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Index to War of 1812 Pension Application Files
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This site provides a free index to the War of 1812 pension application files. It is part of the free tutorial Researching Your Revolutionary War Patriot Ancestor
Digitized pension application files for most of the soldiers listed on this page are available for FREE at Fold 3.
We assume no responsibility for the accuracy of the information.
Husband Husband State of Wife Wife Marriage
Last Name First Name Service Residence Maiden Name First Name Date Comments
Bondurant John 1782-1850 VA Lawrence County, TN Bays Tabitha (1st wife) spelled BUNDRANT 2nd wife Lucy Gilley m. 21 Apr 1816
Bondurant Thomas Moseley 1797-1862 VA Buckingham County, VA Moseley Marcia Louisa 18 Nov 1823
Bone Barnett d. 1852 IL son John filed claim
Bone Henry d. 1877 OH Greene County, OH Graham Mary 25 Feb 1811
Bone James d. 1877 GA Clark County, GA Saunders Mildred 29 Jan 1818
Bone James 1787-1872 SC Lawrence County, OH Wase Mary A. (1st wife) Oct 1816 2nd wife Judith Whitaker
Bone James Peyton 1789-1862 TN Rutherford County, TN Macklin Catherine Sachfield (1st wife) 2nd wife Ophelia Shepherd, 3rd wife Jane C. Rankin m. 16 Oct 1850
Bone John A. 1785-1855 KY Hickman County, KY Overstreet Martha 01 Feb 1814
Bone Thomas b. 1796 OH Butler County, OH Murphy Elizabeth 02 Jun 1812
Bonebrake Adam 1783-1863 OH Fountain County, IN Miller Barbara (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Drullinger m. 23 Aug 1846
Bonebrake Conrad 1791-1874 OH Preble County, OH Conn Lydia 25 Feb 1819
Boner Andrew b. 1778 PA Mahoning County, OH Howard Ann
Boner Joseph b. 1794 MD Miami County, OH Conner Jane 04 Mar 1826
Boner Patrick b. 1793 OH Fountain County, IN Carr Phebe Sep 1839 probably 2nd wife
Boner William b. 1788 OH Floyd County, IN Edgar Esther 28 Sep 1826
Bonesteel Amos 1789-1876 NY Pierce County, WI Wright Lucy 12 May 1816
Bonesteel Nicholas d. c1877 NY Cattaraugus County, NY Fordick Angeline 22 Feb 1830
Bonesteel Philip d. 1835 NY Rensselaer County, NY McChesney Mary 19 Feb 1814
Boney John b. 1776 PA Mifflin County, PA Elizabeth (2nd wife) c1846
Bonham Amariah 1773-1820 KY Henderson County, KY Wiley Elizabeth Rebecca
Bonham John 1796-1860 VA Fayette County, OH McClure Ann 30 May 1822
Bonham Thomas Taggart 1790-1871 PA Wayne County, IL Jenkins Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Louisa Johnson m. 31 Mar 1863
Bonham William b. 1785 IL Washington County, AR Hand Rachel
Bonnel Caleb W. b. 1789 US Essex County, NJ Canfield Clarisse
Bonnel Joel b. 1791 NJ Union County, NJ Halsey Arabella
Bonnel Lewis d. 1831 OH Hamilton County, OH Robinson Abigail 07 May 1812
Bonnell William 1791-1858 VA Guernsey County, OH Beatty Margaret (1st wife) 2nd wife Hannah Dixon m. 15 Sep 1850
Bonner Francis d. 1834 PA Adams County, PA Everitt Margaret 05 Feb 1815
Bonner John US Shelby County, TX Lacy Easter Nov 1834 probably 2nd wife
Bonner John 1791-1866 US Muskegon County, MI Cummings Elvira 15 Aug 1822
Bonner Samuel c1787-1865 VA Randolph County, WV Folks Sarah 02 Feb 1840 probably 2nd wife
Bonner William d. 1871 VA Dinwiddie County, VA Williams Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Williams, 3rd wife Elizabeth Bunchett m. 17 Sep 1840
Bonner Williamson 1796-1870 AR Phillips County, AR Redditt Marina (1st wife) 2nd wife Frances Beloite Bentley, 3rd wife Eveline Frances Belk
Bonnett David d. 1847 SC Orangeburg, SC Baltzeger Margaret Susan 08 Oct 1818
Bonnett Philip 1775-1860 VA Jefferson County, IA Linger Sarah 25 Feb 1812
Bonney Asa 1783-1867 MA Oxford County, ME Bisbee Elizabeth 26 Aug 1810
Bonney Ezra d. c1877 MA Kennebec County, ME Thomas Sarah B. 22 May 1843 probably 2nd wife
Bonney Isaac 1787-1871 MA Kennebec County, ME Joy Hepzibah 22 Sep 1814
Bonney James 1782-1862 ME Kennebec County, ME Cole Cynthia 17 Sep 1804 spelled BONEY
Bonney John 1790-1882 MA Androscoggin County, ME Bearce Lucinda 27 Nov 1812
Bonney John Robinson 1787-1833 ME Oxford County, ME Ford Naomi 22 Mar 1810
Bonney Oliver d. c1882 NY Tama County, IA
Bonney Rufus L. 1800-1885 US Chautauqua County, NY Smith Arvilla 23 Mar 1823
Bonney Walter 1791-1871 NY Newaygo County, MI Bates Chloe (1st wife) 2nd wife Lydia m. 21 Jan 1855
Bonsall Adam F. d. 1836 NY Tallahassee, FL Lake Dorothea 30 Jun 1813
Bonsall David 1796-1869 PA Delaware County, PA Heacock Mary D. 22 Mar 1821
Bonsall Joshua d. 1843 PA Delaware County, PA Bonsall Rachel 24 May 1818
Bonseigneur Francois C. d. 1866 LA New Orleans, LA Malbernaque Marie 28 Sep 1829
Bonseigneur Jean b. c1801 LA New Orleans, LA Cave Evelina 1824
Bonsey Charles 1790-1877 MA Hancock County, ME Townsend Mercy 16 Sep 1816 spelled BONZEY
Boodry Joseph c1788-1859 ME Franklin County, ME Riant Catherine 26 Mar 1812
Boodry Nathan d. 1871 MA Bristol County, MA Davis Mercy (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Snow m. 10 Mary 1836
Booge Harris d. 1856 VT Union Town, IN Hubbell Laura 18 Feb 1819
Boogher Frederick d. 1861 NY Kalamazoo County, MI Herrington Ann 13 Apr 1823
Booher Adam 1793-1862 TN Sullivan County, TN Royston Constance Jan 1831
Booher Henry b. c1771 PA Westmoreland County, PA
Book John 1790-1881 VA Clark County, OH Heck Susannah 1812
Booker Benniah d. 1876 MA Somerset County, ME Grovey Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Patience Sylvester m. 16 Aug 1861
Booker Berryman 1795-1872 VA Surry County, NC Callahan Claramond 12 Jan 1817
Booker Charles d. 1880 MA Kennebec County, ME Whitney Fanny P. (2nd wife) 10 Mar 1850
Booker Edward Marshall 1794-1882 VA Henry County, VA Anglin Elizabeth "Bettie" 06 Feb 1820
Booker German 1794-1854 VA Cumberland County, VA Ballew Martha (1st wife) 2nd wife Ann Fenton Woodson m. 03 Apr 1822
Booker Isaac d. 1863 TN Washington County, VA Miller Catherine 09 Jul 1815
Booker John 1788-1873 TN Montgomery County, IN Zimmerly Margaret 29 Jun 1813
Booker Peter 1780-1872 TN Sullivan County, TN Beeler Magdaline Oct 1802
Booker Pinkethman Davis 1798-1871 TN Saline County, MO Powell Martha Ann 26 Mar 1822
Booker Richard 1788-1853 VA Powhatan County, VA Turpin Selena 04 Aug 1825
Booker Richard Marshall 1790-1840 VA Prince Edward County, VA Love Sarah Carter 22 Dec 1818
Booker William d. 1876 VA Nicholas County, WV Horn Matilda 26 Aug 1823
Booker William M. d. 1851 VA Amelia County, VA Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Crittenton m. 30 Mar 1826
Bookman Joseph 1798-1871 MD Baltimore, MD Douglas Sarah (1st wife) 02 Jan 1839 2nd wife Laura Fields m. 12 Nov 1870
Bookout Joseph 1787-1855 TN Randolph County, IN Lumpkin Sarah 12 Aug 1812
Bookstaver Moses d. c1858 NY Yates County, NY Sinsebaugh Maria 30 Aug 1834 probably 2nd wife
Bookstaver Samuel d. 1859 NY Orange County, NY Miller Ann 26 Aug 1824
Boomer Crocker 1791-1880 MA Bristol County, MA Jenney Ruth M. 06 May 1819
Boomer Ephraim 1763-1856 MA Bristol County, MA Crocker Abigail
Boomer Oliver d. 1872 NY Jefferson County, NY Hagedorn Margaret 1815
Boomer William 1790-1864 RI Bristol County, MA Davis Martha (1st wife) 2nd wife Lydia Humphrey m. 08 Aug 1837
Boon Francis 1789-1857 NY Outagamie County, WI Allen Lois 04 Aug 1811
Boon Ichabod S. b. 1795 CT Middlesex County, CT Ames Cynthia Nov 1817
Boon James M. 1790-1870 PA Washington County, PA Miller Margaret 20 Mar 1814 spelled BOONE
Boon John b. 1796 NC Sampson County, NC Rogers Rachel 12 Jan 1830
Boon Stephen d. 1850 MD Baltimore, MD Bright Elizabeth (1st wife) 04 Dec 1820 2nd wife Elizabeth D. Turner m. 13 Oct 1825
Boone Aaron d. 1884 NY Rock County, WI
Boone Brown d. 1843 Blank Franklin County, OH Wilkinson Margaret 25 Jul 1822
Boone Brumfield 1791-1875 OH Decatur County, IN Wood Maria 27 Feb 1817
Boone Hugh d. c1878 PA Columbiana County, OH Goodman Elizabeth
Boone John 1795-1842 US Adams County, OH Cooper Margaret 25 Jan 1816
Boone Nathan d. 1836 US Jersey County, IL Cooper Sarah 10 Oct 1810
Boone Richard b. 1795 PA Berks County, PA
Boone Sampson 1793-1881 NC Cumberland County, NC Tolar Ann
Boone Squire 1794-1879 IN Boone County, IA Cotner Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Phoebe Rissler
Boone William d. 1853 KY Jefferson County, KY Settles Julia 13 Jun 1822
Boor Nicholas 1792-1874 PA Wayne County, OH Boyer Catherine 03 Oct 1816
Boorn Jesse d. 1877 VT Monroe County, NY Delamater Calista (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucy m. 08 Jul 1872
Boorn Stephen d. 1869 VT Knox County, OH Hyde Polly S. 22 Aug 1811
Boose Michael R. 1790-1878 OH Tippecanoe County, IN Adkins Julia Ann 21 Aug 1851 probably 2nd wife
Boosinger John 1785-1875 OH Portage County, OH Williard Barbara 1813 spelled BOASINGER
Booth Benjamin d. 1882 US Montgomery County, NY Thumb Mary 02 Apr 1833
Booth Benjamin b. 1794 NJ Sussex County, NJ
Booth Cyrus b. 1792 NY Ontario County, NY Fox Elzida 24 Jan 1812
Booth Elijah 1791-1872 KY Shelby County, KY Lewis Rebecca 12 Jun 1822
Booth Elisha d. 1879 NY Oneida County, NY
Booth Elisha S. 1794-1865 MA Hartford County, CT Squire Elvira Abigail 05 Dec 1822
Booth George W. d. 1847 Blank Washington County, MO Staples Sarah 08 Feb 1827
Booth Jacob d. 1876 NY Marshall County, IL McKean Lovisa 25 Sep 1817
Booth James b. 1776 SC Lafayette County, FL Williams Anseth 14 Jun 1815
Booth John b. 1786 MS Mobile County, AL
Booth John d. 1876 VA Russell County, VA Sonders Mary W. 27 Nov 1868 probably 2nd wife
Booth John M. d. 1864 NY Macomb County, MI Cummins Margaret 11 Nov 1814
Booth Joseph b. 1792 MD Baltimore, MD Carmichael Mary Jun 1817
Booth Joseph d. c1858 NY Harmony, PA Hopkins Sarah A. 25 Jul 1851 probably 2nd wife
Booth Milton d. 1861 GA Barbour County, AL Booth Sarah 10 Oct 1813
Booth Moses 1796-1860 NY Putnam County, NY Travis Sarah Dec 1807
Booth Richard d. 1871 VA Surry County, VA Bevan Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary D. Pond m. 09 Jul 1863
Booth Robert 1774-1868 Blank Elbert County, GA Walker Elizabeth (1st wife) spelled BOOTHE 2nd wife Sarah "Sally "Almond, 3rd Mary P. Smith
Booth Samuel 1795-1876 VA Sussex County, VA Tatum Mary E. (2nd wife) 22 Dec 1859
Booth Samuel M. d. 1860 VA Lincoln County, WV Hays Rachel 19 Mar 1812
Booth Simeon VT Orange County, VT Hebard Lydia 15 Mar 1816
Booth Wiley d. 1872 GA Marion County, GA Usry Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucinda Parker m. 04 Jun 1846
Booth William b. 1799 US Wayne County, MI Brown Catherine 1869 probably 2nd or 3rd wife
Booth William d. 1873 NY Southold, NY Reeve Laura 12 Oct 1825
Booth William 1785-1858 NY Cattaraugus County, NY Ashley Sarah "Sally" 20 Jun 1805
Booth William 1783-1854 VA Whiteside County, IL Hart Deborah 20 Apr 1803
Booth William d. 1858 VA Franklin County, VA Burnett Keziah 09 Feb 1820
Booth Zachariah 1794-1880 GA Lee County, AL Douglass Martha Ann 10 Dec 1810
Boothby Cyrus 1791-1872 MA Somerset County, ME Chobbuck Charity (1st wife) 2nd wife Susan m. 12 Mar 1848
Boothby Samuel 1792-1884 MA York County, ME Chellis Hannah
Boothe John d. 1843 VA Pulaski County, VA O'Neal Mary F. 19 May 1815
Boothe John d. 1869 VT Clinton County, NY Hapgood Sylvia (1st wife) 2nd wife Abigail Lewis m. 13 Feb 1831
Boothe William d. 1866 GA Taylor County, GA McGraw Jemima 07 Mar 1845 probably 2nd wife
Boothe William d. 1874 VA Albemarle County, VA Wingfield Dorothy "Dolly" 21 Feb 1814
Boots Martin S. 1787-1865 OH Guthrie County, IA Shoemaker Susannah incorrectly listed as MARTHA Boots
Boots Samuel d. 1861 NY Yates County, NY Polly (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucy Van Arsdale m. 18 May 1848
Boots William d. 1852 KY Campbell County, KY Painter Rachel 20 Nov 1842 probably 2nd wife
Booz Henry d. 1875 VA Rockingham County, VA Hite Matilda 02 Aug 1820
Boozer Henry d. 1880 PA Delaware County, PA James Eliza 25 Mar 1823
Bopst John 1799-1829 MD Frederick County, MD Shook Lydia 04 Jun 1818
Boraker Henry 1789-1876 VA Montgomery County, IN Barton Mary Ann 10 Jan 1813
Bordelon Louis b. 1795 LA Avoyelles Parish, LA Lemoine Caroline 23 Apr 1814
Borden Benjamin d. 1831 MD Washington County, MD Prater Jane 1814
Borden Benjamin 1791-1863 VA Brown County, OH Martin Mary 26 Dec 1813
Borden Henry d. c1885 NY Chenango County, NY
Borden John d. c1882 NY Cortland County, NY Beeman Lydia 14 Feb 1814
Borden John 1795-1875 TN Cleburne County, AL Matlock Catharine (1st wife) 2nd wife Hester Putnam m. 04 Jul 1852
Borden Philip 1792-1868 VA Shenandoah County, VA Funkhouser Mary 18 Mar 1819
Border David 1785-1872 MA Allegany County, MD Kegg Catherine (1st wife) 2nd wife Eleanor Smith m. 1833
Boren James b. 1790 IL Carroll County, AR Hendricks Bertha 1812
Boren William W. 1791-1865 TN San Augustine County, TX Boren Catherine 23 Sep 1814
Borger John b. 1787 PA Bucks County, PA
Borger William b. 1794 PA Philadelphia, PA Molinux Eleanor 15 May 1819
Borger William 1793-1871 PA Berks County, PA Carl Lydia 24 Mar 1839 probably 2nd wife
Borie Simon d. c1876 PA Philadelphia, PA Keen Ann 04 Jun 1814
Boring George Washington 1786-1875 MD Carroll County, OH Goosehorn Nancy Agnes (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha McClain m. 30 Aug 1848
Boring Greenberry 1782-1874 TN Washington County, TN Ruble Mary 10 Oct 1807 spelled BOREING
Borland John d. 1865 PA Westmoreland County, PA Dunwoody Elizabeth 04 Dec 1832 probably 2nd wife
Borland John S. d. 1858 NY Tioga County, NY Mascar Sarah Jun 1826
Borland Samuel 1787-1865 MA Lincoln County, ME Whittier Betsey 07 Sep 1820
Born Samuel 1778-1859 GA Gwinnett County, GA Edwards Isabella 19 Dec 1805
Bornt John L. 1787-1856 NY Tioga County, NY Risenbark Adelia 10 Apr 1810
Boroff Michael 1779-1868 OH Mercer County, OH Baltzell Elizabeth 28 Apr 1808 Listed as BORAFF
Borough Frederick 1770-1875 PA Monroe County, MI Koser Reginah 15 May 1796
Borough Jacob b. 1792 VA Randolph County, WV Helmich Sarah 05 Jun 1809
Borris John d. 1875 OH Washington County, IN Van Zandt Elizabeth 04 Aug 1812
Borrow Richard d. 1852 GA Randolph County, AL Jones Elizabeth "Betsy" 29 Dec 1808
Borst Peter J. d. 1858 NY Schoharie County, NY Gauff Eliza 09 Apr 1810
Bort Christian 1791-1853 NY Erie County, PA Burdick Lurana 30 Nov 1810
Bort Christian d. 1842 NY Jefferson County, NY Weser Catherine
Bort Henry b. 1783 NY Madison County, NY
Bortle Christopher b. 1792 NY Rensselaer County, NY Rose Laney
Bortles Philip A. d. 1869 NY Onondaga County, NY Van Orvan Esther 22 Apr 1819
Bortz George d. 1874 PA Bedford County, PA Smith Barbara 04 May 1818
Bortz Michael 1787-1845 PA Westmoreland County, PA Silvas Barbara 22 Aug 1845
Borum Richard B. d. 1840 VA Halifax County, VA Chastain Eliza A. 02 Jul 1829 probably 2nd wife
Bose William d. 1875 MD Baltimore, MD Goulden Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth E. Gelder m. 17 Jan 1861
Boshart John d. 1879 PA Philadelphia, PA Catharine (1st wife) 2nd wife Eliza C. Walker m. 11 Apr 1849
Bosher John d. 1840 VA Cumberland County, VA Wheeler Unity 06 Jun 1810
Bosher William d. 1884 VA King William County, VA Lipscomb Gabrilla H. 24 Dec 1811
Bosley George b. 1797 VA Grant County, WV Youngbreath Betsey (1st wife) Oct 1819 2nd wife Nancy Yancey m. 02 Sep 1865
Bosman Edward d. 1872 VA Morgan County, OH Nancy (3rd wife) 17 Nov 1853
Boss Christopher Prior 1796-1870 RI Newport, RI Smith Damaris H. 18 Dec 1830
Boss George d. 1886 MD Baltimore, MD Meade Mary 25 Aug 1825
Bosserman Frederick 1780-1877 VA Augusta County, VA Brubeck Margaret "Peggy" 1811
Bosserman George 1793-1875 VA Augusta County, VA Brubeck Catherine "Katie" 01 Oct 1816
Bossier George 1789-1841 LA St John Baptist Parish, LA Haydel Eugenia 03 Apr 1813
Bossnot Lewis d. 1859 NY Jefferson County, NY Forrest Ellen 12 Dec 1824
Bosson Jonathan Davis b. 1786 Blank Suffolk County, MA spelled BOSSOM
Bostian John 1782-1875 KY Woodford County, KY Hoffart Barbara (1st wife) spelled BOSTON 2nd wife Sarah Taylor m. 01 Feb 1850
Bostic Archibald 1794-1869 VA Monroe County, WV Groves Susannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Pine m. Sep 1842
Bostick Archibald 1794-1869 VA Monroe County, WV Groves Susannah (1st wife) spelled BOSTIC 2nd wife Sarah Pine m. Sep 1842
Bostick James B. b. 1789 SC Walker County, GA Jackson Sarah 12 Apr 1816
Bostick William b. 1794 MD Dauphin County, PA Bonn Sarah 1816
Bostick William Floyd 1793-1857 TN Jackson County, AL Smith Jane (1st wife) 2nd wife Clarinda Hickman m. 01 Apr 1827
Bostion Philip d. c1881 MD Delaware County, OH Sarah
Boston Archibald b. c1788 KY Shelby County, IL Inman Ann 02 Jan 1848 probably 2nd wife
Boston George Washington 1793-1885 TN Smith County, TN Cope Juda (1st wife) 2nd wife Matilda Parkhurst m. 17 Apr 1845
Boston Isaac d. 1881 Blank Somerset County, ME Betsey (1st wife) 2nd wife Lovina, 3rd wife Mary Howard m. 03 Jul 1864
Boston William d. 1864 MA Oxford County, ME Durgin Rebecca 25 Dec 1830 probably 2nd wife
Bostwick Adnah Hervey 1788-1872 OH Portage County, OH Ruggles Mercy 11 Jun 1809
Bostwick Anson 1786-1865 VT Chittenden County, VT Lane Lucinda (1st wife) 2nd wife Serepta Hadley m. Jan 1830
Bostwick Joseph 1793-1871 CT Fairfield County, CT Clark Mary 25 Mar 1820
Bostwick Joseph Ruggles 1787-1871 OH Pickaway County, OH Hunt Ann Maria 28 Nov 1832
Bostwick Truman d. 1834 NY Steuben County, NY Gaylord Harriet 19 Jan 1826
Boswell Clement b. c1793 MD Warren County, MO Trail Susannah 25 Dec 1821
Boswell Goldsbury 1793-1867 NC Columbus County, NC Young Nancy May 1824 spelled Goldsberry
Boswell John 1790-1864 SC Tuscaloosa County, AL Taylor Flora 03 Sep 1815
Boswell John c1790-c1876 VA Putnam County, IN Peffley Catherine "Katie" after 1812
Boswell John Iverson 1796-1846 VA Lunenburg County, VA Coleman Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Ellen J. Somerville m. 18 Dec 1838
Boswell Matthew d. 1861 VA Georgetown, DC Calvert Jane K. 24 Sep 1818 spelled Bowsel
Boswell Thomas Elliott 1790-1855 US McCracken County, KY Campfield Harriet Richards 29 Oct 1833
Boswell Trueman Edward 1794-1881 MD Prince Georges County, MD Venable Ann E.
Boswell William 1792-1857 GA Bartow County, GA Whitworth Louisa 05 Sep 1814
Boswell William d. 1866 NH Ontario County, NY Roe Sarah M. 23 Dec 1820
Boswell William d. 1860 TN Madison County, AR Thompson Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Anna Copeland m. 09 Aug 1832
Boswell William Elliott 1792-1852 KY Cass County, MO Moore Mary Ann "Polly" (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane C. Dickson m. 04 Dec 1834
Boswell William S. b. c1796 GA Lauderdale County, MS Warbington Stacy Ann C. 22 Jan 1822
Bosworth Benjamin 1793-1886 NY Rensselaer County, NY Kingsley Hannah
Bosworth Daniel d. 1849 MA Washington County, ME Huckins Mary 01 Jan 1827
Bosworth David d. 1845 US Windsor County, VT Wilson Jerusha 11 Oct 1825
Bosworth Fenner d. c1881 NY Lewis County, NY
Bosworth Gardner 1792-1859 NY Chenango County, NY Frink Nancy 11 Aug 1810
Bosworth Howard 1795-1867 MA Milwaukee, WI Fitch Elizabeth 19 Nov 1823
Bosworth Lyman 1794-1875 MA Berkshire County, MA Rood Wealthy W. 28 Nov 1854 probably 2nd wife
Bosworth Nathaniel d. 1873 NY Rensselaer County, NY Eddy Sibbel 04 Nov 1813
Bosworth Samuel 1785-1861 NY Cuyahoga County, OH Watkins Beulah (1st wife) 2nd wife Selinda Goodwin m. 16 May 1839
Bosworth Stacy 1793-1861 MA Worcester County, MA Walker Abigail 31 Mar 1816
Bosworth William b. 1791 VT Monroe County, NY
Bosworth Zadock b. 1792 MA Lewis County, NY Dewey Julia Apr 1829
Boszor Henry 1784-1863 OH Portage County, OH Boosinger Polly Aug 1806 spelled BOZZAR
Boteler Edward L. 1796-1881 MD Washington County, MD Chaney Prudence 04 Sep 1833 probably 2nd wife
Bothwell John b. 1789 PA Montgomery County, PA
Botkin Charles 1792-1869 OH Clark County, OH Tuttle Dorcas 07 Oct 1813
Botkin George d. 1867 OH Chicago, IL Hamilton Susan M. 17 Jul 1837 probably 2nd wife
Botkin John d. 1849 VA Pendleton County, VA Elizabeth 20 Dec 1796
Botkin William 1794-1876 OH Olmsted County, MN Hester Catherine (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Richards m. 22 Jul 1823
Botkin William 1793-1872 VA Auglaize County, OH Shepherd Malinda (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Green m. 31 Jul 1855
Botner James b. 1787 Blank Owsley County, KY Nunley Elizabeth
Bottles William 1794-1852 TN Harrison County, IN Hammon Mary 12 Oct 1820
Bottom Armstead d. 1872 VA Warren County, TN Robinson Jane Jan 1816
Bottom Roswell d. 1877 VT Addison County, VT Hubbard Elna Aug 1820
Bottom Samuel b. 1788 CT New London County, CT Palmer Nancy 31 Dec 1815 spelled BOTTUM
Bottom William 1795-1870 KY Boyle County, KY Sanders Mary Polly 08 Apr 1817
Bottorff Samuel 1790-1868 IN Clark County, IN Schwartz Anna Marie 15 Dec 1812
Botts Charles 1789-1879 VA Washington County, IN Connally Margaret
Botts John b. c1805 Blank Pike County, AL
Botts Joshua 1781-1838 VA Boone County, KY Hutchinson Emily 09 Jun 1807
Botts Richard 1775-1814 Blank Erie County, NY Putnam Margaret children listed in file
Botts Seth 1786-1872 TN Linn County, MO Wilson Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Littrell m. 03 Mar 1847
Botts Thomas 1789-1852 TN Linn County, MO Wilson Martha 1809
Botts Thomas Corner 1787-1857 SC Abbeville County, SC Moore Nancy 14 Jan 1817 spelled BOOTT
Bottsford Philo d. 1862 CT Hartford County, CT Kirk Charlotte 01 Jan 1814
Bottum John 1792-1877 CT Middlesex County, CT Hough Sophia spelled BOTUME
Botume John 1792-1877 CT Middlesex County, CT Hough Sophia
Boucher Henry d. 1883 NY Wayne County, MI Milham Catherine (1st wife) 2nd wife Clara Severns m. 10 Sep 1857
Boucher John d. c1886 NY Wayne County, NY Enelstyr Maria 04 Nov 1817
Boucher Robert 1795-1871 KY Randolph County, MO Wilcoxson Elizabeth Jun 1822
Boucher William d. 1845 OH Hocking County, OH Smith Lovina (1st wife) 2nd wife Catherine Plank m. 07 Jun 1826
Bouck Abraham d. c1875 NY Niagara County, NY Miller Elizabeth 14 Dec 1815
Bouck Abraham d. 1846 NY Schoharie County, NY Barnum Lois (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha Hemstreet m. 17 Feb 1830
Bouden John N. b. 1790 NC Franklin County, NC Elizabeth (1st wife) 22 May 1812 2nd wife Elizabeth Bell m. 12 May 1835
Boudinot John 1791-1891 NY Knox County, OH Williams Margaret 14 Oct 1817
Boudreau Simon Hyppolite d. 1854 LA St. James Parish, LA Boudreau Henrietta 22 Aug 1808
Boudreaux Guillaume d. 1861 LA Lafourche Parish, LA Gauthreau Marguerite Francoise 17 Apr 1820
Boudreaux Joseph 1796-1834 LA Lafayette Parish, LA LaBauve Marie Ismene 08 May 1815
Boudreaux Joseph 1793-1848 LA Assumption Parish, LA Richard Eleonore Clemence (1st wife) 2nd wife Marie Melanie Gautreaux m. 08 Nov 1820
Boudreaux Louis Narcisse 1793-1833 LA Assumption Parish, LA Adam Julie Adeline 23 Apr 1815
Boughan Hector b. 1796 LA Winn Parish, LA Stokes Elizabeth 25 Dec 1829
Bougher John b. 1796 IN Marion County, IA Sappenfield Sarah 16 Jan 1817 spelled BOOKER
Bougher Moses 1790-1877 PA Northampton County, PA Grub Elizabeth 31 Jan 1815
Boughner John d. 1866 PA Northumberland County, PA Colcott Margaret (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane m. 09 Feb 1864
Boughner Sebastian 1796-1885 US Northumberland County, PA Snyder Abigail (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth m. 03 Sep 1861
Boughton Asahel b. 1787 NY Ontario County, NY
Boughton Deforest 1787-1866 NY Ontario County, NY Scudder Sarah "Sally" (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary A. Bement m. 15 Sep 1851
Boughton Eliard 1787-1869 NY Geauga County, OH Merwin Ruthalia "Thalia" 29 Aug 1810 spelled Elind
Boughton Guy C. d. 1854 MA Huron County, OH Sprague Harriet 17 Nov 1818
Boughton Jehiel 1794-1883 NY Saratoga County, NY Waterbury Eunice
Boughton John b. 1792 NY New York, NY Rysdick Harriet Feb 1818
Boughton Joseph 1794-1865 NY Saratoga County, NY Burnett Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Ann Ashman m. 07 Sep 1848
Boughton Reuben B. b. 1794 VA Essex County, VA Brooks Susan 21 Dec 1815
Boughton Samuel NY Rensselaer County, NY Haynes ? Pamelia (2nd wife)
Boughton Stephen H. d. 1873 MA Monroe County, NY Remsen Anna 17 Jul 1823
Boulden Richard B. 1785-1860 MD Cecil County, MD Dorcas (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary A. Harrington m. 25 Jul 1825
Boulder Jesse d. 1847 MD Cecil County, MD Ann 29 Jun 1804
Bouldin Alexander J. d. 1855 US Baltimore, MD Hatton Susanna (1st wife) 2nd wife Arianna Sollers m. 21 May 1835
Bouldin Ephraim 1790-1853 KY Bourbon County, KY Talbott Nancy (1st wife) spelled BOULDEN 2nd wife Mary Baker m. 18 May 1837
Bouldin John 1794-1877 VA Caswell County, NC Connally Frances (1st wife) 2nd wife Catherine Garner, 3rd wife Celia McCollum m. 18 Sep 1856
Bouldin Louis Contesse 1796-1860 VA Nottaway County, VA Ward Catherine Crawley 16 Feb 1842
Bouldin Robert E. 1795-1881 VA Charlotte County, VA Britton Sarah B. 20 Jan 1820
Bouldin William Graves 1792-1857 VA Washington County, TX Hammond Elizabeth Purnell
Boulton Joel d. 1873 VA Owen County, KY Russell Margaret 20 Oct 1819
Boults Cornelius b. 1798 NY Wayne County, PA Catherine
Boulware Turner 1792-1872 VA Caroline County, VA Creel Mary Ann 28 May 1829
Bounds Jacob d. 1820 DE Sussex County, DE Messick Leah 22 Feb 1810
Bounds James Hugo 1796-1865 US Calhoun County, MS Gatlin Elizabeth 27 Jul 1819
Bounds Jesse b. 1791 TN St. Francois County, MO Murphy Keturah (1st wife) 2nd wife Melinda "Millie" Murphy
Bouny Barthelemy E. d. 1845 LA New Orleans, LA Vernies Victorine Therese Nancy 1820
Bourdett Peter E. d. 1876 NJ Queens County, NY Applegate Eliza 09 Sep 1821
Bourg Jean 1792-1852 LA Terrebonne Parish, LA Lirette Rosalie Isabelle Elenore 01 Oct 1809
Bourg Jean Joseph Florentin b. 1799 LA Vermilion Parish, LA Thibault Josephine 25 Nov 1816 listed as J. FLORANTIN BOURGUE
Bourg Louis b. 1791 LA Ascension Parish, LA Mollere Melanie 02 Nov 1821
Bourg Mathurin b. 1799 LA Lafourche Parish, LA Simoneaux Carthenise 27 Nov 1822
Bourgard Antoine d. 1872 MI Monroe County, MI Delye Justine 04 Jan 1815
Bourgeois Abraham 1791-1838 LA Lafourche Parish, LA Champagne Marie Anne 15 Feb 1813
Bourgeois Amand or Amant 1794-1853 LA St. James Parish, LA Gaudin Hortense Francoise 14 Apr 1817 listed as Aman
Bourgeois Jean Baptiste d. 1864 LA Ascension Parish, LA Gauthreaux Angele 30 Oct 1815
Bourguin Benedict d. 1875 GA Savannah, GA Lavinder Martha S. (2nd wife) 01 Apr 1830
Bourland Gabriel Lee 1794-1873 KY Hopkins County, KY Goodman Penelope 14 Jun 1814
Bourland Slaten d. 1871 KY Franklin County, AR Reefe Polly (1st wife) 2nd wife Eliza Burnham m. 25 Mar 1834
Bourland William G. 1792-1861 KY Saline County, IL Slayton Rachel 10 Mar 1812
Bourn Caleb 1793-1875 MA Berkshire County, MA Dunham Fanny 23 Dec 1819
Bourn James d. 1874 NC Fulton County, GA Mance Elender 15 Jul 1822
Bourn Stephen R. 1796-1873 VA Grayson County, VA Martin Amelia "Millie" 20 Jan 1820
Bourn Whitfield 1789-1879 KY Crawford County, AR Weaver Clarinda (1st wife) 2nd wife Medaline Price m. 30 Aug 1852
Bourne Barachiah B. d. 1843 MA Barnstable County, MA Young Eliza 09 Sep 1818
Bourne Barnabas d. 1873 MA Barnstable County, MA Ewer Deidaima 26 Aug 1823
Bourne Benjamin 1787-1852 MA Penobscot County, ME Treadwell Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Clarissa Warren, 3rd wife Narcissa S. Sewall m. 01 Oct 1846
Bourne Isaac d. 1877 MA Barnstable County, MA Crocker Alice 04 Jun 1836 probably 2nd wife
Bourne Jarvis 1787-1881 MA Barnstable County, MA Ewer Phebe 09 May 1813
Bourne John d. 1815 VA Amherst County, VA Sandidge Nancy 27 Dec 1808
Bourne John H. 1792-1833 KY Garrard County, KY Sutton Nancy 12 Aug 1813
Bourne Joseph d. 1870 ME Kennebec County, ME Wyer Nancy 06 Oct 1816
Bourne Josiah 1796-1878 MA Plymouth County, MA Besse Elizabeth 05 Nov 1821
Bourne Reuben b. 1790 NY Oswego County, NY Steele Elizabeth 25 Jan 1815
Bourne Thomas d. 1845 KY Washington County, KY Hunt Nancy A. Jun 1795
Bourne Walker 1790-1873 KY Montgomery County, KY Berkeley Catherine (1st wife) 2nd wife Clarissa Payne, 3rd wife Willey B. Jameson m. 01 May 1837
Bourne William b. 1796 KY Owen County, KY Threlkeld Nancy 15 Jan 1819 spelled BOURN
Bourne William 1794-1882 VA Grayson County, VA Johnston Polly 10 Jul 1817 spelled BOURN
Bourne William d. 1879 VA Fluvanna County, VA Moss Mary 11 Aug 1821
Bourque Augustin 1787-1844 LA St. Landry Parish, LA Leger Susanne 06 Jun 1826 spelled BOURGUE
Bouse Adam 1793-1876 VA Tipton County, IN Dolly Annis 12 Oct 1819
Boutell Samuel 1799-1875 VT Washtenaw County, MI Bilson Caroline 07 Feb 1824
Boutell Timothy d. 1855 MA Kennebec County, ME Rogers Helen 26 Jan 1811
Boutelle Charles d. 1840 NH Hillsborough County, NH Knight Betsey 01 Dec 1818
Boutelle David d. 1883 MA Worcester County, MA
Boutte Charles P. d. 1870 LA New Orleans, LA Carmouche Julia 09 Apr 1861 probably 2nd wife
Boutte Jean Leon b. 1787 LA St. Landry Parish, LA Chachere Louise (lise) 20 Jun 1809
Boutte Phlippe Philippaut b. 1793 LA Iberia Parish, LA Louis Louise Marie Jean
Boutwell Dixon d. 1860 GA Choctaw County, AL Lilly Katie (1st wife) 2nd wife Caroline W. Hancock m. Mar 1825
Boutwell Eli d. 1875 VT Washington County, VT Churchill Olive 17 Jan 1815
Boutwell Levi 1792-1876 MA Franklin County, MA Willis Abital 18 Nov 1817
Boutwell Nathaniel b. 1793 US Addison County, VT Morgan Sally
Boutwell Richard Burton 1785-1865 SC Choctaw County, AL Walker Nancy Ann 1830 listed as Burton Boutwell
Boutz George b. 1795 DC Alexandria County, VA Benter Mary (1st wife) c1820 2nd wife Margaret Baker m. c1840
Bovee Isaac 1794-1862 NY Rensselaer County, NY Allen Anna (1st wife) spelled BOVIE 2nd wife Phebe Wilson m. 04 Mar 1857
Bovee Jacob 1798-1876 NY Saratoga County, NY Howard Eunice 29 Jul 1820
Bovee John D. d. 1872 NY Brooklyn, NY Hodsdon Mercy A. (1st wife) 2nd wife Julia A. Holden, 3rd wife Phebe C. Reybert m. 25 Sep 1861
Bovee Philip b. c1791 US Ashtabula County, OH
Bovie Isaac 1794-1862 NY Rensselaer County, NY Allen Anna (1st wife) 2nd wife Phebe Wilson m. 04 Mar 1857
Bovie John, Jr. b. 1786 NY Rensselaer County, NY Parker Tabitha 1809 married Pownal, VT
Bow Edmund B. 1794-1857 ME Saginaw County, MI Haskell Elizabeth 07 Jul 1813
Boward Jacob David 1792-1867 MD Washington County, MD Waggoner Catherine 27 Dec 1809
Bowden Elias 1793-1878 US Fentress County, TN Owen Mary "Polly" 08 Mar 1821
Bowden Jeremiah 1789-1872 ME Penobscot County, ME Kilby Hannah (1st wife) Sarah Harriman m. 28 Oct 1867
Bowden Levi b. 1787 MA Hancock County, ME Bowden Jane 18 Mar 1812
Bowden Nehemiah 1787-1876 US Hancock County, ME Bowden Rebecca
Bowden Ralph c1798-1831 US Hancock County, ME Bridges Mary "Polly" 30 May 1816
Bowden Robert b. 1796 MA Waldo County, ME Hall Hannah (2nd wife)
Bowden Thomas b. 1793 MA Hancock County, ME
Bowden William b. 1791 NJ Essex County, NJ Townley Ester Jan 1818
Bowden William d. 1823 VA Williamsburg, VA Davis Mildred 10 Dec 1808
Bowdish Elijah b. 1791 RI Marion County, OH Bates Nancy Sep 1863 probably 2nd or 3rd wife
Bowdlear Thomas d. 1864 US Boston, MA Whitmore Charlotte 19 Oct 1844 probably 2nd wife
Bowell Bazel 1785-1866 IN Clark County, IN Poundstone Catherine 21 Mar 1814
Bowen Abraham 1794-1875 OH Marion County, IN Smith Ruth 06 Aug 1817
Bowen Anon d. 1840 RI Scituate, RI Wilcox Phebe 11 Aug 1811
Bowen Arthur b. 1794 US Sagadahoc County, ME Adams Lois Jan 1824
Bowen Charles d. 1831 MD Fairfield County, OH Hopkins Mary c1810
Bowen Charles b. 1788 MA Westchester County, NY Houghton Esther Smith
Bowen Charles 1789-1873 TN Mississippi County, AR Shell Susan 10 Dec 1810
Bowen Cyrus A. b. 1796 NY Windham County, CT Lucerd Lydia 30 Aug 1825
Bowen Daniel b. 1786 OH Lee County, IL Miller Peggy Jun 1807
Bowen David c1783-1850 VA Cumberland County, KY Jones Elizabeth 01 Apr 1808
Bowen Elias 1792-1872 NY Cattaraugus County, NY Wellington Lydia 22 Oct 1809
Bowen Ezra d. 1868 MA Waldo County, ME Harriman Dorothy 18 Nov 1846 probably 2nd wife
Bowen Francis d. 1867 VA Boone County, IN Turley Sarah G. Aug 1806
Bowen Freeman G. d. 1858 NH Grafton County, NH Perkins Hannah P. 18 Nov 1822
Bowen Hail d. 1876 RI Bristol County, RI Johonnot Betsey (1st wife) 2nd wife Hannah m. 29 May 1854
Bowen James d. 1857 MA Somerset County, ME Dickinson Emily 17 Jun 1819
Bowen James M. 1793-1880 VA Albemarle County, VA Starke Frances S. 1820
Bowen Jasper Young b. 1789 MD Calvert County, MD Harris Rebecca Mackall
Bowen Jenkins b. 1793 NY Onondaga County, NY Gordon Catherine 04 Jan 1819
Bowen John 1791-1861 MA Chautauqua County, NY Whitney Sally (1st wife) 2nd wife Tabitha S. Whitney m. 18 Sep 1828
Bowen John 1795-1875 NY Erie County, PA McClain or McLain Margaret 15 Jan 1817
Bowen John 1786-1845 OH Athens County, OH Feurt Rachel 02 Feb 1815
Bowen John d. 1862 VA Buchanan County, MO Newman Jeanette J. 25 Oct 1836 probably 2nd wife
Bowen John b. 1796 VA Granville County, NC Murry Nancy 11 Jan 1818
Bowen John d. 1836 VA Warwick County, VA Morris Rebecca 28 Feb 1822
Bowen John d. 1833 VA Pike County, OH Seal Sally 06 Jan 1811
Bowen Levi d. 1869 US Penobscot County, ME Brown Hannah L. 28 Oct 1857 probably 2nd wife
Bowen Mason 1797-1883 NJ Washington County, PA Conarroe Deliverance (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Meek, 3rd wife Sarah E. Sidwell m. 21 Oct 1859
Bowen Mayberry 1790-1871 VA Cleveland County, NC Sparks Hannah Martha spelled Maberry
Bowen Richard b. 1788 MD Baltimore, MD McGregory Frances Maria 04 Aug 1810
Bowen Romeo d. 1868 NY Chenango County, NY Loope Lafayette 13 Apr 1826
Bowen Samuel Adams 1790-1853 KY Marion County, MO Stone Amanda Warren 06 Sep 1821
Bowen Samuel Griggs 1793-1873 CT Cayuga County, NY Herkimer Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Ascenith Chubbuck m. 10 Jan 1838
Bowen Samuel J. d. 1878 OH Montgomery County, OH Johns Rachel 15 Jan 1815
Bowen Seth b. 1797 LA Tuscaloosa County, AL Darden Margaret
Bowen Silas d. 1866 NC Dublin County, NC Rench Tempy 1857
Bowen Silas 1790-1858 NJ Seneca County, NY Lum Sarah 01 Dec 1811
Bowen Squire B. d. 1874 NY Otsego County, NY
Bowen Thomas 1796-1878 MO Audrain County, MO Zumwalt Christina "Tiney" 27 Feb 1817
Bowen Thomas d. 1837 NY Monroe County, NY James Sarah 22 Dec 1811
Bowen Thomas Jones 1788-1854 GA Jackson County, GA Yarbrough Nancy 22 Dec 1818
Bowen William c1790-1856 KY Chatham County, NC Foushee Affiah Abigail 08 Jan 1826
Bowen William 1780-1841 OH Marion County, OH Murdock Lovisia Ann 01 Mar 1806
Bowen William b. 1791 PA Schuylkill County, PA Weiss Sarah 1811
Bowen William C. b. 1793 MA Worcester County, MA Boyden Sally 04 Jan 1820
Bower Daniel 1794-1843 IN Natchez, MS Hostetler Elizabeth 15 May 1821
Bower Gustavus Miller 1790-1864 KY Monroe County, MO Crockett Martha Moore (1st wife) 2nd wife Catherine A. Long m. 27 Jan 1831
Bower John 1794-1850 NY Warren County, NY Lundy Mary Apr 1822
Bower Joseph b. 1793 PA Venango County, PA Criswell Elisa 1818
Bower Michael Rowzee b. 1798 KY Saline County, MO Lewis Maria 16 Jun 1815
Bower Peter b. 1791 PA Perry County, PA Shively Mary Sep 1816
Bower Samuel b. 1788 PA Northumberland County, PA
Bower Samuel J. c1799-1860 GA Providence, RI Snow Clarinda Richmond 06 Jun 1819
Bowerham Philip d. 1831 NY New York, NY Beroby ? Margaret 20 Feb 1805
Bowerman David d. 1857 TN Calloway County, KY Eaton Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah m. 15 Feb 1855
Bowerman Michael 1793-1884 NY Macomb County, MI Lefever Sally 1820
Bowers Adam 1791-1865 MD Carroll County, MD Yingling Catherine 1810
Bowers Azil d. 1884 US Osceola County, MI Gay Eliza (1st wife) 2nd wife Emily m. 08 Apr 1855
Bowers Benjamin d. 1876 SC Pike County, AL Cooper Nancy 2nd wife Martha m. 01 Sep 1866
Bowers Cornelius d. c1877 NY Lee County, IL French Elizabeth 04 Mar 1816
Bowers David d. 1869 US Allen County, IN Beck Margaret 04 Sep 1823
Bowers David 1792-1849 OH Henry County, IN Johnson Mary 03 Sep 1817
Bowers Ebenezer 1792-1857 Blank Orange County, NY Bennett Susan 10 Jun 1824
Bowers Horatio G. b. 1794 MA Hancock County, ME
Bowers Jacob 1789-1860 OH Muskingum County, OH Echelberry Margaret 07 Jun 1810
Bowers Jacob d. 1844 PA Lancaster, PA Gensimer Susanna 02 Feb 1812
Bowers Jacob d. 1874 VA Greene County, TN Cline Mary 17 Mar 1821
Bowers James d. 1855 VA Norfolk County, VA Lockwood Rachel (1st wife) 2nd wife Lydia Mathews m. 11 Dec 1835
Bowers John d. 1878 OH Muskingum County, OH Bowers Catherine 02 Mar 1815
Bowers John T. b. 1792 TN Carter County, TN Pierce Mary 20 Apr 1856 probably 2nd wife
Bowers Joseph d. 1861 VA Highland County, VA Vanderender Barbara 24 Dec 1814
Bowers Lemuel 1795-1860 TN Hamilton County, IL Betts Evelina 10 Nov 1814
Bowers Leonard d. 1869 VA Washington County, VA Dickenson Martha 1822
Bowers Martin d. 1837 MD Baltimore, MD Browning Marguerite 20 Feb 1820
Bowers Peter d. 1859 VA Champaign County, OH Williams Mary 16 Aug 1824
Bowers Robert d. 1868 SC Lancaster County, SC Holton Susan Ann 01 Feb 1816
Bowers Samuel 1798-1877 VA Jefferson County, PA Weaver Catherine 24 Mar 1824
Bowers Valentine 1788-1867 TN Carter County, TN Buck Abigail G. 01 Oct 1808
Bowers William d. 1868 Blank Littleton, MA Holden Elizabeth "Betsey" 08 Nov 1812
Bowhall David 1791-1874 NY St. Lawrence County, NY Gloyd Ruth
Bowhan Jacob d. c1875 MD Washington County, OH Mercer Elizabeth 05 Feb 1854
Bowie Charles 1789-1849 MD Prince Georges County, MD Coombs Eliza (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah M. Suter m. 15 Feb 1838
Bowie John C. d. 1850 VA Caroline County, VA Cox Sarah A. 11 Jul 1836 probably 2nd wife
Bowie William Mordecai 1786-1863 MD Prince Georges County, MD Magruder Martha (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Truman Hilleary m. 01 Dec 1814
Bowker Elias 1790-1868 VT Franklin County, NY Hotchkiss Asenath 10 Apr 1825
Bowker George d. 1874 US Bristol County, MA Howe Syrena (1st wife) 2nd wife Chloe Macomber m. 07 Apr 1828
Bowker James 1788-1847 US Oxford County, ME Bicknell Abigail 04 May 1817
Bowker Levi 1795-1887 MA Washington County, ME Crocker Martha G.
Bowker Lewis d. 1857 NJ Sangamon County, IL Sayers Elizabeth 06 Feb 1812
Bowker Noah 1781-1866 NY Barry County, MI Beckwith Mary 19 Mar 1805
Bowlby John S. 1792-1862 NJ Warren County, NJ Miller Elizabeth 25 Oct 1812
Bowlby Peter d. c1879 NJ Mercer County, NJ Welsh Dear 01 Oct 1822
Bowlby Thomas 1793-1871 NJ Hunterdon County, NJ Fritts Sarah Oct 1814
Bowlen Abija d. 1858 VA Stafford County, VA Fannie 1819
Bowlen Nelson b. 1788 VA Green County, PA Murry Mary Anne 25 Dec 1806
Bowler Robert 1796-1862 VA Orange County, VA Donahoe Frances T. (1st wife) 2nd wife Caroline V. Bowling m. 12 Mar 1835
Bowler Thomas d. 1867 MA Essex County, MA Bartley Frances 04 Nov 1807
Bowles Anderson c1786-1853 MO/MS Attala County, MS Harvey Sarah 22 Sep 1824
Bowles Charles d. 1850 US Lawrence County, NY Marsh Keziah 01 Sep 1814
Bowles Jacob 1797-1881 VA Lawrence County, OH Corder Susan 16 Sep 1825
Bowles Jeremiah 1793-1877 NC/NH Richmond, NH Aldrich Hannah 29 Mar 1877
Bowles Pleasant d. 1873 VA Chesterfield County, VA Farmer Mary Page 22 Nov 1814
Bowles Thomas Carrington 1795-1857 MD Clayton County, IA Rogers Jane 28 Mar 1819
Bowles Zachariah d. 1873 VA Amherst County, VA Scott Judith 16 Jun 1812
Bowlin Arthur 1792-1845 MS Lawrence County, MS Wactor Mary 05 Sep 1815
Bowlin George d. 1865 VA Jackson County, MO Kirby Nancy c1821
Bowlin Rodney 1784-1835 US Perry County, IL Harris Tricy 19 Nov 1807
Bowling Ambrose Green 1782-1865 DC Rock Island County, IL James Margaret McDonald 29 Jul 1809
Bowling Lewis b. 1795 VA Spotsylvania County, VA
Bowling Thomas d. 1831 VA Wythe County, VA Smith Polly 06 Apr 1817
Bowman Adam 1784-1853 NY Oneida County, NY Weaver Abigail (1st wife) 2nd wife Eve Weaver m. 27 May 1846
Bowman Benjamin d. 1882 MA Somerset County, ME Taylor Sally 23 Mar 1815
Bowman Benjamin 1795-1852 NH Orleans County, VT Wheelock Alice 27 Jan 1817
Bowman Carlton b. 1794 MD Belmont County, OH
Bowman Christian 1783-1861 OH Columbiana County, OH Walter Sarah 21 Jun 1814
Bowman Daniel 1791-1876 IN Boone County, IN Loney Nancy Jul 1817
Bowman Daniel 1783-1854 MD Carroll County, MD Schwartzbach Christina Jan 1805
Bowman Daniel c1792-1877 OH Muskingum County, OH Pringle Margaret 06 Apr 1815
Bowman Daniel 1788-1870 VA Clinton County, OH Doctor Mary
Bowman David 1793-1874 PA Monmouth County, NJ Margerene Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Vanderbeck, 3rd wife Lydia English Perrine
Bowman David 1794-1839 TN Rutherford County, TN Caffy Caroline Celina 24 Dec 1816
Bowman David 1790-1866 TN Washington County, TN Smith Sarah 11 May 1815
Bowman George 1797-1852 OH Ripley County, IN Jones Mary Ann 10 Jul 1819
Bowman George 1786-1863 VA Gallia County, OH Aumiller Eva Catharine 16 Apr 1808
Bowman George H. d. 1863 KY Fayette County, KY Guyton Ann Isabella 24 Sep 1844
Bowman George Washington 1793-1873 OH Hamilton County, OH Thompson Phebe (1st wife) 2nd wife Hannah m. 05 Dec 1863
Bowman Hawkins d. 1870 TN Harlan County, KY Barbour Nancy 1838 probably 2nd wife
Bowman Henry 1791-1871 VT Franklin County, VT Brown Electa (2nd wife) 3rd wife Esther Barnett, 4th wife Narcissus Stanley m. 03 Jul 1859
Bowman Ira 1791-1854 MS Tensas Parish, LA Dubose Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Margaret Anne Reily, 3rd wife Mary Elizabeth Richardson
Bowman James d. 1873 KY Crawford County, IN Springer Lydia 03 Feb 1817
Bowman James d. 1862 MA Essex County, MA Mary (2nd wife) Sep 1835
Bowman John 1787-1873 KY Mercer County, KY Mitchum Mary "Polly" 27 Nov 1817
Bowman John 1789-1869 NY Onondaga County, NY Minor Matilda (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Bowman m. 14 Oct 1857
Bowman John d. 1832 NY Lewis County, NY Lany (2nd wife) 04 Jan 1829
Bowman John d. c1877 OH Christian County, IL Reynolds Margaret (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Chambers m. 12 Jun 1862
Bowman John d. 1882 PA Kosciusko County, IN Richmond Catherine 22 May 1867 probably 2nd wife
Bowman John 1787-1859 VA Lee County, IA Zahn Sarah "Sally" 14 Jan 1824
Bowman John 1794-1858 VA Miami County, IN Cromer Mary "Polly" 25 May 1820
Bowman John A. b. 1792 VA Cumberland County, KY Motley Mickey 15 Dec 1833 probably 2nd wife
Bowman John L. d. 1859 MA Washington County, ME Buskirk Eliza (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy m. 23 Nov 1823
Bowman John Sands 1785-1866 VA Gallia County, OH Rupe Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Polly m. 09 Feb 1857
Bowman Samuel b. c1800 TN Overton County, TN Richardson Elizabeth
Bowman Samuel 1783-1874 TN Knox County, TN Green Elizabeth H. 01 Mar 1804
Bowman William b. 1797 DE Kent County, MD Ann 04 Apr 1824
Bowman William 1792-1875 KY Woodford County, KY James Frances Sep 1811
Bowman William b. 1786 VA Montgomery County, KS Becon Mary A. 23 Dec 1816
Bowmer William 1795-1886 KY Grant County, WI Bryan Eliza Scott (1st wife) 18 Feb 1817 2nd wife Elmira Willis m. 01 Nov 1833
Bowry Henry d. 1836 VA Charles City County, VA Eliza W. 28 Jul 1826
Bowry Thomas d. 1863 VA Charles City County, VA Bagwell Sarah Ann 28 Feb 1833 probably 2nd wife
Bowsel Matthew d. 1861 VA Georgetown, DC Calvert Jane K. 24 Sep 1818
Bowsher John 1785-1873 MD Allen County, OH Metz Nancy 20 Nov 1813
Bowstick Joseph d. 1847 MD Elizabeth 05 Apr 1810
Bowyer George d. 1851 VA Rappahannock County, VA Kinsey Elizabeth F. 03 Jan 1828
Bowyer Isaac d. 1870 VA Morrow County, OH White Rebecca 15 Jan 1812
Bowyer John 1794-1878 VA Putnam County, WV Crawford Permelia (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth A. Elmore m. 17 Jan 1871
Box Allen 1794-1866 SC St. Clair County, AL Box Mary "Polly" 09 Dec 1819 husband and wife were cousins
Box Marmaduke 1790-1874 GA Aransas County, TX Powell Nancy 11 Feb 1813
Boyce Henry b. 1792 NY Hillsdale County, MI Clement Nancy 11 Dec 1814
Boyce Isaac 1790-1884 PA Allegheny County, PA Denniston Sarah 09 Jan 1815
Boyce Joseph b. 1795 NY Crawford County, PA
Boyce Robert d. 1864 PA Washington County, PA Long Mary
Boyce Robert Porter 1793-1873 KY Wayne County, MS McScrews Elizabeth Catherine (1st wife) 2nd wife Frances, 3rd wife Harriel Hailes m. 10 Mar 1863
Boyce Samuel 1782-1863 VT Orange County, VT Stebbins Cynthia 01 Nov 1818
Boyce Thomas d. 1854 Navy Philadelphia, PA Rogers Lavinia 13 May 1832 probably 2nd wife
Boyce William d. 1849 US St. Louis, MO Harrell Mary E. 03 Oct 1816
Boyce William d. 1872 KY Howard County, MO Boyd Eliza 30 May 1848 probably 2nd wife
Boyce William A. d. 1860 TN Lawrence County, AL Horton Rebecca 15 Feb 1815 spelled BOYSE
Boyd Alexander b. 1794 MD Cecil County, MD
Boyd Andrew b. 1793 KY Harrison County, KY Rankin Hannah 14 Sep 1816
Boyd Andrew d. 1867 OH Portage County, OH Thomas Julie Ann (2nd wife) 24 Jun 1856
Boyd Benjamin d. 1863 NY Kent County, MI Taggart Sally 11 Apr 1811
Boyd Bruce 1794-1882 US Carroll County, AR Hulsey Tempie (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha Leathers m. Dec 1859
Boyd Charles C. d. 1876 NY Sullivan County, NY Rosencrantz Sarah 06 Jul 1826
Boyd David 1792-1877 GA Cobb County, GA Pickens Matilda 30 Nov 1815
Boyd Elisha 1794-1877 MA Delaware County, NY Remington Patty
Boyd Francis 1791-1870 MD Cecil County, MD Patterson Sarah C. 18 Jul 1827
Boyd George 1795-1881 NY Summit County, OH Nelson Elizabeth 06 Mar 1823
Boyd Hugh 1795-1870 NY Ontario County, NY Swift Elvira (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Pullen m. 24 Dec 1835
Boyd James 1785-1871 KY Hardin County, KY Coe Eleanor
Boyd James 1781-1870 NY Oneida County, NY Reynolds Mehitable (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Denslow m. 17 Jun 1833
Boyd James 1782-1880 PA Washington County, PA Buchanan Mary Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Jemima Lewis m. 29 Oct 1862
Boyd James 1783-1854 TN Mahaska County, IA Postles Anna Mariah 16 Mar 1838 probably 2nd wife
Boyd James d. 1849 VA Albemarle County, VA Rice Jane M. 05 Sep 1811
Boyd James Rutherford 1790-1865 PA Dauphin County, PA Sloan Eliza 10 Feb 1831 probably 2nd wife
Boyd John 1796-1881 KY Callaway County, MO Scott Mary A. 15 Apr 1828
Boyd John 1792-1868 MO Greene County, MO Harryman Margaret D. 15 Sep 1814
Boyd John 1786-1887 NY Rush County, IN Vedder Maria (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Innis m. 1846
Boyd John d. 1853 PA Philadelphia, PA Parks Alice 30 Nov 1809
Boyd John 1777-1837 TN Jackson County, TN Leath Elizabeth 16 Dec 1801
Boyd John 1789-1856 TN Benton County, AL Loftis Matilda 31 Oct 1816
Boyd John b. 1797 US Wayne County, MO Vincent Cordelia 17 Mar 1870 probably 2nd wife
Boyd John b. 1796 VA Louisa County, VA Cobbs Mary L. 13 Feb 1821
Boyd John d. 1831 VA Patrick County, VA Elizabeth Sep 1814
Boyd John D. d. 1833 SC Laurens County, SC Vance Susan 11 Feb 1812
Boyd John G. 1797-1849 KY Madison County, KY Park Elizabeth 15 Jul 1817
Boyd John H. b. 1794 VA Henrico County, VA Hobson Sarah E. 08 Aug 1866 probably 2nd wife
Boyd John N. b. 1795 NY Ulster County, NY Buchanan Susan 23 Feb 1823
Boyd Joseph b. 1793 PA Lycoming County, PA Dorson Eliza 19 Oct 1864 probably 2nd wife
Boyd Joseph 1798-1874 TN Monroe County, TN Lilburn Margaret 28 Feb 1822
Boyd Joseph d. 1853 TN Lauderdale County, AL Ezell Priscilla 07 Oct 1826
Boyd Lemuel b. 1796 MD Vermilion County, IL Beckett Hannah 20 Jan 1822
Boyd Richard 1795-1857 GA Chambers County, AL Farley Lucy 19 Jul 1814
Boyd Robert d. 1863 NC Tuscaloosa County, AL Whiteacre Liddy 22 Nov 1837 spelled Boid probably 2nd wife
Boyd Samuel 1794-1878 MA Boothbay, ME Bryer Sarah 05 Feb 1818
Boyd Samuel K. 1794-1888 IN Wayne County, IN Lewis Martha (1st wife) 2nd wife Bethany Ladd m. 29 Jan 1829
Boyd Thomas 1779-1835 MA Boston, MA Helton Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Catherine Light m. 29 Dec 1822
Boyd William b. 1798 KY Bath County, KY
Boyd William 1781-1852 MD Ralls County, MO Brashear Edna 02 Feb 1806
Boyd William 1787-1864 NY Winona County, MN McKillip Azubah (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Jane Eaton m. 21 Dec 1836
Boyd William 1789-1877 OH Belmont County, OH Patterson Agness "Nancy"
Boyd William 1781-1846 OH Wayne County, IN Owens Mary Polly (1st wife) 2nd wife Ruth Martindale m. 06 Nov 1823
Boyd William 1790-1872 PA Pickaway County, OH Stevens Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha Ann Reed m. 31 Jan 1867
Boyd William 1786-1855 TN Hawkins County, TN Brisentine Elizabeth 1810
Boyd William B. d. 1880 NY Livingston County, NY Harvey Hannah 12 May 1826
Boyd William G. d. 1863 KY Breckinridge County, KY Crawford Cynthia E. 03 May 1848 probably 2nd wife
Boyden Alexander 1791-1881 MA Norfolk County, MA Andress Rachel 11 Sep 1816
Boyden Azel 1796-1827 MA Hampden County, MA Stevens Amelia 23 Nov 1815
Boyden Israel 1793-1873 MA Franklin County, MA Graham Lorinda Oct 1822
Boyden Nathaniel 1796-1873 MA Rowan County, NC Martin Ruth (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane Carolina Henderson m. 03 Dec 1845
Boydston John 1793-1882 TN Hamilton County, TN Condry Sarah Lee Oct 1824
Boydstun Jesse 1788-1867 SC Neshoba County, MS Miles Ursula 25 Mar 1824
Boyer Abraham 1791-1848 PA Berks County, PA Welder Mary 02 Aug 1812
Boyer Frederick b. 1787 NY St. Joseph County, MI Smith Sally 03 Dec 1809
Boyer Henry d. 1838 IN Scott County, IN Bowman Susanna 19 Mar 1812
Boyer Henry 1790-1877 PA York County, PA Platts Mary A. 06 Feb 1824
Boyer Jacob 1794-c1880 NY Clinton County, IN Harmon Elizabeth 16 Feb 1822
Boyer Jacob 1789-1876 PA Indiana County, PA Swartz Nancy Ann 24 Dec 1818
Boyer John 1792-1851 NY Jefferson County, NY Ritter Margaret 24 Nov 1809
Boyer John b. 1793 PA Crawford County, PA Abert Mary Ann 17 Sep 1814
Boyer John 1790-1873 TN Bradley County, TN Sipes Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Eliza Anne Tate m. 28 Feb 1844
Boyer John d. 1849 VA Rockingham County, VA Weaver Margaret 28 Mar 1809
Boyer John L. d. 1870 NY Mower County, MN Lobdell Elizabeth 05 Mar 1814
Boyer John P. d. 1863 MO St. Genevieve County, MO Roussin Rosalie 08 May 1817
Boyer Michael 1793-1876 MD Carroll County, MD Dutterer Margaret (1st wife) 01 Jun 1820 2nd wife Jennet McComas
Boyer Peter c1796-1873 VA Rockingham County, VA Hudlow Rachel Aug 1810
Boyer Robert I. 1795-1877 NY Clinton County, IN Petrie Sally 22 Aug 1822
Boyer Solomon 1796-1880 NY Union County, IA Fultz Sarah 27 Sep 1824
Boyers Joseph d. 1870 VA Cedar County, MO Ewen Elizabeth 30 Jul 1818
Boyett William W. 1794-1876 GA Attala County, MS Williamson Elizabeth Rice Jun 1818 spelled Boyette
Boyette James 1790-1868 TN Marshall County, TN Wise Elizabeth 30 Mar 1815 spelled Boyett
Boyington James G. d. 1854 US Rock County, WI Stearns Betsey 14 Sep 1817
Boyington Joshua 1795-1877 MA Franklin County, ME Chapman Rebecca (1st wife) 2nd wife Lydia Mitchell m. 1851
Boylan Andrew d. 1848 PA Erie County, PA McGonigle Eleanor 08 May 1816
Boyle George S. d. 1872 MD Lancaster, PA Morton Hester A. Jan 1829
Boyle John 1797-1869 US Macomb County, MI Draper Lucretia 08 Feb 1823
Boyle John d. 1882 OH Marion County, OH
Boyle Richard b. 1787 OH Montgomery County, OH
Boyle Robert d. 1881 PA Chester County, PA McVeagh Rebecca (1st wife) 2nd wife Anna Baughan m. 02 Jan 1881
Boyles Charles 1781-1840 Blank Lincoln County, TN Old Mary "Polly" (1st wife) 2nd wife Eliza H. Gordon m. 27 Oct 1825
Boyles Henry 1785-1846 US Massac County, IL Hiller Sarah 20 Sep 1816
Boyles James R. d. 1875 TN Robertson County, TN Williams Malinda R. 05 May 1824
Boyles John b. 1792 PA Washington County, OH Jackson Margaret 1845 probably 2nd wife
Boyles Price d. 1877 VA Barbour County, WV Stemple Margaret 1841 probably 2nd wife
Boyles William b. 1792 PA Mahaska County, IA
Boylston Thomas d. 1863 NY Cleveland, OH Green Caroline B. 14 Apr 1847 probably 2nd wife
Boynton Abraham 1783-1875 VT Marquette County, WI Pickens Martha 10 Feb 1810
Boynton Amos 1776-1849 MA Lowell, MA Richardson Clarissa 27 Apr 1809
Boynton Asa 1797-1883 MA Waldo County, ME Brann Eunice 19 Apr 1827
Boynton Benjamin d. 1848 Blank Rensselaer County, NY Hayden Judith 2nd wife Louisa Deane m. 31 Dec 1835
Boynton Daniel d. 1856 VT Onondaga County, NY Rugg Thankful 26 Dec 1811
Boynton David d. 1857 MA Lincoln County, ME Stearns Lucy (1st wife) 2nd wife Abigail Soule m. 13 Feb 1853
Boynton Ebenezer A. d. 1869 MA Somerset County, ME Heath Ann Millard 30 Jan 1826
Boynton Ephraim 1793-1873 NY Outagamie County, WI Thurston Alice (1st wife) 2nd wife Dorothy Hickok m. 09 Nov 1843
Boynton Hugh M. 1793-1856 MA Brooks, ME Prescott Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Harriet Kimball m. 12 Jun 1850
Boynton John 1786-1867 MA Windsor, ME Siegars Sarah 12 Feb 1810 spelled BOYINTON
Boynton John d. 1876 VT Wayne County, MI Fash Barbara Dec 1824 daughter Lydia B. Ferris filed claim
Boynton John Moore 1793-1871 US/LA Windsor County, VT Powers Charlotte
Boynton Jonathan d. 1883 NY Jefferson County, NY
Boynton Joshua d. 1873 US Penobscot County, ME Davis Susan (1st wife) 2nd wife Susan Hibbard
Boynton Oliver d. 1866 MA Waldo County, ME Bran Eunice 19 Apr 1827
Boynton Stephen 1794-1846 MA Worcester County, MA Patch Sarah Porter 03 Nov 1822
Boynton William Leeman 1792-1889 MA Kennebec County, ME Bumpus Betsey
Boyte Benjamin d. 1866 TN Stewart County, TN Taylor Susannah 20 Feb 1812
Boyte Lemuel Elijah b. c1790 TN Stewart County, TN Dawson Sarah "Sally" 1815
Bozarth William 1776-1859 PA Philadelphia, PA Brown Bathsheba (1st wife) 2nd wife Alice Simons, 3rd wife Lydia Hess, spelled BOZERTH
Bozorth William 1776-1859 PA Philadelphia, PA Brown Bathsheba (1st wife) 2nd wife Alice Simons, 3rd wife Lydia Hess, spelled BOZERTH
Brabender Andrew d. 1868 PA Erie County, PA Bixler Margaret Apr 1811
Bracco Bennett d. 1862 MD Talbot County, MD Frazier Eliza E. 20 Dec 1808
Brace Chauncey 1793-1872 NY Niagara County, NY Baker Rhoda 24 Nov 1819
Brace Norman d. 1860 NY Erie County, NY Graves Rebecca 10 Apr 1813
Brace Thomas 1788-1879 NY Steuben County, NY Cook Lovina Dec 1810
Bracken Charles 1795-1831 KY Nelson County, KY Crowdus Elizabeth "Betsy" Mar 1818
Bracken Thomas 1794-1877 OH Rush County, IN Coen Matilda 04 Dec 1815
Brackett Daniel 1792-1876 MA Dunn County, WI Connell Mary 21 Aug 1827
Brackett David 1793-1871 MA Carroll County, NH Fernald Nancy 12 Feb 1818
Brackett Enoch 1793-1871 MA Cumberland County, ME Caswell Araminta 21 Sep 1818
Brackett Ephraim d. 1881 MA Grand Traverse County, MI Buckett Joanna 06 Nov 1817
Brackett Greenleaf Clark 1785-1878 NH Merrimack County, NH Locke Naomi (1st wife) 2nd wife Sally D. Marden m. 06 Jun 1841
Brackett Hanover Dickey 1787-1871 NH Rockingham County, NH Goodwin Dorothy 12 May 1811 INCORRECTLY filed in pension for Greenleaf Brackett
Brackett Henry 1793-c1885 VT Orange County, VT Ford Clara 01 Dec 1814
Brackett Joseph 1785-1855 MA Casco, ME Pugsley Lydia (1st wife) 2nd wife Sally m. 22 Sep 1853
Brackett Moses 1792-1879 MA Kennebec County, ME Brackett Abigail 12 Jun 1818
Brackett Nathan 1784-1857 MA Kennebec County, ME Holt Susannah 25 Dec 1807 INCORRECTLY filed in pension for Moses Brackett
Brackett Nathaniel b. 1792 ME Androscoggin County, ME Abigail 05 Sep 1843 probably 2nd wife
Brackett Robert 1791-1876 MA York County, ME Libby Alphia 29 Oct 1818
Brackin David 1792-1877 OH Trumbull County, OH Hayes Clarissa 11 Dec 1816 spelled BRACKEN
Brackin William 1793-1878 Navy Butler County, PA Webb Ann
Brackney Nimrod 1791-1873 IN Franklin County, IN Seal Martha Ann
Brackney William d. 1825 US Philadelphia, PA Bowne Anne 28 Dec 1795
Bracy James d. 1870 NC Robeson County, NC Trawich Catherine Jul 1831 probably 2nd wife
Bracy Nathaniel 1789-1863 NY Huron County, OH Harris Lucy (1st wife) 2nd wife Rhuma
Bradbury Benjamin d. 1868 NH Orange County, VT Pool Eliza (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha Courser m. 01 Jan 1857
Bradbury Charles Adam b. 1789 US/MA Oxford County, ME True Mary "Polly" Jan 1814 listed as Adam Bradbury
Bradbury Elijah 1784-1869 MA Brownfield, ME Howard Sallie Gleason (1st wife) 2nd wife Ann Pray Hunt m. 20 Nov 1850
Bradbury Jacob 1783-1880 OH Pike County, IL Rounds Patience 1804
Bradbury James 1787-1871 VA Montgomery County, OH Dent Elizabeth
Bradbury Jotham 1790-1889 MA Franklin County, ME Merrick Nancy (1st wife) 05 Oct 1813 2nd wife Rachel Merrick m. 09 Jan 1831
Bradbury Osgood d. 1886 MA Cumberland County, ME Dinsmore Mary M. 17 Sep 1845 probably 2nd wife
Bradbury Samuel D. d. 1860 US Hennepin County, MN Carll Abby 03 Dec 1813
Bradbury William 1783-1859 MA Cumberland County, ME Merrill Sarah 01 Jan 1818
Braddy Jesse d. 1847 NC Lumpkin County, GA Tanner Esther B. 15 Sep 1814 children listed in pension file
Braddy Thomas b. 1795 NC Talbot County, GA Rogers Elizabeth Nov 1855 probably 2nd wife
Bradeen Henry 1781-1848 US York County, ME Nason Jemima 29 Sep 1803
Braden James d. 1855 TN Anderson County, TN Brummett Sarah 1822
Braden John 1780-1864 OH Beaver County, PA McIntyre Catherine 17 Aug 1813
Braden Mansfield d. 1827 US McMinn County, TN Lankford Rhoda 05 Sep 1816
Brader Jacob d. 1871 PA Luzerne County, PA Bilheimer Catherine 15 May 1819
Bradfield John 1791-1840 VA Hamilton County, TN Thurman Susannah 17 Mar 1825
Bradfield Joseph 1788-1813 US Amherst County, VA Housewright Sarah R. 22 Nov 1810 child Julian K. mentioned in file
Bradfield Samuel d. 1814 US Greene County, PA children Elzey, Rebecca, William, & Joseph mentioned in file
Bradfield William 1790-1862 VA Loudoun County, VA Alder Elizabeth Lattimer 04 Apr 1816
Bradfield William W. 1794-1855 VA Wabash County, IN McKnight Maria 08 Mar 1814
Bradford Archibald 1792-1860 CT Windham County, CT Hyde Emeline 09 Nov 1841
Bradford Archibald 1782-1870 GA Milton County, GA Carson Margaret 15 Apr 1805
Bradford Brazil Ransom 1794-1884 GA Marengo County, AL Hosea Ann C. (1st wife) 2nd wife Tabitha Deaton m. 04 Oct 1842
Bradford Calvin 1793-1875 MA Aroostook County, ME Keene Keziah 03 Feb 1820
Bradford Charles d. 1822 KY Fayette County, KY Corlis Mary Ann
Bradford Cornelius b. 1793 NY Clinton County, NY Comstock Polly 01 Jan 1816
Bradford Daniel 1796-1878 NH York County, ME Emerson Abigail 25 Dec 1823
Bradford Daniel Morgan 1793-1869 TN Madison County, AL Lamkin Mary Booker 28 Feb 1822
Bradford Daniel Richardson d. 1861 MD Mount Vernon, MO Smith Ann 05 Jul 1821
Bradford David b. 1788 US Erie County, PA Burton Esther 15 Feb 1809
Bradford Dura 1785-1873 MA Androscoggin County, ME Dillingham Sally 1806
Bradford Ethelbert 1791-1843 ME Androscoggin County, ME Terrill Abigail (1st wife) 2nd wife Rebecca Rose, 3rd wife Permelia Rose m. 17 May 1835
Bradford Hopestill 1790-1873 NY Herkimer County, NY Arnold Lydia (former wife) 3rd wife Sylvia F. West m. 06 Jun 1860
Bradford Hugh b. c1787 TN Henry County, TN Davison Keziah c1818
Bradford James d. 1853 MA Knox County, ME Higman Lovina 01 May 1813
Bradford James S. 1794-1878 GA Milton County, GA Cook Mary Ann 24 Mar 1817
Bradford John 1791-1881 US Greene County, OH Hamilton Ann 1819
Bradford John d. 1853 MD Madison County, VA Stricker Ann Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Armistead m. 10 Jun 1845
Bradford John d. 1827 PA Delaware County, PA Enoch Susanna 10 Oct 1805
Bradford John Brown c1794-1842 VA Accomack County, VA Addison Margaret "Peggy" 01 Jan 1811
Bradford Laban 1787-1841 VA Accomack County, VA Tignal Leah 30 Sep 1835 probably 2nd wife
Bradford Luther 1787-1861 MA Plymouth County, MA Holmes Ruth Cook (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Standish m. 05 Mar 1818
Bradford Middleton 1794-1866 SC Yalobusha County, MS Moody Martha G. (1st wife) 22 Mar 1821 2nd wife Lydia Belle McCollum, 3rd wife Elizabeth Ann Kuyendall
Bradford Perez 1791-1853 MA Washington County, ME Davis Deborah 21 Aug 1819 listed as Pereg
Bradford Prince 1783-1835 MA Plymouth County, MA Churchill Harriet 05 Nov 1815
Bradford Samuel d. 1884 MA Oxford County, ME Loring Mary Richmond 1811
Bradford Samuel 1796-1871 NY St. Lawrence County, NY Wright Abigail (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Chapin Perkins m. 19 Jan 1832
Bradford Samuel d. 1854 TN Wayne County, IL Hopkins Susannah (2nd wife) 27 Aug 1844
Bradford Seth 1786-1854 ME Androscoggin County, ME Record Lydia 02 Apr 1818
Bradford Thomas Hall c1771-1845 VA Accomack County, VA Bundick Elizabeth 03 Mar 1802
Bradish Joel 1794-1879 PA Erie County, PA Sanford Affadilla (1st wife) 2nd wife Harriet Bond m. 15 Sep 1836
Bradley Alexander d. 1862 MD Washington DC Ray Delia 04 Feb 1822
Bradley Alfred c1794-1853 NY Delaware County, NY Beers Sarah Ann 09 Jun 1839
Bradley Augustine d. 1849 VA Madison County, VA Lillard Mary "Polly" 26 Feb 1805
Bradley David b. 1792 VA Cumberland County, VA
Bradley Ebenezer Cook 1796-1891 MA Kane County, IL Sturgis Abigail 25 Feb 1819
Bradley Eli d. 1816 US Washington DC Beecher Mary births of all children listed in pension file
Bradley Eli d. 1872 GA Liberty County, GA Swilley Celia 1812
Bradley Elias B. d. 1858 NY Onondaga County, NY Holmes Phebe 18 May 1831 probably 2nd wife
Bradley Enoch E. d. c1877 NH Merrimack County, NH Morrill Mary May 1818
Bradley Foster d. 1873 MA Sagadahoc County, ME Stevens Phebe (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Mallett m. 06 Feb 1822
Bradley George b. 1793 CT New Haven County, CT Emily (1st wife) 2nd wife Lovisa
Bradley Isaac d. 1855 CT Prospect, CT surviving children's births listed in pension file
Bradley Isaac 1781-1870 TN Smith County, TN Cardwell Mary S. 08 Nov 1804
Bradley James Lane d. 1854 OH Portage County, OH Monroe Eleanor "Ellen" 20 May 1840 probably 2nd wife
Bradley Jason d. 1878 CT Cuyahoga County, OH Blood Alice (2nd wife) 24 Dec 1870
Bradley Jesse 1794-1863 TN Sumner County, TN Tribble Lucinda 18 Jan 1816
Bradley Jesse 1791-1871 VA Bedford County, VA Richards Sarah "Sally" 26 Nov 1822
Bradley John d. 1870 US Washington DC Brown Sarah M. 09 May 1826
Bradley John 1794-1879 GA Carroll County, GA Harper Polly Jan 1822
Bradley John 1785-1876 SC Crenshaw County, AL Gardner Margaret (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth m. 02 Dec 1856
Bradley John d. 1840 TN Knox County, TN Dowell Malinda 17 Feb 1818
Bradley John d. 1876 TN Tippah County, MS Childers Elizabeth 27 Oct 1858 probably 2nd wife
Bradley John d. 1852 VT Franklin County, VT Sturgess Polly 03 Dec 1801
Bradley Joseph d. 1815 US Litchfield County, CT Betsey 18 Apr 1804 children listed in pension file
Bradley Josiah 1790-1875 GA Jackson County, GA all wives dead in 1871
Bradley Leonard 1791-1875 CT Lorain County, OH Thrall Roxanna (1st wife) 2nd wife Emily Thompson m. 14 May 1862
Bradley Levi d. 1871 NY Niagara County, NY Potter Sophronia c1810
Bradley Luke 1794-1862 US Barry County, MO Woodall Agnes (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Bryant m. 08 Dec 1824
Bradley Myrick d. 1868 NY Onondaga County, NY Mary 12 Aug 1855 probably 2nd wife
Bradley Nathan d. 1871 NY Tompkins County, NY Wells Liana (1st wife) 2nd wife Aramintha m. 25 Oct 1846
Bradley Noyes 1794-1850 CT New Haven County, CT Riggs Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Twitchell m. 22 Sep 1850
Bradley Peter d. 1863 VT Laporte County, IN Ladd Phebe 18 Apr 1821
Bradley Philip d. 1826 VA Franklin County, VA Forbes Elizabeth 18 Oct 1817
Bradley Salmon b. 1797 VT Franklin County, VT
Bradley Samuel d. 1871 CT Cayuga County, NY Jackson Hannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Eliza C. Styles m. 12 Mar 1850
Bradley Samuel 1785-1886 TN Trousdale County, TN Cardwell Nancy Green (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Elizabeth Charlton m. 19 Apr 1859
Bradley Samuel Boone 1790-1871 KY Schuyler County, MO Nichols Elizabeth 04 Oct 1813
Bradley Thomas 1792-1858 GA Walton County, GA Oliver Susan 08 Feb 1821
Bradley Thomas 1792-1853 KY Schuyler County, MO Cockrell Elizabeth 24 Dec 1815
Bradley Thomas b. 1788 VA Audrain County, MO Minter Frances Dec 1812
Bradley Thomas Crutcher 1771-1860 TN Bradley County, AR Harpole Susan 18 Dec 1823 details appear on pension index page
Bradley Walter b. 1793 CT Tompkins County, NY Trupp Lucinda 12 Dec 1844 probably 2nd wife
Bradley William Preston 1796-1861 VA Randolph County, VA Burr Mary Copeland 26 Aug 1819
Bradley Willie d. 1867 TN Knox County, TN Dowell Elizabeth "Betsey" 08 Dec 1825
Bradner William 1783-1855 NY Wayne County, MI Parshall Deborah 05 May 1803
Bradrick Isaac 1793-1886 NJ Morgan County, OH Burdsall Lydia 19 Apr 1817 spelled BROADRICK
Bradshaw Benjamin 1793-1852 KY Knox County, MO Bailey Nancy D. 06 Oct 1824
Bradshaw Benjamin d. 1872 VA Nelson County, VA Griffin Rhoda Ann 14 Sep 1826
Bradshaw Daniel d. 1873 NC Marion County, SC Hilchin Martha c1815
Bradshaw Eli G. b. 1791 TN Maury County, TN
Bradshaw Henry c1793-1862 VA Weakley County, TN Leath Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Amy Fodge, 32d wife Mary Facen m. 27 Apr 1846
Bradshaw Isaac b. 1787 KY Lawrence County, OH Windle Anna 15 Nov 1839 probably 2nd wife
Bradshaw James d. 1842 KY Mercer County, KY Bradshaw Barsheba 18 Jun 1819
Bradshaw James d. 1849 VA Chesterfield County, VA Hudson Nancy A. 06 Mar 1818
Bradshaw James c1793-1871 VA Southampton County, VA Barnes Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Permelia Mumford m. 14 Feb 1855
Bradshaw John William 1790-1860 VA Marion County, IN Coyner Margaret Diller 10 Oct 1820 listed as William Bradshaw
Bradshaw Richard 1788-1872 TN Jefferson County, TN Prigmore Lydia 17 Aug 1809
Bradshaw Robert 1777-1852 KY Perry County, OH James Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Meyers m. 22 Jan 1824
Bradshaw Samuel d. 1876 NH Orange County, VT Tribou Jane 18 Mar 1819
Bradshaw Smith b. 1787 KY Lewis County, MO Chrisman Elizabeth "Betsy" 17 Jul 1817
Bradshaw Thomas 1788-1866 NC Alamance County, NC Turner Anne Dec 1808
Bradshaw Thomas 1787-1879 VA Hawkins County, TN Epperson Frances Sinai Jan 1815
Bradshaw Vincent d. 1874 NC Caswell County, NC Sarah "Sallie" 15 Feb 1820
Bradshaw William 1787-1853 KY Simpson County, KY Clark Nancy 17 Jul 1817
Bradshaw William c1793-1875 TN Coffee County, TN Harpole Margaret (1st wife) 2nd wife Hannah L. Richards m. 05 Jan 1845
Bradshaw William 1794-1863 VA Prince Edward County, VA Marshall Lucy Ann 16 Jun 1834 probably 2nd wife
Bradsher James c1795-1885 NC Orange County, NC Brown Sarah I. "Sallie" (1st wife) 2nd wife Eliza Jane Perry m. 27 Sep 1869
Bradstreet Moses 1790-1880 MA Waldo County, ME Dalle Susan 27 Apr 1819
Bradt Henry P. d. 1859 NY Scholarie County, NY Vanderheyden Magdalene (1st wife) 2nd wife Christina m. Oct 1809
Bradt John C. b. 1800 NY Albany County, NY Long Christina 06 Mar 1818
Brady Aaron d. 1856 TN Bledsoe County, TN Miller Vina 05 Jun 1811
Brady Alexander b. 1795 NY Kings County, NY Dilks Charlotte 25 Jul 1824
Brady David d. 1878 NJ Lagrange, Cass County, MI Scofield Susan 22 Jan 1851 probably 2nd wife
Brady Edmund b. c1797 TN Marshall County, AL Lamb Betsy 1823
Brady George 1780-1865 NC Iredell County, NC Bagwell Sarah 12 Jul 1812 spelled BREADY
Brady Henry 1794-1885 US Marion County, IN Dunn Hannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Ann Simcox m. 29 Mar 1865
Brady Hugh 1796-1874 PA Adams County, IL Reed Mary "Polly" 10 Dec 1817
Brady James d. 1852 OH Elkhart County, IN Watson Nancy 06 Sep 1814
Brady Jesse d. 1847 NC Lumpkin County, GA Tanner Esther B. 15 Sep 1814 spelled BRADDY children listed in pension file
Brady John b. 1794 MD Washington DC Davis Mary 18 Dec 1827
Brady John 1789-1882 VA Lincoln County, TN Gunn Susannah "Susan" (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucinda McKinney m. 27 Nov 1856
Brady John b. 1793 SC Daviess County, MO Nelley ? Elizabeth c1827
Brady Owen d. 1836 MD Prince Georges County, MD Onions Peggy (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Ann Buckler m. 27 Apr 1823
Brady Richard d. 1876 VA Rappahannock County, VA Gill Nancy 23 Feb 1825
Brady Thomas d. 1830 PA Franklin County, PA Long Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Sally Martin m. 26 Dec 1826
Brady William d. 1835 TN Rutherford County, TN Keeble Harriet R. 18 Nov 1819
Brady William Jarred d. 1830 NC Murfreesboro, TN Mares Sophia L. 01 Nov 1818
Brady William Perry 1795-1864 NAVY Harrisburg, PA Mussina Rachel (1st wife) 2nd wife Margaret Riorden m. 1851
Brady William Robert 1795-1869 NC Johnston County, NC Harrell Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Ann E. Davis m. 02 Jan 1848
Braffet George Washington c1795-1887 US Juab County, UT Davis Amanda (1st wife) spelled BROFIT
Braford Hosea 1782-1876 US Kent County, MI Spencer Doratha Aug 1804
Bragaw Abraham 1789-1865 NY Essex County, NJ Doremus Sally Roome 19 Jan 1819
Bragaw Richard Painter 1794-1871 NY Chambers County, AL Dawson Sarah T. (2nd wife) 23 Mar 1831
Bragaw William 1790-1879 NY Queens County, NY Townsend Anna 06 Jan 1820
Bragdon Amos d. 1862 MA York County, ME Wakefield Tabitha 12 Jan 1817
Bragdon Edmund b. 1794 MA York County, ME
Bragdon George d. 1877 MA Androscoggin County, ME Turner Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Ruhama Harrington m. 20 Jul 1850
Bragdon Jotham 1782-1852 MA Hancock County, ME Welch Lydia 10 Sep 1809
Bragdon Solomon 1793-1860 MA Cumberland County, ME Libby Hannah 21 Mar 1842 probably 2nd wife
Bragg Ariel R. d. 1885 Blank/US Litchfield County, CT Lindsey Mary Ann 06 Jun 1840 probably 2nd wife
Bragg James b. 1787 VA Lawrence County, OH Pusey Susannah 15 Nov 1811
Bragg John 1790-1845 Navy/US South Boston, MA Kenney Mary Ann 26 Dec 1824
Bragg John b. 1790 NC Hyde County, NC Nancy Jun 182?
Bragg John d. 1871 OH St. Clair County, IL Cox Rebecca (1st wife) 2nd wife Susan May, 3rd wife Elizabeth Allen
Bragg John 1792-1882 NAVY Rockingham County, NH Brown Patience 18 Dec 1813
Bragg John d. 1858 VA Dinwiddie County, VA Hill Maria A. 24 Apr 1839 probably 2nd wife
Bragg Joseph 1780-1836 VA Greenbrier County, VA Adkins Judith "Judy" 11 Dec 1803
Bragg Nehemiah G. 1795-1855 ME Kennebec County, ME Fairfield Lydia B. 15 Sep 1816 INCORRECTLY filed in the pension for Joseph Bragg from VA
Bragg Talbot b. 1790 VA Lincoln County, MO Ragland Eliza S. 05 Aug 1830 possibly Eliza S. Kelly
Bragg Thomas 1787-1879 VA Fluvanna County, VA Johnson Nancy 15 Dec 1809
Bragg Wyatt d. 1847 VA Louisa County, VA Desper Sarah "Sallie" 05 Dec 1827
Braham Samuel 1789-1874 PA Butler County, PA Patton Mary Ann 19 Jan 1819
Brailey Gideon 1792-1871 NY Fulton County, OH Green Anna 10 Jun 1814
Brainard Ansel d. 1885 CT Middlesex County, CT Shailor Olivia (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Day m. 14 Dec 1826
Brainard David 1788-1881 NY Ashtabula County, OH Dodge Hannah 29 May 1813
Brainard George Smith 1792-1872 CT Middlesex County, CT Clark Orpha (1st wife) spelled BRAINERD, 2nd wife Elizabeth Huntington m. 25 Nov 1850
Brainard Henry 1794-1884 CT Windham County, CT Blish Amelia 24 Feb 1820
Brainard Hezekiah d. 1862 CT Hartford County, CT Morgan Rebecca 03 Sep 1822
Brainard John d. 1870 NH Midland County, MI Sherman Sally (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah J. Hurlbut m. 30 Aug 1858
Brainard John 1789-1867 VT Addison County, VT Buck Harriet 08 Sep 1813
Brainard Louden d. 1865 VT Oneida County, NY Hunt Hetta 15 Feb 1821
Brainard Nial 1793-1872 NY Jones County, IA Ross Asena
Brainard Obadiah 1784-1866 NY Delaware County, NY Fuller Lydia 08 Aug 1808
Brainard Seth 1792-1877 CT Cuyahoga County, OH Brainard Delilah 27 Aug 1812
Brainard Shaler 1796-1872 NY Bureau County, IL Herrick Amanda (1st wife) 2nd wife Betsey Warner m. 08 Mar 1832 listed as Shalor
Brainerd Abner 1793-1862 CT Middlesex County, CT Sage Lucy Fowler 02 Dec 1819 spelled BRAINARD
Brainerd Alfred 1787-1875 NY Genesee County, MI Goff Asenath (1st wife) spelled BRAINARD, 2nd wife Elizabeth W. Eaton m. 07 Mar 1855
Brainerd Asher d. 1855 NY Jefferson County, NY Palmer Clarissa Dec 1816 spelled BRAINARD
Brainerd Chauncey d. 1861 CT Kings County, NY Post Narcissa 07 Feb 1822
Brainerd Hezekiah 1795-1890 NY Geauga County, OH Johnson Lovisa (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary A. Talbott m. 10 Nov 1859
Brainerd Lester d. 1871 CT Middlesex County, CT Coe Elizabeth 04 Jul 1810
Brainerd Solomon 1781-1825 OH Mahoning County, OH Jaqua Charity 03 Jan 1805
Braithwaite Benjamin 1786-1871 VA Frederick County, VA Hoffman Mariah 07 Nov 1823
Braithwaite John 1794-1864 VA Frederick County, VA Farmer Susan 08 May 1828
Brakebill Peter d. 1853 OH Licking County, OH Sowers Elizabeth 12 Nov 1811
Brakeman Henry 1785-1869 NY Lake County, OH Race Clarissa (1st wife) 2nd wife Ann m. 18 Nov 1858
Braly John Henry 1794-1877 TN Clay County, MO Liggett Hannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Coddington Galloway m. Jul 1832
Braman Isaac 1796-1869 NY Wayne County, NY Morley Eunice (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah "Sally" Hoyt m. 24 Nov 1842
Bramble Daniel S. d. 1856 NY Ontario County, NY Peck Serepta M. 20 Aug 1818
Bramble James 1784-1872 OH Fulton County, IL Poe Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Debolt Pitzer m. 01 Oct 1829
Bramel Elias Elisha 1784-1876 MD Robertson County, KY Moran Rebecca 25 Jan 1815
Bramer Joseph Harris 1796-1878 VA Owen County, IN Hartsof Frances 24 Aug 1836 spelled BRAMMER
Bramhall Edmund 1790-1841 NY Lake Erie, NY Hurlburt Sarah "Sally" 19 Feb 1814 spelled Edmond
Bramhall Elias Elisha 1784-1876 MD Robertson County, KY Moran Rebecca 25 Jan 1815 spelled BRAMEL
Bramhall Joseph 1789-1874 NY Wyoming County, PA Maxwell Minerva (1st wife) 2nd wife Rosetta Lane m. 16 Jun 1841
Bramil John d. 1875 VA Prince William County, VA Upton Sarah Aug 1817 spelled Brammell
Bramlett Newton 1796-1872 GA Gwinnett County, GA Yeargen Oney Dec 1819
Brammell John d. 1875 VA Prince William County, VA Upton Sarah Aug 1817
Brammer James 1790-1876 VA Lawrence County, OH Simmons Sarah Henderson 11 Jan 1814
Brammer Joseph Harris 1796-1878 VA Owen County, IN Hartsof Frances 24 Aug 1836 His papers are INCORRECTLY filed in JAMES BRAMMER's file
Brammer William 1785-1851 VA Franklin County, VA Bowles Mary 1813
Branam Beveridge B. d. 1861 TN Franklin County, TN Napier Elizabeth 1817
Branaman Abraham 1791-1874 VA Rockcastle County, KY Heneey Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Ann Carpenter m. 12 Jan 1835
Branch Asher 1794-1875 NY Nacogdoches County, TX Kulbeth Nancy Dilco 22 Apr 1821
Branch Benjamin d. 1858 VA Southampton County, VA Pond Emma 23 Feb 1814
Branch Britten d. 1845 VA Monroe County, KY Branch Mary 20 Jun 1811
Branch Edward d. 1874 VA Attala County, MS Ragland Winiford 24 Mar 1830
Branch Elijah 1789-1869 US Lake County, OH Frisbie Sophia 04 Jul 1815
Branch Jasper Levi 1798-1875 US Wayne County, IL Hutchens Rebecca 27 Oct 1817
Branch Leroy VA Chesterfield County, VA Bruce Matilda Archer 01 Dec 1823
Branch Robert F. d. 1858 VA Dinwiddie County, VA
Branch Walter 1792-1878 NY Huron County, OH Burton May (1st wife) 2nd wife Phila Dexter m. 07 Mar 1844
Brand Cashnell or Cashnel b. 1793 GA Gwinnett County, GA Williams Sytha
Brand Edward or Edouard d. 1870 LA St. James Parish, LA Clouatre Rosalie 13 Jan 1816
Brand James 1783-1868 NY Clinton County, NY Hilliard Fanny 28 Jul 1805
Brand James 1787-1882 VA Vernon County, MO Burrows Sarah 11 May 1815
Brand Malachi b. 1793 GA Paulding County, GA
Brand Rosemond d. 1848 LA Ascension Parish, LA Melancon Emerate (2nd wife) 25 Jul 1839
Brand Stephen 1793-1874 NY Clinton County, NY Mason Electa (1st wife) 2nd wife Phebe Moore m. 09 Aug 1838
Brand Thomas R. 1794-1879 NY Montgomery County, NY Burch Prudence 05 Apr 1818
Brand Zachariah N. 1794-1868 GA Tallapoosa County, AL Bloodworth Tamzy Elizabeth 27 Dec 1817
Brandenburg Solomon 1794-1861 IN Coles County, IL Williams Alazan 25 Sep 1814
Brandenburg William 1790-1875 OH Clinton County, OH Pierson Mary 1812 spelled BRANDENBURGH
Brandenburgh Jesse 1795-1877 MD Belmont County, OH Turner Matilda May 1818
Brando Apollos 1791-1874 NY Greene County, NY Van Orden Catherine 27 Feb 1816 spelled BRANDOW
Brandom Francis b. 1783 VA Jackson County, WV Howell Elizabeth Sep 1859 probably 2nd wife
Brandon Carter d. 1861 US Jackson County, AL Wright Mary 12 Jul 1821
Brandon George 1791-1873 US Jackson County, IL Gillespie Jane (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha Walden m. 18 Sep 1853
Brandon James 1794-1875 PA Butler County, PA Stewart Elizabeth 14 Mar 1816
Brandon John d. 1861 KY Jefferson County, IN Gray Anna 23 Dec 1819
Brandon John d. 1854 NY Greene County, NY Betts Martha 01 May 1807
Brandon Joseph 1789-1865 SC York County, SC McGill Sarah 06 Feb 1845 probably 2nd wife
Brandon Peter 1786-1828 US St. Louis, MO McConnell Nancy 16 May 1813
Brandon Robert 1788-1874 VA Calloway County, MO Holt Jane 17 Jan 1811
Brandon Samuel d. 1850 US Dade County, GA Susan (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Graves m. 20 Mar 1837
Brandon William b. 1786 VA Halifax County, VA Wiley Esther 15 Nov 1811
Brandow Abraham d. 1855 NY Cortland County, NY Egbertson Mary 23 Dec 1821
Brandow Isaiah 1790-1877 NY Greene County, NY Burke Christina 23 Apr 1815
Brands Peter d. 1871 PA Delaware County, PA Hiser Mary 23 Mar 1813
Brandt George c1788-1851 PA Delaware County, PA Holstein Sarah 13 Feb 1812
Brandt John d. 1857 NY Clark County, OH Brown Magdalena c1820
Branerd Davis d. c1879 NY Broome County, NY Beardsley Annis Apr 1817
Branham Aaron d. 1840 VA Greenbrier County, VA Gregory Sarah 24 Nov 1831
Branham George 1786-1873 KY Clinton County, KY Maloney Eleanor 24 Feb 1814
Branham John T. b. 1787 US Parke County, IN Martin Nancy 28 Mar 1821
Branham Nathaniel d. 1861 VA Louisa County, VA Jemima c1810
Branham Richard b. 1794 US Union County, KY Grady Amanda 18 Jun 1861 probably 2nd wife
Branham Tarlton 1789-1870 TN Madison County, AL Witt Agathy 23 Oct 1810 spelled Talton
Branigin John P. c1790-1830 VA Mason County, KY Branch Lucy Finney 15 Dec 1813 spelled BRANIJIN
Brank Ephraim McLean 1791-1875 KY Muhlenberg County, KY Campbell Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Ruth Weir
Brann Charles d. 1868 US Lincolnville, ME Hepsebeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary m. 17 Nov 1843
Brann Joseph c1790-1837 KY Pendleton County, KY Moore Anna 25 Aug 1809
Brann Thomas M. d. 1850 KY Boone County, KY Moore Elizabeth G. 08 Dec 1809
Brannan Andrew d. 1871 NY Hillsdale County, MI Hoffmer Alice 03 Jul 1817
Brannan John d. 1880 NJ Camden, NJ Ledwin Rachel 02 Dec 1813
Brannan John d. 1839 SC Mobile County, AL Fontaine Lucy F. 30 Oct 1819
Brannan Michael 1795-1879 NY Juniata County, PA Trumph Lydia Jane 15 Nov 1831
Brannan Samuel R. 1792-1866 SC Mobile County, AL Mason Celah 05 Sep 1822 spelled BRANNON
Brannan Thomas 1795-1864 MS Wilkinson County, MS White Martha (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane m. 01 May 1851
Brannen Hope c1793-1867 GA Screven County, GA Humphreys Sophia E. 26 Nov 1829
Brannen Thomas Jefferson 1791-1860 VA Bartholomew County, IN Parks Sally (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Fulwider m. 05 Apr 1837
Branner Michael 1793-1876 TN Chattooga County, GA Leith Edith 01 Sep 1814
Brannon Levi d. 1876 VA Berkeley County, WV Gray Ruth 07 Jun 1827
Brannon Thomas Jefferson 1791-1860 VA Bartholomew County, IN Parks Sally (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Fulwider m. 05 Apr 1837 spelled BRANNEN
Branscomb Benjamin 1792-1862 VA Jackson County, OH Seward Tabitha 07 Dec 1815 spelled BRANSCOM
Branscomb James 1791-1881 VA Carroll County, VA Jones Frances 05 Mar 1815
Branscome Reuben 1789-1870 VA Carroll County, VA O'Neal Hannah Jane 28 Sep 1811 spelled BRANSCOMB
Bransford Nathan 1795-1881 US Butler County, AL Powell Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Lee m. 26 Dec 1850
Branson Isaac 1794-1858 OH Delaware County, IN Chipman Martha 07 Jun 1818
Branson James d. 1828 MD St. Mary's County, MD Graves Catherine 07 Feb 1814
Branson John d. 1870 PA Adams County, OH Beans Rebecca 13 Jun 1818
Branson Joseph d. 1872 MD Brooklyn, NY Dukehart Mary Ann 14 Nov 1826
Branson William d. 1876 NC Pulaski County, KY Hutchins Sary 18 Oct 1804
Branstetter Frederick 1795-1873 TN Pike County, MO Branstetter Susanna Feb 1822
Branstetter John L. 1791-1878 KY Barren County, KY Amyx Catherine 1820
Brant Charles S. Fullwood b. 1796 Navy Shelby County, IL Book Ruth 15 Feb 1822
Brant John d. 1866 MD Allegany County, MD Eckles Sarah Ann 01 Jun 1814
Brant Joshua Bosworth 1790-1861 US St. Louis, MO Lovejoy Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Benton m. 31 Dec 1829
Brant Peter b. 1794 NY Wayne County, NY Lefergy Jane 12 Jan 1814
Brantley David Wilkins 1798-1862 NC Washington County, AL Dowdle Sarah Eleanor 30 Aug 1829
Brantley Joshua 1778-1854 GA Walton County, GA Radford Temperance 01 Feb 1809 spelled BRANTLY
Brantly William d. 1879 NC Chesterfield County, SC Lee Pereby Sep 1820
Branton Reddick c1795-1842 AL Lawrence County, MS Craker Elizabeth 12 Oct 1818
Branum James b. 1793 TN Madison County, AL Hill Polly 01 Jun 1814
Branum Tarlton 1789-1870 TN Madison County, AL Witt Agathy 23 Oct 1810 spelled BRANHAM, TALTON
Brasfield George W. 1789-1837 VA Shelby County, KY Cotton Sophia 10 Jul 1821 aka Thomas J. Brasfield
Brasfield James 1790-1839 KY Platte County, MO Lafferty Jane 06 Jun 1816
Brashaw Daniel d. 1850 US Sandusky County, OH Louden Catherine 04 Sep 1817
Brashear Lemuel S. c1787-1827 TN Sumner County, TN Mitchell Amelia Feb 1808 spelled BRASHER
Brashear Meredith 1793-1883 SC Ralls County, MO McClure Elizabeth spelled MEREDA BRASHEARS
Brashear Otho 1793-1860 PA Guernsey County, OH Colvin Hannah 07 Jun 1821
Brashear Sampson 1788-1878 TN Perry County, KY Bright Margaret 26 Jun 1817 spelled BRASHERS
Brashears Otho 1796-1875 KY Breckenridge County, KY Wills Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Julia Ann Blake m. 15 Jan 1837
Brasket Benjamin b. 1798 US Jasper County, IN Richards Ellender 20 Nov 1864 probably 2nd wife
Brass Thomas b. 1791 NY Sullivan County, NY Reynolds Rachel 06 Feb 1812
Brassfield James c1790-1839 TN Campbell County, TN Heron Arman 09 Feb 1813
Brasted William d. 1875 VT Essex County, NY Russell Anna 14 Oct 1819
Braswell Elias 1796-1877 TN Blount County, AL Ray Phereby (1st wife) spelled BRASSEALE 2nd wife Jane m. 18 Aug 1874
Braswell Samuel b. 1796 GA Clarke County, GA Thomas Frankey 08 Jan 1813
Braswell Shadrack 1795-1881 NC Union County, NC Trull Sarah
Bratcher William b. 1796 TN Grayson County, KY
Bratney Joseph 1798-1849 TN Randolph County, IL Beattie Eleanor (1st wife) 2nd wife Margaret Bolton m. 07 Dec 1843 2 daughters mentioned in file
Bratt Benjamin d. 1841 NY Monroe County, MI Burns Mary 14 Nov 1807
Brattin Thomas Stuart c1795-1868 VA Ross County, OH Wiseman Sarah 07 Sep 1815 spelled BRATTON
Bratton John b. 1789 OH Muskingum County, OH Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Ann Smith, 3rd wife Eliza Hinman m. 08 Apr 1841
Bratton Robert b. 1796 VA Alleghany County, VA Otey Hannah 25 Jul 1825
Bratton Thomas 1763-1833 VA Montgomery County, VA Jordan Mary "Polly" c1808
Bratton Thomas c1795-1868 VA Ross County, OH Wiseman Sarah 07 Sep 1815
Braught Adam b. c1788 PA Blair County, PA Imboden Rebecca 23 Apr 1810 spelled BRAUCHT
Braun James 1791-1852 MA Somerset County, ME Sears Fanny P. 01 Oct 1814 spelled BRAWN
Braun Solomon b. 1792 US Rockingham County, NH Langley Mary 10 May 1831 probably 2nd wife
Braux Olezime b. 1797 LA Iberville Parish, LA Bourgeois Bazibe 07 Aug 1822
Brawdy Aaron b. 1787 TN Wayne County, MI
Brawley William S. 1794-1833 VA Kanawha County, VA Keeney Frances 04 Apr 1811
Brawner Henry b. 1794 VA Trousdale County, TN Gammon Mary "Polly" Mar 1817
Brawner John Zachariah 1790-1864 US Weakley County, TN Uhles Jane B. 16 Jun 1814
Brawner Theophilus 1789-1866 MD Franklin County, KY Wade Rachel 09 Nov 1820
Brawner William c1799-1842 KY Hardin County, KY Carlisle Malinda 30 Mar 1820
Bray Anselm 1798-1849 MA Springfield, OH Chittenden Lucia Marilla Apr 1834 probably 2nd wife
Bray Daniel b. 1793 US Pulaski County, MO Casey Susan 21 Oct 1819
Bray Jacob b. 1788 US Gloucester County, MA Burgen Abigail 09 Dec 1817
Bray Jacob 1794-1882 MA Cumberland County, ME Lewis Harriet McLellan 03 Apr 1832 probably 2nd wife
Bray Jacob C. d. 1880 MA Essex County, MA Farr Esther (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha m. 24 Apr 1855
Bray James 1790-1870 VA Henrico County, VA Staples Mary Smith 13 Jan 1814
Bray Joel 1795-1868 NC Surry County, NC Hill Telitha 25 May 1820
Bray John c1795-1866 MD Allegany County, MD Davis Malinda 25 Dec 1822
Bray Libbens d. 1870 ME Dover, ME Catherine 01 Jan 1823
Bray Nathaniel d. 1856 MA Androscoggin County, ME Keene Deborah 16 Dec 1816
Bray Nathaniel 1791-1844 NY Waterloo, OH Bowers Rosannah 18 Dec 1814 Bible record is in pension file
Bray Stogner d. 1881 TN Sullivan County, MO Waters Mary "Polly"
Brayfield John R. d. c1835 MD Charles County, MD DeVaughn Susanna 05 Dec 1816
Brayfield Walter d. 1859 US Franklin County, IL Mitchell Elizabeth L. 08 Sep 1814
Brayton Caleb 1794-1883 NY Washington County, NY Carrington Mary
Brayton Jeremiah Clinton 1793-1869 NY Jefferson County, WI Manville Maria 09 Aug 1816
Brayton Rufus 1784-1869 VT Grand Isle County, VT Dillenback Catherine (1st wife) 2nd wife Anna Soule m. 20 Apr 1821
Brayton Thomas 1796-1885 NY Washington County, NY Carrington Sally (1st wife) 2nd wife Susan Beard
Brazier Joseph d. 1877 US Waldo County, ME Emery Hepsibah 03 May 1833 probably 2nd wife
Brazil James b. 1787 US Essex County, MA Raymond Eunice 1809 spelled BRAZIL
Bread Daniel b. 1792 NY Brown County, WI Cornelis Peggy Nov 1816
Bready George 1780-1865 NC Iredell County, NC Bagwell Sarah 12 Jul 1812
Breardy John d. 1866 VA Belmont County, OH Moore Nancy 29 Dec 1813
Brearley Benjamin 1785-1843 US Van Buren County, MI Ryall Susan 06 Apr 1812
Breasted Peter d. 1853 NY Greene County, NY Calkins Catherine 21 Dec 1806
Breaux Pierre Louis 1797-1881 LA Lafourche Parish, LA Roger Marie Euphrosyne spelled BRAUX
Breck Moses 1793-1882 MA Hampshire County, MA Kingsley Judith 23 Feb 1820
Breckenridge Eddy Linn 1788-1875 KY Clay County, MO Duncan Eleanor 23 Jan 1817 spelled Eddylyn
Breckenridge James d. 1864 VT Huron County, OH Clarissa L. (2nd wife) 26 Jul 1858
Breckenridge William d. 1865 PA Mercer County, PA Wallace Jane (1st wife) 2nd wife Eliza R. Marshall m. 24 Jun 1852
Brecount David 1784-1867 OH Hamilton County, OH Lereu Lorency 12 Jan 1814
Breden James 1784-1863 TN Macoupin County, IL Neaville Cynthia Ann (2nd wife) 20 Oct 1836
Breece William E. b. 1799 NJ Somerset County, NJ Hunt Sarah Ann 26 Dec 1860 probably 2nd or 3rd wife
Breed Benjamin Franklin 1801-1877 CT New London County, CT Breed Mary Ann 20 Feb 1823
Breed James 1794-1884 NY Chautauqua County, NY Kinne Elizabeth 02 Feb 1817
Breed Jesse Billings 1798-1876 CT New London County, CT Breed Freelove (1st wife) 30 Jun 1823 2nd wife Alvira Peabody m. 15 Apr 1869
Breed John 1794-1860 CT New London County, CT Hancox Prudence 05 Dec 1838 probably 2nd wife
Breed Joseph 1790-1870 NY Chenango County, NY Brown Charlotte
Breed Nathan d. 1875 GA Douglass County, GA Jones Permelia 27 Feb 1817
Breed Obadiah or Obediah 1795-1877 NY Jo Daviess County, IL Cole Lucy 10 Aug 1816 spelled OBEDIAH
Breed Oliver 1789-1862 NY Oswego County, NY Merry Candice 09 Feb 1817
Breed Rensselaer d. 1815 NY Onondaga County, NY Palmer Lydia 15 Jan 1813
Breeden Richard 1791-1864 TN Ripley County, IN Lockhart Sarah 03 Aug 1817
Breeden William 1794-1878 TN Douglas County, MO Murry Jane (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane m. 14 Apr 1848
Breeding Thomas d. 1835 OH Hamilton County, OH Hutchinson Mary 05 Mar 1812
Breedlove Martin D. d. 1867 VA Botetourt County, VA Brads Eleanor 12 Mar 1833 probably 2nd wife
Breese Bailey 1782-1859 NJ Lee County, IL Arwine Deborah (1st wife) 2nd wife Phebe Runyon, 3rd wife Clarissa Hampton m. 21 Dec 1850
Breese Robert 1780-1862 IN Jefferson County, IL Copple Margaret Jane Nov 1809 spelled BREEZE
Breeze Robert 1780-1862 IN Jefferson County, IL Copple Margaret Jane Nov 1809
Breidenthal John Henry 1784-1868 PA Allegheny County, PA Dodson Mary Elizabeth listed as Henry Breidenthal
Breland John Robertson 1794-1875 LA St. Tammany Parish, LA Rodgers Luraney (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Lewis m. 13 Jan 1839
Brelsford Jesse d. 1845 VA Hampshire County, VA Jacobs Mary E. 14 Jan 1814
Brelsford Joseph b. 1796 PA Berks County, PA Moffitt Sarah 22 Jan 1820
Brenard George d. 1866 Blank Somerset County, PA Keely Mary 1818
Brendton John William b. 1792 NY Erie County, NY
Brengle Lawrence d. c1836 MD Frederick County, MD Menche Mary 18 Dec 1819
Brennamer Anthony d. 1857 VA Clark County, MO Brenton Martha Elizabeth 12 Feb 1839 spelled BRUNNEMER
Brent Francis d. 1874 Navy Neosho County, KS James Mary Ann (2nd wife) Dec 1827
Brent John Heath 1794-1882 VA Fairfax County, VA Baylor Lucy Page 06 Mar 1833
Brent Kenner 1796-1878 VA Warren County, IL Brent Elizabeth Edmonds (1st wife) 2nd wife Ann N. Hubbard m. 31 Jul 1867
Brentlinger George b. 1783 OH Indiana County, PA Sides Catherine Apr 1820
Brentlinger John b. 1794 KY Jefferson County, KY Winan Mary
Bresee Harmon d. 1859 NY Otsego County, NY Post Polly 1813
Breshears John 1793-1869 TN Polk County, MO Hogg Naomi Ann (Neoma) 01 Mar 1821
Bresler John 1779-1864 OH Fairfield County, OH Letterman Katie (1st wife) 2nd wife Esther Nestlerode m. Jun 1827
Bressie William d. 1867 VA Norfolk County, VA Sykes Elizabeth Ann 01 Feb 1840 probably 2nd wife
Brest Andrew 1791-1871 PA Mercer County, PA Rodgers Mary Ann 03 May 1812
Brett Henry 1796-1867 NY Orange County, NY Lawrence Maria 27 Sep 1820
Brett John F. b. 1789 NY Chenango County, NY Adams Lydia 07 Oct 1817
Brett Martin Wiltsie 1788-1879 NY New York, NY Milledoler Susan Anne
Brett Samuel c1781-1843 MA Plymouth County, MA Thayer Lucy 22 May 1831
Brett Seneca 1792-1872 MA Otisfield, ME French Sarah P. 20 Feb 1827
Brett Silas H. b. 1794 MA Laporte County, IN Payne Sarah Feb 1809
Brett Simeon 1792-1876 MA Oxford County, ME Hayford Sophronia (1st wife) 2nd wife Rosette Jones m. 18 Nov 1838
Brett William 1791-1873 NY Dutchess County, NY Strong Emeret M. (1st wife) 2nd wife Cornelia Van Vliet m. 01 Nov 1825
Brett William McFarlan 1792-1875 NY Boone County, IL Crittenden Electa 12 Sep 1832 probably 2nd wife
Brett Zenas 1785-1868 MA Plymouth County, MA French Sybil (1st wife) 2nd wife Almira Packard m. 28 Nov 1836
Brett Zibeon 1784-1874 MA Plymouth County, MA Snell Lavinia (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy S. Warren m. 28 Mar 1850
Brettun Ira 1795-1852 MA Bristol County, MA Lucinda E. 25 Mar 1847 probably 2nd wife
Bretz Ludwick d. 1859 PA Dauphin County, PA Wolf Margaret 06 Mar 1817
Brevard Samuel b. 1790 MD York County, PA
Brevoort Samuel 1795-1875 US Chautauqua County, NY Barber Huldah 05 Dec 1822
Brewbaker Abraham d. c1888 VA Botetourt County, VA Dill Anne 05 Sep 1816
Brewbaker Andrew d. 1884 Sv Unknown Lima, OH Lawrence Elizabeth 17 Nov 1833 filed under Service Unknown
Brewen John d. 1871 PA Ray County, MO Cowgill Hannah 25 Jun 1818
Brewer Abraham d. 1822 NY New York, NY Nelson Sarah 01 Jul 1812
Brewer Abraham V. b. 1791 KY Johnson County, IN Rice Delilah 14 Jun 1814
Brewer Abram d. 1869 NY Livingston County, NY Young Catherine 04 Nov 1819
Brewer Cornelius c1790-1872 TN Wayne County, TN Staggs Mary Polly Jul 1804
Brewer Edmund b. 1789 GA Gwinnett County, GA King Nancy 1830 probably 2nd wife
Brewer Hardy W. b. c1792 NC Perry County, KY Brown Nancy Sep 1814
Brewer Hopkins d. 1865 VA Franklin County, VA Mitchell Susan A. 09 Mar 1835 probably 2nd wife
Brewer Isaac 1789-1849 MA Stockbridge, MA Rewey Cynthia (1st wife) 2nd wife Charlotte P. Potter m. 1820
Brewer Isaac 1790-1868 VA Logan County, WV Meade Elizabeth 30 May 1813
Brewer James 1794-1862 OH Douglas County, IL Long Eleanor 04 May 1820
Brewer John d. 1830 NC Sampson County, NC Brown Mary 1814
Brewer John 1792-1851 OH Dougals County, IL Snedaker Lavina 03 Sep 1818
Brewer John d. 1878 TN Alcorn County, MS Woods Darcus 11 Dec 1804
Brewer John d. 1875 US Rutherford County, TN Carroll Elizabeth 1825
Brewer John Augustus 1785-1845 MD Washington County, MD Krebs Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Amelia Heller m. 11 Mar 1819
Brewer John W. d. 1857 GA Lawrence County, MS Bardwell Sarah T. 26 Oct 1834 probably 2nd wife
Brewer Joseph d. 1879 GA Newton County, GA Roberts Frances 12 Aug 1830
Brewer Joseph b. 1787 NJ Monmouth County, NJ Elizabeth 06 Dec 1804
Brewer Osborne b. 1795 MS Greene County, MS McInnis Isabella 26 Feb 1819
Brewer Peter d. 1880 NY Livingston County, MI Munger Abigail 01 Mar 1865 probably 2nd wife
Brewer Richard d. 1890 NY Erie County, OH Shafer Nancy 26 Apr 1818
Brewer Richard 1790-1849 OH Vermilion County, IL Rodrick Christena 28 Oct 1813
Brewer Samuel b. 1785 VA Jackson County, IN Powell Mary Mar 1838 probably 2nd wife
Brewer Stephen b. 1792 Navy Cincinnati, OH Margaret 01 Aug 1822
Brewer Wiley c1790-1867 VA Brunswick County, VA Pearson Tabitha W. Jan 1817 spelled Willie
Brewer William b. 1792 NJ Hunterdon County, NJ Eliza
Brewer William d. 1862 VA Halifax County, VA Edwards Anna 14 Aug 1828
Brewer William 1790-1873 VA Campbell County, VA Hurt Litha or Sitha 18 Sep 1817
Brewer William M. 1793-1881 NC Moore County, NC Stutts Elizabeth Jennet Jan 1811
Brewer Willie c1790-1867 VA Brunswick County, VA Pearson Tabitha W. Jan 1817
Brewer Willis Hamlin 1790-1869 GA Monroe County, MS Walpole Mary Spence 08 Nov 1819
Brewington James Matterson c1790-1864 TN Putnam County, TN Smith Blessed 1812 spelled BRUINGTON
Brewster Alba (Albe) d. 1871 VT Huron County, OH Paige Cynthia (1st wife) 16 Mar 1816 2nd wife Elmira Wilder m. 1826, 3rd wife Lydia M. Vaughan m. 1850
Brewster Benjamin 1796-1882 MA Knox County, ME Kiff Hannah G. 08 Jul 1821
Brewster Charles d. 1850 PA Orange County, NY Annora (1st wife) 2nd wife Eunice B. Bonsall m. 03 Aug 1824
Brewster Deodat b. 1789 VT Walworth County, WI
Brewster Dyer b. 1793 VT Orange County, NY Vaneberie Elizabeth 1818
Brewster Ephraim 1782-1880 NY Jefferson County, NY Harmon Adah (1st wife) 2nd wife Abigail Smith
Brewster Ira 1796-1887 NY Meigs County, OH Richardson Esther
Brewster James Madison 1787-1866 MS Lauderdale County, MS Smith Mary Jane "Molly" (1st wife) 2nd wife Charity Edwards m. 25 Dec 1841
Brewster John d. 1860 MA Essex County, MA Bartlett Abigail 22 Nov 1814
Brewster John d. 1859 TN Claiborne County, TN Smith Jennie (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Grubbe m. 02 Jun 1851
Brewster Jonathan D. d. 1874 SC Bartow County, GA Glisson/King Mary c1829
Brewster Joseph H. d. 1863 NH Strafford County, NH Garland Lydia 04 Jan 1818
Brewster Justin 1794-1884 CT Oneida County, NY Hull Sarah Ann Nov 1819
Brewster Justus 1794-1868 CT Oneida County, NY Foster Polly (1st wife) 2nd wife Marianna Jefferson m. 23 Jul 1862
Brewster Leonard d. c1878 VT Huron County, OH
Brewster Nathaniel D. 1786-1869 NY Orange County, NY Smedes Keziah Oldfield (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary A. Bowne m. 15 Aug 1854
Brewster Oliver Wadsworth 1791-1872 US Stephenson County, IL Stow Statira 06 May 1815
Brewster Patrick b. 1791 CT Norwich, CT
Brewster Peter d. 1845 PA Philadelphia, PA Boller/Bunner Eliza 28 Jun 1818
Brewster Samuel d. 1859 NH Rockingham County, NH Pottle Eleanor 20 Apr 1817
Brewster Samuel 1786-1871 NY Putnam County, NY Strang Elizabeth Conklin "Eliza" 11 Jan 1815
Brewster Samuel 1796-1879 NY Orange County, NY Gibson Martha 28 Feb 1826
Brewster Thomas 1785-1874 NY Essex County, NY Lewis Mary "Polly" 01 Mar 1812
Brewster Thomas Chatfield 1795-1857 NY Orange County, NY Seely Nancy 23 Dec 1819
Brewster William d. 1879 MA Chicago, IL Lewis Maria F. (1st wife) 2nd wife Virginia Stewart m. 17 Jan 1856
Brewster William 1783-1868 NY Hillsdale County, MI Palmer Anna 08 Nov 1812
Brewster William 1787-1876 NY Monroe County, NY Williams Sybil (1st wife) 2nd wife Pamela Babbitt, 3rd wife Elizabeth Atwater m. 05 Oct 1843
Breyman Christian d. 1862 PA Seneca County, OH Auman Catharine 16 May 1814
Brian James d. 1866 US Duplin County, NC Bowen Rebecca (1st wife) 2nd wife Prudence Rouse m. 1842
Brian James 1794-1878 SC York County, SC Collins Susannah
Brian Joseph b. 1793 MD Baltimore, MD Miller Hannah 27 Mar 1819
Brian Thomas 1796-1871 SC Spartanburg County, SC Camp Narcissa Mira 25 Oct 1819
Briant Charles Elijah 1793-1857 VA Wood County, VA King Sarah 20 Nov 1817
Briant William d. 1883 TN Quachita County, AR Briant Elisa O. 21 Sep 1827
Briant William d. 1871 US Smith County, TN Dobbs Hannah
Brice James 1791-1881 MS Bienville Parish, LA Bryce Margaret 1817
Brice Robert 1793-1841 TN Hawkins County, TN Carmack Katherine 24 Nov 1819
Brickert Frederick b. 1785 PA Morgan County, IN Orner Catherine Aug 1812
Brickey John Smith 1791-1872 MO St. Louis County, MO Hord Susan 1818
Brickey Peter 1794-1874 TN Crawford County, MO Sutton Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Hannah m. 16 Feb 1864
Brickey William d. 1848 TN Camden County, MO Waters Abigail 27 May 1823
Brickhouse George 1794-1878 VA Northampton County, VA Sanford Ann J. 21 Dec 1815
Brickley Andrew d. 1870 MD Cecil County, MD Campbell Mary C. 21 Aug 1828
Brickley John J. d. 1849 NY Niagara County, NY Kuney Catherine 14 Oct 1808
Briddle John d. 1867 Blank Adair County, MO West Sarah 23 Apr 1821
Bridge Bezaleel 1795-1860 US Marion County, OH Warner Delia Almira 30 Aug 1814 spelled Bazaleel
Bridge George d. 1865 NY St. Lawrence County, NY Bunnell Elizabeth 09 Feb 1816
Bridge John b. c1795 NY Lorain County, OH Chamberlain Betsey 01 Feb 1814
Bridge Samuel 1794-1874 NY Cass County, MI Susan Mar 1853 probably 2nd wife
Bridgeford John Lewis 1793-1871 OH Jay County, IN York Hannah (1st wife) spelled BRIDGFORD 2nd wife Abigail Caldwell m. 24 Jan 1861
Bridgeman William d. 1872 US Erie County, OH Rice Mary 28 Jan 1845 probably 2nd wife
Bridges Abiel 1793-1867 NH McHenry County, IL Houghton Lucretia 19 Jul 1820
Bridges Abraham 1794-1887 MA Washington County, ME Smith Ruth 27 Nov 1817
Bridges Alexander 1796-1865 VA Wilson County, TN Rolls Elizabeth 18 Aug 1829
Bridges Allen 1791-1871 IL Polk County, MO Lindley Sarah 27 Aug 1816
Bridges Benjamin c1793-1880 VA Loudoun County, VA Lane Keturah
Bridges Elisha 1788-1861 OH Hamilton County, OH Clark Elizabeth "Eliza" 04 Oct 1812
Bridges Franklin 1778-1869 US Cumberland County, ME Curtis Elizabeth "Betsy" 21 Mar 1808 spelled BRIDGE
Bridges George b. 1794 NC Cleveland County, NC
Bridges Henry b. 1795 KY Rutherford County, TN Robinson Elizabeth 07 Sep 1819
Bridges James 1798-1878 GA Attala County, MS Copeland Susan 27 Oct 1831
Bridges James 1789-1878 KY Clark County, IN Fitch Nancy
Bridges James H. d. 1866 TN McMinn County, TN Lyons Elizabeth
Bridges Jesse 1788-1866 MA Penobscot, ME Perkins Ruth
Bridges Joseph d. 1866 GA Jefferson County, IL Lovin Sarah 09 Apr 1809
Bridges Joseph c1786-1836 KY Cincinnati, OH Cooper Celia 30 Jun 1811
Bridges Moses 1790-1873 MA Hancock County, ME Eaton Emily (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Moon m. 30 Jul 1851
Bridges Oliver 1793-1883 US Hancock County, ME Carter Phebe Gray 30 Sep 1824
Bridges Richard B. 1790-1868 NC York County, SC Warren Elizabeth 24 Nov 1814
Bridges Richard H. b. 1800 PA Roane County, WV
Bridges Robert d. 1840 VA Gloucester County, VA Gwyn Ann R. Jan 1815
Bridges Thomas 1794-1874 KY Barren County, KY Francis Mary "Polly" 22 Nov 1818
Bridges Thomas d. 1869 KY Daviess County, KY Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Susan A. McGhee m. 28 Dec 1849
Bridges Wiley b. c1795 GA Alcorn County, MS Jones Matilda 23 Jun 1815
Bridges William d. 1813 KY Lincoln County, NC Hamilton Elizabeth 1800 died in service
Bridges William 1793-1873 KY Sangamon County, IL Lockridge Isabella Kinkead 04 Jul 1815
Bridges William 1787-1845 PA Macoupin County, IL Lair Jane Sep 1820
Bridges William 1794-1854 US Green County, WI Kelly Elizabeth
Bridges William Blank Madison County, TN Catherine children mention in file, affidavit by son-in-law
Bridges Willson 1792-1876 MA St. Lawrence County, NY Dana Lucy L. (1st wife) 2nd wife Maria Hall m. 26 Sep 1835
Bridgewater Christian C. 1790-1866 IN Scott County, IN Miller Margaret "Peggy" 14 Nov 1812
Bridgewater Levi 1782-1872 IN Scott County, IN Bennett Betsy (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha Warman m. Nov 1809
Bridgewater Samuel 1788-1865 IN Washington County, IN Bennett Sally (1st wife) 2nd wife Louisiana Still m. 22 Sep 1833
Bridgham Cyrus Henry 1795-1863 MA Androscoggin County, ME Greenwood Miranda (1st wife) 2nd wife Caroline Crocker m. 05 Jan 1852
Bridgham Joseph 1789-1857 ME Penobscot County, ME Bradley Margaret Campbell 19 Feb 1817
Bridgman George 1792-1873 MA New Haven County, CT Sumner Rebecca (1st wife) spelled BRIDGEMAN 2nd wife Fanny m. 05 Sep 1844
Bridwell Isaac d. 1866 VA Stafford County, VA Holmes Mary 1809
Bridwell Noah 1797-1876 KY Lawrence County, IN Cuppy Nancy 25 Mar 1817
Brien James d. 1875 KY Marshall County, KY Hartley Margaret 23 Jul 1866 probably 2nd wife
Brien William 1797-1886 US New Haven County, CT Bradley Irene 18 Mar 1820
Brier William d. 1878 MA Lincoln County, ME Shepherd Sally Feb 1817
Brierly Robert d. 1864 US Bracken County, KY Simonin Jane 18 Mar 1832 probably 2nd wife
Brierly Thomas b. 1785 US Robertson County, KY Cooper Margaret
Briery Thomas 1791-1874 MA Kennebec County, ME Towne Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucy White m. Apr 1838
Brigance Charles Newton 1793-1885 TN Robertson County, TX Dyer Frances 05 Jan 1814
Briggs Abner d. 1833 MA Norfolk County, MA Robinson Betsey T. 24 Nov 1819
Briggs Alexander d. 1843 VA Southampton County, VA Jones Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Rebecca Williams m. 07 Mar 1827
Briggs Amasa 1775-1863 VT Orange County, VT Wright Rhoda
Briggs Artemas 1786-1870 NY Ontario County, NY Gregg Fanny (1st wife) 2nd wife Abigail m. 11 Aug 1869
Briggs Charles d. 1853 US Plymouth County, MA Reed Rhoda 04 Apr 1821
Briggs Collins G. d. 1875 US Chenango County, NY Bloss Melinda (1st wife) 2nd wife Mariah Hamilton m. 11 Jun 1851
Briggs Daniel 1796-1881 MA Androscoggin County, ME Jones Tabitha 29 Sep 1816
Briggs Ebenezer d. 1871 NY Chautauqua County, NY Clarissa Ann 25 Oct 1857 probably 2nd wife
Briggs Elijah 1790-1886 MA Plymouth County, MA Pierce Minerva (1st wife) 2nd wife Mercy Cushman Perkins m. 19 Sep 1843
Briggs Francis 1791-1838 NY Clark County, IN Guernsey Anna 02 Jul 1815
Briggs George Ambrose 1794-1881 US Kent County, RI Spencer Lydia 17 Feb 1817
Briggs Isaac Newton 1790-1872 US Dane County, WI Hecox Saloma c1820
Briggs Isaac W. b. 1796 NY New York, NY Wilson Louisa 1828
Briggs James 1790-1865 NY Dutchess County, NY Mary 17 Dec 1840 probably 2nd wife
Briggs Jeremiah d. 1876 US Queens County, NY Hedges Jane 29 Apr 1829
Briggs John 1788-1883 MA Middlesex County, MA Winslow Lydia T. (1st wife) 2nd wife Mrs. Lydia Ryerson m. 14 Apr 1846
Briggs John 1793-1880 NY Cortland County, NY Bailey Nancy 20 Dec 1814
Briggs John b. 1796 NY Livingston County, NY
Briggs John Perkins 1791-1837 US Portland, ME Boynton Dorothea Fifield "Dolly" 19 Aug 1809 children mentioned in file
Briggs Joseph d. 1851 NY Franklin County, NY Clark Catherine Feb 1814
Briggs Joshua b. 1790 NY Kent County, MI Andrews Eunice 02 Jan 1820
Briggs Pierre d. 1854 NY Westchester County, NY Clark Deborah 02 Jul 1820
Briggs Robert Vann 1792-1834 NY Yates County, NY Hall Lydia 22 Oct 1816
Briggs Russel T. d. 1836 PA Montgomery County, PA Clarissa 23 Apr 1826
Briggs Samuel 1787-1867 NY Onondaga County, NY Wilkie Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Ann Cogswell m. 28 Sep 1842
Briggs Thomas d. 1881 NY Madison County, NY Culver Huldah 20 Oct 1816
Briggs William d. 1872 MA Atchison County, KS Pierce Phebe P. 11 Dec 1834 probably 2nd wife
Briggs William 1790-1879 VT Richland County, WI Richardson Keziah
Briggs William Gilkey 1794-1866 KY Ralls County, MO Wright Rhoda 22 Feb 1827 Bible record in pension file
Briggs Zephaniah d. 1872 CT Rensselaer County, NY Stephens Mary Sibel 10 Nov 1836
Brigham Aaron d. 1872 ME Cumberland County, ME Carsley Asenath 16 Apr 1823
Brigham Charles d. 1864 VA Johnston County, NC Creech Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Cassandra Langdon m. 26 Oct 1846
Brigham Curtis 1793-1872 MA Allegan County, MI Woodbury Lydia
Brigham Dexter 1786-1870 MA Worcester County, MA Warren Catherine (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Ann Gould m. 01 Jan 1827
Brigham Emerald d. 1863 GA DeWitt County, TX Mott Martha (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Hardison m. 18 Mar 1830
Brigham Harry 1796-1864 NY Columbia County, NY Bowman Sarah 08 Jan 1827 listed as Henry
Brigham Joseph d. 1862 US Fayette County, IA Wiltsee Sarah 22 Apr 1823
Brigham Nathaniel 1785-1870 MA Worcester County, MA Ball Dolly 22 Apr 1812
Brigham Samuel d. 1872 MA Worcester County, MA Ball Lydia 21 Jan 1816
Bright Adam 1792-1852 VA Mason County, VA Headley Sarah 24 Nov 1814
Bright Bassett C. b. 1796 SC Henry County, GA Adams Obedience "Biddy"
Bright Elijah d. 1849 TN Scott County, VA Trimble Dorcas 26 Oct 1808
Bright James d. 1875 TN Jefferson County, TN Dick Rebecca (1st wife) 2nd wife Letitia m. 27 Jul 1853
Bright John d. 1822 US Augusta County, VA Schott Catherine 07 May 1810
Bright John d. 1872 PA Berks County, PA Rehn Rebecca
Bright John 1786-1848 KY Lincoln County, KY Morrison Elizabeth 15 Aug 1816
Bright Purrington d. 1866 SC Hempstead County, AR Easterling Charlotte 01 Feb 1817
Brightman George Claver 1791-1857 IN Goliad County, TX Moore Nancy
Brightman Samuel b. 1787 MA Bristol County, MA Wood Philena 20 Apr 1812
Brightman Thomas 1790-1878 RI Washington County, RI Peckham Hannah
Brightwell Barnet d. 1840 US/VA Henrico County, VA Crittenden Sally 17 Feb 1821
Brightwell Barnett U. c1788-1855 VA Prince Edward County, VA Boatwright Judith W. 10 Dec 1812
Brignac Alexander 1791-1826 LA Livingston Parish, LA Conrad Mary Sep 1810
Briley James d. 1883 TN Sumner County, TN Bandy Jane (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah M. 18 Nov 1867
Brill Henry b. 1792 OH Pike County, OH
Brill Isaac 1796-1883 VA Shenandoah County, VA Conner Mary "Polly" (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Elizabeth Keckley m. 10 Apr 1870
Brill Joseph 1794-1877 VA Frederick County, VA Orndorff Rebecca (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Catherine Orndorff m.14 Nov 1861
Brimer Vineyard Rhoten 1792-1882 TN Jefferson County, TN Layman Barbara (1st wife) 2nd wife Falby Hall m. 07 Jan 1861
Brimer Zachariah b. 1796 VA Spotsylvania County, VA Lucy 29 Sep 1833
Brimhall Sylvanus 1786-1856 NY Knox County, IL DeGuitteau Lydia
Brimigion Samuel J. d. 1876 MA Kennebec County, ME Hussey Anna 13 Apr 1837 probably 2nd wife
Brimmer George 1796-1853 MA Hancock County, ME Bowers Eliza Aug 1826
Brimmer John S. 1795-1865 NY Rensselaer County, NY Sweet Hannah Scott 28 Dec 1821
Brinckerhoff Benjamin 1795-1869 NY Oneida County, NY Barton Esther 17 Oct 1841 spelled BRINKERHOFF
Brinckerhoff George b. 1791 NY Oneida County, NY Phillips Lydia 14 May 1844 spelled BRINKERHOFF probably 2nd wife
Brindle John F. d. 1869 PA Philadelphia, PA Abbot Mary Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Grizzella Connell m. 18 Jul 1854
Brindley Asa Riggs 1795-1883 GA Cherokee County, AL Bowen Mary "Polly" Oct 1818
Brinegar John 1791-1881 KY Newton County, MO Brayton Agnes A. 12 Nov 1844 probably 2nd wife
Briner Leonard d. 1836 PA Union County, PA Sheukel Mary 12 Mar 1822
Bringier Michael Doradou 1789-1847 LA Memphis, TN Du Bourg Aglae 17 Jun 1812
Bringle Christian 1785-1863 NC Rowan County, NC Agner Catherine (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Lukey m. 24 Apr 1858
Brininstool Jacob 1793-1881 NY Monroe County, NY Hitchcock Harriet 15 Feb 1815
Brink Abraham 1787-1819 NY Ulster County, NY France Maria 20 Apr 1806 listed as Abram
Brink Abraham 1794-1859 NY Richland County, OH Helm Catherine Aug 1816 listed as Abram
Brink Abraham d. 1888 NY Crawford County, PA Carwood Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Julia Beehee m. 07 Apr 1867
Brink Egbert 1794-1860 NY Orange County, NY Snyder Esther 16 Nov 1820
Brink Frederick 1787-1855 NY Ulster County, NY Rose Maria 05 Mar 1812
Brink James d. 1855 VT Windsor County, VT Riggs Millie 14 Sep 1815
Brinkerhoff George Henry 1791-1867 NY Cayuga County, NY Selover Susan 29 May 1817
Brinkerhoff Henry Roelifsen 1787-1844 NY Richland County, OH Swartwout Sarah 14 Jun 1814
Brinkerhoff Jacob J. b. 1795 NY Westchester County, NY Smith Phebe 29 Jan 1815
Brinkerhoff James I. 1792-1857 NY McHenry County, IL Bevier Rachel 22 Jan 1824
Brinkerhoff Stephen c1788-1850 NY Franklin County, OH Westervelt Catherine (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth m. 12 Mar 1829
Brinkley Henry d. 1859 TN Cheatham County, TN Carpenter Anna (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Bennett, 3rd wife Drucilla Bess m. 30 Dec 1849
Brinnon Chilton 1795-1866 VA Champaign County, OH Sanford Elizabeth 12 Nov 1829 listed as SHELTON BRENNON
Brintnall James d. c1880 NY Jefferson County, NY Ingalls Lydia 10 Aug 1817
Brintnall Thomas b. 1785 MA Middlesex County, MA Taylor Nancy 1809
Brinton Ethan 1790-1854 PA Delaware County, PA Farra Susannah 03 Dec 1812
Brinton James 1795-1853 PA Fulton County, IL Inslee Isabella 25 May 1826
Brinton Joseph 1786-1865 PA Chester County, PA Crossley Jane (1st wife) 2nd wife Susan Hackett m. 12 Aug 1834
Brisby John 1783-1852 TN Maury County, TN Clendenning Rosa F. 10 Jun 1805
Briscoe Alexander 1786-1830 MD Lancaster, PA Wilson Mary 14 Aug 1809
Briscoe George Harlan 1783-1847 KY Schuyler County, IL Ewing Eliza K. 11 Jan 1814
Briscoe Hezekiah b. 1796 KY Rankin County, MS Rucker Nancy
Briscoe James d. 1824 MD Kent County, MD Sappington Mary 25 Dec 1817
Briscoe John b. 1794 VA Jackson County, AR Ware Agnes (1st wife) 2nd wife Susan Lamar
Briscoe John Hanson d. 1855 MD Baltimore, MD Key Mary Hall 23 May 1823
Briscoe Thomas 1791-1868 VA Berkeley County, WV Hite Juliet Wood 27 May 1819
Briscoe William d. 1853 MD Queen Annes County, MD Ruth Catherine Mar 1839 probably 2nd wife
Briscoe William H. d. 1838 US St. Louis, MO Harris Eliza Hampton 03 Oct 1816
Brisendine John d. 1850 TN Cocke County, TN Nancy (2nd wife) 29 Oct 1841
Brison Hugh d. 1850 IN Franklin County, IN Webb Ruth Ann 14 Nov 1811
Brison James d. 1873 DE Fairfield County, OH Jones Sarah P. 24 Dec 1818
Brison John b. 1781 IN Decatur County, IN Richardson Rebecca 11 Apr 1805
Brissey William d. 1882 KY Owen County, KY Peak Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Susan m. 18 Jan 1870
Bristol Abner d. 1876 NY Jefferson County, NY Rice Sally 12 Apr 1822
Bristol Anson 1779-1855 NY Genesee County, MI Simmons Deborah 25 Dec 1800
Bristol Asa 1794-1884 NY Washington County, NY Durkee Effie
Bristol Burrage 1782-1874 NY Schuyler County, IL Benham Sally 04 Nov 1807
Bristol Elias d. 1837 NY Otsego County, NY Hurd Lois Dec 1802
Bristol George d. 1885 NY Tioga County, NY Hutchinson Sarah 06 Feb 1814
Bristol Isaac b. 1794 NY Monroe County, NY Hocomb Sophia
Bristol Leverett 1795-1856 NY Niagara County, NY Cowles Elizabeth Ann 31 Jan 1819
Bristol Stephen 1787-1874 NY Columbia County, NY Coy Cynthia 28 Mar 1820
Bristol Thomas d. 1871 OH Adams County, IL Nancy
Bristor George d. 1826 VA Baltimore, MD Lusby Susan 27 Jul 1820
Bristow Elijah 1788-1872 TN Lane County, OR Gabbert Susan 07 Nov 1812
Britenbaugh Peter b. 1793 PA Defiance County, OH Lewis Eveline 1830
Britt Bolling 1794-1856 VA Tazewell County, IL Gaither Polly (1st wife) 2nd wife Lois O. m. 30 Jan 1855
Britt Henry b. c1787 GA Washington County, GA Hobbs Elizabeth
Britt Jonathan d. 1866 VA Southampton County, VA Ward Margaret 28 Dec 1813
Britt Nicholas b. 1795 NY Greene County, NY
Britt Robert d. 1866 MD Brooke County, WV Linton Jemimah 10 Nov 1818
Britt Tandy Holman d. 1852 VA Montgomery County, MO Hughes Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha J. Ford m. 11 Sep 1838
Britt William 1790-1865 NC Montgomery County, NC Deaton Catherine 01 Aug 1812
Britt William d. 1873 VA Albemarle County, VA Barnett Anna (1st wife) 2nd wife Polly Bruffy, 3rd wife Moaning Bishop m. 06 Jun 1864
Britt William VA Rockingham County, VA Newcomb Mary Aug 1821
Brittain Abraham d. 1878 TN Hawkins County, TN Brandon Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Betty Murray, 3rd wife Susan Harney m. 19 Oct 1871
Brittain Joseph d. 1857 PA Carbon County, PA O'Daniel Elizabeth 19 Sep 1813
Brittain Robert d. 1865 NC Buncombe County, NC Fields Mariah 23 Dec 1825
Brittain William d. 1876 KY Mason County, KY Malott Sarah Aug 1814
Britten William b. 1791 NY Clinton County, MI Shuman Margaret Oct 1815
Brittenham Elijah d. 1871 GA Baldwin County, GA Norris Selata 16 Feb 1824
Brittin Evans Elijah 1791-1884 OH Sangamon County, IL England Mary Jane 18 Sep 1818
Brittin William 1778-1869 NJ Morris County, NJ Baker Margaret
Britto Hezekiah b. 1792 CT Fairfield County, CT Grumman Axcy
Britton Abraham d. 1866 NY Richmond County, NY De Hart Magdalena "Lana" 31 Dec 1810
Britton Daniel c1794-1879 US Montgomery County, OH Cross Rhoda Ann Mar 1818
Britton George 1797-1865 VA Page County, VA Brewer Rebecca 04 Feb 1818
Britton John b. 1792 NY Cattaraugus County, NY
Britton John b. 1797 TN Greene County, TN Lemmons Sarah 18 May 1861 probably 2nd wife
Britton John 1796-1882 VA Lincoln County, MO
Britton John D. d. 1847 US Lawrence County, AL Arnold Nancy H. 01 Jul 1827
Britton John Wilson 1789-1857 TN Giles County, TN Richey Susanna Woods 04 Oct 1812
Britton Jonah 1797-1865 VA Highland County, OH Locke Martha Jane "Patty" 30 Dec 1820
Britton Nathan d. 1871 VA Berkeley County, WV Meracle Nancy Mar 1823
Britton Thomas d. 1864 NC Hertford County, NC Parker Mary "Polly" (2nd wife) Jul 1857
Britton Walter b. 1792 NY Schuyler County, NY Bush Rebecca
Britton William 1778-1869 NJ Morris County, NJ Baker Margaret spelled BRITTIN
Britton William d. 1869 NY Chautauqua County, NY Moore Selecta 13 Jul 1821
Broad Thomas c1788-1865 MA Cumberland County, ME Waterhouse Sophia 06 Dec 1826
Broadaway John 1791-1841 TN Lincoln County, TN Martha 30 Jul 1815
Broadback Zachariah d. 1816 MD Baltimore, MD Gill Margaret 28 Nov 1813
Broaddus Jeremiah 1790-1872 KY Mendocino County, CA Heard or Hurd Mary Frances 28 Nov 1824
Broadhead Jacob d. 1863 NY Sullivan County, NY Howell Catherine 17 Aug 1814
Broadhurst John 1791-1878 TN Clay County, MO Turner Mary Unecy 1809
Broadstreet Daniel M. 1795-1877 NH Lee County, IL Todd Clarissa 27 Sep 1820
Broadt Abram b. 1791 NY Oneida County, NY Roe Eleanor Mar 1853 probably 2nd wife
Broadwater Charles 1778-1859 MD Allegany County, MD Beaver Mary Magdalena 1802 listed as BROADWATERS
Broadwater William Elkins d. 1835 VA Loudoun County, VA Darne Margaret 24 Nov 1817
Broadwell Archibald 1795-1837 NY Morris County, NJ Palmer Susan 05 Nov 1818
Broadwell David 1795-1871 NY Clinton County, NY Parrott Susan 05 Jan 1820
Broadwell Freeman b. 1791 NC Wake County, NC Nichols Amelia "Emily" 16 Apr 1812
Broadwell Henry 1793-1870 KY Gibson County, IN Polson Elizabeth Shiloh (1st wife) 2nd wife Emily F. Palmer m. 05 May 1852
Broas Peter James 1793-1880 NY Stanford, CT Ostrander Hannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Seeley m. 26 Jun 1838
Brobst Frederick d. 1863 US Berks County, PA Maderia Margaret 14 Sep 1815
Broch William d. c1875 PA Schuylkill County, PA Welch Nancy 18 Jan 1818
Brochus Peter d. 1829 DC Baltimore County, MD Butler Mary 05 Dec 1814
Brocius George 1783-1869 WV Harrison County, WV Minnick Elizabeth (1st wife) spelled BROSIUS 2nd wife Dorcas Cullen m. 27 Jun 1822
Brock Allen 1794-1873 TN Cherokee County, TX Shell Rebecca 11 Dec 1814
Brock Andrew 1788-1855 Blank Anderson County, SC Crayton ?? (1st wife) 2nd wife Ellender "Ellen" Smith m. Mar 1822
Brock Caleb 1794-1876 NC Prairie County, AR Jones Mary Frances 22 Jun 1820
Brock David d. 1861 TN Choctaw County, AL Lowery Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy m. 20 Aug 1845
Brock Elijah 1793-1868 IN Hamilton County, IN Way Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Frances m. 12 Sep 1841
Brock Evan 1790-1864 OH Clark County, OH Brown Elizabeth L. 25 Dec 1812
Brock Hayden 1791-1862 US Anderson County, SC Braswell Mary A. 03 Jan 1822
Brock James R. d. 1854 SC Clarendon County, SC Wells Eliza M. 26 Nov 1820
Brock John d. 1885 KY Crawford County, IN Baldwin Margaret A. 22 Feb 1816
Brock John 1794-1877 MA Oxford County, ME Farrar Tamar (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary m. 29 Sep 1866
Brock John b. c1793 PA Philadelphia, PA
Brock John 1784-1858 TN Laurel County, KY Ragan Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Brummett m. 04 Nov 1852
Brock John M. d. 1859 SC Walton County, GA Chambers Jane 1812
Brock Ralph 1790-1858 NH Strafford County, NH Young Dorothy (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth m. 05 Nov 1848
Brock William 1787-1829 OH McLean County, IL Hardy Sarah 01 Nov 1810
Brockett Justus 1790-1877 CT New Haven County, CT Todd Eunice 14 May 1811
Brockett Levi 1798-1886 CT New Haven County, CT Blakeslee Theodora
Brockett Robert 1793-1867 DC Alexandria County, VA Longden Elizabeth 14 Dec 1815
Brockman Ambrose 1785-1862 KY Clay County, MO Gromer Elizabeth 10 Apr 1815
Brockman Asa 1794-1861 VA Orange County, VA Quisenberry Lucy Ellis 21 Jan 1819
Brockman John d. 1854 KY Scott County, KY Drake Frances 07 Sep 1814
Brockway Chauncey Mason 1793-1886 NY Kankakee County, IL Nichols Rhoda 11 Feb 1816
Brockway Enoch 1788-1878 CT Herkimer County, NY Darby Orpha (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Dougherty, 3rd wife Rebecca Davis m. 17 Jul 1846
Brockway Ezra d. 1842 CT Cattaraugus County, NY Jones Lydia 02 Nov 1817
Brockway Jesse 1792-1873 OH Hancock County, IL Moses Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Catherine A. Freeman m. 27 May 1851
Brockway John C. M. d. 1846 CT New London County, CT Griffin Elizabeth B. 20 Apr 1820
Brockway John Smith 1792-1881 NY Lake County, IL Nichols Rhoba 19 May 1842 probably 2nd wife
Brockway John W. b. 1793 NY Alleghany County, NY
Brockway Luman 1790-1866 NY Trumbull County, OH Squiers Polly (1st wife) 2nd wife Zillah Burnett m. 17 Feb 1835
Brockway Simeon b. 1797 NY Genesee County, MI Robinson Susannah 24 Oct 1817
Brodie James d. 1862 IN Sullivan County, IN Curry Sarah 21 Dec 1815
Brodie Williamson 1795-1868 VA Franklin County, VA Bobbitt Nancy 10 Oct 1822 spelled BROADIE
Brodnax John Travis 1774-1862 GA Muscogee County, GA Gordy Hester 06 Feb 1821
Brodnax Robert 1792-1877 GA Marengo County, AL Whitaker Olive Taylor (1st wife) spelled BROADNAX 2nd wife Hannah Evans Kirvin m. 29 Dec 1844
Brodrick Isaac 1793-1886 NJ Morgan County, OH Burdsall Lydia 19 Apr 1817 spelled BROADRICK
Brogan Benjamin d. 1859 PA Chester County, PA McGuire Susanna 03 Apr 1811
Brogden John Barney b. 1790 NC Fayette County, GA Thornton Rebecca Jane 30 Aug 1820
Brokaw George 1784-1880 OH Belmont County, OH McCullough Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Garven m. 16 Jul 1863
Brokaw Henry d. 1843 OH Miami County, OH Blew Martha 15 Dec 1814
Brokaw John 1793-1876 OH Harrison County, OH Burwell Sarah 10 Jul 1823
Brokaw William 1786-1860 OH Seneca County, OH Gilcrest Agnes 16 Feb 1815
Bromade Abram d. 1869 MA Norfolk County, MA Chandler Sarah 06 Jun 1819
Bromaghim Peter b. 1787 NY Waseca County, MN Carey Elizabeth 31 Dec 1812
Bromaghim William d. 1883 NY St. Lawrence County, NY
Bromley Avery 1788-1872 CT Brooklyn, NY Avery Zipporah 03 Dec 1812 spelled BRUMLEY
Bromley Eli b. 1784 NY Clinton County, NY
Bromley Hallock 1786-1879 NY Clinton County, NY Wilbur Ann 20 Apr 1805
Bromley Herrick 1788-1874 NY Franklin County, OH Rowe Mary 1813
Bromley John d. 1883 MD McLeod County, MN Ward Sarah 13 Mar 1828
Bromley John 1800-1865 NY Wyoming County, NY Weaver Laura 06 Mar 1823
Bromley John d. 1866 NY Erie County, PA Town Betsey 03 Jun 1823
Bromley Robert d. 1859 VA King William County, VA Bagby Mildred M. 20 Dec 1832
Bromley Samuel b. 1795 TN Hopkins County, TX
Bromwell Henry Broughton 1793-1867 MD Coles County, IL Holmes Henrietta 18 Aug 1818
Bromwell Jacob 1785-1866 MD Switzerland County, IN Little Maria (1st wife) 2nd wife Helen "Ellen" Moore m. 24 Sep 1814
Bronaugh Thomas 1790-1866 VA Louisa County, VA Hart Judith 25 Feb 1813
Bronaugh William John 1795-1879 VA Prince William County, VA Mitchell Mary Chesley 25 Jan 1817
Bronk Henry d. 1839 NY Columbia County, NY Sharp Katy (1st wife) listed as BROUK 2nd wife Anna Sharp m. 27 Sep 1823
Bronkar Lewis d. 1867 OH Muskingum County, OH Sockmar Sarah 1816
Bronner Isaac d. 1869 NY Herkimer County, NY Miller Lany 16 Aug 1846 probably 2nd wife
Bronner Peter 1787-1877 NY Herkimer County, NY House Catharine 25 Apr 1819
Bronson Alvin 1783-1881 NY Oswego County, NY
Bronson Amos d. 1870 NY Lenawee County, MI Trotter Margaret 29 Aug 1849 probably 2nd wife
Bronson Bushnell Knapp b. 1791 NY Carbondale, PA
Bronson Cyprian b. 1788 CT Hartford County, CT Norton Candace
Bronson Elnathan B. d. 1877 NY Fayette County, IA Hanna Caroline 02 Dec 1833 probably 2nd wife
Bronson Gilbert b. 1787 VT Goodhue County, MN Sherman Bertha 1821
Bronson Henry Ostrom 1791-1872 NY Jackson County, MI Keyes Laura 11 Aug 1815
Bronson Joel 1792-1878 VT Macon County, MO Bradley Sarah 06 Jul 1817 spelled BROWNSON
Bronson Jonas 1779-1871 NY Jefferson County, NY Baldwin Malinda 10 Aug 1816
Bronson Lee 1788-1862 NY Niagara County, NY Upson Amanda 12 Jan 1813
Bronson Russell d. 1853 NY Erie County, OH Butler Roxana Oct 1806
Bronson Westel d. 1865 NY Madison County, NY Tillinghast Anna 16 Feb 1823
Brook Thomas 1793-1870 MD DeKalb County, IL Hollenback Hannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Charlotte Dennis m. 09 May 1841
Brookbank William d. 1870 NC Guilford County, NC Harden Rhoda (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Moss m. 07 Jan 1841
Brooke Benjamin d. 1872 OH Belmont County, OH Taylor Martha 12 May 1814
Brooke Clement Hill d. 1854 US Prince Georges County, MD Carroll Ann 08 May 1817
Brooke Joseph b. 1797 OH Marshall County, IN Owen Elizabeth 20 Oct 1820
Brooke Thomas d. 1854 PA Delaware County, PA Riner Mary C. 01 Aug 1813
Brooke Thomas Alexander 1782-1824 DC Montgomery County, MD Beall Henrietta Maria 06 Jun 1816
Brooke William d. 1866 PA Chester County, PA Kimble Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Geiger m. 17 Mar 1831
Brooke William d. 1872 PA Montgomery County, PA Rutter Martha R. 18 Oct 1837 probably 2nd wife
Brookes Iverson Lewis 1793-1865 NC Aiken County, SC Walker Lucinda Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Prudence Echols Irvin, 3rd wife Sarah Julia Oliver m. Jun 1831
Brookes John 1787-1858 US Prince Georges County, MD Daingerfield Sarah Taliaferro (1st wife) 2nd wife Ellen H. Waring, 3rd wife Esther Jane Fowle m. 23 Apr 1846
Brookhouse Benjamin W. d. 1831 MA Manzanilla, Cuba Thompson Elizabeth 16 Oct 1820
Brooking Edward Vivion 1794-1861 KY Mason County, KY Mason Mary Stamps (1st wife) listed as Vivion Brooking 2nd wife Sarah A. m. 18 Apr 1858
Brooking Robert N. c1792-1868 GA Elmore County, AL Claiborne Martha Ruffin 18 May 1820
Brookings Abner 1788-1850 MA Sagadahoc County, ME Bayley Susanna Hodgdon (1st wife) spelled BROOKINS 2nd wife Lois Kay m. 14 Jan 1838
Brookings Elias 1794-1867 MA Sagadahoc County, ME Blinn Elizabeth "Betsey" 16 Sep 1814 listed as BROOKING
Brookins Philetus 1784-1849 US Rutland County, VT Ashley Desire 13 Sep 1807
Brookins Silas 1791-1871 VT Chickasaw County, IA Thorington Lydia Jun 1822
Brookover Jacob b. 1796 VA Monongalia County, WV Scott Jane 28 Feb 1816
Brookover William 1789-1877 MD Muskingum County, OH Marker Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Rachel Kelly
Brooks Aaron 1792-1842 CT New Haven County, CT Hotchkiss Caroline 26 Jun 1828
Brooks Aaron 1796-1875 US York County, ME Low Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Emeline Davis m. 08 Dec 1830
Brooks Abner b. 1779 NY Kane County, IL
Brooks Abram 1775-1845 NY Lenawee County, MI Grant Esther (1st wife) 2nd wife Esther Crowell m. 24 Mar 1831
Brooks Alexander d. 1862 VA Henrico County, VA McRae Mary 26 Aug 1830
Brooks Amos d. 1863 GA Gwinnett County, GA Braziel Jinsey 18 Aug 1813
Brooks Ashley 1797-1870 NH Cayuga County, NY Webster Mary 27 May 1827
Brooks Bartemus 1786-1875 NY Clark County, WI Smith Elizabeth O. 05 May 1831
Brooks Benjamin 1793-1884 NY Crawford County, PA Reynolds Sarah 24 Dec 1813
Brooks Chester 1791-1856 NY Lenawee County, MI McMillan Deborah 19 Dec 1815
Brooks Dabney 1788-1858 VA Spotsylvania County, VA Wrenn Elizabeth 04 Jun 1832
Brooks Dan or Daw d. 1876 NY Essex County, NY Pollard Naomi 25 Dec 1813
Brooks Daniel S. b. 1793 NY Winnebago County, IL Bowen Elizabeth 08 Aug 1822
Brooks David 1787-1878 VA Belmont County, OH McCullough Esther (1st wife) 2nd wife Stacie Ann Dunfee
Brooks Delorma 1796-1876 CT Rock County, WI Harbaugh Lila 13 Apr 1820
Brooks Elisha 1786-1878 GA Haralson County, GA Moseley Frances 02 Jun 1814
Brooks Emanuel d. 1843 VA Jackson County, OH Baldwin Caroline (1st wife) 2nd wife Ann Richardson, 3rd wife Phebe Shepard m. 23 Feb 1842
Brooks Evan 1797-1875 SC Conecuh County, AL Graham Sarah Oct 1817 spelled EVIN
Brooks Frederick d. 1880 NH Cheshire County, NH Barker Susan H. 14 Nov 1819
Brooks George d. 1855 US Augusta, ME Libby Elizabeth "Betsey" 22 Dec 1817
Brooks George Keeble d. 1849 VA Mathews County, VA Miller Elizabeth 07 Jan 1813
Brooks Giles d. 1883 MD Monroe County, OH Brooks Mary 16 Jul 1816
Brooks Ira b. 1793 NY Eaton County, MI Stevens Amanda 11 Sep 1814
Brooks Isaac d. 1874 OH Athens County, OH Barton Casandra 06 Sep 1846 probably 2nd wife
Brooks Jacob d. 1875 MA Middlesex County, MA Sanderson Thankful 16 Oct 1814
Brooks Jacob 1795-1875 OH Wayne County, IN Robinson Eliza (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Vorhis m. 21 Oct 1830
Brooks Jacob Reed 1787-1872 US Walker County, GA Gaddis Sarah Connally 19 Nov 1819
Brooks James d. 1854 GA Coosa County, AL Janes Margaret 25 Mar 1827
Brooks James d. 1847 NY New York, NY Christopher Charity 18 May 1804
Brooks James d. 1868 VA Campbell County, VA Brooks Rhoda 06 Oct 1814
Brooks James 1790-1847 VA Goochland County, VA Poor Eliza 24 Dec 1823
Brooks Jehiel b. 1784 NY Henry County, TN Anson Rebecca (1st wife) 15 Sep 1807 spelled JOHIAL 2nd wife Mary Lacy m. 1844
Brooks John b. 1779 GA Walker County, AL Love Mary 28 Mar 1808
Brooks John 1790-1879 GA Johnson County, TX Toler Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth McFarland m. 19 Jan 1849
Brooks John d. 1859 MA York County, ME Joy Catherine (1st wife) 2nd wife Olive Joy m. 29 Sep 1822
Brooks John 1795-1866 MA Glynn County, GA Webster Charlotte 26 Sep 1825
Brooks John 1786-1891 NH Hillsdale County, MI Deidemia Dec 1814
Brooks John d. 1831 PA Crawford County, PA Nichols Susan 07 Aug 1810
Brooks John d. 1815 US Black Rock, NY Smith Diana 04 Oct 1807 children Peter, Elizabeth, Thomas, David, & John
Brooks John d. 1854 VA Charlotte County, VA Rawlins Elizabeth M. 21 Dec 1820
Brooks John Z. d. 1860 GA Chattahoochee County, GA Permelia (2nd wife) 01 Sep 1852
Brooks Joseph d. 1836 NY Livingston County, MI Dearborn Nancy 06 May 1818
Brooks Joseph d. 1870 NC Duplin County, NC Wallace Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Rebecca Williams m. 23 Mar 1862
Brooks Joseph d. 1856 VT Brandon, VT Bickford Sally 19 Mar 1815
Brooks Judson 1797-1877 NY Oneida County, NY Smith Naomi 1815
Brooks Lawson S. b. 1790 VA Kanawha County, WV
Brooks Lewis Durham 1794-1876 VA Essex County, VA Alexander Maria (1st wife) 2nd wife Fanny Griggs, 3rd wife Sarah Rose m. 18 Nov 1827
Brooks Lyman b. c1794 MA Otsego County, NY
Brooks Nathaniel d. 1873 MA Plymouth County, MA Bathsheba (2nd wife) 31 Jan 1859
Brooks Nathaniel 1793-1876 VT Ashtabula County, OH Clark Mabel 26 Feb 1826
Brooks Obed 1781-1856 MA Barnstable County, MA Weeks Sally (1st wife) 2nd wife Asenath Burgess m. 23 Jun 1839
Brooks Oliver d. 1872 NH Strafford County, NH Horn Susan 12 Sep 1815
Brooks Orris d. 1875 ME Windsor County, VT Johnson Elizabeth 08 Dec 1818
Brooks Osmond 1798-1869 VT Windsor County, VT Perham Polly (1st wife) spelled OSMUND 2nd wife Louisa Matthews m. 19 May 1867
Brooks Pardon A. c1798-1857 VT Buchanan County, IA Lillie Lavinia 19 Jan 1826
Brooks Paschel d. 1884 GA Randolph County, AL Tragler M. A. 20 Jul 1816
Brooks Peleg Lawrence d. 1857 US Broome County, NY Lamb Lydia (1st wife) 2nd wife Lavinia Barrows m. 11 Aug 1839
Brooks Philip Mortimer d. 1873 US Van Buren County, MI Oakes Betsey 05 Jan 1815
Brooks Reuben 1795-1871 MA Essex County, MA Norwood Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Eames m. 11 Sep 1840
Brooks Robert d. 1840 MD Baltimore, MD Amey Mary 31 Oct 1813
Brooks Samuel 1793-1849 NY St. Joseph County, IN Beecher Alma (1st wife) 2nd wife Maria Palmer m. 20 Aug 1826
Brooks Samuel b. 1792 OH Athens County, OH Bowers Katherine
Brooks Samuel C. b. 1794 TN Desoto County, MS
Brooks Stephen d. 1862 TN Jefferson County, MO Creasy Jane G. 10 Sep 1844
Brooks Sylvanus d. 1849 CT Middlesex County, CT Clark Hannah 05 Jul 1825
Brooks Thomas d. 1868 OH Randolph County, IN Hallcraft Susannah (3rd wife) 29 Mar 1836
Brooks Thomas b. 1794 MA Oxford County, ME Clark Rebecca (1st wife) 2nd wife Sally Libly, 3rd wife Louisa Kinsman m. 14 Mar 1866
Brooks Thomas c1788-1883 KY Shelby County, KY Doggett Nancy 13 May 1813
Brooks Thomas d. 1878 OH Meigs County, OH Young Permelia 22 Feb 1843 probably 2nd wife
Brooks Thomas d. 1871 TN Jefferson County, TN Helton Susan 25 Dec 1811
Brooks Thomas d. 1872 VA Stafford County, VA Bridwell Mrs. Milly (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Bussel m. Mar 1840
Brooks Thomas 1773-1851 VA Ohio County, KY Beasly Mary 25 Dec 1804
Brooks Thomas Jefferson 1795-1870 GA Spalding County, GA Story Prudence (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Fincher m. 28 Jan 1861
Brooks Timothy d. 1856 NY Wyoming County, NY Willard Tamma Jul 1839
Brooks Tunis 1792-1879 VA Gentry County, MO Hartman Sarah Jan 1816
Brooks Vaden P. b. 1787 KY Madison County, IL Williams Nancy Aug 1832 listed as VALDEN probably 2nd wife
Brooks William 1796-1879 KY Adams County, OH Shepherd Malinda Jul 1814
Brooks William d. 1846 NY Rockland County, NY DeGroot Nancy 15 Sep 1817
Brooks William d. 1870 OH Union County, OH Grim Eva (1st wife) 17 Feb 1834 2nd wife Catherine Brooks m. 17 Feb 1834
Brooks William 1791-1857 VA Augusta County, VA Dold Elvira A. 29 Apr 1824
Brooks William b. 1792 US Caroline County, VA Picardat Patsy 20 Oct 1818 spouse also spelled Pickardat
Brooks William W. d. c1886 NY Cattaraugus County, NY Welch Rachel 08 Mar 1810
Brooks Zachariah d. 1855 VA Pittsylvania County, VA Martin Martha 1835
Brookshire William 1792-1882 NC Wilkes County, NC Triplett Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Fannie m. Apr 1867
Broomall Enos b. 1793 PA Delaware County, PA
Broshears William 1797-1868 KY Scott County, IN Spurgeon Mahala 13 Mar 1831 spelled BRASHEARS
Brosius George 1783-1869 WV Harrison County, WV Minnick Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Dorcas Cullen m. 27 Jun 1822
Bross Abram d. 1871 NY Sussex County, NJ Everett Sarah 16 Nov 1813
Brosset Pierre Cesaire b. 1789 LA Natchitoches Parish, LA LeCourt or Lacour Marie Louise 1810 listed as Cesaire Brosset
Brosy Joseph b. 1791 US Clinton County, NY Nancy Jun 1816
Brothers Jacob 1789-1865 VA Nansemond County, VA Duke Emily 05 Feb 1812
Brotherton Abel 1778-1871 NY Miami County, OH Averill Clarissa 03 Mar 1811
Brotherton Eli b. 1797 CT Fairfield County, CT Batterson Esther
Brotherton James 1792-1867 PA Franklin County, PA Hammett Helen M. 24 Jun 1820
Brotherton John b. 1784 PA Washington County, PA
Brotherton William b. 1788 NY Barry County, MI
Brough John d. 1837 PA Montgomery County, OH Houser Sophia c1807
Broughman John c1796-1864 VA Rockbridge County, VA Cox Elizabeth 1820
Broughton Edward c1785-1856 MD New Madrid County, MO Parker Sarah 19 Dec 1810
Broughton John d. 1869 NH/US Rockingham County, NH Sherburne Sarah A. 10 Mar 1824
Broughton John S. b. 1792 US McHenry County, IL Evans Sophie 10 Sep 1817
Broughton John Urial 1792-1870 NY Steuben County, NY Barber Oral (1st wife) listed as Urial Broughton 2nd wife Naomi Rowley
Broughton Nathan 1788-1872 NY Tioga County, PA Walker Sarah Oct 1810
Broughton Urial 1792-1870 NY Steuben County, NY Barber Oral (1st wife) 2nd wife Naomi Rowley
Broughton Wait d. 1863 NY Washington DC Cross Sally 31 Jan 1815 listed as Waitman Broughton
Brouner Christian F. 1793-1876 NY Herkimer County, NY
Broussard Edward d. 1864 LA Vermilion Parish, LA Dubois Pelagie 09 Sep 1817
Broussard Jean Odilon c1788-1840 LA Lafayette Parish, LA Babineau Victoire 23 Aug 1809
Browder Jonathan d. 1876 OH Jefferson County, KY Warren Sally (1st wife) 2nd wife Amelia, 3rd wife Matilda Ross m. 11 Mar 1851
Browder Joseph 1779-1857 VA Brunswick County, VA Johnson Frances "Fanny" 24 Dec 1811
Browder Josiah d. 1854 KY Dyer County, TN Barewick Rachel 17 Feb 1835 probably 2nd wife
Browder William 1792-1890 TN Meigs County, TN Lackey Elizabeth Mar 1813
Brower Charles d. 1871 NY Queens County, NY Powell Phebe 19 Jan 1814
Brower Daniel d. 1871 NJ Monmouth County, NJ Kerr Esther 27 Oct 1822
Brower David D. d. 1880 NY Rockland County, NY Onderdonk Elizabeth "Eliza" 10 Jun 1820
Brower Elias E. d. 1855 NJ Monmouth County, NJ More Elizabeth 26 May 1810
Brower Frederick 1794-1875 NC Putnam County, OH Staley Helena 14 Nov 1815
Brower John d. c1850 OH Laporte County, IN Weaver Mary 30 Aug 1810
Brower Matthew d. 1869 NY Wayne County, MI Madison Phebe 12 Apr 1819
Brower William 1792-1872 NY Linn County, MO Lyon Loretta 12 Oct 1815
Brown Aaron d. 1855 CT Tolland County, CT Wilson Laura 02 Jun 1816
Brown Aaron 1776-1853 NY Putnam County, NY Hill Anna "Annie" 27 Apr 1797
Brown Aaron 1784-1870 NY Jefferson County, NY Burpee Betsey 01 Feb 1810
Brown Abel 1792-1845 VT Springfield, VT Hodgkins Priscilla 03 Mar 1814
Brown Abijah 1788-1863 NY Allegan County, MI Linet Elizabeth 17 Jan 1811 family record included in file
Brown Abner 1791-1852 NY Niagara County, NY French Anna 11 Jan 1824
Brown Abraham d. 1862 MA Kennebec County, ME Gove Eleanor 10 Sep 1868
Brown Abraham d. 1873 NY Brooklyn, NY Mott Susan 1823
Brown Abraham d. 1866 RI Newport County, RI Sisson Deborah 30 Nov 1814
Brown Abraham d. 1830 RI Newport County, RI Little Lucy 10 Jan 1821
Brown Abraham 1795-1866 OH Noble County, IN Fergus Mary 10 Feb 1820 spelled Abram
Brown Abram 1795-1866 OH Noble County, IN Fergus Mary 10 Feb 1820
Brown Abram b. 1797 VA Lee County, VA Halway Sarah "Sally"
Brown Absalom 1792-1876 SC Lafayette County, FL Isham Mary Ann 07 Aug 1849 probably 2nd wife
Brown Alanson 1784-1876 NY McHenry County, IL Thomas Jane 06 Jan 1807
Brown Alanson b. 1790 NY Erie County, NY Bill Lydia 02 Jan 1815
Brown Alexander d. 1869 DC Georgetown, DC Murphy Maria 1813
Brown Alexander b. 1790 NC Choctaw County, AL Sykes Catherine R. 25 Oct 1845 probably 2nd wife
Brown Alexander d. 1841 PA Philadelphia, PA Curry Rebecca 20 Dec 1821
Brown Alexander d. 1869 US Sullivan County, NY Loder Loretta (1st wife) 2nd wife Eleanor Loder m. 20 Oct 1821
Brown Alfred 1795-1861 NY Chenango County, NY Breed Phallie 23 Jan 1813
Brown Alpheus d. 1886 MA Berkshire County, MA Colbrook Czarina H. 09 Jan 1820
Brown Alvin b. 1794 MA Johnson County, IA Claflin Clarissa 01 Feb 1818
Brown Amos W. d. 1864 US St. Lawrence County, NY Loomis Cynthia (1st wife) 2nd wife Susan m. 27 Aug 1851
Brown Anderson d. 1862 KY Marion County, MO Hutton Nancy 13 Oct 1825
Brown Andrew 1790-1877 MA Essex County, MA Gove Nancy Ann 25 Jan 1816
Brown Andrew b. 1789 PA York County, PA Cowen Jane Apr 1819
Brown Andrew A. d. 1850 VA Amherst County, VA Duncan Polly R. 25 Dec 1821
Brown Andrew Smith b. 1795 TN Union County, IL Bland Susannah 15 Mar 1820 INCORRECTLY file under Texas
Brown Archelaus Stevens b. 1797 VT Waupaca County, WI Strong Amelia 23 Feb 1823 spelled Archellans S. Brown
Brown Archibald d. 1840 MD Baltimore County, MD Elder Harriet 30 Mar 1812
Brown Archibald d. 1835 VA Highland County, OH Wise Nancy 28 Jan 1819
Brown Archibald 1792-1876 VA Piek County, OH Angle Sarah
Brown Ariel N. d. 1878 NY Neosho County, KS Cunningham Martha 1826
Brown Artemus d. 1827 US Windham County, CT Fisk Amanda 13 Dec 1818
Brown Asa d. 1877 NY Yates County, NY Ingraham Patience (1st wife) 2nd wife Fannie Pullman m. 15 May 1856
Brown Asa d. 1879 MA Kennebec County, ME Stinson Lydia 01 Dec 1822
Brown Asa d. 1872 VA Loudoun County, VA Crook Jane Arena 07 Jan 1819
Brown Asa b. 1797 US Suffolk County, MA Danforth Elizabeth "Betsey" 22 Sep 1822
Brown Augustus John d. 1859 GA Tallapoosa County, AL Chatfield Martha Lamar 12 Sep 1839 probably 2nd wife
Brown Austin 1786-1863 KY Butler County, KY Barnes Isabella (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Vaughn m. 11 May 1847
Brown Barna or Barney d. 1877 US Steuben County, NY Mead Mary 14 Jan 1821
Brown Benjamin 1790-1855 CT Grant County, WI Sizer Elizabeth Miller 28 Jan 1811
Brown Benjamin b. 1792 MD Harrison County, OH Williams Sarah 28 Dec 1815
Brown Benjamin d. 1866 MA Worcester County, MA Reed Betsey (1st wife) 2nd wife Catherine Burckes m. 10 Dec 1834
Brown Benjamin d. 1847 NH Essex County, MA Dow Hannah 01 Oct 1816
Brown Benjamin d. 1861 NH York County, ME Dixon Alice 08 Jun 1815
Brown Benjamin 1784-1871 OH Warren County, IN Westfall Julia 13 Nov 1808
Brown Benjamin b. 1794 VA Hamblen County, TN Carmichael Nancy 25 Aug 1852 probably 2nd wife
Brown Benjamin d. 1861 US York County, ME Dixon Elsy 08 Jun 1813
Brown Benjamin d. 1840 NAVY Orange County, NY Ketcham Susan 13 Apr 1810
Brown Benjamin B. b. 1797 MA Essex County, MA
Brown Benjamin Gilbert c1794-1864 GA Pike County, AL Newby Nancy 25 Feb 1816
Brown Benjamin Griffin 1797-1872 MO St. Louis County, MO Inks Jane 18 May 1820
Brown Benjamin H. b. 1799 GA McLennan County, TX
Brown Bennett d. 1879 NC Cherokee County, NC Horton Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Lissie Maize m. 09 Mar 1837
Brown Benonia or Benona 1770-1872 OH Jones County, IA Howard Sybil listed as Benoni
Brown Beriah d. 1873 US Kennebec County, ME Davis Hannah 07 Feb 1834
Brown Braddish d. 1876 VT Crawford County, PA Liscomb Eliza 15 Aug 1819
Brown Brian d. 1870 OH Vinton County, OH Brown Sarah Apr 1806
Brown Burrell d. 1867 VA Rutherford County, TN Haley Jane 16 Jan 1813
Brown Burwell d. 1879 GA Fayette County, GA Griggs Elizabeth 25 May 1820
Brown Caleb d. 1863 ME Penobscot County, ME Johnson Alice 06 Jun 1814
Brown Caleb d. 1839 NH Rockingham County, NH Fellows Phila 15 Apr 1822
Brown Caleb c1792-1876 NY Warren County, NY Smith Elsie 28 Jan 1812
Brown Calvin b. 1796 NH Adams County, IL Stevens Fanny 08 Sep 1817
Brown Charles d. 1857 NY Erie County, NY Corbin Rhoda (2nd wife) 14 Dec 1837
Brown Charles d. 1885 CT Windham County, CT Gleason Harriet (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Chandless m. 18 Jan 1831
Brown Charles d. 1825 GA Upson County, GA Wooten Candace 05 Aug 1810
Brown Charles 1789-1868 MA Adams County, IL Burns Beulah Cleveland 04 Sep 1814
Brown Charles W. 1787-1867 KY Henderson County, KY Sights Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Rachel Coleman Green m. 27 Sep 1831
Brown Chesley 1787-1872 VA Cumberland County, VA Boatwright Mary 09 Dec 1817
Brown Christopher d. 1831 CT New York, NY Comstock Abigail 06 Dec 1807
Brown Consider 1796-1879 MA Sagadahoc County, ME Rogers Nancy R. 07 Nov 1824
Brown Cornelius b. 1794 SC Anderson County, SC
Brown Cornelius d. 1834 NJ Morris County, NJ Henry Catherine 24 Nov 1816
Brown Cyril James 1802-1883 VT La Salle County, IL Tupper Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Deborah Ann Day m. 24 Apr 1834
Brown Cyrus d. 1852 CT Woodstock, CT Spaulding Olive 04 Apr 1820
Brown Cyrus 1791-1871 MA Hancock County, ME Noonan Sarah 16 Oct 1856 probably 2nd wife
Brown Daniel 1788-1857 KY Rush County, IN Duke Elizabeth 12 Jun 1819
Brown Daniel d. 1860 MA Boston, MA Pike Elizabeth 05 Jan 1817
Brown Daniel b. 1793 GA Laurens County, SC Fuller Clara 1848 probably 2nd wife
Brown Daniel d. 1867 MA Oswego County, NY Winch Sally Mar 1813
Brown Daniel b. 1793 MO Callaway County, MO Anderson Mary Mar 1818
Brown Daniel d. 1836 NY Wayne County, NY Johnson Elizabeth May 1814
Brown Daniel d. 1841 US Essex County, MA Smith Abigail 12 Sep 1812
Brown David d. 1883 MD Crawford County, OH Bussler Mary 16 Aug 1870 probably 2nd wife
Brown David b. 1792 NH Essex County, MA Hobbs Abigail 1813
Brown David c1798-1889 NH Androscoggin County, ME Knowles Almira 13 Sep 1824
Brown David b. 1794 NY Suffolk County, NY Moore Rosetta 10 Jan 1822
Brown David 1790-1879 NY Carroll County, IL Houghton Abigail Feb 1809
Brown David d. 1877 NY Suffolk County, NY Goodale Elizabeth 20 Feb 1809
Brown David d. 1878 NY Schoharie County, NY Anderson Hannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Olive Anderson, 3rd wife Lany Lory m. 30 Dec 1841
Brown David d. 1868 PA Columbia County, PA Lowry Sarah 1810
Brown David d. 1878 TN Washington County, TN Gilleyland Elizabeth 15 Feb 1807
Brown David d. 1881 US Darke County, OH Wyate Lydia 03 May 1827
Brown David d. 1850 US Lincoln County, ME Webber Alice 29 Dec 1818
Brown David d. 1847 MA Cumberland County, ME Pierce Dolly 03 Jul 1823
Brown David C. 1791-1864 CT Tompkins County, NY Douglas Rebecca 16 Feb 1812
Brown David Dan 1796-1882 US Montgomery County, NY Palmer Ruth 16 Apr 1816
Brown David G. d. 1863 TN Wayne County, TN Sweet Anna 10 Feb 1815
Brown Dennis P. d. 1875 NY Monroe County, NY Barnes Matilda (1st wife) 2nd wife Electa m. 07 Jun 1856
Brown Derrick d. 1828 US Ashtabula County, OH Gilbert Elizabeth 26 Oct 1823
Brown Eason c1795-1864 NY Onondaga County, NY Norton Sally 03 Jun 1828 nine children listed in pension file spelled ESON
Brown Ebenezer d. 1864 NH Belknap County, NH Taylor Susannah 25 Dec 1817
Brown Ebenezer d. 1855 NY Kent County, MI Burrill Elsie 20 Apr 1813
Brown Edmund 1788-1864 MD Cecil County, MD Walker Martha Ann
Brown Edmund d. 1859 US Clinton County, NY Ayres Mary Ann 24 Oct 1822
Brown Edmund d. 1861 NY Queens County, NY Gritman Marinda 17 Aug 1823 spelled BROWNNE
Brown Edward d. 1879 NY Madison County, NY Shepardson Laura 1812
Brown Edward N. d. 1865 NY Jones County, IA McLaughlin Mary 13 Apr 1816
Brown Elihu b. 1790 GA Jones County, MS Andrews Olivid 27 Dec 1823
Brown Elijah d. 1883 MA Franklin County, ME Turner Nancy D. 09 Apr 1818
Brown Elijah 1784-1865 NY Genesee County, NY Campbell Azuba (1st wife) 2nd wife Abigail Pratt, 3rd wife Lucina Blair m. 05 Feb 1836
Brown Elijah d. 1878 NY Saratoga County, NY Gregory Ann 22 Nov 1815
Brown Elijah P. d. 1857 NY Crawford County, PA Brooks Rachel 27 Mar 1822
Brown Elisha b. 1795 NY Washington County, NY Roe Eliza S. 25 Sep 1817
Brown Elisha 1792-1855 NC Wells County, IN Redding Elizabeth 24 Oct 1813
Brown Elisha 1795-1870 OH Hancock County, OH Stoots or Stotts Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Hannah Ward m. 26 Oct 1849
Brown Elisha d. 1868 VT Rock County, WI Sessiver Mehitable 22 Jun 1808
Brown Elisha d. 1857 VA Webster County, MO Stanley Martha Jun 1805
Brown Elizur d. 1867 NY Otsego County, NY Donaldson Pyrena E. (1st wife) 2nd wife Eunice Gray m. 12 Aug 1835
Brown Ellis d. 1870 VA Henrico County, VA Bosher ?? (1st wife) 2nd wife Virginia Hughes m. 17 Jan 1833
Brown Ephraim 1767-1814 US Buffalo, NY Tupper Lois 08 Nov 1792 children listed in pension file
Brown Ephraim d. 1877 MA Merrimack County, NH Stanwood Rebecca (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth H. Titcomb m. 15 Nov 1829
Brown Ephraim d. 1875 MA Cumberland County, ME Shaw Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Hulda H. M. 14 Nov 1852
Brown Ephraim b. 1789 NH Addison County, VT Rose Charlotte 17 Oct 1807
Brown Ezekiel 1793-1855 OH Franklin County, OH Rogers Altha 03 Nov 1819
Brown Ezra D. 1792-1868 NY St. Clair County, MI Morgan Sally (1st wife) 2nd wife Orpha Ockford m. 02 Jun 1846
Brown Felix 1778-1850 VA Callaway County, MO Boaz Agnes Oct 1807
Brown Fielding G. 1786-1874 US Polk County, NC McGuinn Sarah 30 Sep 1847 probably 2nd wife
Brown Francis b. 1794 US Quebec, Canada Stevens Rebecca 25 Jul 1819
Brown Francis P. d. 1878 NY Jefferson County, NY Huntley Betsey 14 Jan 1816
Brown Friend d. 1839 VA Bartholomew County, IN Camp Amelia 09 Feb 1826
Brown Furman d. 1879 NY Fulton County, IL Green Electa 03 Jul 1833
Brown Garland 1795-1880 VA Nelson County, VA Ballard Martha
Brown George d. 1878 NY Monroe County, NY Hopkins Hannah Sep 1826
Brown George 1786-1844 NY Steuben County, IN Wright Elizabeth "Betsey" 27 Mar 1808
Brown George d. 1876 OH Belmont County, OH Hadsell Cynthia 22 Apr 1813
Brown George 1792-1871 OH Clark County, OH Jackson Eliza 06 Dec 1821
Brown George b. 1794 PA Wilson County, KS Mapes Polly
Brown George 1789-1874 PA Erie County, PA Brewster Margaret 26 Sep 1809
Brown George d. 1874 SC Randolph County, IL McMillan Jennette (1st wife) 2nd wife Anna Darrah, 3rd wife Martha K. m. 19 May 1870
Brown George 1793-1871 TN Hawkins County, TN Smith Pulcherry 15 Sep 1823
Brown George 1784-1873 TN Carter County, TN Roberts Sarah 01 May 1806
Brown George d. 1852 VA Albemarle County, VA Meddings Susanna 02 Jan 1819
Brown George d. 1876 US Macon County, MO Cole Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Cole m. 28 Dec 1843
Brown George Smith b. 1802 NY Steuben County, NY
Brown George W. 1792-1850 ME Penobscot County, ME Hammond Sophia Oct 1816
Brown Gilbert d. 1854 CT New London County, CT Mulkey Cynthia 14 Jan 1811
Brown Gowen A. d. 1869 PA Philadelphia, PA Brown Elizabeth 02 Jun 1813
Brown Hamilton 1786-1870 US Wilkes County, NC Gwyn Sarah 07 Oct 1830
Brown Hammon d. 1864 MA Franklin County, ME Learned Asenath 30 Nov 1815
Brown Haynes d. 1864 CT New London County, CT Chapman Charlotte (1st wife) 2nd wife Desire m. 11 Jan 1854
Brown Heman d. 1882 NY Genesee County, NY Huntington Maria (1st wife) 2nd wife Sophia Ann Conklin m. 10 Feb 1842
Brown Heman B. d. 1856 US Rensselaer County, NY Myers Mary 01 Apr 1825
Brown Henry 1791-1852 NY Ulster County, NY Montross Elizabeth 09 Feb 1812 family Bible record in pension file
Brown Henry 1794-1877 KY Allen County, KY Austin Ailsey 15 Apr 1818
Brown Henry d. 1877 MA Wayne County, PA Nelson Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Catherine Sears m. 14 Mar 1872
Brown Henry 1791-1852 NY Ulster County, NY Montross Elizabeth 09 Feb 1812
Brown Henry b. 1783 OH Athens County, OH Allwine Ann 1810
Brown Henry d. 1848 US Parke County, IN Gormly Jane 22 Nov 1814
Brown Henry H. b. 1794 MD Anne Arundel County, MD Cross Mary Ann 24 Dec 1816
Brown Hezekiah 1790-1875 VA Fayette County, OH Williams Mary 27 Apr 1823
Brown Hezekiah Park d. 1873 CT Tolland County, CT Whitemore Jane (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary m. 03 Apr 1853
Brown Hiram 1792-1860 NY Rochester, NY Hosford Sarah 20 Sep 1812
Brown Hitson d. 1872 GA Upshur County, TX Ray Winford
Brown Horace c1799-1885 US Penobscot County, ME Morrill Hannah Elizabeth 10 May 1829
Brown Hosea 1792-1897 NY Josephine County, OR Smith Hester
Brown Hugh d. 1864 MD Cecil County, MD Manly Eliza 23 Mar 1825
Brown Iddo d. 1889 US Grafton County, NH Dunlop Roxanna P. (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Foungton, 3rd wife Judith M. M. 27 Feb 1871
Brown Isaac d. 1843 MA Litchfield, NH Smith Lydia 31 Mar 1825
Brown Isaac 1790-1863 MA Plymouth County, MA Thayer Eunice 10 Mar 1813
Brown Isaac d. 1854 MA Lincoln County, ME Otis Mercy (1st wife) 2nd wife Margaret Stahl m. 13 Feb 1848
Brown Isaac b. 1796 PA Ashland County, OH Lavinia 18 Oct 1860 probably 2nd wife
Brown Isaac b. c1797 SC Cherokee County, GA Yeargan Ruth 12 Feb 1818
Brown Isaiah b. 1793 Blank Washington County, IL Jenkins Margaret 10 Oct 1852 probably 2nd wife
Brown Israel 1788-1878 NH Windham County, VT Vilas Abigail
Brown Jabez 1781-1832 CT New Haven, CT Lord Catherine 29 Apr 1804
Brown Jabez d. 1878 NY Madison County, NY Chaffee Eunice 15 Dec 1814
Brown Jacob 1792-1840 MA Oxford County, ME Sturtevant Abigail (1st wife) 2nd wife Louisa Starbird m. 03 Nov 1835
Brown Jacob d. 1877 OH Darke County, OH Kerns Christina 14 Apr 1839 probably 2nd wife
Brown Jacob d. 1854 PA Perry County, PA Hart Charlotte May 1807
Brown Jacob 1789-1860 TN Bradley County, TN Million Sarah 1811
Brown Jacob d. 1876 US Warren County, NY Davis Almira 10 Feb 1847 probably 2nd wife
Brown Jacob 1792-1880 US Merrimack County, NH Mercy (1st wife) 2nd wife Harriet Fox m. 06 Sep 1867
Brown James 1791-1852 MA Somerset County, ME Sears Fanny P. 01 Oct 1814 spelled BRAWN
Brown James d. 1877 KY DeKalb County, AL Carpenter Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Anna Kelley m. 16 Jan 1829
Brown James d. 1881 MA Essex County, MA Lurvey Lydia 11 Oct 1823
Brown James b. 1799 MO Texas County, MO Plummer Rebecca 1835 probably 2nd wife
Brown James d. 1863 NH Grafton County, NH Chase Polly 04 Aug 1817
Brown James 1789-1875 NH Rockingham County, NH Webster Martha 1818
Brown James b. 1795 NY Niagara County, NY Brown Sally M. 17 Feb 1817
Brown James 1794-1871 NY Jackson County, MI Irish Mercy 01 Jan 1818
Brown James d. 1881 NC Duplin County, NC Wallace Sally (1st wife) 2nd wife Fereby Streets m. 05 Jan 1847
Brown James d. 1824 OH Preble County, OH Baggs Elizabeth 30 Dec 1790
Brown James d. 1852 OH Darke County, OH Barbee Nancy 20 Dec 1814
Brown James d. 1829 PA Armstrong County, PA Fiscus Catherine 05 Feb 1812
Brown James d. 1826 PA Bucks County, PA Hallowell Latitia Aug 1818
Brown James d. 1859 PA Venango County, PA Smith Margaret 1813
Brown James c1796-1875 TN Wise County, VA Lowe Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary m. 17 Oct 1874
Brown James d. 1863 TN Dewitt County, TX McDaniel Mary 04 Dec 1836 probably 2nd wife
Brown James d. 1857 US Erie County, PA Dawsy Elizabeth 15 Apr 1800
Brown James d. 1877 VT Franklin County, VT Weston Harriet 10 Mar 1819
Brown James d. 1831 VT Chittenden County, VT Smith Betsey (1st wife) 2nd wife Harriet Hutchins m. 31 Mar 1824
Brown James 1792-1859 VA Logan County, VA Vance Mary Amelia 10 Aug 1815
Brown James d. 1870 VA Hampshire County, WV Jones Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Malinda Jones m 12 Aug 1830
Brown James C. d. 1828 VT Shenandoah County, VA Shuman Sarah 21 Jun 1818
Brown James Huston c1796-1868 KY Union County, KY McGee Rachel 03 Apr 1821
Brown James P. d. 1873 VA Ross County, OH Miller Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary A. Black m. 24 Feb 1848
Brown James S. d. 1878 GA Milton County, GA Jones Rebecca B. 26 Dec 1819
Brown Jehu d. 1871 MD Baltimore County, MD Dalrymple Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Eliza Farmer, 3rd wife Sarah Ann m. 11 Jun 1850
Brown Jehu c1788-1858 US New London County, CT Boswell Deborah
Brown Jeremiah d. 1880 PA Delaware County, PA McCoy Rachel (1st wife) 2nd wife Anna J. Patterson m. 08 Jan 1869
Brown Jeremiah d. 1867 US Ashland County, OH Keesner Catherine 04 Jul 1814
Brown Jesse b. 1790 ME Cumberland County, ME
Brown Jesse d. 1882 NH Hillsborough County, NH Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Anna Colby m. 26 Nov 1843
Brown Jesse d. 1863 TN Calhoun County, MS York Nancy 15 Jun 1812
Brown Jesse d. 1855 US Shelby County, MO Jane 1838 born Shenandoah County, VA probably 2nd wife
Brown Jesse Bartlett 1790-1872 MA Washington County, ME Wallace Deborah 25 Oct 1814
Brown John b. 1787 CT Tioga County, NY Drake Polly 09 Jun 1818
Brown John d. 1855 DC Washington DC Moyers Elizabeth Dec 1813
Brown John d. 1880 GA Greene County, GA Baxter Burgett 02 May 1814
Brown John c1794-1865 GA Dale County, AL Day Elizabeth 31 Jul 1838 probably 2nd wife
Brown John d. 1873 GA Lee County, AL Benson Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha E. m. 16 Jun 1859
Brown John 1787-1871 KY Schuyler County, IL Points Sarah H. 20 Sep 1821
Brown John d. 1859 KY Rush County, IN Leright Polly 15 Jan 1824
Brown John 1783-1841 MD Wapello County, IA Medley Temperance 26 Nov 1814
Brown John c1788-1859 MD Wapello County, IA Anderson Rebecca 12 Jul 1821
Brown John d. 1850 MD Baltimore, MD Abbott Julia 15 Jan 1817
Brown John 1791-1888 MD Washington County, MD Brown Hannah 08 Dec 1829
Brown John d. 1857 MD Washington County, MD Hess Catharine 24 Dec 1849 probably 2nd wife
Brown John b. 1793 MA Cumberland County, ME Roberts Roxana 20 May 1820
Brown John 1789-1885 MA Ionia County, MI Ingalls Sarah "Sally" 12 Nov 1811 two different files - one MA and one NH
Brown John d. 1867 MA Tama County, IA Warren Mary 14 Apr 1814
Brown John 1783-1865 MA Middlesex County, MA Cogswell Sarah 21 Oct 1812
Brown John 1789-1885 NH Ionia County, MI Ingalls Sarah "Sally" 11 Nov 1811 two different files - one MA and one NH
Brown John d. 1849 NY Medina County, OH Warner Orrilla 1804
Brown John d. 1836 NY Cheshire, MA Tibbits Rebecca 23 Jun 1812
Brown John d. 1841 NY New York, NY Gaskin Susan 22 Jan 1814
Brown John b. 1792 NC Wilkes County, NC
Brown John b. 1796 NC Fayette County, IL Lawler Oliva (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary "Polly" B. Freeman
Brown John 1792-1876 NC Yadkin County, NC Waggoner Christina
Brown John d. 1879 OH Shelby County, IL McFadden Ruth 09 Sep 1816
Brown John d. 1870 OH Warren County, IL Porter Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Andrews m. 08 Jan 1835
Brown John 1789-1861 OH Trumbull County, OH Rankin Elizabeth 23 Jan 1817
Brown John b. 1793 TN Washington County, AR Glass Isabella 20 Apr 1815
Brown John b. 1794 TN Johnson County, IN Parker Elizabeth 19 Jun 1827
Brown John b. 1782 TN Fannin County, GA Taylor Sarah 05 Oct 1810
Brown John 1796-1879 TN Jackson County, TN Wheeler Elizabeth 25 Aug 1815
Brown John 1797-1842 TN Andrew County, MO Sample Elizabeth 21 Nov 1816
Brown John d. 1846 TN Tazewell County, VA Ayres Sally 22 Mar 1810
Brown John 1793-1878 VT Wyoming County, NY Sykes Michael (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucinda Wheeler m. 05 Dec 1859
Brown John d. 1855 VT Winnebago County, IL Pettigrew Lois 01 Feb 1815
Brown John 1789-1872 VA Rappahannock County, VA Priest Nancy Ann 29 Jun 1820
Brown John d. 1881 VA Orange County, VA Hinchey Sallie Oct 1811
Brown John d. 1861 VA Shenandoah County, VA Bushong Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Catherine Cremore m. 13 Dec 1836
Brown John 1787-1861 VA Saline County, MO Kyle Jane Adelaide (1st wife) 2nd wife Julia m. 16 May 1850
Brown John d. 1861 VA Lewis County, VA Woofter Mercy 20 Mar 1820
Brown John 1790-1839 VA Wayne County, OH Core Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Carr m. 02 Aug 1829
Brown John d. 1850 VA Westmoreland County, VA Seef Susan (2nd wife) 31 Jan 1838
Brown John d. 1859 US Carroll County, NH Wilkinson Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Amy m. 13 Feb 1835
Brown John d. 1872 US Geauga County, OH Hyde Macay 25 Apr 1819
Brown John d. 1872 US Tioga County, NY Drake Polly 19 Jun 1817
Brown John d. 1852 US Erie County, NY Skeldon Mary 12 Oct 1817
Brown John 1798-1870 US Ontario County, NY Tuttle Sarah Jane 29 Mar 1820
Brown John d. 1880 US Monmouth County, NJ Layton Margaret 13 Nov 1815
Brown John d. 1881 US Philadelphia, PA Curry Elizabeth 26 Oct 1866 probably 2nd or 3rd wife
Brown John B. d. 1868 NY Columbia County, NY Flint Phebe 31 Jan 1816
Brown John Bridges 1793-1877 KY Daviess County, MO Hill Hannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Amy W. 16 Apr 1865
Brown John Davidson 1787-1874 VA Denton County, TX Pearis Rebecca Clay 27 Feb 1811
Brown John Douglas 1782-1848 NY Rensselaer County, NY Vanwoert Caroline 07 Feb 1811
Brown John Dudley George 1789-1867 VA Hanover County, VA Sheppard Harriet 14 Oct 1824
Brown John H. d. 1860 NY Bethany, MO Sherman Ruth 18 Apr 1819
Brown John J. b. 1796 VA Franklin County, OH Bailey Milly 16 Mar 1823
Brown John Lewis c1794-1868 SC Horry County, SC Wells Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Zerniah m. Oct 1848
Brown John Quincy 1793-1872 NC Letcher County, KY Caudill Elizabeth 15 Apr 1816
Brown John S. c1794-1865 NY Sullivan County, NY Harding Alcha 28 Dec 1816
Brown John T. b. 1796 NY Taylor County, IA 1818
Brown John W. 1802-1877 MA Knox County, ME Brewster Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Maria m. 30 Sep 1855
Brown John Wesley 1788-1849 TN Washington County, TN Kincheloe Margaret 07 Jan 1817
Brown Jonas 1785-1872 MA Middlesex County, MA Spaulding Lydia 07 May 1811
Brown Jonas d. 1876 NH Wyoming County, NY Taylor Ann 18 Jan 1816
Brown Jonas 1790-1875 US Cayuga County, NY Eastman Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Lois Choate m. 03 Mar 1823
Brown Jonas B. d. 1835 MA Boston, MA Tileston Sophia M. 04 Dec 1828
Brown Jonathan 1796-1827 NY Monroe County, NY Jackson Ursula 17 Mar 1825
Brown Jonathan d. 1876 NY Otsego County, NY Easter Lorenda 20 Dec 1827
Brown Jonathan 1785-1871 SC Pike County, AL Brown Nancy Durdan (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Clark m. 1819
Brown Jonathan d. 1862 US Hillsborough County, NH Butler Delia 01 Nov 1821
Brown Jonathan C. d. 1872 NY Tuscola County, MI Way Lydia 01 Apr 1805
Brown Joseph 1793-1876 DE Perry County, OH Kelly Nancy Ann 06 Dec 1821
Brown Joseph d. 1849 GA Benton County, AL Jane 12 Jul 1838 probably 2nd wife
Brown Joseph d. 1837 MD Adams County, PA Frazier Sophia 21 Mar 1822
Brown Joseph d. 1876 MA Essex County, MA Howe Abijah (1st wife) 2nd wife Clementine Emery m. 25 Dec 1866
Brown Joseph d. 1870 NH Stafford County, NH Cates Olive (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane Howard m. 27 Aug 1835
Brown Joseph b. 1791 NY Winona County, MN Grom Dilly 01 Aug 1814
Brown Joseph d. 1862 PA Lawrence County, PA Pollock Sarah 08 Mar 1819
Brown Joseph 1785-1877 PA Wayne County, IN Thomas Alice 30 Sep 1818
Brown Joseph d. 1865 PA Johnson County, IA Crusin Mary 05 Feb 1822
Brown Joseph d. 1849 US Brooklyn, NY Young Frances 20 Jul 1816
Brown Joseph Jacob 1787-1871 NY Wabash County, IN Carrier Rachel A. 02 Mar 1815
Brown Joseph K. d. 1861 NY Niagara County, NY Kerr Gertrude E. 26 Jul 1849 probably 2nd wife
Brown Joseph W. b. 1792 MA Washington County, ME Cox Rachel E. 04 Apr 1814
Brown Joshua 1792-1841 TN Knox County, TN Blakely Frances R. 15 Sep 1818
Brown Joshua 1788-1883 OH Hancock County, OH Hall Achsah 03 Jan 1811
Brown Joshua G. d. 1873 TN Washington County, WI Roberts Love 15 Apr 1829
Brown Josiah d. 1858 NH Rockingham County, NH Batchelder Elizabeth 19 Mar 1833 probably 2nd wife
Brown Lemuel 1791-1859 MA Cheshire County, NH Knight Relief "Leafy" 21 Apr 1818
Brown Leonard d. 1861 PA Muskingum County, OH Russell Sarah 02 Jun 1812
Brown Lewis d. 1864 KY Alexander County, IL Castleman Matilda 21 Jul 1825
Brown Lewis d. 1850 KY Carroll County, MD Burchett Sarah "Sally" 15 Mar 1816
Brown Lewis b. 1799 NY Schuyler County, NY Drake Nancy 05 May 1822
Brown Lewis S. d. 1856 VA Lewis County, MO Toles Ann Maria 26 Mar 1832 probably 2nd wife
Brown Loyalist 1774-1830 ME Sagadahoc County, ME Maxwell Lettice 25 Feb 1802
Brown Luke d. 1866 GA Pike County, GA Lacey Delila (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Ann Harrison m. 19 Dec 1852
Brown Luke 1795-1890 MA Kennebec County, ME Gilman Polly (1st wife) 2nd wife Cynthia Morrison m. 12 Jun 1866
Brown Mackey 1797-1874 TN Cherokee County, GA Rice Sally 22 Feb 1816
Brown Manly d. 1879 US Erie County, NY Moulton Betsey 26 Feb 1824
Brown Marshall 1782-1846 NY Chautauqua County, NY Tower Lucy 17 Oct 1808
Brown Marvin 1795-1886 US Oneida County, NY Wright Sally 29 Jun 1815
Brown Mathias M. d. 1850 NY New York, NY Moore Susan 16 Dec 1810
Brown Matthias d. 1833 US Ulster County, NY Copp Mary Sep 1816 born Batavia, NY
Brown Michael b. 1777 OH Franklin County, IN Butt Mary T. 14 Feb 1811
Brown Moses d. 1836 MD Baltimore County, MD Williams Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Susannah B. Herbaugh m. 27 Sep 1827
Brown Moses d. 1835 MA Androscoggin County, ME Lara Jane 25 Feb 1821
Brown Moses d. 1837 MA Penobscot County, ME Nesmith Nancy 14 May 1828
Brown Moses b. c1793 VA Lincoln County, WV Gillespie Lettie
Brown Myron c1791-1855 US Franklin County, VT Ainsworth Eunice 21 Dec 1806 spelled Mirum
Brown Nathan d. 1869 NH Rockingham County, NH Janvrin Eliza 20 Nov 1839 probably 2nd wife
Brown Nathan d. 1836 NH Essex County, MA Chase Sarah 16 May 1821
Brown Nathan d. 1862 NY Warren County, NY Stiles Anna 1807
Brown Nathan 1792-1883 OH Warren County, IL Mitchell Elizabeth 05 Jul 1815
Brown Nathan d. 1862 OH Jasper County, IA Thurman Sarah 18 Jan 1815
Brown Nathan d. 1883 US Calhoun County, IA Babcock Laura 31 Oct 1816
Brown Nathaniel d. 1873 NY Venango County, PA Ives Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Isabella Barton m. 16 Feb 1825
Brown Nathaniel c1787-1865 US Londonderry, VT Nye Jemima 01 Apr 1812
Brown Nathaniel R. 1791-1860 KY Larue County, KY Baird Mary 06 Feb 1814
Brown Nelson d. 1880 VA Amherst County, VA Wheat Malinda U. 09 Nov 1833 probably 2nd wife
Brown Nicholas 1786-1851 SC Franklin County, GA Brown Rebecca 20 Jan 1812
Brown Nicholas O. d. 1863 US New London County, CT Congdon Mary 13 Oct 1813
Brown Noah 1793-1864 VA Pulaski County, KY Marable Mary M. 16 Nov 1815
Brown Oakes P. d. 1868 MA Middlesex County, MA Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Eliza L. m. 13 Apr 1840
Brown Obadiah d. 1876 NY Ashtabula County, OH Curtis Content 15 Jun 1814
Brown Oliver 1795-1877 MA Washington County, ME Jordan Betsey May 1823 There are TWO separate files for same Oliver Brown
Brown Parley 1788-1870 NY Jefferson County, NY Farwell Submit 29 Sep 1824
Brown Paul 1793-1867 MA Waldo County, ME Pease Ruth 21 Oct 1819
Brown Peter d. 1874 VA Lagrange County, IN Flinn Hannah 10 May 1812
Brown Peter d. 1878 NY Kane County, IL Theodosia (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary, 3rd wife Celestia m. 23 Oct 1853
Brown Peter d. 1883 NY Tioga County, NY Van Keuren Jane (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Van Gorder m. c1840
Brown Peter 1790-1858 OH Fayette County, OH Bateman Elizabeth 16 Feb 1815
Brown Peter 1795-1858 VA Rockingham County, VA Huffman Elizabeth 16 Aug 1821
Brown Peyton M. 1790-1852 KY Butler County, KY Hargrove Delilah 21 Dec 1815
Brown Philip d. 1872 PA Somerset County, PA Fisher Sarah Oct 1851
Brown Quartis d. 1878 NY Jefferson County, NY Gibbs Julia 10 Nov 1820
Brown Ransford Avery 1797-1883 VT Rutland County, VT
Brown Reuben 1792-1875 MA Cumberland County, ME Pierce Annis 25 Jan 1825
Brown Reuben d. 1872 NY Ontario, Canada White Johanna 14 Nov 1820
Brown Richard d. 1864 US Blount County, TN Sing Martha (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha Ann Frances m. 19 Jul 1850
Brown Richard 1794-1867 OH Brown County, OH Boscom Clara (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Ann Housh m. 28 Oct 1821
Brown Richard d. 1828 NY New York, NY Linn Eliza 06 May 1812
Brown Richard d. 1876 TN Sumner County, TN Lucinda 1826
Brown Rigdon 1790-1871 GA Hillsborough County, FL Howell Esther 1824
Brown Robert d. 1852 MO Mercer County, MO McKee Rhoda 01 Apr 1849 probably 2nd wife
Brown Robert 1787-1876 OH Marion County, IN Messinger Elizabeth "Betsey" 04 Oct 1808
Brown Robert d. 1859 OH Ross County, OH Odell Ruth 01 Apr 1913
Brown Robert b. 1792 PA Allegheny County, PA
Brown Robert 1786-1858 TN Henry County, MO Daugherty Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Rebecca Miller, 3rd wife Catherine Weaver m. 08 Aug 1837
Brown Robert d. 1851 VA Logan County, OH Glasscock Winifred (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Mathis m. 05 Dec 1832
Brown Robert b. 1791 VA Clay County, IN
Brown Robert d. 1865 US Bedford County, PA Bosen Mary Mar 1830 probably 2nd wife
Brown Rowland d. 1865 RI Bristol County, MA Boss Martha S. 25 Dec 1823
Brown Salmon d. 1880 US Sheboygan County, WI Tupper Praxcy 05 Jun 1832 probably 2nd wife
Brown Samuel b. 1799 GA Dorsey County, AR McLaughlin Susan 20 Feb 1845 probably 2nd wife
Brown Samuel d. 1876 ME Waldo County, ME McKinney Mehitable 25 Dec 1821
Brown Samuel b. 1797 MA Hancock County, ME Treworgy Eunice
Brown Samuel d. 1832 MA died at sea McKinnon Mary 25 Nov 1819
Brown Samuel b. 1787 NJ Mahoning County, OH Howell Esther 1818
Brown Samuel b. 1792 NJ Essex County, NJ Spear Julia 20 Apr 1810
Brown Samuel d. 1877 NY Jefferson County, NY Canfield Ruth 29 Feb 1816
Brown Samuel 1794-1885 VT Calhoun County, IA Ayers Louisa 24 Jun 1823
Brown Samuel d. 1821 VA Franklin County, VA Thompson Martha H. 19 Apr 1804
Brown Samuel d. 1873 VA Kenton County, KY Reed Gracie 15 Nov 1822
Brown Samuel d. 1872 US Wabash County, IN Garner Dorotha 15 Nov 1824
Brown Samuel 1798-1891 US Cumberland County, ME Jameson Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Hannah Dunham Wing m. 29 Dec 1832
Brown Samuel 1789-1853 NY Tompkins County, NY Bloom Margaret 11 Apr 1811
Brown Samuel 1794-1837 CT Fairfield County, CT Webb Sarah 25 Jun 1817 listed as Samuel C. Webb
Brown Samuel A. d. 1850 VA Norfolk County, VA Poulson Mary Ann 23 Oct 1823
Brown Samuel Benjamin 1793-1868 US Madison County, GA Stewart Partha Missa 28 Dec 1823
Brown Samuel Byrne 1793-1859 VA Preston County, VA Zinn Permelia 20 May 1821
Brown Samuel R. d. 1853 VT Chittenden County, VT Blinn Hannah L. 25 Sep 1817
Brown Samuel W. d. 1869 KY Cumberland County, IL Stevens Catherine
Brown Sanford d. 1881 CT Walworth County, WI Dye Polly Jan 1814
Brown Seldon b. 1798 NH Cheshire County, NH Stone Sally 01 Nov 1822
Brown Seth W. 1787-1877 CT Bristol County, MA Burlingame Margaret
Brown Sewall d. 1867 NH Rockingham County, NH Nudd Eliza 20 Sep 1821
Brown Silas b. 1784 NY Mercer County, PA
Brown Silas H. b. 1792 NY Tompkins County, NY Hinton Polly
Brown Simeon d. 1866 NJ Essex County, NJ Speer Leah 30 Mar 1815
Brown Simeon 1779-1858 PA Crawford County, PA Williams Phoebe May 1806
Brown Simeon 1784-1871 PA Washington County, IA Patterson Elizabeth 07 Apr 1811
Brown Solomon b. 1794 PA Putnam Count, MO Kirby Elen 14 Jun 1816
Brown Solomon d. 1844 TN Gibson County, IN Hastings Emily "Milly" 13 Feb 1812
Brown Solomon b. 1782 VA Jackson County, OH Vernon Elizabeth 05 Jun 1817
Brown Stephen d. 1871 NH Hillsborough County, NH Travers Abigail (1st wife) 2nd wife Hannah Simons m. 13 Aug 1815
Brown S