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Index to War of 1812 Pension Application Files
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This site provides a free index to the War of 1812 pension application files. It is part of the free tutorial Researching Your Revolutionary War Patriot Ancestor
Digitized pension application files for most of the soldiers listed on this page are available for FREE at Fold 3.
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Husband Husband State of Wife Wife Marriage
Last Name First Name Service Residence Maiden Name First Name Date Comments
Babb Alexander 1780-1862 MA Cumberland County, ME Wescott Esther 05 Dec 1805
Babb Beel 1798-1878 OH Blackford County, IN Aug/Ogg Rachel (1st wife) 2nd wife Hannah E. m. 15 Jun 1858
Babb Charles 1793-1821 ME Cumberland County, ME Proctor Rebecca 19 Mar 1820
Babb Err 1791-1854 TN Greene County, TN McCloughlin Elizabeth "Betsey" 19 Mar 1812
Babb George Snell 1798-1874 MA Lincoln County, ME Patterson Betsey 24 Mar 1824
Babb Isaac 1795-1864 NH Strafford County, NH Hayes Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Margaret Hayes, 3rd wife Lucinda Leighton, 4th Lydia Grant
Babb Jethro L. 1797-1863 NH York County, ME Drew Sally (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha Twombly m. 29 Jul 1827
Babb Joseph 1792-1864 MA York County, ME Noble Elizabeth 17 Mar 1822
Babb Martin 1790-1873 SC Laurens County, SC Mahaffey Mary 15 Dec 1815
Babb Peter 1794-1851 OH Jackson County, VA Gallagher Sarah 18 Jul 1816
Babb Philip b. 1790 TN Washington County, AR Kirby Patsey 23 Sep 1813
Babb Thomas d. 1837 NH Barrington, NH Mead Eliza 18 Sep 1823
Babb William d. 1867 US Inf Shelby County, IN Dunn Elizabeth 22 Jan 1816
Babbet Elijah d. 1866 NY Erie County, NY Farnam Sally 09 Apr 1820
Babbit Edward B. d. 1840 US Navy Middlesex County, MA Sargent Julianna 09 Dec 1820
Babbitt Abijah 1791-1867 MA Bristol County, MA Hathaway Mary "Polly" (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Walker m. 14 Sep 1835
Babbitt Erastus Aires 1790-1879 NY Mercer County, IL Hadlock Lydia (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Nangrol, 3rd wife Ann Beardsley m. 04 Jul 1859
Babbitt Samuel Gregory 1790-1878 NY St Lawrence County, NY Salisbury Elizabeth "Betsey" 10 Dec 1816
Babbitt Seth 1792-1842 NJ Berkshire Vallye, NJ Weir Hannah 04 Jul 1814
Babbitt Zenas 1790-1862 NY Jefferson County, NY Corey Rachel (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Lagot m. 10 Mar 1856
Babcock Abel d. 1879 MA Gloucester County, NJ Arnold Harriet M. (1st wife) 2nd wife Lydia Baldwin m. 21 May 1838
Babcock Amos b. 1790 CT Tolland County, CT Robinson Esther 09 Jun 1823
Babcock Amos d. 1872 NY St. Lawrence County, NY Clark Jane 01 Jan 1816
Babcock Asaph b. 1793 NY Calhoun County, MI Smith Sarah 04 Jan 1856 probably 2nd wife
Babcock Benjamin b. 1791 NY Albany County, NY Vanderlip Martha 28 Dec 1815
Babcock Benjamin 1788-1854 NY St. Clair County, MI Fleming Laura 26 Mar 1812 Bible record in pension file
Babcock Charles 1789-1848 CT Hartford County, CT Strong Almira 15 Oct 1816
Babcock Charles 1787-1850 NY Oneida Couny, NY Pratt Nancy 05 Jan 1813
Babcock Charles W. b. 1795 CT New London County, CT Lucretia
Babcock Daniel 1794-1875 NY Jefferson County, NY Page Harriet 11 May 1817
Babcock Daniel Knight 1795-1873 NY Fillmore County, MN Mathews Mary 20 Jan 1817
Babcock David d. 1881 NY Oneida Couny, NY Sayre Elizabeth 14 Jan 1840 probably 2nd wife
Babcock David R. b. 1795 NY Kalkaska County, MI
Babcock Elias 1792-1875 NY Jefferson County, NY Thompson Merah
Babcock George 1797-1885 NY Medina County, OH Birch Clarinda (1st wife) 2nd wife Betsey Rude m. 03 Dec 1826
Babcock Henry d. 1877 CT Kennebec County, ME Worry Polly 1856 probably 2nd wife
Babcock Henry Springston 1790-1868 US Inf Butte County, CA Millman Nancy 23 May 1818
Babcock Isaac d. 1843 MA Bristol County, MA Wordell Hannah 05 Feb 1816
Babcock John b. 1792 CT Seneca County, NY Wilkinson Marietta Aug 1822
Babcock John b. 1787 NY Pike County, IL Wilcox Nancy 25 Mar 1815
Babcock John b. 1793 NY Sanilac County, MI Nichols Mary Ann 06 Jun 1819
Babcock Joseph d. 1850 MA Dallas County, AL Curtis Ann Eliza 1827
Babcock Joseph d. 1866 NY Albany County, NY Burdick Phebe 20 Jan 1814
Babcock Joseph P. 1787-1859 RI Newport County, RI Hazard Alice Robinson 19 Feb 1824
Babcock Lemuel d. 1866 CT Windham County, CT Betsey (2nd wife) 23 Apr 1853
Babcock Leonard Clinton 1790-1863 NY Juneau County, WI Luddington Elizabeth 17 Feb 1810
Babcock Lodowick Stanton 1799-1858 NY Ontario, Canada Perry Sarah Rebecca (2nd wife) 05 May 1828 1st wife Mary Babcock
Babcock Nathan d. 1877 NY Allegany County, NY Jacobs Mary 24 Jul 1853 probably 2nd wife
Babcock Oliver B. d. 1878 NY Essex County, NY Parker Betsey A. 14 Feb 1826
Babcock Paul 1791-1872 RI Washington County, RI Clarke Amy 15 Sep 1811
Babcock Samuel d. 1873 NY St. Joseph County, MI Grove Elizabeth 22 Mar 1832 probably 2nd wife
Babcock Simeon 1784-1870 OH Shelby County, OH Maxson Charity (1st wife) 16 Mar 1837 2nd wife Elizabeth D. Hoffman Stout m. 16 Mar 1837
Babcock Simon 1781-1843 NY Monroe County, NY Buell Electa M. 07 Jul 1812
Babcock William b. 1789 US Inf Hartford County, CT Davis Sophronia S. 27 Sep 1869 probably 2nd wife
Babcock William 1783-1871 NY Ionia County, MI Reed Julia 20 Sep 1805
Babcock William b. 1787 NY Sussex County, NJ Stalter Elizabeth 07 Jan 1820
Babcox Jonathan d. 1859 NY Ashtabula County, OH Badgero Maria 21 Nov 1816
Baber Ambrose 1793-1846 VA Macon, GA Sweet Mary Elizabeth 16 Jun 1829
Baber Edward Hardin 1793-1860 VA Buckingham County, VA Wilkinson Jane Susan 07 Oct 1823
Baber John 1795-1872 KY Platte County, MO Davis Delilah 28 Feb 1822
Baber Jonathan b. 1795 KY Clark County, KY Norton Malinda 19 Feb 1815
Baber Peter d. 1858 VA Robertson County, TN Correll Frances 04 Feb 1829
Babineau Joseph 1787-1865 LA St Landry Parish, LA Comeau Celeste 17 Jan 1809
Babson Eben 1792-1841 MA Hancock County, ME Somes Judith 11 Sep 1813
Babson Joseph 1794-1881 MA Hancock County, ME Freethy Emma Brown 03 Jul 1823
Bachelder Abraham 1775-1854 MA Kennebec County, ME Henderson Hannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Susannah Young m. 20 Oct 1810
Bachelder John 1792-1861 MA Knox County, ME Gillmore Julia Metcalf 15 Nov 1818
Bachelder John b. 1789 NY Mason County, MI Adams Eliza
Bachelder Lewis 1795-1876 MA Knox County, ME Morse Hannah 09 Dec 1819
Bachelder Nathan d. 1855 MA Penobscot County, ME Pratt Hannah F. 21 Aug 1836 probably 2nd wife
Bacheller Samuel d. c1879 MA Essex County, MA Lindsay Lydia 09 Jan 1830 probably 2nd wife
Bachelor John 1792-1868 TN Stoddard County, MO Claxton Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane Leverett m. Jul 1839
Bachelor Powel d. 1838 PA Philadelphia, PA Wesner Mary 16 May 1814
Bachelor Samuel H. b. 1789 NY Oswego County, NY Colon Ann 15 Mar 1812
Bachlott John 1794-1873 GA Ware County, GA Howell Hannah McGillis 1828
Back Enoch 1789-c1881 KY Parke County, IN Burks Sarah "Sally"
Back Henry d. 1818 NY New York, NY Fowler Harriet 31 Jan 1812
Backus Andrew 1790-1880 MA Franklin County, OH King Bathsheba Aug 1817
Backus Chester d. 1830 CT Windham County, CT Holt Sarah 13 Dec 1818
Backus Frederick b. 1789 NY Ontario, Canada Smith Nancy 1825
Backus Gurden B. d. 1829 VA or VT Chittenden County, VT Nichols Lucy 01 Aug 1813
Backus Josiah b. 1791 CT Vinton County, OH Eaton Mary Ann Oct 1836 probably 2nd wife
Backus William 1790-1862 NY Herkimer County, NY Guywits Irena 14 Oct 1813
Bacon Benjamin 1796-1863 MA Saratoga County, NY Smith Mary Ann 12 Jul 1825
Bacon Benjamin d. 1864 NY Waupaka, WI Pettengill Amy 28 Jan 1816
Bacon Columbus 1794-1868 ME Kittery Point, ME Scott Maria (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary R. Foss m. 07 May 1842
Bacon Daniel 1790-1855 US Inf Cumberland County, NJ Remington Eliza 09 Mar 1814
Bacon Elisha b. 1796 NY Livingston County, NY Case Rachel 04 Jun 1817
Bacon George 1787-1875 MA Lorain County, OH Cooper Harriet (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucy Cooper m. Feb 1827
Bacon Gillett d. 1864 US Inf Niagara County, NY McCoy Jane (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Smith m. 19 Oct 1824
Bacon Harlow 1791-1867 VT Orleans County, NY Dickinson Eliza R. (former wife) spelled Harlon last wife Philena T. Shaw m. 29 July 1838
Bacon Henry d. 1864 DE Sussex County, DE Fooks Priscilla (1st wife) 02 Oct 1820 2nd wife Mary K. Hearne m. 27 Feb 1822
Bacon Henry b. 1791 NY Saratoga County, NY Harker Maria 27 Aug 1821
Bacon Horace d. 1840 CT Middletown, CT Johnson Delia 10 Dec 1815
Bacon Ira 1796-1857 OH Mahaska County, IA Baum Mary 11 Oct 1819
Bacon Isaac d. 1874 NY Philadelphia, PA Shull Eleanor 29 Aug 1819
Bacon Isaiah 1793-1877 US Inf Orange County, VT Kingsbury Diana (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary A. Preston m. 06 Jan 1843
Bacon Jacob P. b. 1794 NY St. Lawrence County, NY Snell Catharine S. 12 Dec 1819
Bacon John 1785-1869 NY Macomb County, MI Eddy Thankful 1810
Bacon John Fairbank 1789-1860 NY Nassau, Bahamas Jenkins Prudence Mayhew (1st wife) 2nd wife Harriet E. M. 25 Oct 1837
Bacon John L. d. 1864 VA Dinwiddie County, VA Wells Amy 06 Apr 1837
Bacon Jonathan c1790-1861 TN Washington County, TN Jackson Dorcas (1st wife) 2nd wife Eliza Guinn m. 28 Apr 1859
Bacon Lyman 1797-1875 NY DeKalb County, IL Rude/Rood Sarah "Sally" 27 Oct 1821
Bacon Moses 1787-1848 NY Orleans County, NY Downer Sarah "Sally" 22 Jan 1814
Bacon Noah d. 1854 NY Hillsdale County, MI Suits Nancy 30 Dec 1821
Bacon Samuel d. 1865 NY Washington County, NY Whitford Abigail 06 Mar 1816
Bacon Septimus 1794-1861 CT Luzerne County, PA LaBar Margaret 07 Jun 1818
Bacon Thomas 1793-1871 TN Washington County, TN Barron Sarah 15 Dec 1825
Bacon Timothy 1794-1874 MA Washington County, ME Fogg Elizabeth (1st wife) Dec 1816
Bacon Willard 1794-1880 MA Plymouth County, MA Clapp Eliza 28 Nov 1816
Bacon William Savage 1787-1856 VA James City, VA Hall Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Maria A.Marston m. 07 Dec 1830
Bader Dominic d. 1832 MD Baltimore, MD Henniwaldt Eve 14 Jun 1802
Badet Thomas S. d. 1854 CT New London County, CT Butler Betsey (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucy French m. 19 Mar 1845
Badger Austin d. 1883 NY Medina County, OH Loring Elizabeth 20 Nov 1852 probably 2nd wife
Badger Bela d. 1852 PA Philadelphia, PA Worrell Catharine 27 Feb 1814
Badger Frederick L. d. c1878 NY Cattaraugus County, NY Rowan Mary Ellen Sep 1860 probably 2nd wife
Badger Ira b. c1794 US Inf Warren County, PA Leversine Betsey Dec 1815
Badger Jeremiah d. 1875 PA Erie County, PA Barker Eleanor (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Barker m. 15 Jul 1856
Badger Luther d. 1868 NY Onondaga County, NY Wells Eunice (1st wife) 2nd wife Betsey Dimock m. 28 Aug 1845
Badger Nathaniel K. d. 1826 NH Malden, MA Marden Caroline 28 Apr 1822
Badger Philip E. 1791-1848 MA Piscataquis County, ME Chase Sarah 10 Oct 1819
Badger Samuel 1787-1868 VT Orleans County, VT Clifford Cynthia
Badger William d. 1843 US Inf Norfolk County, MA Brown Mary 22 Apr 1819
Badgero Philip d. 1857 NY Ontario, Canada Pryne Elizabeth 12 Jan 1827
Badgerow David 1792-1880 NY Ontario, Canada Bevins Keziah 31 Aug 1817
Badgley Abraham b. 1794 US Inf Wood County, WV Grogan Mary 15 Feb 1821
Badgley Abraham 1793-1857 IL St. Clair County, IL Bonham Rachel (1st wife) 2nd wife Arpha Johnson, 3rd wife Cynthia Ann Henley m. 07 Sep 1851
Badgley Daniel d. 1878 NY Dutchess County, NY Hoff Catherine (1st wife) 2nd wife Hannah B. Wing m. 04 Oct 1855
Badgley Stephen 1785-1872 NJ Morris County, NJ Denham Catherine 1812
Badgley William 1793-1878 NY Columbia County, NY Swarthout Electa 31 Dec 1817
Badley Richard 1790-1870 OH Ross County, OH Satchell Anna 25 Jul 1816 spelled BRADLEY
Badollet James P. 1796-1878 US Art Knox County, IN McClure Malinda 20 Jan 1820
Baen Luther d. 1870 MD Dorchester County, MD Frazier Mary 10 May 1835 indexed as Luther Bain
Baer Valentine "Feltry" 1778-1855 VA Rockingham County, VA Ritchie Christina 02 Oct 1808 spelled Bare
Baer William 1788-1866 MD Carroll County, MD Mantz Harriet 01 Sep 1812
Bagby Bennett M. d. 1884 VA Powhatan County, VA Rebecca (1st wife) 2nd wife __ Montague, 3rd wife ___ Davis, 4th wife Louisa B. Flippin
Bagby Frederick d. 1863 VA Logan County, KY Sears Nancy Sep 1810
Bagby Henry d. 1868 VA Cumberland County, VA Hudgens Susan 10 Jan 1821
Bagby John 1793-1870 KY Randolph County, MO Ward Mildred 23 Sep 1813
Bagby John b. 1792 VA King and Queen County, VA Motley Elizabeth 07 Dec 1837 probably 2nd wife
Bagby Landon 1795-1874 VA Buchanan County, MO Fields Nancy C. 24 Dec 1818
Bagby Robert 1790-1876 VA Logan County, KY Bagby Frances Apr 1817
Baggerly Alpheus 1787-1863 NY Ontario County, NY Demmon Perlina 10 May 1814 spelled Beggarly
Baggett Peter J. d. 1847 GA Thomas County, GA Chestnut Phebe 04 Jul 1828
Baggett Silas 1796-1872 GA Cleveland County, AR Williams Nicey (1st wife) 2nd wife Pharby Williams, 3rd wife Mary Ann Mitchell m. 21 Jul 1861
Baggs David S. 1792-1872 GA Liberty County, GA Johnston Isabella 19 Aug 1819
Baggs John d. 1833 IL Randolph County, IL Nichols Cynthia
Baggs John d. 1863 VA Morrow County, OH Kilgore Isabell 23 Oct 1825
Baggs John J. d. 1856 GA Schley County, GA Robbins Frances 23 Nov 1814
Baggs Joseph E. 1795-1880 RI Washington County, RI Sarah
Baggs William 1794-1844 GA McIntosh County, GA Hope Charity 10 Apr 1822
Bagley Aaron b. 1792 VT Branch County, MI
Bagley Barnard 1795-1859 NH Bradford, NH Ellis Hannah 26 Dec 1826
Bagley Charles 1780-1871 KY Kenton County, KY Anderson Mason 12 Aug 1805
Bagley Daniel d. 1879 US Inf Addison County, VT Blaisdell Betsey 10 Mar 1816
Bagley Edward 1787-1875 US Inf Barry County, MI Bagley Phylee 25 Dec 1804
Bagley Green b. 1789 MA Kennebec County, ME True Hannah 24 Jun 1813
Bagley Jinks Corey b. 1795 PA Washtenaw County, MI born Wyoming, Luzerne County, PA
Bagley John b. 1787 US Inf Washington County, ME Hall Elizabeth 1813
Bagley Josiah d. 1860 NY Cincinnati, OH McDivitte Jane/Joanna 28 Sep 1815
Bagley Moore 1783-1872 GA Chattahoochee County, GA Graves Mary Jane (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Williams m. 03 Jan 1871
Bagley Perkins 1795-1880 US Inf Windsor County, VT Smith Edith (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Rogers m. 30 Mar 1828
Bagley Robert G. b. 1795 SC Caddo Parish, LA Miller Mary J. 22 Oct 1822 born 12 Dec 1795
Bagley Thomas d. c1875 NY Chautauqua County, NY Knapp Chloe 15 May 1820
Bagley Thomas b. 1791 OH Greene County, NY Daley Mary 08 Dec 1825
Bagley Thomas, Jr. d. 1863 VT Windsor County, VT Marsh Nancy 25 May 1817
Bagley Wiley 1795-1874 GA Forsyth County, GA Anna Apr 1825 spelled Wily
Bagley William d. 1871 MS Escambia County, FL Foygle Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Merritt m. 27 Jan 1825
Bagley William d. 1868 NH Rockingham County, NH Merrill Sarah 16 Mar 1820
Bagnall Henry 1796-1869 VA Isle of Wight County, VA Reynolds Sabrah Charlotte (1st wife) 2nd wife Julia Ann m. 22 Feb 1864
Bagneris Zenon Gilbert d. 1859 LA New Orleans, LA Nezat Marie Sophia (1st wife) 2nd wife Constance Morin m. 1855
Bagwell Hely b. 1796 MD Accomack County, VA Bloxsom Elizabeth 23 Dec 1819 spelled Heley Bagwell
Bail Frederic d. 1871 NY Crawford County, PA
Bail Josiah 1789-1879 US Inf Geauga County, OH Edmund Anna 16 Oct 1816
Bailes Wilson 1787-1876 VA Jackson County, OH Mulligan Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Makinson m. 17 Mar 1868
Bailey Aaron d. 1874 NY Whiteside County, IL Havens Amy 20 Aug 1815
Bailey Abner 1796-1871 MA Libertyville, IL Marshall Mahala (1st wife) 2nd wife Priscilla Speed m. 03 Feb 1841
Bailey Abraham d. 1884 PA Milwaukee, WI Seaman Martha 20 Sep 1837 probably 2nd wife
Bailey Absalom d. c1844 US Inf Quebec, Canada Webster Polly 03 Nov 1808
Bailey Albert 1798-1874 VA Fauquier County, VA Hobson Sarah "Sallie" 08 Nov 1817 spelled Bayly
Bailey Alsey d. 1866 CT New Haven County, CT Rowley Almira 27 Oct 1817
Bailey Amasa b. 1793 CT Stark County, OH Eaton Sallie 1814
Bailey Amos 1786-1864 MA Penobscot County, ME Gove Joan (2nd wife) 03 Mar 1851
Bailey Andrew Jackson 1792-1851 KY Harlan County, KY Kelly Anna 18 Apr 1814
Bailey Andrew W. d. 1876 MA Essex County, MA Fitz Abigail N. 09 Nov 1825
Bailey Aretus d. 1874 MA Androscoggin County, ME Harlow Susan H. 10 May 1847 probably 2nd wife
Bailey Benjamin 1774-1836 TN Jackson County, AR Baker Pamelia "Milly" 1800
Bailey Benjamin d. 1870 US Inf Bow, NH Odell Eunice 13 Apr 1817
Bailey Carroll 1796-1849 KY Lincoln County, KY Patton America 08 Feb 1826
Bailey Cephas d. c1880 US Inf Ostego County, NY Harris Relief 15 Jan 1810
Bailey Clothier d. c1876 NY Lewis County, NY Bailey Rebecca Jun 1812
Bailey Comfort b. 1793 NY Winnebago County, WI Eunice
Bailey Cyrus d. 1872 US Inf Dekalb County, IN Edie Permelia 12 May 1838 probably 2nd wife
Bailey Daniel b. 1794 NY Berrien County, MI Van Camp Lucinda Jun 1818
Bailey Daniel 1791-1869 NY Genesee County, NY Estabrooks Mehitable (1st wife) 2nd wife Cynthia H. Adams, 3rd wife Ruth Durbon m. 13 Jan 1853
Bailey Edward d. 1833 KY Washington County, IN Potter Sally 31 Oct 1811
Bailey Eliphalet d. 1878 NH Sullivan County, NH Clement Celinda 05 Dec 1815
Bailey Elisha 1789-1860 VA Chesterfield County, VA Chalkley China W. 16 Nov 1841 probably 2nd wife
Bailey Ephraim b. 1786 NY Ionia County, MI
Bailey Ezma D. b. 1795 MD Wicomico County, MD Smith Lavinia 03 Oct 1816
Bailey Francis E. 1794-1871 GA Newton County, GA Jackson Sarah Dec 1845 probably 2nd wife
Bailey George C. 1794-1866 VA Mercer County, WV Thompson Frances
Bailey George C. 1790-1868 NY Chautauqua County, NY Morey Lucy 11 Feb 1813
Bailey George Washington 1798-1868 US Eng Washington County, VT Warren Rebecca 21 Dec 1820
Bailey Harden d. 1874 NY Washington County, NY Turner Hannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Laura E. Nelson m. 09 May 1843
Bailey Harlow 1792-1880 VT Lake County, OH Emery Apphia Bartlett 05 Dec 1816
Bailey Henry d. 1881 US Inf Madison County, NY Brooks Clarissa 15 May 1818
Bailey Hiram b. 1793 PA Chautauqua County, NY Wilkins Sarah 19 Dec 1822
Bailey Horatio 1786-1878 OH Warren County, IN Hurst Sally 07 Jun 1807
Bailey Ira d. 1866 VT Addison County, VT Goodenough Roxana 15 Oct 1817
Bailey Isaac d. 1864 US Art Lorain County, OH Joyce Sophia 22 Feb 1845 probably 2nd wife
Bailey Isaac 1785-1850 TN Massac County, IL Marney Betsey
Bailey Jacob Gilliam 1786-1872 KY Linn County, MO Maddox Catherine 23 Dec 1813
Bailey James d. 1873 CT Windham County, CT Swan Sabra 10 Sep 1815
Bailey James b. 1795 GA Jackson County, GA Thompson Caroline 13 Nov 1819
Bailey James b. c1791 GA Sumter County, GA Adkins Amy 26 Jul 1812
Bailey James d. 1827 IN Butler County, OH Hindsley Patience 01 Dec 1799
Bailey James d. 1873 ME Lincoln County, ME Hodgdon Susan 14 Oct 1811
Bailey James 1797-1887 MA Kennebec County, ME Smith Mary Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Ellen Freeman m. 09 Sep 1858
Bailey James b. 1794 NY Henry County, IL
Bailey James c1785-1866 OH Clark County, OH Wyeth Fanny (2nd wife) 17 Jul 1822
Bailey James d. 1882 VA Campbell County, TN Clark Susan (1st wife) 2nd wife Sophia m. 23 Feb 1873
Bailey James 1791-1873 OH Moultrie County, IL Michael Delilah 15 Oct 1815 spelled Baley
Bailey James Paine b. 1795 MA Cumberland County, ME Hilton Caroline
Bailey Jeffery Amherst 1794-1858 US Inf Orange County, VT Stevens Melissa 02 Dec 1819 spelled Jeffrey A. Bayley
Bailey Jeremiah 1784-1825 VA Amelia County, VA Anderson Mary Watkins 04 May 1805
Bailey Job b. 1785 US Inf Sherburne County, MN Taylor Maria 10 Apr 1806
Bailey Job 1794-1860 MA Plymouth County, MA Wade Lydia Foster 02 Oct 1815
Bailey Joel d. 1845 PA Dauphin County, PA Seidel Elizabeth 10 Mar 1814
Bailey John 1788-1845 MA Lincoln County, ME Wright Mary Cote 13 Apr 1809
Bailey John d. 1856 US Vols New York, NY Crabtree Margaret (1st wife) 2nd wife Harriet Eliza Smith m. 25 Apr 1844
Bailey John b. c1780 OH Norfolk County, VA Shepherd Nancy 31 Dec 1806
Bailey John 1789-1859 OH Adams County, OH McCartney Sarah "Sally" (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane Douglass m. 1820
Bailey John d. 1829 VA Campbell County, VA Calleham Mary 14 Feb 1811
Bailey John d. 1856 VA Middlesex County, VA Hughes Eliza 07 May 1827
Bailey John 1796-1862 VA Pickaway County, OH Stufflebeam Jane 20 Feb 1817
Bailey John Hubbard 1782-1858 VA Hardin County, KY Goodwin Mary "Polly" 09 Dec 1809
Bailey John W. 1790-1876 US Vols Penobscot County, ME Dean Irene (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha Wade m. 17 Oct 1848
Bailey John Wesley 1786-1879 NY Putnam County, NY Dutcher Elizabeth 13 Feb 1813
Bailey John Woodrow 1787-1877 OH Meigs County, OH Erwin Anna 10 May 1815
Bailey John, Jr. d. 1863 NY Rutland County, VT Colvin Abigail 16 Sep 1819
Bailey Jonathan d. 1869 US Inf Livingston County, NY McCurdy Bethany 26 Feb 1818
Bailey Jonathan 1787-1873 SC Hart County, GA Cauthen Elizabeth 1814
Bailey Jonathan Butterfield 1794-1875 US Inf Hillsdale County, MI Dufur Hannah 04 May 1817
Bailey Joseph d. 1877 KY Richland County, IL Voun Eliza Oct 1818
Bailey Joseph d. 1865 NY Ashtabula County, OH Payne Amanda 15 Mar 1818
Bailey Joseph 1792-1875 VA Harrison County, WV Hickman Margaret "Peggy" (1st wife) 2nd wife Delilah Davison m. 07 Jul 1837
Bailey Joshua d. c1881 MA Merrimack County, NH Fisk Harriet P. (2nd wife) 06 Dec 1849
Bailey Joshua d. 1881 OH Montgomery County, OH Hannah 1835 probably 2nd wife
Bailey Joshua, Jr. 1782-1862 VT Orange County, VT Tice Sarah J. 11 Sep 1812
Bailey Josiah c1783-1867 ME Washington County, ME Frost Charlotte 1800
Bailey Kennedy William 1793-1859 SC Pickens County, AL Perry Mary Ann 09 May 1813
Bailey Latimer b. 1786 NY Oneida Couny, NY Otis Abigail 19 Sep 1813
Bailey Lewis d. 1872 NY Onondaga County, NY Collins Betsey (1st wife) 2nd wife Hannah Haight m. 20 Feb 1859
Bailey Lodowick 1785-1873 CT Susquehanna County, PA Avery Hannah 19 Sep 1813
Bailey Matthew 1791-1862 OH Ogle County, IL Harrison Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Huldah Kelley m. 26 Jan 1841
Bailey Miles b. 1790 NY Lewis County, NY Mabel 1812
Bailey Morris d. 1860 US Inf Middlesex County, CT Crofoot Elizabeth 12 Jan 1812
Bailey Nathan b. 1780 MA Palermo, Waldo County, ME
Bailey Nicholas 1784-1851 US Inf Steuben County, NY Perry Elizabeth 14 Oct 1810
Bailey Noah d. 1858 MD St. Marys County, MD Wheatley Mary (1st wife) 07 Oct 1823 2nd wife Ann m. 07 Oct 1823
Bailey Nunnery d. 1853 US Inf Gallatin County, IL Stephens Margaret Aug 1808
Bailey Peter 1791-1866 PA Darke County, OH Cline Margaret (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Porter m. 10 May 1827
Bailey Phinehas d. 1864 NH Orange County, VT Morrison Dorcas 31 Jan 1809
Bailey Pleasant b. 1790 US Inf Jefferson County, KY Peyton Jane 07 Apr 1814
Bailey Reuben b. 1795 ME Cumberland County, ME Jordan Phebe 28 Nov 1816
Bailey Richard d. 1875 MA Washington County, ME Green Eliza 13 Oct 1838 probably 2nd wife
Bailey Richard 1794-1883 OH Wabash County, IN White Polly 11 Apr 1817
Bailey Samuel 1796-1874 US Lamoille County, VT House Marilla 28 Dec 1820
Bailey Samuel 1792-1871 MA Androscoggin County, ME Lander Jane (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Ficket M. 02 May 1828
Bailey Samuel d. 1840 NY Jennings County, IN Havens Chloe 13 Sep 1808
Bailey Samuel d. 1872 NY Shelby County, IN Prentiss Cynthia 1813
Bailey Shadrach 1782-1866 MD Harford County, MD Barnes Mary Ann 16 Jul 1835 probably 2nd wife
Bailey Sib b. 1793 TN Anderson County, TN Hoskins Delilah
Bailey Tarlton 1793-1874 VA Clinton County, MO Wheeler Malinda (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Hudson m. 18 Apr 1841
Bailey Timothy 1786-1875 MA Essex County, MA Poor Sally 07 Jun 1827
Bailey Timothy b. 1792 NY Saratoga County, NY Mallory Polly Maria 10 Dec 1815
Bailey William c1792-1858 CT New London County, CT Wheeler Matilda 28 Apr 1812
Bailey William 1790-1867 GA Jefferson County, FL Bellamy Mary Elizabeth (1st wife)
Bailey William d. 1887 MA Essex County, MA Thurston Elizabeth 06 Dec 1827
Bailey William 1795-1882 MA Tama County, IA Wethern Mary 26 Jan 1847 probably 2nd wife
Bailey William 1795-1873 NY Eaton County, MI House Anna (2nd wife) 13 Jul 1821
Bailey William 1782-1860 NY Marshall County, IN Nancy A. Jan 1842 probably 2nd wife
Bailey William d. p1872 NC Calhoun County, MS Howell Polly
Bailey William b. 1788 SC Laurens County, SC Smith Elizabeth Ann 01 Jan 1833 probably 2nd wife
Bailey William 1798-1862 TN Roane County, TN Barnard Lydia Mar 1815
Bailey William d. 1860 TN Harrison County, IN Bruner Margaret "Peggy" 09 May 1813
Bailey William d. 1887 US Navy Washington DC Crawley Annie (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucinda Johnson m. 24 Nov 1844
Bailey William 1790-1847 VA Whitfield County, GA Strickland Frances 29 Dec 1819 transcription of family Bible record in pension file
Bailey Wilson 1786-1863 VA Lincoln County, TN Moore Nancy 10 Nov 1821
Bailey Zachariah Henry 1794-1884 VA McDowell County, WV Amburn Hester (Esther) (1st wife) 2nd wife Rachel Glandon m. 14 Jun 1832
Bailie Robert 1776-1854 TN Scott County, VA Carnahan Eleanor 1803
Baily Alanson b. 1793 NY Chautauqua County, NY Frazier Lucinda Sep 1856 probably 2nd wife
Baily Moses d. 1864 TN Hardin County, TN Archie Sally (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Flatt m. 12 Feb 1836
Baily Walter d. 1864 VA McLean County, IL Wilson Orpha Jun 1812
Bain Daniel 1794-1868 TN Franklin County, IL Kennedy Nancy Ann 21 Jul 1825
Bain Hope 1795-1876 MD Wayne County, NC Roach Mariah (1st wife) 2nd wife Joanna Eliza Ogden m. 23 Dec 1847
Bain James E. b. 1800 AL Morgan County, AL
Bain John d. 1877 US Inf Choctaw County, AL Weaver Jessie (1st wife) 2nd wife Winnie Rutledge, 3rd wife Harriet S. Campbell m. 25 Sep 1856
Bain Matthew E. d. 1856 IL Hamilton County, IL Trout Catherine 12 Dec 1827 listed under Bayne
Bainbridge Joseph 1780-1824 US Navy Long Island, NY Browne Charlotte
Bainbridge Nicholas d. 1846 NJ Tompkins County, NY Cornell Ann 28 Feb 1811
Bainbridge Richard S. 1791-1868 NY Wyandot County, OH Wentworth Lucinda 29 Dec 1813
Bainbridge William B. 1774-1833 US Navy Philadelphia, PA Heyliger Susan
Baine George 1775-1866 NY Wayne County, NY Mead Sarah 12 Nov 1812
Baine William b. 1800 US Inf Marion County, IN Mann Martha Jul 1824
Baines Bray b. 1793 VA Nansemond County, VA Harrell Lavinia 1840 probably 2nd wife
Bains Samuel 1783-1836 TN Smith County, TN Lassiter Christiana 08 Nov 1804
Bainum John G. d. 1861 US Inf Brown County, OH Hancock Rebecca 22 Nov 1845 probably 2nd wife
Bair Abraham 1794-1829 OH Stark County, OH Harter Elizabeth 31 Mar 1812
Bair John 1790-1847 OH Stark County, OH Henning Catherine 14 Apr 1814
Bair William b. 1797 PA Adams County, PA Gobreth Mandila 03 Mar 1825
Baird Barnes 1792-1871 NY Oswego County, NY Barker Eliza 12 Oct 1817
Baird Daniel 1792-1875 PA Somerset County, PA Kurtz Anna Mary 15 Mar 1818
Baird Henry 1775-1872 TN Fayette County, AL Papizan Harriet c1844 probably 2nd wife
Baird Isaac W. d. 1855 NY Schoharie County, NY Becker Elizabeth 04 Jul 1827
Baird James d. 1880 GA Pike County, GA Peas Lucy 12 Jun 1814
Baird John b. 1792 NC Denton County, TX McCowen Mahala 1843 probably 2nd wife
Baird John d. 1876 OH Trumbull County, OH Denison Mary 30 Jun 1836 probably 2nd wife
Baird John d. 1850 OH Fayette County, OH Sarah (2nd wife) 22 Aug 1833
Baird John d. 1863 PA Indiana County, PA Hetty (1st wife) 2nd wife Esther Sloan, 3rd wife Jane C. Cannon m. 31 Mar 1840
Baird Nathaniel W. 1787-1838 NY Orange County, NY Denton Abigail 30 May 1817
Baird Peter b. 1794 VA Surry County, VA Bingham Eliza M. 1817
Baird Ransom E. b. 1790 NY Winnebago County, WI Elizabeth 06 Sep 1813
Baird Robert 1788-1872 OH Adams County, OH Davis Margaret 01 May 1811
Baird Robert 1792-1864 TN Jefferson County, AL Tatum Susan 17 May 1822
Baird Thomas Frame 1795-1874 OH Guernsey County, OH Frame Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Rachel Bell m. 01 May 1861
Baird Thomas James 1794-1842 US Art Schuylkill County, PA Carey Eliza Catherine 19 Nov 1822
Baird William d. 1876 KY Clinton County, IN Rhodes Ann Ary 03 Dec 1818
Baird William c1790-1879 OH Montgomery County, MO Finley Elizabeth Simpson 01 Feb 1815
Baird William A. d. 1864 NY Sauk County, WI Van Horn Maria 25 Nov 1813
Baird William Leroy 1796-1883 MS Johnson County, TX Murphy Margaret (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Ann Law m. 1846
Baker Abijah b. 1794 MA Suffolk County, MA Cahoon Dinah 11 Apr 1815
Baker Abner c1787-1869 MA Sagadahoc County, ME Childs Priscilla 28 Oct 1813
Baker Abraham 1784-1874 VA Warren County, OH Riggleman Mary
Baker Abram d. 1846 VA Dubois County, IN Stewart Jane 1817
Baker Albany d. 1859 US Navy New York, NY Jones Sarah 17 May 1827
Baker Alexander 1793-1867 KY Trigg County, KY Munday Catherine T. 20 Sep 1831
Baker Alpheus 1795-1888 VT Noble County, IN Hopkins Mercy
Baker Alsworth d. 1879 NY Fulton County, IL Stewart Julia 22 Oct 1845 probably 2nd wife
Baker Amos 1764-1814 US Inf Eleven Mile Creek, NY Weston Betsey 03 May 1806 information on children in pension file Amos Baker also fought Rev War
Baker Amos 1792-1874 NY Chemung County, NY Warner Ruth 03 Jul 1814
Baker Artemas 1780-1853 OH Dallas County, TX Conant Mehitable 17 Aug 1813 spelled Artemus
Baker Asa d. 1851 US Inf Onondaga County, NY Robinson Hannah 07 Feb 1819
Baker Asa G. b. 1789 US Inf Lincoln County, ME
Baker Ashley C. d. 1884 NY Flushing, NY Castaline Elizabeth 15 Nov 1819
Baker Barnabas 1795-1875 NY Cortland County, NY Chaffee Mary "Polly" 05 Apr 1820
Baker Bartholomew PA Philadelphia, PA Winner Martha
Baker Benjamin b. 1791 MD Belmont County, OH Wilkison Abigail 1838 probably 2nd wife
Baker Benjamin d. 1849 MD Montgomery County, MD Crour ? Sophia 09 Jan 1829
Baker Benjamin d. 1879 MA Somerset County, ME Gilman Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Adams m. 18 Dec 1834
Baker Benjamin d. 1872 NY Monroe County, NY Lewis Catharine L. 31 May 1818
Baker Benjamin 1770-1850 NY Cortland County, NY Blackman Hannah 01 Mar 1801
Baker Benjamin D. b. 1798 MA Hancock County, ME Anderson Mary J. May 1820
Baker Bonaparte 1794-1860 NY Howard County, IA Fuller Eunice E. 06 Jan 1815
Baker Braddock 1794-1868 NY Washington County, NY Everts Mary C. 21 May 1826
Baker Cary L. d. 1838 NY Allegany County, NY Lamb Lydia 04 Apr 1811
Baker Charles d. 1874 KY Knox County, KY Barbour Sarah
Baker Charles b. 1792 NY Saginaw County, MI
Baker Charles d. 1879 NY Brooklyn, NY Dodge Julia Ann F. 09 Mar 1820 Original marriage certificate in pension file
Baker Charles H. d. 1870 OH Belmont County, OH Booth Elma 1821
Baker Christian 1794-1875 OH Fairfield County, OH Ruffner Magdeline/Magdalena 08 Apr 1817
Baker Christian Henry 1796-1866 MD Richland County, OH Wheeler Nancy 06 Aug 1814
Baker Clark 1796-1893 NY Will County, IL Welch Lucinda
Baker Daniel b. 1793 MA Oswego County, NY Brown Margaret Jun 1812
Baker Daniel 1788-1873 NY Ingham Couny, MI Welch Anna 07 Jul 1827
Baker Daniel 1792-1855 OH Fairfield County, OH McNamee Mary 23 Dec 1813
Baker Daniel 1794-1887 VA Licking County, OH Fravel Rebecca 05 Jan 1820
Baker Daniel B. 1793-1855 US Inf Jefferson County, NY Waite Nancy 14 May 1818
Baker David Knickerbocker 1790-1875 NY Genesee County, NY Covell Susan West 27 Dec 1810
Baker Dickerson d. 1870 VA Martin County, NC Jordan Nancy 27 Jun 1825
Baker Doty d. 1847 NY Hempstead, NY Wood Mary 16 Apr 1806
Baker Duncan d. c1875 NC Robeson County, NC Smith Sarah 1818
Baker Dunning 1795-1875 KY Massac County, IL Bearding Morning (1st wife) 2nd wife Catherine Reed m. 20 Jan 1846
Baker Edmund d. 1873 MA Barnstable County, MA Baker Almira 21 Mar 1822
Baker Edward 1794-1849 NY Monroeville, OH Whitney Lucena (1st wife) 1815 2nd wife Lucinda Halladay Goodhue 12 Jul 1830
Baker Eli F. d. 1855 MA Washington County, ME Downs Rebecca
Baker Elias 1785-1863 MD Washington County, MD Zook/Zuck Ann 13 Sep 1808
Baker Elias 1794-1872 MA Cumberland County, ME Morrill Margaret 14 Jul 1817
Baker Elijah 1778-1866 NY Chautauqua County, NY Blackmar Sarah "Sally" 26 Jan 1802
Baker Enoch S. d. 1882 NH Logan County, IL Berry Almira 14 Apr 1825
Baker Erastus 1794-1858 CT New London County, CT Baker Anna Otis 26 Nov 1827
Baker Erastus c1789-1878 NY Erie County, NY Shepherd Marilla (2nd wife) 06 Feb 1824
Baker Erastus d. 1866 NY Jefferson County, NY Heath Nany 25 Mar 1844 probably 2nd wife
Baker Esaias d. 1868 TN Searcy County, AR Baker Provey 10 Jan 1854 probably 2nd wife
Baker Ezekiel 1791-1878 NY Onondaga County, NY Barber Camilla 14 Apr 1832
Baker Frederick d. 1853 PA Fayette County, PA Landis Elizabeth 28 Jan 1819
Baker Gabriel 1790-1866 TN Montgomery County, AR Stover Rebecca 09 Dec 1813
Baker George d. 1884 NY Wichita, KS Hall Phebe 07 Nov 1816
Baker George d. 1864 PA Baltimore County, MD Herbaugh Mary Nov 1817
Baker George C. c1790-1859 NY Susquehanna County, PA Randall Hapra "Hopy" 14 Mar 1813
Baker George, Jr. d. 1875 NY Oswego County, NY Balch Celinda 21 May 1820
Baker Gideon b. 1792 MD Baltimore, MD Hall Lydia 25 Sep 1817
Baker Greenberry d. 1863 US Inf Rockcastle County, KY Giles Nancy 04 May 1817
Baker Guy Carlton 1787-1872 NY Northumberland, Canada Strohn Maria Christine 06 Mar 1809
Baker Harlow 1796-1879 NY Cook County, IL Leonard Martha "Patty" 05 Nov 1818
Baker Henry c1787-1854 OH Allen County, OH Binkley/Binckley Mary "Polly" 25 Dec 1808
Baker Henry c1797-1863 OH Vicksburg, MS Heaton Hannah W. (1st wife) 2nd wife Serepta Marsh m. 02 Jun 1841
Baker Henry 1797-1863 US Inf Chautauqua County, NY Keyes Anna (1st wife) 2nd wife Maria Fish m. 03 Aug 1828
Baker Henry A. c1788-1875 MA Sagadahoc County, ME Dunton Mary
Baker Hillarius b. 1796 VA Frederick County, VA Mary
Baker Hugh d. 1876 PA Clarion County, PA Mullin Jane 19 Jun 1823
Baker Ira 1794-1875 NY Cortland County, NY Backus Jerusha P. 11 May 1817
Baker Isaac 1793-1870 KY Ballard County, KY Barkwell Permelia 07 May 1812
Baker Isaac d. 1852 NY Cortland County, NY Swetland Mary 29 Apr 1813
Baker Isaac d. 1838 TN Meigs County, TN Looney Jane 06 Mar 1817
Baker Isaac 1782-1861 VA Shenandoah County, VA Godlove Savilla 15 Aug 1818
Baker Jacob 1790-1872 KY Sangamon County, IL Branch Jane (1st wife) 3rd wife Rhoda McGary m. 23 Jul 1869
Baker Jacob d. 1879 KY Scott County, IL Slagle Elizabeth 11 Sep 1825
Baker Jacob 1797-1855 MD Licking County, OH Dove Charlotte 22 Jul 1819
Baker Jacob d. 1846 PA Allegheny County, PA Carr Catharine Jul 1816
Baker Jacob d. 1884 PA Lawrence County, PA Rigby Hannah 07 Sep 1820
Baker Jacob 1796-1880 TN McNairy County, TN Finger Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Boulton, 3rd wife Morning Vester m. 1857
Baker Jacob 1788-1861 US Inf St. Joseph County, MI Reynolds Abigail Sep 1809
Baker Jacob b. 1790 VA Frederick County, VA Street Catherine F. 06 Jan 1814
Baker Jacob d. 1859 NY New York, NY Garniss Elizabeth 07 Aug 1816
Baker James d. 1838 MD Baltimore, MD Gillespy Mary Ann 28 Oct 1816
Baker James 1790-1858 MA Carthage, ME Noyes Bethia Dec 1812
Baker James d. 1859 MA Bristol County, MA Bowen Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Emeline W. L. Threesheere m. 18 Feb 1844
Baker James 1799-1883 NY Clinton County, NY Roberts Erexena 29 Apr 1822
Baker James 1785-1840 VA Henry County, VA Koger Catherine 15 Dec 1808
Baker James d. 1822 VA Frederick County, VA Murphy Harriet A. Aug 1812
Baker James M. d. 1877 NY Orange County, NY Clinton Laura C. 21 Feb 1818
Baker James McCutchon 1795-1861 US Navy New Orleans, LA Mercer Ann Eliza 04 May 1824
Baker James McLaughlin b. 1797 NY Clinch County, GA Shell Annie 13 Apr 1817
Baker James S. b. 1792 NY Arapahoe County, CO Mekeel Phebe 30 May 1815
Baker Jeremiah b. 1793 GA Liberty County, GA Johnson Hannah 25 Dec 1811
Baker Jeremiah d. 1873 MA Penobscot County, ME Doane Rebecca 03 Oct 1816
Baker Jeremiah 1771-1872 NY Richmond County, NY Hatfield Deborah 12 Jan 1813
Baker Jeremiah 1791-1883 NY Steuben County, NY Stephens Hila 22 Sep 1829
Baker Job McNamee 1792-1878 OH Harrison County, TX Quinn Rachel (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Carter, 3rd wife Mary Steele, 4th wife Elizabeth
Baker John d. 1836 KY Nicholas County, KY Latham Nancy 06 Jun 1805
Baker John d. 1847 MD Baltimore, MD Simmons Elizabeth 20 Jun 1814
Baker John d. c1878 MA Lincoln County, ME Reed Mary 1831 probably 2nd wife
Baker John d. 1865 NC Moore County, NC McGee Catherine (1st wife) 2nd wife Isabella Watson m. 14 Oct 1851
Baker John b. 1796 NJ Bergen County, NJ Winters Anna 04 Feb 1816
Baker John d. 1816 NY Albany, NY Banker Eleanor 1795
Baker John d. 1851 NY Niagara County, NY Salmon Jemima 02 Jan 1822
Baker John d. 1849 PA Armstrong County, PA Neil Mary 13 Oct 1818
Baker John d. 1874 PA Lancaster County, PA Stauffer Ann 21 Jul 1825
Baker John 1790-1848 PA Berks County, PA Livengood Catherine 15 Aug 1809
Baker John d. 1854 SC Marion County, SC Evans Catherine 1806
Baker John d. 1880 TN Grayson County, KY Anderson Cynthia Ann 22 Oct 1818
Baker John b. 1783 TN Jennings County, IN Samons Nancy 18 Dec 1806
Baker John 1794-1856 US Inf Fayette County, KY Hutchinson Cynthia 30 Apr 1817
Baker John b. 1793 US Inf Morgan County, IL Clark Eleanor 1818
Baker John 1794-1873 VA Scott County, IA Simpkins Rhoda 06 May 1817
Baker John 1784-1849 VA Rockingham County, VA Spader Mary 01 Nov 1810
Baker John d. 1853 VA Adams County, IN Turner Sarah 10 Dec 1812
Baker John D. d. 1878 MD Lafayette County, MO Rienhard Catherine (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Ann Fitch m. 07 Feb 1839
Baker John E. d. 1870 MA Essex County, MA Mehitable (1st wife) 2nd wife Sally R. Roundy m. 07 Jun 1853
Baker John H. 1793-1856 SC Shelby County, AL Ussery Achsah 14 Sep 1814
Baker John H. b. 1780 KY Barren County, KY Buford Sarah Oct 1804
Baker John P. d. 1848 US Inf Clinton County, NY Curtis Susan 1825
Baker John Philip 1791-1845 OH Knox County, OH Wolf Margaret 20 Mar 1817
Baker Jonathan d. 1863 NY Jefferson County, NY Fellows Dorcas 20 Feb 1807
Baker Jonathan Jeems 1790-1857 NY Monroe County, NY Beatty Elizabeth 30 Dec 1813
Baker Joseph b. 1796 NY Clinton County, NY Christian Eliza 20 Mar 1823
Baker Joseph c1777-1860 NC Burke County, NC Thompson Sarah Apr 1900
Baker Joseph 1797-1866 US Inf Shelby County, OH Monty Barbara 28 May 1820 listed as Joseph W. Baker
Baker Joshua d. 1877 MA Sagadahoc County, ME Tibbetts Abigail (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucy m. 22 Jan 1854
Baker Joshua d. 1833 NY Susquehanna County, PA Townsend Alice 27 Aug 1815
Baker Josiah L. d. 1851 CT New London County, CT Edmonds Delia 19 Jun 1817
Baker Justus 1784-1852 NY Calhoun County, MI Sheldon Lucy 16 Feb 1810
Baker Levi d. 1844 NH Merrimack County, NH Kelley Miriam 22 Nov 1831 probably 2nd wife
Baker Lewis 1794-1860 NJ Morris County, NJ Clark Elizabeth 06 Jun 1832 probably 2nd wife
Baker Lyman b. 1794 VT Clinton County, NY Nancy c1863 probably 2nd wife
Baker Marshall 1788-1862 NH Merrimack County, NH Hoit Naomi 28 Aug 1808
Baker Martin 1796-1875 KY Grundy County, MO Rice Elizabeth 25 May 1826
Baker Meshack d. 1842 VA Tyler County, VA Pitts Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Eleanor Thomas 09 Nov 1834
Baker Moses 1792-1865 NY Erie County, NY Pierce Dorcas (1st wife) 2nd wife Sophronia
Baker Nehemiah d. 1874 NY Orleans County, NY Huntley Lucinda 19 Oct 1821
Baker Noah 1793-1861 NY Steuben County, NY Fulton Mary "Polly" 21 Mar 1815
Baker Noyes d. 1870 CT Dutchess County, NY Bennett Mary 02 Mar 1817
Baker Oliver d. 1860 CT Hamilton, NJ Harriet 07 Nov 1826
Baker Oliver d. 1872 CT Windham County, CT Baker Sarah 06 Jun 1811
Baker Oliver d. 1877 MA Kennebec County, ME Chalmers Nancy 20 Jun 1822
Baker Otis 1794-1868 MA Plymouth County, MA Sampson Sally 18 Apr 1818
Baker Otis 1795-1879 NY Orleans County, NY Williams Anna (1st wife) 2nd wife Laura Burnham Bostwick m. 24 Mar 1833
Baker Peter d. 1838 OH Miami County, OH Leseney ? Anna (1st wife) c1809
Baker Peter d. 1855 PA Franklin County, PA Etter Ann 08 Apr 1824
Baker Peter d. 1870 TN Johnson County, MO Regan Margaret "Peggy" 08 Apr 1802
Baker Philip d. 1871 NJ Rensselaer County, NY Hoskins Sarah 26 Mar 1822
Baker Philip c1787-1851 VA Rockingham County, VA Fulk Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Matilda m. 03 Sep 1838
Baker Phillip 1795-1871 Blank Wyoming County, NY Rogers Lucy (1st wife) 2nd wife Betsey Leavenworth m. 22 Nov 1830
Baker Rezin d. 1842 OH Coshocton County, OH Addy Mary 03 Aug 1813
Baker Richard Fuller 1786-1852 GA Liberty County, GA Dawsey Elizabeth G. 18 May 1832
Baker Roland d. 1840 MA Harwich, MA Chase Martha "Patty" 25 Aug 1808
Baker Samuel d. 1859 MA Lincoln County, ME Parker Hannah 01 Dec 1808
Baker Samuel 1791-1887 PA Jackson County, OH Seldonridge Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane Starr m. 06 Aug 1836
Baker Samuel Brown 1790-1872 TN Scotland County, MO Eakin Nancy Jane 28 May 1816
Baker Seth 1794-1855 NY Chautauqua County, NY Knowlton Julia Ann 10 Mar 1816
Baker Silas 1793-1877 NY Washington County, NY Offensend Amanda 27 Aug 1816
Baker Simon d. 1882 VA Champaign County, OH Darnall Catharine (1st wife) Nov 1823 2nd wife Sarah Julien m. 16 Nov 1867
Baker Solomon d. 1869 GA Benton County, AL Weeks Nancy 22 Jun 1814
Baker Solomon 1790-1858 TN White County, TN Lyda Esther 1811
Baker Stephen d. 1883 MA Essex County, MA Webber Mary A. 06 Jul 1871 probably 2nd wife
Baker Stephen H. b. 1790 NY/US Inf Delaware County, IN Law Effie Feb 1817
Baker Sydenham 1785-1866 NY Onondaga County, NY Hayden Sarah
Baker Thomas 1780-1838 MA Cumberland County, ME Lord Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Lydia M. Hanscom m. 17 Oct 1837
Baker Thomas b. 1793 TN Hamilton County, TN Allen Sarah Ann 11 Jul 1864 probably 2nd wife
Baker Timothy 1787-1878 NY Huron County, OH Remington Eliza 24 Mar 1816
Baker Titus b. 1797 NC Madison County, TN Fuller Mariah May 1822
Baker Vachiel d. 1852 KY Sarah
Baker William d. 1880 US Inf Washington County, IN Drake Annie 12 Sep 1811
Baker William b. 1786 GA Rush County, TX James Martha Jul 1815
Baker William b. 1793 KY Henry County, TN Nelson Lucinda 17 Jan 1822
Baker William 1785-1862 MA Lucas County, IA Smith Mary "Polly" Mar 1811
Baker William d. 1879 NJ Warren County, NJ Piatt Elizabeth 15 Jun 1818
Baker William 1795-1875 NY Saratoga County, NY Baker Sylvia 22 Oct 1822
Baker William 1791-1849 NY Erie County, NY Farnsworth Elvira 28 Feb 1828
Baker William d. 1852 NY Putman County, NY Ackerman Esther 24 Oct 1827
Baker William d. 1869 PA Venango County, PA Walters Mary Ann 1810
Baker William 1797-1839 TN Knox County, TN Houser Sarah 17 Dec 1822
Baker William d. 1861 VA Overton County, TN Granmar Permelia 10 Feb 1825
Baker William d. 1858 TN Union County, TN Jones Mary S. 22 Apr 1808
Baker Willis Perry 1792-1856 GA Murray County, GA Pittman Mary "Polly" 16 Aug 1817
Baker Zebulon d. 1857 NY Clinton County, NY Shelden Deborah Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Albro m. 05 Sep 1827
Balard Etienne Godfroy 1771-1852 MI Macomb County, MI Thomas Elizabeth 07 Oct 1801 spelled Bellont
Balch Isaac 1793-1873 NH Grafton County, NH Marshall Sarah "Sally" 1820
Balch John 1791-1868 CT Kankakee County, IL Stowell Almira 10 Apr 1816
Balch Samuel Y. d. 1821 US Inf Baltimore, MD
Balch Simeon b. 1796 VT Clinton County, MO Coffin Sophronia 05 Oct 1823
Balch Thomas 1794-1871 CT Tolland County, CT Hamilton Eunice
Balch William 1793-1885 NH Lake County, OH Boyington Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Whitney m. 04 Feb 1853
Balcom John Adams 1798-1863 MA Portland, ME Brewer Mary Jane 27 May 1824 spelled Balkam
Balden Allen d. 1861 VA Putnam County, VA Wilson Malinda 27 Jun 1831 probably 2nd wife
Balderson Gilbert Hardwick 1788-1847 VA Richmond County, VA Laycock Rebecca (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Pope m. 10 Apr 1831
Balderston Isaiah 1791-1835 MD Baltimore County, MD Gill Martha 1811
Baldridge Alexander Holmes 1795-1874 OH Champaign County, OH Bradford Evaline 09 Jan 1817
Baldridge Daniel 1794-1880 OH Dearborn County, IN Wood Sarah Crane Mar 1815
Baldridge Francis Marion 1785-1847 TN Clinton County, IL Dickey Frances 21 Nov 1811
Baldridge John c1780-1856 NY Seneca County, NY Barr Agnes 02 Mar 1826
Baldridge John 1780-1860 MS Carroll County, MS Owens Jane (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Cheek m. 01 Jun 1836
Baldridge Robert 1788-1865 US Rangers St. Charles County, MO Rybolt Margaret 20 Apr 1809
Baldridge Samuel 1776-1845 OH Adams County, OH McGarrah Mary 13 Jul 1802
Baldwin Alanson 1793-1872 OH Portage County, OH Wilcox Julia 06 Feb 1827
Baldwin Almon 1791-1874 US Inf Washington DC Seabury Maria May 1815
Baldwin Alva b. 1794 OH Portage County, OH Andrews/Andrus Sallie 10 Dec 1818
Baldwin Asa c1795-1842 VT Orange County, VT Southworth Milcah 30 Mar 1815
Baldwin Augustus Russell 1794-1880 NY Geauga County, OH Angier Mary 08 Oct 1815
Baldwin Benedict 1787-1884 NY Livingston County, MI Potter Permelia A. 24 Jun 1810
Baldwin Benjamin Franklin 1791-1865 VA/OH Greene County, IL Varner Martha 09 Apr 1816
Baldwin Byram d. 1873 OH Allen County, OH Roberts Mary Ann 24 Feb 1849 probably 2nd wife
Baldwin Caleb 1791-1849 OH Salt Lake City, UT Kingsbury Nancy 07 Dec 1814
Baldwin Charles d. c1883 NJ Essex County, NJ Pierson Rhoda (1st wife) 2nd wife Eliza J. Freeman m. 22 June 1836
Baldwin Daniel "Dan" c1795-1868 CT Greene County, NY Robinson Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Rebecca Ramsdell m. 14 Nov 1859
Baldwin David c1790-c1876 NY Schoharie County, NY Shutts Elizabeth "Betsy" 12 Jul 1807
Baldwin David d. 1871 NY Suffolk County, NY Verity Elizabeth 08 Sep 1825
Baldwin David d. 1872 NY Livingston County, NY Messenger Achsah (1st wife) 2nd wife Melinda m. 27 May 1851
Baldwin David William c1790-1846 NC Columbus County, NC Smith Joanna 13 Dec 1814
Baldwin Eleazer Henry 1784-1868 NY Putnam County, NY Cole Hannah 03 Mar 1805 spelled Baldin
Baldwin Eli 1783-1873 CT Williams County, OH Webber Elizabeth 04 Aug 1804
Baldwin Enoch b. 1787 NJ Fayette County, IA Spear Nancy 15 Oct 1826
Baldwin Ephraim 1789-1863 MA Berkshire County, MA Karner Dimmis 23 Feb 1815
Baldwin Harbert d. 1860 KY Dunklin County, MO Erwin Rachel (2nd wife) 30 Jan 1842
Baldwin Harvey 1796-1863 NY Onondaga County, NY Geddes Laura (1st wife) 2nd wife Ann Sarah Dodge m. 12 Feb 1833
Baldwin Henry 1795-1877 NH Sullivan County, NH Egerton Millia 07 Sep 1815
Baldwin Henry d. 1864 NY Oswego County, NY Newell Susan 10 Apr 1838
Baldwin Henry d. 1875 OH Trumbull County, OH Forward Orsa 2nd wife Bertha Holcomb m. 20 Apr 1851
Baldwin Isaac 1794-1879 US Inf Suffolk County, MA Wild Nancy 16 Mar 1823
Baldwin Israel d. 1868 NY Steuben County, NY Hoagland Hannah 04 Apr 1810
Baldwin Jacob 1786-1857 NY Allegany County, NY York Elizabeth "Betsey" 03 Dec 1812
Baldwin James b. 1794 NY Washington County, NY Morgan Betsey 1815
Baldwin Jeremiah 1795-1879 KY Holt County, MO Long Elizabeth 1816
Baldwin Jeremiah d. 1878 NY Genesee County, MI Churchill Wealthy (1st wife) 2nd wife Rebecca Waite, 3rd wife Aurelia Ferris, 4th wife Betsy Fancher
Baldwin John d. c1885 NJ Essex County, NJ Munn Emma 1818
Baldwin John Murray 1795-1885 OH Ashtabula County, OH Robbins Sarah "Sally" 27 Mar 1817
Baldwin Joseph 1787-1873 US Inf Lawrence County, PA Cairns Isabella Henry 27 Nov 1818
Baldwin Joseph S. d. 1829 NY Stark County, OH Saughlin Isabel 1818 listed as Joseph L. Baldwin
Baldwin Leonard d. 1849 NY Jefferson County, NY Hunter Polly 03 Feb 1818
Baldwin Loami d. 1847 GA Boston, MA Popkin Mary H. 07 Oct 1844 probably 2nd wife
Baldwin Lyman 1793-1872 US Eng Windsor County, VT Seaver Olive 02 Dec 1819
Baldwin Nicholas d. 1856 MD Harford County, MD Baldwin Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Eliza Gallion m. Mar 1833
Baldwin Phineas d. 1867 NJ Essex County, NJ Brown Hannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Maria m. 20 Mar 1834
Baldwin Pleasant 1793-1876 US Inf Clay County, IN James Mary 18 Oct 1819
Baldwin Pollard 1799-1858 US Inf Ladoga, Montgomery, IN McCreary Almira "Mira" 16 Jan 1825
Baldwin Robert b. 1791 MD Baltimore, MD Adams Mary 18 Dec 1820
Baldwin Robert Thomas 1793-1863 VA Frederick County, VA Macky Sarah "Sally" (1st wife) 11 Feb 1830 2nd wife Portia Lee Hopkins m. 11 Feb 1830
Baldwin Samuel b. 1792 NY Schenectady County, NY Booth Hannah 07 Apr 1841 probably 2nd wife
Baldwin Simeon d. 1820 NC Wilmington, NC Duke Mary Jane 24 Aug 1807
Baldwin Stephen d. 1857 MA Wayne County, NY Potter Catherine 28 Jun 1813
Baldwin Stephen d. 1837 NY Seneca County, NY Rathfon Eliza 08 Jan 1822
Baldwin Sylvester N. 1786-1872 NY Juneau County, WI Sherman Phoebe 05 Nov 1809
Baldwin Thomas d. 1872 NY Queens County, NY Bedell Susan (1st wife) 2nd wife Cornelia m. 30 Apr 1867
Baldwin Thomas d. 1868 NY Lorain County, OH Wilson Esther 25 Nov 1815
Baldwin Thomas d. 1855 NY New Brunswick, NJ Lefferts Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Emeline Cornish m. 30 Sep 1854
Baldwin Thomas 1792-1858 NY Queens County, NY Hicks Sarah Sep 1821
Baldwin Timothy b. 1788 NY Monroe County, NY Belknap Elizabeth 19 Feb 1811
Baldwin Wheeler 1793-1887 NY DeKalb County, MO Porter Mary (1st wife) 12 Jan 1812 2nd wife Mary Ruby m. c1879
Baldwin William d. 1884 NY Washtenaw County, MI Roxey (1st wife) 2nd wife Hannah, 3rd wife Elizabeth m. 21 Jul 1860
Baldwin William d. 1844 TN Hawkins County, TN Mary 16 Oct 1813
Baldwin William d. 1873 VA Campbell County, KY Mary (2nd wife) 1841
Baldwin William c1782-1858 VA Monongalia County, WV Burris Nancy 08 Oct 1807
Baldy Stephen 1795-c1871 PA Columbus County, PA Fornwald Sarah 07 Mar 1819
Balee Abraham d. 1882 KY Daviess County, KY Weaver Judith
Bales Caleb 1795-1836 TN Vermillion County, IN Spangler Emily 31 Jan 1828
Bales John 1789-1864 OH Greene County, OH Lucas Sarah "Sally" 09 Sep 1813
Bales Jonathan c1783-1862 OH Greene County, OH Hickman Sarah 04 Feb 1830 probably 2nd wife
Bales Joseph d. 1864 VA Moultrie County, IL Devins Elizabeth 19 Sep 1822 spelled Bailes
Bales Russell 1786-1856 KY Lee County, IA Goins Mary Ann 11 Feb 1810 spelled Bailes
Baley Thomas b. 1800 MD Butler County, OH Mathers Martha Jul 1821
Balkam John Adams 1798-1863 MA Portland, ME Brewer Mary Jane 27 May 1824
Ball Abel 1784-1853 OH Parke County, IN Crooks Mary Ann 08 Oct 1805
Ball Amos Walton 1793-1861 PA Mercer County, PA Harper Elizabeth 14 Jul 1817
Ball Cherry/Cheny d. 1882 NC Beaufort County, NC Floyd Sally M. 15 Feb 1832 probably 2nd wife
Ball Curtis d. 1851 VA King and Queen County, VA Burnett Martha 24 Dec 1814
Ball Daniel d. 1865 NY Macomb County, MI Stroback Fannie 02 Oct 1832
Ball Edward 1767-1813 US Inf Fauquier County, VA Rosser Letitia 22 Feb 1792
Ball Edward Marshall 1798-1893 MS Calcasieu Parish, LA Scarborough Elizabeth
Ball Eli, Jr. 1790-1849 MA Hampden County, MA Leonard Orpha 06 Dec 1821
Ball Elisha d. 1847 NY Walworth County, WI Harrison Elenor 20 Apr 1814
Ball Fauntleroy 1794-1872 VA Bourbon County, KY Freeman Harriet M. 12 Jan 1822 spelled Fantley
Ball George Lewis 1790-1878 VA Fauquier County, VA Kerfoot Catherine "Kitty" 17 Nov 1816
Ball Henry 1780-1862 PA Erie County, PA DeVore Hannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Bisbee Jones, 3rd wife Betsey Kendall m. 30 Jan 1837
Ball Horatio 1785-1872 VA Alexandria County, VA Marcey Elizabeth 1831
Ball Israel R. d. 1869 US Navy Philadelphia, PA Meredith Sidney W. (2nd wife) 17 Sep 1844
Ball James 1797-1877 MA Worcester County, MA Tuttle Maria 02 Dec 1819
Ball James H. d. 1855 SC Talladega County, AL Mitchell Dicey (1st wife) 2nd wife Obedience m. 14 Dec 1842
Ball John 1798-1884 TN Blount County, TN Huffman Delilah Dec 1827
Ball John 1794-1871 VA Culpeper County, VA Carver Nancy Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Athaline Pilcher m. 07 Sep 1837
Ball John S. d. 1865 MD Washington DC Riggs Talitha 15 Feb 1831 probably 2nd wife
Ball John Smith b. 1795 KY Morgan County, IL Hill Caroline 19 Feb 1820
Ball John Smith 1796-1872 KY Robertson County, KY Brown Nancy 09 Sep 1823 listed as Smith Ball
Ball Jonas 1791-1875 MD Noble County, OH Archer Amy
Ball Jonathan Dayton 1787-1861 PA Montgomery County, OH Phillips Mary 09 Dec 1810 listed as Dayton Ball
Ball Joseph 1795-1872 CT New Haven, CT Seeley Sarah Burr 17 May 1816
Ball Leaven L. d. 1866 TN McMinn County, TN Grubb Martha (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucinda Pearce m. 12 Mar 1857
Ball Spencer d. 1864 MS Yazoo County, MS Lovin Matilda Aug 1816
Ball Stephen b. 1795 MD Howard County, MD Woodward Mary 1815
Ball Thomas 1792-c1888 NH Hillsborough County, NH Gould Elizabeth 25 Apr 1816
Ball Thomas 1775-1814 VA Northumberland County, VA Edwards Louisa 24 Apr 1800
Ball Turner d. 1847 MD Montgomery County, MD Soyer Leathana 13 Jan 1818
Ball William 1775-1847 SC Clarke County, GA Patilla Mary Tims 06 Nov 1794
Ball William Dyer 1791-1870 IN Fulton County, IN Widener Margaret "Peggy" (1st wife) 2nd wife Matilda m. 18 Oct 1862
Ball Wilson d. 1861 NC Beaufort County, NC Pinkham Margaret Dec 1811
Ballance Edmond b. 1795 NC Johnston County, NC Marshburn Catharine 15 Oct 1815
Ballantine George d. 1862 NC Bladen County, NC McKeithen Catharine 14 May 1822
Ballard Aaron 1796-1877 VA Henry County, IN DeWitt Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Pearson m. 05 Jan 1832
Ballard Asa 1793-1846 VA Perry County, IN Webb Sarah 22 Oct 1820
Ballard Benjamin 1784-1823 NY Putnam County, NY Hopkins Naomi 13 Oct 1803
Ballard Beverly b. 1793 KY Marion County, IN Burt Hannah 14 Jan 1814
Ballard Charles d. 1859 VA Smith County, TN Fitzpatrick Ursula 15 Nov 1814
Ballard Christopher Anthony 1789-1862 VA Refugio County, TX Mossman Eleanor 2nd wife Louisa S. m. 25 Oct 1838
Ballard David 1793-1883 SC Pickens County, AL Perry Martha 26 Jan 1826
Ballard Frederick d. 1866 MA Franklin County, ME Tack Lydia (1st wife) 2nd wife Anna N. m. 13 Oct 1844
Ballard Frederick L. 1796-1869 NH Carroll County, NH Folsom Mary Apr 1817
Ballard James d. 1839 NY Maumee, OH Hutchins Judith 30 Jun 1811
Ballard James d. 1848 VA Spottsylvania County, VA Pusey Mary Ann 10 Apr 1843
Ballard James Gaines 1791-1872 OH St. Francois County, MO Hitt Rachel 18 Nov 1830 probably 2nd wife
Ballard Jesse 1792-1878 GA Campbell County, GA Ballenger Mary Frances 11 Apr 1811
Ballard John d. 1867 TN Smith County, TN Hawks Anna 07 Dec 1813
Ballard John W. d. 1861 SC Clarendon County, SC Connors Unity (2nd wife) 02 Dec 1857
Ballard Joseph d. 1872 NY Rensselaer County, NY Cronk (?) Esther (2nd wife) 25 Feb 1853
Ballard Levin b. 1785 MD Somerset County, MD McWilling (?) Sallie 23 Aug 1808
Ballard Oren 1789-1875 MA Hancock County, OH Hillman Margaret 23 Jul 1814
Ballard Philip d. 1864 VA Tipton County, IN Ruth 29 Nov 1838 probably 2nd wife
Ballard Wiley b. 1791 US Inf Hamilton County, TN
Ballard William 1794-1877 VA Marion County, IA Hill Lucy (1st wife) 2nd wife Phebe m. 31 Mar 1864
Ballenger James Conner 1793-1881 SC Spartanburg County, SC Turner Margaret 1815
Ballenger John Lewis 1790-1851 SC Pickens District, SC Foster Mahala 18 Jan 1820 spelled Bollenger
Ballenger Joshua D. 1791-1833 SC Spartanburg County, SC Davis Mary 13 Mar 1813
Ballentine Castor F. d. 1856 VA Fulton County, KY Taylor Nancy 01 Dec 1828
Ballew Charles Anderson 1792-1865 VA Halifax County, VA Medley Rebecca A. 10 Jun 1823 spelled Ballow
Ballew David 1791-1840 MS Morgan County, AL Logan Malinda Jun 1813
Balliet Bartholomew 1794-1858 PA Lehigh County, PA Weiss Anna Leonard 16 Nov 1816
Ballinger Caleb 1794-1874 OH Logan County, OH Branson Rebecca (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Branson, 3rd wife Hannah Jackson Wheeler
Ballinger James 1796-1874 TN Grant County, IN Bayless Rebecca (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy McCoy m. 27 Oct 1842
Ballinger James Franklin 1795-1875 KY Harris County, TX Adams Olivia (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth I. Thurston m. 06 Feb 1830
Ballinger Joseph 1793-1875 OH Douglas County, IL Bryant Polly (1st wife) 2nd wife Amanda Bryant m. 27 Jan 1848
Ballinger Richard d. 1859 VA Floyd County, VA Wade Sally (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha Lovell m. 09 Mar 1857
Ballou Benoni 1793-1852 MA Cheshire County, NH Buffum Sarah 09 Jan 1820
Ballou Leonard 1790-1880 MA Hampshire County, MA Trask Phebe
Ballou Oney d. c1879 NH Tompkins County, NY
Ballow Leonard d. 1877 US Inf Copiah County, MS Moore Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Levice Pierce m. 28 Jul 1839
Ballow Thomas H. 1794-1860 VA Peterbsurg, VA Pamelia Jane
Ballow William H. d. 1874 TN Linn County, MO Hawkins Elizabeth 29 July 1848 probably 2nd wife
Balmat John D. d. 1862 NY St. Lawrence County, NY Gooden Nancy 12 Jun 1812
Balquet Joseph LA St. Landry Parish, LA Brunch Charlottte 06 Mar 1822
Balsell John C. 1786-1878 OH Paulding County, OH Hawley Pauley (1st wife) spelled Bolsel 2nd wife Mary Ann Stevens m. 01 Apr 1852
Balser Benjamin c1791-1873 VA Rockbridge County, VA Potter Mary E. spelled Balsar
Balser John d. 1857 OH Brown County, OH Malott Ann
Balsh Marvin b. 1793 CT Broome County, NY Kingsburn Lucy 16 Jul 1838 probably 2nd wife
Balsley Jacob 1792-1862 VA Augusta County, VA Rippeto Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha Ann Claytor/Clayton m. 27 Dec 1855
Balthis George Washington 1793-1865 VA Culpeper County, VA Day Sarah Ann 03 Feb 1825
Baltzell John 1794-1881 MD Franklin County, KY Miller Charlotte 12 Oct 1824
Baltzell Thomas d. 1843 MD Baltimore County, MD Welsh ?? (1st wife) 2nd wife Lydia Miller m. 13 Jun 1820
Bamford Jacob 1794-1874 NH Belknap County, NH Lyford Deborah 04 Dec 1831
Bancker Evert Abraham 1783-1858 US Army New York, NY Hutton Cornelia 22 Mar 1830 probably 2nd wife
Bancroft Archibald c1797-1881 NJ Cumberland County, NJ Bateman Lydia 09 Mar 1825 listed as Art Bancroft
Bancroft Francis 1787-1882 NY Waukesha County, WI Warner Esther 01 May 1808
Bancroft Horace 1791-1839 CT Litchfield County, CT Thompson Damaris P. 23 May 1821
Bancroft John d. 1862 NJ Philadelphia, PA Kent Deborah 08 Apr 1812
Bancroft Jonathan 1794-1885 VT Washington County, VT Shipley Roxanna
Bancroft Nathaniel d. 1874 VT Boone County, IL Kelton Elizabeth A. 26 Jan 1854 listed as Bancraft
Bancroft Thomas 1791-1860 MA Essex County, MA Aborn Clarissa 01 Jun 1815
Bancroft William 1791-1877 US Inf St. Lawrence County, NY Mantle Turza (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Freeman m. 29 May 1859
Bandel William b. 1787 MD Baltimore County, MD Clark Mary 05 Dec 1805
Bander John M. c1794-1884 NY Cass County, MI Chango/Chawgo Eva (1st wife) 2nd wife Sybil C. Furman m. 15 Nov 1855
Bandry Jean Baptiste d. 1846 LA St. John the Baptist Parish, LA Ory Catharine 24 May 1813
Bandy Elihu 1788-1881 TN Greene County, IL Thompson Elizabeth Apr 1809
Bandy Jamison 1788-1873 TN Perry County, TN Wright Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Wilson m. 02 Jul 1842
Bandy John 1794-1873 IN Des Moines County, IA Bergen Rachel (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Van Nuys m. 14 Apr 1821
Bandy Samuel d. 1873 VA Bedford County, VA Nancy died Fremont County, IA
Bandy Thomas L. 1792-1844 VA Bedford County, VA West Mary "Polly" 17 Nov 1815 spelled Banday
Bandy William Meador 1786-1874 VA Vigo County, IN Jordan Elizabeth W. 1811
Bane Hugh 1781-1858 VA Marion County, IA Cruson Louisa (2nd wife) 09 Feb 1829
Bane John b. 1795 NC Orange County, NC Benton Louisa Jan 1836
Banes Evan 1797-1878 OH Champaign County, OH Ward Margaret 23 Sep 1824 application INCORRECTLY located in pension file for John Bane of NC
Banes Horatio 1791-1868 OH Clarke County, OH Miller Mary "Polly" 06 May 1824
Banes Lemen d. 1864 PA Bucks County, PA McCalmont Elizabeth 08 Jan 1820
Bangs Dennis 1794-1866 MA Oneida County, NY King Roana 09 Sep 1819
Bangs Sylvanus 1793-1879 MA York County, ME Higgins Elmira (1st wife) spelled Silvanus 2nd wife Hannah Bean, 3rd wife Rebecca Merrill
Bangs Theophilus d. 1865 VT Van Buren County, MI Wright Charlotte Jun 1816
Banister Jared d. 1834 SC Campbell County, GA Hutson Mary 1805
Banister William d. 1877 SC Anderson County, SC Fisher Martha 10 Nov 1838 vital information written in left margin of claim form
Banker Benajah d. 1876 NY Monroe County, NY McDaniels Charlotte 28 Dec 1814
Banker Jacob b. 1793 MD Clay County, IL Vanhorn Mary 05 May 1818
Banker Peter b. 1794 NY Schenectady County, NY
Bankerd Jacob d. 1856 PA Crawford County, OH Noel Mary 14 Apr 1811
Bankhead Charles Lewis 1788-1833 VA Charlotteville, VA Randolph Anne Cary (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Ann Cathray m. 01 Dec 1829
Banks Elbert 1790-1873 CT Westchester County, NY Meeker/Merwin Polly 24 Dec 1816
Banks Garrard 1782-1870 KY Marion County, MO Mills Elizabeth 07 Feb 1805
Banks George W. 1789-1868 GA Scott County, MS Armstrong Sarah "Sally" 04 Jul 1814
Banks James d. 1833 IN Knox County, IN Johnson Rebecca May 1812
Banks John b. 1787 VA Norfolk County, VA Pamelia Jan 1809
Banks John Field 1792-1883 VA Morgan County, AL Roberts Frances Elizabeth 02 Aug 1822
Banks Peter 1786-1861 DE Sussex County, DE Crapper Susan 01 Mar 1843
Banks Thomas b. c1799 LA New Orleans, LA Thompson Martha (2nd wife) 14 Jan 1870
Bankson Andrew 1787-1851 US Rangers Dubuque County, IA Moore Elizabeth
Bankson James N. 1794-1847 MD Cherokee County, AL Swan Margaret 17 Aug 1819
Bankston Jacob 1792-1873 US Inf Clarke County, MS Johnson Frances (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Cooper m. 1856
Bankston Joseph 1792-1863 SC Tallapoosa County, AL Abbott Agnes 03 Mar 1812
Bankston Leslie 1785-1880 GA Washington Parish, LA Brewer Elizabeth
Bannan John d. 1868 PA Schuylkill County, PA Ridgway Sarah Ann 06 Jan 1825
Bannister Daniel Woodworth d. 1847 NY DeKalb County, IL Parker Martha 12 Nov 1815
Bannister Levi 1794-1867 NY Lapeer County, MI Hurd Betsey (1st wife) spelled Banister 2nd wife Emeline Weaver m. 27 Dec 1830
Bant Samuel b. 1777 NY Fulton County, NY
Banta Henry d. 1862 NY Westchester County, NY Brun Ellenor 26 Jun 1813
Banta Henry D. 1785-1867 US Rangers Switzerland County, IN Van Arsdale Eleanor 23 Jan 1804
Banta Jacob 1782-1844 KY Wayne County, IN Fallis Phebe 16 Dec 1810
Banta Peter 1791-1875 KY Bourbon County, KY Zachry Juda A. 26 Jul 1818
Banter Michael W., Jr d. 1860 NY Jefferson County, NY Shultz Beattie 06 Oct 1823
Banton Elisha Washington c1796-1842 VA Monroe County, MO Maxey Elizabeth 27 May 1818 listed as Washington Banton
Baptist John 1786-1846 RI Portsmouth, RI Durfee Waitey Dec 1808
Barands Peter d. 1870 PA Philadelphia, PA Hizer Mary 23 Mar 1813
Barbarick William b. 1790 US Inf Lake County, OH Elmer Nancy 13 May 1836 probably 2nd wife
Barbee Christopher 1794-1851 US Inf Panola County, TX Herrin Elizabeth 1821
Barbee James b. c1798 TN Morgan County, AL Reedy Sarah 1825
Barbee John S. d. 1856 VA Vigo County, IN Thurman Margaret 01 Dec 1825
Barbee Joseph Andrew 1783-1876 VA Fauquier County, VA Harris Ann 04 Feb 1808
Barbee Major Edward 1793-1885 TN Smith County, TX Walthall Susan Pryor May 1822
Barbee Owen T. b. 1791 VA Franklin County, OH Whitely Mary 17 Dec 1811
Barbee Sampson, Sr. b. 1787 VA Marion County, IN Payne Lucy 17 Jan 1809
Barbee William W. c1785-1857 VA Adair County, KY Foley Sarah "Sallie" 14 Nov 1816
Barber Absalom 1795-1875 NC Johnston County, NC Gullet Patience 10 Feb 1835 probably 2nd wife
Barber Alpheus b. c1784 NY Barry County, MI Dennis Elizabeth Jun 1819
Barber Alsbro b. 1793 NY Madison County, NY Estes Betsey Apr 1817 spelled Alsbrow
Barber Alvah d. 1871 NY Herkimer County, NY Kellogg Lucy 06 Sep 1813
Barber Aquila 1790-1864 MD Harrison County, MO Watts Rachel (1st wife) 2nd wife Ellen Kerr m. 25 Dec 1834
Barber Austin 1792-c1881 CT Berkshire County, MA Allen Lucy 25 Mar 1828
Barber Benjamin G. 1796-1886 NY Ionia County, MI Temperance 06 Mar 1836
Barber Beriah 1795-1884 US Inf Bennington County, VT Grover Sally 06 Apr 1815
Barber Bildad 1791-1871 NY Bureau County, IL Norton Lucina 14 Apr 1811
Barber Caleb c1796-1877 VA Pittsylvania County, VA Custer Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Tabitha A. Robertson m. 21 Sep 1843
Barber Charles d. 1871 US Rifles Crawford County, PA Webb Mary 12 Mar 1837 probably 2nd wife
Barber Cyrus 1784-1867 VT Barre, VT Cook Nancy 12 May 1835 probably 2nd wife
Barber Daniel 1798-1883 NY Oakland County, MI Lawrence Hannah N. 04 Jul 1822
Barber David b. 1792 NY Warren County, NY Harrington Mary 14 Sep 1851 probably 2nd wife
Barber Elihu C. d. 1873 VT Chautauqua County, NY Rice Mrs. Elizabeth (2nd wife) 03 Jan 1830
Barber Ezekiel d. 1868 NY Madison County, NY Love Anna 03 Mar 1825
Barber Henry d. 1856 NC Johnson County, NC Lucy (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth m. 02 Jan 1833
Barber Israel c1794-1881 VT St. Lawrence County, NY Bullard Sarah W. (1st wife) 2nd wife Olive S. Stevens m. 26 Jul 1830
Barber James b. 1775 GA Williamson County, IL
Barber James 1795-1872 OH Clermont County, OH Stephenson Margaret (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Flanagan, 3rd wife Elizabeth A. Watkins m. 14 Apr 1867
Barber James B. 1791-1865 US Art Chemung County, NY Beardsley Catherine 03 Feb 1813
Barber James H. c1791-1881 VT Clinton County, NY Platt Orpha Dec 1813
Barber Jared B. d. 1854 NY Summit County, OH Turner Electa 25 Dec 1815
Barber Jesse d. 1888 US Rifles Siskiyou County, CA McKown Mary 03 Feb 1825
Barber John d. 1845 CT Windham County, CT Cyrus Hannah 15 Nov 1808
Barber John c1791-1875 VA Pittsylvania County, VA Robertson Mourning (1st wife) 2nd wife Eliza Carter m. 20 Apr 1864
Barber John S. 1786-1864 NJ Salem County, NJ Dennis Sarah listed as John L. Barber
Barber Joseph d. 1860 US Inf Warren County, NY Balster Phebe (1st wife) 2nd wife Sally m. 12 Sep 1852
Barber Lawrence 1792-1880 MA Jackson County, MI Hutchinson Relief 14 Jun 1829
Barber Lawson d. 1876 VA Frederick County, VA Tooms Elizabeth Aug 1826
Barber Martin 1784-1844 NY Cayuga County, NY Goff Axenia 18 Sep 1800
Barber Martin 1793-1855 VT Chittenden County, VT Caswell Fanny 10 Apr 1817
Barber Noah 1791-1854 CT Litchfield County, CT Drake Eliza 18 Sep 1825
Barber Orestus H. b. 1799 VT Genesee County, NY INCORRECTLY filed in the pension file for Pearl Barber, NY
Barber Pearl b. 1796 NY Wyoming County, PA
Barber Phineas Barker 1793-1877 NY Erie County, OH Morse Orpha (1st wife) 2nd wife Roxana S. Heath m. 22 Jun 1837
Barber Russell 1783-1847 NY Oswego County, NY Leach Patience 25 Nov 1810
Barber Samuel b. 1798 GA Suwannee County, FL Kerl Mary A. C. (2nd wife) INCORRECTLY filed in the pension file for Russell Barber, NY
Barber Samuel d. c1879 NY Herkimer County, NY Barber Mary 01 Dec 1815
Barber Samuel d. 1847 OH Scioto County, OH Conklin Sarah 08 Apr 1824
Barber Thomas 1790-1877 KY Fleming County, KY Reid Margaret Jul 1811
Barber Thomas 1789-1859 PA Lawrence County, PA Green Mary Apr 1816
Barber William d. 1874 US Art Henry County, IL Robbins Ruth 10 Nov 1818
Barber Zenas b. 1790 CT Ashtabula County, OH Roberts Lirna 23 Sep 1810
Barbour Edmund/Edward d. 1867 OH Wapello County, IA Webb Lucretia (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Miller, 3rd wife Nancy m. 13 May 1862
Barbour John B. d. 1850 MA Westbrook, ME Wilson Joanna (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah m. 03 Jun 1832
Barbour Richard Willis b. c1796 US Inf Tuscaloosa County, AL Lee Drucilla 02 Feb 1822 spelled Barber
Barbour Thomas 1789-1864 OH Miami County, OH Mackey Elizabeth 14 Jan 1812
Barbour Thomas d. 1874 VA Amherst County, VA Yancy Elizabeth I. M. 01 Mar 1821
Barclay George W. d. 1866 MD Washington DC Griffith Catharine 15 Apr 1823
Barclay Joseph 1798-1881 US Art Jefferson County, MO Sullivan Nancy 13 Oct 1825
Barclay Robert d. 1847 VA Norfolk County, VA White Selina 25 Dec 1833 probably 2nd wife
Barcroft Ralph Lee 1795-1882 MD Polk County, IA Gwynne/Guinn Margaret 27 May 1819
Bard John 1793-1873 NY Ulster County, NY Wilbur Charlotte
Bard Samuel b. 1784 PA Chester County, PA Anna 03 Sep 1807
Bard William b. 1797 MA Androscoggin County, ME INCORRECTLY filed in pension file for Samuel Bard, PA
Barden John King 1797-1878 VA Amelia County, VA Sadler Catherine Dec 1815 spelled Bardin
Barden Thomas 1793-1877 NY Yates County, NY INCORRECTLY filed in pension file for Samuel Bard, PA
Bardwell Jeremiah d. 1876 NY Hampshire County, MA Harris Rosemond 16 May 1844 probably 2nd wife
Barefield John 1788-1883 GA Campbell County, GA Irvin Phebe (1st wife) 2nd wife Annie Parker m. 08 Jan 1826
Barefoot John 1789-1875 NC Johnston County, NC Smith Elizabeth "Betsey" Dec 1821
Barefoot Noah d. 1851 NC Johnston County, NC Godwin Lizza 28 Jul 1832 probably 2nd wife
Bares Henry b. 1797 MD Allegheny County, PA Andruss Eliza 06 Feb 1820
Barfield Lewis 1792-1865 TN Henry County, TN Bateman Rosannah 10 Feb 1825 listed as Barefield
Bargar George 1788-1844 MD Baltimore, MD Hay Elizabeth 25 Jan 1815
Bargdoll Solomon 1793-1874 VA Livingston County, MO Peters Christina (1st wife) 2nd wife __ Smith, 3rd wife Elizabeth m. 12 Dec 1870
Barger Daniel 1789-1871 NY Putnam County, NY Odell Susan 11 Mar 1818
Barger George d. 1852 PA Center County, PA Tate Nancy 12 Aug 1813
Barger Jacob b. 1786 PA Franklin County, PA Adams Margaret 16 Aug 1812
Barger John 1794-1871 NC Rowan County, NC Miller Leah Jul 1826 INCORRECTLY filed in the pension file for Jacob Barger, PA
Barger Peter 1791-1855 VA Rockbridge County, VA Pettigrew Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Keffer m. 22 Feb 1849
Barger Wayland d. 1850 TN Bradley County, TN Citty Christiana Jan 1809 INCORRECTLY filed in the pension file for Peter Barger, VA
Barger William d. 1871 PA Philadelphia, PA Mustin Mary J. 15 Jul 1811
Bargy Jacob Peter 1791-1871 NY Erie County, NY Frank Dorothea Ann 26 Feb 1811
Barhan Aquilla d. 1866 MD Baltimore County, MD Foard Margaret
Bark John d. 1858 NY Erie County, NY Crow Polly 15 Sep 1845 probably 2nd wife
Barkdoll Joseph 1788-1874 MD Washington County, MD Cromer Sarah 21 May 1815 spelled Backdoll
Barker Abraham d. 1877 RI Bristol County, MA Gould Sophronia 03 Mar 1835 probably 2nd wife
Barker Alexander d. 1859 VA Sussex County, VA Tatum Annie Jane 24 Dec 1839 probably 2nd wife
Barker Amos 1793-1882 OH Pottawattamie County, IA Russell Nancy 02 Feb 1815
Barker Anderson d. 1847 VA Campbell County, VA Duncan Susan 1810
Barker Benjamin 1792-1863 NH Rockingham County, NH Scammon Lydia 08 Jun 1823
Barker Caleb d. 1866 MA Lincoln County, ME Woodward Mary 13 Feb 1809
Barker Chauncey b. 1782 OH Franklin County, OH
Barker Daniel b. 1793 NY St. Lawrence County, NY
Barker Daniel L. b. 1798 VT Worcester County, MA INCORRECTLY filed in pension file for Daniel Barker, NY
Barker Daniel P. b. 1790 NY Westchester County, NY Webb Julia 31 Oct 1818 INCORRECTLY filed in pension file for Daniel Barker, NY
Barker David 1793-1871 ME Androscoggin County, ME Litchfield Priscilla 06 Nov 1817
Barker David d. 1875 NY Fort Covington, NY Purmot Lucy (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary B. Boyington m. 04 Jul 1830
Barker Gardner T. 1797-1883 NH Merrimack County, NH Huntoon Martha 09 Oct 1823
Barker George d. 1874 NH Rockingham County, NH Piper Mary C. 16 Apr 1822
Barker George 1798-1873 VA Hanover County, VA Lipscord Mildred (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Wade m. 12 Nov 1840
Barker George W. b. 1783 US Inf Shelby County, MO
Barker Gideon 1795-1875 ME Lincoln County, ME Bailey Clementina 08 Jul 1821
Barker Henry d. 1846 IN Dubois County, IN Willard Elizabeth 19 Jan 1813
Barker Henry Abraham 1795-1863 VA Lee County, VA Wallace/Wallis Mary Everilla (1st wife) Mar 1853 2nd wife Elizabeth Caldwell, 3rd wife Mary Spencer m. Mar 1853
Barker Jacob d. 1869 MA Franklin County, ME Roberson Priscilla 10 Sep 1820
Barker James d. c1878 US Inf Saint Clair County, MO Taylor Mary 18 Mar 1817
Barker James d. 1873 VA Ritchie County, WV Mahan Nancy Oct 1843 probably 2nd wife
Barker Jesse 1793-1872 NY Greene County, NY Peck Esther 01 Dec 1821
Barker John b. 1795 NH Hillsborough County, NH Taft Mary Ann Sep 1823
Barker John d. 1857 NY Herkimer County, NY Spencer Sarah 01 Sep 1812
Barker John d. 1870 NC Fairfield County, SC Cade Ann 25 Dec 1810
Barker John d. 1878 VA Cabell County, WV Thomas Mary S. (2nd wife) 17 May 1864
Barker John J. c1787-1866 KY Jefferson County, KY Shirley Judith A. 10 Jun 1820
Barker John P. d. 1841 NY New York, NY Brower Elizabeth Jul 1813
Barker Joseph 1781-1857 NY Walworth County, WI Lewis Lucinda 11 Oct 1804
Barker Joseph b. 1789 OH Franklin County, OH
Barker Joseph S. b. 1794 NY Westchester County, NY DeCamp Eliza 07 Oct 1817
Barker Lester 1791-1863 NY Oneida County, NY House Sybil (1st wife) 2nd wife Margaret Odell m. 15 Aug 1828
Barker Miller d. 1863 NY Lenawee County, MI Blossom Mary 27 Jan 1830 probably 2nd wife
Barker Nathan 1783-1852 MA Medford, MA Brown Sally (1st wife) 2nd wife Hannah W. Townsend m. 23 Sep 1815
Barker Nathaniel 1794-1884 MA Oxford County, ME Hastings Huldah 31 Jan 1819
Barker Nathaniel d. 1823 MA Penobscot County, ME Pease Sarah 09 May 1807
Barker Newman b. 1795 NY Ingham County, MI Howe Caroline A. 22 Oct 1816
Barker Peter b. 1787 RI Newport County, RI
Barker Samuel b. 1796 CT Randolph County, IN Vance Nancy Aug 1818 INCORRECTLY filed in the pension for Peter Barker, RI
Barker Samuel d. 1865 MA Bristol County, MA White Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Sally Howland m. 26 Jan 1820
Barker Samuel 1782-1873 NH Rockingham County, NH Blake Dolly 15 Mar 1807
Barker Samuel Augustus 1795-1852 NY Morgan County, OH Shugert Elizabeth "Eliza" B. 07 Jul 1822 listed as Samuel B. Barker
Barker Silas d. 1868 NY Livingston County, NY Hall Harriet 18 Sep 1811
Barker Simeon d. 1856 MA York County, ME Boardman Almira 01 Oct 1823
Barker Thomas 1795-1875 KY Monroe County, MO Dawson Frances 18 Jun 1818
Barker Thomas d. 1865 KY Shelby County, IL Moore Susan 22 Sep 1814
Barker William d. 1862 NC Wake County, NC Hollemon Zilla 06 Jan 1820
Barker William d. 1857 OH Brown County, IL DeWitt Parmelia 20 Apr 1820
Barker William d. 1863 VA Fairfax County, VA Williams Milly Aug 1856 probably 2nd wife
Barker William Allen 1796-1837 VA Giles County, VA Hobbs Sarah 22 Oct 1817
Barker Zenas W. d. c1879 Canada Erie County, OH Sydnor Eliza G. Mar 1816
Barkhurst William b. 1795 OH Jefferson County, OH
Barkley Archibald C. d. 1866 TN Catawba County, NC Hill Elizabeth 10 Jan 1811
Barkley James d. 1870 PA Lancaster County, PA Bail Sarah Jan 1815
Barkley James d. 1836 TN Bolivar, TN Mary A. E. c1822 children listed in pension file
Barkley John b. 1787 OH Fulton County, IL Anderson Sarah INCORRECTLY filed in the pension file for James Barkley, TN
Barkley John d. 1834 SC Anderson County, SC Brown Mary 21 Apr 1813
Barkley Samuel d. 1878 OH Washington County, OH Burris Nancy 15 Mar 1818
Barkley William d. 1871 PA Huntingdon County, PA Piper Jane 27 Apr 1818
Barkman Daniel d. 1861 MD Montgomery County, OH Stotelmyer Catherine 02 Nov 1812
Barks Sutton d. 1866 TN Putnam County, TN Blockburn Cyntha (1st wife) 2nd wife America Rowland m. 1853
Barksdale Elisha 1793-1850 VA Halifax County, VA Logan Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Rebecca F. L. Spragins m. 22 Dec 1819
Barksdale John c1777-1825 TN Pickens County, AL Green Ann Pritchard 12 Jul 1805
Barley Jacob b. 1798 VA Rockingham County, VA Hinton Phebe 10 Mar 1820
Barlow Arnold d. 1835 DE Philadelphia, PA Britton Ann 01 Dec 1811
Barlow Elisha d. 1870 CT Litchfield County, CT Northrop Lydia 30 Jul 1810
Barlow George 1791-1868 NY Erie County, PA Dennis Millinda 16 Nov 1816
Barlow Hiram P. d. 1868 NY Fulton County, OH Jennison Martha 20 Feb 1823
Barlow James 1797-1880 MA Waldo County, ME Fish Sophronia 27 Mar 1822
Barlow John 1780-1866 NY Delaware County, NY Nichols Deborah 22 Mar 1866
Barlow Rowland d. 1863 NY Oneida County, NY Smith Malinda 21 Feb 1827
Barlow Royal d. 1870 NY Monroe County, NY Irish Esther 19 Jul 1807
Barlow Samuel 1790-1873 US Vol Barnstable County, MA Bennett Silvina/Sylvina 19 Nov 1819
Barlow Samuel Nye d. 1853 NY St. Mary Parish, LA Coats Ann 03 Apr 1815
Barlow Seth 1780-1870 MA Plymouth County, MA Tinkham Mary 11 Jul 1812
Barlow Thomas 1794-1889 US Inf Waldo County, ME Carr Rebecca 1817
Barmore Nathaniel 1785-1870 NY Rockland County, NY Onderdonk Effy/Aefje 06 Feb 1805
Barnaby Henry d. 1847 US Drag Floyd County, IN Patrick Elizabeth "Betsey" 17 Feb 1813
Barnard Aaron 1776-1853 NY Oswego County, NY Mills Elizabeth 22 May 1799
Barnard Francis b. 1797 US Inf Ontario, Canada Hart Sarah 29 May 1823
Barnard Isaac G. d. c1880 VT Dane County, WI Chandler Sarah 15 Sep 1815
Barnard Jacob 1791-1878 MA Essex County, MA Goldsmith Hannah 2nd wife Susan O. Wardwell m. 27 Oct 1858
Barnard Jesse 1795-1853 US Inf Putnam County, GA Williams Milissip "Milly" 31 Dec 1818
Barnard John d. 1868 NH Allegany County, NY Hacket Abigail 15 Jul 1813
Barnard Jonathan 1793-1862 NY Ashtabula County, OH Bugbee/Bagby Laura (1st wife) 2nd wife Katharine Whitlock m. 02 Mar 1859
Barnard Nathaniel d. c1878 US Inf Cuyahoga County, OH Hunt Sarah 10 Jan 1814
Barnard Parker b. 1793 PA Cecil County, MD Carlisle Ann 08 Oct 1836 probably 2nd wife
Barnard Silas 1795-1874 MA Oxford County, ME Trask Lucy 09 May 1819
Barnard Thomas D. d. 1871 PA Delaware County, PA Enk Ann C. 16 Feb 1815
Barnard Timothy 1789-1881 NY Dupage County, IL Hills Julia 05 Sep 1813
Barnard William 1791-1872 MD Jones County, IA Strachan Catharine 27 Dec 1815
Barndollar Peter b. 1779 PA Bedford County, PA
Barndt George 1789-1873 PA Bucks County, PA Sorver Sarah 01 Jan 1814 spelled Bernd
Barner William d. 1871 US Inf Brunswick County, VA Steed Catherine C. 11 Feb 1817
Barnes Abraham 1790-1879 NY Berkshire County, MA spelled Barns
Barnes Adino S. 1789-1851 CT Litchfield County, CT Norton Alice 20 Dec 1809
Barnes Alfred 1789-1865 CT Windham County, CT Chandler Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Betsey Mansfield m. 04 Apr 1848
Barnes Alfred 1790-1888 KY Audrain County, MO Lackland Helen 1815
Barnes Amos d. 1868 MA Lincoln County, ME Lindsey/Lindly Doraxa (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah R. Keith m. 23 Aug 1848
Barnes Amos 1790-1834 MO Boone County, MO Kincaid Dorcas 18 Jun 1812
Barnes Amos d. 1867 NY Delaware County, NY Stevens ?? (1st wife) 2nd wife Melintha Howland m. 14 Dec 1854
Barnes Amzi 1784-1865 CT Hartford County, CT Mills Sophronia 25 Dec 1805
Barnes Asa Allen d. 1859 NC Henry County, TN Glover Margaret 21 Nov 1815
Barnes Azel 1785-1855 KY Boone County, MO Sims Rebecca 13 Feb 1814 children listed in pension file; listed as Asil Barnes
Barnes Benjamin d. 1875 MD Baltimore, MD Brummel Susan 18 Jun 1827
Barnes Benjamin c1789-1862 PA Philadelphia, PA Frances W. 1812
Barnes Benjamin d. 1878 TN Davidson County, TN Mary 12 Jun 1819
Barnes Calvin d. 1847 NY Cayuga County, NY Riley Clarissa 31 Mar 1802
Barnes Calvin 1766-1847 NY Chautauqua County, NY Kennedy Rachel 03 Jan 1792 listed as Barns
Barnes Charles b. 1786 VA Berkeley County, VA
Barnes Charles VA Westmoreland, VA Neal Hannah M. 1806
Barnes Charles d. 1845 US Inf Ouchita Parish, LA Grisham Fanny 30 Jan 1823
Barnes David William 1795-1870 US Inf Fulton County, IL Andrews Eliza (1st wife) 27 Mar 1859 2nd wife Taphath Brush, 3rd wife Susan Hogan m. 27 Mar 1859
Barnes Dexter d. 1860 NY Chautauqua County, NY Waterbury Phebe 18 Mar 1813
Barnes Ebenezer 1794-1850 NH Lamoille County, VT Whitcomb Rebecca 26 Dec 1819
Barnes Edward D. d. 1860 VA Franklin County, OH Johnson Mary 04 Dec 1845
Barnes Elkanah c1794-1854 MA Plymouth County, MA Simmons Cynthia Davis 14 Sep 1813
Barnes Enoch 1791-1877 NY Jefferson County, NY Hazen Anar 28 Oct 1810
Barnes Enos 1785-1873 KY Coles County, IL Collett Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Cooper m. 28 Nov 1860
Barnes Enos 1786-1862 VA Schuyler County, NY Wickes Rebecca (1st wife) 2nd wife Eliza Kilpatrick m. 21 Jun 1832
Barnes Ezra d. 1878 MD Clinton County, OH Anna (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Ann Watson m. 04 Sep 1858
Barnes Ford 1787-1878 OH Henry County, IA Hennen Jane (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Roberts m. 06 Jun 1824 Family Bible record in file
Barnes George b. 1788 NY Pottawattamie County, IA
Barnes George 1790-1863 OH DeKalb County, IL Smith Phila (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Patterson m. 04 Sep 1855
Barnes George W. d. 1844 NY Albany, NY McDougall Jannet 04 May 1814
Barnes Gideon d. 1844 US Inf Onondaga County, NY Crossman Mercy 17 May 1804
Barnes Gideon 1791-1871 GA Pike County, GA Raiford Sarah Crawford (1st wife) 2nd wife Huldah Ann Aldridge m. 02 Sep 1852
Barnes Harvey b. 1795 MA Hampden County, MA Pepper Eleanor 19 Oct 1819
Barnes Henry 1795-1851 MD Carroll County, MD Smith Mary 11 Sep 1817
Barnes Henry d. 1885 MA Essex County, MA Eaton Martha Jul 1826
Barnes Henry d. 1840 VA Madison County, VA Gibbs ?? (1st wife) 2nd wife Letitia Ann Rapley m. 21 Sep 1833
Barnes Hezekiah Callum 1795-1877 TN DeSoto Parish, LA Stone Theodosia "Docia" 1817 listed as Callum Barnes
Barnes Isaac d. 1865 CT Litchfield County, CT Langdon Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Thirza Barber m. 24 Dec 1828
Barnes Jacky d. 1851 KY Cass County, IL Mathes Fanny 15 Jan 1810
Barnes Jacob b. 1774 OH Highland County, OH
Barnes Jacob b. 1793 SC Choctaw County, AL Dechamps Mary 25 Dec 1818
Barnes James 1792-1856 US Inf Dallas County, AR Huddleston Mary Catherine "Polly" 25 Jan 1816
Barnes James 1785-1861 GA Jones County, GA Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Mrs. Bethenia Middlebrooks m. 01 Aug 1850
Barnes James LA New Orleans, LA Cath Feb 1850 probably 2nd wife
Barnes James d. 1856 MA Cumberland County, ME Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Harriet m. 09 Jun 1840
Barnes James d. 1865 MA Oxford County, ME Eunice (1st wife) 2nd wife Mercy m. 29 Sep 1850
Barnes James d. c1877 NY Cook County, IL Bishop Olive 1817
Barnes James 1796-1864 NY Chautauqua County, NY Noble Amanda 26 Jan 1818
Barnes James d. 1879 PA Warren County, NJ Parks Mary 1825
Barnes James 1796-1876 VA Overton County, TN Mullins Nancy 12 May 1819
Barnes James 1798-1872 VA Nansemond County, VA Holland Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha A. m. 26 Apr 1863
Barnes James B. d. 1847 SC Walton County, GA Norris Elizabeth 17 Nov 1811
Barnes James Turner 1788-1875 MO Boone County, MO Burkhardt Elizabeth Hobbs 1815
Barnes Jehu b. 1794 TN DeKalb County, AL Clark Elizabeth 18 Jan 1816
Barnes Jeremiah 1785-1879 NY Clinton County, NY Farnsworth Mary 1831 probably 2nd wife
Barnes John d. 1832 US/DE St. Clairsville, OH Thursby Jane 10 Jul 1814
Barnes John b. 1774 OH Greene County, OH
Barnes John b. 1802 OH Montgomery County, OH
Barnes John 1774-1834 OH Pike County, OH Boydston Elizabeth Apr 1803
Barnes John 1795-1881 PA Mercer County, PA Miller Elizabeth 11 Apr 1822
Barnes John b. 1796 VT Middlesex County, MA
Barnes John, Jr. c1787-1850 US Inf Rutland County, VT Dimick Electa 25 Sep 1814
Barnes Jonathan d. 1874 Blank Dupage County, IL Gorham Polly 12 Feb 1818
Barnes Jonathan d. 1860 US Inf Moore Charlotte 27 Mar 1815
Barnes Joseph d. 1878 NY Cayuga County, NY Norton Harriet A. 05 Jul 1818
Barnes Joseph 1792-1863 NY Kendall County, IL Chase Nellie Jane 11 Oct 1821
Barnes Justus d. 1861 OH Johnson County, IA Sedgwick Anna 03 Apr 1812 spelled Barns
Barnes Leverett H. 1787-1872 NY Lake County, IL Cutler Mary 01 Jan 1809 spelled Barns
Barnes Lucius d. 1875 US Inf Southampton, MA Buckland Sophronia (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth R. Carpenter m. 03 Oct 1852
Barnes Luther 1792-1864 NY Cayuga County, NY Ferris Zipporah 14 Feb 1817
Barnes Matthew 1790-1866 KY Pulaski County, KY Richardson Lettice 19 Mar 1812
Barnes Nathaniel 1784-1869 CT New Haven, CT Roberts Hannah 26 Jun 1817
Barnes Newman d. 1833 KY Franklin County, KY Hanks Sarah 24 Mar 1812
Barnes Othenial "Otho" 1791-1874 PA Jackson County, OH Fitzpatrick Catherine 07 Oct 1822 listed as Otho Barnes
Barnes Richard b. 1791 KY Clay County, MO
Barnes Richard d. 1855 VA Charles City, VA Gile Lucy A. 1815
Barnes Richard E. 1798-1888 NH Carroll County, NH Amanda 31 Dec 1850 probably 2nd wife
Barnes Robert d. 1874 US Inf Huron County, OH Fields Elizabeth R. (2nd wife)
Barnes Robert d. 1869 PA Philadelphia, PA Bruner Hannah 20 Apr 1820
Barnes Samuel 1796-1874 NY Lagrange County, IN Nichols Miranda (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy M. m. 26 Feb 1853
Barnes Stephens d. 1853 NJ Perry County, OH Vale Anna 06 Mar 1814
Barnes Thomas Bartholomew 1793-1888 KY Union County, MS Farmer Harriet M. (1st wife) 2nd wife Betsy Dunn, 3rd wife Matilda Parmer m. 01 Mar 1840
Barnes Thomas T. 1778-1847 KY Callaway County, MO Thornton Frances (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah L. m. 28 Apr 1836
Barnes Timothy d. 1871 NY Monroe County, NY Buck Mary 16 Apr 1829 probably 2nd wife
Barnes William d. 1882 Blank/SC Sagadahoc County, ME Farnham Sarah 14 Jun 1825
Barnes William d. 1835 GA Meriwether County, GA Amaza (1st wife) 25 May 1827 2nd wife Mary Nelson m. 25 May 1827
Barnes William b. 1797 MD Harford County, MD Donahoo Caroline 19 Oct 1839 probably 2nd wife
Barnes William 1788-1868 PA Noble County, OH Simmons Sarah 05 Jun 1849 probably 2nd wife
Barnes William SC Barnwell County, SC Jones Rebecca 11 Apr 1869 probably 2nd wife
Barnes William c1765-1848 VA Adair County, KY Marshall Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth J. England m. 26 Nov 1835
Barnes William J. 1789-1867 VA Lawrence County, AL Gray Sarah 09 Aug 1824
Barnett Amos 1795-1869 VA Clark County, MO Gibbons Sarah 26 May 1815
Barnett Andrew b. 1796 MD Muskingum County, OH Lynch Catharine 1820
Barnett Byrum M. b. 1798 IN Jefferson County, IN Monroe Margaret 1817
Barnett Isaac d. 1851 VA Lawrence County, OH Jones Susannah
Barnett James d. 1877 PA Muskingum County, OH Guthrie Sarah 01 Apr 1824
Barnett James H. d. 1860 NY Essex County, NY Griswold Lydia 16 Jan 1817
Barnett James P. 1783-1828 TN Williamson County, TN Gibson Margaret 20 Sep 1811 spelled Barnet
Barnett James Silas 1795-1864 KY Harlan County, KY Benjey/Benge Elizabeth
Barnett John d. c1882 US Inf Miller Polly 16 Dec 1818 spelled Barnet
Barnett John 1791-1877 MD Putnam County, OH Eby Ann 16 Mar 1832 probably 2nd wife
Barnett John b. 1791 NY Monroe County, MI Osgood Nancy 15 May 1819
Barnett John d. 1848 OH Highland County, OH Warnack Mary Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Polly Barker m. 01 Aug 1826
Barnett John c1792-1865 US Inf Coosa County, AL Lewis Elizabeth L. 01 Mar 1812
Barnett Joseph d. 1832 VA Harrison County, VA Barker Rebecca 23 Feb 1827
Barnett Patrick Jack 1792-1869 GA Wilkes County, GA Beall Nancy Johns 13 Dec 1832 probably 2nd wife
Barnett Robert 1796-1871 VA Montgomery County, VA Willis Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Jewell m. 19 May 1834
Barnett Solomon 1784-1875 MD Fairfield County, OH Upton Nancy married Perry County, OH
Barnett Thomas 1786-1857 SC Perry County, AL Bishop Pheraby 11 Nov 1821
Barnett Thomas c1782-1882 TN Monroe County, TN McKeigg Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Davis m. 25 Jan 1821
Barnett Tobias 1792-1871 US Inf Keokuk County, IA Moore Sarah "Sallie" 26 Aug 1816
Barnett William b. 1787 PA Philadelphia, PA
Barnett William d. 1871 VT Benton County, IA Crofeet Malinda 15 May 1826
Barnett William c1793-1886 VA Russell County, AL Barnett Lucy 24 Dec 1816
Barnett William C. d. 1857 GA Bartow County, GA Smith Deiamia 21 Jan 1845 probably 2nd wife
Barney Charles 1783-1865 OH Utah County, UT Yeoman Mercy (1st wife) 2nd wife Deborah Riffle m. 21 Sep 1825
Barney Consider Crapo 1791-1881 NY Mercer County, IL Freese Hannah 27 Jul 1828
Barney Godfrey W. d. 1863 NY Juneau County, WI Wilder Lorinda 30 Sep 1832 probably 2nd wife
Barney Jacob 1790-1869 NY Steuben County, NY Willson Elizabeth 04 Aug 1811
Barney James R. b. 1796 US Drag Lake County, IN Crippen Elizabeth Jul 1824
Barney John 1796-1861 NH Grafton County, NH Flagg Hannah 21 Aug 1814
Barney Joseph b. 1789 NY Crawford County, PA
Barney Nathan 1793-1849 NY Erie County, NY Miller Sarah 05 Dec 1812
Barney Perus 1799-1876 NY Lake County, IL Morton Electa 15 Mar 1821
Barney Philemon 1786-1861 NY Erie County, PA Heddon Lucy 01 Sep 1811 listed as Philomen
Barney Seth b. 1787 PA Washington County, WI
Barney Thomas b. 1795 NH Franklin County, VT Bruce Nancy 01 Jun 1814
Barney William 1779-1861 NY Jefferson County, NY Shepherdson Sally S. 21 Feb 1847 probably 2nd wife
Barney William Bedford 1781-1838 MD Baltimore County, MD Chase Mary 09 Sep 1808
Barnhard Abraham b. 1779 US Drag Fulton County, PA McIntosh Nancy Sep 1812
Barnhart Benjamin 1788-1860 OH Warren County, OH Holloway Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Holloway, 3rd wife Catharine m. 16 Sep 1838
Barnhart Henry 1791-1877 NY Chautauqua County, NY Higgins Nancy Potter (1st wife) 2nd wife Rowena Waterbury m. 18 Oct 1866
Barnhart Jacob 1791-1880 NY Livingston County, NY Dobbins Hannah (1st wife) 26 Jul 1812 2nd wife Oliva Dodge m. 26 Jan 1825
Barnhart Peter d. 1863 VA Lawrence County, OH Peyton Nancy May 1806
Barnhill James d. 1862 NC Bladen County, NC Hargrove Eliza 18 Nov 1847 probably 2nd wife
Barnhill John d. 1864 NC Pitt County, NC Bryan Harriet 1852 probably 2nd wife
Barnhill John A. 1788-1852 GA Bladen County, NC Gurganious Susan 07 Dec 1820
Barnhill Robert 1790-1872 KY Pendleton County, KY Neeley Margaret 17 Aug 1815
Barnitz Jacob 1793-1852 PA York County, PA Wagner Catherine 16 Oct 1818
Barns John d. 1846 VA Hardin County, KY Burch Frances H. 04 Jan 1809
Barns Joseph b. 1793 NY Saginaw County, MI Luke Polly 15 Jun 1816
Barns Stephen b. 1782 VA Licking County, OH
Barnsback George Frederick J. d. 1869 IL Madison County, IL Minter Mary 06 Apr 1808
Barnum Enoch 1793-1852 VT Farnham, Quebec, Canada Barton Elizabeth 21 Feb 1830 probably 2nd wife
Barnum Ira d. 1876 US Inf Seneca County, NY
Barnum Ira 1788-1864 US Inf Fairfield County, CT Judd Sarah 20 Oct 1807
Barnum Israel M. 1794-1892 NY Dunn County, WI Rose Mary 27 Feb 1823
Barnum Jeremiah d. c1882 NY Onondaga County, NY Tubbs Polly 05 Nov 1816
Barnum Lambert B. 1797-1868 NY Ionia County, MI Ingersoll Sophia 06 Mar 1823
Barnum Noah Starr 1793-1844 CT Fairfield County, CT Raymond Amelia 14 Dec 1817
Barnwell William 1793-1882 GA DeKalb County, AL Rutherford Henrietta (1st wife) 2nd wife Annie Jett m. 22 Feb 1863
Baron Joseph 1799-1875 MI Wayne County, MI Rouleau Marie 20 Feb 1832 probably 2nd wife
Barr Aaron d. 1872 NY Chenango County, NY Reed Polly (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy A. Markham m. 30 Sep 1830
Barr Alvah d. 1862 OH Kendall County, IL Robinson Hetty (1st wife) 2nd wife Fanny A. Moore m. 02 Apr 1846
Barr Benjamin d. 1830 PA Mifflin County, PA Detrick Eve 17 Oct 1818
Barr Ebenezer Nye 1793-1880 MA Rutland County, VT Liscomb Rachel D. 13 Nov 1817
Barr George d. 1863 NJ Camden County, NJ Timms Dorcas (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary m. 07 Jul 1842
Barr George 1793-1843 TN Breckenridge County, KY Beauchamp Nancy Jan 1818 listed as BEAR
Barr Henry 1792-1876 KY Decatur County, IN Lemasters Martha Sep 1814
Barr Hiram 1791-1862 MA Worcester County, MA Thompson Sally 15 Feb 1819
Barr Hugh 1780-1848 TN Lewis County, TN Cooper Sarah 29 Jan 1807
Barr James, Jr. d. 1835 PA Erie County, PA Kelly Polly R. 14 Apr 1812
Barr Jared 1784-1867 NY Steuben County, NY Cowdry Axsax (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucretia Hazen m. 30 Jan 1822
Barr John 1789-1874 NH Hillsborough County, NH Dunlap Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Sophia Richardson, 3rd wife Clarissa Eaton m. 16 Oct 1838
Barr John D. d. 1868 VA Fauquier County, VA Shipman Lydia 1818
Barr John L. b. 1796 PA Erie County, PA Allen Fanny L. 07 Feb 1822
Barr Joseph b. 1787 GA Gregg County, TX Houston Elizabeth Nov 1808
Barr Michael 1791-1874 SC Lexington County, SC Minick Mary Ann 06 Feb 1814
Barr Peter d. 1874 TN Hawkins County, TN Carpenter Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Burchell m. 15 Feb 1842
Barr Phineas 1794-1875 US Inf/MA Genesee County, NY Benedict Rebecca 26 Feb 1817
Barr Robert H. b. 1788 US New Castle County, DE Elizabeth 20 Jan 1814
Barr Rufus d. 1869 NY Noble County, IN Atwood Olive Aug 1847 probably 2nd wife
Barr Rufus NY Quebec, Canada Williams Susan W. 26 Dec 1813
Barr Samuel 1796-1878 NY Potter County, PA Edwards Sally (1st wife) 2nd wife Susan Tompkins m. 11 Oct 1858
Barr William d. 1857 MA Essex County, MA Wales Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary F. m. 03 Sep 1848
Barr William b. 1796 VA Delaware County, OH Yoe Elizabeth 24 Dec 1818
Barrager Samuel 1793-1871 NY Tioga County, NY Sears Ruhamah 22 Dec 1814 spelled Barager
Barras Antoine 1791-1853 LA Assumption Parish, LA Bourg Rosalie 22 Jul 1811
Barrell Alfred b. 1791 US Art Windsor County, VT born Hartland, VT
Barrell Jonathan S. d. 1866 MA York County, ME Manet Julia 28 Oct 1845 probably 2nd wife
Barrett Alba Cady 1795-1849 MA Northumberland County, PA Kase Katherine (1st wife) 23 Apr 1843 2nd wife Catherine McCloughan m. 23 Apr 1843
Barrett Andrew b. 1788 MD Cecil County, MD Rosanna 11 Sep 1827
Barrett Andrew d. 1857 VT Franklin County, VT Dudley Sarah 03 Jul 1804
Barrett Archa "Archie" 1786-1880 MA Washington County, NY Cady Elizabeth 30 Nov 1826
Barrett Archibald 1796-1890 NY Jefferson County, NY Goodrich Betsey (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Ann Davis, 3rd wife Olive Cook, 4th wife Rachel m. 1855
Barrett Benjamin d. 1863 NY Oswego County, NY Hagar Bathsheba (1st wife) 2nd wife Polly E. Sykes m. 03 Oct 1827
Barrett Benjamin d. 1876 VT Lamoille County, VT Safford Fanny 16 Sep 1845 probably 2nd wife
Barrett Charles d. 1838 NY Hamilton County, OH Gentry Mildred 13 Jun 1826
Barrett Chester c1794-1867 NY Jefferson County, NY Harris Mercy 30 Apr 1820
Barrett Eleazer d. 1863 NH Hillsborough County, NH Emerson Alice 17 Oct 1811
Barrett Ephraim 1796-1880 NY Tioga County, NY Russell Asenath
Barrett Frederick d. 1879 VA Pittsylvania County, VA Lawson Martha 1815
Barrett George US Inf Quitman County, GA Harper Eliza 24 Feb 1824 spelled Barrette
Barrett Henry b. 1795 MD Baltimore County, MD
Barrett Henry d. 1858 OH Scioto County, OH Hatch Elizabeth S. 14 May 1807
Barrett Jacob d. 1874 NH Hillsborough County, NH Favor Sally 10 Mar 1818
Barrett James Winston 1789-1872 KY Sangamon County, IL Allen Maria McElroy Aug 1813 listed as Barret
Barrett Jesse 1795-c1872 SC Panola County, MS Whitley Nancy A. 1844 probably 2nd wife
Barrett John d. 1880 US Art Middlesex County, MA Souther Mary 22 Feb 1829
Barrett John d. 1878 MA Essex County, MA Shackelford Clarissa 15 Oct 1818
Barrett John d. 1853 OH Lewis County, KY Phillips Fanny (1st wife) 2nd wife Catharine m. 05 Sep 1841
Barrett John 1794-1862 OH Muskingum County, OH Heskett Rachel (1st wife) 2nd wife Maria Jordan m. 13 Oct 1853
Barrett John d. c1844 VA Hawkins County, TN Elizabeth 12 Aug 1828 spelled Barrot
Barrett Joseph d. 1848 US Navy Essex County, MA Winn Mary 23 Oct 1803
Barrett Joseph Phelps 1789-1834 CT Windham County, CT Converse Nancy L. 11 Jun 1820
Barrett Josiah d. 1869 TN Sumner County, TN Tisdale Lavisa Dec 1821
Barrett Levi d. 1851 MA Somerset County, ME Andrews Abigail (2nd wife) 05 Dec 1844
Barrett Oliver d. 1880 MA Middlesex County, MA Wheeler Sophia 24 Dec 1843 probably 2nd wife
Barrett Peter d. 1840 CT New London County, CT Osborn Polly (1st wife) 2nd wife Emily Carpenter m. 22 Aug 1824
Barrett Richard 1795-1876 GA Walton County, GA Raines Sarah "Sally" (1st wife) 2nd wife Delphy Dickens m. 22 Jan 1868
Barrett Samuel 1792-1863 VA Rush County, IN McComas Clarissa B. 27 May 1819
Barrett Sarlls d. 1864 NY Bradford County, PA Griffin Hester (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucy Nichols m. 18 Mar 1832
Barrett Silas b. 1790 NH Niagara County, NY Evans Sedate 01 Mar 1828
Barrett Simeon I. b. 1794 NY Wayne County, NY Pierce Matilda 22 Oct 1822
Barrett Stephen d. 1877 NY Columbia County, WI Smith Lucretia 14 May 1816
Barrett Willard Josiah 1797-1880 NY Jefferson County, NY Mack Hannah 03 Feb 1823 Served as a substitute for father Alpheus Barrett
Barrett William d. 1862 MD Monroe County, OH Alexander Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Hannah Coulter m. 24 Dec 1816
Barrett William 1791-1867 NJ Cumberland County, NJ Harris Bathsheba 15 Mar 1815
Barrett William 1793-1860 NC Moore County, NC Graham Mary A. 11 Feb 1823
Barrett Zelotus d. 1876 NY Huron County, OH Smith Betty (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary B. m. 16 Sep 1840
Barrey Nathan d. 1861 VT Quebec, Canada Brown Olive 26 Dec 1819
Barrick Ezra d. 1864 MD Macoupin County, IL Small Sarah S. 25 Aug 1827
Barrick Isaac 1793-1880 VA Rice County, MN Camblin Eleanor (1st wife) 15 Sep 1825 2nd wife Mary Glass m. 15 Sep 1825
Barrick Jacob b. 1796 MD Baltimore, MD
Barrickman John 1794-1819 PA Armstrong County, PA Lockridge Eleanor (1st wfe) spelled Barrackman 2nd wife Sarah Beatty m. 07 Apr 1812
Barringer Frederick P. b. 1795 NY Monroe County, NY
Barringer Jonas 1795-1863 NY Herkimer County, NY Grant Catherine (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Hess, 3rd wife Adeline Minor m. 31 Mar 1843
Barrington Charles B. d. 1831 US Inf Cayuga County, NY Davis Esther 05 Jun 1800
Barrington Nathan d. 1845 NC Craven County, NC West Sarah (2nd wife) 1831 children mentioned in pension file
Barris David d. c1860 MO Washington County, MO Monroe Susannah 08 Nov 1812
Barris Samuel d. 1832 NJ Philadelphia, PA Freeman Isabella 20 Sep 1813
Barron Benjamin d. c1876 US Inf Windsor County, VT Manoir Catherine 02 Jun 1820
Barron James 1768-1851 US Navy Norfolk, VA Armistead Elizabeth Moseley (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary B. m. 12 Nov 1829
Barron James 1791-1865 KY Pulaski County, KY McKenzie Nancy A. 23 Nov 1820
Barron John 1791-1867 GA Carroll County, GA Head Mary "Polly" 17 Apr 1811
Barron Joseph 1787-1865 MA Somerset County, ME Quint Rachel 08 Apr 1812
Barron Thomas c1795-1836 MS Pike County, MS Clark Naomi 01 Feb 1809
Barron Thomas b. 1792 PA Hocking County, OH Flannigan Maria 16 Feb 1821
Barron Thomas Hudson 1796-1874 KY McLennan County, TX Carnall Elizabeth 20 Feb 1820
Barrott John d. 1848 VA Richmond County, VA Parriso Mary 22 Feb 1833
Barrow Green 1798-c1874 GA Covington County, AL Tamar (1st wife) 2nd wife Julianne E. Archilles m. 22 Sep 1855
Barrow Hinchea Gilliam 1791-1856 KY Clark County, KY Scholl Rachel 09 Jun 1810
Barrow Louis d. 1857 VA Brunswick County, VA Browder Mary J. (2nd wife) 26 Jun 1839
Barrow Richard 1777-1852 GA Randolph County, AL Jones Elizabeth "Betsy" 29 Dec 1808 listed as BORROW
Barrows Adnah 1796-1856 NY Lorain County, OH Day Clarissa 14 Mar 1818
Barrows Alfred 1779-1874 VT McHenry County, IL Dexter Esther
Barrows Asahel 1794-1875 CT Kent County, MI Lamphier Amelia "Millie" (former wife) former wife Olive Shumway, 3rd wife Maria Basker m. 15 May 1866
Barrows Caleb Benson 1793-1878 US Inf Aroostook County, ME Barrows Abigail 22 May 1814
Barrows Chester b. 1781 NY Genesee County, NY Stanley Polly Mar 1815
Barrows Daniel 1780-1863 CT Tolland County, CT Freeman Abigail (1st wife) listed as Dan Barrows 2nd wife Louisa M. m. 25 Jan 1855
Barrows Elijah 1795-1882 US Inf Tolland County, CT Squire Hannah 27 May 1810
Barrows Elijah 1791-1886 NH Kendall County, IL Daggett Seraphina Feb 1813
Barrows Frederick 1790-1879 VT Clarke County, IA Lindley Rebecca Apr 1815
Barrows George d. 1850 MA Plymouth County, MA Dunham Betsey 05 Jul 1826
Barrows Gurdon 1796-1877 CT Whiteside County, IL Babcock Nancy (1st wife) 26 Sep 1818 2nd wife Jane Eliza Lansing, 3rd wife Sabrina Whiffle m. 02 Oct 1836
Barrows Jabez 1786-1871 ME Piscataquis County, ME Davee/Davie Sarah "Sally" 04 Feb 1811
Barrows Jacob b. 1797 OH Athens County, OH
Barrows Joseph 1792-1870 MA Plymouth County, MA Bisbee Nancy 29 Jan 1851 probably 2nd wife
Barrows Mellen 1786-1877 NH Chenango County, NY Whipple Lucy 12 Aug 1810
Barrows Oran D. d. 1868 NY Jefferson County, NY Hill Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Julia Ann Foster m. 17 Jul 1823
Barrows Stephen c1793-1870 ME Waldo County, ME Crandon Mary Gray 22 Oct 1812
Barrows Sylvanus 1793-1855 MA Plymouth County, MA Tinkham Sophia 05 Mar 1815
Barrows Wendell 1791-1878 US Inf Providence County, RI Goff Angenette 22 Sep 1824
Barrows Zoroster b. 1794 VT Washington County, NY Swinton Margaret 10 Aug 1805
Barrs James b. 1786 NC Pulaski County, GA
Barrus Mellen 1786-1877 NH Chenango County, NY Whipple Lucy 12 Aug 1810 spelled Barrows
Barry Benjamin d. 1877 MD Guernsey County, OH Basil Mary
Barry Daniel d. 1878 PA Lancaster County, PA Harrietta 25 Mar 1848 probably 2nd wife
Barry Elisha 1787-1873 MD Morrow County, OH Lucas Rachel 11 Jan 1816
Barry James b. 1786 MD Huntingdon County, PA Ridenour Catherine 10 Aug 1812
Barry John 1791-1875 NY Lagrange County, IN Darrow Mary Ann 1823
Barry John J. d. 1871 US Navy Baltimore County, MD Sarah L. (2nd wife) 01 Jan 1856
Barry John L. d. 1866 MD Baltimore County, MD Howell Louisa (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Hazlitt Hanson m. 15 Aug 1834
Barry Major R. b. 1783 NY Broome County, NY Nash Polly 22 Oct 1802
Barry William A. d. 1846 NY Gravesend, NY Hillier Mary 31 Oct 1811
Barsha Benjamin d. 1883 NY Quebec, Canada Amalie
Barsha Francis d. 1880 NY Bay County, MI White Mary
Barstow Robert 1785-1865 MA Cumberland County, ME Doughty Priscilla 10 Jun 1810
Bartee Jesse d. 1859 SC Edgefield, SC Randall Livinia 1813
Bartee John d. 1857 VA Norfolk, VA Widgeon Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Ellen m. 10 Apr 1845
Bartee John R. d. 1859 SC Richmond County, GA Lowe Mary 1828
Bartel Benoni L. b. 1794 NY Lenawee County, MI Blass Polly 22 Apr 1817
Barter Benjamin 1783-1850 US Inf Lincoln County, ME Barker Mary "Polly" 08 Jan 1806
Barter Jacob d. 1865 Blank/MA Washington County, ME Crocker Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Margaret K. Gates m. 08 Jul 1852
Bartholomew Aaron b. 1789 NY Minnesota Hall Elizabeth 23 Nov 1816
Bartholomew Asahel b. 1795 OH Trumbull County, OH
Bartholomew Deming 1795-1875 CT Genesee County, NY Nickerson Sarah Almira "Sally"(1st wife) 2nd wife Erepta Hyde m. 16 Jan 1853
Bartholomew Isaac 1791-1872 NY St. Lawrence County, NY Houghton Thirza 23 Mar 1818
Bartholomew Jacob T. b. c1796 NY Ottawa County, MI Quackenbush Maria 02 Jun 1816
Bartholomew James 1793-1877 NY Oneida County, NY Cushman Ruth (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucy E. Stockwell m. 14 Dec 1853
Bartholomew Jeremiah d. 1854 MD Baltimore, MD Peddiane Pleasant 22 Dec 1814
Bartholomew John d. 1881 PA Northumberland County, PA Seaman Annie 16 Jan 1845 probably 2nd wife
Bartholomew John Jay 1797-1871 US Inf Bureau County, IL Shears Susanna Jun 1822
Bartholomew Joseph 1780-1834 MD Lancaster County, PA Merchant Margaret 05 Apr 1807
Bartholomew Joseph d. 1834 PA Philadelphia, PA Jacks Margaret 08 Aug 1816
Bartholomew Joseph, Jr. b. 1793 OH Dunn County, WI Wheeler Lucretia 26 Jan 1818
Bartholomew Lemuel 1791-1868 NY Washington County, NY Barrett Anna 03 Feb 1814
Bartholomew Michael 1790-1871 US Art Monroe County, PA Greenswerg Catherine
Bartholomew Riley 1793-1878 CT Albany County, NY Wynkoop Elizabeth 12 Mar 1810
Bartholomew Thomas 1788-1877 NY Dupage County, IL Jones Sophia 04 Nov 1819
Bartholow Elias d. 1854 MD Baltimore County, MD Hooper Hester Ann 18 Oct 1818
Bartle Christian d. 1863 PA Bucks County, PA Fredericks Anna Catharine 22 Mar 1809
Bartles William d. 1879 NY St Clair County, MI Hagerdone Elizabeth 21 Aug 1821
Bartlett Aden 1794-1863 US Inf Essex County, VT Clough Nancy 05 Sep 1819
Bartlett Alva 1794-1878 MA Piscataquis County, ME Lathrop Lucy 31 Dec 1817
Bartlett Amasa 1790-1874 MA Penobscot County, ME Nickerson Mary 19 Jan 1815
Bartlett Bailey 1794-1886 MA Essex County, MA Long Caroline 21 Jun 1843 probably 2nd wife
Bartlett Bela 1800-1879 NY Allegany County, NY Chapin Parmelia (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Dana, 3rd wife Polly Reynolds m. 25 Jan 1849
Bartlett Burgess D. b. 1807 VA Loudoun County, VA Timms Armenia 03 Mar 1846 probably 2nd wife
Bartlett Charles d. 1877 NY Marquette County, WI Lamb Milcena 25 May 1830 probably 2nd wife
Bartlett David 1800-1871 MA Franklin County, ME Payne Huldah W. 01 Feb 1830
Bartlett David d. 1871 NY Clinton County, MI Sears Praxania 28 Aug 1840 probably 2nd wife
Bartlett Devereux D. d. 1857 MA Essex County, MA Fowler Mary "Polly" (2nd wife) 10 Jul 1821
Bartlett Ephraim 1797-1870 MA Seneca County, OH Spalding Matilda 14 Dec 1820
Bartlett Frederick 1795-1872 NY Delaware County, NY Hopkins Patty 28 Dec 1820
Bartlett Gershom 1793-1876 NY Shiawassee County, MI Castle Sabrina Oct 1816
Bartlett Henry 1791-1864 NY Oswego County, NY Marvin Elizabeth 15 Jun 1816
Bartlett Hooker d. 1864 VT Fond Du Lac County, WI Baldwin Hannah 02 Jan 1807
Bartlett Horace c1800-1888 NH Crawford County, PA Woodworth Sarah "Sally" (1st wife) 2nd wife Susan m. 08 Jun 1881
Bartlett Hosea d. 1879 NY Bennington County, VT Amsbury Parthenia 10 Oct 1823
Bartlett James 1791-1871 NY Clark County, IL Tulliday Hannah Sep 1817
Bartlett James d. c1884 NY Sauk County, WI Palmateer Elizabeth Apr 1821
Bartlett James d. 1866 VA Fluvanna County, VA Troop Sarah 30 Jan 1808
Bartlett Jeremiah 1789-1872 NH Merrimack County, NH Stearns Fanny 08 Feb 1818
Bartlett John b. 1795 NY Iowa County, WI
Bartlett John d. 1866 NY Dutchess County, NY Case Caroline 25 Nov 1817
Bartlett John C. b. 1791 NY Saratoga County, NY
Bartlett John Camp d. 1856 NY Lagrange County, IN Eliza 09 Apr 1854 probably 2nd wife
Bartlett Joseph B. c1795-1864 MA Cleveland, OH Meeks Lydia Boden 27 Jan 1820
Bartlett Joshua d. 1831 TN White County, TN Williams Winifred "Winnie"
Bartlett Josiah 1787-1860 US Inf Strafford County, NH True Hannah 10 Nov 1812
Bartlett Josiah d. 1863 ME Burlington County, NJ Bizzell Catherine A. 01 Apr 1843 probably 2nd wife
Bartlett Lotan b. 1788 US Inf Lorain County, OH Hemenway Catherine 18 Nov 1818
Bartlett Malachi 1789-1885 MA Piscataquis County, ME Cobb Joanna 15 Apr 1819
Bartlett Martin d. 1849 MA Middlesex County, MA Graham Elima 07 Dec 1815
Bartlett Nathaniel 1786-1863 MA Essex County, MA Colley Mary 25 Oct 1810
Bartlett Noah c1781-1853 MA Calhoun County, MI Elliott Marilla E. 02 Feb 1816
Bartlett Ozias d. 1881 ME Somerset County, ME Eunice D. (3rd wife) 30 Mar 1853
Bartlett Reuben 1791-c1876 US Inf Aroostook County, ME Churchill Rispah 19 Oct 1817
Bartlett Silas 1797-1882 MA Waldo County, ME Rowell Rachel 26 Nov 1826
Bartlett Stephen 1790-1867 MA Essex County, MA Eaton Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Rebecca Walton m. 28 Jan 1823
Bartlett Sylvanus d. 1879 MA Oxford County, ME Noyes Mary (1st wife) spelled Silvanus 2nd wife Mary J. Martin m. 26 Dec 1839
Bartlett Thomas 1791-1860 MA Knox County, ME Fletcher Orinda (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Parkman m. 20 May 1819
Bartlett William 1796-1881 US Inf Chickasaw County, IA Stockwell Elizabeth W. 23 Jun 1816
Bartlett William d. 1862 MD Baltimore County, MD Robinson Aley 22 Jun 1817
Bartlett William d. 1850 OH Knox County, OH McKinley Elizabeth (2nd wife) 18 Nov 1829
Bartley James d. 1856 KY Greenup County, KY Nichols Cassandra 03 Oct 1819
Bartley Meriwether d. 1870 VA Augusta County, VA Creasy Sarah "Sally" M. 23 Oct 1817 spelled Merriweather
Barto Elkanah b. 1794 NY Queens County, NY
Barto Horace 1793-1877 NY Jones County, IA Evans Humility 13 Jul 1818
Barto John S. d. 1857 NY Steuben County, NY Matthews Polly 04 Feb 1819
Bartol George d. c1858 MD Baltimore County, MD Gatch Sophia 28 Nov 1816
Bartoll John d. 1861 MA Essex County, MA Thompson Rebecca 05 Nov 1810
Barton Aaron d. 1869 US Drag Somerville, MA Fletcher Abigail 24 May 1821
Barton Amplias d. 1865 MD Delaware County, OH Richardson Emeline 18 Jun 1830 probably 2nd wife
Barton Benjamin 1790-1866 KY Pike County, MO Mulherrin Jane H. 02 Aug 1817
Barton Caleb b. 1797 NY Warren County, NY Briggs Ruth (1st wife) 15 Nov 1817 2nd wife Martha Sosifter m. 16 Sep 1844
Barton Charles b. 1788 NH Lake County, IN Seargaut Olive 1834 probably 2nd wife
Barton Daniel d. 1852 NY Brant, Ontario, Canada Irvin Jane 22 Feb 1803
Barton David 1782-1839 US Inf Washington County, VT Dodge Anna 05 Dec 1805
Barton Elijah M. b. 1784 US Inf Kennebec County, ME Sarah S.
Barton Ezra 1787-1861 NY Broome County, NY Andrews Polly 28 Nov 1818
Barton Gideon 1786-1878 ME Kennebec County, ME Pierce Sarah Apr 1808
Barton Grosvenor 1794-1873 NY Cattaraugus County, NY Ross Charlotte 17 Oct 1819
Barton Henry b. 1779 PA Allegany County, PA
Barton Isaac d. 1876 MD Greene County, IL Baker Charity 16 Apr 1821
Barton James b. 1785 MD Harford County, MD Preston Sarah 1819
Barton James b. 1796 NY Orange County, NY
Barton James d. 1842 NY Wayne County, NY Harris Betsey C. 28 Dec 1828
Barton James 1785-1881 PA Jackson County, OH Pebles Sarah 15 Aug 1815
Barton James b. 1783 US Drag Wayne County, MI
Barton John b. 1795 NJ Chemung County, NY Predmore Jemima 14 Mar 1840 probably 2nd wife
Barton Joseph 1795-1867 NY Houston County, MN Akerley Sally 09 Mar 1824
Barton Joshua 1790-1873 US Rif Polk County, IA Duvall Phebe 1811
Barton Lewis d. 1858 US Inf Union County, GA Julia Ann 10 Feb 1856 probably 2nd wife
Barton Michael 1785-1861 OH Mercer County, OH Kepler Barbara 27 Feb 1817
Barton Robert Rittenhouse 1792-1858 US Navy Rockbridge County, VA Harvey Magdalena H. (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah "Sallie" McClellan m. 24 Apr 1854
Barton Samuel 1791-1878 MD Frederick County, MD McWilliams Amy 02 Nov 1820
Barton Samuel S. d. 1864 PA Union County, PA Bright Hannah E. 28 Jan 1847 probably 2nd wife
Barton Thomas b. 1783 KY Bourbon County, KY
Barton Thomas d. c1879 NY Steuben County, NY Monell Sarah 16 Nov 1821
Barton Thomas b. 1781 VA Harrison County, WV Drummond Sally 28 Feb 1808
Barton William 1793-1856 KY Graves County, KY Dunning Sarah 15 Feb 1816
Barton William d. 1869 MD Baltimore County, MD Smith Amelia (1st wife) 2nd wife Margaret A. Hathaway m. 11 May 1854
Barton William 1794-1855 PA Montgomery County, PA Supplee Rachel 18 Sep 1817
Barton William d. 1871 VT Chittenden County, VT Pettibone Ann 09 Jan 1815
Barton William 1797-1862 VA Rockingham County, VA Hill Nancy M. 11 Oct 1842 probably 2nd wife
Bartoo John 1794-1887 NY Chautauqua County, NY Blanchard Ruth 16 Nov 1820
Bartoo Samuel Augustus 1796-1886 NY Chautauqua County, NY Clark Rhoda 06 Nov 1818
Bartow John 1793-1874 NY Grant County, WI White Elizabeth "Betsey" 02 Aug 1812
Bartow Smith 1790-1865 NY Queens County, NY Verity Mary 15 Jun 1813 listed as Josiah Smith Barto
Bartow William Augustus 1794-1869 NY Dutchess County, NY Hasbrouck Jane 13 Apr 1826
Bartram David 1795-1875 OH Ashtabula County, OH Gregory Elizabeth "Betsey" spelled Bartam
Bartram James Alexander 1795-1875 PA Lawrence County, OH Stackhouse Elizabeth 03 Jun 1824
Bartram James P. 1794-1875 VA Boyd County, KY Wilson Delilah (1st wife) spelled Bartrum 2nd wife Rebecca Sexton m. 28 Feb 1870
Bartram William L. b. 1795 NY Ashtabula County, OH Rogers Hannah 12 Feb 1868 probably 2nd or 3rd wife
Bartruff John A. b. 1800 PA Philadelphia, PA Reinhart Mary A. 29 Mar 1827
Barwell John d. 1832 PA Philadelphia, PA Nell Ann 20 Oct 1811
Bascue Charles 1789-1881 VA Loudoun County, VA Buckeles Rachel 16 Jan 1816
Baseman Lloyd c1795-1870 MD Baltimore County, MD Burnham Elizabeth 25 Dec 1823
Basey John b. 1791 KY Mercer County, KY Smith Ann 1833
Basham Nathan 1787-1869 VA Floyd County, VA Ross Elender 27 Jan 1810
Bashaw Holman d. 1864 VA Fluvanna County, VA Snead Polly (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth H. m. 13 Dec 1840
Bashford Francis b. 1793 OH Marshall County, IN Collom Sarah 01 Feb 1827
Bashford William d. 1834 OH Jefferson County, OH Slutz Harriet 23 Nov 1820
Basket Reuben d. 1857 VA King and Queen County, VA Brown Mary W. (2nd wife) 15 Jul 1852
Baskett James 1787-1863 VA Shelby County, KY Shepherd Mildred 09 Feb 1813
Baskett Jesse 1772-1837 VA Fluvanna County, VA Kent Sallie T. (1st wife) 2nd wife Susanna Crumpton Perkins m. 09 Mar 1824
Baskett Robert Kent 1790-1880 VA Howard County, MO Crewdson Lucy (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Dodd, 3rd wife Mary "Polly" Kingsbury m. 10 May 1877
Basley Theodore d. 1861 MA Washington County, ME Spalding Susan 10 Apr 1824
Basore George d. 1866 VA Montgomery County, OH Conway Catherine (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Munapech m. 06 Sep 1847
Bass Adam b. 1773 NY Seneca County, NY
Bass Barnabus B. b. 1798 NC Yell County, AR
Bass Cader 1790-1858 TN Wilson County, TN York Lucy (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary S. Young, 3rd wife Elizabeth Tompkins m. 07 Apr 1845
Bass Edward d. 1843 NC Cumberland County, NC Ward Elizabeth 05 Aug 1812 children mentioned in pension file
Bass Etheldred "Dread" 1785-1875 TN Wilson County, TN Vanatta Nancy 15 Sep 1850 probably 2nd wife
Bass Ezekiel 1776-1866 TN Wilson County, TN Vincent/Vinson Sallie (1st wife) 2nd wife Sally Murphy m. 31 Jan 1843
Bass John 1783-1872 SC Clarke County, MS Harris Mary 30 Apr 1811
Bass John 1793-1860 TN Giles County, TN Sumner Temperance Ann 13 Jan 1831
Bass Quincy 1794-1862 NC Sumter County, GA McMillan Mary Elizabeth 26 Oct 1813
Bass Robert Henry 1793-1870 VA Powhatan County, VA Ellett Ann P. (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha Elizabeth Gates, 3rd wife Mary A. Atkinson
Bass Samuel 1793-1843 NY Fulton County, NY Hagadorn Charlotte (1st wife) 2nd wife Louisa Lewis m. 20 Mar 1835
Bass William d. 1874 NC Wayne County, NC Brogden Nancy M. 18 Jan 1853 probably 2nd wife
Bass Willis VA Dallas County, AR Hall Elizabeth May 1823
Bass Zacheus b. 1791 VT Addison County, VT
Bassett Abiron b. 1797 NY Wood County, OH Griffin Anna 27 Dec 1818
Bassett Adolphus Boles 1795-1869 MA Cayuga County, NY Cogswell Sarah 14 Aug 1817
Bassett Alexander Hunter 1795-1880 VA Henry County, VA Koger Mary (1st wife) spelled Basett 2nd wife Ann R. Hardy m. 03 Dec 1872
Bassett Arba 1795-1873 VT Rutland County, VT Maynard Roxcellana (1st wife) 2nd wife Eunice Powell, 3rd wife Mary Alexander m. 15 Oct 1853
Bassett Caleb d. 1860 MA Plymouth County, MA Holmes Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Lydia Wood m. 10 May 1847
Bassett Daniel 1787-1848 MA Plymouth County, MA Thomas Mary Gray 18 Feb 1813
Bassett Daniel d. 1874 MA Clinton County, NY Chamberlain ?? 2nd wife Meribah m. 09 Oct 1817
Bassett David d. 1872 CT New Haven County, CT Fairchild Maria 01 Jun 1814
Bassett David d. 1866 MA Bristol County, MA Austin Rhoda (1st wife) 2nd wife Susan B. m. 27 Oct 1842
Bassett Ezekiel 1790-1867 GA Walton County, GA Thomas Sarah 04 Oct 1810
Bassett Ira Bryant 1788-1844 NY Yates County, NY Cleveland Louisa 26 Oct 1815
Bassett Ivory 1794-1879 NY Erie County, PA Gillmore Maria 18 Feb 1819
Bassett James d. 1888 US Inf Middlesex County, MA Danforth Anna 08 Feb 1820
Bassett Jason 1789-1882 CT New Haven County, CT Bassett Esther A. 11 May 1820
Bassett John d. 1838 NY Suffolk County, NY Fordham Fanny 25 Dec 1811
Bassett John 1793-1874 NY Branch County, MI Benjamin Cynthia (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah M. m. 22 Oct 1861
Bassett Josiah 1783-1858 MA Plymouth County, MA Mitchell Lucretia 01 Oct 1820
Bassett Josiah 1792-1869 MA Barnstable County, MA Ellis Edith 24 Feb 1811
Bassett Keith d. 1868 MA Plymouth County, MA Strobridge Sarah Montgomery (1st wife) 2nd wife Ruth Hall, 3rd wife Betsey N. Little m. 17 Nov 1855
Bassett Nicholas 1787-1875 NY Coshocton County, OH Shaffer Mary 10 Feb 1820
Bassett Samuel 1788-1871 NY Genesee County, NY Evarts Betsey 25 Nov 1812
Bassett Samuel d. 1860 NY Erie County, PA Gates Rowena (2nd wife) 14 Oct 1833
Bassett Titus 1781-1867 NY Jefferson County, NY Warriner Sarah 23 Feb 1805
Bassett William 1794-1878 CT Portage County, OH Welton Eloisa/Elouise 27 Feb 1817
Bassett William b. 1795 GA Marion County, FL
Bassick George W. d. 1871 MA Waldo County, ME Betsey (2nd wife) 17 Nov 1868
Bassler John d. 1858 PA Northampton County, PA Daily Barbara 25 Sep 1809
Bast John d. 1857 PA Northampton County, PA Sherer Elizabeth Feb 1812
Basye Joseph c1791-1850 VA Northumberland County, VA Martin Hannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Sallie Esther Chinn McNamara m. 22 Sep 1844
Batchelder Benjamin P. d. 1853 NH Rockingham County, NH Emerson Mary 17 Sep 1820
Batchelder Ezekiel d. 1835 ME Somerset County, ME Young Jane 15 Nov 1814
Batchelder Henry d. 1874 MA Essex County, MA Mann Abigail 03 Dec 1815
Batchelder Jeremy d. 1864 NH Rockingham County, NH Stevens Clarissa 12 Dec 1824
Batchelder John d. 1872 MA Sullivan County, NH Kelsey Eliza
Batchelder John Derby 1787-1843 MA Essex County, MA Newhall Rachel (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Hazelton m. 14 Aug 1830
Batchelder Nathaniel 1793-1877 MA Rockingham County, NH Ward Eliza Brown (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary J. Powers m. 20 Jun 1850
Batchelder Parley b. 1798 VT Providence County, RI
Batchelder William d. 1870 MA Essex County, MA Aborn Mehitable 20 Mar 1808
Batchelder Winthrop d. 1829 MA Essex County, MA Simonds Lydia 14 Feb 1821
Batchelor William d. 1885 MD Baltimore County, MD Deshon Elizabeth 28 Apr 1819
Batchelor Zephaniah 1789-1843 VT Norwalk, OH Kellogg Ruth 20 Nov 1809
Batdorf John 1794-1871 PA Wayne County, OH Daniel Catherine 1815 spelled Batdorff
Bateau Christian d. 1819 MD Baltimore County, MD Schafer Mary 06 Jul 1804
Bateman Adam 1789-1874 NY Monroe County, NY Caldwell Eliza Jan 1814
Bateman Asahel 1794-1846 TN Jefferson County, IL Johnson Milly 03 May 1818
Bateman Charles 1793-1864 NJ Cumberland County, NJ Marts Phebe 22 Apr 1818
Bateman Eli Dayton 1793-1824 NJ Cumberland County, NJ Newcomb Nancy 06 May 1817
Bateman Noah d. 1878 LA Hendricks County, IN Trahoon Margaret L. 09 Jan 1858 probably 2nd wife
Bateman Smith d. 1860 VA Augusta County, VA Lohr Susan 23 Oct 1816
Bateman William d. 1855 VA Rockingham County, VA Allen Elizabeth 03 Jun 1813
Bates Alexander d. 1844 TN Hancock County, TN Baty Rachel 07 Oct 1824
Bates Amos d. 1839 OH Hamilton County, OH Waldon Nancy Jane 08 Aug 1815
Bates Andrew 1787-1877 OH Sandusky County, OH Homan Hannah Anor 28 Dec 1813
Bates Asa 1795-1878 MA Kennebec County, ME Stillman Fannie 30 Nov 1818
Bates Asa 1789-1853 NY Menard County, IL Webster Abigail B. 1815 listed as Asaph Bates
Bates Asahel C. d. 1858 US Navy Warren County, OH Bobo Meekey P. 16 Apr 1818
Bates Caleb 1795-1878 MA Plymouth County, MA Curtis Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Osborne m. 30 Jun 1844
Bates Charles b. 1789 NY Monroe County, IA Crouch Mary 09 Sep 1809
Bates Clement 1792-1885 MA Plymouth County, MA Burgess Betsey 1825
Bates Daniel b. 1787 OH Vinton County, OH Brothers Mary Sep 1815
Bates Eli 1792-1857 NY Clinton County, NY Lyon Martha 14 Jan 1813
Bates Elias 1794-1883 NY Johnson County, MO Vickery Alice 29 Jan 1826
Bates Elihu d. 1876 VT Chittenden County, VT Pierce Nancy 14 Oct 1827
Bates Elisha US Art Holbrook Abigail children listed in file
Bates Ezra 1796-1870 NY Macomb County, MI Green Margaret 26 Jan 1822
Bates George 1798-1876 MA Androscoggin County, ME Bailey Louisa (2nd wife) 30 Jul 1832
Bates Gilbert b. 1796 NY Tuscola County, MI
Bates Ira 1797-1877 NY Genesee County, MI Dolph Ruth (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Snyder m. 31 Jan 1836
Bates Isiah d. 1876 PA Philadelphia, PA Sarah 06 Jun 1830 probably 2nd wife
Bates Jacob 1790-1878 VT Lamoille County, VT Smith Lois A. (1st wife) 2nd wife Rowena Farrand m. 15 Jul 1841
Bates James 1789-1882 US Inf Cumberland County, ME Jones Mary 27 Jul 1815
Bates James b. 1795 MA Van Buren County, MI Rabiso Lucinda 28 May 1839 probably 2nd wife
Bates James d. 1876 MA Sagadahoc County, ME Curtis Jane (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucretia Totman m. 30 Jun 1869
Bates James W. 1800-1864 US Art Taylor County, KY Terrell Nancy 15 Mar 1837 probably 2nd wife
Bates Jehu 1795-1876 SC Marengo County, AL Barnes Janet (1st wife) 2nd wife Margaret Larrel Cox, 3rd wife Katharine Godwin Fowler
Bates John 1796-1862 NC Cherokee County, NC Cunningham Margaret 02 Mar 1823
Bates John B. d. 1860 TN Bedford County, TN Hutchinson Charity (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Ann King, 3rd wife Ann Payne m. 19 May 1846
Bates John Witt c1793-1844 GA Coweta County, GA Evans Rhoda 09 Dec 1817
Bates Jonathan b. 1796 MA Plymouth County, MA Raymond Fear 20 Mar 1867 probably 2nd wife
Bates Joseph d. 1848 SC Autauga County, AL Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Gracie F. Powell m. 09 Jul 1846
Bates Joseph d. 1871 NY Genesee County, NY Sophronia (2nd wife) 03 Jun 1840
Bates Joshua T. d. 1870 US Plymouth County, MA Record Priscilla W. 1805
Bates Lubin b. 1796 US Inf Coles County, IL McNett Susannah May 1816
Bates Martin 1796-1867 US Inf Chittenden County, VT Willis Keziah 29 Aug 1815
Bates Matthew 1796-1863 GA Bedford County, TN Bates Unity A. 27 Mar 1823
Bates Newcomb 1779-1865 MA Norfolk County, MA Nichols Lydia 25 Nov 1802
Bates Obadiah b. 1794 NY Peoria County, IL
Bates Orrin d. 1842 NY Yates County, NY Swartwood Mary 01 Mar 1809
Bates Osee d. 1873 MA Genesee County, MI Christoe Harriet (2nd wife) 14 Dec 1850
Bates Roswell b. 1791 US Drag McHenry County, IL
Bates Rowland Horsley 1788-1871 VA Albemarle County, VA Boyd Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Susan G. Woods m. 30 Oct 1849
Bates Royall 1776-1863 TN Wayne County, KY Tuttle Anna 05 Feb 1814
Bates Samuel d. 1869 US Inf Clay County, KY Lansford Mary (2nd wife) 04 Sep 1846
Bates Simeon d. 1849 US Inf Muhlenberg County, KY Sketoe Pleasant (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Webb m. 10 Jun 1837
Bates Simeon d. 1883 VT Jefferson County, NY Cooley Sabria (1st wife) 2nd wife Emily m. 22 May 1867
Bates Solomon d. c1880 US Inf Ashtabula County, OH Fields Susan 06 Mar 1815
Bates Solomon d. 1844 MA Somerset County, ME Spaulding Asenath 09 Aug 1818
Bates William d. 1833 NY Trumbull County, OH Clark Esther 13 Feb 1814
Bates William d. 1842 TN Bradley County, TN Riggin Nancy Harris (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Camp m. 12 May 1825
Bates William G. c1786-c1874 US Inf Roane County, WV Crist Catherine 02 Jan 1824
Bates William H. d. 1833 US Inf Norfolk, VA Boyle Eliza 28 Aug 1815
Bates Zadock 1796-1885 NY Lapeer County, MI Webster Eliza 25 Dec 1823
Batey Thomas b. 1784 VA Meigs County, OH Wolf Elizabeth 1819
Bathrick Jonathan d. 1828 MA Cumberland, RI Hayward Experience 15 Sep 1810
Bathurst Henry Apsley 1784-1855 PA Centre County, PA Tate Margaret 18 Oct 1810
Batman Thomas b. 1796 KY Jefferson County, KY French Ann 1839 probably 2nd wife
Batson James 1788-1872 NJ Morris County, NJ Kinney Mary 08 Jan 1811
Batson Richard 1790-1856 TN Humphreys County, TN Shropshire Nancy 08 Apr 1813
Batson Stephen d. 1876 MA Washington County, ME Elliott Mary 16 May 1810
Battell Ebenezer d. 1872 MA Middlesex County, CT Beckley Aurelia 08 Feb 1834 probably 2nd wife
Batterson John 1792-1883 US Inf Burlington County, NJ Penn Hannah 1821
Batterson Nathan 1792-1881 CT Summit County, OH Sprague Polly (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Ann Thomas m. 16 Nov 1878
Batterson Stephen 1796-1837 CT Westchester County, NY Smith Maria S. 04 Sep 1817
Battey Amos d. 1835 NY St. Lawrence County, NY Hutchens Sarah 26 Dec 1799
Battin Wiley d. 1865 VA Isle of Wight County, VA Holding Anna 24 Feb 1825
Battle William d. 1868 MA Franklin County, ME Smith Abby (2nd wife) 26 Oct 1865
Battles Ebenezer d. 1871 US Inf Knox County, ME Todd Thankful A. 17 Oct 1822
Battles James c1794-1886 NY Chautauqua County, NY Hadley Rachel 06 Jun 1819
Battles James B. b. 1798 VT Orange County, VT
Battles Joseph d. 1846 MA Hillsborough County, NH French Judith (1st wife) 2nd wife Salome Bennett m. 23 Jun 1841
Battles Nathan d. 1861 MA Worcester County, MA Bailey Huldah 15 Jun 1820
Battles Samuel 1795-1880 MA Orange County, VT Thrasher Mehitable 14 Apr 1834 probably 2nd wife
Batts Jeremiah 1772-1854 TN Robertson County, TN Williams Elizabeth 1793
Batts Thomas Burchett 1791-1871 KY Henry County, KY Muir Mary Jane 10 Mar 1822
Battum John b. 1793 US Inf Ontario, Canada Williams Sarah Oct 1834 probably 2nd wife
Baublitz Peter 1790-1856 MD Carroll County, MD Freeland Alice (1st wife) 2nd wife Ellen Weltz m. 11 Mar 1841
Baucher Peter 1794-1871 PA Schuylkill County, PA Strausser Sophia Sep 1819
Bauder George M. 1785-1881 NY Montgomery County, NY Suits Elizabeth "Betsey" 20 Jan 1806
Bauder George Uriel 1787-1869 NY Montgomery County, NY Dunckle Maria 05 Feb 1815
Bauder John M. c1794-1884 NY Cass County, MI Chango/Chawgo Eva (1st wife) spelled Bander 2nd wife Sybil C. Furman m. 15 Nov 1855
Bauder Uriah 1798-1844 NY Montgomery County, NY Elwood Elizabeth 17 May 1812
Baudoin Pierre b. c1798 LA Vermilion Parish, LA Hebert Marguerite 1817
Bauer John J. d. 1838 MD Baltimore County, MD Niebling Barbara 01 Aug 1810 known as Jacob Bowers
Baugh Jeremiah d. 1864 TN Rankin County, MS Bullock Catherine (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha A. m. 17 Dec 1841
Baugh Richard 1791-1878 VA Campbell County, VA Lewellen Elizabeth H. 31 Dec 1816
Baugh Samuel b. c1788 SC Butler County, KY Williams Elizabeth Mar 1815
Baughan Moses 1783-1865 VA Fayette County, OH Yowell Sarah 1813
Baughan William d. 1861 VA Hanover County, VA Terrill Sidner (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth P. Sledd m. 03 Feb 1850
Baugher George William 1788-1877 IL Adams County, IL Ridenour Nancy Jane 15 Apr 1812
Baugher John b. 1795 PA Seneca County, OH Staub Catherine 20 Feb 1825
Baugher John 1790-1859 VA Wabash County, IN Hall Rachel Jun 1811
Baughman David d. 1852 VA Macon, MS Stevens Ann (2nd wife) 20 Mar 1832 1st wife Miss Dobbins
Baughman Henry c1786-1875 MD Muskingum County, OH Porter Ann Elizabeth 18 Aug 1814
Baughman John 1786-1872 PA Ross County, OH Sohn Catherine 01 Jan 1807
Baughman John 1774-1857 TN Carroll County, AR Moyer Dorathea "Dorothy" 22 Jan 1805
Baughman Lawrence Lorentz 1783-1865 PA Clarion County, PA Hime Catherine 24 Apr 1806
Baulch Nathaniel b. 1797 US Inf Essex County, VT Kellogg Marina 11 Mar 1822
Baulser William d. 1840 NJ Shrewsbury, NJ Durant Mary 29 May 1825
Baulsir Joseph d. 1879 NJ Kings County, NY Dixon Jane Jun 1822
Baulsir Nimrod d. 1886 NJ Brooklyn, NY Jane (1st wife) 2nd wife Ann S. Ball m. 14 May 1850
Baum Frederick d. 1861 PA Muskingum County, OH Bice Martha (last wife) 07 Jul 1833
Baum Henry F. d. 1867 NY Montgomery County, NY Dusler Maria 01 Mar 1809
Baum Henry P. d. 1858 NY Herkimer County, NY Hause Catherine 09 Sep 1812
Baum Jacob b. 1791 OH St. Louis County, MO Smith Mahala 23 May 1825
Baum Jacob 1794-1883 PA Utah County, UT Harris Agnes Nancy 15 Jul 1825
Baum John b. 1793 KY Owen County, KY Glass Elizabeth 11 Jan 1816
Baum John W. 1800-1859 PA Jefferson County, PA Corley Joanna 16 Jun 1823
Baum Samuel d. 1857 MD Baltimore County, MD Scroggs Margaret Ann 18 Aug 1814
Bauman Henry 1781-1873 PA Carbon County, PA Eberhard Susanna 20 Nov 1804
Baumgardner George 1796-1872 OH Muskingum County, OH Oyster Elizabeth 09 Feb 1816
Bauter Frederick d. 1863 NY Jefferson County, NY Dillenbach Mary 25 Jul 1811
Baxter Cardinal W. d. 1836 MD Baltimore County, MD Morris Rebecca 21 Apr 1819
Baxter Charles d. 1857 NY Queens County, NY Gildersleeve Ruth 07 Jan 1809
Baxter David b. 1787 VT Kent County, MI Arthur Sarah
Baxter Elihu Benton b. 1787 VT DeKalb County, IL Field Clarissa 20 Oct 1808
Baxter Henry d. 1846 MA Barnstable County, MA Davis Apphia 20 Dec 1814
Baxter Ira b. 1784 VT Green County, WI Titus Susanna
Baxter Jacob 1788-1877 KY Pike County, MO Watson Lavinia 14 Feb 1821
Baxter Jacob 1794-1872 NY Putnam County, NY Davis Maria 15 Sep 1818
Baxter James d. 1857 KY Owen County, KY Hasting Jane 31 May 1807
Baxter James b. 1791 MD Washington DC Clokey Mary 1833 probably 2nd wife
Baxter James b. 1798 TN Gibson County, TN Burnett Phebe 20 Jul 1820
Baxter James 1793-1866 TN Cocke County, TN Giles Rhoda 02 May 1816
Baxter James d. 1863 VA Columbus, OH Wright Sarah
Baxter John d. 1838 KY Woodford County, KY Garrett Elizabeth 08 Jul 1813
Baxter John d. 1870 NY Monroe County, NY Laclain Mary c1809
Baxter John d. 1860 PA Clark County, KY Gravett Nancy (2nd wife) 25 May 1837
Baxter Joseph c1788-1863 PA Randolph County, IN Pegg Sarah 23 Aug 1829
Baxter Joseph F. b. 1797 NC Currituck County, NC Saulls Mary "Polly" 20 Oct 1823
Baxter Roswell 1787-1866 NY Jefferson County, NY Collins Lydia
Baxter Samuel 1796-1860 TN Carroll County, TN Dickson Sarah M. 24 Mar 1825
Baxter Thomas d. c1877 OH Hancock County, IN Howard Prudence (1st wife) 1814 2nd wife Elizabeth Shafer m. Feb 1840
Baxter William d. 1864 VA Fauquier County, VA Rebecca (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Green m. 21 Jan 1856
Bay Andrew 1794-1885 MD Morris County, NJ Flomerfelt Sophia (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Ann m. 20 Apr 1861
Bay Daniel b. 1791 MD Harford County, MD Amos Cassandra 04 Mar 1827
Bay Joseph 1793-1835 OH Louisville, KY Derrick Catherine 05 Oct 1813
Bay Thomas 1793-1853 OH Fayette County, IL Johnson Susannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary "Polly" Bail m. 15 May 1825
Bay William 1791-1863 OH Wells County, IN Plummer Rebecca (1st wife) 2nd wife Rebecca Miller m. 27 Dec 1832
Bayard Anthony W. W. 1787-1860 US Inf Centre County, PA Armer Susannah 13 Jun 1822
Bayard George 1787-p1871 PA Philadelphia, PA Fenton Mary 07 May 1812
Bayes Isham 1798-1874 VA Magoffin County, KY Taylor Mary "Polly" 09 Jul 1818
Bayhi Bentura 1793-1871 LA Plaguemines Parish, LA Zeringue Pamela Arthemise 03 Jan 1818 spelled Bonaventure Bayhi
Bayler John 1788-1832 PA Columbus, OH Kuhn Catherine 22 Apr 1813
Bayles Caleb "Kaliss" d. 1842 TN Annice Sep 1831
Bayles Daniel d. c1876 OH Peoria County, IL Nilson Cynthia 28 Apr 1819
Bayles Daniel Lucas 1777-1867 TN Washington County, TN Ireland Mary
Bayles George Lucas b. 1776 TN Jefferson County, AL Montgomery Martha
Bayles James d. 1863 NY Westchester County, NY Orser Leah Jan 1808
Bayles Jesse VA Fauquier County, VA Latham Elizabeth 13 Dec 1810
Bayles John 1773-1858 TN Knox County, TN Jones Elizabeth listed as BAYLESS
Bayless Hezekiah b. 1790 MS Bowie County, TX
Bayless Israel d. 1864 KY Kosciusko County, IN Cowen Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane Alexander m. 24 Aug 1852
Bayless John Browne 1788-1861 MD Jefferson County, OH Day Eloisa (former wife) last wife Elizabeth Hall m. 30 Jul 1826
Bayless Reese 1787-1864 TN Washington County, TN Young Margaret
Bayless Reuben 1786-1860 TN Washington County, TN Moore Elizabeth
Bayless Robert b. 1787 TN Franklin County, MO
Bayless Samuel b. 1782 TN Quachita County, AR
Bayless Stephen 1775-1819 KY Mason County, KY Hart Mary 23 Oct 1809
Bayley Aaron d. 1874 NY Whiteside County, IL Havens Amy 20 Aug 1815
Bayley Ariel Kendrick b. 1797 NY Grant County, WI
Bayley Green d. 1873 MA Kennebec County, ME True Hannah 24 Jun 1813
Bayley John d. 1846 TN Rhea County, TN Fann Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Narcissa Ferguson m. 23 Apr 1844
Bayley John 1791-1879 VT Orange County, VT Powers Martha 28 Jan 1819
Bayley Lewis d. c1876 OH Stark County, IL Butler Betsey 25 Aug 1811
Bayley Samuel S. d. 1882 US Inf DeKalb County, IL Manly Mary 17 Jun 1835 probably 2nd wife
Bayley William d. 1861 SC Walker County, GA Cohens Elizabeth 1818
Baylis John E. b. 1789 VA Frederick County, VA Davis Catherine
Baylis Thomas Blackburn 1793-1869 VA Frederick County, VA Wilson Mary Katherine 03 Jan 1825
Baylor George 1786-1866 VA Floyd County, IN Argenbright Eva 26 Apr 1813
Baylor Isaac Walker 1792-1854 KY Fremont County, IA Hamrick Elizabeth 30 Jun 1818
Bayly Albert 1798-1874 VA Fauquier County, VA Hobson Sarah "Sallie" 08 Nov 1817
Bayly Oswell d. 1859 MD Baltimore County, MD McLoughlin Eliza (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth J. Blake m. 14 Jul 1843
Bayly Richard M. 1792-1867 US Art Ontario County, NY Swift Harriet S. (1st wife) 2nd wife Hannah G. Simpson, 3rd wife Lucinda Strong m. 24 Oct 1843
Bayly Thomas Montegale 1775-1837 VA Accomack County, VA Cropper Margaret Pettit (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane O. Coward m. 21 Dec 1826
Baymiller John 1792-1878 PA McDonough County, IL Smith Mary E. 12 Apr 1820
Baynard William Grimball 1792-1861 SC Charleston, SC Swinton Mary Bailey 20 Dec 1827
Bayne John 1789-1878 KY Nelson County, KY Storts Mary Jane 14 Apr 1829
Bayne Matthew E. d. 1856 IL Hamilton County, IL Trout Catherine 12 Dec 1827 alias Elsworth
Bayne Samuel b. 1780 OH Woodford County, IL
Baynon Nicholas E. d. 1868 NJ Berks County, PA Haviland Ida 02 Jan 1813
Bays James d. 1870 NC Choctaw County, MS Cannon Nancy Jul 1816
Baysset Joseph d. 1866 LA New Orleans, LA Desbans Anna Maria Michel 07 Dec 1825
Bazemore Starkey 1790-1855 GA Screven County, GA Rawls Cynthia 09 May 1813
Beach Abiel b. 1787 CT Trumbull County, OH Newton Statira
Beach Abram Ebenezer d. 1862 SC Colleton County, SC Blocker Sarah 1815
Beach Amasa d. 1879 MA Middlesex County, CT Wright Mary "Polly" (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah m. 19 Aug 1868
Beach Apollos 1778-1854 MA Northfield, MA Wright Sally (1st wife) 2nd wife Celia Willis m. 04 May 1833
Beach Asa 1787-1865 NY Chenango County, NY Fenton Emelia 17 Jan 1808 spelled Beech
Beach Atwater 1792-1864 MA Berkshire County, MA Nash Malinda (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah "Sally" m. 17 Mar 1859
Beach Daniel 1793-1890 NY Saratoga County, NY Ross Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth R. Middlebrook m. 28 Nov 1860
Beach David 1793-1850 NY Greene County, NY Martin Mary 18 Apr 1826
Beach David 1793-1866 NY Niagara County, NY Cole Sarah 18 Dec 1817
Beach Ephraim 1783-1857 NY Essex County, NY Crane Elizabeth "Eliza" 07 Sep 1826
Beach Gersham d. 1854 VT Addison County, VT Kelley Rebecca 19 May 1820
Beach Heman W. 1792-1844 NY Ashtabula County, OH Crissey Mary 14 Feb 1813 partial family Bible in file
Beach James d. 1856 VA Northampton County, VA Hall Ester (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth m. 17 Dec 1844
Beach John S. 1796-1854 VA Accomack County, VA Edmonds Elizabeth B. 02 Oct 1816
Beach Joseph 1795-1873 NY Saratoga County, NY Hall Betsy (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucy Fiske m. 07 Sep 1824
Beach Lewis d. 1880 NY Seneca County, NY Phillips Hannah 06 Oct 1827
Beach Lyman 1792-1880 NY Oneida County, NY Doolittle Patty
Beach Miles b. 1788 NY Queens County, NY Lyon Jeanette "Jessie" 27 Nov 1826
Beach Nathaniel 1790-1873 NY Cortland County, NY Rice Julia 16 Oct 1811
Beach Nehemiah Middlebrook 1782-1872 CT Bradford County, PA Moore Laura Jan 1805
Beach Peter d. 1838 NJ Houston, TX Grover Roxy 02 Mar 1817
Beach Robert b. 1796 VT Peoria County, IL Prout Betsey 05 Dec 1817
Beach Samuel 1794-1875 CT New Haven County, CT Stow Martha Buckingham 23 Sep 1819
Beach Samuel Serrin 1782-1859 NJ Morris County, NJ Hoff Jane 27 Jun 1805
Beach Sherman d. 1856 VT Colchester, VT Prout Polly 30 Dec 1807
Beach William b. 1782 NY Chenango County, NY Post Polly 07 Oct 1805
Beach Zophar b. 1791 NY Rensselaer County, NY Eagar Eva 10 Oct 1818
Beacham Abraham d. 1836 MD Baltimore County, MD Summers Elizabeth 19 Dec 1811
Beacham Thomas d. c1878 MD Greene County, OH Butler Elizabeth 07 Nov 1826
Beachboard Levi 1782-1852 TN Sullivan County, TN Hommel Mary Aug 1810
Beadle John d. 1881 NY Delaware County, NY Bierhaus/Burhans Bridget Jun 1831 probably 2nd wife
Beadle William d. 1863 TN Wilson County, TN Owens Sarah 11 May 1800
Beagal George b. 1799 PA Chester County, PA
Beagle Henry 1789-1873 PA Philadelphia, PA Beagle Mary 09 Sep 1816
Beahm Martin b. 1795 VA Rockingham County, VA Neff Christina 09 Jun 1823
Beaird William b. 1794 GA Union Parish, LA Dunn Zilpha 1814 AKA John William Beaird
Beakes Stacey 1768-1849 NY Orange County, NY Mead Aurinda (2nd wife) 3rd wife Julia A. Mead m. 17 Feb 1835
Beal Charles d. 1849 MA Norfolk County, MA Warren Lurana 29 Sep 1816
Beal Drury d. 1870 VA Northampton County, NC Temperance (1st wife) 2nd wife Sallie Flythe, 3rd wife Susan Johnson m. Dec 1866
Beal George 1795-1873 MA Norfolk County, MA Pratt Olive 11 Oct 1818
Beal George c1788-c1873 OH Greene County, OH Driscoll Rachel 1815
Beal Ira d. 1872 MA Androscoggin County, ME Davis Rebecca 25 May 1834 probably 2nd wife
Beal John 1793-1869 VA Hawkins County, TN Bertram Mary Elizabeth 13 Oct 1813
Beal Philip 1782-1849 OH Pickaway County, OH Pryor Mary "Polly" (1st wife) 2nd wife Ruth W. Oldham m. 19 Nov 1845
Beal Richard b. 1799 VA Southampton County, VA Mountford Nancy
Beal Samuel H. b. 1780 MA Kennebec County, ME Hunt Nancy 17 Feb 1805
Beal Samuel Herald 1781-1847 VA Fluvanna County, VA Cummings Rebecca 27 Mar 1800 listed as BEALE
Beal Thomas d. 1831 NH Rockingham County, NH Yeaton Grace 05 Jan 1827
Beal William 1793-1844 VA Henry County, VA Lea Nancy 22 Dec 1814
Beale Aaron d. c1878 PA Delaware County, PA Brown Phebe 1809
Beale Charles d. 1853 VA Orange County, VA Gordon Mary Harrison 18 Feb 1820
Beale George Mancreed 1792-1835 Navy Washington DC Truxton Emily 04 May 1819
Beale John W. 1795-1881 VA St. Louis County, MO Hereford Ann Maria 10 Dec 1815
Beale Richard Tavernor d. 1833 VA Natchez, MS Wilson Hannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Margaret Seaton m. 26 Nov 1829
Beale William Churchill 1791-1850 VA Spotsylvania County, VA Vowles Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane Briggs Howison m. 20 Feb 1834
Beales James M. d. 1854 NY Iroquois County, IL Braley Mary 24 Dec 1812
Beall Alexander d. 1865 KY Scott County, IL Davidson Sarah D. 25 Nov 1820
Beall Alpheus Benjamin 1794-1868 MD Allegany County, MD Hill Mary Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Smith m. 25 Oct 1853
Beall Andrew Jackson 1787-1856 GA Monroe County, MO Eleanor (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy m. 02 Nov 1854
Beall Asa Paschal 1792-1875 KY Peoria County, IL Coyle Susan Mary 02 Dec 1819
Beall Basil b. 1791 MD Shenandoah County, VA
Beall Benjamin d. 1853 VA Princeton, OH Gosney Mary Oct 1814
Beall Elema Elemeleck 1794-1856 MD Washington DC Jones Maria (1st wife) 2nd wife Leonira Marbury Beall m. 12 May 1833
Beall George Houser 1789-1867 VA Gilmer County, WV Parsons Mary Ann 24 Sep 1812
Beall James Brooke c1795-1856 MD Montgomery County, MD Wilcoxen Lavinia 17 Apr 1834 probably 2nd wife
Beall John SC Pike County, AL Palmer Harriet 18 Dec 1824
Beall Leonard 1796-1880 KY Clark County, KY Young Mary "Polly" 20 Oct 1819
Beall Ninian 1782-1856 DC Washington DC Grove Rachel H.
Beall Reasin 1769-1843 OH Worcester, OH Johnson Rebecca (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy m. 04 Nov 1841
Beall Samuel J. c1790-1839 TN Knox County, TN Luttrell Hannah 31 Oct 1816 spelled Bell
Beall Townsend H. 1787-1875 VA Gilmer County, WV Parsons Catherine
Beall William 1795-1851 GA Gilmer County, GA Chandler Nancy 15 Aug 1816
Beall Zephaniah Addison 1795-1879 MD Ripley County, IN Tyce Abigale C. 23 Sep 1819
Bealmear Daniel V. b. 1788 US Inf born in Maryland
Beals Ezra d. 1875 VA Morgantown, WV Clouse Margaret 16 May 1816
Beals Isaac d. 1859 MA Norfolk County, MA Holbrook Betsey (1st wife) 2nd wife Submit Monk m. 02 Jun 1823
Beals Levi b. 1794 VT Franklin County, VT Potter Hulda 20 Jun 1820
Beals Luther 1794-1882 MA Androscoggin County, ME Hewitt Polly (1st wife) 2nd wife Hannah Stinchfield m. 13 Sep 1844
Beam Jacob b. 1793 MD Carroll County, MD Englar Elizabeth 1814
Beam Moses d. 1865 NJ Morris County, NJ Banta Jane (1st wife) 2nd wife Eliza B. m. 17 Sep 1854
Beam Phillip d. 1813 US Inf Lake Erie County, OH Conn Mary 09 Feb 1804
Beam William d. 1874 MD Frederick County, MD Morrison Anne 1828
Bean Clifford d. 1878 VT McKean County, PA Barrett Nancy 31 Jan 1821
Bean Daniel 1796-1882 ME Monroe County, WI Smith Betsey (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Johnson m. 05 Jan 1879
Bean Daniel 1793-1873 MA Oxford County, ME Bangs Ruhamah 29 Apr 1813
Bean David d. 1870 VT Kane County, IL Thompson Maria 11 Nov 1827
Bean Ebenezer 1778-1868 MA Franklin County, ME Ford Lucy 21 Apr 1818
Bean Edmund 1786-1875 MA Oxford County, ME Kimball Emma 06 May 1813
Bean Enos d. 1865 PA Montgomery County, PA Rockenfelter Elizabeth 15 Sep 1835 probably 2nd wife
Bean George d. 1851 DC Washington DC Milstead Ann 05 May 1842 probably 2nd wife
Bean Isaac 1793-1880 VA Pickaway County, OH Brabeck Rebecca
Bean Ivory d. 1842 MA Franklin County, ME Savage Philena 29 Dec 1814
Bean James 1780-1862 ME Franklin County, ME Taylor Eunice
Bean James b. 1775 ME Carroll County, NH
Bean James 1797-1873 NH Carroll County, NH Bennett Sally 08 Feb 1821
Bean James Osgood b. 1796 US Art Oxford County, ME Colby Elizabeth
Bean James R. b. 1776 ME York County, ME
Bean Jetson d. 1834 KY Nelson County, KY Berry Sally Ann 23 Jun 1816 possibly Judson Bean
Bean John 1793-1877 VA Knox County, TN Camp Sarah 1814
Bean John Albert 1792-1879 KY Mason County, KY McClure Zilphia / Zelpha Sep 1824
Bean John Henley 1785-1866 MD Charles County, MD Turner Ellen (1st wife) 2nd wife Harriet Marlow m. 13 May 1846
Bean John J. 1783-1839 PA Mercer County, PA Stinson Mary listed as Beans
Bean John Kimball 1793-1862 VT Dodge County, MN Maxfield Maria 03 Apr 1817
Bean Joseph M. b. 1796 MA Hancock County, ME Clark Sarah P. 26 Dec 1838 probably 2nd wife
Bean Joshua d. 1874 KY Harrison County, KY Kearnes Sarah 28 May 1831
Bean Kimball 1796-1864 ME Oxford County, ME Powers Lovina (1st wife) 2nd wife Maria Russell, 3rd wife Dolly Brown m. 07 Oct 1856
Bean Leroy D. 1793-1869 TN Coffee County, TN McQueen Jane (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucinda Marchbanks m. 1839
Bean Levi 1794-1870 NH Essex County, MA Phelps Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah M. m. 12 Oct 1868
Bean Levi d. c1877 VT Caledonia County, VT Rollins Elizabeth "Betsey"
Bean Moses d. 1863 US Inf Gilmanton, NH Shepherd Polly 12 Aug 1810
Bean Nathaniel d. 1848 MA Oxford County, ME Harmon Betsey (1st wife) 2nd wife Sally Edwards m. 30 Mar 1831
Bean Richard c1795-1856 US Inf St. Clair County, MI LaRiviere Mary 15 Aug 1814
Bean Samuel b. 1793 PA Venango County, PA McCune Jane 20 May 1822
Bean Thomas 1793-1875 VA Athens County, OH Hill Sarah
Bean Wentworth b. 1786 VT Washington County, VT Grant Anna Nov 1811
Beanblossom Martin b. 1786 IN Harrison County, IN Huffman Lucinda
Beans Hogeland 1793-1854 PA Bucks County, PA Roberts Elizabeth 07 Feb 1822 spelled Banes
Bear George b. 1789 MD Frederick County, MD Fink Mary 17 May 1817
Bear Joseph M. d. 1881 NY Greene County, NY Schut Dolly (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth C. Palmatier m. 10 Apr 1867
Bear Valentine "Feltry" 1778-1855 VA Rockingham County, VA Ritchie Christina 02 Oct 1808 spelled Bare
Bearce Asa 1796-1879 MA Androscoggin County, ME Bridgham Lucy Greenwood 31 May 1843 probably 2nd wife
Bearce Benjamin 1787-1863 MA Plymouth County, MA Peterson Sophia 13 Mar 1811
Bearce Eli Harvey 1793-1857 NY Fulton County, IL Austin Sarah Elizabeth 20 Mar 1816
Bearce Oliver d. 1873 MA Cumberland County, ME Bickford Mehitable (2nd wife) 06 Sep 1847
Beard Abijah d. 1882 NY Luzerne County, PA Clark Phebe (1st wife) 2nd wife Bethsheba m. 09 Jul 1863
Beard Adam 1787-1872 VA Mason County, WV Crouch Margaret Ennis 08 Mar 1814
Beard Alexander b. 1798 TN Lewis County, TN Johnston Elizabeth 10 Feb 1829
Beard Benjamin Washington 1787-1852 GA Morgan County, GA Phillips Nancy (1st wife) spelled Beaird 2nd wife Elinder McCowan m. 17 Feb 1824
Beard Bennett 1787-1874 OH Allegan County, MI Long Nancy
Beard Charles Minor 1792-1874 US Inf Berrien County, MI Westbrook Keziah 06 Mar 1817
Beard Ebenezer d. 1842 CT Fairfield County, CT Betsey 01 May 1836 probably 2nd wife
Beard Henry 1775-1872 TN Fayette County, AL Papizan Harriet c1844 spelled Baird probably 2nd wife
Beard James 1791-1874 NH Windsor County, VT Wilder Chloe B. (1st wife) 2nd wife Abigail Caldwell m. 03 Jun 1848
Beard Joel b. 1794 NY Orange County, NY Wilcox Susan Nov 1814
Beard John 1778-1866 OH Montgomery County, OH Fox Elizabeth
Beard John 1785-1855 VA Clinton County, IN Miller Elizabeth 30 Sep 1813
Beard John R. b. 1789 OH Tishomingo County, MS
Beard Jonathan b. 1786 SC Hall County, GA Brown Elizabeth 07 Sep 1809
Beard Paul d. 1877 OH Darke County, OH Webber Martha (2nd wife) 30 Oct 1862
Beard Richard b. 1781 NY Yates County, NY Smith Susan 03 Jul 1800
Beard Samuel b. 1796 OH Marshall County, AL
Beard Thomas b. 1794 NC Wayne County, NC Dilyard Sally
Beard Thomas b. 1796 TN Maury County, TN Hines Fanny 1825
Beard Thomas d. 1837 VA Natchez, MS Kessler Elizabeth 20 Oct 1808
Beard Thomas d. 1867 VA Henry County, TN Beard Mary Feb 1818
Beard William d. 1857 OH Coshocton County, OH Rickey Anna 14 Nov 1822
Beard William 1784-1851 SC Barnwell County, SC Jordan Jerusha 1807
Beard William H. 1796-1849 MD Washington County, MD Fiery Catherine (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Ann Brewer m. 14 Feb 1832
Bearden Jeremiah 1791-1850 TN Pike County, MS Hamilton Rachel 20 Mar 1811
Bearden Rowland d. 1849 GA Lumpkin County, GA Hardage Elizabeth 17 Mar 1817
Beardslee Joseph H. b. 1800 US Inf Jackson County, MS Davis Nancy Eleanor 25 Dec 1825
Beardsley Aram 1788-1876 NY Erie County, NY Wakeman Maria 09 Feb 1811
Beardsley Barna 1797-1881 OH Putman County, OH Boylan Mary
Beardsley Chauncey d. 1875 NY Jefferson County, NY Smedley Nancy 03 Dec 1818
Beardsley Ephraim 1792-1869 NY Oswego County, NY Goodsell Lucene (1st wife) 2nd wife Ellen Degan m. 18 Jul 1847
Beardsley Harvey d. 1876 NY New York, NY Rockefellow Fanny (1st wife) 2nd wife Emily Price m. 01 Oct 1825
Beardsley Joseph 1792-1841 NY Otsego County, NY Eddy Elizabeth 04 Jan 1818
Beardsley Josiah 1789-1874 OH Mahoning County, OH Merwin Mary 18 Nov 1813
Beardsley Levi 1792-1874 CT Fairfield County, CT Baldwin Clarissa 06 Nov 1817
Beardsley Seba 1795-1859 NY Chenango County, NY Palmer Rhoda 10 May 1817
Beardsley Wheeler b. 1787 NY Cattaraugus County, NY Penfield Abigail 10 Apr 1821
Beardsley William 1793-1878 US Inf Chenango County, NY Catlin Anna Maria 21 Dec 1815
Bearse Joseph 1785-1863 MA Barnstable County, MA Baker Elizabeth 11 Mar 1811
Bearss Joseph T. 1790-1845 CT Ottawa County, OH Hubbell Anna 06 Oct 1808
Beashor George d. 1847 PA Wayne County, OH Klick Elizabeth 06 Jan 1814
Beasley Cornelius 1780-1871 VA Saline County, MO Carr Martha 05 Oct 1808
Beasley John 1792-1864 VA Chesterfield County, VA Taylor Tamopure (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary T. Fergusson m. 30 Nov 1852
Beasley Jonathan 1795-1880 IN Spencer County, IN Lankford Susanna (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Cron m. 18 Feb 1856
Beasley Joshua 1784-1877 NC Johnston County, NC Ferrell Judith 2nd wife Winneford Emily Webb m. 24 Jan 1869
Beasley Major A. 1797-1883 TN Smith County, TN Nixon Betsey C. 19 Dec 1815
Beasley Thomas d. 1875 IN Wells County, IN Dunman Rachel Jun 1858 probably 2nd wife
Beasley Young d. 1850 VA Chesterfield County, VA Crostick Martha 11 Sep 1839 probably 2nd wife
Beason Jacob 1792-1862 TN Sumner County, TN McKendree Martha 01 Jun 1824
Beaston John d. 1828 NJ Atlantic County, NJ Edwards Submittee 02 Jul 1814 died at sea
Beath John d. 1833 Blank Boston, MA Babcock Jerusha (1st wife) 2nd wife Lydia Harrington m. 10 Aug 1815
Beatley William b. 1790 VA Frederick County, VA Loyer Elizabeth 1817
Beaton Robert d. 1845 VA Augusta County, VA Rush Hannah 01 Aug 1811
Beattie Andrew 1790-1852 IL Randolph County, IL Boyd Margaret 29 Sep 1825
Beattie James Gilmore 1790-1874 KY Saline County, MO Stephenson Elizabeth 29 Dec 1813 spelled Beatie
Beattie Robert b. 1790 PA Richland County, OH
Beatty Benjamin 1784-1850 NJ Northampton County, PA Bachman Margaretta 18 Apr 1819
Beatty George 1781-1862 PA Dauphin County, PA White Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Smith Shrom, 3rd wife Catherine Shrom m. 21 Sep 1830
Beatty Hamilton c1786-1871 PA Westmoreland County, PA Anderson Sarah 11 Sep 1817
Beatty Henry d. 1851 PA Butler County, PA Stinedorf Margaret 25 Oct 1815
Beatty James d. 1872 PA Mercer County, PA Smock Elizabeth 23 Aug 1821
Beatty James 1793-1878 VA Fayette County, OH Evans Elizabeth 15 Oct 1829 possibly 2nd wife
Beatty James S. b. 1797 VA Pickaway County, OH Stump Elizabeth 1841 probably 2nd wife
Beatty John d. 1870 PA Butler County, PA Pisor Polly 07 Jun 1820
Beatty John 1783-1878 PA Stark County, OH Powell Christiana
Beatty Matthew 1796-1860 PA Mercer County, PA Dunn Rebecca 23 Jan 1823
Beatty Robert b. 1790 PA Delaware County, PA
Beatty Robert b. 1771 PA Mercer County, PA
Beatty Thomas b. 1794 PA Butler County, PA Martin Susannah 10 Feb 1817
Beatty Thomas d. 1871 VA Carroll County, OH Cummings Rachel 15 Feb 1816
Beatty William 1776-1854 KY Grayson County, KY Shaw Lydia Atherton 10 Aug 1820 Lydia Shaw married 1st John Fulkerson on 21 Mar 1811
Beaty David Kennedy 1792-1875 NC Loudon County, TN Warsham Isabella B. 16 Mar 1817
Beaty David William 1789-c1874 TN McLennan County, TX Standley Naomi 29 Jul 1819
Beaty James 1784-1837 SC Chambers County, AL Milford Margaret 16 Nov 1807
Beaty James 1795-1847 VA Washington County, VA Land Nancy Jane (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth McGown m. 14 Oct 1830
Beaty John 1790-1864 OH Champaign County, OH Baker Elizabeth 29 Apr 1819
Beaty Joseph B. b. 1788 KY Scott County, KY Scruggs Patsy 28 Feb 1832 probably 2nd wife
Beaty Thomas Houston 1793-1857 GA Marshall County, TN Flowers Elizabeth (1st wife) spelled Baty 2nd wife Delilah Pinkston Watson m. 20 Oct 1851
Beaty William c1793-1868 OH Henderson County, IL Pence Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane T. Russell m. 27 Jun 1833
Beaty William I. 1792-1877 TN Casey County, KY Westmoreland Martha 28 Apr 1814 spelled Beatty
Beauchamp Joshua 1792-1842 KY Buchanan County, MO Payne Catherine 18 Feb 1815
Beauduit Seraphin d. 1862 LA New Orleans, LA Labat Philonese (1st wife) 2nd wife Josephine Ducos m. 15 Nov 1845
Beauger William d. 1859 NJ Salem County, NJ Crane Mathia (1st wife) 2nd wife Susan Mathews m. 18 Oct 1832
Beaulard John A. d. 1836 US Inf Fife ?? (1st wife) 2nd wife Eugenia Josephine Perony Distria m. 29 Sep 1821
Beaulieu Charles d. 1842 OH Macomb County, MI Cyr Marie Amable 20 Oct 1807
Beavan Thomas Horatio 1792-1863 MD Baltimore, MD McElroy Sarah J. (1st wife) spelled Horatio Bevan 2nd wife Mary Eliza Wilson m. 06 Dec 1844
Beaver Jacob d. 1868 OH Williams County, OH Norris Lovey 16 Jan 1810
Beaver James d. 1865 TN St. Clair County, IL Bunth Maria 22 Feb 1823
Beaver James c1785-1862 MD Franklin County, OH Strawham Mary (1st wife) spelled Beever 2nd wife Margaret Purdue m. 04 Jun 1837
Beaver John 1795-1877 MD Carroll County, MD Robertson Mary 1819
Beaver Mathias 1792-1877 SC Chesterfield County, SC Blakeney Elizabeth 09 Sep 1813
Beaver Matthias 1777-1838 OH Fountain County, IN Shoemaker Catharine Feb 1810
Beaver Thomas 1792-1848 SC Gwinnett County, GA Knight Nancy 02 Jan 1804
Beavers Jesse 1790-1849 TN Tuscaloosa County, AL Harbin Mecca 19 Apr 1810
Beavers John 1795-c1878 VA Hocking County, OH Updike Euphemia 21 Apr 1821
Beavers Samuel H. 1795-1863 GA Lawrence County, MO McDaniel Harriet Maria 25 Jan 1825
Beazley Bozwell c1785-1880 MD Grant County, WI Spencer Jane
Beazley James c1788-1854 MS Boone County, MO Jefferson Judith 21 May 1828
Beazley John d. 1864 VA Middlesex County, VA Montague Laura L. (1st wife) spelled Beazly 2nd wife Lucy B. Palmer m. 28 Aug 1858
Beazley Thomas 1793-1879 VA Boone County, MO Woolfolk Elizabeth 16 Mar 1823
Beazley Valentine c1776-1845 VA Greene County, VA Powell Frances "Franky" 30 Jun 1803 spelled Beasley
Beazley William d. 1863 VA Spotsylvania County, VA Graves Susannah 22 Dec 1811 listed under Beazly
Bebout Jacob R. 1793-1878 PA Fremont County, IA Hamilton Margaret M. 11 Apr 1815
Bechtel John 1793-1877 PA Lehigh County, PA Yost Catherine 01 Oct 1816
Bechtel Samuel d. 1873 PA Rockingham County, VA Bechtell Elizabeth Ann (2nd wife) 01 Jan 1834
Bechtol Jacob d. 1852 VA Wabash County, IN Hardin Mary Ann 03 Sep 1807
Beck Daniel 1789-1849 PA Danville, PA Leisenring Hannah 26 Dec 1810
Beck George 1792-1876 IN Washington County, IN Masters Elizabeth 19 Feb 1819
Beck George b. 1796 NY Montgomery County, NY Cook Margaret 06 Sep 1818
Beck Guy 1794-1871 IL Fayette County, IL Beck Rachel Sep 1817
Beck Henry b. 1784 MD Williams County, OH
Beck Jesse 1795-1858 VA Dickson County, TN Thurmond Judith Tucker 09 Nov 1815
Beck John 1791-1854 GA Jacksonville, FL Cannon Sarah 01 Jan 1832 spelled Becks probably 2nd wife
Beck John Wesley 1791-1872 VA Ohio County, WV Cox Elizabeth 15 Dec 1814
Beck Philip b. 1792 PA Paulding County, OH Stauffer Susannah 16 Aug 1814
Beck Preston d. 1886 VA Montgomery County, IN Galbreath Isabel c1826
Beck Tobias d. 1866 PA York County, PA Bowersox Catherine 25 Jan 1820
Beck Viven 1791-1871 US Inf Montgomery County, AR McMahan Rebecca (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Mobley McDonald m. Sep 1831
Beck William 1793-c1872 US Inf Marion County, IN Keene Margaret 24 Feb 1824
Beck William d. 1864 PA Wayne County, OH Jontz Mary 08 Nov 1832 probably 2nd wife
Becker Abraham b. 1793 NY Hudson County, NJ Jones Mary 24 Aug 1859 probably 2nd wife
Becker Henry F. d. 1861 NY Schoharie County, NY Barnhart Dolly (1st wife) 2nd wife Ellen Bixby m. 22 Apr 1836
Becker Jacob b. 1793 PA Union County, PA
Becker John b. 1794 PA Schuylkill County, PA Ankstart Sarah 1811
Becker John Jost b. 1796 NY Schoharie County, NY Balt Sally c1821
Becker John P. d. 1874 NY Schoharie County, NY Warner Elizabeth 07 Jan 1816
Becker John W. d. 1877 NY Cayuga County, NY Carter Mrs. Mary Ann 23 Jul 1846 probably 2nd wife
Becker William d. 1849 MA Brewer, ME Remick Abigail 06 May 1833 probably 2nd wife
Beckett Benjamin b. 1794 PA Knox County, ME Richardson Hannah M. 27 Jul 1830
Beckett Benjamin H. 1793-1880 OH Fountain County, IN Kerr Maria 08 Feb 1821
Beckett Samuel 1794-1880 VA Clermont County, OH Fitzpatrick Amy 12 Jul 1818
Beckham William Cheney 1797-1857 GA Pike County, GA Trice Malinda 18 Dec 1828 listed as BECKOM
Beckhorn Job d. 1850 NJ Essex County, NJ Crane Sarah 19 Apr 1811
Beckley Gordon Lewis 1788-1885 CT McHenry County, IL Barnes Phebe 22 Oct 1815
Beckley Horace 1792-1877 VT Washington County, VT Hite Abigail 2nd wife Hannah Blanchard m. 20 May 1847
Beckley Jacob b. 1797 MD Baltimore County, MD Wilson Matilda 07 Aug 1828
Beckley John d. 1845 MD Delaware County, OH Hultz Jane 22 Sep 1821
Beckley Oramel b. 1794 VT Ann Arbor, MI Woodward Sophia 01 Sep 1848 probably 2nd wife
Beckman John J. d. 1864 NY Huron County, OH Catherine (1st wife) 2nd wife Arietta L. Burr m. 10 Mar 1855
Beckner Jacob d. 1866 KY Rush County, IN Gordon Jane (1st wife) 2nd wife Harriet Plank m. 08 Feb 1846
Beckner John 1793-1860 VA Carroll County, IN Lowry Margaret (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Allen m. 19 May 1836
Beckner Samuel d. c1884 VA Franklin County, VA Roupe Margaret 18 Mar 1812
Beckom Matthias 1789-1846 VA Coles County, IL Coon Elizabeth 04 Nov 1810 spelled Mathias Bacum
Becks James b. 1794 NC McDonough County, IL Jackson Elizabeth 1820
Becks John 1791-1854 GA Jacksonville, FL Cannon Sarah 01 Jan 1832 probably 2nd wife
Beckwith Benjamin 1791-1871 NY Richland County, IL Griswold/Gresham Sarah Elmina "Sally" Feb 1815
Beckwith Clement c1795-1863 CT New London County, CT Chapel Hannah 23 Feb 1817 spelled Clemant
Beckwith Clement Ledger 1794-1868 DE Centre County, PA Webley Maria Welthian (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Matilda Benny, 3rd wife Mary Cogen m. 21 Feb 1856
Beckwith Daniel 1791-1851 NY Grand Isle County, VT Buck Huldah (1st wife) 2nd wife Sylvia Loop m. 09 Dec 1838
Beckwith David b. 1787 NY Walworth County, WI
Beckwith David d. 1841 NY Genesee County, NY Hodges Sybil 15 Nov 1807
Beckwith George R. d. 1850 NY Switzerland County, IN Wade Jane 14 Jan 1819
Beckwith James 1795-1885 NY Madison County, NY Hyde Mary A. 28 Aug 1825
Beckwith John d. c1876 NY Cortland County, NY Perkins Armina 30 July 1859 probably 2nd wife
Beckwith John 1792-1873 OH Columbus, OH Castle/Cassel Isabella 08 Jul 1819
Beckwith Joseph Frederick d. 1884 NY Iroquois County, IL Hester
Beckwith Josiah 1795-1881 VT Orange County, VT Plaistiel Martha 09 Oct 1817
Beckwith Levi 1779-1852 NY Oneida County, NY Stratton Electa 12 Feb 1801
Beckwith Perry Green b. 1796 NY Huron County, OH Springster Delia 15 Sep 1824
Beckwith Richard d. 1866 NY Genesee County, NY Post Jane 11 Oct 1841 probably 2nd wife
Beckwith Richard Marmaduke B. 1794-1826 VA St. Louis County, MO Hite Sarah Eleanor 23 Sep 1813 full name Richard Marmaduke Barnes Beckwith
Beckwith Robert b. 1793 US New London County, CT Anderson Sarah M. 03 Sep 1817
Beckwith Seth d. 1856 NY Ionia County, MI Buttles Elizabeth 06 Nov 1806
Beckwith Sion 1791-1872 NC Blount County, AL Beckwith Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Susannah Marsh m. 1850
Beckwith William b. 1774 CT New London County, CT Amy 1793
Beckwith William W. 1796-1861 NY Huron County, OH Herrick Anne 20 Oct 1819
Becraft Abraham d. 1872 NY Dutchess County, NY Warner Sally 16 Dec 1813
Becraft Benjamin Franklin 1778-1833 KY Bath County, KY Fowler Mary "Polly" 1808 spelled Becroft
Becraft John d. 1850 NY Macomb County, MI Bolton Irena 13 Jun 1816
Beddo Nathaniel d. c1860 VA Albemarle County, VA McClary Ellen (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Ann Marshall m. 02 Sep 1847
Bedell Daniel b. 1797 NY Clinton County, NY Gordan Ann May 1858 probably 2nd wife
Bedell Henry d. 1855 NY Iowa County, WI Rodee Betsey (1st wife) 2nd wife Elithear m. 16 Mar 1847
Bedell Hiram Kilby 1795-1870 NY Queens County, NY DeMott Hannah 01 Jan 1814
Bedell Israel 1788-1855 NY Somerset County, NJ Crocheron Lenah (1st wife) 2nd wife Maria O'Blenis m. 29 Nov 1819
Bedell John d. 1848 NY Elizabethtown, NJ DeGroot Mary 18 Aug 1812
Bedell John V. b. 1787 NY Preble County, OH German Margaret D.
Bedell Joseph b. 1786 NY Richmond County, NY Laforge Esther Jul 1821
Bedell Moses I. d. 1863 NY Chenango County, NY Steenburgh Catherine 05 Sep 1833 spelled Beedle probably 2nd wife
Bedell Mott 1794-1878 NY Brooklyn, NY Davison Phebe 07 Mar 1815
Bedell Stephen Carman b. 1788 NY Queens County, NY Hall Hannah 05 Feb 1840 probably 2nd wife
Bedell Uriah b. 1788 NY Queens County, NY
Bedford David b. 1795 NY Ulster County, NY DeGraff Mary 10 Apr 1817
Bedford Elias 1793-1841 US Inf Tippecanoe County, IN Scott Mary Maria 16 Sep 1824 children mentioned in file
Bedford John Gunning c1788-1860 US Drag Tippecanoe County, IN Grant Catherine 11 Dec 1827
Bedford William D. d. 1875 US Inf Union County, NJ L'Hommedieu Hannah M. 23 Aug 1842 probably 2nd wife
Beebe Asa 1792-1878 NY Oswego County, NY Whipple Mary 01 May 1814
Beebe Chauncey d. 1855 NY Erie County, NY Goodell Ruth (2nd wife) 02 Feb 1822
Beebe Clark d. 1872 NY Dutchess County, NY Lee Clarinda 04 Dec 1808
Beebe Daniel d. 1862 NY Suffolk County, NY Terry Nancy L. 07 Jan 1819
Beebe David d. 1845 US Philadelphia, PA Power Catherine 28 Nov 1824
Beebe Ezra d. 1874 NY Racine County, WI Mary (2nd wife) 09 Mar 1846
Beebe James 1781-1875 US Inf Bethel, CT Ward Polly
Beebe James d. 1865 NY Madison County, NY Hawley Althea May 1818
Beebe John d. 1877 NJ Camden County, NJ Ewan Abigail 07 Oct 1810
Beebe Lathrop b. 1796 VT Cattaraugus County, NY
Beebe Moses 1798-1872 NY Orange County, NY Cobb Marian 10 Mar 1821
Beebe Richard d. 1879 NY St. Lawrence County, NY Hooper Elizabeth 15 Feb 1812
Beebe Samuel d. c1885 NY Conway County, AR Rogers Lucy Ann Jan 1817
Beebe Sheldon 1794-1864 US Inf Wyandot County, OH Denman Temperance 21 Jan 1826
Beebe Silas d. 1826 Blank Orleans County, NY Clark Lavina 08 Nov 1807
Beebe Simeon 1789-1855 NY Constable, NY Russell Sarah "Sally" 20 Feb 1812
Beecher Alfred 1796-1865 NY Jefferson County, WI Gillett Susan 13 Jul 1817
Beecher Argus 1793-1875 CT Litchfield County, CT Culver Susan (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Scott m. 15 May 1839
Beecher John, Jr. 1795-1877 CT New Haven County, CT Plumb Vina 26 Jul 1826
Beecher Leman 1793-1848 NY Washington, NY Shew Catherine 05 Nov 1818
Beecher Sylvester 1786-1855 OH Portage County, OH Bushnell Betsey 26 Jul 1816
Beecher William 1787-1869 NY Oswego County, NY Miner Lucy May 1809
Beede Aaron d. 1870 VT Essex County, NY Smith Clarissa 07 Dec 1814
Beedle Benjamin d. 1839 VA St. Louis County, MO Smith Letitia 20 Nov 1839 probably 2nd wife
Beedle Daniel 1792-1877 OH Miami County, OH Lindley Elizabeth 15 Apr 1813 spelled Beadle
Beedle Ephraim b. 1797 VA Fairfax County, VA Peacock Nancy 28 Mar 1830
Beedle Jacob 1785-1862 OH Monroe County, IA Benham Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Dixon m. 01 May 1832
Beedle Moses I. d. 1863 NY Chenango County, NY Steenburgh Catherine 05 Sep 1833 probably 2nd wife
Beekley John b. 1793 PA Chester County, PA Mary 01 Dec 1819
Beekman Christopher d. 1869 NY Cattaraugus County, NY Wiltz Hannah 14 Oct 1811
Beekman William 1788-1860 OH Pike County, OH Satterfield Elizabeth 26 Oct 1820
Beeland Benjamin c1791-1863 GA Taylor County, GA Adams Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah N. Whitehead m. 25 Nov 1832
Beeler Benjamin A. 1794-1877 TN Sullivan County, TN Acree Lucy A. 19 Nov 1839 spelled Beelar probably 2nd wife
Beeler Charles H. c1789-1862 VA Andrew County, MO Martha (3rd wife) 01 Sep 1857
Beeler George H. 1796-1861 DC Dallas County, TX Cutler Sarah "Sallie" 28 Dec 1823
Beeler Isaac 1783-1872 IN Lee County, IA Hughes Jane Dec 1808 spelled Beealer & Bealer
Beeler William 1782-1872 TN Boone County, IN Hughes Margaret spelled Beelar
Beels Abner S. 1793-1876 NY Cass County, MI Shepherd Jane 03 May 1815
Beeman Almon 1785-1863 VT Steuben County, NY Farnsworth Electa (1st wife) 2nd wife Elmira Bostwick m. 16 Apr 1838
Beeman Anson 1784-1843 OH Portage County, OH Wheelock Clarissa 20 Dec 1832 spelled Beman probably 2nd wife
Beeman Jerry d. 1858 NY Fulton County, IL Pool Nancy 1825
Beeman John 1799-1856 IL Dallas County, TX Hunnicutt Emily Manly 19 Jun 1823
Beeman Samuel Sylvester 1795-1877 IL Kaufman County, TX Smelser Mary Ann "Polly" 19 Dec 1816
Beeman Seth c1794-1868 NY Ontario County, NY Sigler Barbara 01 Mar 1832 probably 2nd wife
Beemand Lewis b. 1787 NY Broome County, NY Benson Sally 27 Oct 1810
Beemer John I. d. 1827 NJ Sussex County, NJ Moore Mary 25 Mar 1813
Beemer Moses 1796-1865 NJ Wayne County, PA Ayres Susan Oct 1824
Beemer Samuel Coykendall 1792-1854 NJ Orleans County, NY Smith Louisa "Eliza" (1st wife) 2nd wife Zurviah "Sophia" Jennings m. 11 May 1826
Beems Frederick 1788-1854 NY Muskingum County, OH Parrot Elizabeth "Betsey" 30 Dec 1809
Beenel Pierre Amiel b. 1795 LA St. John the Baptist Parish Haydel Emilie 1816
Beer James 1793-1881 OH Columbiana County, OH McClellan Elizabeth 13 Nov 1823
Beer Robert b. 1792 PA Allegheny County, PA
Beers Anthony 1791-1835 CT Fairfield County, CT Ruggles Elizabeth "Betsey" 17 Jan 1815
Beers Byram 1789-1875 NJ Morrow County, OH Pitney Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Cynthia m. 20 Oct 1868
Beers Daniel H. b. 1790 CT Ingham County, MI
Beers David b. 1795 NJ Wayne County, PA Cory Martha 31 Jan 1821
Beers Eliphalet b. 1790 CT Middlesex County, CT Dumay Mary 18 Jun 1815
Beers Ephraim Burr c1786-1853 CT Fairfield County, CT Morehouse Abigail 27 Aug 1810
Beers James b. 1795 US Inf Otsego County, NY Butterfield Hannah 02 Apr 1814
Beers James H. b. 1796 NY Westchester County, NY Beardsley Sarah Sep 1813
Beers Philo 1789-1856 CT Litchfield County, CT Botsford Narcissa 12 Apr 1814
Beers Philo 1793-1852 CT Clinton County, MI Hawley Sally 06 Oct 1816
Beers Timothy Phelps 1789-1858 CT New Haven County, CT Mills Caroline A. (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Ann Barney m. 08 Jan 1827
Beers William c1793-1874 CT La Salle County, IL Boyd Hannah 19 Dec 1816
Beers William d. 1838 CT Middlesex County, CT Mosher Harriet Jan 1816
Beers William d. c1882 CT New Haven County, CT Wood Abigail 20 Oct 1816
Beers William d. 1866 MA Woburn, MA Johnson Elizabeth P. 17 Jul 1811
Beesley John b. 1782 SC Maries County, MO Green Lucy 13 Sep 1816
Beeson Alfred Gamon 1795-1841 TN Jackson County, AL Baker Fannie (1st wife) 2nd wife Eleanor S. Justice m. 22 Dec 1832
Beeson Henry White d. 1863 US Vol Fayette County, PA Jackson Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Louisa Clark m. 22 Nov 1841
Beever John b. 1793 PA Wilson County, KS
Beggs David 1790-1857 OH Trumbull County, OH Waters Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Mathers m. 16 Jan 1849
Begole Benjamin Franklin 1786-1869 NY Livingston County, NY Shulland Margaret (1st wife) 2nd wife Mariah Ewart m. 17 Mar 1841
Behen Lancelot 1787-1862 VA Taylor County, VA Sullivan Eunice Feb 1809
Beher Samuel 1796-1863 VA Rush County, In Davis Anna Eliza 25 Oct 1835 probably 2nd wife
Behymer Martin d. 1881 OH Campbell County, KY Beagle Lucinda (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Lindsey m. 11 May 1827
Beideman Samuel d. 1874 PA Montgomery County, PA Frederick Catherine 19 Dec 1813
Beidleman Valentine 1788-1878 VA Sullivan County, TN Cutler Amanda Malvina
Beil John 1783-1845 PA Mercer County, PA Koehler Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Rosina Frankenfield m. 20 Oct 1823
Beisel John d. 1851 PA Northumberland County, PA Shaffer Mariah 18 Jun 1811
Belcher Burwell B. b. 1795 VA Mecklenburg County, VA Murray Amy 10 Dec 1835 probably 2nd wife
Belcher David d. 1827 MA Boston, MA Tippin Nancy 14 Aug 1814
Belcher Edmund c1792-1842 VA Chesterfield County, VA Andrews Sally 20 Feb 1811
Belcher Isaac c1773-1864 VA Butler County, KY Webster Tabitha 01 Jun 1805
Belcher John d. 1869 MA Cambridge, MA Morse Catherine 19 Jul 1818
Belcher John c1783-1864 VA Monroe County, KY Biggers Permelia 03 Sep 1812
Belcher Joseph b. 1792 NY Orange County, NY Seely Deborah 16 Dec 1835 probably 2nd wife
Belcher Obediah b. 1796 VA Mercer County, WV Prince Martha "Patsy"
Belcher Oliver d. 1869 NH Hamden County, MA Ellis Betsey 04 Dec 1817
Belcher Sutton E. 1794-1866 VA Wilson County, TN Ellis Abigail Hicks 25 Sep 1817
Belcher William c1789-1857 MA Quincy, MA Beal Celia 17 Oct 1814
Belden Henry b. 1791 MA Lake County, OH
Belden Salmon 1792-1866 MA Hamden County, MA Bemis Betsy (1st wife) 2nd wife Roxanna m. 12 Nov 1854
Belden Silas 1795-1872 MA Cleveland, OH Pelton Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Cornelia Elizabeth Northrup m. 13 May 1841
Belding Aaron 1785-1872 NY Carroll County, IL Herrick Fanny 03 Jan 1813
Belding Asa 1792-1873 VT Bradford County, PA Welch Lydia 28 Apr 1811
Belding Elijah Carr 1795-1866 NY Cheshire County, NH Blake Elvira 27 Feb 1824
Belding Titus 1788-1875 OH Medina County, OH Bostwick Lucy 10 May 1810
Belew Peter b. 1787 MS Kaufman County, TX Dickey Nancy 1808
Belew Samuel 1783-1871 KY Pendleton County, KY Ellis Lydia 29 Nov 1810 spelled Bellew
Belfield John W. d. 1863 VA Richmond County, VA Dangerfield Mary B. 26 May 1814
Belfield Thomas Meriwether 1796-1873 VA Westmoreland County, VA Sanford Fanny F. 24 Nov 1821
Belford Davis d. 1841 MA Cumberland County, ME Thrasher Judith 05 Nov 1810
Beliles Jesse 1793-1871 VA Butler County, KY Russ Margaret "Peggy"
Belisle Jesse 1793-1871 VA Butler County, KY Russ Margaret "Peggy" spelled Beliles
Belk Abijah 1793-1872 TN Marion County, AL Stephens Mary A. 11 Jul 1812
Belk James 1797-1846 KY Clinton County, KY Davis Nancy Bradley 13 Apr 1820
Belknap Augustin d. 1832 NY Genesee County, NY Dewey Nancy 05 Mar 1809
Belknap Elijah 1785-1874 NY Clinton County, IN Garlinghouse Catharine 08 Jan 1806
Belknap Ezra b. 1796 NY Lenawee County, MI Hubbard Orissa Jun 1855 probably 2nd wife
Belknap Jacob d. 1824 NY Oneida County, NY Reynolds Martha 22 Oct 1812
Belknap James 1793-1870 NY Orange County, NY Ring Clarissa 30 May 1816
Belknap John d. 1880 NY Lewis County, NY Rowe Eliza 14 Dec 1825
Belknap Joshua 1792-1884 NH Kent County, MI Canfield Sally Almira 05 Jul 1817
Belknap Pilgrim 1794-1869 NY Cayuga County, NY Colvin Anne 03 May 1820
Belknap Thomas 1797-1883 VA Braxton County, WV Friend Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Melvina Emsey Fisher m. 26 Jul 1850
Bell Abner 1791-1871 OH Madison County, IA Smith Mercy 26 Mar 1812
Bell Alexander d. 1868 PA Clarion County, PA Chambers Martha 02 May 1820
Bell Alfred 1794-1874 TN Utah County, UT Hainey Jane Graham (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha Louisa Montgomery m. 08 Sep 1832
Bell Andrew d. 1868 NY Crandall Phebe 05 Jul 1810
Bell Andrew d. 1849 OH Highland County, OH Weaver Bridget "Biddy" Feb 1806 Andrew's grandchildren named in brother George Bell's OH claim
Bell Anthony b. 1794 NY Eaton County, MI Hannah 01 Jan 1818
Bell Archibald 1789-1868 NY Orange County, NY Millspaugh Pamelia 15 May 1817
Bell Bartholomew b. 1789 GA Wilkes County, GA Margaret 1818
Bell Benjamin c1796-1884 NJ Warren County, NJ Payer/Poyer Sarah
Bell Boyle B. d. 1851 VA Amelia County, VA Morris Elizabeth N. 05 Oct 1826
Bell Brooksey Hyatt 1794-1870 TN Washington County, TN Broyles Elizabeth 03 Jan 1819
Bell Charles 1793-1852 PA Montgomery County, PA Garber Margaret Sep 1817
Bell Charles Heyer 1798-1875 US Navy Essex County, NJ Swartwout Elisa Smith 31 Jan 1824
Bell Charles Willard 1794-c1879 VT/US Inf Kane County, IL Marshall Candace Oct 1822
Bell Daniel 1788-1874 IN Cass County, IN Spencer Nancy
Bell David d. 1859 US Inf Greenville County, SC Cunningham ?? 2nd wife Elizabeth Cureton m. 25 Aug 1846
Bell Drury b. c1789 MS Copiah County, MS Crawford Susan Fall 1815
Bell Ephraim b. 1793 MD Baltimore County, MD Deagen Juliann Apr 1825
Bell George d. c1875 NY Medina County, OH Johnson Sarah 03 May 1812
Bell George 1790-1856 PA Putnam County, OH Nancy (2nd wife) minor children listed in pension
Bell George b. 1793 PA Bulter County, PA
Bell George 1779-1877 VA Highland County, OH Bennett Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Ann Frump m. ca. May 1822
Bell George Henry 1794-1872 NY Ontario County, NY Dockstader Maria 17 Sep 1815
Bell Henry b. 1791 NY Ulster County, NY Ladew Hannah 10 Sep 1815
Bell Henry D. d. 1870 NY Rockland County, NY Onderdonk Fanny 09 Feb 1823
Bell Hillary 1791-1877 KY Daviess County, KY Adams Margaret Dec 1819 spelled Hillery
Bell Holly 1793-1886 CT Fairfield County, CT Scofield Abigail
Bell Ira d. 1855 NY St. Lawrence County, NY Polly (1st wife) 2nd wife Catherine m. 29 Feb 1844
Bell Isaac d. 1874 US Inf Blair County, PA Walls Mary Ann 14 Nov 1833
Bell Isaac 1792-1882 OH Mercer County, WV Slater Roda (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Pines, 3rd wife Nancy Shrader m. 21 Sep 1824
Bell Isaac Harbold 1787-1865 KY Monroe County, IA Keiser Elizabeth 1814
Bell Jacob c1839 VA Accomack County, VA Kelley Nancy B. c1834 probably 2nd wife
Bell James b. 1794 MD Knox County, TN Stephenson Nancy Jan 1820
Bell James c1789-1878 PA Philadelphia, PA Beates Anna Maria 15 May 1815
Bell James 1790-1861 PA Dauphin County, PA Irwin Martha 12 Mar 1827
Bell James d. c1836 VA Amelia County, VA Wingo Mason Oct 1818
Bell James 1790-1840 VA Augusta County, VA Crawford Rebecca 19 Feb 1818
Bell James Luckie 1791-1860 TN Cheatham County, TN Bell Evelina Deadrick 09 Nov 1824
Bell Jesse Egbert 1790-1843 TN Christian County, KY Gunn Martha Lee Sep 1817
Bell Joel b. c1790 TN Rusk County, TX Southern Mary Elizabeth 01 Jan 1821
Bell John d. 1852 AL Maury County, TN Alexander Mary 20 Sep 1814
Bell John d. 1843 MD Baltimore County, MD Mason Catherine 25 Feb 1811
Bell John d. 1855 NC Coweta County, GA Rodgers Mary 1805
Bell John d. 1856 OH Vigo County, IN Dawson Eleanor 13 Apr 1820
Bell John 1785-1852 OH Belmont County, OH Dunn Margaret 07 May 1812
Bell John 1789-1863 TN Franklin County, AL Skidmore Mary
Bell John 1775-1815 US Inf Black Rock, NY Conser Elizabeth children named in pension file; John Bell died in service
Bell John d. 1856 VA Sussex County, DE Stevens Elizabeth 10 Aug 1836 probably 2nd wife
Bell John D. b. 1796 NY Rockland County, NY Clark Fanny 02 Jun 1822
Bell John G. d. 1886 MD Dorchester County, MD Navy Mary
Bell John, Jr. d. 1863 MA Oxford County, ME Kendall Betsey (1st wife) 2nd wife Catherine m. 25 Sep 1855
Bell Jonathan d. 1814 US Inf daughter Elizabeth mentioned in file
Bell Joseph d. 1878 KY Highland County, OH Ensley Jane 03 May 1823
Bell Joseph 1793-1866 NJ Salem County, NJ Rose Martha 17 Mar 1817
Bell Joseph d. 1878 NJ Warren County, NJ Sarah (2nd wife) 19 Jan 1847 probably 2nd wife
Bell Joseph 1786-1877 NY Ulster County, NY Eckert Margaret 16 Dec 1809
Bell Joseph d. 1862 OH Fayette County, OH Young Sarah 25 Mar 1811
Bell Joseph d. 1870 SC Abbeville County, SC Pettigrew Mary H. Dec 1814
Bell Luman d. 1873 VT Potter County, PA Holiday Betsey 22 Aug 1814
Bell Michael 1788-1855 VA Campbell County, VA Bybee Nancy 07 Nov 1812
Bell Moore d. 1874 VT Cuyahoga County, OH Patterson Annis Dec 1808
Bell Orlando b. 1797 VT Grand Isle County, VT Blackman Samantha 15 Apr 1824
Bell Peter 1794-1874 NY Herkimer County, NY Harter Hannah 29 Nov 1818
Bell Philip b. 1793 NC Washington County, VA Cunningham Elizabeth 1831 probably 2nd wife
Bell Philip b. 1789 IN Corydon, IN
Bell Pulaski B. d. 1862 US Inf Weakley County, TN Nailing Sarah L. 06 Sep 1827
Bell Richard H. d. 1846 NJ Passaic County, NJ Wait Lydia 08 Mar 1817
Bell Richard H. c1794-1835 US Inf Norfolk County, VA King Maria Custine
Bell Robert 1795-1872 KY Sangamon County, IL Baker Susannah 12 Feb 1818
Bell Robert d. 1865 NC Cherokee County, SC Margaret 05 Jun 1855 probably 2nd wife
Bell Robert 1783-1858 PA Richland County, OH McMeen Annie 26 Jan 1812
Bell Robert Thomson 1792-1876 KY Ohio County, KY Monroe Mary Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Rachel Elizabeth Baird m. 21 Sep 1871
Bell Samuel 1795-1888 OH Louisa County, IA Kemp Rachel 13 Feb 1817
Bell Stephen d. 1845 VA Frederick County, VA Lynn Martha 03 Jun 1821
Bell Thomas 1798-c1872 GA Henderson County, NC McDowell Charlotte 15 May 1820
Bell Thomas 1788-1867 TN Cheatham County, TN Shearon Judith (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah M. Knox m. 10 Jun 1846
Bell William d. 1846 MD Baltimore, MD Weaver Ann 04 Feb 1821
Bell William d. 1823 MD Somerset County, MD Pollitt Harriet 16 May 1822
Bell William d. 1876 MA Worcester County, MA Abbott Rhoda (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane Wood m. 13 Nov 1863
Bell William 1791-1872 NY Chautauqua County, NY Shipboy Nancy 06 Jul 1819
Bell William 1793-1860 NC Jefferson County, AR Perry Mary 05 Aug 1832
Bell William b. 1791 SC Montgomery County, AL McGee Sarah Jan 1815
Bell William c1796-1873 VA Harrison County, WV Bond Elizabeth 03 Jun 1824
Bell William d. 1828 VA Southampton County, VA Arrington Grizzia J. 28 Mar 1812
Bell William d. 1871 VA Meigs County, OH Bell Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane Atwood m. 20 May 1842
Bell William Brockman 1794-1877 VA Parker County, TX Newman Frances Mary 24 Dec 1821