiste d. 1861 LA New Orleans, LA Lamie Julie Aug 1816
Adams Aaron 1796-1879 NY Oneida County, NY Waldo Catherine
Adams Aaron b. c1790 LA Orange County, TX
Adams Aaron 1783-1863 NY Franklin County, IN Cary Sylvia 24 Dec 1809
Adams Aaron L. 1793-1868 TN Macon County, TN Hanes Catherine "Kitty" 11 Feb 1817
Adams Abijah 1783-1863 NY Morrow County, OH Gilson/Cole Submit Jun 1802
Adams Abram B. b. 1792 NH Cook County, IL Jenkins Mary 05 Jul 1860 probably 2nd wife
Adams Adam 1789-1871 ME Sagadahoc County, ME Ridley Ruth (1st wife) 2nd wife Ruth Varnum
Adams Alanson b. 1792 US Inf Fond du Lac County, WI
Adams Amos 1795-1874 US Inf Chatham County, GA Whittington Teletha 04 May 1837
Adams Archibald d. 1861 MD Dorchester County, MD Winters Julianna 29 Jan 1823
Adams Aruna d. 1874 NY Rensselaer County, NY Huntington Sophia 30 Dec 1813
Adams Asa d. 1868 NY Genesee County, NY Merrill Eliza Maria 14 Feb 1822
Adams Asahel 1794-c1879 MA Chelsea, Suffolk County, MA
Adams Asahel 1794-1844 PA Susquehanna County, PA Roe Harriet 16 Sep 1828
Adams Bailey b. 1791 TN Franklin County, IL Jones Jemima Aug 1819
Adams Benjamin d. c1876 US Inf Washington County, VT Hutchinson Susannah 15 Apr 1807
Adams Benjamin d. 1873 DC St. Mary's County, MD Perrie Sarah 18 Feb 1830
Adams Benjamin d. 1883 NH Rockingham County, NH Hoyt Mehitable 21 Jun 1831
Adams Benoni 1785-1876 OH Lorain County, OH Bronson/Twitchell Sally 28 Feb 1813
Adams Berriman c1794-1863 KY Estill County, KY Maupin Cynthia Ann
Adams Burrell B. b. 1795 VA Montgomery County, MO
Adams Charles b. 1795 KY Lewis County, MO Sublett Nancy A. Mar 1829
Adams Charles d. 1866 NY Oneida County, NY Dolloff Sally 06 Jun 1813
Adams Charles b. 1792 SC Polk County, TN Thomas Susan 1808
Adams Chauncey 1794-1875 NY Knox County, IL Benedict Mary 09 Oct 1823
Adams Chester 1788-1865 OH Portage County, OH Stow Lydia 22 Jul 1813
Adams Daniel W. 1785-1849 NY St. Joseph County, MI Keith Esther Cody 30 Jul 1809
Adams David 1780-1862 KY Cooper County, MO Dickson Margaret "Peggy" 17 Dec 1807
Adams David b. 1795 SC Henry County, AL Luminable Maria 1851
Adams David 1802-1886 ME Boothbay, Lincoln County, ME Pinkham Cynthia
Adams David 1798-1853 TN Knox County, TN Calfie Letitia/Tetiria (1st wife) 2nd wife Susan Craft m. 07 Apr 1835
Adams Ebenezer d. 1855 NH Milton, NH Sanborn Betsey 2nd wife Sophia Hanson
Adams Ebenezer 1795-p1878 VT Santa Clara County, CA Smith Eliza 01 Sep 1818
Adams Edward d. 1868 KY Pulaski County, KY Warren Mary Dec 1815
Adams Elias 1793-1874 OH Delaware County, OH Lewis Harriet (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah G. Adams m. 19 Mar 1833
Adams Elias 1792-1886 US Inf Davis County, UT Cadwell Elmira
Adams Elijah 1787-1878 NY McHenry County, IL Oliver Martha "Patty" Oct 1814
Adams Elisha c1792-1881 US Inf Lincoln County, KY Galloway Catherine (1st wife) 2nd wife Cynthia m. 01 Oct 1874
Adams Elisha d. 1883 NJ Decatur County, IN Nancy Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Thompson
Adams Ephraim 1793-1879 NY Livingston County, NY Morey Lavinia M. 29 Oct 1818
Adams Ezekiel 1786-1847 NY Jefferson County, WI Risley Philomela 18 Sep 1815
Adams Francis d. 1832 KY Scott County, KY Branham America 02 Jan 1810
Adams George A. 1793-1856 MD Platte County, MO Waters Deborah 19 May 1825
Adams Gipson 1786-1833 NC Wilkes County, NC Hampton Susanna 15 Aug 1815
Adams Henry b. 1796 NY Middlesex County, NJ Tahash Delia 30 Mar 1817
Adams Henry 1783-1871 NY Jefferson County, NY Ingalls Hannah
Adams Horace 1787-1878 CT Broome County, NY Wilcox Lois 29 Oct 1812
Adams Ichabod 1786-1853 MA Lake County, OH Talcott Mary Polly (2nd wife) 20 Jan 1820 1st wife Polly L. Willis
Adams Ira 1789-1875 MA Dorchester, MA Senter Mary Elizabeth 07 Apr 1822
Adams Ira 1792-1857 US Inf Lewis County, NY Root Arzelia A. 25 Mar 1821
Adams Isaac d. 1868 NC Wilkes County, NC Roberts Cynthia 2nd wife Martha McCall m. 15 Nov 1846
Adams Isaac d. 1847 KY Morgan County, KY Walser Susan
Adams Isaac 1794-1871 MA Cumberland County, ME Smith Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Elvira Allen m. 10 Jan 1847
Adams Isaac b. c1798 NY Putman County, NY Hadden Harriet Feb 1855 probably 2nd wife
Adams Isaac d. 1862 NY Branch County, MI Adams Betsey 10 Jun 1810
Adams Jacob 1782-1851 MD Washington County, MD Barnhizer Sarah (2nd wife) 15 Jun 1817 1st wife Mary Polly Lane
Adams Jacob b. 1789 OH Morgan County, OH Amelia born Worcester County, MD
Adams Jacob Smith 1786-1874 MA Waldo County, ME Rogers Alice 14 Mar 1825 Alice's first husband was Israel Studley
Adams James d. 1871 CT Hartford County, CT Audmus Electa (1st wife) 2nd wife Azubah
Adams James 1796-1890 OH Morgan County, OH Bailey Harriet 05 Oct 1813
Adams James d. 1867 PA Marion County, OH McGibney Margaret 09 Sep 1813
Adams James 1792-1872 PA Butler County, PA Harris Eliza S. 31 Dec 1818
Adams James 1797-p1878 SC Quitman County, GA
Adams James d. 1845 SC Jones County, GA Caldwell Elizabeth 05 Feb 1812
Adams Jephthah Hill 1794-1872 MA Franklin County, ME Green Hannah 19 Nov 1817
Adams Jeremiah b. 1786 VT Windsor County, VT Austin Dorcas 21 Feb 1816
Adams Jesse d. 1872 SC Jefferson County, AL Couch Penelope 08 Mar 1818
Adams Joel C. c1794-1849 NH Newton, MA Fuller Lucinda Otis 26 Oct 1823
Adams John b. 1799 GA Henry County, GA Perry Mary S. Jul 1825
Adams John d. 1839 KY Henry County, KY Rees Patience "Pasha" 24 Aug 1820
Adams John b. 1792 KY Hendricks County, IN formerly of Harrison County, KY
Adams John b. 1795 MA Stark County, IL Pratt Charlotte 06 May 1838
Adams John 1797-1892 NY Onondaga County, NY Joseph Margaret c1811
Adams John 1793-1858 NY Yates County, NY Millington Rebecca 21 Oct 1822
Adams John d. 1829 NY Bridgewater, NY Spink Sophronia 20 Mar 1814
Adams John 1792-1870 NC Johnson County, MO Adams Abigail (1st wife) 04 Feb 1813 2nd wife Margaret "Peggy" Evans m. 1853
Adams John d. 1880 NC Cabell County, WV Adams Jane 2nd wife Sarah Ann m. 1854
Adams John b. 1791 OH Coshocton County, OH Donly Margaret 08 Feb 1818
Adams John 1788-1838 PA Wayne County, OH Fink Elizabeth 21 Apr 1811
Adams John d. 1856 VA Madison County, IL Sparks Mary Jane (2nd wife) 16 Jun 1842
Adams John c1792-c1856 KY Harrison County, KY Sellers Rebecca 13 May 1813
Adams John 1797-1866 KY Fleming County, KY Hayden Sophia 29 May 1817
Adams John d. 1848 PA Mahoning County, OH Fisher Rachel 1807
Adams John d. 1867 PA Pittsburgh, PA Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Rebecca Patterson, 3rd wife Susan B. Biggs
Adams John d. 1850 VA Sussex County, VA Magee Jackey P. 22 Apr 1829
Adams John 1791-1873 TN Macon County, TN Payne Elizabeth Angeline 12 Mar 1818
Adams John d. 1888 VA Williamson County, IL Cundiff Mary 16 Oct 1846 probably 2nd wife
Adams John D. b. 1792 KY Bracken County, KY Fornier Rachel 22 Aug 1818
Adams John Lynch 1779-1849 VA Pittsylvania County, VA Walden Martha 25 Dec 1803
Adams John Quincy 1783-1876 OH Fayette County, OH Harvey Mary Ann "Polly" (1st wife) 2nd wife Cynthia Ann Williams m. 18 Oct 1832
Adams Joseph d. 1871 MA Robinson County, KY Crane Mary H. 06 Jul 1817
Adams Joseph c1782-1837 MA Knox County, ME Hyler Nancy Nov 1807
Adams Joseph 1791-1865 MA Hampshire County, MA Davis Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Luthera B. Wheeler 3rd wife Rebecca C. Edson
Adams Joseph 1786-1855 NY Essex County, NY Collins Orpha 14 Sep 1822
Adams Joseph b. 1799 NY New York City, NY
Adams Josiah 1792-1882 MA Norfolk County, MA Hardwick Sarah Peck 15 Jan 1818
Adams Lemuel b. 1795 CT Fairfield County, CT
Adams Lemuel 1797-1892 TN Gregg County, TX Brewer Elizabeth born Virginia
Adams Levi b. 1791 NJ Sussex County, NJ Rusco Jemima 15 Jan 1813
Adams Luman 1790-1861 NY St. Joseph County, MI Beers Nancy 30 Nov 1818
Adams Martin d. 1827 NC Wake County, NC Powell Alice/Alley 08 Nov 1811
Adams Martin 1797-1889 US Inf Clark County, IN Davis Jane H. 18 Aug 1825
Adams Marvin 1795-1878 CT Kent County, RI Baldwin Almira 20 Apr 1820
Adams Mastin d. 1831 KY Logan County, KY Rutherford Nancy 24 Apr 1813
Adams Moses 1777-1839 MA Hancock County, ME Tuttle Mary L. (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Phillips m. 12 Dec 1831
Adams Moses 1784-1855 NY Westfield, NY Cochran Annis (1st wife) 2nd wife Clarissa Dickson m. 15 Sep 1824
Adams Moses 1786-1828 PA Greensburg, PA Paschal Sarah 20 Oct 1814
Adams Nathan 1794-1857 VT Grand Isle County, VT Hildreth Caroline 09 Sep 1827
Adams Nathaniel b. 1797 KY Macon County, IL
Adams Newell d. 1876 VT Jersey County, IL Parker Sophronia (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary A.
Adams Oliver S. d. 1868 US Inf Ontario County, NY Coleglazer Catherine S. 06 Sep 1813
Adams Osee 1794-1877 MA Franklin County, MA Phinney Mary Catherine 06 Nov 1838
Adams Parker d. 1871 NY Macomb County, MI Prentiss Mary (3rd wife) 08 Oct 1834
Adams Patrick B. d. 1859 MA Belmont County, OH Davis Elizabeth E. 09 Dec 1813
Adams Percival c1783-1865 OH Franklin County, OH Breckenridge Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Brown m. 04 Nov 1847
Adams Perrin 1792-1885 CT Windham County, CT Baldwin Susan
Adams Philip 1783-1874 NY Miami County, OH Travis Phebe 25 Dec 1808
Adams Philip P. d. 1876 NY Brooklyn, NY Sprong Mary 29 Nov 1817
Adams Platt 1792-1887 NY New York City, NY Dudley Clarissa (1st wife) 2nd wife Jennie Eliza Montgomery m. 16 May 1859
Adams Richard b. 1777 US Inf Kennebec County, ME Williams Mehitable Sep 1803
Adams Robert b. 1789 LA Jefferson Parish, LA Adams Mary Apr 1810
Adams Robert d. 1846 MO Adams County, OH Beard Elizabeth (1st wife) 1820 2nd wife Nancy Auxer
Adams Robert b. 1792 PA Allegheny County, PA
Adams Samuel d. 1864 US Inf Piscataquis County, ME Miller Ann 2nd wife Nancy m. 04 Jul 1840
Adams Samuel d. 1875 IN Knox County, IN Wood Sarah "Sally" 06 Apr 1813
Adams Samuel 1792-1848 MD Somerset County, MD Wilson Mary Ann Jun 1825
Adams Samuel 1779-1852 MA Lincoln County, ME McCobb Sarah "Sally" 2nd wife Eleanor Emerson m. 17 Feb 1843
Adams Samuel 1788-1860 NJ Somerset County, NJ Waldron Margaret 09 Jan 1811
Adams Samuel 1781-1843 NY Delaware County, OH Nichols Catherine (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha Ridgeway m. 12 Nov 1835
Adams Samuel 1786-1860 NY Oswego County, NY Dodge Polly 13 Nov 1815
Adams Samuel 1794-1868 PA Venango County, PA McCool Nancy 05 Apr 1821
Adams Samuel b. 1790 VT Windsor County, VT
Adams Samuel 1792-1868 VT Grand Isle County, VT McKinstry Alice 15 Apr 1824
Adams Samuel 1781-1879 MA Norfolk County, MA Bent Mary Ann 10 May 1815
Adams Samuel G. c1793-c1882 MA Cumberland County, ME Hasey Margaret 03 Nov 1817
Adams Samuel P. d. 1876 NY Brooklyn, NY Hedge Elizabeth E. (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth m. 19 Apr 1830
Adams Septimus G. b. 1781 NY Jefferson County, NY
Adams Silas d. 1878 US Inf Cayuga County, NY Lockwood Phebe c1844 probably 2nd wife
Adams Simon Peter 1790-1834 SC Laurens County, SC Abercrombie Elizabeth 09 Aug 1819 listed as Peter Adams
Adams Solomon d. 1855 NJ Atlantic County, NJ Price Sarah Aug 1810
Adams Solomon Jr. 1796-1856 ME Aroostook County, ME Butterfield Sarah 21 Mar 1816
Adams Stephen d. 1872 VT Essex County, VT Bell Rhoda 04 Dec 1814
Adams Thomas 1781-1831 MA Medway, MA Shumway Olive 29 Sep 1803
Adams Thomas d. 1847 NY Onondaga County, NY Casler Betsey 27 Feb 1820
Adams Thomas 1792-1871 PA Cambria County, PA McGuire Bridget Rachel Jul 1820
Adams Thomas d. 1878 VA King George County, VA
Adams Thomas F. 1791-1875 VA Milton County, GA Crawford Ritter (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Jenkins m. 20 Jan 1846
Adams Warren c1790-1835 VA King William County, VA Huxler Mary 08 May 1815
Adams Willard c1785-1837 NY Allegany County, NY Baker Esther 04 Nov 1813
Adams William d. 1874 US Inf Johnson County, TN Fields Ruthy (1st wife) 2nd wife Susannah Crosswhite m. 03 Nov 1872
Adams William 1790-1873 US Inf Webster County, GA Cartledge Jane (1st wife) 2nd wife Louisa A. R. Moore m. 06 Jun 1863
Adams William d. 1847 KY Fayette County, KY Randolph Mary Ann 06 Dec 1815
Adams William b. 1791 KY Cooper County, MO Edgar Nancy 1819
Adams William 1791-1867 KY Adams County, OH Bailey Lucy 26 Nov 1828
Adams William 1769-1813 US Inf Lincoln County, MA Rokes Mary died Sacket's Harbor, Canada
Adams William 1784-1872 NY Cattaraugus County, NY Waite Lucy 22 Jan 1821
Adams William H. 1787-1865 NY Albany, NY Dakin Sophia 19 Jun 1861 probably 2nd wife
Adams Wyatt d. 1876 VA Mecklenburg County, VA Chambliss Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary B. Vaughan m. 06 Jul 1857
Adams Zopher d. 1881 US Inf Warren County, NY Eldridge Sally (1st wife) 2nd wife Francis A. Turner m. 27 Jun 1851
Adamson Frederick 1780-1848 VA Muskingum County, OH Palmer Martha 28 Feb 1809
Adamson George 1791-1879 KY Brown County, OH Frazee Phebe 07 Apr 1815
Adamson Joseph c1792-1836 KY Mason County, KY Rudd Sarah H. 22 May 1817
Adamson Joseph c1792-1846 KY Adams County, OH Young Prudence 28 Apr 1814
Aday John c1794-1856 MS Madison County, AL Brackett/Barcken Harriet (1st wife) 2nd wife Harriet Carmichael m. 18 May 1842
Adcock Harmon b. c1796 TN Rutherford County, TN White Permelia 02 Mar 1821 listed under Barney Adcock TN on Fold3
Adcock Joel J. 1792-1884 VA Calloway County, MO Childup/Childers Elizabeth 19 Jul 1820
Adcock John c1775-1837 GA Harris County, GA Lowe Lydia "Liddy" Aug 1807
Adcock Joseph d. 1865 GA Pikes County, AL Bohanan Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucy Odum m. Mar 1826
Adcock Lawson 1789-1855 VA Carroll County, Ky Gividen Nancy 17 Dec 1817
Adcock Reuben 1797-c1886 AL Goliad County, TX Henderson Margaret
Adcock Tyre c1785-1878 TN Muhlenberg County, KY Holland Mona/Maria 1816
Adcock William 1791-1865 TN Clark County, AR Wadley Jane 20 May 1819
Addison Kendall 1767-1826 VA Northampton County, VA Coward Jane O. 16 Sep 1819
Addison Thomas b. 1795 US Inf Gallatin County, IL Taylor Jane 11 Dec 1815
Addison William d. 1859 VA Northampton County, VA Bayly Caroline I. 23 Jul 1844 probably 2nd wife
Additon Joseph 1786-1859 MA Portland, ME Richmond Reliance 2nd wife Amy W. Hinds m. 01 May 1839
Adelsberger Michael C. 1800-1882 PA Frederick County, MD Gelwicks Maria Louisa
Aden Christopher c1797-p1887 NC Taney County, MO
Aden Simeon Van Winkle 1795-1870 KY Marshall County, MS Williams Jersey (1st wife) 2nd wife Lydia Williams Perkins m. 04 Jun 1844
Adgate Abel 1786-1842 NY Ionia County, MI Porter Polly 01 Jan 1809
Adgate Harry 1799-1878 NY Essex County, NY Olcott Lydia
Adgate Joseph d. 1874 NY Genesee County, NY Blumstock Clarissa 19 Nov 1827
Adier John A. b. 1789 SC Tallapoosa County, AL Bailey Mary 19 Nov 1823
Adkerson James d. 1853 VA Rutherford County, TN Jones Priscilla 1814
Adkerson Thomas 1782-1859 VA Bedford County, VA Hogan Sarah Jane "Sally" 05 Sep 1808
Adkins Augustus d. 1862 NY Oswego County, NY Allen Electa 27 Sep 1812
Adkins Elijah 1791-1845 TN Anderson County, TN Lamar Mary Polly 05 Feb 1818
Adkins Harrison 1792-1852 KY Jasper County, MO Smith Mary Polly 12 Apr 1818
Adkins John IN Jackson County, MO Bailey Margaret 02 Mar 1810
Adkins Levi 1794-1877 TN Anderson County, TN George Elizabeth 22 Jul 1813
Adkins Miner b. 1793 SC Randolph County, AL Jones Pheroba Dec 1815
Adkins Parker 1763-1857 VA Raleigh County, VA Lefon Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Ann Willis m. 05 Mar 1851
Adkins Philip 1791-1864 OH Knox County, IL Mason Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Polly Ann Hall m. 29 May 1846
Adkins Sylvanus d. 1878 NY Berkshire County, MA Olds Amarilla 01 Apr 1859 probably 2nd wife
Adkins Thomas b. 1792 TN Cherokee County, TX Porter Mary 11 Dec 1828 listed as Thomas M. Adkins in Fold3
Adkins William d. 1815 NC Bladen County, NC Willis Mary
Adkins William D. 1799-1869 DE Sussex County, DE Warren Mary c1826
Adkinson Robert 1779-1877 GA Coffee County, AL Lowe Anne/Onnie Oct 1810
Adkisson Absalom 1793-1882 TN Roane County, TN Adkinson Sarah "Sally" 24 Dec 1816
Adkisson David 1797-1890 TN Lawrence County, TN Foushee Drucilla
Adkisson James VA Greenbrier County, WV Dawson Matilda May 1815
Adkisson James d. 1875 TN Morgan County, TN McCabe Catherine 15 Feb 1820
Adkisson Joseph d. 1837 TN Perry County, TN Brashears Elender 13 Apr 1815
Adkisson Thomas d. 1867 TN Laclede County, MO Lambert Lucinda 17 Mar 1827
Adler Christian d. 1867 PA Philadelphia, PA Newman Mary 25 May 1809
Admire Jacob 1790-1872 KY Johnson County, IN Keaton Susan 10 Sep 1811
Adrian David Wilbur 1795-c1882 GA DeKalb County, AL McDonald Sarah Oct 1818
Adrian Fleming Fowler c1786-1871 GA Haralson County, GA McDonald Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Ann Wilkins m. 25 Aug 1870
Adsit Isaac d. 1868 NY Oswego County, NY Carley Tabithy 01 Aug 1806
Adsit Sylvanus d. 1881 NY Oswego County, NY Bronson Hannah 19 Oct 1845 probably 2nd wife
Agan John P. d. 1864 NY Daviess County, IN Hopkins Sarah H. 22 Nov 1824
Agee Ambrose 1790-1872 TN Dent County, MO Lusk Elizabeth 05 Dec 1811
Agee Edmund 1793-1874 TN Owen County, KY Whitman Hannah 05 May 1814
Agee James 1788-1843 TN Campbell County, TN Tudor Elizabeth May 1814
Agee James b. 1783 VA Upshur County, VA
Agee Samuel 1794-1869 VA Cumberland County, VA Anderson Mary M. 08 July 1848 2nd marriage
Agee Thomas J. 1789-1853 VA Buckingham County, VA Wooldridge Elizabeth Hooper 31 Oct 1811 listed as Thomas I. Agee
Agney Laben b. 1798 US Inf Steuben County, NY
Ague George 1791-1875 OH Beaver County, PA Mackey Eleanor 17 Oct 1814
Ague Nathan 1792-1872 OH Mahoning County, OH Mary
Ahl Peter b. c1791 PA York County, PA Stroman Mary 02 Jul 1815
Aiken Daniel b. 1799 MA Caledonia County, VT Tuttle Lucy Ann Sep 1839
Aiken George b. 1788 US Inf Windsor County, VT
Aiken James d. 1865 US Inf Yates County, NY Page Lydia (1st wife) 2nd wife Amy Woodruff, 3rd wife Elizabeth L. French
Aiken John d. 1859 VT Branch County, MI Bryant Phebe 11 Apr 1821
Aiken Nathaniel b. 1797 NH Jefferson County, KS Giles Mary 26 Sep 1816
Aikins John d. 1869 NH Belkap County, NH Berry Rebecca 04 Feb 1813
Ailes Joseph d. c1833 PA Philadelphia, PA Miller Catharine 20 Nov 1811
Ailes Moses H. 1792-1854 VA Shelby County, OH Hoffman Mary Ann 14 Jun 1816
Ailshire John 1789-c1881 OH Ross County, OH Datson Jane 06 Jun 1813
Ailshire William b. 1791 OH Ross County, OH Thomas Mary 10 May 1816
Ainsworth Andrew 1796-1885 US Inf Fountain County, IN Conover Margaret 16 Nov 1816
Ainsworth Joseph 1792-1873 NY Portage County, WI Goodrich Hannah 22 Jan 1817
Ainsworth Luther 1795-1875 MA Green County, WI Pitkin Mary Ann 26 Feb 1841 probably 2nd wife
Ainsworth Walter G. d. 1871 NY Orleans County, NY Powers Lucinda 04 Dec 1814
Ainsworth Welcome 1780-1870 US Inf Washington County, VT Abbott Mary Polly 1814
Ainsworth William 1790-p1878 NY Warren County, NY
Aires Israel b. 1793 US Inf Broome County, NY White Hannah 14 Apr 1819
Airs Isaac d. 1876 US Inf Ionia County, MI Mary Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Myrtilla Bacon m. 20 May 1845
Aisenhour Henry d. 1874 PA Henry County, IN Wolf Susan (1st wife) 2nd wife Mariah Null, 3rd wife Nancy Ann Gibeng m. 1833
Akens Joseph 1794-1874 GA Heard County, GA Ray Mary L. (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary D. Walker m. 09 Nov 1824
Aker Abraham 1796-c1874 NY Onondaga County, NY Manrose Mehitable 15 Oct 1821
Aker Andrew 1783-1857 OH Knox County, OH Hall Mary 14 Aug 1814
Akerly Abram b. c1793 NY Westchester County, NY Caldwell Elizabeth Feb 1815
Akers Henry 1793-1872 US Inf Hampshire County, MA Hunt Achsah Jun 1821
Akers John 1794-1840 KY Estill County, KY McGuire Martha "Patsy" 15 Aug 1816
Akers Larkin Nicholson c1792-1865 KY Muhlenberg County, KY Harrison Sarah
Akers Robert 1798-1854 VA Lawrence County, KY Hollingsworth Rebecca 18 Dec 1813
Akers Uriah 1787-1875 TN Scott County, IL Brown Millicent "Milly" 01 Oct 1807
Akin George 1782-1863 OH Tuscarawas County, OH Patton Martha 12 Sep 1816
Akin James b. 1794 GA Tippah County, MS Mary 1816
Akin James 1795-1849 NY Rensselaer County, NY Gifford Hannah 26 Feb 1815
Akin John c1791-p1879 GA Hunt County, TX Gober Martha M.
Akin John 1787-1885 MA Bristol County, MA Hammond Lucy 16 Jun 1814
Akin John Howard 1792-1831 NY Rensselaer County, NY Parish Ann Alinda 10 Feb 1815
Akin William 1792-1875 NY St. Lawrence County, NY Henion Catherine (1st wife)
Akin William d. 1824 KY Frederickstown, MD Perkins Nancy W. 03 Jan 1813
Akins John Thomas 1796-1868 SC Cherokee County, AL Stewart Rebecca 20 Aug 1814
Akins Joseph 1794-1874 GA Heard County, GA Walker Mary D. (2nd wife) 09 Nov 1824 spelled Akens 1st wife Mary L. Ray
Akins William 1791-1866 SC Bradley County, AR Chastain Violet 07 Aug 1811
Akins William 1788-1878 US Inf Winston County, AL Quartermus Mary 19 Mar 1819
Akridge Simeon d. 1860 GA Fulton County, GA Hagan Catherine 13 Jan 1820
Alabaugh Jacob 1797-1878 MD Greene County, IL Robinson Elizabeth 26 Aug 1819 spelled Aulabaugh
Alban Zachariah d. 1887 MD Baltimore County, MD Ensor Frances
Albaugh Henry d. 1870 PA Morrow County, OH Ealy Rebecca Carson 25 Nov 1836 spelled Albough on Fold3
Albaugh Solomon 1791-1863 OH Carroll County, OH McKissen Priscilla (1st wife) 2nd wife Catharine Slates Shearer m. 02 Feb 1845
Albaugh William H. d. 1873 MD Frederick County, MD
Albee Ahaz 1782-1861 NY Clinton County, NY Johnson Polly 05 Jul 1805 spelled Albey
Albee David d. 1825 US Inf Boston, MA Walker Nancy 20 Mar 1809
Albee John 1789-1860 CT Worcester County, MA Childs Lavinia 22 Oct 1815
Albee Samuel 1789-1853 MA Erie County, NY Eckler Christina 24 May 1821
Albee Timothy Johnson 1792-1874 NH Orange County, VT Ware Fanny (1st wife) 2nd wife Clarissa Colton Morey m. 24 Jun 1828
Albee William c1790-1865 ME Hancock County, ME Lee Abigail 08 Oct 1808 spelled Abby
Albee William c1790-1865 MA Hancock County, ME Lee Abigail 08 Oct 1808
Alben Samuel d. 1871 US Inf Cumberland County, NJ Brick Mary 03 Aug 1809
Albert George d. 1872 PA Luzerne County, PA Braden Mary 15 Oct 1822
Albert Isaac d. c1879 PA Northampton County, PA Fell Margaret Mar 1810
Albert John d. 1870 NY Erie County, PA Salsbury Mercy 30 Jan 1814
Albert John d. 1861 OH Coshocton County, OH Gutshall Catharine 13 Apr 1804
Albert Joseph Sylvaneus 1801-1852 US Navy Boston, MA Crispin Charlotte K. 14 Nov 1826
Albert Thomas 1796-1876 GA Marshall County, AL Sappington Sarah 12 Mar 1824
Albertson Garret 1791-1875 NJ Wayne County, IA Strickland Mary
Albertson Jacob d. 1867 NY Atlantic County, NJ Sarah 05 Jan 1814
Albertson John 1794-1868 PA Holmes County, OH Bell Nancy 25 Oct 1818
Albertson John 1787-1849 US Navy New York, NY Beebe Harriet Maria 10 Jan 1815
Albertson Joseph d. 1875 NY New York, NY Martha
Albertson Joshua 1789-c1885 AL Washington County, IN Crockett Catherine 1857
Alberty John 1793-1873 NC Washington County, AR Wright Mary 10 Sep 1814
Albin George 1790-1872 OH Clark County, OH Crawford Lavinia (previous wife) last wife Mary Martin Barr m. 01 May 1853
Albin Joseph 1794-1863 IN Putnam County, IN Sheeks Rosannah 29 Apr 1824
Albin Joshua Carman 1794-1873 IN Livingston County, LA Abney Druscilla Lane 22 Jan 1816
Albin Nathan 1797-1876 NY Fairfield County, CT Smith Maria 02 Jul 1864 probably 2nd wife
Albin Samuel 1787-1841 OH Clark County, OH Adams Mary "Polly" 13 Mar 1828
Albion Joel d. 1862 US Inf Suffolk County, NY Albin Permelia 04 May 1813
Albray John 1792-1871 CT Tolland County, CT Cushman Sarah Fearing
Albright David 1785-1858 VA Preston County, VA Miller Susannah 18 May 1808
Albright Jacob d. 1856 PA Lancaster County, PA Ann 25 Nov 1847 probably 2nd wife
Albright John 1788-1882 VA Shenandoah County, VA Lindamood Christina 01 Oct 1839
Albright John G. 1799-1872 PA Perry County, PA Bitner Susan 22 Apr 1824
Albright Joseph 1794-1876 NC Randolph County, NC Whitsett Nancy 07 May 1818
Albright Robert d. 1856 NJ Morris County, NC Goltra/Goltrey Susan 19 Feb 1814
Albritton Richard 1788-1876 LA Lincoln County, MS Richardson Nancy 14 Dec 1809
Albro James 1774-1831 RI Newport, RI Gladding Rhoda 23 Nov 1797
Albro Job L. b. 1796 NY Clinton County, IL Hendricks Catharine 1847 listed as Joel L. Albro
Albro Samuel C. 1791-1869 NY Monroe County, NY
Alburger Philip 1792-1879 PA Philadelphia, PA Lamar Rebecca Sep 1855 probably 2nd wife
Alcott Jedediah G. 1793-1872 CT New Haven County, CT Roper Sophia (1st wife) 2nd wife Mercy G. Gaylord m. 11 Oct 1847
Alcott Josiah d. 1842 OH Logan County, OH Boggs Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah M. Thompson m. 30 Oct 1828
Alden Asa b. 1794 MA Washington County, VT Snow Avis H. 29 Oct 1822
Alden Benjamin 1791-1871 MA Androscoggin County, ME Hood Mary Polly 19 Sep 1813
Alden Briggs d. 1891 NY Adair County, IA King Maria (1st wife) 2nd wife Lydia Harrington, 3rd wife Susan Russell
Alden Cyrus 1783-1877 MA Androscoggin County, ME Leavitt Charlotte 19 Mar 1850 probably 2nd wife
Alden Daniel 1796-c1879 MA Plymouth County, MA
Alden Daniel 1791-1879 MA Norfolk County, MA Southworth Eunice (1st wife) 2nd wife Olive Tucker, 3rd wife Abigail Marsh, 4th Grace S.
Alden Earl 1778-1864 MA Plymouth County, MA Nelson Mercy (1st wife) 2nd wife Catherine A. Armstrong m. 31 Mar 1858
Alden Ebenezer 1794-1876 MA Bristol County, MA Pope Mary
Alden Elijah 1790-1888 MA Plymouth County, MA Robinson Lucinda P. (1st wife) 2nd wife Eliza m. 16 Dec 1858
Alder Latimer b. 1784 VA Belmont County, OH
Alderman Frederick d. 1875 OH Ashtabula County, OH Burgess Ann 04 Jul 1818
Alderman Jesse McKenzie 1790-1871 OH Ashtabula County, OH Cook Lura 16 Oct 1817
Alderman Joel d. 1872 US Navy Philadelphia, PA Garrison Sarah 1813
Alderman Orson A. 1792-1870 CT Boone County, IL Harmon Hannah 11 Feb 1812
Alderson John 1779-1855 VA Monroe County, VA Johnson Nancy 08 Jul 1826
Alderson Richard d. 1857 VA Graves County, KY Crafton Elizabeth (1st wife) spelled Allison 2nd wife Mary Mullins m. Feb 1830
Alderson Thomas 1795-1866 VA Cumberland County, VA Oakley Martha Nov 1820
Aldredge Nathan 1789-1865 GA Russell County, AL Hanson Alizannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Mrs. Eleanor J. Crowder m 30 Jul 1856
Aldrich Adolphus d. 1867 NY Monroe County, NY Van Duzer Jane 25 Jun 1812
Aldrich Anthony b. 1790 NY Sullivan County, NY Sheeley Rebecca 15 Oct 1821
Aldrich Benjamin d. 1860 NY Jefferson County, NY Clark Mary 10 Jan 1809
Aldrich Benjamin d. 1844 NY Allegany County, NY Ballard Minerva 24 Apr 1831 spelled Aldridge
Aldrich Calvin d. c1880 US Inf Oneida County, NY Pittman Celinda Sep 1832
Aldrich Horace d. 1878 NY Du Page County, IL Rogers Julia 09 Aug 1818
Aldrich Hosea 1793-1881 MA Franklin County, MA Park Betsey (1st wife)
Aldrich Howell 1793-1847 NY Suffolk County, NY Haines Emeline 12 Dec 1818
Aldrich Ira 1787-1845 US Inf Baldwin County, GA Holbrook Anna A. 25 Mar 1810
Aldrich Jedediah d. 1867 NY Hancock County, VT Wiggins Eliza D. 10 Nov 1814
Aldrich Leander b. 1792 NY Johnston County, RI Benson Mary 09 Sep 1830
Aldrich Moses 1794-1881 NH Washington County, VT Goddard Abigail 16 Feb 1820
Aldrich Obed 1795-1875 NY Livingston County, NY Potter Melintha 13 May 1817
Aldrich Oliver d. 1871 NY Oswego County, NY Killam Clarinda 10 Nov 1825
Aldrich Philip d. 1858 NY Pierce County, WI Carter Phebe Mar 1813
Aldrich Samuel 1793-1873 NY Chenango County, NY Keith Rebecca (1st wife) 2nd wife Miriam Keith, 3rd wife Ann Celia Child m. 10 Mar 1846
Aldridge David 1790-1877 KY Vermilion County, IN Davis Rebecca (1st wife) 2nd wife Julia A. Van Duzan m. 25 Oct 1868
Aldridge John 1795-1874 OH Jackson County, OH Oldfield Harriett 19 Apr 1817
Aldridge Nathaniel d. 1846 TN Williamson County, TN Plummer Nancy Jul 1812
Aldridge Thomas d. 1860 USMC Stokes County, NC Ply Mary 18 Oct 1820
Ale Jonathan 1791-1866 NJ Salem County, NJ Keen Lydia (1st wife) 2nd wife Rebecca Turner m. 09 Sep 1854
Ale Josiah 1782-1875 NJ Salem County, NJ Keeper Rachel 01 Jun 1813
Alendorph Henry b. 1797 US Inf Rensselaer County, NY Nash Betsey M. 06 Nov 1822
Aler Martin d. 1862 MD Baltimore, MD Rhodes Ann 23 Dec 1821
Aleshire Ephraim 1792-1863 OH Hancock County, IL Williams Elizabeth 08 Jul 1813
Aleshire George 1788-1863 VA Page County, VA Turner Litha Jan 1838 spelled Aleshite
Aleshire Henry P. 1792-1868 VA Cumberland County, IL Burner Priscilla (1st wife) 2nd wife Rebecca R. Mauck m. 10 Dec 1829
Aleshire Jacob 1788-1877 VA Mason County, WV Van Sickles Sarah Jan 1825
Alewine Daniel 1793-1880 SC Claiborne County, AL Cockrell Lettis F. (1st wife) 2nd wife Frances Cook Baughn m. 11 Jun 1870
Alexander Aaron Hogue 1792-1858 KY Mercer County, KY McMurtry Nancy C. 27 Mar 1822
Alexander Ambrose d. 1849 NH Washington County, VT Keyes Elizabeth Sep 1818
Alexander Amos c1781-1846 KY Miami County, OH Sarah 2nd wife Mary Hall m. 18 May 1831
Alexander Andrew 1788-1877 NY Wayne County, MI Knickerbocker Amanda 06 Apr 1816
Alexander Archibald d. 1869 NY Warren County, OH Webster Elizabeth 20 Feb 1817
Alexander Dicks d. 1875 US Inf Hawkins County, TN Graham Sarah Ann 26 Mar 1828
Alexander Ezekiel 1791-1881 NH Sullivan County, NH Leavitt Mary 09 Feb 1820
Alexander Francis d. 1859 PA Venango County, PA Girl Rachel (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane Nelson m. Aug 1839
Alexander James 1792-1875 CT Fayette County, OH Myers Harriet (1st wife) 2nd wife Susan L. Wells m. 04 Apr 1836
Alexander James b. 1795 MA Waldo County, ME Sargent Judith 20 Jun 1822
Alexander James 1780-1854 OH Franklin County, OH Sprague Delilah Clark 03 Jun 1814
Alexander James 1793-1850 PA Center County, PA Lewis Ann 27 Nov 1821
Alexander James 1789-1860 SC Spartanburg County, SC Calvin Mary (1st marriage) 2nd marriage Mary Reynolds m. 25 Jan 1821
Alexander James 1794-1878 TN Bedford County, TN Vincent Temperance (1st marriage) 2nd marriage Elizabeth Cooper m. 07 Dec 1837
Alexander James d. 1840 TN Smith County, TN Hoover Elizabeth 27 Dec 1811
Alexander James c1791-1854 VA Monroe County, VA Ruddell Ingabo B. 22 Oct 1817
Alexander James A. d. 1860 NY Kenton County, KY Lowry Catharine A. 21 Oct 1823
Alexander James Borden 1796-1862 GA Whitfield County, GA Dean Candace 19 Dec 1826
Alexander James M. 1790-1852 KY Allen County, KY Cole Prudence (1st wife) 2nd marriage Martha Simmons m. 24 Sep 1846
Alexander John d. 1872 KY Boone County, IN Sprake Sarah Mar 1837
Alexander John c1785-1846 ME Sagadahoc County, ME Jordan Mary 02 Jan 1812
Alexander John 1780-1855 OH Johnson County, IN Jones/Stewart Elizabeth
Alexander John b. 1795 OH Augusta County, VA Long Catharine T. 1829
Alexander John b. 1790 PA Beaver County, PA
Alexander John b. 1776 PA Monongalia County, VA born Somerset County, PA
Alexander John d. 1871 TN Hamilton County, TN Sweet Jemima (2nd wife) 3rd wife Clementine m. 13 Apr 1868
Alexander John d. 1845 US Inf Preston County, VA Morton Edith 07 Apr 1819 son of Thomas Alexander
Alexander Jordan 1793-1868 AL Bowie County, TX Rogers Rebecca 26 Nov 1816
Alexander Joseph d. 1852 US Inf Kosciusko County, IN Miller Eleanor (2nd wife) 02 May 1830
Alexander Joseph d. 1832 KY Montgomery County, KY Mounce Patsey 10 Aug 1812
Alexander Joseph d. 1850 MA Kennebec County, ME Gardiner Eliza 24 Dec 1815
Alexander Joseph 1791-1873 OH Montgomery County, IN Armstrong Elizabeth 03 Mar 1814
Alexander Joseph d. 1825 PA Philadelphia, PA Street Lydia 13 Aug 1813
Alexander Osmond d. 1840 NC Cabarrus County, NC Rogers Cynthia 22 Dec 1825
Alexander Reuben d. 1876 NC Orange County, IN Robbins Miriam 27 Dec 1849 probably 2nd wife
Alexander Robert 1795-1856 MD Harrison County, OH Carothers Elizabeth McConnell 01 Dec 1834
Alexander Robert M. c1785-1836 SC Greenville County, SC Seaborn Mary Polly 18 Aug 1812
Alexander Samuel b. 1787 MA Franklin County, MA Field Elvira 31 Dec 1814
Alexander Samuel 1789-1873 PA Harrison County, PA Lipsey Margaret 15 Jan 1856 probably 2nd wife
Alexander Samuel 1794-1880 TN Warren County, TN Perkins Margaret 27 Sep 1827
Alexander Silas 1791-1872 TN Cannon County, TN Graham Esther (1st wife) 2nd wife Sophia Spangler m. 17 Dec 1838
Alexander Thomas d. 1831 DE Kent County, DE Carter Martha 01 Mar 1827
Alexander Thomas d. 1855 PA Butler County, PA Updegraff Elizabeth (2nd wife) 02 Jul 1832
Alexander Thomas 1796-1855 SC Oconee County, SC Wood Jane 29 Jan 1818
Alexander Thomas H. 1795-1878 TN DeKalb County, TN Vanatta Abigail 15 Oct 1815
Alexander Valentine d. 1871 MD Allegany County, MD Burger Rebecca (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Cross m. 30 Aug 1824
Alexander William d. 1821 US Inf New York, NY Fritts/Fritz Christina 10 Jun 1800
Alexander William d. 1866 US Inf Clark County, IL Price Catharine (1st wife) 2nd wife Rebecca B. Higgins m. 11 Jul 1859
Alexander William 1793-1871 KY Greene County, IN Dunn Martha Long 20 Jan 1814
Alexander William d. 1837 OH Preble County, OH Westco Mary Magdalina 24 Apr 1816
Alexander William 1795-1886 PA Logan County, OH McGee Elizabeth 10 Mar 1818
Alexander William d. 1870 PA Cumberland County, PA Lightcap Mary 01 Nov 1825
Alexander William 1778-1854 VA Rockingham County, VA Bevans Ann 05 Jan 1803
Alexander William d. 1839 VA Hanover County, VA Parsley Mary 27 Jul 1825
Alexander William Y. d. 1815 KY Bourbon County, KY Kohlhass Mary Dec 1808
Alexander Wright b. 1795 GA Nassau County, FL Bacon Rebecca
Alford Ammi d. 1862 NY Lamoille County, VT White Clarissa 31 Oct 1831
Alford Edwin 1792-1878 LA Pike County, MS Smith Martha 20 Dec 1818
Alford Eli or Elias 1795-c1883 NC Franklin County, NC Mitchell Elizabeth Feb 1821 spelled Eli
Alford Elijah b. 1791 NY Wayne County, MI Maychamer Sarah 28 Jan 1816
Alford Fielding d. 1854 PA Fairfield County, OH Hemphill Mary 13 Sep 1814
Alford Gilbert 1790-1873 NC Wake County, NC Barham Sally 05 Jan 1815
Alford Jesse 1793-1873 KY Garrard County, KY Robinson Lucinda 20 Jun 1817
Alford John d. 1836/37 US Inf Branch County, MI Rapp Clarissa 1815 listed as John W. Alfred
Alford Lee b. 1793 TN Davidson County, TN Key Elizabeth May 1816
Alford Oliver b. 1795 US Inf Lorain County, OH
Alford Riley d. 1875 NC Ashe County, NC Gray Sabry 05 Jul 1851 probably 2nd wife
Alford Roswell 1793-c1879 NY Seneca County, OH Norcross Charlotte 25 Dec 1818
Alford William 1792-1882 NC Putnam County, GA Gay Mason (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane Kinnon, 3rd wife Rebecca V. Thornton
Alfriend Abram c1781-1836 GA Hancock County, GA Hall Sarah Hazzard 19 Nov 1836
Alger David d. 1847 NY Steuben County, NY Badgrow Catharine 06 Feb 1814
Alger Howard 1793-1852 MA Norfolk County, MA Alden Eunice 05 Sep 1825
Alger James d. 1868 NY Columbia County, NY Carpenter Phebe 22 Nov 1820
Alger James d. 1863 RI Newport, RI Maxon Mary G. 08 Dec 1806
Alger Joseph 1794-1868 NY Erie County, NY Fosdick Prudence (1st wife) 2nd wife Almira Pierce m. 10 Feb 1850
Alger Nathaniel c1782-1882 NY Dane County, WI Jones Mary listed on Fold3 under Blank
Alger Nicholas c1793-1875 RI Newport, RI Peckham Henrietta 16 Jul 1815
Alger Reuben Leonard 1800-1865 NY Lewis County, NY Minor Clarissa 14 Apr 1824 spelled Aulgar
Alger Samuel 1786-1874 NY Iron County, UT Hancock Clarissa 25 Jan 1808
Alger Seth d. 1870 VA Henry County, IN Coonrod Sally (1st wife) 2nd wife Rosanna Fifer m. 01 Apr 1845
Aliff James c1784-1870 VA Harrison County, MO White Nancy 09 Sep 1813
Alison Joseph W. d. 1865 KY Ripley County, IN Jackson Frances 2nd wife Jane M. Kephart m. 08 Nov 1849
Alkire David 1782-1867 VA Braxton County, WV Bennett Rachel 13 Jun 1812
Alkire John Harrison 1797-1875 OH Vigo County, IN Skiles Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Susannah Skiles, 3rd wife Mary Lister m. 12 Oct 1859
Alkire John Michael 1793-1853 OH Pickaway County, OH Halstead Catherine 07 Nov 1819
Allard Henry 1792-1877 US Inf Cedar County, IA Fall Betsy 15 Oct 1817
Allard Joseph 1795-1878 MI Macomb County, MI Trimble Madeline 20 Oct 1818
Allbright Frederick 1787-1854 VA Montgomery County, IN Ornbaum Elizabeth 26 Mar 1812
Allcock Ira c1797-1882 VA Bedford County, VA Johnson Phoebe (1st wife) 23 Oct 1823 2nd wife Frances J. Whittington m. 24 Jun 1841
Allday Richard b. 1796 GA Clark County, MS Rice Rebecca Aug 1828
Alldredge Enoch 1790-1852 TN Carroll County, IN Larue Elizabeth 13 Aug 1840
Allee Isaac Reed 1788-1872 OH Henry County, IN Parkhurst Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Ann Parkhurst m. 15 Jun 1841
Alleman Jacob b. 1795 PA Lebanon County, PA spelled Allaman
Allemong Casper 1790-1871 VA Frederick County, VA Dick Christina 27 Jan 1818 spelled Allimong
Allen Aaron 1796-1859 MI Jefferson County, WI Gould Eliza 20 Jan 1821
Allen Abial d. 1823 NY Delaware County, NY Wagar Elizabeth 10 Apr 1812
Allen Abraham d. 1853 US Inf Essex County, NY Bacon Hannah F. 10 May 1816
Allen Abraham A. 1791-1872 MA Bristol County, MA Wordell Amy 02 May 1810
Allen Abraham M. 1791-1853 ME Washington County, ME Worcester Mary W. 09 Jul 1812 filed under Maryland in Fold3
Allen Aldridge 1795-1875 NY Lorain County, OH Bromley Lovina (2nd wife)
Allen Amos 1797-1859 MA Washington County, ME Sawyer Catharine S. 10 Jan 1821
Allen Andrew 1794-c1883 NY Chenango County, NY Montgomery Nancy 1825
Allen Andrew M. d. 1874 MA Plymouth County, MA Dexter Cynthia 09 Sep 1823
Allen Ansel 1789-1858 MA Somerset County, ME Sanders Sarah 05 Mar 1818
Allen Archibald 1795-1875 VA Calloway County, MO Calbreath Anne J. (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Hamilton, 3rd wife Margaret m. 05 Mar 1875
Allen Asa W. d. 1861 NY Oneida County, NY Giles Susanna Mar 1814 listed under US in Fold3
Allen Asa Witter 1795-1885 CT Columbiana County, OH Hopkins Sophia 25 Dec 1818
Allen Barnabas b. c1785 CT Fairfield County, CT
Allen Benajah 1785-1856 NY Rensselaer County, NY Scriven Zipporah (1st wife) 2nd wife Deborah Stewart m. 27 Jul 1834
Allen Benjamin b. 1796 IL Montgomery County, IL Burnside Jane 21 Jun 1822
Allen Benjamin c1790-1867 NC Rockingham County, NC Brooks Sidney 20 Oct 1812
Allen Benjamin 1795-c1887 MA Androscoggin County, ME Bray Elizabeth "Betsey" 04 Jan 1818
Allen Benjamin 1784-1857 NY Farmington, WI Taylor Polly 16 May 1812
Allen Benjamin 1792-1878 NY Clinton County, NY Signor Hannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Mariah Perry, 3rd wife Sabry Philips m. 01 May 1836
Allen Benjamin 1792-1891 TN Greene County, IL Taylor Susan Oct 1815
Allen Benjamin b. 1795 VA Culpeper County, VA
Allen Benjamin Franklin 1788-1866 OH Knox County, IL Burnap Sarah C. (1st wife) 2nd wife Elmyra Messenger, 3rd wife Mary Walters m. 02 Oct 1848
Allen Charles b. 1800 GA Clarke County, GA Lee Elizabeth 26 Dec 1826 born Watkinsville, Clarke County, GA
Allen Charles 1784-1868 TN Giles County, TN Gill Elizabeth 07 Jun 1808 Bible record in file
Allen Charles J. 1795-1882 MA New Haven County, CT
Allen Clark 1769-1851 NY Jefferson County, NY Thompson Martha
Allen Clothier 1796-1876 MA Plymouth County, MA Winslow Maria 25 Jun 1835
Allen Coleman A. 1792-1856 GA Fayette County, GA Harris Matilda W. 06 Mar 1831
Allen Daniel 1797-1869 LA Rankin County, MS Wells Sinah (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary MacNamee Gaston m. 05 Jan 1840
Allen Daniel d. 1866 MA Ontario County, NY Gerald Lucy (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucinda Cromwell
Allen Daniel 1794-1874 NH Cheshire County, NH Wilber Deidamia 30 Dec 1816
Allen Daniel P. 1798-1890 MA Lenawee County, MI Shepherd Anna 27 Jan 1823
Allen Darling b. 1791 VA Fayette County, TN Maddox Caroline 24 Dec 1817
Allen David d. 1871 US Inf Crawford County, PA Marsh Wealthy (1st wife) 10 Aug 1825 2nd wife Isabella Davis
Allen David 1794-1869 KY Scotland County, MO Winston Sibellen/Sabella (1st wife) 2nd wife Eliza B. Huston m. 19 Aug 1835
Allen David b. 1796 MA Hancock County, ME
Allen David d. 1873 MA Androscoggin County, ME Farwell Mehitable (1st wife) 2nd wife Ruth m. 07 May 1860
Allen David d. 1875 NY Oakland County, MI Rowell Abigail 03 Nov 1825
Allen David d. 1837 TN Walker County, AL Johnson Frances 26 Dec 1813
Allen David d. 1814 LA New Orleans, LA Vice Anna 15 May 1799 She married 2nd William Wright
Allen Davis d. 1859 VA Nottoway County, VA Fliffin Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Raine, 3rd wife Lucy Foster m. 10 Feb 1848
Allen Duke 1790-1882 US Inf Jackson County, TN Langford Sarah "Sally" 01 Nov 1820
Allen E. B. b. 1797 GA Copiah County, MS alias William Allen in Elbert County, GA
Allen Ebenezer d. c1881 ME Penobscot County, ME Ellis Thankful 16 Oct 1817
Allen Edmund 1781-1868 MA Oxford County, ME Byrant Ruth (1st wife) 2nd wife Hannah Buck m. 14 Jan 1846
Allen Edmund 1788-1874 NY St. Lawrence County, NY Lewis Betsey Jun 1853 probably 2nd wife
Allen Edward Chambers 1783-1829 VA Granville County, NC Brent Julia A. 19 Dec 1807
Allen Edward D. d. 1866 US Inf Lorain County, OH Crapoo Betsey 1816
Allen Eliab 1794-1880 MA Middlesex County, MA Jones Hannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Persis m. 09 Nov 1835
Allen Eliakim d. 1875 VT Waterbury, VT Godfrey Deborah (1st wife) 01 May 1808 2nd wife Achsah Kingsley m. 21 Jan 1858
Allen Elijah 1793-1875 NY Fairfield County, CT Foster Sophia (1st wife) 19 Nov 1824 2nd wife Clarissa Benedict m. 22 Jun 1833
Allen Eliphalet c1782-1865 MA Fairfield, ME Bowerman Meribah 18 Mar 1818
Allen Eliphalet b. 1789 NY Muskegon County, MI
Allen Elisha b. c1797 ME Cumberland County, ME
Allen Elisha d. 1849 NY Utica, NY Cole Aurelia 28 Sep 1817
Allen Enoch 1788-1872 NY Cuyahoga County, OH Hart Anna 09 Jul 1815
Allen Erastus 1789-1873 NY Schoharie County, NY Whitney Esther 26 Jun 1808
Allen Ethan d. 1867 MA Bristol County, MA Burr Lydia Child 02 Jan 1837
Allen Ethan d. 1836 NY Ulster County, NY Hudler Mary 24 May 1813
Allen Ezekiel d. 1837 NY Macomb County, MI Russell Lavenia 02 Dec 1821
Allen Ezra 1787-1862 NY Schoharie County, NY Denton Almira 12 Jan 1813
Allen Francis F. 1792-1854 NH Macomb County, MI Cheney Rebecca
Allen Frederick P. d. 1878 NY Franklin County, NY Winants Clarissa 31 Oct 1820
Allen Freeman 1798-1877 MA Frankin County, ME Goodwin Martha Nason (1st wife) 2nd wife Malinda Atkinson m. 17 Mar 1857
Allen George 1789-c1881 MA Lincoln County, ME born Dresden, Lincoln County, ME
Allen George b. 1793 US Inf Bureau County, IL Gibbs Polly 25 May 1818
Allen George c1777-1831 US Inf Oneida County, NY born Perth, Scotland
Allen George 1787-1855 SC Walker County, AL Crawford Mary 14 Oct 1807
Allen George 1794-1862 VA Caroline County, VA Boulware Maria E. 25 Sep 1817
Allen George H. d. 1876 NH Madison County, NY Eunice (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Ann Hurd, 3rd wife Miranda Babcock m. 24 Jan 1864
Allen George Hunt 1780-1874 TN Marshall County, TN Ogilvie Mary "Polly" 29 Mar 1804
Allen George Russell 1794-1894 NY Lawrence County, NY Pemberton Susan (2nd wife) 05 Nov 1834
Allen Greenberry b. 1788 GA Coosa County, AL Barnes Zilpha 07 Feb 1809
Allen Guilford 1792-1881 CT Ashtabula County, OH Case Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Ann Remington m. 10 Sep 1846
Allen Hannibal Montresor 1787-1813 US Inf Norfolk, VA Low Agnes Bodine 07 Sep 1808
Allen Harry d. 1849 NY Washington County, NY Robertson Christiana 25 Dec 1833
Allen Harvey 1789-1868 CT Bureau County, IL Adams Luceba 12 Sep 1812
Allen Henry 1794-1877 GA Paulding County, GA Colbert Elizabeth 13 Nov 1816
Allen Henry 1793-1871 MA Suffolk County, MA Crosby Frances (1st wife) 2nd wife Hannah Dodge m. 06 Oct 1849
Allen Henry 1794-1880 OH Douglas County, OR Quick Sarah 08 Sep 1825
Allen Hezekiah d. 1875 NY Jefferson County, NY Grinnell Roxanna 04 Jan 1822
Allen Hiram c1799-1879 US Inf Elkhart County, IN Ritter Polly
Allen Hiram McGinnis 1794-1884 TN Overton County, TN Bryan Elizabeth "Betsey" (1st wife) 2nd wife Hannah Byrd Gore m. 15 Nov 1835
Allen Horace d. 1864 US Inf Ashtabula County, OH Arnold Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Cynthia Spencer m. 03 Jul 1842
Allen Horace d. 1875 VT Waterbury, VT Field Mary 06 May 1813
Allen Horatio c1787-1873 RI Newport County, RI Fish Priscilla 12 May 1810
Allen Hugh c1791-1856 PA Jefferson County, PA Glenn Jane 17 Oct 1822
Allen Hutchinson 1781-1868 US Inf Brown County, OH South Keziah 10 May 1810 spelled Hutchins
Allen Ira 1780-1869 NY Van Buren County, MI Wallace Polly (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Baldwin m. 03 Apr 1861
Allen Ira d. 1872 NY Goodhue County, MN Sanford Lucy (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane Duncan m. 01 Mar 1835
Allen Ira b. 1791 NC Leake County, MS Powell Mary 24 Dec 1813
Allen Ira 1783-1871 NY St. Lawrence County, NY Palmer Laura 23 Mar 1809
Allen Ira d. 1862 VT Rutland County, VT Smith Cornelia A. 07 Sep 1830
Allen Ira B. d. 1885 NY Clinton County, NY Tennant Zerviah 01 Feb 1815
Allen Isaac 1794-1884 CT Monroe County, NY Terry Mary 10 Sep 1817
Allen Isaac 1797-1859 IL Scott County, IL Free Elizabeth 12 Feb 1818
Allen Isaac 1787-1851 NC Thomas County, GA Harrell Esther 23 Jul 1817
Allen Isaac b. 1793 VA Jackson County, IL Mayberry Patsey W. 26 Jan 1819
Allen Isaac b. 1786 VA Powhatan County, VA Mosby Susan 16 May 1811
Allen Isam 1793-1862 VA Mahaska County, IA Montgomery Martha May 22 Oct 1816
Allen Jacob d. 1868 NY Clinton County, NY Barber Sarah 07 Mar 1861 probably 2nd wife
Allen James d. 1872 US Inf Baltimore, MD
Allen James d. 1880 US Inf Broome County, NY Lounsberry Mary E. 18 Sep 1856 probably 2nd wife
Allen James 1794-1858 CT Litchfield County, CT Way Clarissa 15 May 1816
Allen James 1792-1870 MA Worcester County, MA Crocker Polly Lewis (1st wife) 2nd wife Hannah Parker m. 10 Sep 1842
Allen James d. 1866 NY Herkimer County, NY Clark Chloe 05 Dec 1817
Allen James d. 1861 OH Lorain County, OH Dunlap Jane 05 Mar 1841 probably 2nd wife
Allen James c1786-1857 VA Williamson County, TN Denton Mary "Polly" 31 Dec 1811
Allen James Green c1788-1856 VA Pittsylvania County, VA Bradley Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Lavicy/Levenia Vaden m. 03 Feb 1831
Allen Jesse d. 1872 US Inf Genesee County, MI Content (1st wife) 20 Mar 1812 2nd wife Lucy Bush 12 Mar 1820
Allen Jesse 1786-1862 ME Sagadahoc County, ME Byram Dulency/Dulensea 16 Feb 1815
Allen Joel d. 1865 US Inf Miami County, OH Root Merab 04 Dec 1823
Allen Joel 1786-1855 SC Saint Clair County, AL Boyd Martha (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Brooks Malone m. 01 Jan 1831
Allen Joel 1788-1868 VT Grand Isle County, VT Clapp Lura 08 Jan 1812
Allen John 1786-1841 IN Franklin County, IN Thompson Frances 26 Dec 1816
Allen John 1791-1873 KY Putnam County, IN Higgins Patsy 30 Mar 1817
Allen John d. 1853 KY Bath County, KY Ford Nancy 08 Aug 1817
Allen John d. 1850 ME Hancock County, ME Coombs Abigail 10 Mar 1810
Allen John d. 1856 MD Philadelphia, PA Shultze Alice A. 30 Aug 1828
Allen John d. 1882 MA East Providence, RI Bonney Sally (1st wife) 2nd wife Anna m. 23 Apr 1856
Allen John d. 1873 MA Lincoln County, ME Stuart Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha K. Pray m. 27 Sep 1842
Allen John d. c1886 NY Oakland County, MI Russell Mary May 1835 probably 2nd wife
Allen John d. 1875 NY Fond du Lac County, WI Butrick Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth R. Topping m. 28 Sep 1870
Allen John 1793-1876 NY Jefferson County, NY Dewey Melissa 20 Feb 1823
Allen John d. 1879 NY New York, NY Palmer Nancy 05 Jun 1825
Allen John 1794-1881 NC Hardeman County, TN Morton Nancy Caroline 31 Aug 1823
Allen John 1785-1877 OH Brown County, OH White Nancy Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy A. Edmund m. 09 Mar 1833
Allen John 1788-1865 TN Williamson County, TN Guinn Mary 28 Dec 1836
Allen John b. 1799 US Art Richmond County, GA Prater Caroline 01 Aug 1826
Allen John d. 1867 US Inf Sullivan County, TN Purty Lucy (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth M. Figgins m. Jan 1848
Allen John d. 1878 US Inf Rock County, WI Cooper Emeline 01 Jan 1830
Allen John d. 1837 US Inf Kennebec County, ME Coburn Mary 15 Nov 1815
Allen John d. 1883 VA St. Albans, WV Austin Sarah 1802
Allen John 1784-1877 VA Wyoming County, WV Daniel Nancy 26 Dec 1808
Allen John d. 1870 VA Nelson County, VA Kelly Phoebe Ann May 1834 probably 2nd wife
Allen John M. 1795-1880 MD Noble County, OH Blundon/Blundell Mary W. born Prince George County, MD
Allen John M. d. 1823 KY Shelby County, KY Knight Effey Winlock 05 Nov 1818
Allen John P. d. 1868 MA Middlesex County, MA Hunt Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Susan M. York m. 21 Nov 1847
Allen John W. d. 1843 VA Amherst County, VA Clements Polly J. 03 Sep 1829
Allen John, Jr. d. 1846 ME Kennebec County, ME Healey Nancy 25 Jan 1821
Allen Jonathan d. 1867 LA Collins County, TX Dawson Martha 14 Mar 1816
Allen Jonathan G. d. 1868 PA Fayette County, PA Downer Elizabeth 1823
Allen Joseph d. 1853 CT Chenango County, NY Turtelott Phebe (1st wife) 2nd wife Charlotte B. Jarball m. 21 Nov 1815
Allen Joseph 1792-p1881 GA Walton County, FL Crenshaw Anna 04 Jan 1815
Allen Joseph 1789-1875 MA Essex County, MA Cheever Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Mehitable m. 04 Jul 1832
Allen Joseph d. 1876 PA Mercer County, PA Steel Nancy 02 Mar 1820
Allen Joseph d. c1891 TN Le Flore County, OK
Allen Joseph d. 1838 TN Williamson County, TN Shumate Rachel 11 Sep 1806
Allen Joseph d. 1858 VA Augusta County, VA Walters Jane 06 Feb 1845 probably 2nd wife
Allen Joseph d. 1849 VA Saline County, MO Saudy Lydia 12 Jul 1808
Allen Joseph, Jr. d. 1863 US Inf York County, ME Clark Jerusha 12 Jul 1812
Allen Josiah 1789-1874 IN Franklin County, IN Harvey Sarah Rachel 26 Dec 1816
Allen Josiah 1800-1890 MS Jasper County, MS Howell Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Premy M. Pridgeon m. 30 Sep 1869
Allen Josiah H. 1786-1869 NH Hillsboro County, NH Merrill Betsy 14 Nov 1816
Allen Josiah S. d. 1845 VT Oswego County, NY Calkins Lucy 01 Jan 1816
Allen King 1797-p1880 NY Tuscola County, MI
Allen Lawson d. 1861 VA Williamson County, TN Clark Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha A. m. 11 Feb 1851
Allen Lebbeus 1792-1872 ME Oxford County, ME Nash Joanna Bird spelled Lebbens 2nd wife Mary m. 05 Jul 1846
Allen Lemuel 1796-1867 MA Hampden County, MA Baker Elvira (1st wife) 2nd wife Luthera Woods m. 01 May 1834
Allen Leonard d. 1883 NY Jefferson County, NY Knowlton Eunice 21 Jun 1818
Allen Leonard d. 1854 NY Jersey City, NJ Wickman Margaret 13 Feb 1842 probably 2nd wife
Allen Lewis 1794-1872 IN Andrew County, MO Casebier Chloe 07 Oct 1826
Allen Lewis d. 1865 MD Baltimore, MD Harden Billizippa 29 Apr 1832
Allen Lewis d. 1887 MA Norfolk County, MA Fisher Ascha (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Pierce, 3rd wife Ann L. Smith m. 26 May 1868
Allen Lewis C. d. 1873 MA Fairfield County, CT Hoyt Mary L. 12 Aug 1838 probably 2nd wife
Allen Lindsey 1792-1875 KY Franklin County, AL Clark Mary
Allen Luke P. 1795-1845 GA Allen County, KY Parker Margaret (1st wife) 2nd wife Araminta D. Perkins m. 05 Oct 1841
Allen Lyman c1794-1871 US Inf Chittenden County, VT Hill Sally Louisa (1st wife) 2nd wife Bridget Finnegan m. 05 Jan 1842
Allen Martin d. 1875 MD Kent County, MD Sewell Maria (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Jewell m. 03 Sep 1853
Allen Meredith d. 1877 VA Wayne County, WV Coffey Jane 03 Jun 1834
Allen Micah 1794-1881 MA Cumberland County, ME Battles Eliza (1st wife) 2nd wife Atholinda Cushman m. 17 Sep 1842
Allen Moses 1789-1877 NY New York, NY Paddock Jemima C. 09 Jan 1814
Allen Nathan d. 1868 MA Knox County, ME Margaret (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Webster m. 06 Jul 1834
Allen Nathaniel 1793-1871 US Inf Lee County, IL Tinkham Mary 16 Jun 1817
Allen Nathaniel b. 1795 NY St. Lawrence County, NY Hurd Ruth 04 Aug 1849 probably 2nd wife
Allen Nicholas d. 1881 OH Warrick County, IN Clark Laonia (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Ann m. 28 Mar 1844
Allen Otis 1797-1873 MA Cumberland County, ME Leighton Clarissa 09 Oct 1817
Allen Paul d. c1881 MA Cumberland County, ME Jones Sarah H. c1823
Allen Paul d. 1847 MA Cumberland County, ME Groves Rosanna 07 Jan 1815
Allen Philip d. 1829 NY New York City, NY Garrison Mary 12 Mar 1810
Allen Phineas 1795-1874 NY Chautauqua County, NY Ryckman Nancy 10 Sep 1822
Allen Ray 1772-1831 RI Wakefield, RI Gould Susannah 11 Dec 1796
Allen Reuben b. 1795 SC Clay County, AL Heath May
Allen Reuben B. d. 1881 TN Blount County, TN Cooper Mary 26 Nov 1838 probably 2nd wife
Allen Richard d. 1841 CT Autauga County, AL Phelps Julia 28 Sep 1814
Allen Richard b. 1788 VA Amelia County, VA Rogers Martha 27 Jan 1822
Allen Richard Edward 1785-1850 NC Haywood County, NC Walker Anna Rachel
Allen Robert d. 1874 GA Chattooga County, GA McKinzie Amelia 16 Jan 1825
Allen Robert d. 1847 VT Somersworth, NH Smith Lucy 12 Jan 1812
Allen Robert A. 1792-1876 GA Pike County, GA Hester Frances (1st wife) 2nd wife Priscilla Wright m. 10 Dec 1833
Allen Roswell 1799-1880 NY Bremer County, IA Short Lucy (2nd wife) 18 Mar 1846 born Litchfield, CT
Allen Salmon 1791-1870 NH Cheshire County, NH Sawtell Sophia (1st wife) 2nd wife Clarissa D. Stearns m. 14 Jul 1867
Allen Samuel c1788-1838 KY Lewis County, MO Petronell
Allen Samuel 1789-1873 KY Taylor County, KY Batzell Eliza 1818
Allen Samuel d. 1861 MD Baltimore, MD Edwards Elizabeth 06 Apr 1810
Allen Samuel 1794-1880 NY Westchester County, NY Underhill Miriam G. 1814
Allen Samuel 1779-1863 NY Allegany County, NY McClain Elizabeth 18 Feb 1802
Allen Samuel d. 1867 NY Oswego County, NY Hungerford Emeline 27 Sep 1821
Allen Samuel c1794-1860 NY Hillsdale County, MI Griffith Roccena/Roxana 12 Feb 1815
Allen Samuel c1790-1848 RI Newport County, RI Gould Henrietta 04 Aug 1814
Allen Samuel b. c1790 TN Atchison County, KS Byler Elizabeth Apr 1812
Allen Samuel B. 1791-1838 IL Rock Island County, IL Thomas Candace 07 Aug 1814
Allen Samuel Flemming 1791-1882 NJ New York City, NY Goble Phebe 04 May 1828
Allen Samuel H. d. c1880 NY Steuben County, NY
Allen Sanders d. 1879 MA Hampden County, MA Boyd Judith 15 Jun 1817
Allen Seneca S. d. 1870 NY Oswego County, NY Setfin Phebe 17 Dec 1809
Allen Shubael G. d. 1835 MA Bristol County, MA Hathaway Bathsheba 19 Oct 1813
Allen Solomon b. 1786 NY Oswego County, NY Goodspeed Lucy 09 Aug 1818
Allen Stephen 1788-1857 CT New London County, CT Daniels Betsey 17 Nov 1816
Allen Stephen b. 1793 GA Pike County, AL Pierson Anna 01 May 1809
Allen Stephen b. 1788 PA Crawford County, PA Gilliland Jane 05 Mar 1812
Allen Tandy 1790-1835 KY Springfield, IL Metcalf Amelia 10 Sep 1815
Allen Thomas 1788-1871 MA Barnstable County, MA Gould Lucy (1st wife) 2nd wife Judith Higgins m. 29 Jun 1849
Allen Thomas b. 1796 MS Rapids Parish, LA Willis Mary E. (3rd wife) 09 Sep 1872
Allen Thomas d. 1862 NY Herkimer County, NY Buck Mary 01 Jul 1820
Allen Thomas d. 1887 OH Henry County, IN Walker Eleanor 28 Dec 1820
Allen Thomas d. 1875 PA Butler County, PA Dixon Jane 13 Sep 1815
Allen Thomas b. 1784 VA Hampshire County, WV Burton Elizabeth (1st wife) 1817 2nd wife Mary Puffenberger m. 25 Dec 1819
Allen Thomas 1790-1841 VA Fountain County, IN Summers Elizabeth 01 Feb 1809
Allen Thomas Millar 1797-1871 VA Boone County, MO Russell Rebecca W. 18 Mar 1818
Allen Timothy 1795-1875 NY Ontario, Canada Lewis Lydia 07 Nov 1819
Allen Timothy d. 1863 NY Erie County, NY Ross Martha 14 Feb 1830
Allen Walter d. c1880 NY Niagara County, NY Stickney Mary G. Oct 1861 probably 2nd wife
Allen Warren 1799-1892 NY Oswego County, NY Alfred Lucinda (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucy Grosvenor
Allen William d. 1879 US Inf Jefferson County, AR Williams Sarah (2nd wife) 15 Apr 1838
Allen William d. 1872 US Vol Broome County, NY Smith Sally Jun 1814
Allen William b. 1796 KY Jefferson County, KY Muir Eliza L. 03 Sep 1821
Allen William 1781-1853 KY Hardin County, KY Scott Martha "Patsy" 13 Jun 1805
Allen William 1777-1858 NY Oneida County, NY Brooks Aurel Jun 1800
Allen William d. 1866 ME Oxford County, ME Andrews Dolly C. 09 May 1841 probably 2nd wife
Allen William d. 1860 MA Cumberland County, ME Stacy Harriet 23 Jul 1824
Allen William d. 1866 MA Lexington, ME Hilton Lucy (1st wife) 09 Feb 1813 2nd wife Mary Ann Gould m. 15 Jun 1856
Allen William d. 1848 NH Strafford County, NH Nute Sarah 27 Nov 1817
Allen William b. 1794 NY Burlington County, NJ Webb May
Allen William d. 1872 OH Erie County, OH Stoddard Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Johnson m. 09 Dec 1849
Allen William d. 1876 NY Columbia County, NY Beebe Sally 22 Oct 1817
Allen William d. 1863 PA Bucks County, PA Goforth Eliza (1st wife) 2nd wife Priscilla Kelly m. 27 Jan 1831
Allen William b. 1797 TN Hamilton County, IL Parker Celia 16 Feb 1814
Allen William 1793-1875 TN Greene County, IL Pinkerton Mary 06 Sep 1821
Allen William d. 1871 TN Monroe County, TN Ault Margaret (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane m. 1855
Allen William d. 1880 VT Allegan County, MI Rockwood Katie 06 Jun 1816
Allen William 1792-1851 VT Addison County, VT Putnam Lucretia 23 Apr 1812
Allen William d. 1871 VA Albemarle County, VA Morris Elizabeth 10 Sep 1814
Allen William d. 1876 VA Floyd County, VA Smith Susan (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha m. 15 Dec 1872
Allen William D. b. 1798 VA Wilkinson County, MS Landrum Martha Scutt (1st wife) 04 Mar 1827 2nd wife Eliza Landrum m. 12 Nov 1846
Allen William Henry 1786-1869 CT Litchfield County, CT Matthews Caroline 27 Dec 1810
Allen William M. 1793-1879 GA Leake County, MS Mangham Martha "Patsy" 08 Jan 1817
Allen William P. d. 1870 GA Chambers County, AL Cranford/Crawford Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Sophia Brown m. 12 Jul 1860
Allen William Wright 1790-1876 KY Scott County, KY Skillman Juliet (1st wife) 2nd wife Evaline Ficklin m. 24 Nov 1857
Allen Wilson 1791-1872 NY Clinton County, NY Washburn Sarah 14 Nov 1836 probably 2nd wife
Allen Young c1796-1884 NC Carroll County, TN Rogers Ann 17 Sep 1817
Allen Zadock b. 1781 ME Cumberland County, ME Rowe Hannah Tucker spelled Zadok
Allen Zimri 1787-1869 NY Cayuga County, NY St. John Abigail (1st wife) 2nd wife Ann N. Lewellyn, 3rd wife Olive m. 24 Apr 1860
Allender John William 1789-1866 MD Henry County, IA Guyton Naomi 10 Oct 1815
Allendorf Frederick Nicholas 1793-1877 OH Fountain County, IN Meredith Nancy Ann (1st wife) spelled Allenduff 2nd wife Minerva J. Jarvis m. 09 Jun 1864
Allenwood Asa b. 1800 ME Waldo County, ME Fletcher Clarissa 25 Oct 1823
Allerton Reuben 1788-1832 NY Greene County, NY Miller Maria 29 May 1814
Alley Alexander 1797-1873 US Vol Aroostook County, ME Bowden Elizabeth "Betsey" (1st wife) 07 Mar 1818 3rd wife Jane Watkins m. 11 Oct 1871
Alley David 1791-1871 VA Wythe County, VA Hammond Sarah 24 Dec 1811
Alley Ephraim 1792-1861 MA Lincoln County, ME Kidder Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Evelina Kidder m. 02 Dec 1830
Alley James 1791-1863 NY Kennebec County, ME Cochran Mary 23 Aug 1820
Alley Lewis 1786-1847 MA Essex County, MA Ramsdell Mary 28 Nov 1808
Allgood William, Jr. 1788-1853 GA Elbert County, GA survived by at least 2 minor children, Sarah Ann & Lindsay
Allgood William, Sr. b. 1785 GA Paulding County, GA
Alligood Jacob 1789-1830 NC Beaufort County, NC Latham Elizabeth 17 Aug 1808
Allin George W. d. 1881 GA Harris County, GA Whitehead Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Tempty m. 14 May 1861
Alling Chester 1791-1881 CT New Haven County, CT Dorman Phebe 20 Nov 1814
Allis Orib 1794-1852 VT Chittenden County, VT Preston Lucinda 21 Feb 1816
Allis Rodolphus 1791-1878 MA Franklin County, MA Boyden Polly (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Brownson m. 01 Mar 1834
Allis William 1785-1875 NY Jefferson County, NY Barber Betsey (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucy Williston m. 15 Jan 1857
Allison Bailey b. c1785 VA Fauquier County, VA Skinner Ellen 17 Dec 1817 spelled Baley
Allison Burgess b. 1790 VA Hancock County, WV Sarah spelled Burges
Allison Charles 1782-1846 OH Van Buren County, IA Stull Hester 27 Jun 1813
Allison Ebenezer 1789-1871 NY Jefferson County, NY Phelps Phebe 17 Feb 1815
Allison Elsey 1796-1888 VA Pike County, MO Poe Lucinda 1821
Allison George Suffern b. 1792 NY Rockland County, NY Brewster Hannah
Allison Henry d. 1872 VA Pettis County, MO Voss Jane Campbell (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Selina Swift m. 08 Aug 1826
Allison Jacob T. d. 1828 NY Rockland County, NY Conklin Mary 12 Apr 1812
Allison James 1794-1850 KY Iowa County, WI Hardwick Naomi 03 Aug 1820
Allison James d. 1867 PA Carroll County, OH Witherspoon Elizabeth 21 Feb 1817
Allison James F. 1794-1877 TN Dade County, MO Lee Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane Bryant m. Oct 1852
Allison John 1797-p1880 KY Hardin County, KY Neff Sarah
Allison John 1792-1872 OH Gallia County, OH Carter Rebecca Burke 03 Jan 1815
Allison John d. 1868 PA Belmont County, OH Stewart Elizabeth 06 Nov 1817
Allison Jonathan c1795-1855 NC Cocke County, TN McGee Mary 1823
Allison Joseph 1792-1873 KY Daviess County, IN Ragsdale Mary 16 Aug 1820
Allison Robert 1790-1877 PA Clarion County, PA English Jane 24 Aug 1820
Allison Robert 1795-1861 TN Washington County, TN Hodges Eleanor (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Gammon m. 30 Jul 1842
Allison Samuel 1785-1846 PA Shelby County, OH Caldwell Mary 01 Dec 1815
Allison Samuel L. 1790-1866 PA Clinton County, PA Troutman Elizabeth 14 Mar 1825
Allison Walter d. 1829 PA Philadelphia, PA Girvan Isabella (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary A. Murphy m. 06 Feb 1827
Allison William 1794-1864 KY Daviess County, IN McCracken Rachel 10 May 1818
Allison William d. 1845 PA Erie County, PA Hurst Eleanor 09 Sep 1799
Allison William Lewis 1794-1878 MS Suwanee County, FL Criss Mary 21 Apr 1814
Alliston Dennis b. 1788 VA Fairfax County, VA Smith Sarah 18 Dec 1827
Allman Henry d. c1833 MD Baltimore, MD Schreier/Schryer Mary 07 Jan 1810
Allman Jacob 1791-1873 VA Vinton County, OH Marks Elizabeth (1st wife)
Allred Elias 1789-1870 SC Pickens County, GA Harrison Mary "Polly" 15 Feb 1807
Allred Thomas 1779-1860 NC Chatham County, NC York Sarah "Sally" 15 Apr 1804
Alls Jacob 1791-1872 NH Coos County, NH Bemis Eleanor 03 Dec 1818
Allsbrooks Britton 1781-1873 SC Clarendon County, SC Mary spelled Alsbrooks, Britain
Allsup Henry 1792-1866 TN Grainger County, TN Whitlock Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane Brown m. 04 Oct 1865
Allyn Calvin 1790-1870 NY Monroe County, NY Washburn Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Sally Andrus Brewer, 3rd wife Charity Ann Wickham m. 1849
Allyn Henry 1794-1880 OH Douglas County, OR Quick Sarah 08 Sep 1825
Allyn Joseph 1793-1872 MA Barnstable County, MA Gorham Anna D. 09 Jan 1825
Allyn Joseph M. 1780-1840 CT New London County, CT Chappell Prudence 25 Mar 1827 spelled Allen
Alman Samuel d. 1855 VA Rockingham County, VA Nancy 13 Aug 1850 probably 2nd wife
Almon Thomas 1790-1877 IN Posey County, IN Martin Ruth
Almond Henry d. 1857 VA Spotsylvania County, VA Faulconer Joica Feb 1810
Almond Isaac 1796-1873 GA Harris County, GA Fortson Elizabeth (1st wife) spelled Almand 2nd wife Sarah W. Sharman m. Sep 1850
Alms Henry 1795-1861 PA Fulton County, IL Gaffney Elizabeth 17 Jul 1819
Almy Andrew 1789-1852 RI Newport County, RI Tennant Mary 14 Nov 1811
Almy David d. 1888 US Inf Allegany County, NY Streeter Lydia 20 Sep 1818
Almy David 1794-1872 RI Newport County, RI Babcock Lucy (1st wife) 2nd wife Lydia Esleek m. 22 Jun 1856
Almy James D. 1791-1869 CT Yates County, NY Griffiths Hannah 12 Apr 1813
Almy John b. 1791 NY Walworth County, WI
Almy Langworthy b. 1792 RI Bristol County, MA Macomber Edith G. 12 Apr 1818
Almy Peleg 1792-1887 RI Newport County, RI Manchester Hannah 14 Feb 1817
Alnutt James d. 1823 MD Baltimore, MD Jackson Juliet A. 14 Nov 1811
Alphin King D. 1794-c1873 NC Duplin County, NC Humphrey Anna (1st wife) 2nd wife Linsy Whaley m. 09 Mar 1861
Alpine Jacob d. 1881 VA Monroe County, TN Farmer Mahala Aug 1848 probably 2nd wife
Alred William d. 1869 SC Thomas County, GA Dixon Elizabeth 12 Apr 1820
Alsobrook Landon 1780-1855 NC Wakulla County, FL Brantley Tamsey (1st wife) 2nd wife Roseman Smith m. 27 Dec 1829
Alsobrook Micajah 1794-1856 TN Lauderdale County, TN Simmons Chloe 20 Jan 1812 spelled Alsabrook
Alsop Benjamin 1796-1883 VA Daviess County, KY Taylor Lucy Madison 01 Jan 1821 spelled Ben Alsop
Alspach George A. 1787-1871 OH Hancock County, OH Crites Maria Christina May 1813
Alspach Philip 1785-p1879 PA Schuylkill County, PA Groh Elizabeth 1816
Alston Japhet d. 1842 NY Richmond County, NY Decker Sarah 09 Jun 1805
Alston Japhet 1793-1873 NY Richmond County, NY Dupuy Charity 28 Aug 1816
Alsup Asaph 1789-1871 TN Wilson County, TN Hill Mary "Polly"
Altaway Elijah d. 1830 SC Laurens District, SC Davis Elizabeth 28 Dec 1822
Althouse Zachariah b. 1793 NY Dutchess County, NY
Altick Solomon 1781-c1875 VA Wood County, WV Mitchell/Michael Elizabeth Mar 1805
Altizer Elias 1776-1840 IN Posey County, IN Taylor Thirza 27 Feb 1815
Altman David Daniel 1790-1869 OH Scioto County, OH Rummel Margaret 20 Sep 1818
Altman James d. 1846 SC Williamsburgh County, SC Barclay Charlotte 12 Aug 1834
Altman John d. 1865 SC Hampton County, SC Chesser Priscilla Susan 30 May 1842 probably 2nd wife
Altman Thomas c1793-1872 SC Lexington County, SC Courtney Sarah "Sally" Aug 1814
Alton Jesse 1789-1875 PA Greene County, PA Youst Elvina 11 Mar 1854 spelled Allton probably 2nd wife
Alton Samuel 1794-1872 VA Wood County, WV Santee Nancy Helen 16 Oct 1816 spelled Allton
Alvares Mingo c1788-1868 NY Niagara County, NY Getson Nancy 20 Jul 1820 incorrectly filed under SC on Fold3
Alverson Becknull 1796-1859 VA Cole County, MO Powell Lucy 20 Nov 1818
Alverson Elijah 1785-1872 SC St. Clair County, AL
Alverson Richard S. 1791-1870 NY Wyoming County, NY Lewis Laura Adelia 08 Aug 1813
Alverson William 1783-1862 SC Chester District, SC Nancy
Alvey Thomas 1795-1889 KY Winnebago County, IA Conlee Priscilla 09 Dec 1819
Alvis Ashley 1791-1883 TN Sumter County, AL Simford Polly Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Esther Elizabeth Edmiston
Alvis William E. 1793-1863 VA Goochland County, VA Harris Mary S. 03 Jan 1834
Alvord Daniel 1790-1854 NY Niagara County, NY Sackett Pamelia 08 Jan 1815
Alvord Lyman c1793-1880 NY Tioga County, PA Seely Esther 15 Apr 1821 spelled Lymon
Alvord William d. 1886 NY Green County, NY Russ Charity 29 Mar 1817
Alwaise John 1795-1861 NY New York, NY Jacobs Hannah 15 Oct 1815
Alward Nathaniel 1794-1848 NY Cayuga County, NY Freeman Betsey (1st wife) 2nd wife Margaret S. Van Arsdale m. 29 Jul 1848
Aman Archibald d. 1859 NC Onslow County, NC Bradham Harriet Feb 1826
Amazeen Abraham 1800-1885 NH Rockingham County, NH Tucker Sarah Ann 07 Oct 1824
Amazeen John d. 1827 NH Rockingham County, NH Bolton/Quint Elizabeth 11 Dec 1820
Amberman John b. 1794 NY Queens County, NY Smith Margaret Jan 1816
Amberson Presley N. 1791-1874 PA Mercer County, PA Cunningham Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Emeline S. m. 22 Mar 1852
Ambler Frederick 1787-1871 VT Henry County, IA Fuller Phebe 15 Dec 1814
Ambler John d. 1870 NY Saratoga County, NY Hawkins Martha 30 Nov 1813
Ambler Joshua 1789-1851 NY Westchester County, NY Smith Abigail 17 Nov 1813
Ambler Thomas Marshall 1791-1875 VA Fauquier County, VA Johnston Lucy H. 15 Apr 1819
Ambrose Daniel b. 1791 VA Morgan County, VA
Amburgey William 1788-1873 NC Letcher County, KY Franklin Lucy born 11 Sep 1788
Amee Samuel b. 1796 NH Kennebec County, ME Austin Ruth 21 Mar 1817
Amerine John c1781-1880 US Inf Madison County, NY Welch Catherine Mar 1815
Amerman Derrick 1785-1876 US Inf Lee County, IL Hovey Sylvinia 31 Aug 1815 spelled Derick
Amerman James 1790-1877 NY Livingston County, NY Bodine Sally 22 Mar 1816
Ames Amos 1789-1869 VT Caledonia County, VT Scott Rachel (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha Dor Clark m. 08 Jun 1849
Ames Asa 1789-1866 US Inf Crawford County, IL Forrest Elizabeth "Betsey" 01 Dec 1814
Ames Austin 1792-1839 MA Genesee County, NY Houghton Harriet 11 Apr 1816
Ames Benjamin b. 1791 NY Clinton County, MI
Ames Bishop 1794-1875 NY Tompkins County, NY Tichnor Almira (1st wife) 2nd wife Isabel C. Curtis m. 20 Jul 1848
Ames Caleb d. 1860 NH Belknap County, NH Burleigh Sarah "Sally" 30 Jan 1809
Ames Charles c1796-1880 MA La Porte County, IN Truell Cynthia 27 Jul 1837 probably 2nd wife
Ames Charles V. c1797-1860 NH Somerset County, ME Dean Dorcas 04 May 1823
Ames David B. d. 1843 NY Canaan, NY Beebe Anna 24 Dec 1817
Ames David Hall 1792-1893 NY Oneida County, NY Norton Betsey 02 Feb 1817
Ames Dexter b. 1797 NY Lorain County, OH Gardiner Dorothea Aug 1827
Ames Edward d. 1866 NY Essex County, NY Dorcas Dec 1824
Ames Horace d. 1855 NY Dodge County, WI Bell Hannah 29 Oct 1834 probably 2nd wife
Ames Isaac Farrar 1794-1876 MA Somerset County, ME Webb Lydia 04 Dec 1817
Ames Jacob d. 1872 MA Franklin County, ME Lowell Sarah 28 Feb 1816
Ames Jeptha d. 1852 MA Salem, NH Wilson Cynthia 14 Nov 1820
Ames John d. 1877 US Inf New York, NY Smith Mary R.
Ames John S. d. 1858 NY Delaware County, NY Roberts Lucy 08 Jun 1817
Ames Jonas d. 1881 MA Penobscot County, ME
Ames Joseph 1794-1882 MA Waldo County, ME Marithew Rubie (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Kingsbury, 3rd wife Dorothy S. Berry m. 29 Oct 1840
Ames Joseph 1795-1851 MA Hancock County, ME Farnham Deborah 04 Mar 1818
Ames Nathaniel 1795-1866 MA Plymouth County, MA Copeland Sally 28 Dec 1824
Ames Otis d. 1862 NY Cattaraugus County, NY Thompson Polly (1st wife) 2nd wife Sally m. 28 Oct 1845
Ames Peter d. 1880 US Art Waldo County, ME Poor Julia Aug 1816
Ames Rufus d. 1874 MA Franklin County, ME Arnold Sally H. (2nd wife) Aug 1817
Ames Samuel b. 1801 CT New London County, CT
Ames Samuel d. 1852 CT New London County, CT Marthens/Mathews Catherine Dec 1799
Ames Simeon Columbus 1798-1862 US Inf Otsego County, NY Cox Ann 08 Jan 1828
Ames Waterman 1794-1868 NY Otsego County, NY Geter Johanna Charlotte Louisa 01 Mar 1843
Ames Wells 1798-1873 US Inf Erie County, PA Nasmith Eunice 28 Jul 1822
Ames Willard 1788-1849 NY Hillsdale County, MI Ferris Amy 13 Aug 1809
Ames William 1794-1874 MA Plymouth County, MA Little Statira 06 Dec 1821
Amey Peter d. 1880 PA Philadelphia, PA Markley Maria
Amick George 1794-1846 NC Randolph County, MO Kingsbury Amy 10 Oct 1814
Amick Jacob 1788-1859 VA Nicholas County, WV Shroyer Rachel 05 Jun 1814
Amick John Adam 1791-1880 SC Lexington County, SC
Amick John Jacob 1792-1892 VA Frederick County, VA McKee Jane 19 Dec 1850 listed as Jacob Amick probably 2nd wife
Amidon Davis 1783-1872 NY Chautauqua County, NY Stocker Irene 28 Jun 1808 listed as David Amidon on Fold3
Amidon Nathaniel b. 1792 NY Cass County, MI Rogers Laura 04 Mar 1813
Amigh George Jr. d. 1876 NY Livingston County, NY Warner Hannah 23 Dec 1818
Amiss John S. 1790-1885 VA Albemarle County, VA Shifflet Mary Taylor Hatton 01 Aug 1816
Ammerman John d. 1875 NJ Union County, IN Stout Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth m. 05 Mar 1870
Ammerman William d. 1872 NY Sullivan County, IN Williams Phebe (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Troxel m. 23 Dec 1830
Ammon Paul b. 1791 PA Berks County, PA Kreamer Mary 28 Feb 1818
Ammons George 1789-1856 PA Bureau County, IL Wright Sarah 01 Aug 1814
Ammons John Sr. b. 1776 NC Pike County, AL Osborn Civil 1805
Ammons William 1788-1858 VA Charles City County, VA Hilliard Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth H. Hughes m. 07 Jan 1820
Amonett Andrew 1784-1871 VA Lauderdale County, AL Shepard Juliet 20 Nov 1816
Amos Asa 1792-1880 VA Gallia County, OH Hunter Nancy 25 Dec 1816
Amos Benjamin 1795-1880 MD Wood County, WV Eaton Susannah 29 Oct 1840
Amos Frederick T. 1790-1860 MD Harford County, MD Jones Cassandra A. 19 Jan 1837
Amos James 1794-1867 MD Green County, IL Ward Ruth (1st wife) 2nd wife Matilda Fraley m. 30 Apr 1826
Amos Nicholas 1793-1880 KY Rush County, IN Majoy Mary A. (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Lawson m. 10 Apr 1841
Amos Robert b. 1795 MD Harford County, MD
Amsdell Abner 1794-1888 NY Erie County, NY Steward Nancy 04 Jul 1816
Amsden Lyman 1794-1881 NY Clayton County, IA Tibbets Cynthia (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Whitman m. 20 Jun 1833
Amsden Thomas Gates 1797-1876 NY Sandusky County, OH Chapman Lydia (1st wife) 2nd wife Harriet Williams m. 18 Sep 1843
Amsden Wallace 1795-1872 NH Grafton County, NH Cook Mary 13 Feb 1828
Amspoker John 1780-1852 VA Washington County, PA Ramsey Mary Ann 11 Oct 1804
Amy John d. 1864 VT Cuyahoga County, OH Smalley Cynthia G. 02 Oct 1828
Anawalt Jacob b. 1791 PA Elkhart County, IN Sutler Mary 12 Dec 1813
Ancell James 1789-1875 VA Howard County, MO Estes Frances 02 Jan 1816
Anders Henry 1794-1875 MA Frederick County, MD Vaughn Elizabeth 25 May 1817
Anderson Abel b. 1792 SC Cleburne County, AL McGee Anna Feb 1824
Anderson Abraham d. 1876 US Inf Passaic County, NJ Anderson Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Totten m. 28 Aug 1867
Anderson Abraham 1791-1854 GA Pickens County, GA McMullen Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Mattox m. 08 Mar 1832
Anderson Alexander b. 1793 MA Knox County, ME
Anderson Alexander Outlaw 1795-1869 TN Knox County, TN Deaderick Elizabeth R. 07 Jun 1825
Anderson Allen 1787-1867 NY Warren County, NY Nims Arabella Nov 1812
Anderson Andrew d. 1832 TN Claiborne County, TN Johnson Rhoda (1st wife) 2nd wife Rhoda Giddens m. 15 Feb 1817
Anderson Anthony W. d. 1871 NY Pierce County, WI Coleman Deiadamia 06 Dec 1842
Anderson Balaam 1793-1870 OH Washington County, IA Bowen Willmina "Willy" 10 Oct 1815
Anderson Barney 1789-1875 TN Cuyahoga County, OH Heston Elizabeth 1816
Anderson Charles d. 1869 NC Rutherford County, TN Smoot Ellen (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Jetton, 3rd wife Martha J. Burge m. 28 Sep 1855
Anderson Chester d. 1872 NY Oswego County, NY Goodwin Thankful 14 Jan 1819
Anderson Christopher I. d. 1848 NY Ontario County, NY Dedrick Christina 26 Jan 1817
Anderson Claiborne L. b. 1793 TN Lee County, VA McFarland Maria E. S. 15 May 1815
Anderson Cornelius 1795-1866 OH Greenup County, KY McCall Mary 06 Feb 1817
Anderson Cornelius W. d. 1841 KY Rush County, IN Leathers Permelia 20 Jul 1814
Anderson Daniel David 1797-1873 SC Sumter County, SC Fullwood Eliza Ann (1st wife) 3rd wife Jane Ann Dennis Tallon m. 28 Feb 1866
Anderson David b. 1793 NY Genesee County, NY
Anderson Edmund M. d. c1886 VA Hanover County, VA Day Emily H. 05 Nov 1835
Anderson Edward 1786-1876 MA York County, ME Waterhouse Olive Aug 1805
Anderson Edward Watkins c1795-1873 VA Logan County, KY Branch Obedience Mar 1819
Anderson Elijah d. c1875 PA Posey County, IN Evans Eleanor 14 Jan 1813
Anderson Elijah b. 1796 VA Lincoln County, MO McHugh Mary 10 Sep 1838 probably 2nd wife
Anderson Evan d. 1880 KY Stoddard County, MO Airy Mary Ann 26 Sep 1835
Anderson Ezekiel OH Margaret O.W. Wid File 13531 Wt. 19370-160-55
Anderson Ezra Sturges 1789-1876 MA Salem County, NJ Anderson Sarah 03 Oct 1843 probably 2nd wife
Anderson Francis d. 1847 RI Providence, RI Averill Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Margaret B. Ross m. 04 Mar 1835
Anderson Francis VA Lucy O.W. Wid File 10366 Wt. 21301-160-50
Anderson Francis MD S. O. 9699
Anderson Garland 1795-1855 VA Louisa County, VA Pleasants Marcia (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Cecelia Shelton m. 29 Dec 1825
Anderson Genet 1793-1834 VA Hanover County, VA Harris Maria Drummond W. O. 26385
Anderson George 1790-1838 MD Morgan County, OH Saltkill Elizabeth 28 Dec 1814
Anderson George NY Clarissa W. O. 13691
Anderson Henry b. 1792 OH Highland County, OH
Anderson Howell b. c1780 SC Barnwell District, SC
Anderson Hugh c1798-1864 MA Knox County, ME Vose Rachel 02 Dec 1819
Anderson Ira d. 1873 MD Baltimore County, MD Talbott Mary G. 21 Jan 1827
Anderson Isaac d. 1865 PA Delaware County, PA Smith Elizabeth 01 Jan 1823
Anderson Jacob 1796-1874 VA Pope County, IL Wysor Drusilla
Anderson James d. 1852 GA Whitfield County, GA Pace Ann 27 Aug 1826
Anderson James d. 1867 KY Cumberland County, KY Thrasher Mary Ann 26 May 1860 probably 2nd wife
Anderson James d. 1864 KY Pike County, MO Edwards Meducy A. 17 Aug 1845 probably 2nd wife
Anderson James 1795-1859 MD Anne Arundel County, MD Rockhold Susannah (2nd wife) 15 Jan 1844
Anderson James 1793-1875 NY Madison County, NY Stebbins Hannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Catherine Van Buren m. 28 Apr 1859
Anderson James 1792-1882 OH Greenup County, KY Dortch Hillica Apr 1816
Anderson James 1792-1871 TN Marion County, TN Looney Esther 18 Dec 1815
Anderson James d. 1888 VT Dodge County, WI Mabel (1st wife) 2nd wife Tacy, 3rd wife Amanda Norton m. 20 Jan 1837
Anderson James 1783-1870 VA Frederick County, VA Senseney Leah 11 Oct 1808
Anderson James d. 1856 NJ Monmouth County, NJ Anderson Elizabeth 14 Sep 1814
Anderson James B. 1792-1875 TN Stone County, AR Cypert Mary 09 Jul 1812
Anderson James C. d. 1857 VA Warren County, NY Cole Freelove M. 20 Dec 1807
Anderson James L. d. 1874 NJ Miami County, OH Longstreth Elizabeth 30 May 1822
Anderson James Moses 1785-1860 VA Buckingham County, VA Flood Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha Mead Flood m. 01 Feb 1839
Anderson James P. d. 1868 MA Oxford County, ME Spencer Leah 28 Feb 1814
Anderson James P. d. 1825 VA Amelia County, VA Hutcheson Martha L. 16 Nov 1812
Anderson Jeremiah d. 1875 NC Granville County, NC House Sallie 1819
Anderson Jesse 1790-1855 TN Putnam County, IN Miller Jane 16 Aug 1809
Anderson Jesse d. 1862 VA Pittsylvania County, VA Irby Catharine B. 20 Jul 1812
Anderson John b. 1794 US Art Boone County, IA Sawmiller Catharine 14 Oct 1819
Anderson John d. 1869 GA Early County, GA Fountain Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Harrison m. 18 Sep 1849
Anderson John d. c1880 KY Adams County, IL Guerant Elizabeth 03 Jan 1819
Anderson John d. 1866 KY Metcalfe County, KY Young Jane 02 Dec 1813
Anderson John d. 1826 MD Elkton, MD Jamison Alice 06 Feb 1812
Anderson John b. 1783 NY New York City, NY
Anderson John b. 1787 NY DeKalb County, MO Blanchard Lydia 09 Apr 1812
Anderson John d. 1880 NY Otsego County, NY Branch Lovinia 15 Dec 1822
Anderson John 1794-1876 NY Madison County, IL Wood Eliza (1st wife) 2nd wife Susan Creamer, 3rd wife Margaret L. Creamer m. 23 Apr 1868
Anderson John 1795-1873 OH Hardin County, KY Burcham Rebecca
Anderson John d. 1867 OH Wabash County, IN Norris Mary 15 Dec 1814
Anderson John b. 1792 TN McNairy County, TN McCalpin Elizabeth 11 Jun 1818
Anderson John d. 1812 VA Greene County, PA Knotts Margery Apr 1797
Anderson John 1797-1877 VA Champaign County, OH Lower Nancy 28 Nov 1815
Anderson John d. 1850 VA Loudoun County, VA Turner Nancy 1812
Anderson John d. 1861 VA Halifax County, VA Ferguson Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Tabitha Whitworth m. 22 Apr 1830
Anderson John B. 1782-1862 VA Louisa County, VA Lasley Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Mildred A. m. 25 Mar 1855
Anderson John B. d. 1836 VA Harrison County, KY Peebles Ann P. 14 Jul 1814
Anderson John C. 1794-1869 VA Monroe County, GA Maddox Nancy 01 Mar 1821
Anderson John Claiborne d. 1856 VA Washington County, VA Willoughby Jane 21 Oct 1819
Anderson John D. d. 1859 OH Allen County, IN Smith Margaret C. 12 Aug 1819
Anderson John G. d. 1860 IN Greene County, IN Margaret (1st wife) 2nd wife Lurana Hicks m. 16 Mar 1832
Anderson John J. d. 1864 VA Lawrence County, OH Layne Permelia 1812
Anderson John Nelson d. 1865 VA Bedford County, VA Camm Ann Waller "Nancy" 05 Feb 1818
Anderson John R. d. 1826 US Art Cedar County, IA Thomas Abigail 04 Jan 1821
Anderson John S. d. 1883 DC Washington DC Mills Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Maletha Hinton, 3rd wife Martha R. Edelin m. 20 Apr 1843
Anderson John S. 1793-1867 OH Montgomery County, OH Carmony Margaret 26 Jan 1826
Anderson John William 1800-1861 MD Washington DC Spilman Elizabeth 26 Jul 1835
Anderson Jonathan d. 1857 TN Blount County, TN Farmer Julia 17 Jun 1819
Anderson Jordan 1793-1876 PA Mercer County, OH Cloman Elizabeth 10 Aug 1818
Anderson Joseph d. 1846 VA Ross County, OH Brown Catharine 14 Jun 1811
Anderson Joseph d. 1872 VA Montgomery County, MD Knott Charlotte 30 Jan 1845 probably 2nd wife
Anderson Joseph Bass 1795-1873 VA Amelia County, VA Meriwether Sarah Scott "Sally" (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane Segar Archer m. 05 May 1852
Anderson Josiah 1790-1871 KY Christian County, KY Fontaine Agnes
Anderson Jubal d. c1883 TN Jackson County, TN Hallamon Mary 29 Jan 1818
Anderson Leonard d. 1860 MD Baltimore County, MD Lucas Rebecca (1st wife) 2nd wife Ann m. 18 Nov 1842
Anderson Lewis 1788-1874 TN Logan County, IL Brown Elizabeth (1st wife) 16 Jun 1845 2nd wife Polly Bovington m. 16 Jun 1845
Anderson Lewis c1791-1876 VA Nelson County, VA Pettit Sophia A. 11 Nov 1819
Anderson Linsy d. 1840 NY Erie County, PA Hanna Elizabeth 21 Mar 1830 probably 2nd wife
Anderson Mansfield 1797-1862 TN Macon County, NC Black Harriet 1823
Anderson Marsh Ely 1796-1876 CT London County, CT Kissam Mary 10 Oct 1821
Anderson Marshall d. 1878 NY Tioga County, NY Haines Hannah 10 Feb 1821
Anderson Matthew 1780-1838 GA Pike County, GA Ellis Frances "Frankey" 07 Oct 1800
Anderson Matthew Martin 1790-1875 KY Jackson County, TN Cummins Eleatha "Liddy" 1826 spelled Mathew M.
Anderson Mebane 1795-1873 TN Christian County, IL McMurry Mary Amanda (1st wife) spelled Maben 2nd wife Maria McCall m. 04 Dec 1834
Anderson Miles 1795-1876 GA Iron County, UT Pace Nancy 09 Aug 1821
Anderson Nathaniel b. 1791 US Inf Dawson County, GA Akins Jane 31 Aug 1844 probably 2nd wife
Anderson Nelson d. 1847 VA KY Blevins Unetta 16 Apr 1825
Anderson Norman d. 1871 US Art Tompkins County, NY Cook Experience 01 Sep 1814
Anderson Orrin d. 1865 NY Hillsdale County, MI Darrow Chloe 1823
Anderson Paschal b. 1799 TN Brazor County, TX
Anderson Peter Light 1785-1861 VA Greenbrier County, VA Flack Rebecca c1816
Anderson Reuben G. 1787-1858 SC Lumpkin County, GA Welch Susanna "Sukey" 13 Oct 1813
Anderson Richard 1790-1870 VA Bedford County, VA Bowles Elizabeth 06 Jun 1811
Anderson Robert c1780-1872 TN Hickman County, TN Nicks Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha Lee m. 1843
Anderson Robert 1795-1858 VA Frederick County, VA Bean Margaret 28 Dec 1809
Anderson Robert 1792-1853 VA Hanover County, VA Caster Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary F. Jordan m. 24 Sep 1844
Anderson Robert A. 1796-1887 SC Walker County, GA Sullivan Eliza Williamson (1st wife) 2nd wife Arminia Indiana Catlett m. 25 Feb 1833
Anderson Samuel 1796-1883 NY Essex County, NY Pierce Betsey
Anderson Samuel d. 1830 OH Ross County, OH Edmiston Elizabeth 20 Nov 1806
Anderson Samuel P. d. 1875 ME Monroe County, WI Hancock Polly S. Jun 1823
Anderson Stephen b. 1785 KY Calloway County, KY
Anderson Thomas 1777-1852 MA Hancock County, ME Bunker Lovey M. 25 Dec 1816
Anderson Thomas d. 1858 PA Belmont County, OH Combs Charlotte M. Jan 1812
Anderson Thomas b. 1796 VA Harrison County, VA Davis Elizabeth 18 Jun 1835 probably 2nd wife
Anderson Thomas Farmer 1779-1875 GA Banks County, GA Bolton Margaret
Anderson Thomas Jones 1789-1868 NC Orange County, NC Williams Mary 15 Jul 1810
Anderson Vincent 1791-1873 TN Green County, TN Ross Nancy 06 Apr 1815
Anderson Walter d. 1850 SC Lowndes County, MS Wells Susan 25 Jan 1827
Anderson William 1791-1861 KY Lee County, IA Anderson Frances 27 Jun 1810
Anderson William d. 1847 NY Oneida County, NY Ransford Permelia 10 Sep 1825
Anderson William 1792-1873 NC Union County, NC Parker Anna 09 Jan1817
Anderson William 1792-1867 OH Montgomery County, OH Nye Mary
Anderson William d. 1820 US Navy Philadelphia, PA Lampert Sophia 13 Feb 1812
Anderson William 1789-1868 OH Guernsey County, OH Warnock Sarah 16 Dec 1813
Anderson William d. 1879 PA Crawford County, PA Baughman Catharine 23 Jun 1850 probably 2nd wife
Anderson William d. 1873 PA Wetzel County, WV Leonard Eleanor 11 Apr 1816
Anderson William 1790-1853 SC Anderson District, SC Hunter Mary McEldowny 16 Sep 1824
Anderson William 1781-1860 TN Cannon County, TN McGonigle Elizabeth 04 Feb 1807
Anderson William d. 1871 VA St. Genevieve County, MO Downing Elizabeth 01 Apr 1815
Anderson William C. d. 1877 GA Jackson Parish, LA Elkins Elizabeth 30 Oct 1822
Anderson William Lewis 1791-1875 VA Upshur County, WV Webb Mary A.
Anderson William M. d. 1858 MS Angelina County, TX Kinswood Martha (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucinda Caroline Moorehead m. Jan 1851
Anderson William Preston 1774-1831 US Inf Shelby County, TN Adair Margaret Lapsley 29 Sep 1814
Anderson Zimri c1795-1875 NY Oneida County, NY Northrup Rebecca 31 Mar 1818
Anderton Thomas 1789-1877 VA Morgan County, IL Briggs Lucy Ann 26 Dec 1829
Andes Adam 1788-1875 TN Washington County, TN Hunter Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary A. Irick Wills m. 05 Jun 1860
Andress Andrew d. c1825 VA Washington County, IN Shutters Mary 24 Mar 1814
Andress Isaac 1795-p1873 SC Monroe County, AL Nettles Mary "Polly" 17 Jan 1822
Andress Jacob d. 1867 NY Hancock County, OH Hamilton Susan 19 Jan 1818
Andrew James b. 1796 NY Wayne County, NY Hyde Polly May 1816
Andrew Thomas 1791-1848 OH Moniteau County, MO Conway Phoebe L. 09 Feb 11828
Andrew William d. 1856 CT New Haven County, CT Hotchkiss Temperance 10 Feb 1813
Andrews Abraham d. 1875 VA Fayette County, KY Cassandra (2nd wife) 28 Oct 1869
Andrews Adam b. 1793 US Inf Linn County, IA Smith Nancy 1820
Andrews Alanson 1792-1870 NY Allegany County, NY Fassett Minerva 04 Jul 1830
Andrews Alexander 1777-1839 KY Greene County, IN Kent Sarah "Sally" (1st wife) 2nd wife Sally Bland
Andrews Alonzo G. 1798-1846 MA Broome County, NY Collins Caroline Cannon 10 Jan 1817
Andrews Amos 1791-1876 MA Oxford County, ME Bemis Elizabeth
Andrews Arthur 1791-1875 MA Kennebec County, ME Welch Olive 01 Jan 1817
Andrews Asa 1787-1878 VT Washington County, VT Strong Margaret
Andrews Benjamin d. 1855 MA Knox County, ME Parker Elizabeth "Betsey" 05 Nov 1816
Andrews Burley 1792-1871 GA Elbert County, GA Stinchcomb Catherine "Caty" 15 Jan 1818
Andrews Burwell G. d. 1843 VA Limestone County, AL Ogburn Mary Ann 17 Oct 1817
Andrews Charles 1792-1853 MA Penobscot County, ME Bradstreet Dolly 03 Dec 1815
Andrews Christopher d. 1855 DC Washington DC Webb Henrietta Maria 12 Apr 1814
Andrews Cullen d. 1873 NC Walton County, FL Bairfield Lavina (1st wife) 2nd wife Tarley Fowler m. 01 Apr 1860
Andrews Daniel H. d. 1852 US Art Goochland County, VA Parrott Sophia Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Margaret T. Whitlock m. 25 Feb 1839
Andrews David d. 1888 CT Middlesex County, CT Lord Eliza Sep 1840 probably 2nd wife
Andrews Ebenezer T. d. 1866 US Inf Charlestown, MA Brazer Eliza 27 Mar 1819
Andrews Erasmus Granger 1793-1875 VA Chesterfield County, VA Andrews Mason (1st wife) 2nd wife Rebecca B. Scott m. 20 Aug 1845
Andrews Ethan Allen 1787-1858 CT Hartford County, CT Cowles Lucy 19 Dec 1810
Andrews Gibson b. 1790 OH Pike County Townsend Rebecca
Andrews Grover b. 1795 MA Essex County, MA
Andrews Hezekiah d. 1864 NC Randolph County, NC Jordan Delaney D. 19 Sep 1818
Andrews Hugh d. c1881 OH Greene County, OH
Andrews Ira b. 1781 CT New Haven County, CT
Andrews Isaac 1793-1873 NY Lenawee County, MI Renard Maria B. 22 Feb 1816
Andrews Isaac d. 1877 OH Jackson County, OH Fullerton Nancy 23 Mar 1819
Andrews Jacob J. Treworthy 1791-1840 VT Kent County, OH Converse Mary Fitch "Polly" 08 Feb 1818
Andrews James 1793-1862 MA Knox County, ME May Charity (1st wife) 2nd wife Mercy m. 30 Jul 1854
Andrews James d. 1850 TN Williamson County, TN Bostick Bathenia/Parthenia 16 Nov 1845 probably 2nd wife
Andrews James d. 1876 TN Carroll County, TN Hall Eliza 05 Feb 1839 probably 2nd wife
Andrews Jesse d. 1864 NY Wayne County, PA Sheldon Julia Ann 03 Jan 1840
Andrews John b. 1785 GA Coweta County, GA Gibson Nancy Sep 1817
Andrews John b. 1795 ME Ashtabula County, OH Moulton Rebecca Nov 1824
Andrews John d. 1869 MA Wyoming County, NY Lock Charity Mar 1837
Andrews John d. 1856 MA Essex County, MA Rowe Nancy D. 03 Jan 1813
Andrews John b. 1798 NH Carroll County, NH Storer Susan 16 Apr 1841 probably 2nd wife
Andrews John d. 1865 NC Lenoir County, NC Maloney Nancy
Andrews John d. c1877 OH Vinton County, OH Colvin Rachel 03 Oct 1816
Andrews John 1795-1873 OH Richland County, OH Kinton Martha Sep 1842 probably 2nd wife
Andrews John 1771-1843 PA Crawford County, PA Richardson Elizabeth 18 Mar 1814
Andrews Lloyd d. c1882 ME Androscoggin County, ME Steadman Lovina 28 Feb 1822
Andrews Manassah 1794-1881 MA Plymouth County, MA Leonard Harriet 15 Sep 1825
Andrews Martin 1795-1875 GA Meriwether County, GA Talbot Bernetta 31 Dec 1822
Andrews Micajah 1790-1865 SC Pike County, MS Delaney Margaret (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Nettles m. 05 Oct 1854
Andrews Miles 1792-1843 NY Candor, NY Warner Electa (1st wife) 2nd wife Judah Orcutt Post m. 21 Sep 1842
Andrews Nathan 1782-1846 NY Ontario County, NY Butler Orpha 01 Mar 1817
Andrews Nathaniel Kellogg 1794-1855 VT Rutland County, VT Barnes Eunice 03 Jan 1819
Andrews Nelson d. 1855 NC Wake County, NC Sugg Mary 01 Aug 1815
Andrews Nimrod Hiram 1780-1855 GA Franklin County, GA Brazier Jane 23 Sep 1802 listed as Anders, Nimrod
Andrews Orra d. 1855 NY Steuben County, NY Loomis Elizabeth 16 Aug 1816
Andrews Otis 1788-1871 NY Jefferson County, NY Ellis Susan (1st wife) spelled Andrus 3rd wife Margaret F. m. 13 May 1858
Andrews Peter b. 1784 US Navy Cumberland County, ME Morrill Sarah J.
Andrews Peter d. 1854 GA Tallapoosa County, AL Goff Ruthy 1813
Andrews Richard J. d. 1887 VA Lauderdale County, AL Coleman Martha G. 16 Oct 1816
Andrews Samuel 1796-1878 ME Washington County, VT Blanchard Jane 01 Feb 1818
Andrews Samuel b. 1802 NJ Wayne County, MO
Andrews Samuel d. 1871 NY La Porte County, IN Blackmer Laura 22 Mar 1816
Andrews Samuel M. d. 1878 CT Monroe County, ME Lathrop Alura (1st wife) 2nd wife Henrietta P. Pickens m. 10 May 1860
Andrews Smedley d. c1881 NY Steuben County, NY Drake Sarah "Sally" 01 Dec 1816
Andrews Stephen d. 1868 US Inf Ripley County, IN Graden Sarah Ann (2nd wife) 15 Jul 1860
Andrews Varney 1794-1879 VA Grayson County, TX Maxey Mary Williams 10 Sep 1826
Andrews Wilbur 1795-1841 NH Sullivan County, NH Ross Orinda 22 Oct 1821
Andrews William 1788-1871 ME Oxford County, ME Estes Betsey 04 Apr 1810
Andrews William d. 1868 MA Boston, MA Hunt Mary 20 Feb 1816
Andrews William d. 1868 US Inf Sagadahoc County, ME Basset Sarah 28 Mar 1819
Andrews William b. 1787 NY Forest County, PA
Andrews William G. 1792-1874 CT Monroe County, MI Tolman Laura 29 Sep 1842
Andrews William Gaines 1796-1875 GA Upson County, GA Smith Elizabeth
Andrews Zenas d. 1853 NY Wyoming County, NY Perry Asenath Feb 1817
Andross John Felch 1786-1868 NY Orange County, NY Redfield Sarah 21 Apr 1812
Andross John Patterson d. 1880 NY Dayton, OH Shurtleff Mary Oct 1815
Androvitt Lewis 1777-1841 NY Richmond County, NY Mersereau Jane 12 Jan 1804
Andrus Anson d. 1880 NY Lewis County, NY Lorana Mar 1818
Andrus Chester b. 1792 NY Erie County, NY Connent Rachel Feb 1825
Andrus Ebenezer H. 1789-1875 NY Ashtabula County, OH Close Sally Ann 17 Oct 1813
Andrus Elisha b. 1795 NY Jefferson County, NY Mills Sally Dec 1848 probably 2nd wife
Andrus Elon 1786-1865 NY Macomb County, MI Lamb Nancy 29 Aug 1808
Andrus Ezekiel 1792-1879 NY Jefferson County, NY Gilbert Typhena 16 Jan 1816
Andrus Hazard 1788-1862 NY Cass County, MI Bishop Fanny 19 Jun 1824
Andrus Henry 1791-1873 NY Boone County, IL Wallace Mary 29 Apr 1816
Andrus Isaac c1796-1880 NY Winnebago County, IL Knowlton Sophronia 29 May 1823
Andrus Russell d. 1850 NY Macomb County, MI Pelton Zerviah 07 Apr 1825
Andrus Uri d. 1883 NY Niagara County, NY Lobdell Lorraine 11 Jul 1825
Andruss James 1793-1877 NY Lee County, IL Platt Sarah Ann 14 May 1815
Anewald John d. 1863 PA Lehigh County, PA Eberhart Catharine 06 Aug 1820
Angel James 1794-1880 NY Jefferson County, NY Pope Hannah 1819
Angel Paris d. 1879 NY Fulton County, OH Coon Eliza Ann 10 Apr 1807
Angel Samuel d. 1868 NC Christian County, IL Freeman Agnes W. 05 Aug 1817
Angell Ira S. 1790-1874 NY Steuben County, NY Angell Lucy 03 Jan 1822 spelled Angel
Angell Nicholas d. 1851 NY Jefferson County, NY Nott Asenath 13 May 1819
Angell Richard 1791-1882 RI Providence County, RI Randall Eleanor (1st wife) 2nd wife Rhoda/Phebe Potter m. 23 Apr 1835
Angell Stukley 1797-1870 NH Washington County, VT Tuthill Harriet L. 01 Jan 1823
Angeney John d. 1846 PA Philadelphia, PA Cain Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Catharine Shisler m. 26 Feb 1823
Angevine Oliver Lawrence 1780-1870 VT Rutland County, VT Whitney Sally 07 Sep 1806 spelled Augevine Family Record listing children in pension
Angevine Stephen 1792-1861 US Inf Orleans County, NY Turner Sophia (1st wife) 2nd wife Marilla Bishop m. 05 Apr 1832
Angier Silas 1792-1866 NH Orleans County, VT Holden Sarah 02 Oct 1816
Angle Christopher 1797-1882 NY Greene County, NY Frint Amy 05 Feb 1824
Angle Drury b. 1798 TN Dewitt County, TX Noosed Mary 04 Aug 1814
Anglea Allen C. 1796-1880 VA Prince Edward County, VA Ritchie Mary E. 07 Dec 1825
Anglea Hartwell 1796-1846 VA Sumner County, TN Ferguson Eliza 1832
Anglin Henry b. 1795 GA Jackson County, GA
Anglin James 1784-1877 GA Forsyth County, GA Hancock Patsy Sarah (1st wife) spelled Auglin 2nd wife Hannah McGinnis m. 11 Feb 1864
Angus Alexander 1791-1870 TN Tipton County, TN Garland Mary Jun 1819
Angus Samuel 1784-1840 US Navy Ann W.
Angus William 1790-1865 VA Amherst County, VA Fulcher Elizabeth "Betsey" 31 May 1810
Ankers John 1794-1867 VA Loudoun County, VA Hess Harriet 05 Apr 1825
Ankins Joseph d. 1834 US Inf Wilmington, DE Mellon Albina 01 Aug 1807
Ankrum George b. 1793 MD Doniphan County, KS
Annett Samuel d. 1875 VA Halifax County, VA Hughes Catharine 27 Dec 1819
Annin John C. d. 1875 NY Lapeer County, MI Lane Mary 07 Feb 1828
Annin William I. 1790-1872 NJ Somerset County, NJ Cross Providence (1st wife) 2nd wife Eliza H. Anderson Griffin m. 25 Nov 1858
Annis David 1792-1859 NY Cattaraugus County, NY Bristol Drusilla (1st wife) 2nd wife Charlotte Culver m. 02 Feb 1837
Annis Elison d. 1880 ME Knox County, IL Monroe Catherine 26 Sep 1819
Annis Ezra d. 1862 NY Erie County, NY Barber Ann 14 Feb 1832 probably 2nd wife
Annis Jacob d. c1879 US Inf Livingston County, NY Burnham Sarah 01 Jan 1815
Annis James 1792-1874 VT Orange County, VT Eastman Betsey 16 Apr 1834 probably 2nd wife
Annis Joseph d. 1876 VT Vernon County, WI
Annis Levi B. d. 1860 NH Allegheny County, PA Beltzhoover Catherine (1st wife) 2nd wife Fanny Lane m. 07 May 1836
Annis Thomas 1797-1874 NY Dearborn County, IN Fairbanks Rhoda 15 Jan 1819
Annis Truman 1786-1865 NY Fond du Lac County, WI Matteson Excha 10 Jan 1811 spelled Annas
Ansley Jesse Morris 1794-1865 GA Habersham County, GA Stanford Sarah Josephine (1st wife) 2nd wife Rebecca Hunt m. 26 Jan 1833
Anson Brinton b. 1789 NY Clinton County, NY Ott Margaret 22 Jun 1819
Anson Robert b. 1792 NY Oakland County, MI Pratt Nancy Eliza 07 Jan 1842 probably 2nd wife
Anthoine Amos d. 1870 MA Cumberland County, ME Hall Lucy 10 May 1818
Anthon John 1784-1863 NY New York, NY Howe Judith 26 Nov 1810
Anthony Hiram 1796-1880 TN Madison County, TN Fitzpatrick Lois 14 Apr 1825
Anthony John S. d. 1877 NY Monroe County, NY Brinks Jane 16 Jan 1817
Anthony Joseph 1778-1876 NY Livingston County, NY Brown Nancy 26 Oct 1823
Anthony Lewis Corder 1785-1861 TN Washington County, AR Kirby Nancy Jane
Anthony Mark 1780-1859 VA Campbell County, VA Leftwich Emelia 13 Dec 1799
Anthony Martin 1789-1871 GA Fayette County, AL Chandler Elizabeth 17 Aug 1817
Anthony Philip 1789-1873 RI Newport County, RI Manchester Mary 05 Dec 1817
Anthony Rufus b. 1790 NY Cortland County, NY
Anthony Theophilus 1790-1873 NY New York City, NY
Antill John 1790-1860 KY Henry County, KY Elston Nancy 26 Jan 1815
Antisdale Perez 1791-1854 NY Ontario County, NY McLouth Mary "Polly" 13 Nov 1814
Antley Abraham 1790-1886 SC Orangeburg County, SC Dantzler Mary Elizabeth 31 Mar 1825 spelled Antely
Antley Jacob 1794-1854 SC Clarke County, AL White Mariah spelled Autly
Antrobus Amos 1783-1854 KY Pendleton County, KY Butler Elizabeth 07 Aug 1808
Antrobus James d. 1848 MO Madison County, IL Nichols Lavinia 30 Nov 1840 probably 2nd wife
Apgar Jacob 1794-1868 NJ Hamilton County, OH Apgar Hannah 14 Feb 1812
App John 1793-1876 PA Snyder County, PA Gross Catherine (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Brobst m. 03 May 1856
Apperson Charles T. 1789-1880 KY Lewis County, KY Park Susan
Apperson John 1794-1877 VA Coles County, IL Hanson Sidney 02 Aug 1821
Apperson Major D. b. 1794 VA New Kent County, VA Jones Martha 30 Nov 1816
Apperson Reuben 1779-1884 US Inf Culpeper County, VA Keeling Jane 20 Mar 1828
Apperson Thomas 1791-1866 VA Culpeper County, VA Palmer Evelina Dec 1813
Apperson William 1786-1877 VA Howard County, IN Vance Sarah 29 Jun 1814
Apple Andrew 1791-1875 PA Northampton County, PA Brunner Anna Margaret 10 Sep 1815
Apple Andrew S. d. 1872 OH Marion County, IN Montjoy Catherine 15 Dec 1820 spelled Appel
Apple Daniel 1794-1877 OH Shelby County, OH Williamson Rebecca 09 May 1814
Apple George d. 1829 PA Philadelphia, PA Rose Sarah 23 May 1807
Apple Jacob d. 1841 PA Philadelphia, PA Cressman Mary Ann 21 Jan 1813
Applebee Deliverance 1785-1859 NY Westchester County, NY Harris Mahala 28 Jun 1835 probably 2nd wife
Applebee Thomas 1795-1881 NY Allegany County, NY
Appleberry John Pinckney 1793-1868 VA St. Francois County, MO Stephens Eliza Ann 30 Jun 1831 spelled Appelberry
Appleby Edward d. 1871 NJ Hudson County, NJ Bustis Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Cornelia Boorom m. 11 Jan 1854
Appleby Elijah d. 1857 NY Rockland County, NY Sarvent Elsie 20 Dec 1828
Appleby Philip b. 1792 NY Allegany County, NY Butler Sybil 01 Jan 1812
Appleby William 1792-1870 NY New York City, NY Wilson Mary 28 Jul 1812
Applegate Aaron 1779-1863 IN Clark County, IN Ross Mary Rebecca
Applegate Abner d. 1824 OH Hamilton County, OH Seaman Rebecca 13 May 1802
Applegate Andrew c1790-1834 OH Manhoning County, OH Houston Jane 15 Apr 1815
Applegate Andrew J. 1788-1851 NJ Middlesex County, NJ Riggs Theodosia July 1810 Bible Record in pension
Applegate Anthony b. 1800 NJ Middlesex County, NJ Brotherton Mary 12 Apr 1814
Applegate Benjamin 1789-1845 KY Brown County, OH Wall Rebecca
Applegate Daniel W. 1793-1873 NJ Monmouth County, NJ Thompson Ursula 22 Aug 1815
Applegate David b. 1792 NJ Salem County, NJ
Applegate David d. 1848 PA Beaver County, PA Kennedy Elizabeth 31 Jan 1800
Applegate Derrick 1790-1851 PA Harrison County, IN Johnson Elizabeth (1st wife) spelled Derick 2nd wife Irena Hutchinson m. 22 Jul 1841
Applegate Ezekiel d. 1820 US Inf Monmouth County, NJ Carter Lavinia 21 Nov 1810
Applegate Garrett d. 1851 US Art Burlington County, NJ Shaw Jane 14 May 1822
Applegate Jacob 1787-1824 KY Fleming County, KY Rummins Hannah 19 Jun 1806 INCORRECTLY filed in pension of Hezekiah Applegate US Inf on Fold3
Applegate Jacob b. 1792 NJ Atlantic County, NJ Smith Martha
Applegate James 1797-1866 KY Grundy County, MO Tolle Nancy
Applegate John 1794-1863 KY Delaware County, IN Trafford Elizabeth brother of James Applegate of Grundy County, MO
Applegate John 1794-1863 NJ Monmouth County, NJ Cottrell Ann Eliza 24 May 1843 probably 2nd wife
Applegate John D. 1794-1872 NJ Monmouth County, NJ Hill Mary Ann 07 Oct 1832
Applegate John D. 1793-1873 NJ Ocean County, NJ Grover Mary 30 Dec 1820
Applegate Jonathan d. 1856 NJ Philadelphia, PA Kemly Lilly (1st wife) 2nd wife Rebecca m. 03 Sep 1850
Applegate Joseph 1792-1855 NJ Shelby County, OH Clayton Elizabeth 08 Nov 1818
Applegate Joseph 1789-1847 OH Trumbull County, OH Thompson Rachel 05 Apr 1814
Applegate Joseph R. b. 1791 NJ Middlesex County, NJ Lowden Gertrude Sep 1822
Applegate Josiah d. 1847 NJ Burlington County, NJ Reed Mary 01 Feb 1815
Applegate Kenneth 1793-1854 NJ Mercer County, NJ Wyckoff Gertrude 16 Jan 1821 spelled Kinneth
Applegate Lewis d. 1859 NY Kings County, NY Gildersleeve Elizabeth 20 Dec 1817
Applegate Nathaniel 1792-1863 TN Story County, IA Smith Elizabeth last wife Elizabeth Spiller m. 11 Jan 1855
Applegate Peter W. 1793-1877 KY Putnam County, IN Tennis Eleanor 11 Jan 1815 Bible record in pension
Applegate Richard c1764-c1845 KY Mason County, KY
Applegate Samuel 1783-1870 TN Pike County, IL Stark Sarah
Applegate Thomas d. 1851 MD Dorchester County, MD Wheatley Sarah 31 Dec 1802
Applegate Thomas NJ Middlesex County, NJ Bain Sarah c1799
Applegate Tunis 1771-1847 KY Jefferson County, KY McGrew Eleanor 16 Feb 1794
Applegate William 1791-1869 OH Franklin County, IN Brown Ruth (1st wife) 2nd wife Dorcas Rosebrough m. 25 Sep 1834
Applegate William W. 1787-1868 NJ Middlesex County, NJ Hoagland Margaret 27 Dec 1810
Appleget Richard b. 1791 KY Brown County, IN
Appleton Jacob d. 1855 PA Allegheny County, PA Robison Anna M. 19 Jun 1817
Appleton Nathaniel 1782-1859 MA Essex County, MA Stone Susanna
Applewhaite Thomas d. 1837 VA Nansemond County, VA Corbell Mary Ann 08 Jan 1811
Applewhite Seth c1800-1884 MS Lincoln County, MS Davis Aris 02 May 1820
Applewhite Thomas 1790-1864 LA Bexar County, TX
Appling William Joseph 1790-1841 KY Montgomery County, MO Whiteside Ann 1813
Arbaugh George 1790-1867 VA Mercer County, OH
Arbaugh Jacob 1791-1875 MD Jefferson County, OH Stonesifer Elizabeth 15 Sep 1821
Arbaugh Jacob 1791-1851 MS Johnson County, AR Winn Sarah 11 Sep 1817
Arbaugh John 1775-1842 MD Carroll County, MD Long Margaret 25 Dec 1820
Arbogast Henry 1790-1871 OH Dewitt County, IL Huffman Mary 1809
Arbogast Joseph 1795-1884 VA Pendleton County, WV Ketterman Sarah Feb 1816
Arbogast William 1797-1847 VA Pocahontas County, VA Tallman Jane Gillespie 25 Oct 1826
Arbuckle Nathan 1790-1864 IN Jefferson County, IN Jennings Catherine Sep 1814
Arbuckle Samuel Ross 1789-1874 OH Hamilton County, OH Berry Nancy 20 Feb 1811
Arcement Louis 1793-1843 LA Terrebonne Parish, LA Robichaux Anne Rosalie 05 Jun 1820
Archer Aaron 1781-1871 OH Logan County, OH Mary
Archer Amos 1797-1875 VA Monroe County, AL Hendrix Elizabeth 03 Aug 1828
Archer Eliakim 1795-1872 US Inf Washington County, ME Barfield Jane F. 10 Jul 1815 spelled Eleakim
Archer George d. 1833 US Navy Oswego County, NY Osborn Eliza 24 Aug 1817
Archer Henry Gates 1786-1867 ME Washington County, ME Newcomb Sarah "Sally" 13 May 1810
Archer Hezekiah 1792-1872 TN Des Moines County, IA Gridley Elsey 15 Jul 1856 probably 2nd wife
Archer Isaac d. 1861 PA Venango County, PA Tuttle Jane 13 Aug 1813
Archer Joel 1790-1869 CT Hartford County, CT Dutton Lucina 18 Jan 1811
Archer John 1783-1861 MA Washington County, ME Colson Lucy Willey 01 Jan 1807
Archer John b. 1789 NJ Gloucester County, NJ Jones Mary Dec 1832 probably 2nd wife
Archer Lodowick d. 1840 SC Henry County, GA McCoy Polly (1st wife) 27 Nov 1827 2nd wife Martha Harper m. 27 Nov 1827
Archer Moses d. 1846 US Inf Polk County, MO Clark Mary 21 Apr 1841 probably 2nd wife
Archer Richard d. 1879 NY Lake County, IL Murry Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Ann E. Dana m. 28 Oct 1857
Archer Richard F. d. 1861 VA Fayette County, GA Brown Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Prudence Ann Vinson m. 11 Dec 1828
Archer Robert d. 1863 US Inf Clark County, MS Hewitt Elizabeth 1818
Archer Roger F. b. 1786 NY Livingston County, MI Stockwell Rachel 13 Jul 1812
Archer Sanford d. 1866 NY Washington County, NY Weller Eliza 09 Sep 1831 probably 2nd wife
Archer Thomas 1787-1853 MA Washington County, ME Tupper Hannah 02 May 1816
Archer Thomas b. 1795 NY Herkimer County, NY Kinsman Jemima
Archer William d. 1870 NY Cayuga County, NY Elizabeth 10 Aug 1844 probably 2nd wife
Archer William 1789-1852 VA Jersey County, IL Merrill Priscilla 27 Nov 1812
Archey John F. b. 1788 US Inf Germantown, PA Newton Hannah 1817
Ard Reuben d. 1846 GA Green County, MS Turner Mary Ann Nov 1823
Arden Thomas b. 1794 LA Chatham County, GA Mickler Eve 20 Nov 1823
Arendell Thomas 1788-1869 SC Rabun County, GA Lefever Margaret "Peggy" (1st wife) spelled Arrendale 2nd wife Sarah Williams m. 01 Nov 1847
Arentz George Adam 1781-1828 PA Lebanon County, PA Eck Mary Margaret (1st wife) 2nd wife Catherine Boyer m. 21 Nov 1819
Arey Ebenezer 1794-1862 MA Knox County, ME Hudson Azubah 28 Dec 1820
Arey Joseph 1785-1880 MA Barnstable County, MA Eldredge Dorothy
Arford Frederick 1793-1878 PA Lancaster County, PA Harncome Jane 04 Nov 1822
Argabright Martin d. 1869 VA Roane County, WV Burdette Catherine May 1822 spelled Argabrite
Argenbright John 1794-1870 VA McDonough County, IL Baker Christina Tiny 15 Apr 1818
Argersinger Boltis b. 1790 NY Hillsdale County, MI Smith Lucretia 30 May 1828
Argo Jeremiah 1791-1881 OH Cedar County, IA Oxley Anna 26 Aug 1813
Argo John 1793-c1883 OH Piatt County, IL Marsh Catherine "Katie" (1st wife) Dec 1822 2nd wife Sally Ellis, 3rd wife Martha McKinley m. 27 Dec 1864
Argue Robert d. 1879 PA Philadelphia, PA Park Sarah 11 Jan 1827
Arick William 1789-1846 NJ Cumberland County, NJ Moore Anna N. 02 Apr 1822
Arie Joseph 1794-1869 VA Peoria County, IL Humphreys Nancy 17 Nov 1832 probably 2nd wife
Arisman Jacob 1795-1878 VA Morgan County, MO Hall Malinda 17 Dec 1823
Arison John 1790-1870 VA Fayette County, PA Day Catherine 16 Sep 1812
Arlin Benjamin d. 1846 NH Strafford County, NH Willey Sarah "Sally" 27 Nov 1822
Arlin Jeremiah b. 1796 US Inf Merrimack County, NH Chandler Nancy
Armacost John 1789-1883 MD Baltimore County, MD Wheeler Mary 11 Nov 1811
Armacost Richard 1793-1881 MD Carroll County, MD Cox Elizabeth
Armager Jesse b. 1798 MD Baltimore, MD Lash Julia Ann Feb 1821
Armentrout Abraham 1798-1889 VA Ashland County, OH Wade Priscilla 22 Feb 1821
Armentrout Christopher 1794-1839 VA Rockingham County, VA Deeds Amy 14 Feb 1822 Family Bible record in pension
Armentrout David 1787-1870 VA Knox County, OH Layman/Lemmon Barbara Oct 1808
Armentrout Philip 1794-1869 VA Moultrie County, IL Greenwood Mary 13 Jan 1824
Armes Moses 1787-1862 TN Franklin County, IL Hammer Elizabeth 11 Jul 1816
Armes Moses 1787-1862 TN Franklin County, IL Hammer Elizabeth Jane 11 Jul 1816 spelled Arnees
Armfield Isaac 1787-1872 TN Copiah County, MS Gustavus Sarah 24 Mar 1825
Armiger John 1798-1872 MD Anne Arundel County, MD Dove Ann 14 Jan 1820 spelled Armager
Armistead George 1780-1818 US Art Baltimore, MD Hughes Louisa 26 Nov 1810
Armistead James A. 1793-1876 VA Prince Edward County, VA Howard Elizabeth D. 15 Mar 1821
Armistead John Kimball 1792-1881 NC Montgomery County, MS Gaines Julia
Armistead Ralph c1796-1864 VA Mathews County, VA Grinnell Sarah Ann 1813
Armistead Thomas 1800-1889 VA Mathews County, VA Rutherford Eliza (1st wife) 2nd wife Harriet J. Miller m. 28 Aug 1845
Armitage Ephraim Wilson 1794-1878 OH Grundy County, IL Hammer Anna 19 Oct 1819
Armor James d. 1845 DE Wilmington, DE Lyman Ann
Armor John b. 1795 MD Baltimore, MD
Armor Joseph D. 1794-1888 TN Lawrence County, AL Whitaker Lucinda
Armor Robert 1796-1878 TN Lawrence County, AL Dobbins Jane 1815
Armor William 1789-1861 MD Baltimore, MD Fechtig Margaret (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Kirk Gunby m. 17 Mar 1842
Armour Edward P. 1790-1862 PA Carlisle County, PA Musser Rebecca (1st wife) spelled Armor 2nd wife Catherine Matter
Armour Hamilton d. 1844 PA Mercer County, PA Nelson Mary 12 Jun 1823
Armour James 1796-1877 PA Center County, PA Benner Ruth 10 Aug 1828 spelled Armor
Armour Preston 1793-1879 CT Madison County, NY Brown Betsey 22 Feb 1818
Armour Samuel b. 1788 MD Cecil County, MD
Armour Thomas 1775-1824 PA Adams County, PA Hoge Sarah 01 Feb 1798 spelled Armor
Arms Archibald 1786-1863 TN Overton County, TN Martin Sophia Susan 11 Mar 1810 spelled Armes
Arms Luman 1796-1884 NY Jefferson County, NY Pierce Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Olive m. 21 Dec 1882
Arms Phineas 1793-1872 PA Caldwell County, MO Bolles Maria 04 Apr 1822 spelled Phinehas
Arms Richard d. 1862 NY Erie County, NY Thompson Janette (1st wife) 2nd wife Marion B. Howden m. 05 Jun 1839
Armsbury Christopher T. 1793-1853 NY Rensselaer County, NY Saunders Polly 03 Mar 1816
Armstrong Andrew b. 1787 GA Lauderdale County, MS Stanford Sarah 10 Jan 1810
Armstrong Andrew 1794-1872 PA Chester County, PA Thomas Maria 23 Dec 1820
Armstrong Archibald 1785-1869 PA Lawrence County, PA Wallace Elizabeth 08 Oct 1807
Armstrong Benjamin 1797-1873 TN Hopkins County, KY Sugg Zelotus E. Jul 1837 probably 2nd wife
Armstrong Chester 1796-1873 VT Lansing, MI Smith Eunice 23 Mar 1820
Armstrong Daniel d. 1886 NY McHenry County, IL Hannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Eveline C. m. 21 Aug 1877
Armstrong Darius 1795-1857 CT Geauga County, OH Hazen Mary 07 Nov 1816
Armstrong David 1787-c1880 TN Lincoln County, TN Deal Rhina 22 Dec 1822
Armstrong Ephraim Davidson 1794-1873 TN Wabash County, IL Gard Ruth (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Jane Carmen m. 09 Aug 1845
Armstrong George d. 1850 IN Oldham County, KY Sarah Ann 07 Apr 1840 probably 2nd wife
Armstrong Harvill b. 1800 AL Choctaw County, AL King Mary 18 Jun 1823
Armstrong Henry b. 1797 IN Franklin County, IN Clayton Elizabeth 28 Nov 1816
Armstrong Henry Beekman 1791-1884 US Rifles Dutchess County, NY Simmons Mary D. May 1823
Armstrong Ira Austin 1793-1862 CT Monroe County, NY Blackman Abigail Spencer (1st wife) 2nd wife Minerva m. 19 Dec 1859
Armstrong Isham 1794-1851 NC New Hanover County, NC Shepherd Mary 24 Apr 1827
Armstrong Jacob d. 1827 PA Montour County, PA Moore Nancy 04 Feb 1814
Armstrong James d. 1840 NC Sampson County, NC Burns Susan 14 Apr 1822
Armstrong James b. 1793 OH Johnson County, NE Patterson Elizabeth 02 Dec 1818
Armstrong James 1797-1883 OH Marion County, IN Lyons Mary 1814
Armstrong James d. 1870 VA Wood County, WV Smith Sarah Dec 1836
Armstrong James Martin 1792-1865 TN Wilson County, TN Payne Mary Elizabeth
Armstrong James Ramsey 1787-1874 KY Boyle County, KY Richardson Mary D. Sep 1813
Armstrong James Reed 1792-1872 SC Clay County, AL Emerson Mary Rachel 24 Aug 1815
Armstrong James S. d. 1845 TN Gibson County, TN Hall Elizabeth 27 Aug 1819
Armstrong Jesse 1796-1877 PA Bucks County, PA Mathias Elizabeth 21 Dec 1829
Armstrong John c1790-1872 CT Tolland County, CT Dorrance Esther (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucina C. Richardson m. 09 Jan 1849
Armstrong John d. 1872 MD Baltimore, MD Ruff Henrietta 22 Dec 1842 probably 2nd wife
Armstrong John 1789-1875 PA Chester County, PA Skiles Margaret 09 Feb 1826
Armstrong John 1793-1872 SC Carroll County, IL Boyd Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Clark m. 24 May 1860
Armstrong John c1773-1829 TN Maury County, TN Harrelson Susanna
Armstrong John 1776-1831 VA Culpeper County, VA Spilman Cynthia Davenport 23 Jun 1808
Armstrong John 1794-1868 VA Clinton County, OH Stanforth Nancy 10 Oct 1821
Armstrong Joseph 1780-1856 PA Bedford County, PA Bottenfield Catherine 01 Dec 1814 wife's maiden name also spelled Bottomfield
Armstrong Joshua 1791-1866 NY Allegany County, NY Hoag Susannah 12 Oct 1816
Armstrong Martin 1784-1864 OH Dallas County, IA Atchison Elizabeth "Betsy" 02 Jul 1812
Armstrong Milton d. 1876 NY Fulton County, NY Green Rhoby 04 Oct 1815
Armstrong Nathaniel b. 1779 TN Effingham County, IL Derryberry Catherine 10 Sep 1807
Armstrong Nehemiah d. 1834 VA Licking County, OH English Achsah 01 Jun 1814
Armstrong Oliver 1796-1881 CT Philadelphia, PA
Armstrong Phares d. 1883 VA Roanoke County, VA Harris Jane 28 Sep 1819
Armstrong Phineas 1785-1836 VT Rutland County, VT Andrus Eunice A. 10 Jan 1809
Armstrong Rensselaer Jay 1796-1867 NY Orange County, NY Denton Ellen 14 Jan 1847 probably 2nd wife
Armstrong Sherman d. 1868 NY Ulster County, NY Brown Sylvia 23 Feb 1812
Armstrong Silas 1787-1858 CT Norwich, CT Marshall Hannah 08 Sep 1813
Armstrong Solomon c1788-1879 KY Benton County, AR Doss Ann 1810
Armstrong Solomon d. 1877 MD Cecil County, MD Green Chloe 10 Sep 1818
Armstrong Stephen 1790-1843 NY Oakland County, MI Peck Eunice
Armstrong Thomas d. 1879 NY Warren County, NY West Elizabeth 11 Nov 1816
Armstrong Thomas d. 1870 OH Cuyahoga County, OH Elizabeth 26 Apr 1835 probably 2nd wife
Armstrong Thomas c1787-1858 VA Rockbridge County, VA Harris Pegg (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha "Patsy" Ann Standoff m. 16 Apr 1846
Armstrong William c1795-p1872 GA Bibb County, AL Strange Mary 20 Jun 1816
Armstrong William 1795-1879 IL Morgan County, IL Oden Susan H.
Armstrong William KY Mary
Armstrong William 1789-1865 KY Shelby County, KY Taylor Sabrina 21 Dec 1820
Armstrong William d. 1874 LA Jackson County, TX Sheffield Sarah 12 Dec 1824
Armstrong William d. 1843 MA Floyd County, IN Chenoweth Mahala 14 Aug 1828
Armstrong William b. 1790 TN Coryell County, TX Monroe Mary W. J. 05 Dec 1816
Armstrong William d. 1862 VA Louisa County, VA Smith Frances A. 21 Dec 1850 probably 2nd wife
Arnall Henry 1792-1856 VA Hanover County, VA Harris Sarah W. 17 Jul 1823 spelled Arnold
Arnall Richard 1794-1874 VA Caroline County, VA Butler Catharine S. 27 Dec 1821 spelled Arnold
Arndt Benjamin Franklin 1796-1872 PA Northampton County, PA Roeder Sarah 04 May 1823
Arndt Jacob b. 1790 PA Lehigh County, PA Weaver Mary 04 Oct 1818
Arndt John 1792-c1878 NY Herkimer County, NY Smith Elizabeth 28 Nov 1809
Arnett Archibald 1793-1872 VA Louisa County, VA Trice Frances L. 05 Jun 1828
Arnett Benjamin b. 1786 MO Iron County, MO
Arnett John d. 1871 KY Benton County, MO Waters Abigail 11 Nov 1814
Arnett Nathaniel d. c1819 DC Frederick County, VA Burke Ann 1806
Arnett William b. 1791 NC Wayne County, NC Bowden Anna 16 Jun 1812
Arnett William Shelton 1786-1853 KY Jefferson County, AL Zimmerman Polly (1st wife) 2nd wife Charlotte Bright Ratliff m. c1832
Arney Michael b. 1783 PA Dauphin County, PA Speece Mary 17 Oct 1811
Arno Isaac d. 1854 MA Androscoggin County, ME Joanna (2nd wife)
Arnold Alexander c1793-1871 TN Johnson County, TN Pearce Martha 28 Mar 1813
Arnold Amos d. 1852 NY Athens, PA Hewlett/Hulett Minerva 1829
Arnold Andrew 1781-1875 US Inf Livingston County, NY Henderson Ann
Arnold Andrew c1794-1877 TN Johnson County, TN Donnelly Catherine "Kitty" 04 Oct 1822
Arnold Benjamin b. 1793 NY Cayuga County, NY Skinner Susan 30 Oct 1812
Arnold Benjamin T. b. 1793 TN Van Buren County, AR Gilbert Nancy 10 May 1811
Arnold Bernard 1796-1878 KY Clarke County, IA Utterback Nancy
Arnold Darius b. c1788 NY Calhoun County, MI Slocum Joanna Sep 1812
Arnold David c1795-1876 NY Oswego County, NY Calkins Uretta 10 Jan 1820
Arnold Ebenezer 1793-1870 MA Sagadahoc County, ME Hill Mary J. (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucy P. m. 15 Dec 1843
Arnold Elisha 1793-1876 NC Craven County, NC Smith Susan 18 Dec 1817
Arnold Enoch 1795-1863 NY Monroe County, NY Brown Sally (1st wife) 2nd wife Clarissa Brown m. 06 Apr 1824
Arnold Ezekiel 1797-c1880 NY Ashtabula County, OH Parker Keziah 24 Feb 1820
Arnold Ezekiel 1792-1874 TN Weakley County, TN Gilliland Mary 05 Jan 1815
Arnold Garret d. 1828 NY Cayuga County, NY Boardman Lucy 22 May 1814 spelled Garry
Arnold George 1795-1876 IN Cooper County, MO Stephens Elizabeth 14 Jun 1815 also lived Harrison County, IN
Arnold George c1790-1883 TN Scott County, IL Cook Nancy 1836
Arnold George W. d. c1863 NC Hawkins County, TN Arnold Susan 20 Apr 1813
Arnold Henry 1795-1872 NY Manistee County, MI Kilborn Sidney Lucinda 22 Sep 1816
Arnold Horace 1796-1884 CT Middlesex County, CT White Sylvia 10 Feb 1818
Arnold Isaac 1791-1864 NY Seneca County, OH Harding Margaret 19 Nov 1822
Arnold James 1791-1875 KY Gallatin County, KY Hampton Susannah 27 Sep 1812
Arnold James 1785-1864 NY Oakland County, MI Stingerland Mary Nov 1805
Arnold James Lee 1794-1837 TN Gibson County, TN Gilliland Melinda 02 Dec 1815
Arnold Jarrett 1788-1865 TN Johnson County, TN Reece Laodicea 1812
Arnold Jesse d. 1846 US Navy Putnam County, TN Burton Letitia Ann 26 Apr 1832
Arnold John d. 1841 KY Richland County, IL Jordan Elizabeth 05 Sep 1811
Arnold John d. c1882 MS Newton County, MO Webb Elizabeth 10 Oct 1816
Arnold John 1796-1870 MO Howard County, MO Head Margaret 01 Jul 1841 probably 2nd wife
Arnold John A. 1782-1863 VA King George County, VA Price Frances Buckner (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane Went m. 15 Jan 1852
Arnold John G. c1796-p1871 VA Daviess County, KY Yager Elizabeth 23 Dec 1819
Arnold Jonas Rudsill 1795-1883 TN Scott County, IL Elben Anna (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary E. Albright m. 19 Aug 1858
Arnold Jonathan 1798-1871 MA Plymouth County, MA Damon Mary Wilder 03 Oct 1817
Arnold Josephus 1788-1858 NY Adams County, OH Pemberton Katherine "Kate" Luck 09 Mar 1828
Arnold Josiah 1793-1861 MA Summit County, OH Smith Phebe 04 Mar 1812
Arnold Michael 1789-1862 TN Scott County, IL Funk Frances "Fanny" 04 Jun 1813
Arnold Noel 1793-1856 VA Gibson County, TN Noel America Mariah Nov 1814
Arnold Peleg 1788-1865 NY Chenango County, NY Bennett Armenia
Arnold Peter 1793-1873 PA Niagara County, NY Fisher Margaret 25 Jan 1820
Arnold Samuel b. 1796 MA Waldo County, ME Belcher Rebecca 04 Sep 1819
Arnold Samuel c1791-1839 US Navy Berrien County, MI Jackson Mary 31 May 1815
Arnold Scott b. 1792 KY Lucas County, IA
Arnold Solomon d. 1871 GA Randolph County, AL Bush Jennett E. 20 Dec 1827
Arnold Stephen V. c1790-1881 US Inf Van Buren County, MI Tallman Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Buss m. 08 Nov 1848
Arnold Thomas d. 1878 KY Carroll County, MO Smith Maria 11 Jul 1820
Arnold Thomas Dickens 1798-1870 TN Greene County, TN Rose Leah Loretta 17 Jul 1832
Arnold William d. 1843 MD Anne Arundel County, MD Wells Deborah (1st wife) 2nd wife Catharine Redman m. 05 Apr 1820
Arnold William d. 1879 MA Kennebec County, ME Taylor Mary 18 Jul 1819
Arnout Jehiel d. 1860 NY McKean County, PA Sampson Harriet Dec 1813 spelled Johial
Arnout Nathan c1789-1842 NY Orange County, NY Roe Phebe Maria 30 Apr 1818
Arnout Samuel c1795-1884 NY Chautauqua County, NY Crandall Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Emma Johnson, 3rd wife Nancy Hazzard, 4th wife Emma Neil
Arnsdorff John 1792-1858 GA Effingham County, GA Morgan Sarah 1820
Arnsdorff Solomon c1790-1873 GA Effingham County, GA Weitman Ann Eve 22 Mar 1831 probably 2nd wife
Arntz John Philip 1796-1874 PA Montcalm County, MI Rice Elizabeth 1842 probably 2nd wife
Aronhalt Adam 1792-1842 VA Coshocton County, OH McCauley Sarah J. 25 Feb 1819 spelled Aaronhalt
Arp Peter b. 1794 PA Lycoming County, PA Witman Susan 28 Oct 1823
Arrant Cornelius b. 1796 GA Tallapoosa County, AL Chamblin Dicey 25 Jul 1816
Arrant Peter d. 1876 GA Lee County, AL Gaunt Frances "Fannie" 28 Jan 1810
Arrasmith Charles c1794-c1877 VA Adams County, OH Groves Sarah
Arrendell Richard 1793-1857 TN Johnson County, TN Reece Elizabeth Jul 1813
Arrington Arthur 1795-1881 VA Franklin County, VA Ward Eleanor "Ally"
Arrington Charles d. 1848 VA Appomattox County, VA Rosser Sarah M. "Sally" 10 Dec 1810
Arrington Edmond 1781-1865 VA Bedford County, VA Wade Sarah Ann "Sallie" Aug 1802
Arrington Richard 1785-1837 VA Halifax County, VA Wall Martha 10 Dec 1816
Arrington Thomas b. 1786 VA Gallia County, OH Gould Esther A. 16 Mar 1821
Arrington Thomas 1794-1881 TN Haywood County, NC Bell Sebitha 18 Jan 1816
Arrison John d. 1872 US Inf Appanoose County, IA Reed Deborah 26 Jan 1819
Arrison Joseph d. 1860 PA Philadelphia, PA Plum Barbara 15 Aug 1813
Arrowood James Isam c1790-1858 TN Macon County, NC Davis Winnie (2nd wife) 3rd wife Martha Ford m. 08 Jun 1851
Arrowood John 1797-1864 TN Mitchell County, NC Barrett Frances
Art William Lewis 1780-1860 OH Lucas County, IA Stockdale Mary Ann 07 Jul 1803
Arters Joseph 1793-1875 PA Warren County, PA Brown Hannah Pelton 07 Jul 1818
Arthur Ambrose 1776-1859 KY Knox County, KY Fletcher Jane Gilbert 22 Jan 1811
Arthur Amos 1791-1874 OH Auglaize County, OH Elliott Anna A. 10 Oct 1821
Arthur Barnabas c1792-1865 GA Pickens County, GA Jones Sophia 02 May 1819 spelled Arther
Arthur Cary d. 1837 VA Norfolk, VA West Lucy 05 Apr 1815
Arthur Francis 1774-1859 NY Essex County, NY Bennett Sarah Serena 19 Mar 1833
Arthur Hugh 1778-1878 VA Carroll County, OH Conn Rebecca 2nd wife Jane Moncrief m. 18 Apr 1855
Arthur James 1797-1889 OH Brown County, OH Reed Margaret 15 Oct 1818
Arthur John b. 1788 MD Harford County, MD Stover Susan 22 Dec 1861 probably 2nd wife
Arthur John b. 1795 MD Frederick County, MD Zimmerman Susan Dec 1824
Arthur John 1791-1844 VA Franklin County, VA Smith Charlotte 07 Sep 1818
Arthur Jonas d. 1860 VA Cumberland County, VA Fulcher Catherine M. (1st wife) 2nd wife Narcissa P. m. 19 Oct 1851
Arthur Larkin 1793-1875 VA Wayne County, KY Dixon Jane "Jenny"
Arthur Lewis 1794-1882 GA Jackson County, GA Hartsfield Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Permelia Pryor m. 07 Nov 1874
Arthur Lewis 1795-1878 VA Cabell County, WV Dillon Lucy Jul 1819
Arthur Nicholas d. 1842 US Inf Cincinnati, OH Gray Charlotte 31 Oct 1810 spelled Arthurs
Arthur Willis 1791-1856 VA Clark County, IL Freeman Emily J. "Milly" 20 Jun 1821
Arthur Zebulon B. 1795-1879 VA Rutherford County, TN Bybee Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Balis/Ballew m. 08 Oct 1837
Arthurs Thomas b. 1792 OH Ross County, OH Wallace Hannah 11 Apr 1816
Artman Jacob 1785-1871 PA Mercer County, PA Fry Hannah 1809
Artman John 1796-1866 KY Randolph County, MO Dugan Rhoda 23 May 1822
Artman Samuel 1791-1869 PA Northumberland County, PA Berger Mary 31 Aug 1817
Artz Abraham d. 1877 MD Montgomery County, OH Rudy Catherine (1st wife) 2nd wife Mattie L. Miller m. 17 Mar 1864
Artz David 1793-1872 MD Washington County, MD Hammer Catherine (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Aubert m. 11 Aug 1833
Artz John 1793-1873 VA Mercer County, IL Lambert Sarah 18 Nov 1819
Artz Peter 1792-1873 MD Montgomery County, OH Heistand Elizabeth 16 Dec 1816
Arundel William d. 1880 IL St. Clair County, IL Murdock Rebecca 1819
Arvin Elias 1790-1875 MD Daviess County, IN Tinsh Catherine Feb 1815
Arvin Henry 1787-1860 MD Daviess County, IN Montgomery Theresa INCORRECTLY filed as Elijah, Asa on Fold3
Arvin William c1797-1880 NH Clinton County, NY Craig Mary (1st wife) spelled Arven 2nd wife Rose Ann McKinney m. 25 Nov 1874
Ary John 1793-1869 VA Greene County, OH Turner Margaret 18 Aug 1817 spelled Aery
Asa Elijah 1796-1888 KY Rock Island County, IL Waters Susannah
Asbury Daniel Shadrack 1789-1853 KY Green County, KY Atkinson Lucinda 12 Oct 1813 spelled as Shadrack Asberry
Asbury Henry 1783-1850 KY Boone County, KY Hixon Martha "Patsy" 16 May 1811
Asbury William b. 1787 VA Champaign County, IL Woods Janetta 28 Oct 1842 probably 2nd wife
Ash Benjamin Franklin 1801-1876 CT New London County, CT Comstock Lucretia Ann 31 Oct 1832
Ash David 1779-1859 NY Fond du Lac County, WI Close Phoebe (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy m. 1824
Ash George W. 1799-c1879 US Navy Philadelphia, PA Spotswood Margaret Callender 19 Feb 1829
Ash Jacob 1791-1849 VA Shelby County, IN Marsh Isabella 16 Mar 1815
Ash Jonas F. b. 1793 NY Ionia County, MI Zilpha M. Jun 1829
Ash Michael W. d. 1858 PA Philadelphia, PA Barth Harriet S. 16 May 1816
Ash Moses b. c1791 VA Nansemond County, VA Douglass Martha "Patsy" 20 Oct 1814
Ash Robert d. 1865 IN Hopkins County, TX Bridges Eda Jun 1819
Ash Robert E. 1792-1875 KY Monroe County, MO Kessinger Mary 1821
Ash Thomas d. 1854 NY New York City, NY Stanton Eliza B. 04 Dec 1813
Ash William 1791-1859 TN Franklin County, GA Strange Martha 15 Jan 1825
Ashbaugh Daniel 1793-1869 PA Clarion County, PA Best Mary Feb 1823
Ashbaugh Frederick 1783-1847 OH Fairfield County, OH Musser Mary Elizabeth "Polly" 31 Dec 1811
Ashbaugh John 1794-1853 KY Hart County, KY Logsdon Mary 20 Aug 1812
Ashbey Asa c1795-1877 US Inf New London County, CT Ingraham Narcissa 16 Sep 1820
Ashbey Henry 1800-1879 NY New London County, CT Wolfe Abbey Jane 08 Jun 1824
Ashbridge Israel Jones 1792-1849 US Inf Philadelphia, PA Kenyon Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Catherine Susan Hoeflich m. 15 Sep 1834
Ashbrook Moses b. 1796 MO Johnson County, TX Irwin Mary 31 Mar 1825
Ashbrook Thomas b. 1791 NJ Philadelphia, PA Maria 1817
Ashburner Adam d. 1869 PA Philadelphia, PA Grieve Mary F. (1st wife) 2nd wife Elisa Logan m. 03 Jul 1861
Ashby Benjamin 1795-1881 KY Pike County, IN Burdette Margaret (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Ferguson
Ashby Benjamin 1776-1841 US Navy Essex County, MA Gale Joanna Glazier 15 Jun 1824
Ashby Daniel 1791-1878 IN Chariton County, MO Leeper Cassandra (1st wife) 3rd wife Henrietta Bull, 4th wife Idress E. m. 13 Oct 1869
Ashby James 1790-1871 KY Warrick County, IN Decker Charlotte (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Hooker m. 16 Jul 1863
Ashby James 1794-1865 VA Pittsylvania County, VA Sykes Lucinda 20 Dec 1826
Ashby John 1775-1831 VA Fauquier County, VA Smith Sarah "Sallie" (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary McNish
Ashby Nathan 1766-1846 VA Preston County, VA Sedman Lottie (2nd wife) 24 Dec 1840 3rd wife Mary Keyser Wright m. 24 Dec 1840
Ashby Thomas 1784-1865 KY Lincoln County, MO Brundridge Susannah (1st wife) spelled Asby 2nd wife Mary "Polly" Blue m. 17 Jan 1832
Ashby Thomson 1785-1850 VA Alexandria County, VA Menifee Ann Stuart 20 Oct 1809
Ashby William d. 1837 IN Marion County, IN Stewart Mary 11 Jun 1818
Ashby William Richardson 1790-1843 KY Warren County, VA Buck Rebecca Richardson 03 Apr 1817
Ashcom Alexander 1788-1858 Blank Baltimore, MD Lynch Pamelia 10 Dec 1818
Ashcraft Ichabod 1793-1866 KY Grant County, KY Wharton Elizabeth 13 Apr 1815
Ashcraft James Richard 1790-1867 KY Grant County, KY Wortman Elizabeth 27 Jan 1807 spelled Ashcroft
Ashcraft Jonathan 1792-1884 OH Coshocton County, OH McKee Catherine 02 Dec 1813
Ashcraft Peter 1788-1865 CT New London County, CT Dart Amy (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Chapman m. Dec 1847
Ashenhurst Oliver 1793-1859 VA Mercer County, IL Bishop Euphemia 07 Aug 1828
Ashenhust John d. 1856 VA Wayne County, OH Young Mary 31 Jan 1805
Asher Charles 1790-1868 TN Reynolds County, MO Ollis Barbary 1815
Asher John d. 1864 IN Marion County, IA Monday Isabell 02 Feb 1813
Asher Neroway 1788-1872 VA Ross County, OH Wayland Rosanna 11 Feb 1813
Asher Solomon 1793-1873 TN Hardin County, KY Stone Mary "Polly" (1st wife) 2nd wife Eleanor Christian m. 09 May 1867
Asher Thomas 1797-1885 TN Gonzales County, TX McGee Mary May 1817
Asher Waller R. 1785-1862 VA Culpeper County, VA Shannon Elizabeth 26 Dec 1805
Asher William 1793-1838 KY Owen County, IN Woolett Mary "Polly" 11 Mar 1813
Ashford Basel 1798-1877 TN Cannon County, TN Tittle Elizabeth (1st wife) spelled Bazzel 2nd wife Jane Young m. 27 Sep 1858
Ashinghurst John d. 1854 VA Franklin County, VA Hill Lucy A. 14 Jun 1826
Ashley Abraham d. 1838 MA Bristol County, MA Tolman/Tallman Cynthia Nov 1811
Ashley Asahel Pond 1791-1876 OH Andrew County, MO Woodcock Ursula Williams 20 Mar 1821
Ashley Daniel, Jr. 1792-1866 NY Kendall County, IL Barnes Amy Ann (1st wife) 28 May 1834 2nd wife Lucy Sturdevant m. 28 May 1834
Ashley Edward Garrett b. 1791 TN Linn County, KS Uselton Nancy 1814
Ashley Elisha 1797-1875 VT Chittenden County, VT Pratt Mariah (1st wife) 2nd wife Harriet M. Gant m. 31 Jan 1872
Ashley Erastus d. 1866 CT Windham County, CT Smith Fanny (1st wife) 2nd wife Marcia Smith m. 19 Sep 1824
Ashley George Sanders 1791-1868 SC Copiah County, MS Scott Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Susanna Dickens m. 26 Aug 1819
Ashley Henry 1787-1873 MA Columbia County, NY Aikens/Adkins Elizabeth 20 Oct 1809
Ashley John 1794-1857 KY Pulaski County, KY Montgomery Elizabeth 22 Jun 1813
Ashley John b. 1795 MS Wilkinson County, MS Cotton Maria 10 Jul 1817
Ashley Joseph 1777-1856 TN Johnson County, IN Parr Hannah 25 Oct 1804
Ashley Thomas 1781-c1830 SC Anderson County, SC Pruitt Nancy Mar 1804
Ashley William d. 1880 NY Ontario County, NY Anson Lucretia 01 Jan 1815
Ashley William 1789-1879 VT Windsor County, VT Liscomb Lucinda 05 Nov 1815
Ashley William J. 1796-1877 TN Ashe County, NC Maxwell Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Frances Ashley m. 06 Oct 1836
Ashline Francis 1786-1875 NY Clinton County, NY Livernois Mary 22 Oct 1806 spelled Ashlin
Ashlock Thomas c1790-1871 KY Cumberland County, KY Pruitt Elizabeth Oct 1810
Ashman Amaziah d. 1861 NY Erie County, NY Curtis Thankful 10 Dec 1809
Ashmore David 1795-1882 TN Jefferson County, TN Shadden Mary 15 Dec 1813
Ashmore Jabez b. 1796 NJ Mercer County, NJ Castner Ann 1830
Ashmore William d. 1842 GA Henry County, GA Allen Frances 26 Dec 1818
Ashon Samuel d. p1874 VA Chowan County, NC Mann Frances 15 Dec 1854 probably 2nd wife
Ashpaugh John d. 1872 KY Nemaha County, NE Page Hester 22 Sep 1814
Ashton Benjamin d. 1873 US Inf Essex County, MA Breed Sally
Ashton Henry Washington 1794-1876 VA Fauquier County, VA Rose Anne Allason 25 Mar 1822
Ashton Isaac Smallwood d. 1857 Blank New Albany, IN Childs Sophia 25 Apr 1822
Ashton Leonard d. 1861 DC Grundy County, IL Curraus Evaline (1st wife) 2nd wife Cynthia Jones m. 10 Aug 1841
Ashton Matthew 1791-1884 NY Livingston County, NY Lewis Esther 01 Jan 1814
Ashton Richard Watts 1799-1852 VA Palmyra, MO Devereux Mary 04 Aug 1835
Ashwell William b. 1794 PA Perry County, PA Hopple Mary Ann 29 Jul 1840
Askew Anthony 1772-1858 VA Campbell County, VA Perdue Jane 20 Apr 1811
Askew Childress 1794-1849 VA Butler County, KY Moorman Paulina 05 Jan 1817
Askew Robert 1794-1872 MD Morgan County, WV Armstrong Mary Ann 01 Oct 1816
Askin John 1792-1876 KY Breckinridge County, KY Beavin Susanna Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Rose Ellen Mattingly Hinton m. 29 Jun 1864
Askren David 1797-1861 KY Harrison County, IN Davis Nancy 21 Aug 1817
Askren John H. 1789-1875 OH Adams County, OH Alexander Martha "Patsy" 01 Apr 1813
Aslin David d. 1874 SC Lafayette County, MS Waggoner Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Margaret Gwin m. 16 Sep 1860
Aspell Peter 1795-1875 NY Orange County, NY McWhorter Mary (1st wife) spelled Aspelle 2nd wife Catherine Owens, 3rd wife Maria Smith
Aspley William b. 1791 TN Simpson County, KY Latimer Eliza G. 07 Jan 1816
Asson Thomas 1782-1844 NJ Ocean County, NJ Stewart Agnes c1807
Astin James M. c1797-1865 TN Marion County, AL Young Cynthia (2nd wife) Sep 1831
Aston John d. 1854 TN Hawkins County, TN Black Margaret 18 Jan 1816
Aston Richard d. 1850 IN Floyd County, IN Carson Mary 16 Feb 1807
Aston William b. 1791 IN Floyd County, IN Shields Amanda 17 Jul 1854 probably 2nd wife
Aswell Hiram b. 1795 MS Lincoln Parish, LA Sanders Mary
Atchinson Austin 1790-1893 NY Monroe County, NY Gilmore Polly (1st wife) death certificate in pension file 2nd wife Catharine m. 15 Apr 1873
Atchinson Roswell 1789-1878 NY Monroe County, NY Davis Lura 16 Jan 1812
Atchison Anthony 1792-1848 OH Whitley County, IN Hole Hannah 03 Dec 1812
Atchison Nathan d. 1844 TN Madison County, IL Barnard Lucretia 29 Dec 1808
Atchison Solomon b. 1792 OH Lewis County, MO Parish Martha 27 Jan 1815
Atchison William b. 1796 NC Crawford County, MO Williams Susan/Charity 15 Sep 1822
Atchley Benjamin 1790-1875 TN Sevier County, TN Chambers Martha 11 Aug 1811
Atchley Joseph 1795-1849 TN Sevier County, TN Kerr Rebecca 16 Oct 1823
Atchley Joshua 1797-1868 US Inf Jackson County, AL Butler Rhoda 1816
Aten Peter 1793-1842 KY Preble County, OH Quinn Margaret 19 May 1829
Ater Thomas 1791-1852 OH Piatt County, IL Brown Elizabeth 18 Nov 1813
Ater William 1794-1875 OH Pickaway County, OH Colston Margaret 20 Dec 1814
Atha Francis Warren 1795-1852 GA Walton County, GA Swords Susan 13 Dec 1814
Atha Thomas d. 1870 OH Logan County, OH Miller Abigail 20 Jul 1805
Atherton Benjamin 1792-1884 ME Hancock County, ME Heath Rachel 20 Feb 1817
Atherton Elihu 1792-1886 VT Kankakee County, IL Rand Resta 17 Dec 1815
Atherton Elijah 1791-1875 NY Chenango County, NY Williams Martha Nov 1815
Atherton Marshall 1796-1883 MA Middlesex County, MA Shattuck Sophronia
Atherton Peter 1787-1864 NY Carroll County, IL Bailey Betsey 12 Dec 1813
Athey Burgess c1796-1875 VA Miller County, MO Owens Hannah 28 Oct 1824
Athey Willis 1793-p1871 VA Fauquier County, VA Barton Roxey Ann 11 Aug 1831
Atkins Asahel b. 1794 PA Monroe County, OH Esgood Mary 24 Apr 1818
Atkins David d. 1856 US Inf Kennebec County, ME Beardin Sarah Dec 1815
Atkins Edmund Burris d. 1827 KY Woodford County, KY Wilson Evelina 06 Apr 1820
Atkins Elisha b. 1793 US Inf Porter County, IN Mary Oct 1815
Atkins Elisha 1791-1853 MA Penobscot County, ME Shaw Betsey Townsend (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucy m. 21 Mar 1842
Atkins Elisha b. c1781 SC Walker County, GA Bridges Arabella 1818
Atkins Hezekiah W. d. c1876 MD Dekalb County, IL Horning Nancy 18 Jan 1818
Atkins Ira d. 1867 VT Columbia County, WI Curtis Betsey 15 May 1859 probably 2nd wife
Atkins Jackson d. 1845 TN Adair County, KY Patterson Elizabeth (1st wife) c1819 2nd wife Esther Gilmer m. 18 Oct 1826
Atkins James d. 1876 SC Spartanburg County, SC Underwood Elizabeth Sep 1825
Atkins John 1791-1873 US Inf Geauga County, OH Meeker Sarah "Sally" 30 Jan 1817
Atkins John d. 1876 VA Rappahannock County, VA Campbell Frances L. 16 Mar 1837 probably 2nd wife
Atkins John d. 1859 VA King and Queen County, VA Taylor Nancy 19 Dec 1812
Atkins John, Jr. d. 1857 IL Madison County, IL Emmert Sarah 29 Mar 1820
Atkins Jordan d. 1830 TN Williamson County, TN Ezell Mary Charity spelled Atkinson
Atkins Joseph J. d. 1867 GA Chambers County, AL Smedley Elizabeth S. 27 Sep 1831 probably 2nd wife
Atkins Philander d. 1878 NY Oneida County, NY Simmons Experience 25 Mar 1825
Atkins Samuel d. 1873 US Inf Medina County, OH Lane Hannah 22 Aug 1817
Atkins Samuel d. 1836 PA Lebanon County, PA Renn/Rhen Justina 27 Aug 1816
Atkins Thomas d. 1870 AL Marshall County, AL Tate Rebecca 15 Dec 1817
Atkins William d. 1872 IL Madison County, IL Emmert Elizabeth 17 Aug 1816
Atkins William d. 1855 SC Laurens District, SC Allen Sarah 30 May 1813
Atkins William c1783-1869 SC Monroe County, MS Milam Mary Polly F. 19 Jan 1806
Atkinson Archibald, Sr. 1792-1872 VA Isle of Wight County, VA Chilton Elizabeth Ann 23 Apr 1829
Atkinson Charles d. 1880 VA Cooper County, MO Field Lucy W. 19 Dec 1816 spelled Atkisson
Atkinson Christopher 1777-1873 MA Sauk County, WI Johnson Betsey 20 Jan 1811
Atkinson Dawson d. 1849 NC Aiken County, SC Nail Martha 25 May 1820
Atkinson Henry d. 1875 US Art Camden County, NJ Abrahams Mary Oct 1821
Atkinson Jesse c1784-1850 SC Marion County, SC Caves Margaret 1813
Atkinson Jesse b. 1792 TN Giles County, TN Bridgethforth Anne Jones 13 Jul 1820
Atkinson John c1790-1857 NJ Wayne County, IN Nordyke Rebecca 25 Nov 1809
Atkinson John 1789-1847 TN Tishomingo County, MS Short Sarah "Sally" (1st wife) 2nd wife Sally Stanton m. 26 Jul 1836
Atkinson Johnson c1795-1851 VA Barren County, KY White Tildy (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth L. Johns m. 06 Mar 1833
Atkinson Jonathan d. 1852 MA Middlesex County, MA Small Sally 19 Jan 1815
Atkinson Joshua c1781-1860 MD Baltimore, MD Rutter Jemima 21 May 1815
Atkinson Stephen 1786-1841 KY Lafayette County, MO Hall Sarah 06 Jan 1818
Atkinson Thomas 1781-1837 PA Crawford County, PA Sommers Sarah 24 Mar 1804
Atkinson Thomas b. 1791 TN Dallas County, AR Samuel Betsey Paine 15 Aug 1822
Atkinson Thomas Walton 1777-1862 KY Montgomery County, TN Hundley Elizabeth "Lizzie" (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Carlisle m. 09 Dec 1810
Atkinson William d. 1841 NC Cumberland County, NC Jessup Susannah 20 May 1813
Atkinson William b. 1791 VA Brooke County, WV Owings Amelia 25 May 1813
Atkinson William b. 1786 VA Caswell County, NC Holt Mary 23 Nov 1809
Atkinson William A. d. 1860 VA New Kent County, VA Moore Elizabeth 14 Mar 1821
Atkinson Wilton 1794-1868 TN Washington County, TN Macken Martha B. 26 Feb 1817
Attaway James b. 1795 GA Caddo Parish, LA Hawthorn Ellen Mar 1817
Atus John 1797-1889 ME Washington County, ME Alice B. Oct 1838
Atwater Eldad 1793-1887 CT Lackawanna County, PA Barney Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Amanda
Atwater Timothy Glover 1784-1820 CT Cheshire, CT Hitchcock Merab 25 Nov 1811
Atwell John B. b. 1787 MA Mary A.
Atwell Nathaniel b. 1786 NY Schenectady County, NY
Atwell Page 1795-1884 NH Somerset County, ME Nevens Betsey 14 Dec 1814
Atwell Richard b. c1790 CT Sullivan County, NY Reinvolt Hannah
Atwell William b. 1790 VA Dekalb County, TN Davis Elizabeth S. 06 May 1812
Atwood Barnabas 1787-1852 MA Barnstable County, MA Rogers Abigail 31 Aug 1809
Atwood Benjamin 1791-1882 VT Addison County, VT Moulton Sally (1st wife) 2nd wife Cynthia Hewett Eastman
Atwood Daniel 1798-1881 US Navy Barnstable County, MA Smith Tabitha Snow 15 Dec 1824
Atwood Enoch d. 1879 VA Page County, VA Walker Margaret Ann 15 Sep 1833 probably 2nd wife
Atwood Heman 1783-1870 MA Somerset County, ME Fowler Phebe (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Currier m. 09 Jul 1833
Atwood Hezekiah H. d. 1868 US Inf Columbia County, WI Tryon Eliza (2nd wife) 28 May 1848
Atwood Hiram b. 1795 NY Erie County, NY
Atwood Jesse 1794-1858 NY Hardin County, KY Andrews/Andress Anna 01 Jan 1815
Atwood John 1789-1864 MA Barnstable County, MA Taylor Mehitable (1st wife) 2nd wife Margery Smith m. 11 Jul 1833
Atwood John b. 1800 MS Covington County, MS Wood Elizabeth 25 Jul 1822
Atwood Joshua 1794-1880 MA Plymouth County, MA Thomas Hannah 07 Jan 1823
Atwood Nathaniel 1775-1858 MA Waldo County, ME Rich Lydia 29 Jun 1812
Atwood Otis 1787-1873 NY Richland County, NY Remington Sally Jun 1809
Atwood Peter 1796-1872 US Inf Scott County, MN Walter Harriet 1821
Atwood Peter Clark d. 1878 NH Bennington County, VT Sanderson Sarah 03 Jun 1849 probably 2nd wife
Atwood Phineas 1792-1877 MA Winnebago County, IL Haskell Huldah 14 Dec 1815 spelled Phinehas
Atwood Samuel 1796-1880 MA Essex County, MA Sparks Sarah Wilson
Atwood Solomon Heath b. 1785 NY Chautauqua County, NY Strong Betsey 07 Feb 1808
Atwood William d. 1852 MD Frederick County, MD Hillary Priscilla Sep 1817
Atwood William Boyden 1793-1853 MA Washington County, ME Ragan Mary 15 Jan 1826
Aubel Christopher 1788-1871 PA Medina County, OH Grumbaugh Mary Apr 1811 spelled Auble
Aubel William b. 1785 NY Kent County, MI Allen Elizabeth "Betsey"
Auberry Elijah d. 1876 NC Surry County, NC Burrus Mary "Polly" 05 May 1825
Aubert Jacob 1792-1882 MD Frederick County, MD Grove Hannah Apr 1831 probably 2nd wife
Aubrey Joseph 1796-1889 KY Linn County, MO Prewitt Mary spelled Auberry and Awberry
Auckerman John 1786-1874 OH Lawrence County, OH Shaver Annie Dorothea
Aud Asa d. 1860 MD Montgomery County, MD Hickman Catherine 15 Sep 1829
Aud Joseph 1788-1873 KY Osage County, MO Shobe Hannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha Booker m. 31 Dec 1843
Aughe William 1794-1879 OH Montgomery County, OH Tofflemire Catherine 21 Oct 1817
Aughee Job d. 1874 OH Preble County, OH Johnston Sarah 14 Oct 1824
Aughenbaugh George 1794-1881 PA Lawrence County, PA Mayne Jane
Aughenbaugh Phillip 1792-1876 PA Mahoning County, OH Kintner Christiana 09 Jun 1812
Augur Daniel d. 1866 NY Cincinnati, OH See Mary C. 22 Oct 1818
Augur Zimri 1792-1870 CT Christian County, IL Lewis Rebecca Lee 03 Jul 1823
August Benjamin d. 1850 PA Venango County, PA Miller Mary 18 Dec 1804
Auguste Raynal d. 1877 LA New Orleans, LA Hazur Susanna Felicite 07 Feb 1825
Augustin Amariah d. 1865 VA Hardin County, IL Tribbet Alcy Oct 1810
Augustine Daniel d. c1875 MD Richland County, OH Weldy Nancy (1st wife) Oct 1822 2nd wife Eva Ann Richards m. c1851
Augustine Henry 1786-1872 OH Columbiana County, OH Snoke Catharine 15 Jan 1811
Augustine John d. 1862 OH Clinton County, PA Wagner Elizabeth 03 May 1829
Aulabaugh Jacob 1797-1878 MD Greene County, IL Robinson Elizabeth 26 Aug 1819
Aulick Frederick d. 1872 VA Frederick County, VA Smith Elizabeth 13 Jun 1817
Aull Benjamin d. 1871 KY Daviess County, KY Drewry Maria 1839 probably 2nd wife
Ault George 1793-1873 PA Macon County, IL Ault Margaret Polly (1st wife) 2nd wife Amy Battin m. 14 Jan 1836
Aultz Adam 1797-1868 VA Kanawha County, WV Samuels Martha "Patsey" 06 Apr 1818
Auman Henry 1795-1874 PA Schuylkill County, PA Breyman Catharine 25 May 1817
Auman Jacob 1787-1873 NC Randolph County, NC Steed Rebecca
Aumock Andrew 1785-1870 NY Montgomery County, NY Pool Hannah Nov 1811
Aungst John b. 1790 PA Venango County, PA Karterman Susanna 16 Mar 1816
Aurand George 1784-1854 NY Lapeer County, MI Stuck Elizabeth 08 Mar 1802
Auryansen Abraham 1793-1875 NY Rockland County, NY Demarest Sarah 29 Aug 1812
Ausman John b. 1795 NY Herkimer County, NY c1819
Ausment William D. b. 1786 US Inf Washington County, NY Bixby Dorothy 22 Jan 1807
Austill Jeremiah 1794-1879 MS Clark County, AL Eades Margaret 09 Sep 1835 probably 2nd wife
Austin Alexander 1784-1874 VA Campbell County, VA Burgess Elizabeth 06 Jan 1812
Austin Alson d. 1876 NY Waukesha County, WI Simpson Anna 07 Dec 1819
Austin Asa 1788-1872 VT Chittenden County, VT Gregg Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Hannah m. 26 Nov 1857
Austin Bennett b. 1793 VA Calloway County, KY Carson Margaret 13 Feb 1817
Austin Brooks 1794-1873 MD Ohio County, KY Benton Rachel 1815
Austin Charles 1789-1874 GA Fayette County, GA Strawn Elizabeth 24 Mar 1816
Austin Chester c1789-1857 MA Berkshire County, MA Sage Mariam L. 18 Jul 1829
Austin Cornelius 1791-1888 NY Oakland County, MI Bartlett Clarissa 06 Sep 1812
Austin Daniel 1793-1875 US Inf Vernon County, MO Edwards Nancy 17 Nov 1817
Austin Daniel d. 1876 MA Somerset County, ME Lewis Martha (1st wife) 2nd wife Eunice Webb m. 27 Dec 1846
Austin David H. b. 1790 NY Oakland County, MI Babbitt Lydia 16 Mar 1837 probably 2nd wife
Austin Dickerson D. c1798-1876 TN Sumner County, TN Hall Sallie (1st wife) spelled Dickenson 2nd wife Emily B. Anderson m. 26 Mar 1835
Austin Elijah b. 1794 VT Orleans County, VT
Austin Erastus b. 1794 NY Black Hawk County, IA Rose Anna 14 Sep 1817
Austin George 1796-1860 NY Warren County, OH Westcott Johanna (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha Rose m. 20 Nov 1845
Austin Henry d. 1874 US Inf Quebec, Canada Lovejoy Hannah L. 01 Jan 1815
Austin Hurley b. 1796 NY Calhoun County, MI
Austin James b. 1791 KY Oldham County, KY Deal Elizabeth 14 Dec 1820
Austin James M. 1786-1836 TN Richmond County, GA Green Sarah Ann "Sally" 10 Aug 1814
Austin John b. 1791 MA Oxford County, ME Harlow Mary (1st wife) Nov 1820 2nd wife Mary F. Bryant
Austin John d. 1855 MA Kennebec County, ME Frost Sally 23 Oct 1832 probably 2nd wife
Austin John d. 1851 NY Camburgh, Canada Singer Mary 11 Dec 1804
Austin John 1787-1859 NY Fulton County, IL Ganyard Rachel 27 Sep 1810
Austin John H. d. 1868 GA Newton County, GA Anderson Rachel 14 Dec 1819
Austin John M. 1784-1864 OH Fayette County, PA Stevens Priscilla 08 Feb 1812
Austin John T. d. 1859 NY Ohio County, IN Todd Margaret 02 Apr 1835 probably 2nd wife
Austin Joseph d. 1850 NY Fulton County, NY Norton Mary 08 Oct 1814
Austin Joseph 1792-1888 VA Monongalia County, WV Morgan Camilla Dec 1813
Austin Lebeus d. 1869 NY Jefferson County, NY Palmer Rocksey/Roxana 25 Nov 1813
Austin Leonard J. 1798-1869 MA Hancock County, ME Lord Lovenia 17 Mar 1819
Austin Lewis L. d. 1854 PA Philadelphia, PA Weaver Elizabeth 02 Dec 1813
Austin Lockwood d. c1878 NY Orleans County, NY Lewis Agitta 26 Jun 1830 probably 2nd wife
Austin Lockwood 1774-1857 NY Steuben County, NY Mead Susan (1st wife) 2nd wife Lora Treat m. 27 Sep 1855
Austin Lyman 1796-1870 VT Sullivan County, NH Silloway Hannah 04 Dec 1828
Austin Moses 1781-1858 NY Wayne County, NY Colburn Ruth (1st wife) 2nd wife Ann Charlock Seward, 3rd wife Ann Sherman m. 09 Aug 1853
Austin Nahum d. 1881 US Inf Kennebec County, ME Farnham Jane 28 Nov 1816
Austin Nathan d. 1877 NY Saratoga County, NY Near Hannah 29 Dec 1814
Austin Nathaniel 1789-1855 VT Addison County, VT Davis Emily 29 Dec 1820
Austin Peter 1791-1835 VA Bedford County, VA Leftwich Sarah "Sally" 07 Jul 1819
Austin Robert 1792-1872 NY Putnam County, NY Downes Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Lydia Lounsbury m. Jan 1837
Austin Robert J. L. d. 1875 US Inf Kings County, NY Gedney Eleanor 10 Feb 1838 probably 2nd wife
Austin Robert Robinson 1793-1878 NY Wyoming County, NY Rhodes Harriet 13 Dec 1818
Austin Rufus 1773-1859 NY Rensselaer County, NY Rathbun Eunice (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucy Hendrick m. 1840
Austin Samuel b. 1794 NY Onondaga County, NY
Austin Samuel 1791-1876 NY Westchester County, NY James Hester 05 Oct 1813
Austin Samuel b. 1793 TN Dickson County, TN Baker Mary 02 Mar 1817
Austin Solomon 1791-1876 MA Bristol County, MA Wilbur Zilpha May 1811
Austin Stephen 1797-1877 NY Suffolk County, NY Tucker Hannah 15 Jun 1817
Austin Stephen 1791-1879 US Inf New Brunswick, Canada Ann
Austin Sylvanus d. 1856 NY Steuben County, NY Weaver Mary 15 Oct 1807
Austin Thomas d. c1840 VA Henrico County, VA Faucett Sarah C. 29 Jan 1825
Austin Thomas d. 1878 VA Monticello, IN Halbert Sally 24 Mar 1826
Austin Thomas Collins 1790-1883 SC Greenville County, SC James Mary Turner "Polly" 27 Feb 1823
Austin Valentine d. 1868 NY New York, NY Van Nest Elizabeth 08 Jun 1829
Austin William 1785-1877 NY Erie County, NY Newton Elizabeth 22 Dec 1808
Austin William 1790-1876 TN Dickson County, TN Horner Delilah "Dicey" 21 Oct 1819
Austin William d. c1850 VA Richmond, VA Wade Susan (1st wife) 2nd wife Ann m. 14 Sep 1837
Auston John d. 1836 VA Benton County, TN Meaks Morning 1806
Auter Aaron 1787-1872 OH Franklin County, OH Haymaker Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Rebecca Swyer/Sweer m. 29 Apr 1841
Auter John d. 1841 US Inf New York, NY Tillotson Temperance 31 Dec 1814
Autrey John b. 1795 GA Troup County, GA Moore Martha 20 Jan 1820 spelled Awtrey
Autry Robert A. c1793-1876 US Inf Lowndes County, AL Mary "Polly" (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Till m. 27 Aug 1840
Avant Isaiah Bartlett 1798-1876 GA Washington County, GA Cox Rebecca A. 14 Sep 1814
Averett Thomas H. d. 1855 VA Halifax County, VA Wootton Martha Coleman 03 Jan 1822
Averill Asa b. 1788 NY Sheboygan County, WI Wood Miriam 08 Nov 1812
Averill Canfield c1793-1869 NY St. Lawrence County, NY Stowell Lydia J. 02 Apr 1818
Averill Gideon d. 1875 VT Chittenden County, VT Spear Lydia (1st wife) 2nd wife Samantha Estess m. 01 Jul 1832
Averill Henry K. b. 1798 NY Howard County, IA Fletcher Jerusha (probably 2nd wife) 14 Apr 1867 born 21 Apr 1798 in Peru, Clinton County, NY
Averill Ira 1793-1869 NY Livingston County, NY Vandenberg Maria 1828
Averill Jesse 1795-1853 NY Washington County, NY Hall Emeline (1st wife) 1823 2nd wife Lois Gilbert m. 23 Aug 1841
Averill John 1794-1880 VT Washington County, VT Robinson Loretta 10 Sep 1818
Averill Robert d. 1877 VT Chittenden County, VT Cooper Abigail (1st wife) 2nd wife Achsah m. 09 Jun 1851
Averill Samuel 1787-1864 CT Litchfield County, CT Johnson Betsey 31 May 1815
Averitt Daniel 1788-c1840 NC Cumberland County, NC Riley Mary Jan 1813 spelled Averett
Averitt John Dempsey 1794-1870 NC Bladen County, NC Autry Elizabeth Jane (1st wife) 2nd wife Emily Cain m. 05 Jun 1860
Avery Alfred 1797-1880 OH Sauk County, WI Mower Jane (1st wife) 2nd wife Lavinia Dexter m. Dec 1844
Avery Amos d. 1858 NY St. Joseph County, MI Burrow Sarah (2nd wife) 28 Oct 1850
Avery Charles d. 1869 CT New London County, CT Ford Parthena (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Lamb, 3rd wife Caroline Lathrop m. 24 Mar 1831
Avery Daniel b. 1791 US Inf Randolph County, IN
Avery Daniel 1787-1860 NY Calhoun County, MI Barber Florilla Sep 1823
Avery Daniel 1794-1873 VT Jackson County, MI Lewis Almeda
Avery Daniel Clark 1791-1859 NY Madison County, IL Farnham Clarissa 14 Nov 1820
Avery Elihu Benton 1784-1878 CT Tolland County, CT Fuller Polly 01 Jan 1811
Avery Enos 1795-1849 NY Cayuga County, NY Fitzgerald Mary Elizabeth "Polly" 18 Sep 1822
Avery Ensign 1792-c1879 NY Middlesex County, CT Sutphon Mary 03 Sep 1870 probably 2nd wife
Avery George 1792-1863 NY Shelby County, IN Stowell Lydia 14 Feb 1823
Avery Horace b. c1801 NY Clinton County, MI Joslen Susan 19 Nov 1820
Avery James d. 1864 NY Brooklyn, NY Williams Clarissa 10 May 1811
Avery James 1791-1872 VA Burke County, NC Brown Elizabeth 06 Mar 1823
Avery John 1798-1883 US Inf Clinton County, MI Cooper Sarah "Sally" 01 Jun 1821
Avery Mattolus b. 1794 US Inf Wayne County, NY Mosher Amanda 10 Apr 1851 probably 2nd wife
Avery Richardson 1778-1847 NY Erie County, NY Rogers Isabel 10 Feb 1801
Avery Rufus Green 1795-1879 CT Genesee County, NY Goodwill Keziah Johnson 17 Nov 1823
Avery Simeon 1794-1870 OH Amite County, MS Thompson Sarah
Avery Simeon 1791-1858 VT Orange County, VT Bailey Hannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Betsey Brown
Avery Simeon Shipman 1784-1873 VT Essex County, NY Clark Polly
Avery Thomas d. 1858 MA Somerset County, ME Morse Lydia (1st wife) 2nd wife Evelina Bodge m. 10 Nov 1835
Avery Walter 1796-1874 NH Carroll County, NH Cotton Sally C. 06 Feb 1817
Avery William 1791-1865 CT New London County, CT Morgan Eunice 31 Jan 1830 probably 2nd wife
Avery William 1793-1840 NY Menard County, IL Hart Eunice 24 Oct 1815
Avery William 1795-1877 SC Fulton County, GA Knight Catharine 16 Jan 1823
Avery William D. 1795-1878 NY New York, NY Drewer Mary Louisa 01 Jan 1845 probably 2nd wife
Avery William Rufus H. 1795-1879 NY Medina County, OH Towsley Mary Polly (1st wife) 2nd wife Jemima C. Harding m. 01 Nov 1854
Avery Worcester 1784-1861 MA East Hampton, MA Burt Hannah 04 May 1837 probably 2nd wife
Avis Zephaniah d. 1840 VA Chesterfield County, VA Horner Lucy 12 Jan 1811
Awalt Michael 1785-1835 TN Bartholomew County, IN Tipp Sarah 19 Sep 1811
Awbrey Thomas Nolan 1791-1876 KY Lane County, OR Edwards Elizabeth (1st wife) spelled Aubrey 2nd wife Amelia Ann Grubb
Axtell Aaron d. 1882 NY Lee County, IL Thornton Hannah
Ayars Samuel d. 1864 NJ Salem County, NJ Dindlesbeck Catharine 15 Nov 1830
Ayars Shepherd 1789-1857 PA Chester County, PA Murray Mary
Aycock Presley 1796-1872 GA Wilkes County, GA Sutton Nancy (1st wife) 12 Feb 1824 2nd wife Elizabeth Dickens m. 07 Jan 1836
Aycock Seth c1785-1833 US Inf Clarendon County, SC Davis Rachel 17 Aug 1808 spelled Acock
Aydelotte William L. b. 1795 Blank Sullivan County, IN
Aye Henry 1794-1870 OH Vermilion County, IN James Mary 08 Jul 1824
Ayer Charles 1787-1879 CT Douglas County, KS Champlin Anna 14 Sep 1816
Ayer Ebenezer 1794-1863 NY Allegany County, NY Peck Anna 04 Jul 1821
Ayer Jonathan Shepard 1795-1856 MA Niagara County, NY Kellogg Delilah 28 Oct 1821
Ayer Joseph 1793-1875 CT Windham County, CT Rogers Frances Mary 14 Sep 1825
Ayer William Travis 1791-1878 CT Middlesex County, CT Clark Louisa 24 Dec 1823 listed as Travis Ayer
Ayers Asa d. c1884 OH Elkhart County, IN Breton Rachel 05 Mar 1812
Ayers Daniel 1792-p1871 TN Hardeman County, TN McFadden Mary "Polly" 13 Mar 1813
Ayers Daniel b. c1789 TN Lee County, VA Crucy Mary "Polly" Sep 1808
Ayers David 1793-1881 NY Galveston, TX Smith Ann M. (1st wife) spelled Ayres 2nd wife Sarah Douglas
Ayers Ezekiel 1786-1866 NY Steuben County, NY Stephens Elizabeth 12 Apr 1812
Ayers Fisher d. 1839 US Inf Norfolk County, MA Worcester Sarah W. 28 Nov 1816
Ayers Henry, Jr. d. 1880 US Art Tioga County, NY Whitaker Martha (1st wife) 2nd wife Julia Cornell m. 17 Oct 1833
Ayers John 1789-1871 OH Jennings County, IN Ward Sarah Ann 09 Aug 1813
Ayers John V. d. 1871 NY Lewanee County, MI Nancy 17 Sep 1818
Ayers Leonard b. 1797 VA Henry County, VA Harris Elizabeth 18 Dec 1818
Ayers Moses 1775-1856 TN Bedford County, TN Mary
Ayers Nathaniel 1780-1857 NY Seneca County, NY Doughty Martha 1801
Ayers Silas 1792-1874 PA Greene County, PA Rickey Jane 29 Mar 1816
Ayers Simeon 1788-1828 NJ New Brunswick, NJ Dunham Abigail 29 Jan 1811
Ayers William d. 1860 NH Boston, MA Baxter Ann 20 Nov 1825
Ayers William d. c1877 NJ Northampton County, PA Kern Susan c1817
Ayers William 1794-1878 TN Bedford County, TN Kimbro Ellender "Nellie" 15 Aug 1823
Ayers William P. 1790-1836 VA Niles County, VA Yates Catharine 10 Aug 1814
Ayler Martin d. 1862 MD Baltimore, MD Rhodes Ann 23 Dec 1821
Aylor Anthony 1792-1882 US Inf Grundy County, TN Sharp Mary 1816
Aylor Thomas c1793-1874 VA Madison County, VA Rosson Louisa M. 12 Nov 1853 probably 2nd wife
Aylward Daniel d. 1839 US Inf Calais, ME Shillady Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Ball, 3rd wife Mary McDugall m. 29 Aug 1819
Aynesworth Isaiah Hezekiah 1797-1876 TN Burnet County, TX Seaton Nancy Anne 22 Jun 1822
Ayres Andrew 1792-1872 NY Yates County, NY Babcock Emeline (1st wife) 13 Jan 1839 2nd wife Sarah Ann Baldwin m. 13 Jan 1839
Ayres Arthur H. d. 1845 TN Fulton County, KY McConnell Catharine Oct 1817
Ayres Benjamin d. 1870 VT Franklin County, VT Barnes Sally 14 Oct 1821
Ayres Daniel Coleman 1784-1873 KY Owen County, KY Sale Susannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Susan Garnett, 3rd wife Malinda Whilhoit
Ayres Ezekiel 1786-1866 NY Steuben County, NY Stephens Elizabeth 12 Apr 1812
Ayres Hezekiah 1797-1881 NJ Burlington County, NJ
Ayres James d. 1838 MD Harford County, MD Norris Eveline 04 Dec 1826
Ayres John 1792-1875 MD Washington County, IA Dimmick Rachel 19 Feb 1819
Ayres John b. 1790 NY Green Lake County, WI Willis Sarah Dec 1862
Ayres John Grigsby 1786-1876 VA Rockbridge County, VA Entsminger Rachel 16 Sep 1817
Ayres Littleton 1790-1861 VA Accomack County, VA Rachel (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Russell m. 04 Jun 1846
Ayres Matthias 1781-1851 VA Saline County, MO Howell Nancy Gilliam 19 Jan 1814
Ayres Nathan W. 1797-1857 VA Highland County, OH Bradley Martha L. 11 Oct 1821
Ayres Perley 1792-1880 MA Worcester County, MA Todd Grace (1st wife) 2nd wife Harriet W. Knight m. 29 Aug 1838
Ayres Richard b. c1790 KY Pike County, MO Reading Elizabeth 19 Apr 1819 spelled Ritchie Ayres
Ayres Simeon 1788-1828 NJ New Brunswick, NJ Dunham Abigail 29 Jan 1811
Ayres William d. 1866 US Inf Putnam County, OH Simonton Elizabeth 25 Mar 1821
Ayres William 1782-1865 OH Muskingum County, OH Morrison Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Jones m. 03 Apr 1828
Azlin David d. 1874 SC Lafayette County, MS Waggoner Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Margaret Gwin m. 16 Sep 1860