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Index to War of 1812 Pension Application Files
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This site provides a free index to the War of 1812 pension application files. It is part of the free tutorial Researching Your Revolutionary War Patriot Ancestor
Digitized pension application files for most of the soldiers listed on this page are available for FREE at Fold 3.
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Husband Husband State of Wife Wife Marriage
Last Name First Name Service Residence Maiden Name First Name Date Comments
Eaches Joseph 1794-1857 VA Alexandria County, VA McCormick Ann
Eader Lazarus c1795-1857 MD Frederick City, MD Carnes or Karn Catherine 26 Jul 1829
Eades Elisha A. b. 1787 NY Chautauqua County, NY
Eades Lewis D. 1789-1863 KY Madison County, KY Dooley Dorcas (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Dance m. 23 Dec 1851
Eades Samuel 1791-1873 KY Muhlenburg County, KY Williams Nancy 1815
Eades Thomas b. 1783 VA Fluvanna County, VA Parrish Catherine Nov 1807
Eads George W. b. 1795 VA Amherst County, VA Staton Susan c1856 probably 2nd wife
Eads Robert C. 1786-1876 KY Taylor County, KY Eads Nancy Elizabeth 10 Dec 1815 spelled EADES
Eads William b. 1780 US Delaware County, IA
Eady Henry 1786-1847 GA Wilkinson County, GA Gay Elizabeth 29 Oct 1807
Eagan Jesse 1775-1837 TN Wilson County, TN Rieff Narcissa 29 Jan 1818
Eagar Robert 1789-1844 SC Cherry Springs, TN Prince Hanna Arabella 16 Feb 1814 spelled EAGER
Eagles George 1778-1833 NY Pope County, IL Low Charity Sep 1806
Eagleston Andrew 1789-1875 NY Washington County, NY McEachron Catherine 19 Oct 1815
Eagleton Allen d. 1860 NY Lagrange County, IN Taylor Malinda 03 Jun 1812
Eagleton James 1794-1877 TN Crawford County, IL Montgomery Margaret 25 Dec 1818
Eagleton John 1785-1865 US Blount County, TN McCroskey Lavinia 08 Dec 1814
Eaker John 1790-1874 NC Gordon County, GA Bess Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Catherine Ann Baker m May 1843
Eakes Alfred b. 1787 SC Kemper County, MS spelled EKES
Eakin William d. 1878 TN Lawrence County, TN Sinia 10 Jan 1859 probably 2nd wife
Eakle John d. 1883 VA Highland County, VA Carpenter Sarah 25 Sep 1825
Eakle Joseph 1794-1880 MD Ogle County, IL Kauffman Catharine 20 Mar 1822
Ealer John d. 1843 PA Richland County, OH Kline Barbary (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Johns m. 12 Dec 1828
Ealer Lewis b. 1791 PA Philadelphia, PA Wilkins Susan 11 Feb 1816
Eales Charles d. 1865 KY Vernon County, MO Purvis ?? (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Purvis m. 21 Jan 1851
Ealy Adam 1783-1854 TN Greene County, TN Woolaver Elizabeth 10 Feb 1812
Eames Daniel 1787-1863 MA Berkshire County, MA Miller Sally (1st wife) 2nd wife Eunice Smith m. 25 Oct 1848
Eames Nathaniel d. 1873 MA Westminster, MA Chaffin Marian H. 07 Feb 1847
Eames Samuel 1795-1892 MA Oxford County, ME Foster Anna 25 Mar 1819
Eames Thomas Doyle 1793-1875 MA Waldo County, ME Waterman Lydia 21 Mar 1816 family Bible record in pension file, listed as Doyle Eames
Eanes Isham d. 1857 VA Dinwiddie County, VA Wilson Eliza 27 Apr 1826
Eareckson Thomas d. 1850 MD Baltimore, MD Cook Pauline S. 22 Dec 1816 died at sea
Earel James 1794-1846 VA Adams County, IL Given Margaret 09 Feb 1826
Earhart Samuel 1784-1876 OH Hamilton County, OH Armstrong Priscilla (1st wife) 2nd wife Judith E. m. 18 Nov 1852
Earick Henry b. 1795 NJ Philadelphia, PA Ash Maria 14 May 1821
Earl David O. d. 1819 NY New Orleans, LA Gray Susan 02 Feb 1814
Earl Hiram d. 1829 ME Washington County, ME Bowman Harriet 08 Mar 1808
Earl Isaac 1793-1855 OH Hancock County, IN McClelland Sarah 15 May 1817
Earl Levi b. 1795 NY Van Buren County, MI Marsh Malvina 14 Jul 1845 probably 2nd wife
Earl Matthew 1790-1850 OH Seneca County, OH Tiffin Phoebe (1st wife) 2nd wife Susannah Sifrit m. 28 Nov 1826
Earl Morris d. 1855 NJ Union County, NJ Vanderbeek Sarah 10 Oct 1818
Earl William d. 1835 NY Albany County, NY Leonan Jane Spring 1811
Earl William b. 1796 NY Jefferson County, NY Hallenbeck Charity
Earl William B. d. 1860 US Greene County, NY Rogers Calista or Celista 24 Jul 1824
Earle Guy 1789-1877 NY St. Lawrence County, NY Smith Cynthia (1st wife) 3rd or 4th wife Mrs. Sarah King 23 Feb 1861
Earle John d. 1814 Navy New York, NY Elder Elizabeth 20 Jul 1806 died in service
Earle John J. d. 1879 NY New York, NY Godwin Maria P. 10 Nov 1825
Earle Morris 1788-1823 NJ Bergen County, NJ Westervelt Maria 22 Dec 1810 spelled EARL
Earle Pardon 1781-1844 NY Jefferson County, NY Sherman Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Polly Howe m. 11 Sep 1827
Earle Samuel d. 1879 US Essex County, NJ Platt Rebecca 12 Nov 1815
Earley John H. d. 1860 MD Philadelphia, PA Phillips Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Hester R. Thompson m. 24 Dec 1839
Earley William d. 1847 NC McDowell County, NC Callahan Mary 01 Jan 1808 spelled EARLY
Earll Chauncey 1797-1884 NY Lewis County, NY Laflin Almira spelled CHAUNCY EARL
Earll James 1798-1875 NY Oswego County, NY Taylor Phebe 07 Nov 1822 spelled EARL
Earll John 1792-1883 NY Portage County, OH Perry Mary spelled EARL
Earll Nehemiah Hezekiah 1787-1872 NY Onondaga County, NY Burton Avis 08 Oct 1816
Earll Peter b. 1787 NY Ingham County, MI Pitts Alsey 12 Nov 1815
Earll William b. 1796 NY Jefferson County, NY Hallenbeck Charity listed as EARL
Earls Richard d. 1870 NY Schuyler County, NY Goldsmith Matilda 15 Mar 1812
Early David 1788-1841 OH Columbiana County, OH Catt Mary Ann 31 Jul 1810
Early George b. 1793 NC Rutherford County, NC
Early Isaac W. d. 1864 NC Morgan County, GA Lee Elizabeth K. (2nd wife) 10 Dec 1829
Early Jacob b. 1793 VA La Porte County, IN Austin Elizabeth Fitzpatrick 10 Apr 1819
Early John 1786-1864 KY Fleming County, KY Warring Elizabeth "Betsy" 31 Jan 1810 spelled EARLEY
Early John 1786-1853 VA Henry County, IA Allison Phebe or Phoebe c1810
Early Thomas d. 1875 US Hertford County, NC Gilly Ann 10 Jan 1818
Earnest Asa d. 1876 GA Lowndes County, AL Scougers Tabitha Jan 1825 spelled ERNEST
Earnest Isham Certain 1795-c1861 GA Hinds County, MS Steen Elizabeth A. 1814 Bible record in file
Earnest James d. 1859 SC Fayette County, AL Kunnell P. A. (1st wife)
Earnest Joseph d. 1855 KY Perry County, IL Upchurch Patsy (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Woodside m. 08 Sep 1836
Earnest William 1783-1869 US Randolph County, AL Underwood Rebecca 08 Jul 1819
Earnhart Jacob 1791-1859 US Vinton County, OH Kaylor Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Malinda Bevington m. 18 Apr 1852
Earnheart Jacob 1791-1859 US Vinton County, OH Kaylor Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Malinda Bevington m. 18 Apr 1852
Earp Joshua 1795-1883 MD Madison County, KY Alexander Elizabeth 28 Oct 1819
Earp William b. 1793 MD Wyandot County, OH Wood Ruth 20 Sep 1820
Earsom Jacob 1790-1860 VA Carroll County, IN Hushman Lucinda 17 Oct 1831 family Bible record in file; probably 2nd wife
Eary John d. 1833 KY Greenbrier County, VA Holcomb Hannah 03 Dec 1818 spelled EAREY
Easby William d. 1854 DC Washington DC Agnes M. 30 Nov 1833 probably 2nd wife
Easley John Scruggs 1793-1868 VA Fayette County, WV White Agnes Clark 08 Nov 1821
Easley Millington 1790-1852 TN Hickman County, TN Jones Martha (1st wife) 2nd wife Cynthia Barr m. 17 Jan 1843
Easley Woodson Gale 1790-1854 KY Shelby County, KY Tinsley Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha Ann West m. 01 Aug 1837
Easlick John 1793-1881 NY Jackson County, MI Hawkins Margaret (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah m. 29 Aug 1873
Eason Rice 1794-1873 GA Fayette County, GA Mier or Meyers Frances (1st wife) 2nd wife Aley Ann Post McEachern m. 04 Aug 1870
East Isaac 1796-1887 LA Lincoln County, MS Smith Margaret "Peggy" (1st wife) 2nd wife Rebecca Smith, 3rd wife Demares Fergerson m. 29 Oct 1870
East James b. 1796 LA East Feliciana Parish, LA Drake Luanda Aug 1835 probably 2nd wife
East Josiah b. 1795 LA Copiah County, MS Nix Nancy 03 Sep 1818
Easter Ephraim d. 1875 VA Cumberland County, KY Snider Mary (1st wife) spelled ESTERS 2nd wife Sarah "Sally"
Easter George 1787-1863 PA Westmoreland County, PA Lucinda 13 Oct 1859 probably 2nd or 3rd wife
Easter Joseph 1792-1876 US Boone County, AR Smith Mary "Polly" (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucretia Evans m. 10 May 1836
Easter Peter 1795-1876 US Roane County, TN Tate Margaret "Peggy" 04 Oct 1822
Easterling James O'Neill 1794-1885 GA Liberty County, GA Simmons Dicey (2nd wife) 3rd wife Elizabeth Driggers m. 11 Jun 1864
Eastham George W. 1792-1878 KY DeKalb County, TN Allen Mary Ann 09 Dec 1819
Eastin Augustine F. d. 1873 KY Fayette County, KY Bryan Nancy W. 30 Sep 1840 probably 2nd wife
Eastin Griffin d. 1872 KY Dade County, MO Clarkson Nancy 29 May 1816
Eastin James 1791-1860 KY Pike County, MO South Theodotia or Theodocia 09 Jan 1822
Eastin Thomas 1788-1859 KY Clark County, KY Calmes Miriam 18 Dec 1823
Eastlick Cornelius 1785-1880 NY Crawford County, PA Hoagland Eleanor 17 Oct 1815
Eastman Amos 1793-1836 NH Merrimack County, NH Hilliard Mary Prescott "Patty" 31 Mar 1829
Eastman Calvin d. 1866 NY Blue Earth County, MN Crasly Catherine 1806
Eastman Calvin 1791-1862 VT Addison County, VT Pettibone Clarissa 12 Nov 1818
Eastman Daniel d. 1879 NH Middlesex County, MA Spencer Mary Feb 1813
Eastman Daniel 1791-1874 VT Chautauqua County, NY Loomis Tryphena 22 Dec 1816
Eastman Ebenezer 1791-1867 NH Merrimack County, NH Underwood Mary D. 03 Jan 1825
Eastman Elisha b. 1797 VT Rutland County, VT
Eastman Elisha 1781-1863 PA Bennington County, VT Wiseman Sally 19 Jan 1819
Eastman Enos 1790-1884 MA Kennebec County, ME Marr or Murr Nancy Fanny 01 Jan 1812
Eastman Henry 1796-1873 VT/US Muskingum County, OH Bigelow or Hall Phebe Sep 1819
Eastman Isaac b. 1792 NH Orange County, VT Roxa Sep 1851 probably 2nd wife
Eastman James 1791-1882 ME Sagadahoc County, ME Small Lucy 25 Nov 1817
Eastman James 1788-1870 MA Oxford County, ME Dresser Susannah "Susan" 29 Dec 1814
Eastman James 1791-1877 NH Gratiot County, MI Robison Clarissa Dec 1822
Eastman Jesse 1799-1877 US Grafton County, NH Wyman Sarah "Sally" (1st wife) 2nd wife Lydia McMurphy m. 06 Feb 1865
Eastman John Spaulding c1796-1874 US York County, ME Eastman Mary Polly (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Hodgson m. 21 Jun 1840
Eastman Jonathan d. 1853 NH Windsor County, VT Cummings Philinda 30 Jan 1837 probably 2nd wife
Eastman Jonathan 1781-1867 US Merrimack County, NH Chandler Mary "Polly" 09 Aug 1804
Eastman Joseph 1789-1875 MA Coos County, NH Dustin Sally Oct 1816
Eastman Justin Aaron 1791-1856 VT Dane County, WI Wilson Thirza 06 Dec 1814
Eastman Luther 1779-1871 VT Cuyahoga County, OH Lydia 1800
Eastman Mariner P. d. 1873 NH Merrimack County, NH Pingree Dolly 25 Nov 1821
Eastman Moses 1794-1850 NH Savannah, GA Tuthill Elizabeh M 09 Mar 1834 probably 2nd wife
Eastman Nathaniel 1792-1861 Navy Wayne County, OH Burnham Emily 17 Nov 1816
Eastman Nathaniel Henry 1791-1868 NY Wyoming County, NY Patterson Marilla 11 Feb 1813
Eastman Samuel b. 1790 NH Worcester County, MA Hersey Martha Feb 1811
Eastman Silas Nelson 1792-1879 VT Winnebago County, IL Bird Amanda
Eastman Stephen d. 1866 NY Seneca County, NY Gibbs Lucy 12 Nov 1821
Eastman Steward 1795-1876 US Lincoln County, ME Crocker Betsey 1818
Easton David c1796-1863 NY Marshall County, WV White Mary T. 22 Aug 1828
Easton Jeffrey d. 1862 MD Montgomery County, MD Haney Dorothy c1824
Easton Juland G. d. 1861 NY Tioga County, NY Southworth Mary 14 Jul 1827
Easton Michael Perry 1790-1858 NY Huron County, OH Raymond Sally 28 Nov 1814 listed as Perry Easton
Easton Nathaniel Peck 1789-1872 NY Oswego County, NY Cross Anna (1st wife) 2nd wife Harriet Pettis m. 13 Feb 1830
Easton Stephen b. 1794 NY Allegany County, NY Austin Lovilla or Lavilla 09 Jan 1823
Easton Thomas S. d. 1858 NY New York, NY Hart Abigail (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth C. Smith m. 03 Jan 1848
Easton William Denniston 1792-1877 NY Cass County, MI Powell Mary R.
Eastwood James c1794-1836 NY New York, NY Kidd Phebe Matilda 29 Feb 1813
Eastwood Jesse d. 1837 VA Norfolk County, VA Spring Patience 28 Feb 1824
Eastwood John W. 1790-1877 MD Benton County, MO Cooksey Sarah Dyson 13 Feb 1813
Eastwood William d. 1868 VA Gloucester County, VA Jarvis Susan 16 Jan 1827
Eaton Abraham 1791-1868 NC Crawford County, MO Reeves Mary Almeda
Eaton Adna d. 1881 VT Windsor County, VT Safford Demis (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucy A. Hutchinson m. 07 Apr 1857
Eaton Adolphus d. 1883 NY Yates County, NY Lane Phoebe (1st wife) 2nd wife Belinda Clark m. 12 May 1864
Eaton Alexander d. 1879 NY Oakland County, MI Crownhart Mary 04 May 1817
Eaton Benjamin d. 1874 NH Steuben County, NY Towle Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Mercy m. 21 Nov 1850
Eaton Cadnial d. 1877 NY Madison County, NY VanPatten Mary 16 Dec 1805
Eaton Calvin d. 1864 NY Otsego County, NY Golden Elizabeth 02 May 1810
Eaton Campbell b. 1793 TN Prentiss County, MS Mathews Elizabeth 25 Dec 1816
Eaton Charles 1790-1875 MA Sagadahoc County, ME Nichols Catherine 30 Mar 1817
Eaton Christopher 1794-1879 NH Essex County, MA Lydia 28 Sep 1812
Eaton Clement 1793-1872 US McMinn County, TN Flowers Catherine 30 Jan 1817
Eaton Edward C. d. 1839 MA Cumberland County, ME Donnell Sarah 05 May 1820
Eaton Elhanah C. d. 1854 CT Windham County, CT Smith Mary 19 Apr 1812
Eaton Eli b. 1794 CT Tolland County, CT
Eaton Enoch b. 1793 VA Prince Anne County, VA Garrison Anna 07 Mar 1818
Eaton Ephraim d. 1874 NY Onondaga County, NY Mallory Anna (1st wife) family Bible record in pension file, 2nd wife Fanny m. 02 Jun 1845
Eaton Ezra 1784-1861 MA Boston, MA Hay Sarah Oliver (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha T. Flagg Learned, 3rd wife Eliza m. 01 Jan 1846
Eaton Gurdon or Gordon d. 1868 VT Bennington County, VT Darling Roxanna 20 Dec 1813 spelled GURDEN
Eaton Henry d. 1877 NY Crawford County, PA Frost Olive 15 Mar 1871 probably 2nd or 3rd wife
Eaton Isaac 1787-1878 MA Penobscot County, ME Wilson Hannah 28 Feb 1814
Eaton James d. 1866 NY Herkimer County, NY Hubbell Catherine 14 Oct 1805
Eaton James d. 1864 NH Kane County, IL Lee Sarah 04 Jul 1824
Eaton James d. 1856 NC Stokes County, NC Childress Sally (1st wife) 2nd wife Anna Bennett m. 16 Jan 1843
Eaton Jeduthan d. 1856 US Washtenaw County, MI Nancy 12 Jan 1801
Eaton Johnston 1776-1847 PA Erie County, PA Canon Elizabeth 30 Apr 1807
Eaton Joshua 1792-1868 US Orange County, VT Cleveland Susan 22 Sep 1814
Eaton Josiah d. 1862 MA Worcester County, MA Reed Mary
Eaton Jotham 1798-1863 MA Topsham, ME True Mehitable 08 Jul 1821
Eaton Lazarus 1793-1874 NC Perry County, IL Bugg Lydia 18 Sep 1815
Eaton Lowell 1792-1882 MA Franklin County, ME Warren Sabina Sep 1814
Eaton Parley 1794-1873 NY Herkimer County, NY Barnes Phila 08 Jan 1817
Eaton Richard b. 1804 US Gratiot County, MI Buchanan Mary Ann 21 Oct 1848 probably 2nd wife
Eaton Robert Wise 1796-1866 MA Saratoga County, NY Campbell Helen or Ellen 07 May 1844 probably 2nd wife
Eaton Roswell d. 1863 NY Onondaga County, NY Reals Margaret 14 Jan 1816
Eaton Samuel 1780-1874 MA Hancock County, ME Higgins Mary 08 Jan 1813
Eaton Sylvester 1792-1863 NY Erie County, NY Gardner Lydia (1st wife) 2nd wife Blandina Goodwin, 3rd wife Nancy Wilkes m. 22 May 1833
Eaton William 1794-1873 KY Sullivan County, IN Hunt Mary 01 Jun 1815
Eaton William d. 1881 MA Strafford County, NH Ham Mary 11 Jul 1824
Eaton William d. 1839 MA Androscoggin County, ME Niles Philenia 25 Nov 1813
Eaton William d. 1849 US Sussex County, NJ Quick Jane 19 Jul 1815
Eaton William Greenwood 1792-1874 KY Richland County, IL Sturgeon Elizabeth "Betsey" (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Bridgewater m. 05 Aug 1827
Eavenson Eli d. 1877 PA Belmont County, OH Eliza 30 Apr 1829
Eaves Lewis Pines 1796-1890 SC Falls County, TX Moon Martha (1st wife) 12 Mar 1864 2nd wife Asenath m. 12 Mar 1864
Eayres John d. 1827 NY New York, NY Ellsworth Elizabeth 01 Mar 1807
Ebar Francis d. 1878 LA Bienville County, LA Essex Sarah 01 May 1820
Ebaugh Jacob 1783-1845 MD Baltimore, MD Reese Rachel (1st wife) 2nd wife Hannah Fetzer m. 28 Jul 1833
Ebbert William 1791-1865 US Fayette County, PA Van Kirk Elizabeth 24 Apr 1814
Ebbets James 1790-1877 NY New York, NY Mary A.
Eberhard Barnard or Barnhard 1792-1884 PA Mifflin County, PA Henry Susannah 04 Oct 1813 spelled EVERHART
Eberhardt Charles 1789-1877 PA Rock Island County, IL Kirkwood Ann Minnie 15 Jul 1813 spelled EBERHART
Eberhardt Peter c1790-1856 PA Northampton County, PA Bachman Susanna 13 Feb 1810 spelled EVERHART
Eberhart Godfried b. 1792 PA Perry County, PA Wingerd Catherine 24 Dec 1818
Eberly Jacob 1795-1854 VA Shenandoah County, VA Pittman Leah (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Hockman m. 20 Dec 1839
Eberly John d. 1860 PA Lancaster County, PA Hannah 14 Jun 1835 probably 2nd wife
Eberly Samuel d. 1869 PA Berks County, PA Conrad Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Maria m.20 Jan 1859
Ebersole Henry 1784-1874 PA Huntington County, IN Linerode or Lineroad Catherine Jun 1814
Ebersole Joseph b. 1791 PA Erie County, PA Wagner Catherine 01 Jun 1817
Ebert Christian c1793-1871 NC Stokes County, NC Tuttle Anna
Eblen Samuel c1794-1878 TN Roane County, TN McCowan Sarah 26 Jun 1817
Ebright Abraham 1792-1855 OH Franklin County, OH Rainier Rachel (1st wife) 27 Aug 1850 2nd wife Emily Havely m. 27 Aug 1850; son George W. b. 25 Jul 1836
Ebur John Francis d. 1877 PA Lebanon County, PA Barr Kezia 04 Feb 1816
Eccard Peter b. 1784 MD Frederick City, MD Ambrose Catherine May 1808
Eccleston Ichabod 1778-1814 US Norwich, CT Geer Ruth heirs mentioned in file
Eccleston Rowland 1796-1876 CT New London County, CT Collins Elizabeth "Betsey" 08 Oct 1816
Eccleston William 1795-1881 CT North Stonington, CT Eccleston Lucinda spelled ECCLESTONE
Echols James C. d. 1862 Blank Carroll County, GA Cammitt Elizabeth (2nd wife) 26 Nov 1857
Echols Joel 1796-1865 GA Madison County, GA Carruth Martha H. 15 Jan 1828 spelled ECKLES
Echols Joshua 1786-1843 SC Forsyth County, GA Brown Nancy 27 May 1814
Echols Peregrine 1793-1870 VA Campbell County, VA Carter Sarah 18 Oct 1825
Eckard Abraham b. c1791 VA Pendleton County, WV Faint Sarah "Sally" Ann 21 Dec 1814
Eckard John 1793-1877 VA Mason County, WV Stewart Elizabeth S. 27 Nov 1818
Eckard Philip 1786-1856 US Pendleton County, VA Simmons Susannah 25 Dec 1820 spelled ECHARD
Eckel John Charles 1793-1857 MD Sangamon County, IL Giger Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Joanna m. 18 Aug 1845
Eckelberry George Boston 1786-1858 PA Monroe County, OH Dorr Rebecca (1st wife) 2nd wife Catherine Eddy m. 15 May 1823
Eckelberry Valentine c1778-1869 PA Wetzel County, WV Cumberledge Alice "Alley" 10 Jun 1810 spelled ECLEBERY
Eckerman David b. 1781 NY Walworth County, WI
Eckerson Aaron D. d. 1864 NY Rockland County, NY Westervelt Tyney 23 Aug 1806
Eckerson Abraham 1791-1879 NY Rockland County, NY Smith Anna 17 Oct 1818
Eckerson Thomas T. d. 1871 NY Schoharie County, NY Varnum Polly
Eckert Abel S. d. 1874 NY Ulster County, NY North Elizabeth 06 Aug 1818
Eckert Jeremiah 1784-1859 PA Lancaster County, PA Hubert Catherine 15 Dec 1807
Eckert John d. 1841 US Columbia County, PA Sarah c1809
Eckert John G. d. 1866 NY Ulster County, NY Vosburgh Hannah 14 May 1814
Eckess Henry M. 1786-1874 VA Montgomery County, VA Kessler Catherine 25 Jun 1807 spelled EKISS
Eckfeldt George d. 1820 PA Philadelphia, PA Abbitt or Abbott Sarah 17 Dec 1811
Eckhard John b. 1791 VA Augusta County, VA
Eckhart Anthony d. 1872 MD Hocking County, OH Scheatenhelm Catherine 13 Sep 1806
Eckiss Henry M. 1786-1874 VA Montgomery County, VA Kessler Catherine 25 Jun 1807 spelled EKISS
Eckler John B. b. 1793 KY Harrison County, KY McNees Elizabeth 24 Jul 1817
Eckler Peter Morris d. 1876 NY Greene County, NY DuBois Neeltje "Nellie" 10 Mar 1824
Eckles Clement b. 1795 VA Tattnall County, GA Warner Mary Ann Apr 1828
Eckles John d. 1858 PA Allegheny County, PA Dickey Nancy 08 May 1810
Eckles John 1788-1872 PA Rice County, MN Martha 03 Oct 1811
Eckles Thomas d. 1843 PA Lawrence County, PA Hagerty Martha 1801
Eckley Amanuel B. b. 1797 VT Rutland County, VT
Eckley William d. 1860 MA Waldo County, ME Love 10 Feb 1848 probably 2nd wife
Eckman Jacob 1791-1877 US Hamilton County, OH Raney Mary 1844 probably 2nd wife
Ecleberry George Boston 1786-1858 PA Monroe County, OH Dorr Rebecca (1st wife) spelled ECKELBERRY 2nd wife Catherine Eddy m. 15 May 1823
Ecleberry Valentine c1778-1869 PA Wetzel County, WV Cumberledge Alice "Alley" 10 Jun 1810 spelled ECLEBERY
Eddings Gabriel 1791-1865 GA Tippah County, MS Lofton Mary "Polly" (1st wife) spelled EDDINS 2nd wife Elizabeth Yowel m. 07 Aug 1842
Eddins James A. c1790-1858 SC Tallapoosa County, AL Hendricks Nancy Ann 09 Nov 1813 spelled EDINS
Eddins John SC Louisa
Eddins William Riley "Rilah" 1793-1878 SC Wilcox County, AL Manning Nancy (1st wife) listed as Rilah Eddins 2nd wife Nancy King m. 29 Aug 1840
Eddleman John 1791-1857 TN Greene County, TN Cotter Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth m. 08 Sep 1850
Eddy Abial Akin 1794-1885 NY Venango County, PA Tripp Mellicent (1st wife) listed as Abiel 2nd wife Patience August m. 05 Dec 1848
Eddy Allen NY
Eddy Benjamin d. 1870 CT Worcester County, MA Prouty Eunice (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucia Lee m. 20 Nov 1827
Eddy English d. 1866 MA Bristol County, MA Eddy Lucy 15 Jun 1813
Eddy Enoch 1797-1884 NY Shiawassee County, MI Glover Amelia "Milly" 26 Oct 1819
Eddy Ethan Pier 1785-1869 US Tioga County, PA Owen Matilda (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucretia m. 12 Oct 1864
Eddy Ezra Holmes 1796-1859 MA Plymouth County, MA Churchill Nancy 15 Jan 1827
Eddy Henry NY Mary Jane
Eddy Ira d. 1874 NY Trumbull County, OH Sanderson Sally 18 Mar 1863 probably 2nd wife
Eddy John d. 1856 NY Jefferson County, NY Kelsey Amy 26 Jan 1832 probably 2nd wife
Eddy John 1785-1839 NY Richmond County, NY Tyrell or Tyrrell Deborah Ann 06 May 1812
Eddy John d. 1871 TN Lawrence County, AL Gaines Anne Malinda
Eddy Jonathan d. 1827 US Montpelier, VT Lydia 05 Dec 1805
Eddy Nathaniel 1785-1869 MA Plymouth County, MA Andros Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Abby Andros, 3rd wife Melinda Borden m. 12 Mar 1851
Eddy Russell 1878-1871 US Lake County, IN Wells Ruth Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Abby M. Kimball m. 04 Apr 1861
Eddy Samuel Henry 1792-1872 VA Monroe County, WV Evans Elizabeth Delilah 23 Mar 1814
Eddy Stephen 1788-1881 NY Clinton County, MI Phillips Susannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Abigail Jenks or Seymour, 3rd wife Margaret m. 18 Jan 1864
Eddy Ware 1784-1852 MA Penobscot County, ME Clapp Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Olive Foster m. 11 Apr 1830
Eddy William 1787-1874 VT Waterbury, VT Bunnell Desire (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane Smith
Eddy Zachariah 1778-1872 PA Warren County, PA Stewart Rose 17 May 1804
Edee Christopher b. 1793 NY Onondaga County, NY Passage Margaret 1830 probably 2nd wife
Edelen Stanislaus 1793-1850 US Washington DC Hall Elizabeth Grace 27 Jan 1818
Edelman Aaron d. 1878 TN Harrison County, KY Worth Polly 22 Dec 1819
Eden Ezekiel d. c1842 Blank Graves County, KY Eleanor 1837 probably 2nd wife
Eden Thomas b. 1793 GA Chatham County, GA Lamb Honora Jul 1816
Edenfield Jesse b. 1786 SC Emanuel County, GA Phillips Elizabeth 29 Dec 1809
Edenton James d. 1818 VA Spotsylvania County, VA Crawford Nancy 13 Dec 1810
Ederington Robert 1795-1857 KY Bradley County, AR Hudspeth Martha 10 Aug 1820
Edes Benjamin d. 1832 MD Baltimore, MD Cumming Mary Ann 25 Oct 1809
Edes Isaac 1794-1873 MA Piscataquis County, ME Stevens Lydia (1st wife) 25 Mar 1816
Edgar James d. 1836 VA Florence, AL Thornton Margaret 19 Sep 1822
Edgar Jesse d. 1846 VA Henderson County, TN Reed Dorcas 30 Mar 1814
Edgar John d. 1849 TN Jefferson County, TN Martin Elizabeth 27 Jul 1824
Edgar William d. 1862 NJ Morris County, NJ Freeland Lydia 10 Nov 1854 probably 2nd wife
Edgarton Benjamin Washburn 1786-1825 MA Northampton, MA Hartwell Mary Ann 07 Dec 1814
Edgcomb Aaron d. 1873 Navy Waldo County, ME Abigail (2nd wife) 13 Mar 1859
Edge Edward W. d. 1877 VA DeKalb County, TN Rickets Delany (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Braswell m. 05 Aug 1877
Edge Isaac d. 1859 NJ Hudson County, NJ Morris Louisa (1st wife) 2nd wife Margaret Doyle m. 16 Oct 1844
Edge Jonas d. 1854 SC Lumpkin County, GA Harper Lucretia 12 Oct 1822
Edgecomb Didimus Collins 1793-1872 MA Androscoggin County, ME Gould Harriet 20 Oct 1826 spelled Didymus
Edgecomb Gibbens d. 1878 MA Kennebec County, ME Runnels Sally 13 Jan 1820
Edgecomb Isaac 1780-1861 MA York County, ME Fletcher Margaret 24 Apr 1810
Edgecomb Jabez 1791-1865 CT New London County, CT Chesebrough Bridget (1st wife) 2nd wife Harriet A. m. 26 Mar 1858
Edgecomb James 1789-1856 MA Poland, ME McKenney Olive W. 13 Jun 1847 2nd wife Wealthy Harris m. 13 Jun 1847
Edgecomb John 1794-1869 Navy York County, ME Ridlon Mehitable (1st wife) 2nd wife Sally E. Leavey m. Apr 1842
Edgecomb John 1793-1870 MA York County, ME Edgerly Sarah 04 Dec 1817
Edgecomb John Lane c1791-1865 MA Cumberland County, ME York Martha 19 Nov 1815
Edgell Henry 1790-1881 MD Logan County, IL Andrews Elizabeth
Edgerly David 1792-1849 NH Belknap County, NH Tilton Sally 24 Apr 1817
Edgerly James Chadwick 1790-1856 NY Macomb County, MI Atwood Harriet 20 Dec 1814
Edgerly John d. 1872 NH Washington County, VT Walden Julia
Edgerly Jonathan 1789-1877 US Middlesex County, MA Thomas Ruhama (1st wife) spelled EDGERLEY 2nd wife Elizabeth Mason m. Oct 1865
Edgerton Benjamin P. d. 1871 KY Anderson County, KY Askins Celia (1st wife) 2nd wife Lydia B. Eperson, 3rd wife Winfred Eperson m. 02 Apr 1837
Edgerton Ebenezer S. b. 1788 NY Herkimer County, NY Martin Agnes 26 Aug 1811
Edgerton Hezekiah b. 1792 CT Coventry, CT
Edgerton Sims 1792-1873 NY Walworth County, WI Holbert Polly (1st wife) 2nd wife Julia Holbert, 3rd wife Harriet Benedict, 4th wife Maria Crego
Edging Andrew b. 1790 TN Davidson County, TN Kilgore Elizabeth 1810
Edgington Isaac d. 1859 PA Ohio Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Anne Brewer m. Jun 1838
Edgington Thomas b. 1796 VA Brown County, IN Sarah A.
Edgington William 1781-1845 OH Adams County, OH Noleman Phoebe 07 Apr 1803
Edic Jacob 1782-1859 NY Oneida County, NY Leavenworth Isabel 21 Feb 1819
Edick Marks d. 1841 NY Onondaga County, NY Eaton Asenath 28 Jan 1811
Edie David 1790-1867 VA Hancock County, WV Kritzer Sarah 01 Nov 1814
Edingfield John J. SC Jackson County, FL Edwards Basby (1st wife) 1820 2nd wife Caroline Cash m. 1866
Edington Robert d. 1844 OH Coshocton County, OH Hardesty Margaret Alice 13 Apr 1815 spelled EDDINGTON
Edington Samuel 1793-1871 TN Monroe County, TN Dean Elizabeth Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Frances "Fannie" Browder m. 29 Jun 1837
Edmands Lot 1791-1877 MA Essex County, MA Burrill Esther 18 Oct 1810
Edminsteire Howard b. 1794 NY Bureau County, IL Ronsenville Lucy (1st wife) 10 Apr 1818 spelled EDMINISTER
Edmister William W. c1795-1879 US Ionia County, MI Sawyer Mary 24 Nov 1819
Edmiston Robert c1787-1860 TN Pope County, AR Gillespie Jane
Edmiston William b. 1791 TN Davidson County, TN Reed Priscilla 18 Mar 1818
Edmiston William D. 1795-1885 TN Randolph County, IL Askins Sarah
Edmonds Allen T. b. 1793 TN Davidson County, TN Patton Rachel 1825
Edmonds Edward 1795-1868 NH Chichester, NH Lane Betsy (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy L. Goss m. 31 Mar 1853
Edmonds Esom 1799-1878 VA Washington County, MD Hyatt Priscilla 03 Jun 1819
Edmonds John 1793-1881 NY Chautauqua County, NY Stoddard Lucy (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Stoddard m. Mar 1843
Edmonds Nathan 1796-1872 VA Washington County, MD Nusbaum Mary
Edmonds Samuel b. 1795 NY Saratoga County, NY Chandler Philomena 10 Dec 1830
Edmonds Thomas 1791-1861 OH Page County, IA West Elizabeth 06 Nov 1821
Edmonds Thomas d. 1854 VA Mason County, KY Leftwich Ann 08 Jan 1820
Edmonds William d. 1885 GA Perry County, AL Bailey Rebecca (1st wife) 2nd wife Permelia Hamilton m. 06 Nov 1845
Edmonds William d. 1872 VA Marshall County, MS Westmoreland Lucinda 08 Nov 1825
Edmondson David b. 1782 VA Rockbridge County, VA Paxton Hannah 08 Aug 1807 spelled EDMONSON
Edmondson George Washington d. 1883 US Lampkin County, GA Watkins Alcey (1st wife) 2nd wife Celia P. Swancy m. 19 Oct 1873
Edmondson Richard d. 1859 VA Halifax County, VA Chastain Susan Howell 15 May 1823
Edmondson Robert Spilsby 1780-1863 VA Tishomingo County, MS Singleton Nancy spelled EDMONSON
Edmondson William 1794-1882 GA Greene County, GA English Dinah (1st wife) 2nd wife Matilda Penn Rainey
Edmondson William 1795-1866 VA Van Buren County, IA McCutchan Mary "Polly" Belle 18 Aug 1831
Edmonson Elijah b. 1795 GA Walton County, GA Allman or Almond Rhoda (1st wife) 04 Nov 1819 2nd wife Nancy Jackson m. 1865
Edmonson James d. 1850 SC Randolph County, AL Parler Mary M. 01 Feb 1814
Edmonston Archibald d. 1865 NC Vermillion County, IN Anderson Malissa 02 Mar 1826
Edmonston Basil d. 1840 MD Howard County, MD Hood Deborah 07 Dec 1820
Edmonston Decius 1796-1879 DC Washington DC Griffith Charlotte (1st wife) 2nd wife Harriet m. 17 Jun 1876
Edmonston Franklin d. 1856 MD Washington DC Gatewood Eliza (2nd wife) 24 Dec 1848
Edmonston Ninion 1789-1868 NC Haywood County, NC Strother Mary Ann "Polly" 14 Jan 1823 spelled Ninnion (also spelled Ninian)
Edmunds Edward 1795-1868 NH Chichester, NH Lane Betsy (1st wife) spelled EDMONDS 2nd wife Nancy L. Goss m. 31 Mar 1853
Edmunds Elijah b. 1794 MA Essex County, MA Wheeler Jane
Edmunds Joel b. 1800 NY Alameda County, CA Brown Eliza 20 Mar 1820
Edmundson Hugh c1781-1838 PA Allegheny County, PA McDaniel/McDonald Sarah Nov 1821
Edmundson John b. 1789 US Mercer County, KY Luyster Catherine 03 Dec 1827 spelled EDMONDSON
Edrington John 1795-1876 KY Hamilton County, OH Elston Edah 11 Dec 1817
Edrington Robert 1795-1857 KY Bradley County, AR Hudspeth Martha 10 Aug 1820 spelled EDERINGTON
Edsall Samuel d. 1851 NY New York, NY Dezer Rachel 12 Oct 1823
Edson Abijah 1793-1873 NY Ottawa County, MI Herrington Cynthia 28 Aug 1814
Edson Allen 1791-1877 MA Norfolk County, MA Perkins Minerva 14 Mar 1815
Edson Barnabas 1786-1859 MA Plymouth County, MA Gurney Elizabeth "Betsey" 01 Jan 1815
Edson Benjamin d. 1876 MA Bristol County, MA Martin Elizabeth 16 Jul 1825
Edson Daniel 1791-1881 MA Bristol County, MA Marvel Sarah 05 Mar 1812
Edson David 1789-1876 MA Plymouth County, MA Sylvester Clinthe or Clinthy (1st wife) 2nd wife Mehitable Fullerton m. 15 Feb 1844
Edson Elam 1789-1878 NY Chautauqua County, NY Abby Laura 15 Feb 1813
Edson Eliphalet 1788-1859 MA Yarmouth, MA Johnson Polly Lothrop 18 Mar 1810
Edson Jonah 1792-1874 MA Plymouth County, MA Bryant Jennet 27 Apr 1819
Edson Nathaniel 1777-1852 MA Cattaraugus County, NY Hayward Elizabeth "Betsey" 30 Sep 1802
Edson Pliny 1795-1865 MA Plymouth County, MA Reed Lucy (1st wife) spelled Plyna 2nd wife Mehitabel Reed m. 06 Jun 1826
Edson Royal 1793-1873 CT Tolland County, CT Bowers Rhoda 15 Jan 1826 possibly 2nd wife
Edwards Aaron 1787-1827 KY Adair County, KY Slaton Mary Ann "Polly" Aug 1810
Edwards Abraham A. d. 1867 MA Worcester County, MA Jones Clara (1st wife) 2nd wife Eliza Ann Heard m. 15 Jun 1851
Edwards Allen 1795-1863 NY Erie County, PA Perry Susan 08 Jul 1823
Edwards Amos 1794-1864 VA Norfolk County, VA Waughop Mary Ann 10 May 1817
Edwards Archibald d. 1836 TN Warren County, TN Young Axey 16 Apr 1816
Edwards Ariel 1781-1853 NY Lewis County, NY Dodge Lydia (1st wife) 2nd wife Jemima Hurlburt m. 09 Feb 1814
Edwards Arthur 1783-1829 VA Wirt County, VA Lewis Mary 18 Jan 1810
Edwards Barnett d. 1831 VA Monroe County, VA Robinson Lucy Beverly Sep 1818
Edwards Benjmain 1788-1859 MA Essex County, MA Roberts Abigail 10 Jun 1834 probably 2nd wife
Edwards Brice b. 1791 VA Boone County, MO Dickinson Ann
Edwards Brice d. 1860 VA Patrick County, VA Rakis Jane
Edwards Caleb 1795-1885 ME Cumberland County, ME Welch Hannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Harriet N. Strout m. 02 Apr 1870
Edwards Calvin 1791-1870 MA Middlesex County, MA Lincoln Susanna (1st wife) 2nd wife Louisa Locke m. 05 Jan 1853
Edwards Charles d. 1825 SC Lowndes County, AL Windham Mary 01 Mar 1810
Edwards Clarkston c1795-1872 MS Livingston Parish, LA Minerad Celia (1st wife) 2nd wife Rosa Bennett m. Feb 1865
Edwards Dabney b. 1788 MS Newton County, MS Griffin Susan 1815
Edwards Daniel 1787-1877 LA St. Tammany Parish, LA Cooper Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Eliza Bankston
Edwards David Nye b. 1799 MA Nantucket, MA Gardner Hepsabeth A. Apr 1825
Edwards Edmond 1789-1861 NC Yancey County, NC Bradford Elizabeth 1830 probably 2nd wife
Edwards Edward 1777-1853 KY Christian County, KY Lacey Rhoda 07 Nov 1803
Edwards Edward d. 1863 VA Roane County, TN Howlett Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Ann McBriant m. 12 Sep 1848
Edwards Eli b. 1791 NY Jackson County, MI
Edwards Elisha d. 1878 GA Calhoun County, MS Persell Nancy 01 Aug 1815
Edwards Elisha 1793-1867 MA Hampshire County, MA King Julia (1st wife) 2nd wife Eunice Lyman m. 20 Mar 1839
Edwards Enoch 1790-1872 TN Montgomery County, TN Darnell Eunice "Nicy" 12 Sep 1812
Edwards Enoch b. 1788 VA King George County, VA Massey Anne Monroe 02 Jan 1817
Edwards Harvelin "Harvey" 1790-1850 NY Livingston County, NY Shaw Bethania 03 Apr 1820 spelled Harvalin
Edwards Henry Green 1783-1860 NY Jefferson County, NY Putnam Sarah 02 Nov 1809
Edwards Isaac b. 1794 US Mercer County, IL Abel Susan 30 Jul 1830 probably 2nd wife
Edwards Jack or Jacob b. 1797 VA Greenville County, VA Peterson Margaret 10 Oct 1816
Edwards Jacob b. 1786 NJ Scott County, IL
Edwards Jacob d. 1867 GA Henry County, GA Acree Matilda 16 Dec 1815
Edwards James 1789-1856 IN Knox County, IN Chamber Rebecca (1st wife) 2nd wife Huldah Conger, 3rd wife Nancy m. 02 Apr 1846
Edwards James d. 1875 NY Wayne County, NY Pollock Mary Ann 14 Feb 1814
Edwards James 1778-1825 NC Yancey County, NC Deyton Sophia 16 Jun 1817
Edwards James 1784-1880 TN Williamson County, TN Dowdy Hannah 25 Nov 1824
Edwards James L. b. 1786 US Washington DC
Edwards James Montgomery 1784-1866 KY Webster County, KY Rudy Elizabeth
Edwards Joel c1784-1851 NC Chatham County, NC Moffitt Maria 13 Jan 1812
Edwards John b. 1779 LA New Orleans, LA
Edwards John b. 1794 LA New Orleans, LA Louisa 1853 probably 2nd wife
Edwards John d. 1863 MS Frederickstown, MO Evans Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth J. m. 02 Aug 1860
Edwards John d. 1878 MA Waldo County, ME Basford Sabrina 01 Apr 1819
Edwards John b. 1788 PA Lawrence County, KY Nelson Sarah c1815
Edwards John 1790-1858 NY Suffolk County, NY Penny Deborah 21 Jan 1814
Edwards John 1791-1873 VA Carroll County, VA Hague Mary 13 Jun 1813
Edwards John d. 1880 VA Carroll County, VA Mankins Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Rowan King m. 05 Feb 1840
Edwards John c1790-1858 VA Southampton County, VA Joyner Sally 26 Mar 1818
Edwards John b. 1793 US Daviess County, IN
Edwards John M. d. 1868 US Franklin County, NY Decker Charity 19 Jan 1819
Edwards John S. 1794-1857 VA Fayette County, PA Cline Catherine 25 Nov 1816
Edwards Joseph d. 1870 CT Waterford, CT Butts Hester 1800
Edwards Joseph 1795-1855 MS Claiborne Parish, LA McCarty Frances Elizabeth 03 Oct 1816
Edwards Joseph d. 1875 NY Allegany County, NY Hayward Nancy 23 Mar 1836 probably 2nd wife
Edwards Joseph d. 1877 NJ Jackson County, GA Martin Mary Apr 1817
Edwards Joseph 1789-1822 PA Cumberland County, PA Rowan Margaret 15 Apr 1813
Edwards Joseph d. 1871 Navy Baltimore, MD Funk Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Childs m. 16 Jul 1832
Edwards Joseph A. b. 1793 MS Amite County, MS Johnson Margaret Mar 1821
Edwards Joseph B. d. 1848 TN Stewart County, TN Fentress Ann 14 Aug 1806
Edwards Joshua c1784-1836 US Oneida County, NY Sprague Hannah 1822
Edwards Justus d. 1853 PA Logan County, KY Smith Margaret 23 Oct 1821 listed as JUSTINE
Edwards Kader d. 1878 US Aroostook County, ME Rose Eliza 20 Jun1830
Edwards Lamech 1794-1864 SC Choctaw County, MS Wood Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary m. 15 Mar 1849
Edwards Littleberry 1789-1859 TN Sumner County, TN Fields Gincey 13 Jul 1817
Edwards Mathew d. 1876 LA West Feliciana Parish, LA Eddards Emelia 12 Jul 1814
Edwards Moses 1792-1842 MD Knox County, OH Wilson Catherine 16 Dec 1824
Edwards Munday b. 1784 LA Washington County, AR Smith Anna 12 Oct 1797
Edwards Nathaniel 1795-1843 MA Kennebec County, ME Bradman Joanna 02 Jan 1822
Edwards Perry d. 1864 CT New London County, CT Shelden Sarah 26 Dec 1821
Edwards Richard d. 1839 PA Luzerne County, PA Depew Asenath 06 Mar 1817
Edwards Richard b. 1799 VA Northumberland County, VA
Edwards Richard d. 1847 NY Orange County, NY Gardner Elizabeth 21 Jan 1815
Edwards S. James d. 1858 VA Henrico County, VA Thomas Sophia 24 May 1826
Edwards Sering Wade 1793-1876 NY Seneca County, NY Bockoven Mary 04 Feb 1819
Edwards Simeon b. 1783 NY Pike County, IL Huntington Mary 07 May 1815
Edwards Smith d. 1880 US Providence County, RI Cutler Parcy 15 Sep 1866 probably 2nd or 3rd wife
Edwards Spencer c1780-1848 TN Claiborne County, TN Riddle Lucinda Catherine (1st wife) 2nd wife Artemicia O'Dell m. 29 Oct 1841
Edwards Stephen 1785-1865 NC Yancey County, NC Anderson Lucinda 22 Feb 1810
Edwards Stokes d. 1871 NC Surry County, NC Dison Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Couch m. 26 Jul 1865
Edwards Thomas d. 1853 NC Halifax County, NC Tucker Sandal 1849 probably 2nd wife
Edwards Thomas b. 1798 TN Dickson County, TN Sims Elizabeth
Edwards Thomas d. 1879 VA Westmoreland County, VA Templeman Elizabeth S. (1st wife) 2nd wife Virginia McKenny m. 02 Dec 1858
Edwards Thomas b. 1789 VA Peoria County, IL Eleanor
Edwards Thomas Gilbert 1796-1848 GA Franklin County, GA Wilkinson Sophia 23 Sep 1830
Edwards Thomas Joseph d. 1847 KY Barren County, KY Burks Catherine VanHook 03 Sep 1812
Edwards Thomas Tandy 1785-1870 VA Albemarle County, VA Brockman Agatha Cowherd "Aggie" 23 Dec 1817 listed as Thomas F.
Edwards Thornton d. 1869 VA Mason County, WV Brooks Elizabeth 19 Oct 1814
Edwards True d. 1867 US Essex County, MA Carmichael Jane 12 Jun 1824
Edwards William d. 1873 DE Philadelphia, PA Walker Maria 14 Mar 1809
Edwards William d. 1862 KY Laurel County, KY Stinson Elizabeth Jan 1807
Edwards William b. 1785 PA Butler County, PA Mendenhall Sarah Jun 1812
Edwards William d. 1858 PA Hamilton County, IN Bolton Sarah 03 Jun 1824
Edwards William d. 1877 Blank Shelby County, IN Carson Sophia 11 Mar 1819
Edwards William d. 1891 VA Halifax County, VA Miller Rhoda R. 25 Dec 1821
Edwards William d. 1871 VA Lee County, MS Bledsoe Mary
Edwards William d. 1863 VA Caroline County, VA Rose Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary E. Collis m. 03 Dec 1841
Edwards William d. 1870 VA Greene County, VA Lamb Sarah 1857
Edwards William E. d. 1869 NC Beaufort County, NC Edwards Louisa 16 Mar 1811
Edwards William R. b. 1803 Blank Essex County, NY father was Thomas Edwards
Eells Benjamin 1784-1833 MA Belfast, ME Wilson Jane A. 17 Sep 1810 INCORRECTLY index as ELLIS
Eells Nathaniel Gray 1794-1826 NY Delaware County, NY St. John Betty 21 Feb 1817
Eells Samuel 1793-1873 NY Amherst County, VA Webster Nancy B. (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah B. Leal m. 21 May 1844
Eells Seth W. b. 1801 MA Richland County, OH Merriam Patience 20 Oct 1828
Eells William 1783-1866 NY Oneida County, NY Savage Nancy 08 Nov 1810
Eells William 1791-1869 ME Piscataquis County, ME Harris Sarah 29 Oct 1817
Eels Tercius 1790-1868 NY Erie County, NY Waterman Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Persis Saxton m. 19 Dec 1837
Effinger John Frederick 1786-1840 VA Rockingham County, VA Hite Mary 18 Apr 1811
Effler Lawrence c1787-1886 TN Washington County, TN Grindstaff Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah m. 08 Sep 1868
Efner Elijah Doty 1791-1873 MI Erie County, NY Dorchester Sofia 15 Dec 1817
Efner Harvey 1794-1885 NY Schoharie County, NY Veagie Mary 12 Mar 1813
Efner William Henry 1798-1878 NY Pottawattomie County, IA Whitting Mehitable (1st wife) listed as William M. 2nd wife Sarah Johnston m. 09 Jan 1834
Efner William Martin d. 1847 NY Delaware County, NY Perry Eliza 09 Apr 1827
Egbert David 1786-1869 OH Hancock County, OH Williams Mary 06 Oct 1806
Egbert Edward b. 1796 NY Richmond County, NY Prim Hannah 16 Sep 1822
Egbert Isaac 1791-1879 PA Franklin County, IN Lanning Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha Thomas m. 22 Aug 1843
Egbert John c1796-1876 NY New York, NY Outwater Phebe 22 Jul 1818
Egbert Joseph d. 1857 NY Richmond County, NY Cropsey ?? (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane Boman m. 06 May 1843
Egbertson Abram d. 1868 NY Midland County, MI Montague Moriah (1st wife) 2nd wife Almira m. 17 Jul 1854
Egee Martin b. 1790 PA Philadelphia, PA
Egerton Benjamin Storrs 1777-1816 US Randolph, VT Hendee Mille or Milly 15 Dec 1802 parents were Asa Egerton and wife Eunice
Egger John E. 1793-1851 SC Lowndes County, MS Watts Savilla 21 Dec 1815
Eggers William Milton 1795-1886 IN Putnam County, IN Tatum Mary Elizabeth
Eggleston Alexander d. 1846 NY Livingston County, NY Selleck Electa 08 Jun 1823
Eggleston Daniel 1796-1878 CT New London County, CT Coon Martha 29 Sep 1816
Eggleston John A. d. 1878 VA Pickaway County, OH Stufflebeam Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucinda Watts m. 23 Sep 1840
Eggleston Newell 1795-1871 US Calhoun County, MI Monroe Mary Jul 1824
Eggleston Richard Beverly 1797-1853 VA Bath County, VA Farrar Mary Chastain (1st wife) 2nd wife Elvira Dupuy m. 29 May 1827
Eggleston Rowland 1796-1876 CT New London County, CT Collins Elizabeth "Betsey" 08 Oct 1816 spelled ECCLESTON
Eggleston Thomas 1796-1849 VA Henry County, VA Pace Docia or Dorothy 06 Sep 1826 spelled EGGLETON
Eggleston William Henry 1792-1839 VA Wilkinson County, MS Poindexter Anne Lewis 31 Oct 1832 probably 2nd wife
Eggleton George 1788-1857 VA Henry County, VA Bouldin Nancy 25 Dec 1817 spelled EGLETON
Egleston Richard b. 1796 NY Wood County, OH
Ehl William b. c1795 PA Montgomery County, PA Elizabeth
Ehle Adam W. d. 1878 NY Walworth County, WI Sanford Harriet (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary A. Sanford m. 16 Nov 1847
Ehle Herman H. d. 1860 NY Montgomery County, NY Quackenbush Lovina 26 May 1816
Ehle John P. d. 1871 NY Montgomery County, NY Nellis Christina 03 Nov 1811
Ehler Martin 1791-1860 PA Hamilton County, OH Annawald Elizabeth 15 Apr 1813
Ehler Thomas 1796-1876 PA Dearborn County, IN Fasnacht Catharine 23 Feb 1818
Ehrenman Frederick 1791-1875 OH Allen County, OH Ridenour Sarah 09 Apr 1816 listed as EARNMAN
Eichelberger George M. 1784-1854 MD Frederick County, MD Grayson Jane 11 Nov 1813 spelled EICHEBERGER
Eidenier Henry d. 1869 OH Meigs County, OH Shook Susannah May 1821
Eigabroadt John G. d. 1881 NY Fulton County, NY Brown Elizabeth Mar 1821
Eigabroadt Peter G. d. 1874 NY Ontario County, NY Galoch Lany M. 16 Feb 1816
Eigelburner George d. 1842 PA Philadelphia, PA Terry Margaret 20 Oct 1833 probably 2nd wife
Eighmey Benson D. d. 1879 NY Ulster County, NY Babcock Dorcas (1st wife) 2nd wife Laney m. 09 Apr 1844
Eikleberry Abraham 1788-1884 PA Monroe County, OH Dawson Hannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Margaret Hickman m. 23 Oct 1871
Eilenberger John c1792-1864 PA Pike County, PA Roberts Mary 02 May 1812 spelled EYLENBURGH
Eilert William b. 1793 PA Union County, PA Rockey Catherine 18 May 1818
Eisenhauer Martin d. 1859 PA Lebanon County, PA Koch Elizabeth 14 Jul 1816
Ekin Samuel d. 1843 PA Butler County, PA Gill Ann children mentioned in file
Ela Joseph 1798-1890 NH Belknap County, NH Moulton Sallie M.
Elam Anderson Samuel 1792-1878 VA Cleveland County, NC Weatherford Latisha 10 Feb 1814
Elam Edmond b. 1788 KY Macon County, MO
Elam Joel 1792-1878 VA Prince Edward County, VA Bradley Susan
Elam Matthew 1790-1863 TN Shelby County, IL Jackson Nancy Osborn 11 May 1817
Elam Roland d. 1878 VA Appomattox County, VA Dodson Nancy 23 Dec 1824
Elam Thomas Samuel 1794-1878 VA Gibson County, TN Gregory Martha (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah J. Alden m. 23 Apr 1863
Elberson Enoch d. 1843 NJ Mercer County, NJ Eleanor 1812
Elberson Francis d. 1857 DE/Navy Philadelphia County, PA Hilman Sarah 26 Jul 1814
Elder Edward Anderson 1794-1891 GA Jasper County, GA Wilson Mary 15 Jan 1817
Elder Herbert B. d. 1875 GA Columbia County, FL
Elder James 1791-1873 KY Decatur County, IN Bently Mary "Polly" (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Bently m. 1829
Elder Jesse 1788-1859 KY Pulaski County, KY Davis Mary Ellen "Polly" 30 Sep 1814
Elder John d. 1837 MA Granby, MA Chamberlain Anna 30 Jan 1814
Elder John S. c1795-1880 VA Campbell County, VA Jones Eliza A. (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha Johnson m. 14 Nov 1861
Elder Oliver 1790-1867 VA Campbell County, VA Jones Martha (1st wife) 2nd wife Lidia Grishaw m. 28 Mar 1864
Elder Robert Joshua d. 1851 Blank Des Moines County, IA Morton Jane 19 Jan 1830 probably 2nd wife
Elder Simon d. 1862 MA Cumberland County, ME Hatch Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Johnson m. 26 Jan 1823
Elder Thomas b. 1794 OH Schuyler County, IL Semans Hannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Catherine Showine
Elder William b. 1791 OH Pike County, IL Elizabeth Mar 1851 probably 2nd wife
Elder William 1784-1869 TN Overton County, TN Moore Martha "Patsy" 05 Aug 1810
Elder William E. 1786-1875 KY Phillips County, AR Armstrong Anna 10 Mar 1810
Elder William Thomas 1784-1874 PA Philadelphia County, PA Lentz Eliza Sep 1817
Elderd Samuel B. d. 1865 NY Queens County, NY Willetts Catherine (1st wife) 2nd wife Phebe A. Bedell m. 22 Feb 1857
Elderkin George 1797-1883 CT St. Lawrence County, NY Slitel Sematha or Samantha 03 Feb 1823
Elderkin Lucius d. 1854 NY Clinton County, NY Miles Achsah 20 Jan 1811
Elderkin William G. b. 1789 MD Philadelphia County, PA Maggs Margaret 19 Jul 1815
Eldert Eldert 1793-1847 NY Queens County, NY Ryder Moica or Mary 29 Mar 1817
Eldert Hendricks d. 1829 NY Kings County, NY Emmons Sarah 23 May 1805
Eldert John b. 1788 NY Middlesex County, NJ Lott Ann
Eldred George d. 1834 NY Green County, NY Stevens Sally 04 Jul 1809
Eldred Holden Remington 1796-1880 NY Goodhue County, MN Tryon Polly 09 May 1819
Eldred Loren 1797-1873 NY Franklin County, NY Robinson Lydia 30 Dec 1819
Eldred Richard 1787-1864 NY Cameron County, PA Baldwin Harriet 02 Nov 1817
Eldred Russell 1795-1880 NY Bradford County, PA Allen Joanna spelled RUSSEL
Eldred Samuel b. 1797 MA Barnstable County, MA Patience 19 Oct 1842 probably 2nd wife
Eldred Zephaniah 1789-1869 NY Tioga County, NY Hale Julia Ann 01 Jan 1820
Eldredge Anthony H. 1795-1888 PA Macoupin County, IL Vance Susan M. 02 Dec 1820
Eldredge Benjamin d. 1855 MA Harwich, MA Crosby Patience (1st wife) 2nd wife Polly Kenney m. 14 Apr 1832
Eldredge Benjamin G. b. 1797 NY Suffolk County, NY Sanford Seraphine 06 Jun 1824
Eldredge Daniel b. 1788 VT Addison County, VT Smith Salome 24 Apr 1818
Eldredge Elam 1793-1870 CT New London County, CT Burrows Eunice (1st wife) 2nd wife Hannah Fitch
Eldredge Eli Jr. 1793-1867 MA Franklin County, MA Hall Sukey 09 Jul 1818
Eldredge Gorham b. 1794 MA Yarmouth, MA Matthews Ruth 04 Nov 1823 spelled ELDRIDGE
Eldredge Isaiah d. 1870 MA Harwich, MA Davis Rebecca 06 Feb 1811 spelled ELDRIDGE
Eldredge Jesse 1787-1859 MA Harwich, MA Bassett Anna 07 Feb 1808 spelled ELDRIDGE
Eldredge Joseph 1784-1863 MA Chatham, MA Baker Data 1808 spelled ELDRIDGE
Eldredge Kimball 1791-1862 MA Chatham, MA Robbins Thankful 15 Feb 1816 spelled ELDRIDGE
Eldredge Peter c1797-1884 GA Burnet County, TX Kimbrew Celia (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane Randolph, 3rd wife Mary Wiggins, 4th wife Sarah M. Smith
Eldredge Reuben 1796-1878 MA Chatham, MA Taylor Catharine spelled ELDRIDGE
Eldredge Robert 1790-1847 MA Chatham, MA Nickerson Desire 15 Jun 1813
Eldredge Stephen G. d. 1840 MA Chatham, MA Stetson Sally 08 May 1825 spelled ELDRIDGE
Eldredge William Augustus 1795-1876 VT St. Lawrence County, NY Howe Rebecca (1st wife) 2nd wife Emily m. 20 Apr 1856
Eldridge Abel 1791-1859 CT New London County, CT Packer Sabrina 07 Sep 1820
Eldridge Benjamin 1792-1867 TN McMinn County, TN Jackson Martha "Patsy" (1st wife) 2nd wife Rebecca Middleton m. Aug 1847
Eldridge Daniel b. 1788 VT Addison County, VT Smith Salome 24 Apr 1818
Eldridge Eli d. 1887 US Philadelphia County, PA Ingersol Lydia Ann c1835 probably 2nd wife
Eldridge Erastus d. 1864 NY Monroe County, NY Husted Polly (1st wife) 2nd wife Anna Watson m. 27 Jun 1822
Eldridge George d. 1875 NJ Monmouth County, NJ Noble Clarissa 17 Dec 1827
Eldridge James b. 1790 TN Fayette County, IL Odle Leana 14 Nov 1809
Eldridge John J. d. 1855 VA Sussex County, VA Lewis Agnes (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary S. Peebles m. 12 Feb 1834
Eldridge Jonathan 1791-1880 MA Harwich, MA Wixon Rebecca 25 Nov 1812
Eldridge Peter c1797-1884 GA Burnet County, TX Kimbrew Celia (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane Randolph, 3rd wife Mary Wiggins, 4th wife Sarah M. Smith
Eldridge Richard b. 1796 MA Dartmouth, MA
Eldridge Rufus d. 1879 NY Andrew County, MO Kelm Eliza 08 Sep 1817
Eldridge Sylvanus d. 1873 MA Harwich, MA Bearse Abigail Nov 1813
Eleman Philip d. 1849 Navy Philadelphia County, PA Elizabeth 23 Jan 1839 probably 2nd wife
Eley Exum d. 1845 VA Isle of Wight County, VA Moody Polly (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha m. 13 Apr 1832
Elgin Gustavus 1790-1860 VA Loudoun County, VA Cross Elizabeth 11 Nov 1830
Elgin Robert 1793-1844 VA Loudoun County, VA Elizabeth minor child listed in file
Eliot John d. 1874 NY Outagamie County, WI Rowan Rebecca (1st wife) 2nd wife Hulda Smith m. Sep 1838
Elkin Robert b. 1795 KY Lincoln County, KY Satler Mary 02 Apr 1818
Elkins Curtis c1792-1873 US Orleans County, VT Currier Susannah
Elkins John d. 1853 GA Chatham County, GA Farley Mary 05 Sep 1811
Elkins John 1788-1873 VT Walworth County, WI Perkins Asenath
Elkins John H. b. 1783 VA King George County, VA Mason Hetty 1829
Elkins Jonathan 1783-1853 NH Rockingham County, NH Drew Joanna Jun 1813
Elkins Peter S. d. 1885 US Penobscot County, ME Lydia
Elkins Richard d. 1866 NH Belknap County, NH Bean Susan 24 Jan 1816
Elkins Thomas GA Effingham County, GA Patterson Maria 14 Oct 1830 probably 2nd wife
Ellair Joseph A. 1775-1842 MI Wayne County, MI Girardin Florence 04 Feb 1812 Church records in pension file
Elledge Mark d. 1870 SC Franklin County, AL Fannon Sarah 1831
Ellegood Joshua A. 1789-1845 DE Concord, DE Griffith Anne Houston 09 Mar 1826
Ellenwood Joseph 1785-1876 NY Portage County, OH Manley Clarissa Jan 1815 spelled ELLINWOOD
Eller Conrod or Coonrod d. c1847 NC Wilkes County, NC Laws Eliza (2nd wife) Sep 1838
Eller David 1786-1860 US Putnam County, IN Leonard Sarah 01 Feb 1815
Eller Jacob 1795-1867 MD Callaway County, MO Grimes Elizabeth 23 Nov 1826
Eller Jacob d. 1850 NC Wilkes County, NC Laws Eliza 02 Sep 1835
Ellery Frank 1794-1871 Navy Rutland County, VT Martin Elizabeth Fowler 04 Aug 1835 probably 2nd wife
Ellery William 1798-1874 MA Suffolk County, MA Sayward Harriet Foster 12 Feb 1826
Ellinger Jacob b. 1796 US Montgomery County, OH Mobely Mary 04 Oct 1867 probably 2nd or 3rd wife
Ellington John d. 1813 US Jamestown, VA Meredith Elizabeth c1792 died in service; names of children listed in file
Ellinwood Daniel d. 1871 NY Portage County, OH Kemp Abigail Sep 1824
Ellinwood Reuben d. 1863 NY Oneida County, NY Hart Eunice (1st wife) 2nd wife Ruby A. Sweeting m. 22 Mar 1833
Elliot Henson 1784-1871 VA Clarke County, VA Heskett/Hiskett Catherine
Elliot Isaiah d. 1860 US Somerset County, ME Maloon Betsey 02 Mar 1813
Elliot John b. 1792 PA Bucks County, PA
Elliott Absalom 1793-1882 IN Jennings County, IN Spear Mary
Elliott Alexander 1793-1873 IL Montgomery County, MS Mackey Nancy E. (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Ann Shumake m. 23 Apr 1854
Elliott Allen d. 1875 SC Anderson County, SC Parton Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Chastain m. 29 Aug 1855
Elliott Benjamin b. 1788 VT Tompkins County, NY Babb Nancy D. 11 Dec 1805 spelled ELLIOT
Elliott Benjamin 1791-1858 US Westmoreland County, PA Smith Jane 13 Feb 1817
Elliott Burgess 1768-1846 OH Pike County, OH Ackley Sarah 30 Jun 1795
Elliott Chester 1786-1864 OH Warrick County, IN Ellis Abigail (1st wife) 2nd wife Anne M. Williams m. 03 Jun 1848
Elliott Ebenezer d. 1869 CT Windham County, CT Clough Esther (1st wife) 2nd wife Harriet Kelly m. 14 Apr 1841
Elliott George d. 1868 US Holmes County, OH Henderson Prudence (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane Balden m. 25 Feb 1858
Elliott George Sims 1788-1851 TN Weakley County, TN Oldham Henrietta R. 23 Mar 1815
Elliott Horace William 1788-1863 NY Orange County, NY Westcott Charlotte 04 Apr 1825
Elliott Isaac d. 1880 NY Johnson County, KS Sibley Elizabeth
Elliott Jabez d. 1841 VA Ritchie County, VA Wigner Elizabeth 09 Dec 1807
Elliott Jacob d. 1866 NY Chemung County, NY Pressler Sarah 28 Oct 1814
Elliott James 1791-1860 IN Washington County, KS Shields Nancy Agnes 07 Dec 1812
Elliott James 1792-1839 IN Harrison County, IN Cooprider Mary Catherine "Polly" 26 Nov 1815
Elliott James d. 1853 MD Baltimore, MD Miller Elizabeth 02 Jan 1814
Elliott James b. 1788 NY Scott County, KY
Elliott James d. 1883 OH Spring Hill, IN Boyd Sarah 14 Sep 1826 His father was Ebenezer Elliott who died in 1849.
Elliott James 1789-1878 PA Franklin County, PA Beatty Isabel 20 Oct 1831
Elliott James 1795-1836 TN Rutherford County, TN Bowman Adaline 12 Oct 1820
Elliott James d. 1858 US Blount County, AL Guthry Elizabeth 11 May 1814
Elliott Jeremiah d. 1882 NH Carroll County, NH Bean Judith
Elliott Jesse Duncan 1782-1845 US Philadelphia, PA Vaughn Frances Galen 07 Apr 1811
Elliott Joel b. 1791 VA Clark County, KY Fizen Margaret 06 Mar 1816
Elliott John c1784-1848 IN Knox County, IN Handley Rachel 04 Aug 1808
Elliott John d. 1846 KY Bath County, KY Berry Melville 1816
Elliott John b. 1797 NH Carroll County, NH Bean Rebecca 23 Mar 1820
Elliott John 1792-1853 NY Ulster County, NY Runion or Runyon Mary 06 Oct 1814
Elliott John b. 1785 NY Litchfield, CT
Elliott John d. 1851 OH Muskingum County, OH Smith Elizabeth 30 Jul 1814
Elliott John d. 1841 PA Fayette County, PA Allman Agnes 05 Aug 1819
Elliott John d. 1863 TN Marshall County, TN Drinkard Mourning 25 Jan 1816
Elliott John b. 1797 US Frankin County, IL
Elliott John F. d. 1869 NH Merrimack County, NH Fiske Anna S. 25 Dec 1817
Elliott John Hiram 1797-1877 TN Jefferson County, IL Hinton Jane (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth May m. 07 Nov 1853
Elliott Jonathan d. 1846 DC Washington DC King Elizabeth (2nd wife) 07 Apr 1845
Elliott Joseph b. 1796 US Bolivar County, MS Berry Mary 05 Apr 1826
Elliott Joseph Napoleon B. 1795-1879 NY Broome County, NY Haxton Eliza (1st wife) 2nd wife Abigail Kendricks m. Jan 1838
Elliott Levi c1790-1836 IN Knox County, IN Watson Elizabeth 02 Feb 1812
Elliott Luther 1794-1876 NH Hillsborough County, NH Damon Esther 22 Sep 1818
Elliott Philip c1793-1865 VA Pittsylvania County, VA Harness Elizabeth W. 09 Jan 1815
Elliott Robert 1784-1872 OH Jefferson County, IN Logan Mary 07 Apr 1807
Elliott Robert d. 1855 OH Union County, IN Mills Elizabeth 14 Mar 1816
Elliott Robert 1793-1880 KY Andrew County, MO Stevenson Sarah "Sallie" (1st wife) 2nd wife Ann E. Bryan m. 04 Jul 1854
Elliott Samuel 1789-1851 PA Hamilton County, OH Miller Martha 11 Apr 1816
Elliott Silas d. 1823 DC Prince Georges County, MD Bradley Ann 02 Sep 1812
Elliott Simon 1794-1851 MA Lincoln County, ME Cox Jane 22 Apr 1822
Elliott Simon d. 1853 OH Clermont County, OH Robinson Maria S. 12 Feb 1818
Elliott Stephen 1790-1872 TN Coffee County, TN Elizabeth Oct 1811
Elliott Stephen d. 1875 MA Sagadahoc County, ME Allen Rebecca S. 17 Mar 1818
Elliott Thomas 1793-1872 CT Newport County, RI Dexter Polly (2nd wife) 3rd wife Sarah Taber m. 26 Nov 1868
Elliott Thomas d. 1849 VA Iroquois County, IL Elizabeth J. (2nd wife) 19 Mar 1847
Elliott Walter Trimble c1790-1875 TN Williamson County, TN Payne Eveline
Elliott William d. 1857 MD Baltimore, MD Somerville Elizabeth 18 Jun 1811
Elliott William 1789-1864 MS Shelby County, AL Hale Mary L. 20 Jul 1813
Elliott William 1789-1847 VA Pittsylvania County, VA Shaw Nancy Mar 1805
Elliott William P. d. 1887 PA Mifflin County, PA Smith Emily 17 Mar 1814
Elliott Willis D. d. 1861 VA Campbell County, VA Russell Martha 26 Apr 1819
Ellis Abraham M. d. 1878 NY Dutchess County, NY Bateman Catherine 25 Dec 1812 listed as Abram M. Ellis
Ellis Asa 1794-1874 NH Cheshire County, NH Rugg Lucy 20 Sep 1820
Ellis Benjamin 1794-1877 MA Green County, WI Jones Rachel M. 20 Feb 1820
Ellis Benjamin 1784-1859 NY Tompkins County, NY Howard Abigail 23 Feb 1809
Ellis Benjamin 1794-1878 US Jones County, IA Arnold Charlotte 24 Nov 1818
Ellis Benjamin b. 1798 US Union County, MS Russell Dorcas 15 May 1820
Ellis Cornelius d. 1831 NY Staten Island, NY Butler Belacha
Ellis Daniel 1780-1862 NY Jefferson County, NY Groat Christina (1st wife) 2nd wife Orpha M. Pratt m. 18 Apr 1831
Ellis David d. 1852 NY Oneida County, NY Hyde Lydia 14 Feb 1811 His father, Asa Ellis, served as his substitute.
Ellis Ebenezer d. 1871 MA Athens County, OH Clarissa 18 Jun 1843 probably 2nd wife
Ellis Ebenezer b. 1790/95 NY Black Hawk County, IA Saxon Lydia 10 Mar 1819
Ellis Edward S. 1787-1851 TN Cass County, MO Sitton Sarah 25 Oct 1816
Ellis Enoch 1798-1883 MA Waldo County, ME Knowlton Jane (1st wife) 2nd wife Hannah
Ellis Ephraim Coomer 1793-1870 VT Morgan County, OH Sanborn Frances "Fanny" 28 Aug 1817
Ellis Ezekiel 1784-1854 TN Washington County, TN Matlock Ann 17 Nov 1805
Ellis Ezekiel D. d. 1866 NY Erie County, NY Miller Catherine (1st wife) 2nd wife Maria Rapp m. 20 Sep 1829
Ellis Freeborn d. 1856 US Worcester County, MA Withee Eunice 14 Mar 1820
Ellis Garrett d. 1841 KY Butler County, KY Crane Martha "Patsy" 25 Dec 1817
Ellis George 1795-1864 TN Lawrence County, AL Nelson Margaret 12 Feb 1820
Ellis Gideon b. 1785 NY Jefferson County, NY Eldridge Mary "Polly"
Ellis Hardy c1790-1872 TN Marshall County, KY Trotter Martha Dennis 22 May 1815
Ellis Henry d. 1835 KY McLean County, IL Barnett Susannah 1802
Ellis Horace b. 1796 NY Genesee County, NY
Ellis Isaac b. 1790 GA Crenshaw County, AL Williams Margaret 29 Nov 1810
Ellis Isaac 1793-1848 OH Greene County, OH Vanniman Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Amanda Aldridge m. 11 Nov 1841
Ellis Isaac 1798-1874 US Morgan County, OH Eddleblute Elizabeth 21 Oct 1821
Ellis Ivory d. 1879 MA York County, ME Turner Abby 05 Jul 1806
Ellis Jabez d. 1865 CT New London County, CT Ladd Eunice 18 Oct 1818
Ellis Jacob b. 1789 NY Ulster County, NY Relyen Sarah 18 Dec 1811
Ellis Jacob 1788-1870 NY Yates County, NY Pitney Mary 13 Feb 1813
Ellis Jacob d. 1878 NH Belknap County, NH Cook Polly Sep 1814
Ellis Jacob 1787-1860 NY Elkhart County, IN Burch Catherine 16 Jun 1811
Ellis James d. 1832/33 KY Washington County, KY Overfield Elizabeth "Betsey" c1803
Ellis James d. 1869 PA Montgomery County, PA Griffith Mary Nov 1812
Ellis James 1794-1854 TN Scott County, TN Isom Sarah 13 Dec 1813
Ellis James A. d. 1862 VA Gallatin County, KY Rountree Martha (1st wife) 2nd wife Maria m. 13 Oct 1841
Ellis James Tillman 1791-1878 TN Wilson County, TN Wright Susannah 29 Aug 1816
Ellis Jason d. 1875 MA Norfolk County, MA Colburn Hannah 25 May 1817
Ellis Jesse d. 1878 OH Ottawa County, MI McMillin Sarah 22 Feb 1814
Ellis Jesse 1782-1876 OH Brown County, OH Brooks Sabina 20 Sep 1810
Ellis Jesse d. 1848 NY New York, NY Lewis Nancy 20 Oct 1813
Ellis Jesse c1793-1874 TN Greene County, TN Margaret (2nd or 3rd wife) 02 Feb 1869
Ellis Joel 1788-1874 US New Brunswick, Canada Hanning Sarah 04 Oct 1835 probably 2nd wife
Ellis John d. 1857 CT Monroe County, NY Jeffries Sarah J. 02 Apr 1811
Ellis John 1796-1879 KY Macon County, MO Hafley Rosanna 19 Aug 1819
Ellis John b. 1797 MA Crawford County, PA Sacket Betsey 19 Jun 1817
Ellis John 1795-1877 MA Kennebec County, ME Knox Mercy 18 Apr 1818
Ellis John c1778-1861 NY Erie County, PA Pettis Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Leah Tilden m. 21 Jun 1833
Ellis John 1784-1847 NY Jefferson County, NY Stilwell Nary (1st wife) 2nd wife Betsey Smith, 3rd wife Mrs. Catherine Duran m. 20 Jan 1839
Ellis John TN Elizabeth
Ellis John VA
Ellis John d. 1880 NY Oakland County, MI Harriet (1st wife) 2nd wife Orpha H. m. 11 Aug 1853
Ellis John A. b. 1796 NY Putnam County, NY Goldsmith Eliza Jane 07 Sep 1829
Ellis John S. VA Eliza
Ellis Jonathan Scott 1793-1895 MA Franklin County, ME Bradford Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Annie Ballard
Ellis Joseph b. 1784 NY Erie County, NY Sisson Elizabeth 11 Jan 1807
Ellis Josiah 1790-1858 NY Susquehanna County, PA Mead Hannah 01 Sep 1814
Ellis Lawrence d. 1884 NY Allegany County, NY Baker Betsy 1823
Ellis Levin C. 1796-1879 DE Orange County, NC Veazey Thursday 02 Nov 1861 probably 2nd or 3rd wife
Ellis Lyman 1796-1864 VT Huron County, OH Wilson Anna 29 Oct 1820
Ellis Martin 1791-1871 MA Oxford County, ME Russell Desire 22 Aug 1813
Ellis Matthew d. 1871 US Vernon County, WI Morgan Elizabeth 1818
Ellis Moses 1775-1853 US Pittsfield, VT Lois
Ellis Nathan b. 1793 NY Clinton County, MI Sebring Phebe 16 Jan 1811
Ellis Philip 1794-1873 MA Brewster, MA Clark Polly (1st wife) 2nd wife Dorcas Robinson m. 26 Oct 1828
Ellis Reuben d. 1856 NY Crawford County, PA Smith Martha (1st wife) 06 Mar 1839 2nd wife Amy m. 06 Mar 1839
Ellis Richard Washington c1790-1848 SC Beaufort County, NC Witter Sarah 06 Oct 1814
Ellis Robert 1790-1840 KY Henry County, KY Bristow Jane Shelton (1st wife) 2nd wife Sallie Benning, 3rd Susan Clarkson, 4th Eliza Berryman
Ellis Robert 1794-1863 NY Jefferson County, NY Weser Mary 17 Feb 1814
Ellis Robert d. 1850 VA Sussex County, VA Jarrett Margaret W. 14 May 1812
Ellis Robert d. 1843 VA Spotsylvania County, VA Bowen or Pratt Mary 30 Jul 1805
Ellis Samuel 1791-1879 TN Simpson County, KY Gaines Elizabeth F.
Ellis Simeon b. 1789 MA Worcester County, MA Dover Mercy Ann 26 May 1815
Ellis Solomon d. 1863 PA Jewell County, KS Swetland Mary "Polly" 06 Dec 1806
Ellis Stephen d. 1871 US Waldo County, ME Grindell Abigail 21 Nov 1816
Ellis Stephen d. 1862 VT Barnard, VT Haraden Betsy 22 May 1823
Ellis Thomas 1787-1853 MA Bristol County, MA Howland Rosetta 22 Dec 1808
Ellis Thomas d. 1873 MA Harwich, MA Phillips Priscilla 15 Dec 1816
Ellis Thomas NC Maury County, TN
Ellis Thomas d. 1849 OH Cuyahoga County, OH Patrick Jane 18 Nov 1814
Ellis Thomas b. 1794 VA Bedford County, VA Meadows Susan 20 Jan 1820
Ellis Walter 1790-1877 KY Ralls County, MO Wells Cynthia Ann 06 Feb 1825
Ellis William 1792-1872 CT Genesee County, NY Lathrop Mary "Polly" 05 Feb 1815
Ellis William d. 1886 KY Owen County, KY Searcy Sally (2nd wife) 26 Feb 1829
Ellis William d. 1821 MD Baltimore, MD Riley Elizabeth R. 26 Nov 1818
Ellis William 1789-1861 ME Aroostook County, ME Williams Abigail (1st wife) 2nd wife Eunice S. Rideout m. 01 Oct 1850
Ellis William 1788-1881 MA Waldo County, ME Ellis Hannah 10 Aug 1810
Ellis William d. 1874 MA Kennebec County, ME Sawtelle Phebe G. 04 Jan 1816
Ellis William b. 1793 TN Sevier County, TN Berry Hetta 1816
Ellis William c1780-1853 TN Jackson County, TN Miles Jane 1804
Ellis William b. 1790 VA Norfolk County, VA Denby Rebecca (1st wife) 2nd wife Ritter Ann Mason
Ellis William d. 1855 VA Lunenburg County, VA Shuffield Nancy 24 Jan 1809
Ellis William b. 1787 US Fairfield County, OH
Ellis William J. d. 1883 IL Wayne County, IL Buck Elizabeth 28 Oct 1813
Ellis William S. d. 1853 Navy San Francisco, CA Fuller Clarissa P. 16 May 1824
Ellison Andrew W. 1794-1883 OH Adams County, OH Thornburgh Welmet (1st wife) 2nd wife Ann Thompson m. 29 Nov 1864
Ellison Benjamin d. 1880 Blank Groton, CT Fitch Abby 28 Jul 1825
Ellison Burch c1780-1856 US Hamilton County, TN Flinn Margaret 1817
Ellison John 1794-1872 NY Queens County, NY Rodgers Mary 23 May 1812
Ellison John S. d. 1865 TN Fulton County, AR Dunham Dorothy "Dolly" 10 Sep 1844 probably 2nd wife
Ellison Peter 1795-1850 TN Meigs County, TN Sharp Susannah Ellen 15 Jun 1817 spelled ELISON
Ellison Thomas Sharp 1798-1876 TN Cumberland County, KY Polly (1st wife) 2nd wife Tabitha Jane Boles m. 09 Jul 1843
Ellison William b. 1796 VA Braxton County, WV Perdue Martha "Patsy" 1812
Ellison William d. 1863 TN Cheatham County, TN Tennison Anna 01 May 1821
Ellithorpe Danforth 1797-1877 VT New York Phelps Pauline "Polly" (1st wife) 26 Feb 1807 2nd wife Edna E. Tuttle m. 22 Apr 1870
Ellms Thomas c1789-1881 MA Plymouth County, MA Briggs Sophia 26 Nov 1829
Ellms William d. 1881 MA Plymouth County, MA Cook Caroline (1st wife) 2nd wife Naomi m. 31 Jul 1852
Ellsworth Benjamin d. 1864 NY Macomb County, MI Bates Hannah 23 Apr 1820
Ellsworth Benjamin 1788-1869 NY Delaware County, IA Packard Roxanna 04 Jul 1814
Ellsworth Edward d. 1878 NY Oswego County, NY Benson Elizabeth 29 Dec 1821
Ellsworth Hezekiah d. 1883 MA Portage County, OH Gibson Eunice May 1815
Ellsworth Jacob d. 1827 Navy Bridgton, ME Nichols Lydia 03 Nov 1821
Ellsworth John b. 1792 NY Peoria County, IL Arnold Cynthia 15 Nov 1815
Ellsworth John d. 1871 CT Summit County, OH Stoughton Sarah A. 23 Nov 1825
Ellsworth John M. d. 1860 VT Bristol, VT Rider Harriet (1st wife) 2nd wife Clarissa Rider, 3rd wife Parmelia m. 20 Oct 1851
Ellsworth Lyman 1796-1881 NY St. Lawrence County, NY Barnes Amanda Oct 1823
Ellsworth Michael d. 1888 NY Wayne County, NY Maria (1st wife) 2nd wife Frances D. m. 18 Feb 1865
Ellsworth William d. 1878 VT Windsor County, VT Huse Anna 25 Nov 1862 probably 2nd or 3rd wife
Elmendorf Benjamin 1784-1856 NY Ulster County, NY Dewalt Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Eve Freer m. 03 Jun 1826
Elmendorf Conrad J. 1781-1862 NY Albany County, NY Cudney Sarah "Sally" (1st wife) spelled ELMENDORPH 2nd wife Ruth A. Knowles m. 04 Aug 1855
Elmendorf Conradt or Coenradt d. 1871 US Tioga County, NY Alexander Sarah J. 10 May 1866 probably 2nd or 3rd wife
Elmendorf Jacob P. d. 1872 NY Ulster County, NY Wolven Catherine 21 Jan 1829
Elmendorf John Felten 1792-1886 NY Jefferson County, WI Youmans Elizabeth Mar 1813 spelled ELMONDORF
Elmendorf Thomas b. 1796 NY Ulster County, NY Phebe 1818
Elmer Chester 1791-1870 VT Addison County, VT Fisher Huldah (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucretia Wright, 3rd Esther Smith, 4th Harriet A. Severance
Elmer Nathan 1795-1864 NY DeKalb County, IL Hinds Tamer (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucinda m. 11 Jun 1847
Elmer Samuel 1787-1867 CT Hartford County, CT Pratt Dorcas 13 Dec 1836 probably 2nd wife
Elmes William 1787-1832 ME Lincoln County, ME Stone Abigail 24 Nov 1806
Elmore Byard d. 1878 IN Decatur County, IN Cross Anna 1835 probably 2nd wife
Elmore David d. 1852 NY Westchester County, NY Bolt Sally 30 Jul 1807
Elmore Edward c1790-1870 KY Madison County, KY Featherston Elizabeth E. (2nd wife) 15 Oct 1837
Elmore James 1788-1883 VA Brunswick County, VA Pritchett Mary E. "Polly"
Elmore John c1788-1871 VA Loudoun County, VA Rose Elizabeth Ann 14 Apr 1833 spelled ELLMORE probably 2nd wife
Elmore Julius C. 1779-1869 TN Cass County, IL Tucker Hannah 12 Jan 1802
Elmore William 1788-1868 VA Mason County, WV Jones Frances 01 Feb 1808
Elrick Bernard b. 1790 OH Licking County, OH Gill Syrana or Serena 26 Oct 1815 spelled Barnard or Barnerd
Elrod Adam 1790-1832 SC Habersham County, GA Slaton Mary 04 Jan 1815
Elrod Harman d. 1879 KY Warren County, KY McKee Jane 18 Jul 1818
Elrod James d. 1870 TN Putnam County, TN Harbard Sarah 1813
Elrod John 1787-1857 SC Anderson County, SC Swords Anna Elizabeth 1811
Elrod William 1792-1875 KY Clermont County, OH Muse Margaret "Peggy" (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Jane Dolby m. 02 Jun 1853
Elrod William b. 1787 SC Bartow County, GA McCoy Rhoda Roxanna spelled ELLROD
Elsberry Benjamin W. d. 1868 KY Ripley County, IN Hardwick Joanna 17 Apr 1816
Elsberry Lindsey W. 1788-1868 GA Paulding County, GA Caldwell Elizabeth 28 Oct 1820
Elsberry William Nide 1792-1872 KY Lincoln County, MO Owen Lydia Pavard 22 Apr 1817
Elsbury Jonathan b. 1795 KY Shelby County, IN Boze Maria 11 Jan 1817
Elsey Robert d. 1854 IL Hancock County, IL Taylor Elizabeth 05 Dec 1813
Elsey Thomas b. 1797 US Martin County, IL Ellis Nancy 20 Sep 1824
Elson Cornelius 1787-1867 KY Putnam County, MO Orme Mary
Elson John d. 1834 OH Peoria County, IL Dickinson Rachel
Elson Nicholas 1793-1851 KY Marion County, IN Orme Lucy children listed in file
Elson Samuel c1790-1850 OH Peoria County, IL Rebecca children listed in file
Elston David 1779-1852 KY Henry County, KY Admire Margaret (1st wife) 2nd wife Rhoda Cropper
Elston Isaac Compton 1794-1867 NY Crawfordsville, IN Akin Maria Eveline
Elston Isaiah 1788-1834 IN Jefferson County, IN Rutherford Sarah "Sally" 14 Jul 1812
Elston Jeremiah 1759-1846 NY Tioga County, NY Bevier Ann 04 Apr 1813
Elston Jesse b. 1793 KY Fountain County, IN Carson Phebe
Elston John 1795-1851 KY Lincoln County, MO Ramsdell Matilda
Elston Josiah b. 1797 IN Whitley County, IN Brown Jane 07 Nov 1861 probably 2nd or 3rd wife
Elston William 1796-1855 TN Linn County, MO Nancy 02 Jul 1848 probably 2nd wife
Elston William B. 1796-1854 NY Orange County, NY Clark Sarah 25 Nov 1817
Elsworth Erastus d. 1878 US Grundy County, IL Tyler Charlotte 12 Oct 1823
Elsworth John d. 1825 NY New York, NY Sickels Margaret 1803 partial family Bible record in pension file
Elting Robert 1785-1841 NY New York, NY Gale Hannah 14 May 1815
Elting William T. d. 1853 NY New York, NY Milburn Evelina 14 Mar 1826
Eltzroth John 1786-1880 OH Miami County, IN Weaver Elizabeth
Eltzroth Valentine d. 1856 OH Owen County, IN Mount Patience (1st wife) 20 Sep 1821 2nd wife Barbara Vanguarde m. 20 Sep 1821
Elwell Abraham 1790-1882 NJ Knox County, IL Coombs Esther Hettie 11 Jan 1816
Elwell Elias d. 1846 MA Essex County, MA Brown Tamma (1st wife) 2nd wife Eliza Redding m. 31 May 1829 died in Hong Kong China
Elwell Harvey b. 1796 VT Orleans County, NY Wyman Sally 16 Nov 1818
Elwell James M. 1789-1877 OH Grant County, WI Kellow Frances 02 Dec 1813
Elwell Jeremiah US Cumberland County, ME Butler Betsey 02 Mar 1827
Elwell Jesse d. 1876 NY Oakland County, MI Conger Mary 05 Dec 1816
Elwell Joel d. 1873 US Crawford County, PA Scowden Nancy 12 Jan 1831
Elwell John T. 1790-1850 MA Sagadahoc County, ME Batchelder Mary 15 Jun 1817
Elwell Joseph d. 1881 Navy York County, ME Hopkinson Hannah 13 Feb 1818
Elwell Robert d. 1860 PA Franklin County, IN Close Elizabeth May 1813
Elwell Samuel d. 1875 NY Chenango County, NY Daniels Lucy Oct 1838 probably 2nd wife
Elwell William b. c1785 US Waldo County, ME Young Hannah 19 May 1808
Elwood Abner Wilson b. 1787 NY Chemung County, NY Tooley Betsey Dec 1811
Elwood Hezekiah 1782-1860 NY Delaware County, NY Reid Phebe 01 Jun 1806
Elwood Richard B. d. 1869 NY LaSalle County, IL Ruiry or Rury Malinda 16 Nov 1820
Elwood Shubael c1789-1869 US Fairfield County, CT Marvin Sarah "Sally" 21 Mar 1810
Ely Abram d. 1876 NY Ionia County, MI Gates Lucretia (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah, 3rd wife Sally Ann m. 30 May 1859
Ely Augustus 1786-1870 NY Schuyler County, NY Scoville Olive 07 Nov 1812
Ely Charles b. 1793 NY Lake County, IL
Ely David b. 1794 NY Monroe County, NY Caswell Lucinda 15 Apr 1815
Ely Hugh 1795-1862 MD Baltimore County, MD McLaughlin Marietta 16 Dec 1841 probably 2nd wife
Ely Peter S. b. 1787 OH Waupaca County, WI
Ely Reuben d. 1881 NY Washington County, NY Woodward Laura 29 Mar 1871 probably 2nd or 3rd wife
Ely Warren 1790-1836 CT Cuyahoga County, OH Clark Phoebe 08 Jul 1810
Ely William d. 1840 MD Frederick County, MD Row Sarah 11 Dec 1817
Emanuel Thornton d. 1854 VA Campbell County, VA Powers Elizabeth 26 Jan 1814
Emberton John 1784-1873 KY Monroe County, KY Keen Elizabeth 1807
Emberton Richard R. c1791-1865 US Monroe County, KY Waldrop Alice Sally (1st wife) 2nd wife Rosannah Robertson m. 01 Feb 1853
Embler Daniel d. 1856 NY Orange County, NY Mould Catherine 03 Jun 1815
Embler John Mauritius Goetschious 1797-1879 NY Orange County, NY Titus Sally (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Jane Comstock m. 1860
Embler William 1791-1873 NY Orange County, NY Rockefeller Elizabeth 08 Sep 1810
Embree Ambrose 1794-1839 KY Clay County, MO Emerson Catherine 15 Feb 1821
Embrey Eli 1798-1875 VA Stafford County, VA Mary Catherine (1st wife) 2nd wife Catherine Barber "Kitty" m. 06 Nov 1839
Embrey Thomas b. 1787 VA Perry County, OH Perry Judah 29 Nov 1831 probably 2nd wife
Embrey William Carver 1788-1854 VA Fauquier County, VA Brown Elizabeth Catherine Oct 1825
Embrich Samuel d. 1843 PA Lebanon County, PA Steger Elizabeth 13 Mar 1816
Embry John d. 1869 SC Polk County, NC Brown Faney Oct 1814
Embry Lewis b. 1788 VA Dewitt County, IL Walker Jane 1813
Embry Samuel Patterson d. 1840 KY Green County, KY Towler Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Margaret White m. 30 Apr 1839
Emerick George d. 1866 PA Philadelphia County, PA George Rachel (1st wife) 2nd wife Ann Miller m. 09 May 1861
Emerick Mathias b. 1767 US Columbia County, NY
Emerson Andrew Mitchell 1794-1874 VT Switzerland County, IN Howe Amy 25 Dec 1817
Emerson Charles b. 1787 CT Steuben County, NY
Emerson Ezra 1788-1861 NY Cheshire County, NH Carter Sally 07 May 1815
Emerson George W. d. 1856 MA Cumberland County, ME Kennard Mary 11 Aug 1822
Emerson Harrison A. 1796-1879 VA Fairfax County, VA Watson Jane 06 Jan 1820
Emerson Henry 1779-1864 US Windsor County, VT Demmon Dorcas 10 Mar 1801
Emerson Jacob 1786-1872 Blank Hillsborough County, NH Lois 14 Aug 1825
Emerson Jacob C. 1791-1865 MA Conway, NH Tombs Nancy 13 Feb 1821
Emerson James Harvey 1792-1873 TN Graves County, KY Thomas Elizabeth (1st wife) 1813 2nd wife Susan Galbreath, 3rd wife Dorcia Dolly Bowden m. 18 Jul 1852
Emerson Jeremiah b. 1780 US Suffolk County, MA
Emerson John b. 1790 NH Essex County, NJ Pease Mary 28 Feb 1818
Emerson John M. 1786-1854 TN Giles County, TN Reynolds Catherine 25 Nov 1806
Emerson Jonathan d. 1872 US Hamilton County, OH Spinning Charlotte (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Bray m. 05 Apr 1827; Father was Jonathan Emerson Sr.
Emerson Jonathan 1793-1872 NH Middlesex County, MA Nelson Mary 31 Mar 1825
Emerson Jonathan 1784-1813 US Dunstable, MA Nutting Rebecca 03 Apr 1807
Emerson Jonathan Watson 1792-1861 US Lyme, NH Dame Susan 25 Dec 1817
Emerson Joshua b. 1791 MA Carroll County, NH Ingalls Sarah "Sally" 21 Oct 1813
Emerson Judson d. 1873 VA Loudoun County, VA Perry Elizabeth 10 May 1812
Emerson Lyman 1792-1868 VT Rochester, VT Warren Anna (1st wife) 2nd wife Olive Warren m. 22 Mar 1827
Emerson Moses d. 1872 NY Merrimack County, NH Pike Eliza K. 12 Jan 1817
Emerson Moses Prentiss 1793-1875 VT Belknap County, NH Caswell Sally 28 Nov 1818
Emerson Myrick d. 1874 MA Cumberland County, ME Mecquier Deborah H. 02 Nov 1826
Emerson Richard D. d. 1876 VA Clark County, MO Williams Catherine (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Ruth Beeson m. 12 Jun 1866
Emerson Richard Fitts 1789-1866 NH Northwood, NH Goss Delia H. 17 Apr 1823 spelled EMARSON
Emerson Seth c1796-1881 MA Washington County, ME Knight Mary Weston 19 Oct 1827
Emerson Silas 1784-1872 NY Faribault County, MN Marsh Lydia (1st wife) 14 Feb 1805 2nd wife Sarah "Sally" Persons
Emerson Stephen d. 1875 MA Penobscot County, ME Webber Betsey 16 Mar 1815
Emerson Thomas d. 1850 MD Washington County, MD Stoner Rachel 20 Jan 1820
Emerson Thomas M. b. 1792 KY Hickman County, KY
Emerson William 1791-1873 NH Worcester County, MA Jewett Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Rice m. 14 Feb 1838
Emery Daniel 1793-1864 MA Penobscot County, ME Sabine Hannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Lydia McDonald, 3rd wife Elmira Crosby m. Jul 1829
Emery Edward 1792-1857 US Salem, IN Freed Julia Ann 27 Jul 1826
Emery Elijah b. 1793 MA Cumberland County, ME Parker Rhoda (1st wife) 2nd wife Miriam Leavitt
Emery Jacob d. 1875 NJ Tompkins County, NY Cook Julia 03 Dec 1815
Emery Jacob d. 1838 PA Philadelphia County, PA Wentzel Sarah 10 Jan 1808
Emery James b. 1781 TN Wright County, MO Rice or Brice Nancy Jane 1810
Emery James 1788-1840 MA Cumberland County, ME Bolton Sarah "Sally" 24 May 1811
Emery James b. 1792 US Allegan County, MI Davis Mary 01 Jul 1816
Emery James d. 1860 US Charlestown, MA Metcalf Betsey 1812
Emery Joel d. 1875 MA Middlesex County, MA Sanderson Jane 05 Nov 1851 probably 2nd wife
Emery John Cutler 1796-1880 US Ingham County, MI Agge Mary 12 May 1868 probably 2nd or 3rd wife
Emery Jonas Dean 1793-1864 MA Waldo County, ME Sleeper Abigail (1st wife) 2nd wife Mehitable Keller m. 02 Oct 1819
Emery Joseph 1795-1854 PA Lawrence County, PA McCune Margaret 14 Feb 1822
Emery Josiah 1784-1873 NY Erie County, NY Little Susannah 1807
Emery Nahum 1792-1870 MA Penobscot County, ME Wasgatt Cordelia 09 Aug 1831 probably 2nd wife
Emery Nathan 1791-1873 MA Hancock County, ME Flye or Fly Hannah 16 Oct 1816
Emery Nathaniel 1789-1820 NH Eaton, NH Rogers Deborah 1810
Emery Robert d. 1869 US Walworth County, WI Streeter Zilpha 25 Dec 1814
Emery Samuel b. 1791 PA Northampton County, PA Laubach Maria 15 Sep 1816
Emery Simon d. 1880 US Waldo County, ME Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Lorenda m. 30 Sep 1855
Emery Stephen J. 1796-1875 OH Linn County, KS Wiggins Elizabeth spelled EMREY 2nd wife Eliza A. Campbell m. 04 May 1851
Emery William d. 1840 PA Chester County, PA Brounback Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Esther Fulmer m. 10 Mar 1833
Emery William d. 1883 MA Rockingham County, NH Webber Liza 04 Sep 1826
Emery William 1792-1872 NJ Monmouth County, NJ Cook Margaret spelled EMORY
Emery William Murch d. 1843 MA Kennebuckport, ME Stackpole Eliza 29 Apr 1822
Emison Samuel 1788-1857 IN Knox County, IN McClure Mary Apr 1811
Emley Charles d. 1857 NY Tompkins County, NY Tompkins Margaret 23 Oct 1829
Emley David d. 1863 OH Warren County, OH Chamberlin Sarah 01 Apr 1809
Emmens Peter d. 1864 NY Fairfield County, CT Van Pelt Mary 06 Oct 1813
Emmert Philip 1795-1859 TN Monroe County, KY Lyons Deborah (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Laurence m. 18 Dec 1848
Emmerton Ephraim b. 1792 MA Salem, MA
Emmons Augustine 1791-1844 CT Middlesex County, CT Hall Lovina 26 May 1820
Emmons Brainard 1787-1862 Blank DeKalb County, IL Tyler Martha (2nd wife) 15 Jun 1825
Emmons Ebenezer b. 1789 NJ Monmouth County, NJ Anderson Catherine 25 Dec 1811
Emmons Elihu 1779-1862 US Geauga County, OH English Delia (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha Adams, 3rd wife Asenath Bartlett m. 30 Jan 1839
Emmons Joseph c1787-1865 NY Ogle County, IL Merriman Sarah 04 Apr 1814
Emmons Joseph Gilbert 1792-1879 CT Middlesex County, CT Hall Sarah 20 Jan 1833
Emmons Robert d. 1847 US Jackson County, MI Haskins Susan 20 Jan 1820
Emmons Thomas d. 1880 MA Androscoggin County, ME Cunningham Sarah 07 Sep 1852 probably 2nd wife
Emory John d. 1865 SC Polk County, NC Brown Fanny Oct 1813
Empey William M. b. 1796 NY Oneida County, NY
Empie Philip d. 1848 NY Fulton County, NY Burdick Eliza 21 Apr 1824 His father was Frederick Empie.
Empson Caleb d. 1815 TN Robertson County, TN Morris Dolly Oct 1810
Emrick Christopher b. 1791 OH St. Joseph County, IN Fry Catherine Feb 1837 probably 2nd wife
Emrick Joseph b. 1794 PA Wayne County, OH
Emrick Peter d. 1879 NY Cayuga County, NY Moose Leanah 15 Dec 1816
Enders Philip 1790-1874 PA Genesee County, MI Hummel Anna Dec 1820
Endicott John A. 1789-1874 KY Grant County, WI Adair Nancy
Endicott John B. 1797-1878 KY Saline County, IL Swanson Elizabeth 10 Sep 1818
Endicott Joseph 1784-1867 KY Posey County, IN Casey Rebecca spelled ENDECOTT
Endicott Joseph Nation 1795-1874 KY Franklin County, IL Varner Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Rebecca B. Thompson m. 01 Dec 1870
Endicott Nathan b. 1790 MA Salem, MA
Endicott William 1789-1871 KY Platte County, MO Searcy Martha "Patsy" 29 Mar 1810
Endicott William Harrison c1792-1859 KY Montgomery County, IN Ross Mary Ann 05 Mar 1818
Endsley John Bluford 1790-1873 SC Miller County, AR Miller Ellender (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary E. Wheat m. 29 Nov 1857
Enearl James d. 1871 NY Oneida County, NY Drew Jemima 26 Jun 1816
Enete Clement b. 1791 LA Point Coupee Parish, LA Bara Julia 20 Sep 1818
Engel George c1794-1864 PA Northampton County, PA Kreidler Elizabeth 18 May 1812
Engelbrecht William 1795-1849 MD Frederick County, MD Winter Susanna 03 Oct 1830 probably 2nd wife
England Benjamin Sumner 1797-1877 TN Washington County, IL McGuire Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucretia Boggess m. 17 May 1854
England Charles St. Clair Dabner TN Kingston, TN Kindred or Kindreck Susan (2nd wife) May 1838
England Enoch d. 1871 NC Yancy County, NC Crider Rachel 11 Dec 1814
England Ezekiel b. 1793 NC Hempstead County, AR Smith Nancy 1861 probably 2nd or 3rd wife
England George W. 1791-1869 VA Caroline County, VA Thacker Mary B. (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha Thacker m. 23 Apr 1827
England Isaac 1796-1875 TN Benton County, MO Rector Rebecca Jane (1st wife) 2nd wife Milla Walker Dodd
England James Edward d. 1873 VA Rockingham County, NC Lovell Betsey (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Ann Jones m. 16 Feb 1857
England John Bernard 1786-1841 VA Calloway County, KY Cayce Mary B. "Polly" Jun 1814
England Joseph M. NC Burke County, NC Deal Isabella "Ebby"
England William 1794-1876 TN Montague County, TX Pike Chloe 02 Mar 1817
Engle Bart b. 1798 LA New Orleans, LA James Charlotte Jun 1839
Engle Jacob b. 1795 PA Philadelphia County, PA
Engle John 1774-1840 IN Sullivan County, IN Carson or Gobin Lydia "Liddy" (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Eaton m. 26 Oct 1830
Engle Jonathan d. 1877 PA Chester County, PA Eathen Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Rachel Miller, 3rd wife Anna Maria Geiger m. 12 Sep 1841
Engle Michael 1795-1872 OH Fulton County, IL Bailey Susannah 2nd wife Harriet m. 15 May 1859
Engle Peter b. 1787 MD Morrow County, OH
Engle Richard b. 1786 IN Sullivan County, IN Hamilton Mary 24 Dec 1837 probably 2nd wife
Engle Samuel d. 1871 PA Berks County, PA Susan 01 Jan 1826
Engle Valentine 1786-1873 OH Jay County, IN Stroup Mary "Polly" Jan 1806
Englehart William d. 1879 OH Guernsey County, OH Bumgardner Elizabeth 26 Dec 1826
Engleman Jacob E. 1795-1876 VA Harrison County, IN Hanger Mary Elizabeth Oct 1816
Engler George 1785-1851 PA Monroe County, PA Sterner Sarah 23 Aug 1812
Englerth John 1784-1871 PA Henry County, IN Evitts Hannah (1st wife) spelled ENGLE 2nd wife Phoebe Dickey m. 08 May 1851
Engley Jacob d. 1850 ME Lincoln County, ME Benner Catherine 25 Dec 1804
English Abraham b. 1803 US Philadelphia County, PA
English Alexander 1792-1874 VT Orange County, VT French Matilda (1st wife) 2nd wife Anna Chadwick m. 18 Nov 1825
English Benajah d. 1837 PA Hamilton County, OH Ross Nancy 30 May 1819
English Elkanah d. 1866 US St. Louis, MO Sorey Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Catherine Foulks m. 06 Apr 1818
English Francis Y. d. 1834 VA Southampton County, VA Wellons Phebe 27 Aug 1822
English Green 1795-1877 GA Monroe County, GA Morgan Mary 26 Nov 1816
English James d. 1884 NY New York, NY Higby Charity Mar 1824
English James 1791-1869 OH Harrison County, OH Pickens Jane (1st wife) 2nd wife Ann McCarroll m. 20 Aug 1844
English James d. 1851 PA Lycoming County, PA Young Ann 16 Dec 1808
English James 1795-1872 VA Cumberland County, KY Craighead Lucy R. 27 Jan 1820
English James Wharton 1794-1861 KY Owen County, KY Demint Elizabeth Nuttal "Eliza" 30 Sep 1819 listed as James H. English
English John 1786-1869 US Lycoming County, PA Miller Elizabeth 15 Dec 1806
English John d. 1833 VA Richmond, VA Burnes or Burris Mary Dec 1810
English Levin Nelson 1792-1876 KY Marion County, OR Tucker Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Daley m. 12 Oct 1851
English Nathan d. 1823 VA Southampton County, VA Corbett Martha 03 Jan 1822
English Robert d. 1860 KY Decatur County, IN Branch Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary E. Whaley m. 04 Oct 1843
English Thomas d. 1865 NJ Gloucester County, NJ English Elizabeth 01 Feb 1815
English William d. 1879 PA Muskingum County, OH Means Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Charity A. Campbell m. 20 Oct 1863
Ennes William 1793-1880 NY Logan County, OH Snell Margaret (1st wife) 2nd wife Anna Richardson m. 27 Oct 1861
Ennest William c1779-1863 NY Tompkins County, NY Payne Elizabeth 02 Jan 1803
Ennett Joseph Whitehurst b. 1793 NC Onslow County, NC King Delilah Ann 28 Jan 1818 listed as Whitehurst Ennett
Ennett William d. 1851 NC Onslow County, NC Noble Clarissa (1st wife) 2nd wife Comfort King m. 18 Jun 1829
Ennis Peter d. 1852 NY New York, NY Scofield Elizabeth 18 Jun 1814
Ennis William d. 1829 VA Caroline County, VA Jones Sarah "Sally" 1805
Ennis William d. 1859 VA Westmoreland County, VA Bryan Peggy (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane McKinney m. 20 Apr 1845
Ennist James d. 1875 VA Dinwiddie County, VA Saunders Ann Eliza 11 Feb 1868 probably 2nd or 3rd wife
Ennist John W. c1783-1868 NY Ulster County, NY Bogart Mary "Polly" 25 Dec 1810 spelled ENEST
Eno Allen A. 1792-1866 US New Britain, CT Lewis Fannie or Fanny Jun 1814
Eno Cleophas 1793-1876 CT Gallia County, OH Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Matilda Harrison Dyer m. 24 Feb 1847
Eno John 1793-1858 Navy Oswego County, NY Davidson Mary A. 07 Jan 1821
Enos Alexander d. 1863 OH Bureau County, IL McCuen Jane G. 13 Aug 1840
Enos Ethal d. 1843 NY Albany County, NY Carnrike Margaret 22 Jan 1818
Enos George d. 1850 VA Gloucester County, VA Elizabeth (1st wife) Bible record in file; 2nd wife Sarah A. E. Moore m. 14 Nov 1843
Enos James H. b. 1796 NY Berrien County, MI
Enos Stephen b. 1786 US Hamilton County, OH
Enos Warner b. 1794 VA James City County, VA Slater Elizabeth 11 Dec 1841 probably 2nd wife
Ensey Lot c1796-1864 MD Baltimore County, MD Fahnestock Elizabeth 12 Apr 1825
Ensign Henry 1796-1885 MA Rensselaer County, NY Barringer Hannah 1818
Ensign Silas b. c1791 NY Morrow County, OH White Julia (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Frisby m. 11 Jun 1864
Ensign Solomon b. 1795 NY Chenango County, NY Terrell or Terrill Irena or Irene 16 Jun 1817
Ensign Thomas 1791-1842 MA Pittsfield, MA Williams Electa 16 Feb 1814
Ensign Thomas d. 1874 NY New Haven County, CT Forbus Esther 21 Apr 1816
Ensley Christopher 1792-1868 OH Bedford County, PA Barton Mary
Ensley William d. 1870 NY Madison County, NY Joslin Zevirah (1st wife) 2nd wife Fanny Champney, 3rd wife Betsey m. 20 Mar 1859
Enslin George d. 1878 NY Delaware County, NY Bolton Rhoda 19 Oct 1836 probably 2nd wife
Ensminger John d. 1876 KY Shelby County, KY Wasson Margaret Jan 1825
Ensminger Joseph 1798-1897 PA Montgomery County, IN Frazier Jane Boyd (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane Ann Fulton
Ensor George b. 1790 KY Douglas County, IL Nelson Louisa 12 May 1812
Ensor John d. 1835 MD Baltimore County, MD Chilcoat Rachel 07 Apr 1816 listed as John B. Ensor
Ensor John Brooks 1791-1880 MD Baltimore County, MD Chilcoat Delilah 04 Feb 1812 listed as John Ensor
Ensor Stephen 1795-1877 VA Washington County, KY Wright Frances "Fanny" 19 Sep 1819
Ensor Thomas P. 1790-1879 TN Sullivan County, TN Jobe Hannah
Ensworth Ezra 1789-1882 NY Oneida County, NY Munson Hannah 31 Dec 1816
Ent William b. 1790 PA Philadelphia County, PA Bender Sarah 1812
Enterkin David d. 1863 SC Campbell County, GA Neal Mary 19 Dec 1811
Entler Joseph 1791-1875 VA Jefferson County, WV Rickard Mary E. Sep 1817
Entrican James d. 1881 NY Dayton, OH Redding Catherine Aug 1848 probably 2nd wife
Entrican John L. d. 1874 NY Harrison County, IN Steepleton Mahala 05 Nov 1827
Entrott Robert d. 1865 NY Putnam County, NY Lickly Hannah 17 Dec 1810
Entsminger David 1792-1858 OH Meigs County, OH Gross Elizabeth 12 Nov 1818
Entsminger John 1793-1873 VA Grant County, IN Knick Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha J. Dixon m. 15 Feb 1859
Enyart Abner 1795-1843 KY Buchanan County, MO Stephens Sarah 26 Jul 1814 spelled ENGART
Enyart Benjamin 1786-1845 OH Cass County, IN Miller Sarah "Sally" 07 Apr 1818
Eoff Alexander 1792-1869 MO Crawford County, MO Richardson Isabella 02 Mar 1815
Ephlin William d. 1882 PA Montour County, PA Merrill Polly
Epla John 1796-1877 OH Champaign County, OH Durrough Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Fuson m. 07 Apr 1839
Epler George b. 1792 PA Berks County, PA Bartlett Eva 1809
Epperly John M. 1791-1858 VA Floyd County, VA Phares Nancy 10 Mar 1814
Epperson Asa d. 1847 OH Monroe County, IA Barron Leah 13 Oct 1814
Epperson Daniel 1793-1877 KY Franklin County, KY Hawkins Mary B. 01 Feb 1825 family Bible record in pension file
Epperson Jesse b. c1789 KY Saline County, MO Margaret (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Pemberton
Epperson John d. 1862 GA Cherokee County, GA Bell Emilee 17 Jun 1812
Epperson Littleberry 1780-1840 TN Marshall County, TN Favor Martha "Patsey" Henrietta 01 Sep 1811 listed as BERRY Epperson
Epperson Littleberry 1784-1870 VA Knox County, KY Beal Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Sally Gray m. 31 Jan 1856
Eppinger James 1790-1871 GA Pike County, GA Throop Juliana (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane Augusta Throop m. 20 Sep 1860
Epps Daniel d. 1865 VA Halifax County, VA Dunn Nancy 29 Dec 1824
Epps Hartwell d. 1872 VA Campbell County, VA Jordan Mary Price 16 Apr 1822
Epps William d. 1830 VA Prince George County, VA Easley Frances 02 Oct 1817
Epright Samuel 1794-1883 PA Chester County, PA Neilley Hannah 08 Feb 1827
Erambert Henry c1798-1868 VA Cumberland County, NC Cooper Mary A. (1st wife) 2nd wife Eliza Mann m. 15 Jul 1863
Erb John b. 1794 PA Huntington County, IN Myers Nancy 06 May 1819
Erckenbrach George 1793-1855 NY Fulton County, NY Frederick Eva 12 Jan 1820 spelled ERCKENBROCK
Erhard George d. 1862 MD Carroll County, MD Loudenslager Julia Ann 13 Oct 1821
Erington David d. 1875 OH Vinton County, OH Aduddell Rachel 04 Mar 1847 probably 2nd wife
Ernest James Wood 1796-1877 GA St. Tammany Parish, LA Gaines Mary Theresa 26 Jan 1832 probably 2nd wife
Ernst Jacob c1792-1879 VA Clark County, OH Gordon Emelia probably 2nd wife
Errington Robert d. 1857 NC Charlotte, NC Harris Sarah 03 May 1843
Erskine Alexander 1796-1872 ME Bristol, ME Perkins Pamela or Permelia 27 Oct 1820
Erskine David 1788-1866 US Kennebec County, ME Waltz Betsey Sep 1830 probably 2nd wife
Erskine James P. 1793-1881 VA Adams County, IL Riggs Amelia Dorsey 08 Jan 1834
Erskine John 1785-1855 ME Lincoln County, ME McKown Anna Maria (1st wife) 2nd wife Rebecca Desire Parker m. 29 May 1830
Erskine Martin b. 1790 VA Philadelphia County, PA Alexander Mary 23 Feb 1816
Erskine Moses 1793-1883 US Lincoln County, ME Smith Melinda 22 Oct 1817
Erskine Robert 1795-1854 US Waldo County, ME Staples Judith 11 Aug 1824
Erskine Thomas d. 1870 OH Clermont County, OH Nixon Elizabeth 14 Oct 1809
Ertzberger James b. 1795 NY Albany County, NY
Ervin Ephraim 1790-1853 NC Rowan County, NC Nesbit Mary L.
Ervin James b. 1800 MD Preston County, WV Kelley Mary
Ervin John 1796-1878 SC Hinds County, MS Ford Asenath (1st wife) 2nd Harriet Glen Pope, 3rd Elizabeth W. Bradley, 4th Beatrice Nixon
Ervine Edward 1790-c1872 VA Pocahontas County, WV Curry Mary "Polly" 30 Nov 1815
Ervine William b. 1795 VA Highland County, VA Frances 25 Dec 1817
Erwin David 1758-1831 NY Franklin County, NY Munson Catharine
Erwin David d. 1837 US Erie County, NY Ford Rhewana 22 Sep 1817
Erwin Edward c1799-1850 Blank Cabell County, VA Barnett Mary "Polly" 1814
Erwin Francis c1790-1871 TN Perry County, MO McKirgan Elizabeth
Erwin Jacob d. 1841 PA York, PA Lehr Mary "Polly" 13 Mar 1814
Erwin James Pernell 1796-1858 TN Oktibbeha County, MS Goff Susannah 21 Jul 1825
Erwin John d. 1879 PA Marshall County, IL Butts Mary 26 Dec 1817
Erwin Joseph d. 1852 TN Hankins County, TN Blalock Mary Jul 1821
Erwin Joseph 1794-1879 TN Carroll County, AR Davis Nancy Rebecca 22 Jan 1818
Erwin Matthew 1782-1860 TN Lawrence County, MO Stephenson Irene 13 Jan 1826 probably 2nd wife
Erwin Pruden Allen 1797-1888 NY Waseca County, MN Jane 08 Nov 1823
Erwin Robert 1794-1860 VA Henderson County, IL Wiley Jane (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy m. May 1836
Erwin Squire B. d. 1848 KY Henry County, KY Adams Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Louisa Meek m. 28 Feb 1839
Esancy Charles 1794-1879 MA Waldo County, ME Overlock Sarah "Sally" 21 May 1822
Eschler John J. b. 1793 US Chenango County, NY Warner Ruth 10 Apr 1814
Esclavon Andre Pierre d. 1861 LA New Orleans, LA Fornier Aimee 14 Apr 1832
Escot Louis d. 1864 LA Pointe Coupee Parish, LA Porche Azelie 30 Jun 1823
Esenbach Daniel b. 1796 PA Lehigh County, PA Snyder Nancy Apr 1817
Esensa Charles 1794-1879 MA Waldo County, ME Overlock Sarah "Sally" 21 May 1822 spelled ESANCY
Esget Francis d. 1830 NY Monroe County, NY Nye Rebecca 26 Aug 1813
Eshon Thomas d. 1868 VA Northampton County, VA Robbins Catherine 20 May 1845 probably 2nd wife
Eskew Henley L. 1788-1876 VA Upshur County, WV Watkins Mary "Polly" (1st wife) 2nd wife Catherine Fletcher m. 28 Sep 1853
Eskridge Richard d. 1873 US Stark County, IN Arnold Mary 05 Feb 1843 probably 2nd wife
Eskridge Rodham 1794-1865 VA Fauquier County, VA Bridwell Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Ann Hickerson m. 22 May 1849
Eslava Don Miguel de Siderio 1797-1880 AL Mobile County, AL de Langas Louise 1825 listed as Miguel D. Eslava
Esler John 1782-1828 NY New York, NY Kemp Letitia or Aletta 06 Feb 1807
Eslin James b. 1793 DC Washington DC Ryan Margaret 11 Jan 1818
Esnard Alexander d. 1819 LA West Baton Rouge, LA Daigle Marceline 30 Jul 1811
Espich Jacob B. 1790-1881 OH Wayne County, OH Tarr Catherine 20 Sep 1815 spelled ESPY
Espy James Snodgrass 1788-1872 PA Dauphin County, PA Hulings Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary H. Pollard m. 10 Mar 1825
Esra Thomas c1793-1879 OH Spencer County, IN Dixon Rebecca (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane Hale m. 13 May 1865
Essary John Henry c1782-1872 TN Henderson County, TN Hankins or Hawkins Sophia (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Eavia Carter, 3rd wife Indiana Blackwood m. Nov 1858
Essick Baltzer 1790-1870 PA Columbia County, PA Morgan Rachel 25 Dec 1812
Essick Jacob 1788-1852 PA Chester County, PA Delinger Catherine 28 Oct 1817
Essig Jacob 1791-1874 OH Stark County, OH Weaver Elizabeth
Essig John 1787-1854 PA Portage County, OH Spangler Esther 20 Oct 1809
Estabrook Henry 1793-1854 MA Chautauqua County, NY Clapp Hannah Stout 15 Jul 1820
Estabrook John 1793-1864 NY Erie County, NY Evans Harriet 25 Mar 1817
Estabrook Joseph 1792-1877 NH Lenawee County, MI Merrill Susanna
Estabrook Marshall 1791-1881 US Geauga County, OH Dain Mary 09 Mar 1818 spelled ESTABROOKS
Estabrook Nehemiah 1790-1880 NY Milwaukee County, WI Canfield Betsey 12 May 1816
Estabrooks Samuel d. 1877 NY Franklin County, NY Wheat Ruth 14 Feb 1814
Este Charles 1789-1817 OH Montgomery County, OH Anderson Mary Dagworthy 05 Jun 1812
Estell James 1792-1861 NJ Monmouth County, NJ Skidmore Mary 25 Dec 1814 spelled ESTEL
Esterline George d. 1872 MD York County, PA Aughey Elizabeth 17 Apr 1814
Estes Abraham 1792-1864 VA Surry County, NC Farley Martha 05 Mar 1820
Estes Abraham 1787-1825 KY Clark County, KY Schooler Beulah 24 Dec 1813 listed as ESTIS
Estes Benjamin Hall 1796-1866 US Essex County, NY Higley Esther 17 Nov 1817
Estes Christopher Tompkins 1793-1850 VA Nelson County, VA Howard Jane C. (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha J. Morgan m. 02 Jan 1838
Estes Edward d. 1882 VA Campbell County, VA Hawkins Catherine 23 Dec 1814
Estes George W. d. 1848 KY Oldham County, KY Nichols Mary Hanson 15 Jul 1824
Estes James 1790-1842 GA Newton County, GA Phillips Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary "Polly" Morgan m. 16 Sep 1831; Soldier's DIARY in file
Estes James B. d. 1872 NY Missouri Wagner Elizabeth 03 May 1810
Estes James Bradley 1793-1861 NC Carroll County, GA Fuller Lucy 26 Oct 1813 death date might be 13 Oct 1868
Estes Joel 1779-1856 VA Shelby County, KY Sanders Lucy listed as EASTES
Estes John 1790-1877 KY Casey County, KY Berry Nancy 31 Dec 1815
Estes John Calder 1796-1880 VA Lawrence County, MO Jones Margaret 23 Dec 1818
Estes John Coleman d. 1869 KY Metcalfe County, KY Butler Susannah 07 Oct 1807
Estes John R. d. 1885 VA Claiborne County, TN Moore Nancy Ann 25 Nov 1811
Estes John W. b. 1793 TN Etowah County, AL Bristow Mary 23 Mar 1816
Estes John W. d. 1872 VA Van Buren, AR Lucinda (1st wife) listed as John A.; 2nd wife Nannie W. m. 18 Sep 1854
Estes Joseph 1796-1877 KY Cape Girardeau County, MO Sophia (1st wife) 2nd wife Catherine Miller
Estes Josiah d. 1856 VA Giles County, TN Chisholm Elizabeth 09 Mar 1814
Estes Obediah b. 1791 TN Etowah County, AL Gillum Anne 04 Jun 1830 probably 2nd wife
Estes Robert M. 1792-1858 KY Pike County, MO Griffith Elizabeth 1814
Estes Spencer 1785-1853 KY St. Clair County, MO Estes Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Baker m. 03 Dec 1847
Estes Stephen d. 1869 Blank Essex County, NY Ware Hannah 04 Nov 1821
Estes William d. 1850 MA Oxford County, ME Bartlett Sally 27 Jan 1811
Estes William T. 1792-1871 VA Clarke County, MS Shelton Susan Hulet 20 Apr 1820
Estes Zachariah 1783-1855 GA Troup County, GA Holyfield Celia (1st wife) 24 May 1852 2nd wife Ann Bender, 3rd wife Mary "Polly" Sanders m. 24 May 1852
Estes Zephaniah J. 1795-1868 SC Rough and Ready, GA Clark Mary "Polly" (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha W. Simpson m. 02 Aug 1860
Estey Aaron 1792-1875 NY Sheboygan County, WI Fisk Cyrena spelled ESTY
Estill Benjamin 1780-1853 VA Oldham County, KY Hickman Martha "Patsy" (2nd wife) 25 Jan 1825
Estill Isaac 1791-1877 TN Talladega County, AL Emery or Embrey Sally (1st wife) 2nd wife Lovedy Campbell McNeil m. 13 Mar 1838
Estill William 1794-1885 KY Menard County, IL Williams Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Eliza m. 24 Jan 1858
Estler Henry b. 1789 NY New York, NY Newkirk Catherine L. 16 Apr 1832 probably 2nd wife
Esty Aaron d. 1867 MA Kennebec County, ME Tibbetts Sarah 15 Aug 1841 probably 2nd wife
Esworthy Joseph d. 1869 PA Philadelphia County, PA Davis Kate (1st wife) 2nd wife Rosanna Spicer m. 28 Jul 1856
Etchberger Peter 1794-1858 PA Berks County, PA Walborn Elizabeth 08 Apr 1821 spelled ETSCHBERGER
Etheridge Allen 1783-1836 GA Stewart County, GA Anderson Nancy 01 Jun 1806 spelled ETHRIDGE partial family Bible record in pension file
Etheridge Caleb d. 1846 NC Currituck County, NC Jesper Sarah 03 Jan1804
Ethridge John 1793-1859 TN Dallas County, MO Wisdom Sarah 02 Apr 1818
Ettenger Benjamin b. 1794 PA Burlington County, NJ Kenney Margaret 11 Jun 1818
Eubank George W. d. 1855 VA Nelson County, VA Mary C. 09 Dec 1824
Eubank Hardy b. 1794 NC Jefferson County, KY Northcutt Susan 1839 probably 2nd wife
Eubank Hezekiah d. 1839 VA Henrico County, VA Wilkinson Frances (1st wife) family Bible record in file 2nd wife Elizabeth Claxton, 3rd Nancy Grimes
Eubank John 1792-1872 VA Albemarle County, VA Norvell Catherine c1830
Eubank Johnson Sellars 1784-1865 VA Richmond, VA Lipscomb Martha "Patsy" 01 Dec 1810
Eubank Jonathan d. 1862 KY Allen County, KY Reeder Stacy 09 Oct 1807
Eubank Joseph 1792-1842 VA Adair County, KY Smith Nancy M. 23 Dec 1824
Eubank Thomas b. 1792 VA Rusk County, TX Gibson Mary 07 Mar 1816
Eubank William d. 1864 VA Decatur County, IN Smothers Mary 16 Sep 1847 probably 2nd wife
Eubanks James 1793-1887 KY Lincoln County, KY Floyd Mary Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Luttrell m. 1866
Eubanks John 1799-1874 TN White County, IL Wrenwick Sarah Aug 1826
Eubanks Joseph 1789-1878 VA Jackson County, OH Nally Catherine (1st wife) spelled EUBANK 2nd wife Elizabeth G. Melton m. 07 Sep 1862
Eubanks Thomas b. 1792 VA Rusk County, TX Gibson Mary 07 Mar 1816 spelled EUBANK
Eubanks William d. 1846 MD Kent County, DE Kinnanon Maria Ann 27 Dec 1812
Eudaly Isaac 1791-1890 TN Jefferson County, IN Briggs Mary "Polly" 18 Jul 1816
Eurit Samuel d. 1837 VA Harrison County, VA Angling Mary 07 Nov 1816
Eustis James 1790-1847 MA Hancock County, ME French Octavia 12 Sep 1824
Eustis Joseph 1794-1872 MA Winchester, MA Tracy Eleanor St. Barbe 02 Oct 1820
Eustis Thomas 1796-1869 MA Winnebago County, IL Pitts Parthenia 27 Nov 1826
Evans Aaron d. 1828 NC Chatham County, NC Mary A. child of soldier
Evans Abraham b. 1790 NY Oneida County, NY Danns Almeda 1827
Evans Absalom 1793-1868 NY Ulster County, NY Waller Deborah 14 Dec 1815 spelled EVENS
Evans Amon d. 1869 MD Carroll County, MD Pool Matilda 30 Dec 1823
Evans Amos Alexander 1785-1848 Navy Cecil County, MD Oliver Mary 28 Mar 1816
Evans Amos Subers d. 1862 US Bucks County, PA Stevens Jane 07 Mar 1843 probably 2nd wife
Evans Andrew 1795-1847 KY Dubois County, IN Pigman Mary 01 Jun 1816
Evans Andrew 1786-1855 NY Saratoga County, NY Peck Ruth 01 Jun 1809
Evans Benjamin b. 1779 Navy Danvers, MA
Evans Benjamin 1790-1871 MA Penobscot County, ME Oak Nancy 24 Jun 1817
Evans Benjamin 1792-1846 OH Champaign County, OH Palmer Demarius 22 Jun 1813
Evans Benjamin S. 1777-1859 VA Mecklenburg County, VA Walker Sarah 06 Jun 1811
Evans Burwell Patrick 1794-1864 TN Sebastian County, AR Blevins Sarah "Sally" Nov 1818 listed as Patrick EVENS
Evans Caleb d. 1868 PA Clermont County, OH Muller Susanna 09 Oct 1805
Evans Charles b. 1799 DE Chemung County, NY Miller Jemima S. (2nd wife) 29 Apr 1844
Evans Charles d. 1863 NC Cherokee County, NC Edwards Elizabeth 10 Dec 1821
Evans Charles d. 1848 PA Clarion County, PA Jolly Mary Ann 14 Nov 1831 probaby 2nd wife
Evans Consider B. d. 1872 NY Steuben County, NY Hovens Anna (1st wife) 2nd wife Diana m. 28 Aug 1846
Evans David d. 1867 KY Mason County, KY Hamrick Sally 07 Dec 1814
Evans David d. 1863 US Clark County, OH Golden Jane Jan 1801
Evans David 1794-1856 PA Bucks County, PA Lunn Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary E. Rowland m. 01 Apr 1828
Evans David d. 1866 VA Monroe County, WV Robison Mary "Polly" (2nd wife) 28 Dec 1824
Evans Ebenezer d. 1877 Navy Coos County, NH Scutes Autress A. 01 Sep 1842 probably 2nd wife
Evans Edmond c1791-1863 NC Pitt County, NC Carroll Absaly Jan 1811
Evans Eli 1792-1874 VA Fleming County, KY Armstrong Mary A. 25 Nov 1852 probably 2nd wife
Evans Elijah MS Carroll Parish, LA Downs Sophia 12 Nov 1846 probaby 2nd wife
Evans Elijah d. 1846 VA Person County, NC Elizabeth 1811
Evans Evan d. 1840 KY Estell County, KY Pasley Lourany 18 Feb 1837 probably 2nd wife
Evans Francis 1783-1872 VA Daviess County, KY Pare Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Kellar, 3rd wife Margaret Skinner m. 10 Aug 1842
Evans George d. 1854 MD Baltimore County, MD Pugh Elizabeth 10 May 1814
Evans George b. 1785 NC Nash County, NC
Evans George c1793-1872 TN Hickman County, KY Baker Jane 04 Apr 1816
Evans Gilbert d. 1877 MA Oxford County, ME Doble Betsey (1st wife) 2nd wife Eunice Faunce m. 16 Jul 1823
Evans Gilead 1794-1886 KY Nicholas County, KY Trigg Anna (1st wife) spelled Gillead 2nd wife Rose Ann Cook m. 06 Jul 1872
Evans Harris d. 1876 TN Hamilton County, TN Lewis Milly (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Lea m. 10 Mar 1852
Evans Hastings c1770-1864 VA Logan County, WV Blair Norway (1st wife) listed as Haston Evans; 2nd wife Mary "Polly" Chafin m. 20 Nov 1852
Evans Henry 1791-1876 MS Newton County, MS Cooley Elizabeth 31 May 1829
Evans Henry b. 1791 VA Loudoun County, VA Newman Margaret 1827
Evans Henry F. 1796-c1851 US Somerset County, MD Parker Matty c1840 probably 2nd wife
Evans Isaac 1789-1875 OH Ross County, OH Morton Jane Peoples 02 Jan 1812
Evans Isaac d. 1850 US Erie County, OH Welsh Elizabeth 14 Nov 1816
Evans James b. 1790 KY Lewis County, KY Hardin Mary A. 10 Apr 1812
Evans James MD Frederick County, MD Carr Sarah 04 Apr 1815
Evans James 1792-1878 NH Oxford County, ME Burbank Lucinda 10 Jan 1821
Evans James 1778-1820 TN Fentress County, TN Vaughn Mary 15 Jan 1801
Evans James c1795-1874 VA Raleigh County, WV Foster Catherine 20 Oct 1814
Evans James b. 1780 US Gardiner, ME
Evans James c1792-1833 IN Gibson County, IN Harmon Lydia 04 Apr 1816
Evans James d. 1874 VA Lewis County, KY Thayer Nancy 08 Aug 1861 probably 2nd or 3rd wife
Evans James Hampton 1792-1837 TN Giles County, TN Laird Nancy 13 Jul 1813
Evans Jehu 1795-1877 MS Clarke County, MS Hicks Sarah Pegues 22 Jan 1822
Evans Jesse d. 1834 Blank Prince Georges County, MD Soper Cassandra 18 Jan 1816 child mentioned in file
Evans Jesse d. 1861 VA Greene County, MO Russell Margaret "Peggy" 28 Jan 1813
Evans Jesse 1779-1860 VA Champaign County, OH Gideon Mary 09 Jan 1809
Evans John b. 1790 KY Richland County, IL Wasson Mary "Polly" 08 Apr 1817
Evans John d. 1861 KY Floyd County, IN Hammonds Frances 26 Nov 1811
Evans John d. 1858 MD Baltimore, MD Forward Sarah 06 Feb 1820
Evans John 1794-1877 MA Merrimac, MA Smith Abigail "Nabby" 10 Dec 1820
Evans John d. 1867 VA Monroe County, OH Crupper Sarah Nov 1811
Evans John A. 1799-1888 NY St. Lawrence County, NY Gorden Philema
Evans John W. 1800-1869 VA Perry County, OH Evans Elizabeth Jul 1821
Evans Joseph 1785-1875 NJ Burlington County, NJ Wells Rebecca c1814
Evans Joseph b. 1789 PA Chester County, PA Ruhama 01 May 1824
Evans Joseph d. 1874 VA Delaware County, OH Carpenter Mary Sep 1807
Evans Joseph d. 1871 VA Decatur County, IN Cheek Mary 16 Aug 1814
Evans Joshua James 1783-1864 GA Spalding County, GA Smith Rebecca Rosser (1st wife) 2nd wife Harriett Baird m. 08 Feb 1855
Evans Leicester or Lester b. 1794 NY Lenawee County, MI Thompson Abigail 15 Apr 1824
Evans Lemuel b. 1787 DE Philadelphia County, PA Cottingham Nancy 17 Jul 1817
Evans Leroy d. 1866 VA Caroline County, VA Mills Frances 03 Sep 1813
Evans Levi d. 1826 PA Philadelphia County, PA Wills Elizabeth 04 Jun 1815
Evans Ludwell d. 1863 VA Rutherford County, TN Thomason Agnes W. 02 Sep 1813
Evans Luther c1789-1876 NY Allegany County, NY Merriman Polly (1st wife) spelled EVENS 2nd wife Fanny Balcom m. 03 May 1856
Evans Mayberry c1790-1864 KY Scotland County, MO Frier Jane (1st wife) spelled Maberry 2nd wife Nancy Cannatzy m. 30 Mar 1834
Evans Meredith 1789-1880 VA Wise County, VA Skeen Sarah Nancy 02 Sep 1815
Evans Montgomery d. 1847 OH Defiance County, OH Warren Sarah 30 Mar 1814
Evans Mordecai d. 1875 US Cumberland County, PA Hyers Eliza 04 Dec 1832 probably 2nd wife
Evans Nathan 1780-1842 TN Cocke County, TN Storie Margaret 02 Jun 1816
Evans Nathaniel d. 1877 MS DeSoto County, MS Pride Jane 05 Feb 1818
Evans Oliver 1796-1882 NH Oxford County, ME Locke Mary 19 Sep 1827
Evans Oliver c1792-1824 US Franklin County, VT Willard Nancy Anna 01 Apr 1813
Evans Ora d. 1871 NY Ashtabula County, OH Snedeker Sarah Jul 1815
Evans Philip b. 1795 DC Howard County, MO Middleton Mary
Evans Pierce b. 1793 OH Defiance County, OH
Evans Pleasant c1790-1850 SC Henry County, GA Vandergrift Margaret Stoffel Aug 1814
Evans Poindexter d. 1866 VA Appomattox County, VA Crews Polly Ann 24 Dec 1847 probably 2nd wife
Evans Reuben 1794-1874 NH Jefferson County, NY Phillips Sally 3 Feb 1820
Evans Reuben 1794-1864 TN DeKalb County, TN Allen Clarissa 1824
Evans Richard 1790-1854 TN Sevier County, TN Emert Catherine 04 Mar 1812
Evans Richard 1798-1872 IN Linn County, OR Toone Nancy Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Shepherd m. 1854
Evans Robert 1793-1874 NH Merrimack County, NH Goss Sarah Rand 15 Oct 1819
Evans Robert d. 1855 NY Cattaraugus County, NY Cook Sarah 26 Nov 1819
Evans Roswell Y. b. 1795 GA Paulding County, GA
Evans Samuel 1797-1872 VA Monroe County, WV Miller Nancy
Evans Samuel 1771-1853 OH Highland County, OH Foreman or Forman Mary "Polly" Feb 1793
Evans Samuel 1795-1875 KY Owen County, IN Modrell Marjorie or Margaret 01 Jan 1818
Evans Samuel B. d. 1863 Navy Sullivan County, NY Evans Sophia 22 Oct 1829
Evans Stephen d. 1871 VT McHenry County, IL Bacon Hannah 06 Jun 1813 listed as Stephens Evans
Evans Sterling C. b. 1793 VA Hardin County, TN
Evans Tarlton c1794-1864 VA Nelson County, VA Hudson Susanna Jul 1811
Evans Theodore d. 1887 NH Belknap County, NH Knowles Mary 29 Nov 1827
Evans Thomas 1793-1861 GA Clarke County, GA Allen Clarissa W. 26 Dec 1814
Evans Thomas 1790-1867 NC Union County, OH Bass Sally
Evans Thomas 1796-1875 TN Jackson County, AL Gross Catherine 25 Dec 1815
Evans Thomas B. d. 1829 PA Chester County, PA Williams Jane 23 Mar 1825
Evans Thomas Jefferson c1788-1883 TN Hill County, TX Watts Nancy (1st wife) 10 Aug 1807 2nd wife Mary Howell, 3rd wife Mary Jane Brooks m. 01 Jun 1858
Evans Travis 1791-1887 VA Washington DC Patterson Mary M.
Evans Washington 1790-1853 VA Allegany County, MD Maxwell Maria 20 Jul 1812
Evans William d. 1850 MS Newton County, MS Robinett Winnie 27 Nov 1837
Evans William 1790-1864 OH Decatur County, IN Barkus Martha 05 Nov 1812
Evans William c1792-1856 PA Berks County, PA Boomer Rachel 02 Aug 1820
Evans William d. 1875 PA Belmont County, OH Cully Elizabeth 03 Feb 1833 probably 2nd wife
Evans William b. 1792 VA Metcalfe County, KY Rock Nancy 07 Mar 1853 probably 2nd wife
Evans William d. 1862 VA Decatur County, IN Stewart Catherine (1st wife) 2nd wife Ann McGowan, 3rd wife Jane B. Gowan, 4th Ann Becraft
Evans William d. 1828 MD Baltimore, MD Charlotte 09 May 1817
Evans William B. d. 1873 VA Union County, OH Hester Elizabeth 12 Dec 1814
Evans William D. d. 1852 TN Smith County, TN Pigg Paulina or Perlina 19 Sep 1820
Evans William E. d. 1873 MA Plymouth County, MA Knapp Eliza 30 Jun 1850 probably 2nd wife
Evans Willis Harrison b. 1793 TN Lawrence County, AL Chadwick Rebecca
Evarts Eben B. 1797-1874 NY New Haven County, CT Grumbly Rebecca (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Ann Meigs m. 30 Sep 1845
Evarts Ebenezer Bishop 1797-1874 NY New Haven County, CT Grumbly Rebecca (1st wife) listed as Eben B. Evarts 2nd wife Mary Ann Meigs m. 30 Sep 1845
Eve Joseph C. d. 1838 GA Jefferson County, GA Ringland Jane Martin 27 Jan 1825
Eve Joseph L. 1781-1843 KY Galveston, TX Ballinger Elizabeth Withers "Betsey" 11 Nov 1811
Eve Milton d. 1877 KY Knox County, KY Ballinger Louisiana 05 Jan 1826
Eveland Moses b. 1794 OH Coles County, IL Craig Dorothy 1820
Eveleth Isaac 1791-1871 MA Androscoggin County, ME Haskell Joanna 21 Nov 1821
Eveleth Joseph 1782-1861 MA Franklin County, ME Jennings Eunice 30 Mar 1813
Eveleth Joseph d. 1859 NH Dublin, NH Barnes Seba 05 Dec 1823 listed as EVLETH
Evens Absalom 1793-1868 NY Ulster County, NY Waller Deborah 14 Dec 1815
Evens Emrick b. 1794 NY Chautauqua County, NY Clark Eunice B. 1826
Evens Richard d. 1873 KY Butler County, CA Chadwick Roxana 15 Jan 1821
Everest Dudley d. 1864 VT Essex County, NY Tryphena 26 Mar 1857 probably 2nd or 3rd wife
Everest Oliver d. 1873 NY Clinton County, MI Eells Julia Ann 01 May 1834
Everest William B. 1795-1877 NY Ionia County, MI Smith Lydia 04 May 1822
Everett Abraham d. 1857 NC McLean County, IL Cox Esther 03 Sep 1818
Everett Henry b. 1793 NC Clinton County, MO Terrill Frances 02 Jun 1811
Everett John d. 1879 MA Lincoln County, MS Spangler Catherine 12 Apr 1848 probably 2nd wife
Everett John 1784-1875 MA Somerset County, ME Crapo Jane
Everett John 1792-1881 TN Seneca County, OH Null Susannah 18 Dec 1817
Everett Leonard 1787-1866 MA Suffolk County, MA Hill Nabby 05 May 1813
Everett Nathan 1793-1849 MA Norfolk County, MA Colburn Hepzibah 08 May 1816
Everett Noble 1796-1840 MA Plymouth County, MA Nye Mercy 05 Dec 1822
Everett Parker d. 1875 TN Knox County, TN Jane 16 Dec 1830
Everett Sylvanus 1796-1869 TN Rusk County, TX Douglass Mary 19 Aug 1819
Everett Thomas c1791-1872 MD Tama County, IA McCauley Sarah 18 May 1832
Everett William Conway 1788-1875 VA Scott County, IN Lewellen Mary C. 12 May 1818
Everhart Adam b. 1791 PA Chemung County, NY
Everist James b. 1789 NY Clinton County, NY Carroll Prudence 28 Feb 1814
Everist Job d. 1857 MD Harford County, MD Armstrong Isabella (1st wife) 2nd wife Frances A. Easley m. 22 Nov 1840
Everitt Roswell 1790-1871 NY Ingham County, MI Packard Rosamond
Everitt William c1787-1850 NY Queens County, NY Antonides Catherine 17 Aug 1805
Everley John H. d. 1857 VA Hardy County, VA Crebs Eliza J. 14 Feb 1819
Everly David 1781-1866 MD Carroll County, MD Rinehart Elizabeth 03 Jun 1806
Everly George d. 1869 TN Giles County, TN Dobbins Polly 17 Nov 1819
Everly James c1793-1862 VA Marion County, WV Rhoda 09 Oct 1856 probably 2nd wife
Eversole Abraham 1791-1883 VA Dearborn County, IN Allemong Elizabeth 14 Mar 1814
Eversole Jacob 1791-1871 OH Elkhart County, IN Bixler Barbara 17 Jan 1815
Everson George d. 1873 NY Westchester County, NY Pye Esther (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth McCharty m. Jun 1855
Everson Richard d. 1868 MA Plymouth County, MA Monroe Mercy 27 Apr 1813
Everstine Joseph d. 1846 MD Allegany County, MD Cleary Mary 14 Mar 1826
Everts Aranthes 1782-1867 NY Schuyler County, NY Mathews Margaret 19 Dec 1801
Everts Charles 1788-1875 NY Morrow County, OH Carpenter Anna 12 Feb 1820
Everts Garret b. 1792 NY Lancaster County, PA Strickler Ann 1820
Everts Hymen C. 1795-1892 NY Oswego County, NY Van Alstine Alfronda "Polly" 1818
Everts John d. 1885 NY Milwaukee County, WI Rosanna 1817
Evertson Nicholas 1790-1840 NY Baltimore, MD Hasbrouck Clarissa 12 Apr 1813 spelled EVERTON
Evertson Nicholas 1790-1840 NY Baltimore County, MD Hasbrouck Clarissa 12 Apr 1820
Every Andrew Perry 1794-1883 NY Ulster County, NY Bell Judah (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Countryman m.
Eves John b. 1793 TN Lauderdale County, AL Stewart Nancy 08 Aug 1822
Evey Andrew d. 1852 MD Livingston County, NY Hughes Elizabeth 15 Mar 1827
Evilsizer Philip 1795-1871 VA Greene County, TN Hough or Huff Anna 1814
Evins John L. d. 1864 GA Fulton County, GA Baugh Nancy 30 Jan 1817
Evridge Richard b. 1788 NC Yadkin County, NC Beuge Betsy May 1819
Ewaldt John Henry d. 1826 MD Baltimore, MD Raab Dorothea S. 13 Feb 1812
Ewalt Samuel 1792-1878 KY Bourbon County, KY Pugh Cynthia (1st wife) 2nd wife Eliza P. Smith
Ewart Joseph b. 1787 KY Butler County, OH Rail Mary 29 Aug 1816
Ewell James 1789-1878 VA Lancaster County, VA Eustace Agnes C. 2nd wife Mira Ann Chowning m. 07 Jul 1836
Ewell Joseph d. 1881 MA Waldo County, ME Wing Mary P. 18 Oct 1870 probably 2nd or 3rd wife
Ewell Samuel 1779-1842 NY Macomb County, MI Hoyt Nancy 12 Dec 1806
Ewell William Cuthbert c1786-1867 KY Powell County, KY Baker Cynthia Ann 30 Jul 1818
Ewer Jonathan c1788-1866 PA Bucks County, PA McGraudy Elizabeth 27 Feb 1823
Ewers Joseph c1787-1874 VA Amherst County, VA Alcock Frances (1st wife) listed as EVERS 2nd wife Polly H. Hudson m. 19 Jun 1831
Ewig Jacob 1788-1880 PA Bedford County, PA Apple Magdalena Jun 1810
Ewing Charles d. 1849 VA Muskingum County, OH Ireland Theresa 17 Feb 1820
Ewing David d. 1848 IN Carroll County, IN Adair Cassandra "Cassy" 24 Feb 1803
Ewing David d. 1823 NJ Philadelphia County, PA Sheppard Jane 18 May 1818
Ewing David d. 1844 OH Fairfield County, OH Ainsworth Jane Eliza 09 Jan 1810
Ewing David 1779-1863 PA Huntingdon County, PA Brandon Nancy
Ewing James d. 1866 KY Fayette County, KY White Louisa A. 16 Apr 1832 probably 2nd wife
Ewing James 1793-1881 MD Cecil County, MD Brannon Jane 28 Mar 1815
Ewing James b. 1791 OH Washington County, KY Clark Sally 06 Mar 1823
Ewing James 1790-1866 TN Wilson County, TN Smith Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Malinda Bellow m. 16 May 1836
Ewing James b. 1775 VA Chariton County, MO
Ewing James b. 1770 VA Marshall County, VA
Ewing James 1796-1852 ME Cumberland County, ME Ewing Olive 14 Nov 1849 probably 2nd wife
Ewing John d. 1869 MD Cecil County, MD Mary 15 May 1837 probably 2nd wife
Ewing John L. d. 1850 KY Schuyler County, IL May Betsey 04 Nov 1817
Ewing Matthew T. d. 1874 OH Ripley County, IN Hall Nancy 14 Nov 1816
Ewing Noble d. 1846 NJ Philadelphia County, PA Wolcott Miriam May 1809
Ewing Patrick c1793-1879 VA Callaway County, MO Darst Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Ann Eliza Fisher m. 15 Jun 1851
Ewing Reuben A. 1793-1871 KY Cooper County, MO Hammond Mary Aug 1813
Ewing Robert M. 1787-1862 KY Scott County, KY Gano Margaret Hubbell 04 Jun 1816
Ewing Samuel 1790-1852 OH Madison County, OH Sidener or Seidner Margaret 26 Apr 1814
Ewing William Garner 1789-1864 OH Montgomery County, OH McGervey Jane 11 Mar 1819
Ewing William Young Conn d. 1853 KY Lafayette County, MO McCrey Sally Whitten 05 Jan 1836 probably 2nd wife
Ewins Israel d. 1864 NH Merrimack County, NH Low Deborah 14 Sep 1815
Exline Daniel 1787-1851 OH Jackson County, OH Elder Isabella 03 May 1814
Exnicios Jean Louis 1802-1877 LA Lafourche Parish, LA Barras or Baras Paulina Basilisa (1st wife) Aug 1817 2nd wife Marie Gequit, 3rd wife Charlotte Zenobie Dufour m. Jan 1832
Eycleshymer Nicholas 1786-1875 NY Rensselaer County, NY Williams Margaret (1st wife) 2nd wife Rebecca Walker m. 27 May 1860
Eyers Enos c1785-1824 NJ Huron County, OH Debow Jane 24 Oct 1807 also spelled Enos AYERS
Eygabroat John d. 1862 NY Herkimer County, NY Potter Hannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Charlotte Myers m. 28 Feb 1841
Eyler Benjamin b. 1782 MD Greene County, OH Gray Anna c1868 probably 2nd or 3rd wife
Eyler George 1782-1871 MD Frederick County, MD Kauffman Elsie Anna 02 Apr 1811
Eyler George b. 1787 PA Van Wert County, OH
Eyler Henry d. 1857 MD Westmoreland County, PA Luckenbaugh Elizabeth 15 Aug 1815
Eyler John 1783-1866 MD Frederick County, MD Harbaugh Rebecca 14 Dec 1820
Eyman Abraham 1789-1863 OH Fayette County, OH Harper Phebe 12 Dec 1822
Eysaman Jacob 1796-1879 NY St. Lawrence County, NY Bellinger Maria or Mary 19 Jul 1816
Eysaman John S. d. 1870 NY Herkimer County, NY Youngs Polly 29 Mar 1812
Ezell Burd 1779-1861 TN Calloway County, KY Wright Elizabeth Sep 1804
Ezell Ephraim d. 1861 SC Spartanburg County, SC Harris Martha 15 Apr 1814
Ezell John 1795-1853 GA Choctaw County, AL Figures Martha Matilda (2nd wife) 04 Apr 1844
Ezell Timothy c1791-1883 TN Independence County, AR Crossthwait Elizabeth 02 Jan 1813