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Index to War of 1812 Pension Application Files
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This site provides a free index to the War of 1812 pension application files. It is part of the free tutorial Researching Your Revolutionary War Patriot Ancestor
Digitized pension application files for most of the soldiers listed on this page are available for FREE at Fold 3.
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Husband Husband State of Wife Wife Marriage
Last Name First Name Service Residence Maiden Name First Name Date Comments
Dabbs Lemuel b. c1795 VA Caswell County, NC Coleman Susan 24 Apr 1821
Dabney Charles d. 1878 KY Wayne County, KY Mann Jennie (1st wife) 2nd wife Edith Scott m. 14 Mar 1825
Dabney Henry 1795-1870 VA Madison County, IA Stanfield Maria (2nd wife) 21 Oct 1830
Dabney Joseph Ferrell d. 1845 VA Caroline County, VA Dickinson Rachel Burnett 24 May 1818
Dabney Mordecai Booth d. 1857 VA King William County, VA Holmes Martha P. (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Phillips m. 30 Sep 1852
Dabney Thomas Gregory Smith 1798-1885 VA Hinds County, MS Hill Sophia
Daboll Elias d. 1875 US Tompkins County, NY McNish Isabel c1832 probably 2nd wife
Dackham John b. 1793 US Belknap County, NH Quimby Polly 01 Jul 1815
Dada Noah 1775-1857 MA Cortland County, NY Rust Elizabeth (1st wife) spelled DADY 2nd wife Sarah Sheldon, 3rd wife Sarah Clark m. 1822
Dade Francis Langhorne 1792-1835 US Escambia County, FL Middleton Amanda M. 06 Dec 1827
Dade Robert Townshend 1786-1873 MD Montgomery County, MD Simmons Ruth 27 Dec 1805
Dade William d. 1879 MA Essex County, MA Lane Abigail (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Stevens m. 06 Dec 1826
Dager Jacob d. 1841 PA Montgomery County, PA Kupp Elizabeth 29 Dec 1813
Dager John d. 1887 PA Montgomery County, PA Frees Christian 14 Sep 1827
Dager John d. 1862 PA Schuylkill County, PA Fosick Catherine (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Vanderschot m. 15 Jun 1834
Dagg Samuel d. 1821 VA Loudoun County, VA Dutro Elizabeth 10 Apr 1817
Daggett Clark B. 1787-1875 NY Tompkins County, NY Perrigo Anne 04 Oct 1810
Daggett Daniel B. d. 1852 VA Randolph County, IL Catherine (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary A.Short m. 26 Feb 1851
Daggett Pliny 1793-1872 NY Oswego County, NY Orcutt Ruth Cross Mar 1821
Daggett William 1792-1879 MA Franklin County, ME Barker Charity 1814
Daggett William 1785-1876 MA Lincoln County, ME Weston Silvia Church 15 Mar 1813
Daggy John 1795-1883 VA Clinton County, IN McLaughlin Sarah 1817
Dagley Benjamin 1790-1869 TN Campbell County, TN Marcum Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Barbara m. Jul 1868
Daicy Daniel d. 1863 MA Androscoggin County, ME Howard Anna 06 Feb 1825
Daigle Joseph 1795-1835 LA Assumption Parish, LA Dugas Marie Marguerite 07 Apr 1835
Daigle Mathurin Pascale 1799-1880 LA Terrebonne Parish, LA Lirette Marie Elise listed as MATHEW Daigle
Dail William Riley 1795-1877 NC Anderson County, TN Overton Nancy Feb 1817 spelled DEALE
Dailey Alexander 1800-1876 MS Monroe County, AL Parsons Hasty (1st wife) DAILY 2nd Barbara Dailey, 3rd Catherine Jones, 4th Elizabeth Primm
Dailey Benjamin 1792-1874 NY St. Lawrence County, NY Moe Jane 1811
Dailey Benjamin H. 1795-1872 US Athens County, OH Cross Ruth (1st wife) first name listed BENONY, 2 FILES, 2nd Mary Elizabeth Swartz m.1867
Dailey Benoni 1795-1872 US Athens County, OH Cross Ruth (1st wife) Also see entry for Benjamin H. Dailey, 2 FILES, 2nd wife M. E. Swartz
Dailey Cornwell b. 1793 MA Berkshire County, MA Boardman Rachel Sep 1819
Dailey David d. 1879 NY Niagara County, NY Crawford Clarissa 01 May 1816
Dailey Edward 1786-1858 NY Allegan County, MI Payne Bethany 25 Mar 1811
Dailey Elisha d. 1876 NY Pike County, PA Syelder Margaret 13 Jul 1814
Dailey George 1794-1876 TN Blount County, AL Ratliff Barbara (1st wife) spelled DAILY 2nd wife Elizabeth Ratliff, 4th wife Lucinda F. Grubbs
Dailey Hiram B. d. 1867 DC Key West, Monroe County, FL Martha (2nd wife) 07 Jul 1852
Dailey James 1794-1873 NY Tioga County, PA Coats Sabra (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah A. Himrod m. 06 Apr 1851
Dailey John d. 1881 VA Wayne County, IL Honnold Tabitha 05 Mar 1829
Dailey Linsford W. b. 1783 NY St. Lawrence County, NY Canfield Clarissa Warren 20 Dec 1805
Dailey Vincent 1765-1812 US Jefferson County, OH Hart Anna 05 Jun 1791
Dailey Warren 1792-1881 MA Androscoggin County, ME Soper Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Mercy S. Gurney m. 23 Feb 1870
Dailey William d. 1864 MA Berkshire County, MA Kline Eliza 17 Oct 1822
Dailey William b. 1793 PA Chester County, PA Weston Eliza Jan 1815
Dailey William d. 1874 PA Lancaster County, PA Williams Ann 15 Nov 1813
Dailey William 1790-1871 VA Muskingum County, OH Carr Eleanor 1816
Daily Christian d. 1848 MD Baltimore, MD Juliet 27 Apr 1826
Daily Edward 1786-1858 NY Allegan County, MI Payne Bethany 25 Mar 1811 spelled DAILEY
Daily George 1794-1876 TN Blount County, AL Ratliff Barbara (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Ratliff, 4th wife Lucinda F. Grubbs m. 21 Sep 1871
Daily James d. 1835 TN Carter County, TN Clinton Elizabeth 08 Jan 1818
Daily John d. 1848 VA Ross County, OH Booth Rebecca Jane 08 Nov 1820
Daily Samuel Haliday 1792-1843 US Westmoreland County, PA Stewart Hetty (1st wife) 2nd wife Hannah McIlvain m. 24 Oct 1839
Dains Abial 1792-1851 OH Meigs County, OH Shumway Rebecca 24 Dec 1815
Dains Andrew Amdrice 1797-1883 US Allamakee County, IA McCormick Sarah Hale (1st wife) 2nd wife Rosanna Spears, 3rd wife Elizabeth Rutter m 04 Jul 1861
Dains Calvin Parcus 1792-1879 OH Athens County, OH Sloan Eliza Jane 03 Jul 1815
Dains David L. 1794-1856 NY Cayuga County, NY Tuthill Olive Ann 22 Feb 1817
Dains John d. 1843 NY Orange County, NY Drake Phebe 26 May 1810
Dains Simeon 1792-1871 NY Yates County, NY Boulongee Catherine "Kitty" 07 Jan 1815
Dairy Henry d. 1881 US Cedar County, IA DuBois Phebe (2nd wife) 31 Aug 1868
Daisy John b. 1794 DE Burlington County, NJ Selovare Sarah 24 Sep 1848 probably 2nd wife
Dake Benjamin Franklin 1782-1862 US McHenry County, IL Eager Lavinia (1st wife) 2nd wife Clarissa Vaughn m. 02 Sep 1852
Dake Calvin W. 1797-1871 NY Saratoga County, NY Morehouse Harriet 22 Feb 1817
Daland John 1799-1892 MA Middlesex County, MA Ring Sarah
Daland John Tucker 1795-1858 MA Essex County, MA Silver Elizabeth Howard listed as Tucker Daland
Dale Elijah Pierce 1795-1865 KY Moniteau County, MO Shelton Frances Vawter 10 Apr 1817
Dale Isaac 1796-1867 KY Hart County, KY Shirley Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Parthenia Smith, 3rd Elizabeth Barton, 4th Louisa Hensley
Dale Jesse B. d. 1848 KY San Miguel County, NM Scott Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Ellen m. 16 Jul 1844
Dale John 1794-1850 KY Hamilton County, IN Johnson Rebecca (1st wife) 2nd wife Julia Ann Rees, 3rd wife Margaret Wise m. 22 Feb 1843
Dale Mathew 1785-1875 TN Brown County, IL Smith Mary 05 Jul 1804
Dale Samuel 1773-1842 PA Lancaster County, PA Gundaker Eliza (1st wife) 2nd wife Leah Lightner m. 29 Apr 1834
Dale Squire 1793-1848 TN Boone County, IN Smith Elizabeth 01 Jul 1811
Daley Milo d. 1869 Blank Rutland County, VT Whitmore Sarah J. 18 Dec 1849 probably 2nd wife
Dallas Terry H. 1789-1865 VA Graves County, KY Boaz Mary Anthony Nov 1817
Dalley Abram b. 1791 NJ Wood County, OH Teel Christina 02 Oct 1824
Dally Abraham 1796-1893 NY Brooklyn, NY Norman Ann 21 Dec 1816
Dally William b. 1797 LA DeWitt County, TX Hickman Sarah
Dalrymple Charles 1795-1875 OH Morrow County, OH Hance Nancy 21 Feb 1821
Dalrymple Ephraim 1792-1856 NY Potter County, PA Bridgeman Abigail (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Edsall Bovier m. 23 Jul 1843
Dalrymple John b. 1786 MD Ross County, OH Miller Elizabeth Aug 1813
Dalrymple John E. 1792-1878 OH Delaware County, IA Hall Nancy Jane (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Plum m. May 1824
Dalrymple William b. 1790 MD Baltimore, MD
Dalton Bailey b. 1797 GA Chattahoochee County, GA Audeny ?? Clarissa Jan 1866 probably 2nd or 3rd wife
Dalton Benjamin 1794-1835 KY Decatur County, IN Rabourn Nancy 16 Apr 1815
Dalton Carter d. 1876 SC Lawrence County, MS Ballard May Jane 02 Dec 1855 probably 2nd wife
Dalton Eleazer M. b. 1795 MA Essex County, MA
Dalton George d. 1850 DC Porter County, IN Simmons Mehitable 08 Oct 1834
Dalton James c1787-1868 NH Rockingham County, NH Rand Betsey 01 Aug 1807
Dalton Valentine d. 1885 LA Galveston County, TX Daly Lavina (1st wife) 2nd wife Bridget Campbell m. 18 Sep 1850
Dalton William 1792-1861 KY Shelby County, IA New Martha 05 Jan 1817
Daly John J. d. 1872 MARINE Montgomery County, PA Graham Patience 1822
Daly Lawrence b. 1793 KY St. Landry Parish, LA Beard Ann M. 26 Jan 1814
Dalzell John 1790-1865 KY Logan County, IL Nichols Keziah 20 Mar 1821
Dalzell John b. 1775 US Franklin County, OH
Dalzell Samuel G. d. 1875 NY Putnam County, OH Stimers Nancy 05 Aug 1818
Dame Asa 1789-1861 NH Durham, NH Bickford Lucia G. 11 Feb 1841
Dame George 1791-1838 NH Durham, NH Bennett Sarah 14 Nov 1817
Dame John 1785-1866 TN Marion County, TN Oyler Elizabeth
Dame Joseph 1784-1873 NH Rockingham County, NH Chase Statira 02 Dec 1814
Dame Richard 1791-1879 NH Carroll County, IL Abigail
Dammon Joseph b. 1792 MA Oxford County, ME
Damon Caleb d. 1857 Blank Plymouth County, MA Damon Sarah "Sally" 14 Feb 1825
Damon Galen 1793-1863 MA Plymouth County, MA Hayden Serena 20 Apr 1817
Damon Jonathan 1793-1871 ME Oxford County, ME Perry Bethia Barker (1st wife) spelled DAMMON 2nd wife Mary Jane Hasey m. 18 Apr 1856
Damon Joseph c1788-1870 MA Plymouth County, MA Tower Lucy 06 Sep 1812 spelled DAMAN
Damon Josiah 1788-1852 MA Plymouth County, MA Cudworth Thirza (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Webb m. 04 Nov 1816
Damon Martin R. b. 1798 VT Cattaraugus County, NY Wilcox Roxana (1st wife) 24 Jul 1820 2nd wife Caroline Streeter 07 Sep 1868
Dampier Henry d. 1865 KY Nicholas County, KY Davidson Martha 25 Feb 1808
Damrell Augustus or Augustine 1790-1872 VA Sullivan County, MO Deering or Dearing Elizabeth 22 Apr 1812 listed as AUGUSTIN
Damrell Moses c1797-1833 NH Rockingham County, NH Lowe Elizabeth 24 Nov 1822
Damren Samuel b. 1794 MA Kennebec County, ME Bickford Emeline Jun 1843 listed as DAMRON probably 2nd wife
Damron John Thomas 1788-1880 KY Adair County, KY Winneford Sarah Ann (1st wife) 14 Dec 1857 2nd wife Emily Winfrey Hardin m. 14 Dec 1857
Dan Philip 1782-1858 NY Broome County, NY June Rhoda 1814
Dana Francis 1797-1872 NY Monroe County, NY Mosher Harriet (1st wife) 2nd wife Amy Rumsey m. 08 Mar 1865
Dana George 1790-1856 MA Boston, MA Billings Sarah Weld 20 Nov 1820
Dana Lester M. d. 1843 Blank McHenry County, IL Rice Harriet Fidelia 1818
Dana Luther d. 1870 MA Cumberland County, ME Kidder Louisa 13 Oct 1828
Dana Peter d. 1858 MA Pleasant Point, ME Sissall Mary
Dana Samuel Luther d. 1868 US Lowell, MA Willard Ann Theodora (1st wife) 05 Jun 1820 2nd wife Augusta Willard m. 26 Sep 1829
Danack Thomas B. b. 1796 PA Philadelphia, PA Richards Cordelia E. 15 May 1828
Dance Matthew d. 1867 VA Claiborne Parish, LA Adams Mary Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Rebecca Simmons m. 10 May 1841
Dance William d. 1850 KY Pendleton County, KY Lamb Nancy 18 Jun 1801
Dancer Samuel c1794-c1883 TN Tishomingo County, MS Barnes Nancy 23 Mar 1823
Dandridge Robert Ambler 1788-1840 VA Hardeman County, TN Goodwin Ann Overton 22 May 1814
Daneker John J. d. 1882 MD Baltimore, MD Jarvis Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Catherine E. Allen m. 20 Jan 1842
Danenhower Abraham d. 1871 PA Bucks County, PA Trumbower Barbara 08 Dec 1811
Daney George b. 1792 PA Lehigh County, PA Rufe Elizabeth 12 Nov 1818
Danfield William d. 1875 PA Berks County, PA Zumbo Barbara 02 Mar 1815
Danford Rufus d. 1878 NY Clinton County, NY Southwick Electa 14 Oct 1868 probably 2nd or 3rd wife
Danforth Daniel Chase 1787-1875 VT Iroquois County, IL Wright Eunice 15 Nov 1810
Danforth Levi 1794-1868 NY Monroe County, NY Holmes Cynthia (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucy Ripley m. 17 Nov 1863
Danforth Luther 1781-1857 NY Franklin County, NY Ellsworth Henrietta (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane Murphy m. 10 Oct 1845
Danforth Nathaniel b. 1793 NH Washington County, VT Hornerford Polly
Dangler Samuel 1796-1875 PA Stark County, OH Bowen Sarah 06 Oct 1816
Dangluse Jean Baptiste Etienne d. 1851 LA Jefferson Parish, LA Haydel Philonise 29 Mar 1847 probably 2nd wife
Daniel Abel c1788-1883 GA Webster County, GA Sullivan Penelope Jones (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Hortman m. 02 Oct 1838
Daniel Abner Gaines b. c1785 KY Boyle County, KY Cross Susan 12 Apr 1812
Daniel Abraham S. b. 1795 VA Campbell County, VA North Susan O. 22 Dec 1822
Daniel Alexander c1780-1845 VA Jackson County, OH Carwile Nancy 28 Mar 1805
Daniel Alsop Y. d. 1841 VA Caldwell County, KY Harris Mary M. 22 Oct 1826
Daniel Bailey d. 1843 NC Roanoke Island, NC Beasley Julia A. 14 Dec 1834 probably 2nd wife
Daniel Carter 1786-1871 VA Montgomery County, KY Kidd Elizabeth 1809
Daniel Garrett 1782-1877 KY Campbell County, KY Daniel Ann "Nancy" B.
Daniel George b. 1790 SC Barnwell County, SC
Daniel Henry B. 1792-1876 PA Dauphin County, PA Buffington Maria Catherine 25 Dec 1813
Daniel Hugh 1788-1878 PA Chester County, PA Harry Elizabeth
Daniel James 1790-1876 GA Pike County, AL Reid Sarah 12 Dec 1816
Daniel James 1796-1871 TN Dickson County, TN Ragan Elizabeth 02 Jan 1817
Daniel James c1790-1875 VA Coffee County, TN Glass Catherine (1st wife) 2nd wife Eliza Smith m. 31 Aug 1851
Daniel James G. 1787-1861 VA Randolph County, MO Reynolds Elizabeth 27 Aug 1818
Daniel James Jenkins 1792-1881 GA Gwinnett County, GA Means Margaret "Peggy" 23 Dec 1817
Daniel Jasper 1785-1874 Blank Warren County, IN Dewees Lutitcia
Daniel Jesse d. 1872 GA Coffee County, AL Slaughter Elvira B. 07 Mar 1837 probably 2nd wife
Daniel Jesse d. 1865 TN Bowie County, TX Teal Sarah S. C. 09 May 1816
Daniel John d. 1875 IL White County, IL Mary 1816
Daniel John 1793-1840 KY Perry County, IN Wright Elizabeth 04 Feb 1819
Daniel John d. 1850 KY Ohio County, KY McIntyre Susannah (2nd wife) 30 Oct 1845
Daniel John d. 1853 PA Crawford County, PA Anderson Elizabeth 25 Sep 1812
Daniel John d. 1834 SC Lincoln County, NC Logan Mary 20 Aug 1817
Daniel John d. 1862 VA Rockbridge County, VA Newcomb Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Cassandra F. S. Hagget m. 11 Feb 1841
Daniel Josiah d. 1852 VA Mason County, VA White Elizabeth 21 Feb 1833 probably 2nd wife
Daniel Lindsey d. 1874 VA Madison County, VA Graves Sarah C. 04 Apr 1822
Daniel Matthew 1791-1876 NY Broome County, NY Sturges Eunice Wakeman 02 May 1816
Daniel Robert b. 1792 TN Bedford County, TN
Daniel Robert C. b. 1791 TN Bedford County, TN Kinsey Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Ann m. 16 May 1870
Daniel Thomas d. 1869 NC Granville County, NC Holloway Elizabeth 1818
Daniel William E. d. 1864 SC Abbeville County, SC Hall Margaret (1st wife) 2nd wife Lavicy Moore m. 24 Dec 1826
Daniel Zachariah d. 1884 TN Hart County, KY Jones Mary 22 Mar 1817
Daniell Jesse 1794-1860 GA Baldwin County, GA Tucker Mary A. 17 Jan 1816
Daniels Adin b. 1795 US Hancock County, ME Brown Sarah Nov 1823
Daniels Arthur d. 1881 US Penobscot County, ME Caverly Hannah 25 Dec 1806
Daniels Benjamin 1774-1857 OH Pike County, OH Stalcup or Stalcop Elizabeth
Daniels Benjamin d. 1831 US St. Lawrence County, NY Wilson Beulah 28 Sep 1796
Daniels Clark d. 1893 VT Genesee County, NY Inchman Sarah 07 Dec 1864 probably 2nd or 3rd wife
Daniels Clement b. 1790 NC Hyde County, NC Blake Elizabeth 1850 probably 2nd wife
Daniels Constant F. d. 1858 CT New London County, CT Prentice Mary 30 Dec 1821
Daniels George W. d. 1879 US Dayton, OH Lewis Nancy T. 20 Mar 1814
Daniels Gurden d. 1845 NY Utica, NY Brady Mary 15 Oct 1819
Daniels Heman d. 1883 NY Cortland County, NY Simonds Lucy S. 26 Jan 1856 probably 2nd wife
Daniels Isaac d. 1860 TN Wayne County, TN Blackwood Mary 02 Jul 1856 probably 2nd wife
Daniels James Greenfield 1794-1857 NY Marion County, SC McWhite Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Margaret Poston m. 13 Jan 1842
Daniels Joel c1787-1871 MA Norfolk County, MA Smith Phylene (1st wife) 2nd wife Jemima L. Daniels m. 16 Mar 1859
Daniels John d. 1871 NY Brooklyn, NY Edgerly Esther 1813
Daniels John d. 1858 PA Crawford County, PA Thurston ?? Hannah 17 Apr 1806
Daniels John 1792-1867 NY Onondaga County, NY Woodruff Esther 01 May 1815
Daniels Joseph b. 1790 IN Dearborn County, IN Steele Amy 1816
Daniels Joshua d. 1876 NY Essex County, NY Palmer Phebe (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane P. m. 12 Jul 1855
Daniels Lebbeus b. 1786 MA Providence County, RI Penniman Susan "Sukey" spelled LEBBENS
Daniels Michael S. d. 1869 NY St. Lawrence County, NY Stevens Fanny 06 Nov 1827
Daniels Morehouse d. 1870 CT New London County, CT Philips Hannah 01 May 1811
Daniels Moses 1794-1862 MA Worcester County, MA Taft Charlotte (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucinda Bates, 3rd wife Amy C. Mowrey m. 25 May 1834
Daniels Ralph b. 1788 CT Delaware County, NY Mitchell Jane 13 Jan 1853 probably 2nd wife
Daniels Smith 1791-1882 MA Miami County, OH Arnold Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha Adams m. 01 Jan 1832
Daniels Stephen 1797-1853 NY Washington County, OH Warren Sophia 30 Mar 1823
Daniels Stephen d. 1881 US Caledonia County, VT Brown Patty 29 Mar 1814
Daniels Theodore d. 1890 US Concordia, KS Forbes Sophia A. 08 Feb 1858 probably 2nd wife
Daniels Thomas d. 1825 NC Hyde County, NC Bassett Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Matilda Davidson m. Mar 1823
Daniels Thomas F. d. 1861 NC Yadkin County, NC Reece Anna 01 Nov 1827
Daniels William d. 1866 PA Essex County, NJ Baldwin Anna (1st wife) 2nd wife Emeline Hadley m. 28 Aug 1833
Daniels William Ball 1784-1836 PA Camden County, NJ Eldridge Ann Wood 06 Jun 1811
Danielson Altamont d. 1881 NY Macomb County, MI Cronk Tabitha 19 Jan 1823
Danielson Henry d. 1854 NY New York, NY Day Sarah 25 Nov 1837 probably 2nd wife
Danks Benoni d. 1870 NY Jefferson County, NY Hill Avis 31 Dec 1811
Danks Ruel d. 1844 MA Hampden County, MA Allen Lavinia 06 Aug 1812
Danks William 1794-1850 KY Muhlenberg County, KY Sanders Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Priest m. 29 Apr 1823
Danley Andrew 1787-1856 TN died in Colorado Inman Zinny (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Burkett m. 10 Feb 1824
Danley Cornelius d. 1858 NY Winnebago County, IL Rouse Sarah 22 Jun 1826
Danly Zimri d. 1861 NY Jefferson County, NY Thomas Tirzah 09 Oct 1811
Dannenhower Charles d. 1865 PA Philadelphia County, PA Vanhorn Catherine 05 Mar 1854 probably 2nd wife
Danner Isaac d. 1879 VA Switzerland County, IN Ryman Sovina 1863 probably 2nd or 3rd wife
Danner Jacob d. 1855 PA Lancaster County, PA Geiter ?? Caroline (2nd wife) 29 Jul 1838
Danson William d. 1841 VA Lancaster County, VA Tarkelson Frances A. (3rd wife) 13 Oct 1831
Dantz John d. c1884 US Warren County, NY Green Manda 20 Apr 1836 probably 2nd wife
Dantzler Daniel d. 1861 SC Orangeburg County, SC Felkel Mary M. 20 Apr 1819
Darbee Chester 1785-c1884 NY Tuscola County, MI Church Theodocia 22 Dec 1806
Darby Austin b. 1800 US New Orleans, LA
Darby Bela 1777-1824 CT Brooklyn, CT Young Susannah 26 Feb 1807 listed as Bela DAILY
Darby Celestin d. 1881 LA Orleans County, LA Naddan Rosette 1813
Darby George d. 1862 VT Grand Isle County, VT Steinborge ?? Rebecca Feb 1812
Darby Jedediah d. 1870 CT Windham County, CT Cady Mary Apr 1813
Darby John d. 1826 PA Westmoreland County, PA Hammell Nancy 07 Feb 1811
Darby Joseph 1788-1874 MA Middlesex County, MA Clark Patty 16 Dec 1819 spelled DERBY
Darby Martin 1790-1868 NY Genesee County, MI Humiston Betsey
Darby Perry 1794-1873 MD Lorain County, OH Michael Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Zeruiah B. Akers m. 18 Jul 1850
Darby Roderick b. 1787 VT Orange County, VT
Darby Samuel 1793-1869 MD Callaway County, MO Veirs Jane 01 Jan 1818
Darby Stephen b. 1794 OH Scotland County, MO Grady Catherine "Caty" 20 Apr 1815
Darby William d. 1836 DE Sussex County, DE Argo Nancy M. 31 Dec 1823
Darcy John S. 1788-1863 NJ Essex County, NJ Eliza Ann 29 Nov 1855 probably 2nd wife
Darcy Timothy J. b. 1787 NJ Passaic County, NJ Ryerson Sarah 24 May 1818
Darden Burch 1787-1875 GA Tuscaloosa County, AL Trammell Mary "Polly" 2nd wife Amanda McAdams m. 21 Oct 1856
Darden Elisha 1793-1878 VA Southampton County, VA Lawrence Dezra (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary, 3rd wife Priscilla Edwards m. 31 Jan 1839
Darden George Washington 1796-1883 GA Heard County, GA Germany Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucinda Chambliss Ward m. 01 Feb 1855
Darden Jeptha 1795-1856 VA Southampton County, VA Whitehead Martha (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Whitehead m. 10 Sep 1851
Darden Joseph 1794-1864 NC Hertford County, NC Watson Sarah spelled DERDEN
Dare George b. 1791 Navy Washington County, OH Scott Ann 1864 probably 2nd or 3rd wife
Darensburg Edward d. 1883 LA St. John the Baptist, LA Hynal Marie Eliezer
Dark Jonathan 1793-1839 PA Union County, PA Fertig Susannah May 1816
Darkess George d. 1877 PA Darke County, OH Brown Barbara 22 Oct 1822
Darley James 1792-1854 SC Montgomery County, GA Bryan Susannah 07 Feb 1822
Darling Abner d. 1854 NY Erie County, OH Wood Lucina 10 Jun 1813
Darling Amos 1790-1854 NY Ashtabula County, OH Brewer Fanny Almira 29 Oct 1818
Darling David b. 1793 NY Washington County, IA Lake Catherine 02 Mar 1821
Darling Elijah 1795-1879 NY Chenango County, NY Ryneck Sophia (1st wife) 2nd wife Cemantha m. 22 Aug 1858
Darling Ephraim 1791-1879 NY Washtenaw County, MI Hagar Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Ann Markham, 3rd wife Polly Way, 4th Jerusha m. 24 Apr 1873
Darling Ezekiel d. 1865 US Essex County, MA Vento Maria 27 Jun 1812
Darling Gamaliel d. 1828 Navy St. Augustine, FL Guiopety ?? Mary 04 Mar 1820 died at sea
Darling Isaac d. 1864 NH Lawrence County, OH Critchett Hannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Chaplin m. 29 Oct 1833
Darling James 1787-1871 PA Guernsey County, OH Curtis Rachel 15 Oct 1807
Darling Jedediah 1784-1862 Blank Hancock County, ME Stinson Lydia 02 Nov 1807
Darling John 1786-1867 NY Cattaraugus County, NY Pennock Hannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Eunice m. 12 Mar 1843
Darling John d. 1876 NY Greene County, WI Butler Roxa 06 Mar 1814
Darling Levi 1792-1862 NY Calument County, WI Comstock Mary 20 Jan 1815
Darling Lyman b. 1792 NY Canada Wiley Olive Jun 1815
Darling Sylvester 1785-1868 NY Macomb County, MI Inman Amy 04 Jul 1814
Darling Thomas 1794-1872 CT New Haven County, CT Newton Lucy
Darling Thomas Jefferson d. 1878 NY Kings County, NY Paulding Phebe A. (1st wife) 2nd wife Dorcas Ann Graver m. 29 Dec 1846
Darlington Amos 1792-1853 PA Chester County, PA Mercer Jane 24 Jan 1822
Darlington Meredith d. 1842 OH Licking County, OH Forry Susan 13 Dec 1821
Darlington Meredith 1778-1842 VA Muskingum County, OH Doster Mary 10 Aug 1809 spelled DARLINTON
Darlington Ziba 1788-1876 PA Chester County, PA Webb Hannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Ruth C. Gilpin m. 05 Mar 1850
Darnall Elias b. 1786 KY Bourbon County, KY
Darnall Henry b. 1795 MD Anne Arundel County, MD
Darnall James 1796-1877 OH Champaign County, OH Grafton Susannah 06 Dec 1819
Darnall Jeremiah 1785-1866 VA Morgan County, OH Coppage Narcissa Frances Feb 1807
Darnall John Bennett 1779-1839 TN McNary County, TN Erwin Sophia 14 Aug 1799 spelled DARNELL
Darnall Nicholas b. 1794 TN Carroll County, TN
Darnall Nicholas L. b. c1796 MD Anne Arundel County, MD
Darnall William 1792-1860 MD Sumner County, TN Soper Ann Elizabeth
Darnall William b. 1792 NC Madison County, TN
Darnall Zenas b. 1790 KY Shelby County, IN
Darne Simon d. 1845 Blank Natchez, MS Smith Elizabeth Ann 03 Oct 1837
Darneille Barton 1787-1837 KY Macon County, IL Neal Frances Bell 30 Apr 1815
Darneille Isaac 1789-1855 KY Dade County, MO Moore Catherine Vallandigham 16 Apr 1812 spelled DARNEALE
Darneille John 1781-1854 KY Sangamon County, IL Norton Margaret "Peggy" 20 Feb 1814
Darnel Rice b. 1781 VA Madison County, OH
Darnell Archibald d. 1867 US Delaware County, OH Mary 12 Jan 1817
Darnell Henry Y. b. 1781 PA Philadelphia County, PA
Darnell James 1796-1877 OH Champaign County, OH Grafton Susannah 06 Dec 1819 spelled DARNALL
Darnell James F. d. 1884 VA Bedford County, VA Wright Elizabeth 14 Jan 1815
Darnell John b. 1790 TN Montgomery County, TN Pruett Betsey 1865 probably 2nd or 3rd wife
Darnell Levi 1782-1853 VA Lewis County, KY spelled DARNAL Louisa Darnel minor child
Darnell Littleton b. c1789 TN Smith County, TN Bush Lydia 1814
Darnell Samuel 1791-1830 KY McLean County, IL Yocom Amelia 02 Aug 1817
Darnell William 1785-1870 NC Surry County, NC Wood Elizabeth 11 Oct 1810 spelled DARNALL
Darnell William 1777-1858 NC Monroe County, KY Clemmons Elizabeth Sep 1814 spelled DARNEL
Darnell or Darnall Allen 1783-1813 KY Montgomery County, KY Caywood Ann "Anny" 16 Feb 1811 spelled DARNAL
Darner John Jacob 1789-1864 MD Frederick County, MD Routzahn Elizabeth 05 Nov 1818
Darnold John b. 1797 SC Orangeburg County, SC Murphy Jane 29 Mar 1863 probably 2nd or 3rd wife
Darr John d. 1875 PA Perry County, OH Bloosier ? Barbary (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Ann m. 31 Aug 1865
Darr Philip 1792-1880 VA Warren County, VA Hannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Delilah McNeely, 3rd wife Lucinda Lehew
Darracott James B. c1781-1851 US Taliaferro County, GA Conner Tabitha 19 Jun 1828
Darrah David 1797-1881 NH Atchison County, KS Allen Elizabeth "Betsey" 18 Oct 1820
Darrah Robert 1789-1860 PA Bucks County, PA Galt Catherine 04 Nov 1819
Darrow David Putnam d. 1856 NY Concord, PA Champeny Sarah 25 Feb 1814
Darrow Gurdon 1791-1885 PA Susquehanna County, PA Moxley Sally
Darrow James b. 1790 NY Richmond County, NY
Darrow James 1789-1875 OH Warren County, OH Pease Elizabeth "Betsey" May 1812
Darrow Joseph 1783-1832 NY Susquehanna County, PA Ward Mary 14 Jun 1804
Darrow Leavitt d. 1863 CT Litchfield County, CT Hall Esther (1st wife) 2nd wife Delia m. 10 Feb 1839
Darrow Lewis d. 1870 CT New London County, CT Cornell Maria 11 Jun 1820
Darrow Peter 1796-1875 US New London County, CT Solomon Sarah E. 18 Oct 1832
Darsey James 1777-1879 GA Liberty County, GA Strother Amelia (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Smiley m. Jun 1855
Darst Joseph 1792-1869 OH Gallia County, OH Slaytor Mary Eleanor 18 Sep 1818
Dart Amos d. 1871 NH Coos County, NH Linsmel Theodate
Dart Charles d. 1857 CT New London County, CT Baker Anstress 22 Feb 1816
Dart Elijah S. 1793-1877 MA Madison County, IA Titus Betsey 04 Apr 1819
Dart Isaac M. 1792-1873 CT New London County, CT Warren Lois H. 28 Nov 1818
Dart Lodowick 1791-1851 CT Fairfield County, CT Morgan Sally 31 Dec 1820
Dart Moses 1793-1875 NY Erie County, NY Ayers Martha (1st wife) 2nd wife Lydia Palmer m. 15 Dec 1854
Dart Moses F. 1794-1879 CT New London County, CT Chapel Mahala
Dart Oliver d. 1879 US Green Lake County, WI Reynolds Sarah 21 Feb 1816
Dart Stephen c1797-1864 NY St. Lawrence County, NY Bardwell Eliza 03 Jul 1825
Dart William Braddock 1797-1889 CT Niagara County, NY McQuarrie Catherine C.
Darter Michael 1786-1854 TN Hawkins County, TN Richards Catherine 27 Feb 1812
Dascomb George d. 1845 NH Hillsborough County, NH Stub ?? Mary 26 Feb 1822
Dascomb Thomas R. d. 1868 MA El Dorado County, CA White Hannah Learned (1st wife) 2nd wife Emily Burrill m. Jun 1837
Dashiell Levi d. 1815 US Somerset County, MD children listed in pension file; soldier died in service
Dashiell Thomas Bennett c1788-1859 DC Westmoreland County, VA McCobb Mary Ann Weston 29 Mar 1825
Dashiell William d. 1838 MD Baltimore, MD Burns ?? (1st wife) 2nd wife Matilda Renshaw m. 04 Apr 1836
Daskam John b. 1793 NY Kane County, IL Brooks Rebecca 02 Nov 1819 listed as John DASKAN
Daspit Marcel 1790-1863 LA New Orleans, LA Courcier Claire Adele (1st wife) 2nd wife Elise Baudoin m. 1822
Dater Adam d. 1879 NY Dodge County, NE Coe Sarah 11 Jun 1878 probably 2nd or 3rd wife
Dater John d. 1877 NY Rensselaer County, NY Smith Mary (2nd wife) 19 Mar 1862
Daub Peter 1791-1845 PA Lebanon County, PA Eckert Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Spier M. 25 Feb 1834
Daubenspeck George 1776-1857 PA Butler County, PA Meals Ann Margaret 09 Apr 1805
Daubenspeck John b. 1794 KY Miami County, IN Coan Juliann 14 Feb 1851 probably 2nd wife
Daubert Peter c1797-1846 PA Berks County, PA Fry Maria 17 Oct 1818
Daugherty Arthur d. 1838 KY Franklin County, KY Crutcher Elizabeth "Betsy" 01 Nov 1810
Daugherty Daniel d. 1874 PA Beaver County, PA Black Elizabeth Jun 1824
Daugherty Elijah d. 1852 IN Harrison County, IN McCoy Sarah 22 Jun 1823 listed as DOUGHERTY
Daugherty James d. 1873 OH Greene County, PA Carey Phebe (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane Jenkins m. 24 Jun 1858
Daugherty John William 1793-1866 US Moultrie County, IL Owens Anna 25 Jul 1818
Daugherty Joshua c1794-1837 VA Rockingham County, VA Turkhizer Hannah 25 Dec 1812 wife's name also spelled TURKEYHEISER
Daugherty Samuel d. 1867 OH Adams County, OH McClelland Margaret 22 Apr 1805
Daugherty Samuel b. 1796 OH Audrain County, MO Parks Nancy 31 Aug 1820
Daugherty Thomas 1779-1834 GA Upson County, GA Tomlin Sarah 14 Mar 1813
Daugherty Thomas c1794-1879 OH Morgan County, OH Moore Hannah 04 Apr 1815 spelled DOUGHERTY
Daugherty William b. 1783 OH Delaware County, IN Thornburgh Tannar 1814
Daughetee William 1789-1878 KY Clark County, KY Roberts Miriam Lassiter listed as DAUGHERTY
Daughhetee William 1789-1878 KY Clark County, KY Roberts Miriam Lassiter listed as DAUGHERTY
Daughtry Lewis c1792-1884 NC Gibson County, TN Crockett Elizabeth S. (2nd wife) spelled DAWTRY
Daughtry William d. 1870 TN Putnam County, TN Johnson Ann 15 Sep 1813 spelled DAUGHTY
Daughty William d. 1870 TN Putnam County, TN Johnson Ann 15 Sep 1813
Daulton John 1789-1852 OH Brown County, OH Perry Lucy (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha Kerr m. 13 Dec 1838
Dauphin Joseph d. 1841 DE Wilmington, DE Shivers Eliza
Dauser Nathaniel d. 1846 NY Erie County, NY Utley Eliza 19 Mar 1822
Davar Jesse d. 1860 TN Monroe County, IN Cane or Cain Martha 16 Dec 1806 spelled DEVER
Davenport Absalom 1774-1853 TN Cannon County, TN Ward Mary
Davenport Amos 1793-1863 VT Orange County, VT Stockwell Lauretta or Loretta 07 Apr 1822
Davenport Ashley b. 1796 NY Lewis County, NY Sherwood Rhoda 02 Jan 1822
Davenport Christopher d. 1888 VA Campbell County, VA Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Lydia M. m. 02 Dec 1855
Davenport Cornelius d. 1861 NY Livingston County, MI Margaret (1st wife) 2nd wife Polly m. 01 Nov 1855
Davenport Edward d. 1854 US Luzerne County, PA Remley Nancy 06 Aug 1835 probably 2nd wife
Davenport Frederick d. 1878 NY Broome County, NY Shiffer Maria 18 Jul 1820
Davenport John 1793-1874 KY Boone County, MO March Nancy 14 Jan 1814
Davenport John d. 1870 NY Ontario County, NY Blodgett Rachel (1st wife) 2nd wife Charlotte m. 15 Dec 1859
Davenport John d. 1876 NY Brooklyn, NY Perrin Abigail A. Oct 1814
Davenport John b. 1791 US Kennebec County, ME Reed Eliza Jun 1818
Davenport John d. 1882 VA Spotsylvania County, VA Luck Ellen Branchet (1st wife) 2nd wife Harriet A. Hart m. 19 Dec 1843
Davenport John F. d. 1869 KY Woodford County, KY Howard Mary 10 Jun 1824
Davenport John Wesley d. 1869 OH Wyandot County, OH Halstead Sarah Feb 1814 listed as Wesley Davenport
Davenport Joseph 1789-1876 TN DeKalb County, AL Thomas Mary (1st wife) spelled DEVENPORT 2nd wife Barbara "Barbey" Stallings m. 1861
Davenport Lawrence d. 1860 NY Westchester County, NY Huntington Grace 25 Mar 1812
Davenport Lemuel c1794-1878 US Tioga County, PA Bulkley Lucy (1st wife) 2nd wife Polly Boardman m. 14 Dec 1843
Davenport Martin W. d. 1872 VA Campbell County, VA Thompson Ann Eliza 26 Jun 1838 probably 2nd wife
Davenport Nathaniel d. 1866 MA Kennebec County, ME Reynolds Margaret D. 19 Jun 1836 probably 2nd wife
Davenport Presley George 1805-1890 GA Hopkins County, TX Credille or Cridell Sarah Ann 30 Oct 1830
Davenport Pumphrey d. 1870 VA King William County, VA King Elizabeth 20 Jan 1814
Davenport Rufus 1787-1879 NY Cattaraugus County, NY Hall Nabby (1st wife) 2nd wife Sally m. 22 Oct 1844
Davenport William 1796-1865 Navy/Blank Erie County, PA Tracy Phylance 11 Oct 1823
Davenport William d. 1842 NY Ontario County, NY Thorp Abigail 17 Aug 1827
Daves John 1782-1863 SC Lowndes County, MS Duncan Elizabeth "Betsey" 27 Mar 1805
Davey Hugh d. 1849 MD Baltimore, MD Weary Elizabeth 03 Mar 1808
David John E. d. 1849 NY New York, NY Pollock Maria 05 Apr 1807
David John T. d. 1839 US Paris, France Sicard Mary 07 Sep 1813
David Oliver 1788-1871 PA Butler County, PA Wells Anne (1st wife) 2nd wife Ruth Ann Hamilton m. 01 Apr 1841
David William d. 1845 PA Noble County, OH Experience 12 Jul 1828
David William b. 1798 US Allegany County, NY Sherlock Esther 03 Sep 1818
Davidge Francis Hawthorn d. 1861 MD Washington DC Dorsey Anna Maria 04 May 1819
Davids John d. 1824 MD Baltimore, MD Bateman Rachel Comfort 14 May 1811
Davids William d. 1832 PA Westmoreland County, PA Logan Sarah Jun 1810
Davidson Allen 1791-1839 VA Charlotte County, VA Walker Lucy A. 24 Dec 1818
Davidson Andrew c1788-1866 IN Jefferson County, IN Duffy Rebecca 14 Jun 1828
Davidson David d. 1859 VA Campbell County, VA Lane Caroline 02 Apr 1840 probably 2nd wife
Davidson George 1792-1876 TN Maury County, TN Howard Sarah A. 1820
Davidson Henry b. 1796 VA Appomattox County, VA Wooten Jane 14 Sep 1851 probably 2nd wife
Davidson James 1792-1876 KY Marion County, OR Ament Amelia 23 Nov 1817
Davidson James 1786-1873 TN Morgan County, TN Langford Frances "Franky" 1807
Davidson James 1797-1876 GA St. Clair County, AL Corley Nancy Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Louisa Moran m. 07 Jan 1846
Davidson James b. 1781 TN Etowah County, AL Toney Betsey
Davidson John b. 1784 GA Winston County, AL Hilton Elizabeth 1806
Davidson John d. c1836 KY Fleming County, KY Burns Jane 12 Apr 1811
Davidson John d. 1840 OH Highland County, OH Roberts Polly 17 Dec 1818
Davidson John d. 1860 SC Claiborne Parish, LA Hawthorn Mary Ann 22 Apr 1817
Davidson John 1789-1875 TN Macoupin County, IL Hall Elizabeth 19 Feb 1819
Davidson John d. 1834 US Hancock County, GA Mary 16 May 1824
Davidson John d. 1864 VA Pittsylvania County, VA Brown Elizabeth 29 Mar 1818
Davidson John 1794-1848 VA Washington County, VA Witten Tabitha 25 Dec 1817
Davidson Joseph d. 1840 GA Harris County, GA Belden Elizabeth
Davidson Joshua 1792-1845 TN Macoupin County, IL Sharp Elizabeth 30 May 1814
Davidson Josiah b. 1791 TN Douglas County, MO
Davidson Moses 1791-1877 KY Pike County, MO South Parthenia 10 Sep 1815
Davidson Nelson 1794-1856 MD Baltimore, MD Raymond Delia
Davidson Patrick 1794-1866 PA Venango County, PA Allen Mary
Davidson Peter d. 1850 MA Worcester County, MA Patch Lucy 22 Mar 1821
Davidson Richard 1794-1851 TN Jackson County, TN Henson Sarah Jul 1814
Davidson Richard 1794-1891 KY Sullivan County, IN Handley Mary "Polly" (1st wife) 2nd wife Susan Hinkle m. 23 Dec 1845
Davidson Robert b. 1794 OH Carroll County, IN Hamilton Margaret 05 Jul 1821
Davidson Samuel 1788-1880 MD Knox County, OH Ryan or Rine Catherine 08 Mar 1814
Davidson Samuel 1787-1860 OH Vermillion County, IN Henderson Eleanor "Nelly" (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Briscoe m. 23 Apr 1854
Davidson Thomas d. 1869 CT Cattaraugus County, NY Rowland Lucinda 14 May 1812
Davidson Thomas 1790-1872 GA Coosa County, AL Kalching/Kitchens Nancy 24 Dec 1814
Davidson Thomas 1791-1870 OH Highland County, OH Collins Sarah "Sally"
Davidson Thomas d. 1815 TN New Orleans, LA Sarah Mar 1803 died in service
Davidson William d. 1864 AL Baltimore, MD Owens Martha 15 Dec 1857 probably 2nd or 3rd wife
Davidson William b. 1791 OH Highland County, OH Sarah 15 Dec 1818
Davidson William b. 1795 US Wayne County, MI
Davie Ashbourn 1794-1878 TN Union County, IL Bortam or Borland Jane (1st wife) 15 Jul 1819 2nd wife Sarah F. Hunsaker
Davie Joseph d. 1848 MA Plymouth County, MA Faunce Hannah 27 Jul 1803
Davie Samuel 1790-1875 NY Allegany County, NY Cissum or Sisson Jane Christine (1st wife) 2nd wife Matilda Conable
Davies Henry L. d. 1875 VA Amherst County, VA Franklin Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Rebecca E. P. Thompson m. 30 Nov 1847
Davies Mayo d. 1879 VA Bedford County, VA Taliaferro Lucinda 29 Feb 1816
Davies William W. d. 1862 US Henderson County, NC Douglass Jane (1st wife) 2nd wife Charlotte M. Howard m. 05 Jan 1837
Daviess John T. 1798-1872 KY Scott County, KY Wallace Ann Apr 1826
Davis Aaron d. 1849 OH Preble County, OH Hannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Margaret Shaffer m. 14 Jul 1835
Davis Aaron d. 1871 GA Wilkinson County, GA Belfour Ann Nov 1851 probably 2nd wife
Davis Aaron 1786-1870 MA Oxford County, ME Brooks Lucinda (1st wife) 2nd wife Eliza Dudley, 3rd wife Nancy H. m. 13 Dec 1854
Davis Aaron d. 1854 MA Waldo County, ME Barker Eliza (2nd wife) 29 Apr 1852
Davis Aaron Hassan 1790-1885 MA Sagadahoc County, ME Pillsbury Abigail "Abby" 1817
Davis Abiathar 1794-1840 CT Tolland County, CT Ellis Clorenda 01 Jan 1817
Davis Abner 1794-1874 US Henderson County, IL Oakes Lutetia "Lucy" 05 Apr 1821
Davis Abner d. 1863 PA Lancaster County, PA Edith (2nd wife) 28 Apr 1857
Davis Abraham b. 1790 Blank Eaton County, MI Waitt Mary 02 Jun 1816
Davis Abraham b. 1782 PA Warren County, PA
Davis Abraham W. b. 1783 VA Spotsylvania County, VA
Davis Adam 1794-1881 OH Brown County, IL Reeves Margaret
Davis Alfred d. c1876 NY Laporte County, IN Fowler Tryphena (1st wife) 2nd wife Fanny Dedrick m. 21 Nov 1832
Davis Alfred d. 1863 CT Hartford County, CT Hale Florinda 06 May 1811
Davis Allen d. 1858 GA Lincoln County, TN Lazenberry Lucy (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Phillips m. 12 Jul 1852
Davis Amos d. 1860 NY Essex County, NY Sherman Rebecca 02 Feb 1822
Davis Amos A. d. 1866 MA Hancock County, ME Mann Elizabeth (3rd wife) 11 Apr 1830
Davis Ananias c1789-1836 VA Monongalia County, VA Shafer Hannah 20 Feb 1823
Davis Andrew b. 1791 NJ Riley County, KS Grant Zella or Zilla 05 May 1819
Davis Asa 1790-1851 VA Wood County, VA Davis Content Ann 15 Jul 1813
Davis Asa 1792-1875 TN Henderson County, TN Wilkerson Anna 05 Jun 1816
Davis Asa 1796-1886 NH Somerset County, ME Cate Mercy
Davis Asa 1796-1883 OH Franklin County, OH Fay Jane McDowell 24 Feb 1845 probably 2nd wife
Davis Asa H. d. 1876 MA Washington County, VT Howland Harriet E. 13 Mar 1845 probably 2nd wife
Davis Austin 1791-1848 CT Becket, MA Snow Letitia 16 Oct 1816
Davis Barney 1787-1882 MA Bristol County, MA Mercy
Davis Barney W. 1795-1870 CT Providence County, RI Thomas Betsey 20 Apr 1820
Davis Bartlett d. 1837 VA Halifax County, VA Griffin Frances Mar 1816
Davis Baxter B. b. 1797 GA Randolph County, AL
Davis Bela d. 1887 NY Green Lake County, WI Stanley Ellen
Davis Benjamin b. c1792 KY Cole County, MO
Davis Benjamin d. 1868 OH White County, IN Burger Maria 12 Nov 1840 probably 2nd wife
Davis Benjamin d. 1856 PA Miami County, OH Marlatt Eleanor "Ellen" 30 Mar 1818
Davis Benjamin d. 1823 PA Philadelphia County, PA Wilson Alice 02 Nov 1817
Davis Benjamin d. 1836 US Canada Johnson Mary 25 Oct 1812
Davis Benjamin d. 1866 US Ohio County, WV Gladden Sarah (2nd wife) 09 Aug 1858
Davis Benjamin d. 1843 SC Aiken County, SC Shadwick Martha (1st wife) 2nd wife ?? Kilcrease, 3rd wife Barsheba Logan m. 12 Dec 1813
Davis Benjamin 1796-1874 ME Androscoggin County, ME Chandler Sarah 29 May 1823
Davis Benjamin d. 1857 NY Warren County, NY Baker Jerusha (1st wife) 2nd wife Emily Cleveland m. 15 Nov 1852
Davis Benjamin b. 1792 VT Shiawassee County, MI Riggs Mary Ann 04 Mar 1850 probably 2nd wife
Davis Benjamin Joshua 1789-1861 TN Cannon County, TN Vasser Frances "Frankey" 12 Aug 1817
Davis Benjamin Merrill 1791-1875 TN Smith County, TN Taylor Cassandra Harvey 19 Aug 1817
Davis Benjamin Robinson 1794-1885 KY Owen County, KY Adams Frances "Franky" 11 Jun 1813
Davis Benjamin Shafer 1793-1842 KY Montgomery County, KY Yocum Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary "Polly" Johnson m. 01 Mar 1832
Davis Brittain 1794-1871 GA Randolph County, AL Coker Elizabeth 18 May 1813
Davis Caleb d. 1855 NH Quebec, Canada Parson Martha 04 Jul 1807
Davis Caleb b. 1794 NC Johnson County, TN Bartley Lydia 06 Jan 1813
Davis Caleb d. 1867 RI Bristol County, MA Tompkins Rhoda 27 Dec 1819
Davis Caleb Smith 1794-1864 NJ Essex County, NJ Dodd Hannah Smith 01 Jan 1822
Davis Calvin 1787-1871 NY Oakland County, MI Graves Lucy 15 Feb 1810
Davis Chapman 1779-1859 VA Buckingham County, VA Wilkinson Mary
Davis Charles 1794-1882 US Noble County, OH Hutchins Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Ann Eliza Rhodes m. 28 Sep 1874
Davis Charles Lewis 1784-1868 TN Anderson County, TN Overton Catherine 29 May 1813
Davis Chesley 1791-1879 SC Newberry County, SC Cole Elizabeth
Davis Chesley b. 1797 US Henderson County, NC Padgett Lavonia Lania 2nd wife Cynthia Antherett "Anthy" Case m. 10 May 1854
Davis Christopher d. 1876 NC Grimes County, TX Shaffer Rebecca 09 Sep 1863 probably 2nd or 3rd wife
Davis Cornelius 1791-1857 NY Oakland County, MI Winfield Agnes Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Anna R. Donaldson m. 30 Oct 1844
Davis Daniel d. 1862 SC Lawrence County, IN Hoover Elmira 07 Mar 1840 probably 2nd wife
Davis Daniel 1794-1872 NY Stark County, IL Ennis Rachel
Davis Daniel d. 1843 NY Wyoming County, NY Davis Lois Louise 13 Aug 1822
Davis Daniel 1791-1874 NY Kalamazoo County, MI Clark Rebecca 03 Nov 1811
Davis Daniel d. 1880 ME Lincoln County, ME Winslow Olive 1801
Davis Daniel d. 1868 MA Essex County, ME Mary 16 Nov 1850 probably 2nd wife
Davis David 1787-1864 NY Fond Du Lac County, WI Knickerbocker Althea 11 Dec 1806
Davis David 1794-1874 NY Ulster County, NY Polly (1st wife) 2nd wife Rebecca DuBois m. 03 Jun 1835
Davis David d. 1855 OH Carroll County, OH Rogers Margaret 01 Dec 1846 probably 2nd wife
Davis David d. 1881 SC Franklin County, TN Patterson Jane 1819
Davis David c1780-1814 US Washington County, NY Slocum Marian "Mary Ann" 01 Jan 1804 children listed in pension file; soldier died in service
Davis David B. b. 1786 PA Allegany County, MD Cook Nancy 13 Nov 1810
Davis David Wilcox 1794-1869 NH Rock County, WI Jones Chloe (1st wife) 2nd wife Abigail Smith m. 05 Feb 1833
Davis Dennis 1791-1879 IL Caldwell County, MO Thomas Joanna (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Potts m. 16 Jun 1853
Davis Ebenezer c1790-1861 MA Washington County, ME Wilson Philippa 13 Oct 1835 probably 2nd wife
Davis Edward b. 1795 DC Baltimore, MD Brown Amelia
Davis Eli d. 1834 OH Hamilton County, OH Ward Mary "Polly" 24 Jul 1814
Davis Eli d. 1881 VA Livingston County, IL 31 Dec 1814
Davis Elias d. 1872 MA Waldo County, ME Hoyt Dorothy 1813
Davis Elihu 1792-1875 OH Wayne County, IN Barnard Love (1st wife) 2nd wife Rachel Swain m. 11 Mar 1843
Davis Elijah d. 1877 GA Cherokee County, GA Cameron Lucinda
Davis Elijah 1793-1874 VA Giles County, VA Clyborn or Clybourn Mary "Polly" (1st wife) 15 Aug 1839 probably 2nd wife
Davis Elijah 1787-1859 VT Washington County, VT Phillips Deborah 17 Sep 1808
Davis Elijah M. d. 1876 NY Westchester County, NY Halsted Mary 11 Jan 1815
Davis Elind L. d. 1838 NY Schenectady County, NY Kingsland Deborah 04 Jul 1812
Davis Elisha 1791-1881 NY Essex County, NY Hodgeman Betsey
Davis Elisha P. d. 1873 NY Monroe County, NY Willey Fanny 25 Feb 1809
Davis Enos Robert d. 1818 Navy Baltimore, MD Mitchell Martha Eliza 03 Jul 1813 son of Isaac Davis; only one child Angelina Frederica b. 23 Jan 1815
Davis Ephraim d. 1852 MA Merrimack County, NH Godfrey Comfort 26 Mar 1813
Davis Everton b. 1795 NY Venango County, PA Walker Hannah 02 Apr 1819
Davis Ezra W. 1793-1857 US Rockingham County, NH Garland Mary 25 Dec 1817
Davis Francis c1794-1887 MA Barnstable County, MA Hatch Sabra H.
Davis Francis 1788-1875 VT Defiance County, OH York Lydia (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Gilbert m. 23 Oct 1862
Davis Frederick c1791-1865 US Clinton County, NY Holmes Lucia "Lucy" 17 Apr 1820
Davis Furclo d. 1853 TN Marshall County, AL Heather Hessa 1806
Davis Gabriel d. 1858 PA Crawford County, PA Scowden Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Burnside m. 18 Apr 1847
Davis George d. 1879 DC Washington DC Hill Betsey (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah E. Hickey m. 01 Apr 1819
Davis George d. 1863 GA Lee County, AL Fleming Agnes 17 Apr 1833 probably 2nd wife
Davis George 1798-1870 MA Princeton, AR Young Catherine (1st wife) c1827 2nd wife Elizabeth A. Young m. 31 Jan 1854
Davis George b. 1795 NC Erath County, TX
Davis George 1791-1879 NY Orange County, NY Doty Margaret 15 Mar 1816
Davis George d. 1862 NY Schenectady County, NY Davis Betsey 30 Jan 1814
Davis George d. 1854 PA Lawrence County, PA Phillips Mary 03 Jan 1797
Davis George d. 1847 NY St. Lawrence County, NY Butler Eunice 09 Dec 1802
Davis George 1792-1873 US Madison County, IN McCorkle Vilet or Violet 29 Sep 1814
Davis George d. 1817 US Norfolk County, VA Mackey Margaret 30 May 1811
Davis George A. 1793-1867 VA Harrison County, WV Middleton Villa (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Talbot m. 01 Nov 1851
Davis George B. 1797-1873 GA Fayette County, GA Davis Mary G. 04 Jan 1820
Davis George Cook 1789-1876 GA Morgan County, GA Montgomery Jane 04 Oct 1810
Davis George Lewis 1789-1851 PA Chester County, PA Trainer Phoebe 1811
Davis George Morgan 1794-1833 KY Bourbon County, KY McClintock Mary 28 Jan 1819
Davis George W. 1795-1881 KY Mercer County, KY Cecil Susannah "Susan" 24 Dec 1822
Davis Heazen or Hazen b. 1795 NH Rockingham County, NH
Davis Henry d. 1852 MD Baltimore, MD Constantine Nancy 14 Apr 1813
Davis Henry 1794-1867 TN Putnam County, TN West Susannah 05 Jan 1813
Davis Henry d. 1873 NJ Wayne County, NY Jones Sarah 14 Oct 1819
Davis Henry b. 1793 NY Susquehanna County, PA
Davis Henry d. 1852 NY Kings County, NY Ann Maria
Davis Henry d. 1869 OH Franklin County, IN Catherine 1815
Davis Henry d. 1842 OH Wayne County, OH Edwards Mary 10 Oct 1809
Davis Henry 1795-1863 SC Marion County, SC Heustess Mary Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Eliza Bostick m. 17 Oct 1850
Davis Henry M. d. 1882 OH Morgan County, OH Roof Elizabeth 01 Feb 1822
Davis Henry Peter 1786-1875 NY Sullivan County, NY Pleu or Ploeg Maria 13 Mar 1805
Davis Henry R. d. 1874 TN Lawrence County, KY Lane Rachel (1st wife) 2nd wife Judy Preston m. 24 Mar 1853
Davis Hezekiah d. 1881 CT Fairfield County, CT Hubbell Harriet 10 May 1829
Davis Hezekiah A. d. 1847 VA Washington DC Kidd Frances "Fanny" 17 Feb 1824
Davis Hickman c1793-1873 SC Henry County, AL Tiller Ellindor (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy C. m. 16 Nov 1856
Davis Horatio b. 1795 US New Orleans, LA
Davis Humphrey d. 1854 MA Bristol County, MA Macomber Lurania P. 16 Mar 1815
Davis Isaac b. c1791 NY Otoe County, NE Harrington Nancy 14 Dec 1816
Davis Isaac 1795-1879 NY Fairfield County, CT Van Nostrand Abigail 23 Aug 1818
Davis Isaac 1789-1855 NY Washington County, NY Shay Lydia (1st wife) 2nd wife Laura Shay m. 18 Feb 1833
Davis Isaac 1792-1881 PA Warren County, PA Andrews Margaret 15 Jan 1818
Davis Isaac 1790-1862 TN Clark County, IN Packwood Jane 08 Aug 1823
Davis Isaac 1783-1854 US Harrison County, VA West Frances 24 Sep 1835
Davis Isaac d. 1881 NH Aroostook County, ME Ellis Betsey 09 Nov 1815
Davis Isaac Frederick 1793-1872 NY Ulster County, NY Kite Rachel 14 Feb 1816
Davis Isaac H. b. 1792 NY Buchanan County, IA Mary 17 Mar 1817
Davis Isaac Morris 1796-1877 PA Chester County, PA Evans Sarah N. 19 Jan 1819
Davis Israel b. c1789 ME Waldo County, ME
Davis Jacob b. 1794 NY Oneida County, NY Crumb Delaney 02 Apr 1861 probably 2nd or 3rd wife
Davis Jacob b. 1774 OH Howard County, IN
Davis Jacob b. 1772 OH Ross County, OH
Davis Jacob d. 1857 TN Lowery Nancy 11 Nov 1811
Davis Jacob 1796-1870 TN Pike County, OH Hedrick Nancy 12 Jan 1818
Davis Jacob d. 1865 TN Todd County, KY West Mary "Polly" 1818
Davis Jacob d. 1838 US Vincennes, IN Darby Hannah 04 Jan 1818
Davis James 1781-1857 GA Spalding County, GA Morris Mary "Polly" 10 Dec 1815
Davis James 1797-1874 IN Jackson County, IN Evans Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Johnson
Davis James d. 1884 KY Callaway County, MO Frances 10 May 1820
Davis James b. 1797 MA Kennebec County, ME
Davis James MA Sarah
Davis James b. 1800 MA Sagadahoc County, ME
Davis James b. 1795 MA Lincoln County, ME Ware Mercy 1822
Davis James d. 1882 NJ Tazewell County, IL Drake Sarah 1835 probably 2nd wife
Davis James d. 1860 NJ Morris County, NJ Jacobs Nancy 09 Sep 1809
Davis James d. 1868 NC Caldwell County, NC Baird Mary 24 Mar 1814
Davis James d. 1879 NC Lenoir County, NC Lawson Elizabeth 13 Nov 1817
Davis James d. 1823 OH Bourbon County, KY Moore Margaret "Peggy" 08 Sep 1808
Davis James d. 1839 OH Fayette County, OH Stout Mary 01 Dec 1827
Davis James b. 1786 PA Crawford County, PA
Davis James b. 1793 PA Philadelphia County, PA
Davis James 1788-1867 PA Beaver County, PA
Davis James b. 1792 PA Pike County, IL
Davis James b. 1792 VA Meigs County, OH Hampton Mary 07 Apr 1856 probably 2nd wife
Davis James d. 1823 VA Norfolk County, VA Wilkins Sarah 16 Apr 1808
Davis James d. 1855 VA Grayson County, VA Simcock Lydia 18 May 1822
Davis James Ware 1792-1851 GA Monroe County, MS Robertson Jane 29 Oct 1821
Davis Jasper T. b. 1797 PA Branch County, MI
Davis Jeremiah d. 1856 NH Oswego County, NY Miles Elizabeth D. 25 Mar 1822
Davis Jeremiah d. 1871 NY Dutchess County, NY Barrett Phebe Oct 1813
Davis Jesse d. 1870 PA Lancaster County, PA Homsher Catherine 01 Nov 1810
Davis Jesse d. 1844 SC Randolph County, AL Harris Mahala 04 Jul 1811
Davis Jesse d. 1838 VA Prince William County, VA Davis Nancy 30 Aug 1810
Davis Jesse Gross 1792-1859 KY Pike County, IN Mason Nancy 21 Dec 1815
Davis John 1787-1879 GA Campbell County, GA Ham Lucy
Davis John b. 1794 GA Jackson County, MS
Davis John d. 1847 GA DeKalb County, GA Malcom Mary 12 Sep 1822
Davis John b. 1791 KY Breckenridge County, KY Milly
Davis John d. 1875 KY Ray County, MO McDougal Selena 15 May 1817
Davis John b. 1791 KY Montgomery County, MO Coffee Margaret 18 Feb 1837 probably 2nd wife
Davis John d. 1860 KY Washington County, AR Elkins Catherine 26 Oct 1826
Davis John 1790-1860 KY Knox County, KY Curtis Mary "Polly" 28 Sep 1814
Davis John d. 1857 ME Waldo County, ME Quigley Sarah 20 Sep 1813
Davis John d. 1861 MD Baltimore, MD Speaks Mary Ann 05 Oct 1805
Davis John d. 1838 MA Essex County, MA Beckford Elizabeth C. 08 Jul 1823
Davis John d. 1866 MA Essex County, MA Tapley Margaret (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary W. m. 07 May 1850
Davis John b. 1794 MA Androscoggin County, ME Estes Prudence 13 Aug 1818
Davis John d. 1886 MA Merrimack County, NH Bassett Sally 06 Jun 1820
Davis John d. 1882 MA Barnstable County, MA Robinson Lydia G. 17 Oct 1824
Davis John 1794-1880 MA Middlesex County, MA Phelps Mary Forbes 13 Oct 1819
Davis John d. 1881 MA Aroostook County, ME Nason Lydia W. Mar 1816
Davis John 1794-1879 NH Penobscot County, ME Gay Linda or Belinda 28 Mar 1818
Davis John d. 1843 NH Grafton County, NH Rachel (1st wife) 2nd wife Abiah Kimball m. 16 Sep 1837
Davis John d. 1875 NY Oneida County, NY Scubeth Betsey 25 Dec 1811
Davis John d. 1875 NY Monroe County, WI Chatfield Wealthy 14 Mar 1811
Davis John b. 1795 NY Rensselaer County, NY Crandell Sally 1818
Davis John d. 1871 NY Yates County, NY Matthews Rachel 09 Jan 1821
Davis John d. 1871 NY Dutchess County, NY Cookingham Anna (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Barton m. 15 Jul 1841
Davis John d. 1845 NC Northampton County, NC Stancell Sarah 06 Dec 1833
Davis John d. 1873 OH Will County, IL Hetta 09 Mar 1809
Davis John b. 1792 OH Fairfield County, OH
Davis John d. 1864 PA Pittsburgh, PA Johnson Ann Maria 14 Mar 1822
Davis John 1791-1877 PA Lee County, IA Moore Sarah
Davis John d. 1864 PA Fayette County, PA Harford Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Anna Vannort m. 1860
Davis John 1788-1876 PA Bucks County, PA Hart Amy 23 Mar 1813
Davis John d. 1859 TN Henderson County, NC Merritt Sarepta 05 Jun 1823
Davis John d. 1846 TN Lincoln County, TN Owen Nancy F. 30 Apr 1846 probably 2nd wife
Davis John d. 1841 VT Jay County, IN Reed Mary L. 10 Mar 1811
Davis John d. 1865 VA Hampshire County, VA Brewer Polly 1813
Davis John d. 1873 VA Lewis County, WV
Davis John d. 1833 US Rutherford County, NC nine surviving children listed in pension file
Davis John d. 1872 US Madison County, NC Ayres Nancy 16 Oct 1818
Davis John 1790-1864 US Somerset County, ME Sprague Elizabeth 11 Jul 1822 family record included in pension file
Davis John d. 1871 US Huron County, MI Hawthorn Nancy 11 Jun 1820
Davis John b. 1791 US Madison County, NC Ayres Nancy 16 Oct 1818
Davis John d. 1877 Navy Oswego County, NY Sager Ann 23 Feb 1819
Davis John b. 1798 Navy Philadelphia County, PA McCoy Rachel 04 Dec 1824
Davis John B. d. 1851 VA Williamsburg, VA McAuley Jincy 21 Dec 1837 probably 2nd wife
Davis John C. b. 1796 NY Montgomery County, IN
Davis John C. d. 1861 PA Brown County, OH Dickey Susannah 26 Aug 1815
Davis John D. b. 1793 PA Allegheny County, PA
Davis John F. 1795-1878 VA Fulton County, PA Bowles Elizabeth 05 May 1818
Davis John H. d. 1848 KY Pittsylvania County, VA Dixon Martha H. 14 Jan 1816
Davis John H. b. 1789 OH Ripley County, IN Willis Rachel 14 Feb 1811
Davis John H. d. 1857 OH Henry County, IN Cochran Nancy Mar 1833 probably 2nd wife
Davis John H. c1786-1866 NY Will County, IL Freer Sarah "Sally" 31 Dec 1812
Davis John Kirby 1792-1867 NY Rensselaer County, NY Deming Mary Elizabeth 17 Oct 1815
Davis John M. b. 1781 US Allegheny County, PA
Davis John N. 1792-1882 NY Steuben County, NY Simmons Amanda 18 Aug 1814
Davis John P. d. 1857 US Martin County, IN Polly 28 Jun 1842 probably 2nd wife
Davis John P. d. 1877 VT Cayuga County, NY Polly (1st wife) 2nd wife Ruhama, 3rd wife Asenath Higby m. 18 Nov 1870
Davis John Peter 1793-1858 NY Ulster County, NY Winfield Maria (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Huyck m. 24 Sep 1851
Davis John Ransom d. 1865 SC Fayette County, AL House Tabitha (1st wife) 2nd wife Hannah m. 03 Nov 1859
Davis John Silvanie 1788-1876 VA Upshur County, WV Ward Rachel (1st wife) 2nd wife Susan Miller m. 28 Dec 1869
Davis John V. c1794-1881 ME Androscoggin County, ME Estes Prudence
Davis John Wesley 1792-1878 US Dade County, MO Davis Polly (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucinda Blackburn m. 09 Dec 1823
Davis Jonas d. 1857 NY Van Buren County, MI Stevens Hannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Lucas, 3rd wife Eliza m. 17 Oct 1854
Davis Jonas C. d. 1879 MA Knox County, ME Fay Caroline (1st wife) 2nd wife Sally Shattuck m. 28 Sep 1830
Davis Jonathan 1783-1851 MA Bristol County, MA Wardell Rachel 27 Nov 1810
Davis Jonathan d. 1873 NY Suffolk County, NY Griffing Clarissa 29 Dec 1815
Davis Jonathan 1790-1846 US Fredonia, NH Lang Huldah 08 Aug 1815
Davis Jonathan d. 1854 PA Chester County, PA Dickinson Margaret 29 Nov 1813
Davis Jonathan d. 1840 PA Philadelphia County, PA Rue Sarah 15 Aug 1811
Davis Jonathan 1795-1895 RI Ashtabula County, OH Harrington Sally (1st wife) 2nd wife Sallie Millie Seager
Davis Jonathan d. 1876 US Boston, MA Pike Abbey 11 Nov 1824
Davis Jonathan Billings 1792-1868 MA Middlesex County, MA Hosmer Sally 24 Aug 1815
Davis Jordan R. b. 1791 VA Chesterfield County, VA Graham Martha 25 Mar 1861 probably 2nd or 3rd wife
Davis Joseph d. 1871 GA Harris County, GA Jones Charlotte (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucy Barton, 3rd wife Permelia Pollett m. 26 Jan 1867
Davis Joseph d. 1872 MA Penobscot County, ME Mann Phebe S. 06 Aug 1816
Davis Joseph d. 1880 MA Barnstable County, MA Jenkins Desire 03 Nov 1825
Davis Joseph d. 1875 NY Greene County, NY Vosburgh Doretta Apr 1813
Davis Joseph 1796-1877 OH Boone County, IN Moore Hannah B. 02 Mar 1820
Davis Joseph d. 1814 VA Norfolk, VA Mary 09 Dec 1812 died in service
Davis Joseph Henson Harrison 1795-1869 SC Hale County, AL Williams Martha 28 Dec 1826
Davis Joseph N. b. 1792 NY St. Lawrence County, NY Harwood Mary 16 Sep 1816
Davis Joseph R. d. 1858 NH Carroll County, NH Roberts Betsey P. 05 Feb 1818
Davis Joseph W. d. 1854 NY Bloomfield, OH Middledeth Doratha 01 Sep 1808 listed as Joseph H. Davis
Davis Joseph W. 1797-1889 NC DeKalb County, GA Wall Susannah 01 Nov 1828
Davis Joshua b. 1791 MD Logan County, OH
Davis Joshua 1796-1865 MA Hillsborough County, NH Farnsworth Mary 19 Jun 1828
Davis Joshua b. 1796 TN Dyer County, TN Jones Margaret 1819
Davis Joshua d. 1864 NY Oakland County, MI Aveline (2nd wife) 04 Nov 1835
Davis Joshua d. 1848 US Windham County, VT Blanchard Miranda 28 May 1816
Davis Joshua 1794-1861 VA Mercer County, WV French Sarah "Sallie" 19 Dec 1822
Davis Joshua J. 1791-1873 VA Doddridge County, WV Maxson Catherine (1st wife) 2nd wife Delila Clark m. 12 Jun 1856
Davis Josiah b. 1786 US Washington DC Hyde Mary 28 Feb 1816
Davis Julius d. 1877 US Lumpkin County, GA Grindle Rachel
Davis Justice b. 1789 MA Medina County, OH Frizzell Hulda 19 Dec 1834 probably 2nd wife
Davis Lancelot d. 1846 GA Butler County, AL Haulford or Alford Harriet 20 Jun 1828
Davis Levi d. 1870 MD Seneca County, OH Shriver Rebecca (1st wife) 2nd wife Julia Ann Shriver m. 14 Mar 1839
Davis Levi 1793-1880 MA Orleans County, NY Hunt Lorana 14 Nov 1816
Davis Levi Lou 1798-1847 US Mercer County, IL Mayhew Lucinda 02 Mar 1827
Davis Lewis 1797-1884 NY Monroe County, NY Hill Eunice
Davis Lewis 1790-1887 US LaClede County, MO McHenry Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Abigail Bryant Baker, 3rd wife Edith Ryder m. 31 Jan 1864
Davis Lewis c1785-1863 VA Albemarle County, VA Sandridge Susannah "Susan" 15 Feb 1814
Davis Lothrop Edward Loring 1794-1861 MA Barnstable County, MA Cannon Harriet 03 Nov 1819
Davis Luke c1785-1866 KY Putnam County, IN Thomas Elizabeth 12 Aug 1814
Davis Luther d. 1842 MA Lowell, MA Trowbridge Elizabeth W. 19 Jan 1823
Davis Lyman b. 1794 NY Knox County, NE
Davis Lyman d. 1889 US Herkimer County, NY Cone Martha (2nd wife)
Davis Mark d. 1869 US Washington County, VT Fish Anna 28 Sep 1815
Davis Martin b. c1787 NY Saginaw County, MI Lewis Mary
Davis Mathias Wilaby c1790-1875 VA Harrison County, WV Thompson Anna Hannah
Davis Matthew d. 1824 VA Buckingham County, VA Faris Susannah 01 Jan 1812
Davis Micajah d. 1863 CT New London County, CT Smith Nancy W. 31 Dec 1812
Davis Michael 1788-1871 OH Union County, OH Shinaberry Elizabeth Sep 1815
Davis Moses d. 1861 ME York County, ME Elden Mary "Polly" 02 Aug 1812
Davis Moses d. 1866 MA Boston, MA Mason Sophronia 28 Jun 1840 probably 2nd wife
Davis Moses d. 1865 NH Rockingham County, NH Smith Jane 22 Nov 1822
Davis Moses d. 1884 US Merrimack County, NH Ingalls Polly 12 Jul 1829
Davis Moses d. 1858 US/Navy Cumberland County, ME Chamberlain Maria (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary m. 29 Sep 1852
Davis Myrick 1793-1877 KY Polk County, AR Collins Sarah 08 Sep 1814 listed as MIRICK Davis
Davis Nathan 1799-1841 US Merrimack County, NH Judith B. 20 Nov 1828
Davis Nathan d. 1829 TN Greensboro, AL Baker Sarah 01 Jul 1808
Davis Nathaniel d. 1843 MA Cumberland County, ME York Nancy 29 Nov 1827
Davis Nathaniel d. 1878 MA Barnstable County, MA Donaldson Eliza (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah L. m. 11 Jul 1832
Davis Nathaniel b. 1794 MA Grafton County, NH Clark Alice 03 Sep 1815
Davis Nathaniel 1785-1867 SC Calhoun County, SC Bradley Emily "Millie" 01 Dec 1814
Davis Noah 1791-1875 OH White County, IN Miller Margaret D. 08 Sep 1819
Davis Nymphas d. 1870 MA Barnstable County, MA Swift Susan T. 07 Jan 1820
Davis Owen d. 1850 OH Butler County, OH Smith Mary 26 Jun 1806
Davis Parks B. d. 1854 VA King William County, VA Slater Sarah B. (3rd wife) 19 Oct 1839
Davis Paschal H. b. 1794 GA St. Clair County, AL Elizabeth Jun 1821
Davis Paschal W. 1784-1862 VA Lawrence County, OH Toone Nancy L. 04 Nov 1812
Davis Patrick 1789-1843 MA Sagadahoc County, ME Williams Sarah Mar 1817
Davis Paul Harrison 1786-1851 VA Cabell County, VA Gilkerson Mary 16 Jan 1809 children listed in pension file
Davis Perley d. 1867 NY Jefferson County, NY Peck Polly 27 Nov 1805
Davis Peter 1794-1887 MA Henry County, IN Reed Keziah
Davis Peter 1783-1873 VA Doddridge County, WV Davis Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Fitz Randolph
Davis Peter Park 1795-1883 TN Blount County, TN Phillips Catherine (1st wife) Jun 1814 2nd wife Hannah Harris m. Jul 1818
Davis Phanuel 1785-1864 OH Jennings County, IN Woods Jane 07 Jun 1807
Davis Phineas d. 1838 NY Medina County, OH Lane Elizabeth 01 Jun 1810
Davis Phineas b. 1789 NY Suffolk County, NY Flus ? Mary 06 Mar 1814
Davis Porter d. 1882 NY Fond Du Lac County, WI Case Elizabeth 14 Feb 1819
Davis Preston W. b. 1796 KY Davidson County, TN Sumner A. C. 30 Apr 1828
Davis Randall d. 1861 CT Windham County, CT Kies Phillia 08 Mar 1817
Davis Reece or Reese b. 1793 GA Jasper County, MS Sapp Alla Elizabeth Aug 1822 spelled REASE Sapp
Davis Reeve b. 1795 NY Suffolk County, NY Turner Mary 22 Dec 1821
Davis Reuben 1792-1868 VA Mineral County, WV Dean Eleanor 01 Apr 1813
Davis Rezin b. 1792 NC Gilmer County, GA Bailey Lurania 01 Oct 1812
Davis Richard 1786-1872 MD Howard County, MD Black Rebecca 01 Sep 1820
Davis Richard d. 1855 VA Albemarle County, VA Michie Martha (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha Harris m. 25 Oct 1831
Davis Robert b. 1795 US Morgan County, TN
Davis Robert 1795-1881 ME Norfolk County, MA Binney Mary Jul 1820
Davis Robert b. 1793 MA Lincoln County, ME Bryant Phebe 15 Sep 1820
Davis Robert 1798-1877 NH Suffolk County, MA Grafton Ann 01 Jan 1820
Davis Robert 1777-1876 NY Ontario County, NY Van Horn Leah 05 Mar 1799
Davis Robert b. 1791 TN Knox County, TN Roberts Polly (1st wife) Mar 1807 2nd wife Sarah Doyle 08 Oct 1812
Davis Robert 1790-1859 TN Montgomery County, TN Hooper Elizabeth "Betsey" 17 Jan 1814
Davis Robert d. 1883 VA Rockingham County, VA Grafton Lucinda 16 Mar 1815
Davis Robert d. 1861 VA Buckingham County, VA Gilliam Martha "Patsey" (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah E. m. Jan 1846
Davis Robert C. d. 1835 TN Wilson County, TN Cheek Elizabeth 28 Apr 1818
Davis Robert J. 1785-1860 MD Marshall County, VA Harris Elizabeth Sep 1807
Davis Robert L. b. 1795 US Scott County, TN Wilhite Sarah "Sally" 15 Feb 1820
Davis Salathiel d. 1848 MA Washington County, ME Parmenter Hannah 04 Oct 1808
Davis Salmon d. 1862 NY Saratoga County, NY Haner or Hamer Betsey c1810
Davis Samson d. 1862 PA Chester County, PA Ralston Catharine 1814
Davis Samuel 1791-1880 KY Washington County, IA Speer Nancy 02 Jan 1827
Davis Samuel d. 1876 MD Baltimore County, MD Sturgis Eliza M. 22 Jun 1827
Davis Samuel b. 1792 MD Harrison County, WV Wiseman Julia Ann 18 Jan 1814
Davis Samuel d. 1866 MA Somerset County, ME Martha (2nd wife) 29 Apr 1848
Davis Samuel b. 1795 MA Cumberland County, ME Plummer Hannah 05 Mar 1834 probably 2nd wife
Davis Samuel 1789-1867 MA Barnstable County, MA Wing Lydia A. 18 Oct 1818
Davis Samuel b. 1787 MA Androscoggin County, ME Bradford Lydia 01 Nov 1811
Davis Samuel 1797-1875 NH Boston, MA Millen Susan (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah m. 31 Oct 1854
Davis Samuel 1797-1860 NH Tolland County, CT Thompson Jemima 03 Nov 1822
Davis Samuel d. 1813 NY Concord, NH Underhill Betsey 17 Nov 1803
Davis Samuel d. 1870 NY Onondaga County, NY Brooks Polly 05 Jan 1821
Davis Samuel d. 1835 OH Switzerland County, IN Dixon Elizabeth 17 Jan 1801
Davis Samuel d. 1869 PA Muskingum County, OH Mitchell Elizabeth 10 Apr 1821
Davis Samuel 1789-1857 SC Sumter County, AL Weaver Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Susannah Campbell m. 02 Nov 1830
Davis Samuel d. 1869 TN Greene County, TN Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Rachel Fraker m. 01 Sep 1853
Davis Samuel 1797-1869 US Delaware County, NY Maxwell Sally (1st wife) 2nd wife Persis W. Wariner m. 18 Sep 1830
Davis Samuel d. 1854 US Piscataquis County, ME Pike Susannah 18 Dec 1830
Davis Samuel d. 1855 US Belknap County, NH Silver Prudence 23 Mar 1817
Davis Samuel d. 1826 VA Loudoun County, VA Leeke Casandria M. 20 May 1820
Davis Samuel d. 1864 VA Jefferson County, VA Stewart Jane 07 Jul 1814
Davis Samuel d. 1841 VA Greenbrier County, VA Branam Tabitha 01 Aug 1816
Davis Samuel d. 1868 VA Pickaway County, OH Wamble Matilda 19 Jan 1819
Davis Samuel B. d. 1846 NY Genesee County, MI Vandervoort Elizabeth 16 Jan 1819
Davis Samuel Boyer d. 1854 US New Castle County, DE Boinfontine Rosa (1st wife) 2nd wife Sally Janet Jones m. 05 Jan 1837
Davis Samuel Caldwell 1795-1878 VA Randolph County, MO Herring Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Harriet Little m. 05 May 1857
Davis Samuel J. d. 1879 VT Addison County, VT Young Mary 16 Feb 1806
Davis Samuel P. d. 1824 DE Lewiston, DE Edwards Rachel 07 Jan 1812
Davis Silas 1793-1880 CT Delaware County, OH Gillet Sarah M.
Davis Spencer d. 1854 VA Henderson County, TN Davis Nancy 24 Apr 1805
Davis Stafford 1786-1886 GA Coffee County, GA Lott Penelope
Davis Stephen 1791-1879 MA Worcester County, MA Wadsworth Anna
Davis Stephen d. 1859 VA Dinwiddie County, VA Elder Susan E. 27 Jan 1846 probably 2nd wife
Davis Steven S. VT Calhoun County, MI Poolar ?? Rachel 05 Apr 1808
Davis Thomas d. 1854 GA Chattahoochee County, GA Jones Barbara 15 Aug 1817
Davis Thomas d. 1868 IN Ripley County, IN Purcell Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Charlotte C. Webster m. 24 Jul 1842
Davis Thomas 1795-1875 KY Marion County, OR Sarah 26 Feb 1816
Davis Thomas d. 1874 MA Barnstable County, MA Delilah E. 10 Jan 1837 probably 2nd wife
Davis Thomas d. 1860 NJ Middlesex County, NJ Forman Phoebe 04 Jan 1819
Davis Thomas 1789-1852 OH Highland County, OH Estle Elizabeth 09 May 1829
Davis Thomas d. 1873 SC Oconee County, SC Duval Elizabeth 01 Jan 1815
Davis Thomas d. 1870 SC Blount County, TN Ogle Vincey 12 May 1857 probably 2nd wife
Davis Thomas 1793-1849 TN Claiborne County, TN Berry Parkey 28 Jun 1827
Davis Thomas d. 1816 MA Falmouth, MA Edwards Abigail 09 Dec 1806
Davis Thomas A. d. 1857 VA Page County, VA Hicks Sarah 01 Mar 1838 probably 2nd wife
Davis Thomas H. d. 1875 VA Preston County, WV Hawley Mary 20 Oct 1816
Davis Thomas Hosmer 1787-1876 MA Middlesex County, MA Barnes Maria H. 23 Dec 1818
Davis Thomas J. d. 1844 PA Licking County, OH Evans Lydia (2nd wife) May 1828
Davis Thomas T. d. 1857 VA Louisa County, VA Gunnell Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Matilda Fleming, 3rd wife Sarah Burton m. Dec 1853
Davis Timothy d. 1852 MA Essex County, MA Sally 10 Jun 1822
Davis Timothy d. 1842 MA Androscoggin County, ME Davis Betsey 20 Mar 1817
Davis Timothy R. d. 1848 MA Essex County, MA Tammy 11 Nov 1809
Davis Ulysses B. d. 1854 SC Butler County, AL Caroline (1st wife) 2nd wife Obedience Y. Howell m. 17 Oct 1822
Davis Urian b. 1783 NY Allegany County, NY Jones Lois
Davis Van d. 1864 KY Franklin County, GA Miller Mary Ann
Davis Wait Hatch 1794-1890 NY Monroe County, NY Dexter Everline or Eveline
Davis Walter d. 1863 VA Miami County, OH Shearer Sarah 28 Mar 1820
Davis Warren b. 1775 SC St. Clair County, AL Flowers Elizabeth
Davis Wiley B. 1794-1883 TN St. Clair County, MO Crow Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Mulkey Holdman m. 21 Sep 1859
Davis William d. 1833 DC Alexandria, VA McCahan Catherine 30 Aug 1812
Davis William b. c1788 GA Hillsborough County, FL Gillie Michell 27 Feb 1813
Davis William b. 1797 GA Floyd County, GA Yarbrough Elizabeth 17 Jan 1836 probably 2nd wife
Davis William c1800-1865 GA Pickens County, AL Peters Argent 25 Jan 1821
Davis William b. 1796 GA Macon County, AL Segrest Jane 29 Jul 1819
Davis William d. 1856 GA Floyd County, GA Barnett Susan 18 Nov 1808
Davis William 1792-1873 KY Wayne County, KY Bond Sarah 31 Oct 1821
Davis William 1784-1874 KY Clark County, IL Covert Martha "Patsy" 29 Apr 1813
Davis William 1796-1878 MA Lincoln County, ME Thompson Mary Feb 1822
Davis William 1790-1880 MA Middlesex County, MA Chaffin Eunice (1st wife) 2nd wife Hannah Maynard, 3rd wife Eliza m. 16 Jan 1849
Davis William 1791-1876 MA Barnstable County, MA Hatch Hannah 29 Jan 1835 probably 2nd wife
Davis William d. 1869 MA Androscoggin County, ME Thompson Hannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane M. Jordan m. 07 Dec 1843
Davis William 1790-1870 MA Sagadahoc County, ME Butler Margaret 11 Aug 1819
Davis William 1783-1824 OH Logan County, OH Wood Mary "Polly" 28 Apr 1817
Davis William 1782-1860 OH Trumbull County, OH Luse Ann 01 Jan 1804
Davis William b. 1785 OH Highland County, OH Parker Lavina Oct 1805
Davis William b. 1790 PA Chester County, PA
Davis William d. 1854 SC Barnwell County, SC Powell Elizabeth 16 Apr 1812
Davis William d. 1824 SC Chatham County, GA Stafford Mary 20 Mar 1805
Davis William d. 1854 TN Illinois Wicker Dicey 1813
Davis William 1786-1869 TN Catoosa County, GA Brickey Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Melinda Simmons Hill m. 1844 or 1845
Davis William d. 1858 VA Southampton County, VA Joyner Nancy Ann 16 Mar 1828
Davis William c1795-1870 US Titus County, TX Massey Rachel 19 Jan 1819
Davis William Buckley 1791-1881 OH Vinton County, OH Manley Rebecca Jan 1816
Davis William D. b. 1783 NY Calhoun County, MI Ball Comfort 1804
Davis William Fleming 1775-1851 VA Buckingham County, VA son Thomas N. Davis mentioned in file
Davis William Gaston 1794-1856 SC Shelby County, TN Allen Manima (1st wife) 2nd wife Susan Allen m. 16 Apr 1835
Davis William H. d. 1872 KY Hopkins County, TN Gibbs Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Anna Simmons m. 11 Jul 1842
Davis William H. b. 1789 US Hopkins County, KY Mary Ann
Davis William L. d. 1838 OH Preble County, OH Duggins Nancy 06 Oct 1808
Davis William Lawrence 1789-1862 NY Warren County, NY Scott Rebecca 01 Dec 1811
Davis William M. d. 1857 MD Howard County, MD Gibbens Caroline 15 May 1813
Davis Willis d. 1866 PA Muscatine County, IA Miles Catherine 27 Jan 1811
Davis Wilson 1792-1855 TN Jackson County, AL Babb Leacy or Lucy 28 May 1816
Davis Zachariah d. 1857 PA Montgomery County, PA Mullen Hannah 21 Aug 1832 probably 2nd wife
Davis Zachariah 1792-1852 TN Benton County, MO Hill Elizabeth 1816
Davis Zebulon 1798-1868 NH Belknap County, NH Page Rebecca (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah "Sally" Huckins m. 20 Sep 1832
Davis Ziba 1798-1873 NY Randolph County, IN Badgley Loruhama (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Ann Forsythe m. 15 Nov 1867
Davison Abiel 1796-1888 NY Cattaraugus County, NY Miller Sophia (1st wife) 2nd wife Angeline Messnard
Davison Benjamin d. 1854 OH Allen County, OH Howard Sidney 27 Jan 1848 probably 2nd wife
Davison Bracket 1796-1863 TN Dallas County, MO Hardison Delilah 03 Aug 1817
Davison Charles 1793-1854 SC Shelby County, AL Alexander Lucinda Oct 1821