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Index to War of 1812 Pension Application Files
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This site provides a free index to the War of 1812 pension application files. It is part of the free tutorial Researching Your Revolutionary War Patriot Ancestor
Digitized pension application files for most of the soldiers listed on this page are available for FREE at Fold 3.
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Husband Husband State of Wife Wife Marriage
Last Name First Name Service Residence Maiden Name First Name Date Comments
Gaar Solomon 1791-1876 VA Hendricks County, IN Chelf Martha 15 Sep 1817 spelled GARR
Gabbert Henry 1789-1853 KY Monroe County, IN Holsapple Catherine 29 Aug 1811
Gabble John b. 1792 LA New Orleans, LA Johnson Elizabeth 30 Sep 1848 probably 2nd wife
Gabel Henry 1782-1851 PA Chester County, PA Hill Catharine 05 Nov 1805 spelled GABLE
Gable Harmon c1786-1884 SC Abbeville County, SC Elizabeth
Gable John d. 1878 PA Lancaster County, PA Fleming Margaret B. 31 May 1827
Gabriel George b. 1793 US New London County, CT Lewis Eunice 01 May 1853 probably 2nd or 3rd wife
Gabriel Leveret or Leverett 1795-1865 NY Yates County, NY Booth Harriet 09 Mar 1821
Gabriel Reason 1795-1873 OH Howard County, IN Bobo Elizabeth
Gadd Broad C. d. 1855 VA Muskingum County, OH Whitaker Frances 25 Dec 1825
Gaddis Abner 1787-1854 US Wayne County, OH Byal Martha 01 Oct 1816
Gaddis Alexander d. 1861 US Habersham County, GA Roman Ann 08 Sep 1856 probably 2nd wife
Gaddis Rice 1789-1853 PA Clinton County, OH Andrews Sarah Ann 02 Apr 1840 probably 2nd wife
Gaffney Michael d. 1866 MA Essex County, MA Davis Lucinda (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Baxter m. 20 Jul 1856
Gaffney Michael 1775-1854 SC Spartanburg County, SC Smith Mary Polly 21 Jul 1803
Gafford Thomas b. 1787 GA Chattahootchee County, GA Harvell Sarah
Gage Arza 1790-1866 NY Madison County, NY Herrick Polly 09 Mar 1816
Gage Ephraim 1780-1860 NY Putnam County, NY Benedict Abigail 26 Oct 1803
Gage John d. 1876 NH Monroe County, NY Norton Hannah 15 Feb 1818
Gage John d. 1880 VA/VT Addison County, VT Jaqueway Hannah 13 Aug 1819
Gage John Rogers 1793-1878 OH Ashtabula County, OH Woodbury Ruth 24 Oct 1817
Gage Joseph d. 1872 NY Oneida County, NY Squires Abigail 10 Mar 1816
Gage Judah 1788-1874 US Onondaga County, NY Jackson Sarah 18 Mar 1816
Gage Moses d. 1854 NH Caledonia County, VT Smith Mary "Polly" 19 May 1822
Gage Nathan 1791-1860 NH Hillsborough County, NH Woodbury Mehitable 29 May 1817
Gage Nathaniel c1795-1874 NH Essex County, MA Gile Mary Ann 15 Sep 1834 probably 2nd wife
Gage Prince 1791-1880 MA Barnstable County, MA Baker Bethiah (1st wife) 2nd wife Abby Ann Pool Humes m. 06 Dec 1863
Gage Reuben 1790-1880 MA Somerset County, ME Stevens Eliza A. 25 Nov 1822
Gage Richard 1793-1859 NY Poweshiek County, IA Morse Sarah "Sally" 06 Aug 1814
Gage Sylvanus 1796-1878 MA Yarmouth, MA Burgess Mercy (1st wife) 2nd wife Phebe Taylor, 3rd wife Betsey Hopkins m. 02 Sep 1858
Gage William d. 1880 US Jefferson County, NY Harlow Phebe 15 Jun 1831
Gage William H. d. 1865 NY Albany County, NY Huyck Catherine 15 Apr 1810
Gage William Martin 1792-1879 TN Franklin County, AR Harris Clarissa Talitha Clara (1st wife) 2nd wife Rhoda Mary Boydston, 3rd Elizabeth Cates m. 27 Aug 1840
Gager Beverly c1788-1868 NY Warren County, NY Ray Elizabeth 10 Apr 1810 listed as GAYGER
Gager Nathan 1787-1872 NY Chenango County, NY Wood Phebe (1st wife) 2nd wife Ann M. Holden m. 10 Apr 1859
Gager Othniel d. 1889 CT New London County, CT Backus Elizabeth
Gagnais Louis d. 1858 MI Monroe County, MI Manor Mary 10 Sep 1816
Gagnier Francois d. 1827 MI Wayne County, MI Durit Archange 12 Jul 1825
Gahan Dennis d. 1875 MA Sagadahoc County, ME Wallace Charity 06 Jun 1833 probably 2nd wife
Gahan Jeremiah 1796-1852 ME Somerset County, ME Savage Annah Young 31 May 1818
Gaiennie Gervais 1797-1854 LA St. James Parish, LA Chenet Nathalie 22 Jan 1820
Gaigne Gervais 1797-1854 LA St. James Parish, LA Chenet Natalie 22 Jan 1820 spelled GAIENNIE
Gaillard Raymond d. 1864 LA New Orleans, LA Lajoie Marie 28 Oct 1823
Gainer John 1791-1880 VA Barbour County, WV Phillips Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Susan Osler, 3rd wife Fanny m. 13 Sep 1870
Gaines Benjamin Pendleton 1788-1872 VA Clark County, OH Neff Mary Magdalen 10 Aug 1810
Gaines Edmund Pendleton 1777-1849 US New Orleans, LA Toulmin Frances (1st wife) 2nd wife Barbara Blount, 3rd wife Myra Clark m. 17 Apr 1839
Gaines James 1780-1874 KY Scott County, KY Kirtley Nancy 1814
Gaines John 1792-1857 GA Talladega County, AL Herndon Elizabeth Rucker 25 Dec 1814
Gaines John Leland 1796-1873 SC Clay County, TN Scott Matilda 17 Aug 1817 Bible record in file
Gaines John P. 1794-1853 VA Taylor County, KY Taylor Judith F. Sep 1828
Gaines John Strother 1794-1879 TN Sullivan County, TN Moore Letitia Dalton 23 Jun 1814
Gaines Nathaniel T. d. 1843 VA Giles County, TN Suttles or Suttle Harriet 04 Dec 1815
Gaines Reuben 1794-1870 SC Cole County, GA Evatt Mavan or Maevann (1st wife) 2nd wife Cynthia "Sintha" Harris, 3rd wife Mary Calhoun m. Mar 1869
Gaines Richard Strother 1784-1870 GA Hart County, GA Alexander Anna 10 Mar 1811
Gaines Thomas Hollinger 1792-1881 VA Green County, KY Jackson Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Ann Buchanon m. 18 Jun 1847
Gaines William Pendleton 1791-1857 VA Fairfax County, VA Holliday Euphama 17 Oct 1822
Gains William d. 1840 VA Culpeper County, VA Jasper Nancy 04 Mar 1804
Gaither George Riggs 1797-1875 DC Baltimore, MD Bradley Hannah 13 Mar 1822
Gaither Greenberry or Greenburg c1790-1838 DC Washington DC Brumley Margaret 18 May 1824 listed as Greenburg
Gaither Henry Chew 1792-1884 NJ Cincinnati, OH Hughes Arianna
Gaither Thomas Frederick c1791-1872 KY Madison County, KY Spiro Mahala (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Shelton, 3rd Jemima Pepper, 4th Martha Harrison
Galbraith Andrew Larkins 1796-1873 TN Greene County, MO McCraw Orlena 24 May 1827
Galbraith John d. 1848 US Cedar County, IA Sarah (2nd wife) spelled GALLBRIATH
Galbraith William 1788-1851 PA Bedford County, PA Robeson Elinor or Eleanor 07 Jan 1813
Galbraith William 1795-1879 PA Bedford County, TN Evans Mary B.
Galbreath Robert d. 1885 PA Venago County, PA Parcel Sarah 24 Oct 1849 probably 2nd wife
Galbreath William 1795-1879 PA Bedford County, TN Evans Mary B. spelled GALBRAITH
Gale Abram d. 1889 MA Chicago, Cook County, IL Sillsway Sarah 07 Nov 1824
Gale Anson 1794-1877 NY Sullivan County, NY Hornbeck Maria Edwards
Gale Anthony 1782-1843 Marines Lincoln County, KY Swope Catherine
Gale Charles 1796-1869 CT New London County, CT Marshal Anna Manwaring 04 Apr 1822
Gale David d. 1863 MA Franklin County, MA Goddard Augusta 27 Oct 1818
Gale Ephraim B. d. 1875 MA Rockingham County, NH Proctor Betsey May 1814
Gale George c1795-1819 US Essex County, MA Glazier Joanna 13 Nov 1814
Gale Henry b. 1795 NY St. Clair County, MI Pitcher Catherine
Gale Isaac 1787-1838 MA Royalston County, MA Goddard Tamar 10 Mar 1813
Gale Isaac 1796-1868 VT Barre, VT Page Sally
Gale Jacob b. 1800 NJ Burlington County, NJ
Gale John d. 1877 US Rockingham County, NH Colby Mary R. 05 Jul 1818
Gale John 1791-1871 NY Clinton County, NY Dominy Phebe 06 Apr 1815 listed as GALES
Gale John L. d. 1847 NY Kendall County, IL Cornell Amy 19 Dec 1816
Gale Josiah b. 1796 NH Calaveras County, CA Willoughby Betsey R. 31 Dec 1823
Gale Matthew b. 1785 US Sullivan County, TN Crawford Elizabeth 15 Apr 1859 probably 2nd wife
Gale Otis d. c1813 Navy Boston, MA Clark Elizabeth 1809 killed in service
Gale Reuben d. 1858 NH Grafton County, NH Phillips Lydia 09 Nov 1811
Gale Richard d. 1863 NY Tioga County, NY Brookhout Amelia E. 08 Jun 1820
Gale Samuel d. 1830 Navy Salem, MA Richards Mary 15 May 1814
Gale Samuel 1785-1864 NY Onondaga County, NY Manley Sally (1st wife) 2nd wife Rebecca Mead m. 09 Oct 1823
Gale Simeon d. 1865 NY Jefferson County, NY Snow Lois 14 Sep 1814
Gale Stephen d. 1881 MA Chenango County, NY Hodge Phebe (1st wife) 2nd wife Hannah Dodge m. 14 Apr 1851
Gale Thomas d. 1883 TN Davidson County, TN Green Ann M. Feb 1818
Gale Timothy d. 1832 VT Chittenden County, VT Knight Ruth 22 Feb 1818
Gallagher James b. 1799 MD Washington County, MD
Gallaher James Herbert 1793-1873 TN Webster County, MO McClure Isabella 07 Nov 1820
Gallaher Philip 1793-1875 PA Lafayette County, WI Clark Elizabeth Todd
Gallaher Thomas H. c1793-1859 VA Prince William County, VA Leith Martha (1st wife) spelled GALLEHER 2nd wife Sidney S. Green m. 27 Nov 1846
Galland Abel 1789-1857 MO Shelby County, IA Furby Amy 28 Nov 1808
Galland David 1795-1872 OH Lee County, IA Gandy Phebe 07 Oct 1813
Gallien Louis Emanuel d. 1876 LA Natchitoches Parish, LA Tomassi Marie Francoise (1st wife) listed as NOEL 2nd wife Marie Aimee Boudoin m. 22 Dec 1836
Gallimore Asaph 1767-1865 NC Haralson County, GA Garren Catherine (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary C. Hobbs m. 11 Jan 1834
Gallimore James b. 1793 NC Davidson County, NC Lane Easter 14 Dec 1815
Gallimore James d. 1875 TN Morgan County, TN Dupee Elizabeth Spr 1820
Gallion John Yount c1788-1844 TN Jackson County, IN Weddle Elizabeth 31 Jul 1814
Gallion Thomas "Sexton" 1792-1871 VA Carter County, KY Watson Ruth 1818
Gallop Asa 1794-1881 NY Erie County, NY Pond Laura (1st wife) spelled GALLAP 2nd wife Jane Johnson m. 14 Apr 1842
Galloup Joseph d. 1871 NY Seneca County, NY Van Wey Mary Dense 09 Jan 1820
Galloway Abraham 1790-1871 SC Sumpter County, SC Snipes Kitsy 17 Nov 1812
Galloway Charles 1786-1855 TN Stone County, MO Hinds Ellender 01 Jul 1809
Galloway Daniel 1787-1845 KY Mercer County, KY Jones Sarah 25 Feb 1819
Galloway Elihu 1784-1863 KY Jennings County, IN Elliott Mary Mar 1812
Galloway James Archer 1790-1865 NY Hillsdale County, MI Collwell Rachel (1st wife) listed as Archer 2nd wife Rosanna Hyde, 3rd wife Lucy Parker
Galloway John d. 1848 VA Baltimore, MD Little Mary (1st wife) listed as JEHU 2nd wife Augusta Kracht m. 13 Sep 1837
Galloway John 1791-1855 PA Ashland County, OH Humphrey Jane 03 Jan 1815
Galloway John 1795-1861 TN Washington County, TN Combs Mary 27 Dec 1820
Galloway John Colby 1793-1872 NC Oconee County, SC Aiken Hannah 14 Apr 1814
Galloway Noah 1795-1873 SC Butler County, AL Truett Angelina (1st wife) spelled GALLAWAY 2nd wife Tilda, 3rd Margaret Pender m. Jul 1837
Galloway Peter Preston 1791-1880 LA St. Tammany Parish, LA Martha
Galloway Samuel 1787-1851 OH Greene County, OH Collins Elizabeth 03 Apr 1828
Gallup Abel 1791-1854 NY Delaware County, NY Frink Anna 08 Mar 1818
Gallup Asa 1794-1881 NY Erie County, NY Pond Laura (1st wife) spelled GALLAP 2nd wife Jane Johnson m. 14 Apr 1842
Gallup Elisha 1792-1869 CT New London County, CT Wheeler Content 13 Mar 1816
Gallup Hallet 1796-1877 PA Huron County, OH Benedict Clarissa 20 Apr 1820 spelled Hallit
Gallup James 1793-1869 CT New London County, CT Spicer Abigail (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah P. Chesebrough m. 21 Sep 1853
Gallup John d. 1864 CT Windham County, CT Kinner Matilda 09 May 1816
Gallup John Dean 1789-1871 CT New London County, CT Denison Prudence (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary A. Crandall m. 16 Sep 1868
Gallup Weldon 1801-1884 NY Buchanan County, IA
Galphin John Milledge 1794-1857 GA Aiken County, SC Ardis Eliza (1st wife) listed as Milledge 2nd wife Ann Harrington Swan m. 21 Jun 1838
Galpin Horace 1793-1881 CT Otsego County, NY North Hepzibah 21 Sep 1819
Galpin Pettit 1790-1854 CT Cuyahoga County, OH Hurd Laura (1st wife) 2nd wife Patty M. Calhoun m. 04 Apr 1832
Galpin Philip Smith 1796-1872 CT New Haven, CT Fitch Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah L. Hull m. 18 Feb 1851
Galpin Stephen Frederick 1797-1886 CT Litchfield County, CT Roberts Mary Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Kelley m. 09 Dec 1864
Galusha Joseph d. 1849 MA Sagadahoc County, ME Newell Lydia 01 May 1831
Galusha Reuben d. 1873 NY Warren County, NY Hannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucy m. 7 Jun 1864
Galwith John W. 1780-1875 MD Callaway County, MO Fink Elizabeth 01 Oct 1815
Gamache Joseph 1796-1872 MD Jefferson County, MO Boucher Marguerite 24 Jan 1820
Gambee John 1786-1867 NY Seneca County, NY Nunnemacher Christina 23 Sec 1807
Gambell Joseph 1793-1880 VT Wayne County, MI Hall Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Electa W. Card m. Jan 1860
Gambill Benjamin d. 1871 NC Wilkes County, NC Welch Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Lee m. 09 Jan 1866
Gambill William 1786-1876 TN Fannin County, TX Ward Sarah 20 Nov 1814
Gamble David 1790-1871 SC Heard County, GA Finney Annie 16 Mar 1814
Gamble James 1793-1874 TN Hamilton County, TN Dickey Anna (1st wife) 2nd wife Susan Beeler
Gamble John c1789-1879 GA Henry County, AL Avery Judy
Gamble John Rufus 1792-1863 TN Walker County, AL Mills Jane 19 Jan 1827
Gamble Moses 1794-1870 TN Blount County, TN McCauley/McCallie Jane 28 Nov 1822
Gamble Patrick Kinchen 1794-1885 TN Blount County, AL Truss Frances "Fannie" 1819 listed as KINCHEN GAMBELL
Gamble William d. 1842 PA Jefferson County, OH Work Martha 16 Apr 1827
Gambrel Henry 1798-1875 IN Gibson County, IN Roberts Mary (1st wfie) c1819 2nd wife Nancy Montgomery
Gambrel John 1781-1858 TN Harlan County, KY Smith Nellie (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Miller m. 10 Jun 1840
Gambrell John 1795-1870 SC Greenville County, SC Nabors Nancy 06 Feb 1816
Gambrill Benjamin b. 1797 TN Robertson County, TN Monday Betsey 25 Feb 1820
Games Gideon 1789-1881 KY Callaway County, MO Strother Rachel Worthington (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha "Patsey" Wright Craig m. 21 Feb 1821
Games Robert d. 1876 VA Delaware County, OH Mercy (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth m. 07 May 1863
Gammel Ayres b. 1795 GA Muscogee County, GA Nellie Jun 1811
Gammer Jacob d. 1834 MD Carroll County, MD Utz Mary 15 Feb 1814
Gammill Israel 1788-1878 GA Chambers County, AL Smith Nancy 15 Dec 1812 spelled GAMMIL
Gammill John d. 1873 PA Clark County, IN Fritz Susan 13 Jul 1847 probably 2nd wife
Gammon Henry 1792-c1884 NC Cooke County, TN Coffman Letitia 06 Mar 1818
Gammon James 1785-1847 VA Orange County, IN Harp Elizabeth Sep 1811
Gammon Jeremiah 1793-1863 TN Smith County, TN Lovelady Susannah 24 Mar 1814
Gammon John b. 1796 MA Cumberland County, ME Green Mary 19 Sep 1819
Gammon Levi b. 1795 TN Washington County, KY Parker Lucy 01 Nov 1815
Gammon Nathaniel d. 1864 MA Cumberland County, ME Hodgdon Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Betsey Hollis m. 22 Mar 1853
Gammon Robert G. b. c1790 VA Muskingum County, OH Bailey Elizabeth "Lizzie" 28 Jul 1820
Gammon Robinson 1794-1882 MA Oxford County, ME Parsons Margaret (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Parsons m. 05 Jun 1826
Gammon Samuel d. 1881 ME Livingston County, IL Quint Malinda 24 Sep 1818
Gammon Stephen 1790-1889 ME Oxford County, ME Knight Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Eliza Jane Skillings m. 09 Jan 1853
Ganaway Thomas b. 1792 VA Appomattox County, VA Routen Catherine 15 Dec 1824 spelled GANNAWAY
Ganaway William G. 1780-1859 VA Appomattox County, VA Lascelles Lydia (1st wife) spelled GANNAWAY 2nd wife Martha Ann Fore m. 15 Nov 1854
Gander George 1788-1872 VA Muskingum County, OH Smith Catherine (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Groves m. 20 Nov 1836
Gangawere Isaac d. 1835 PA Lehigh County, PA Bishop Sarah 04 Jun 1820
Gangewere Charles 1787-1832 PA Lehigh County, PA Gruber Magdalena 03 Dec 1809 spelled GANGAWER
Gann George Washington 1785-1871 TN Hamilton County, TN Massingill Polly
Gann John d. 1875 NY Suffolk County, NY Payne Martha Mar 1811
Gann Reuben 1793-c1886 TN Washington County, TN Clark Elizabeth D. 03 Jun 1814
Gann Ute b. 1795 TN Christian County, MO Vandergrift Sarah Jan 1826
Gannaway Warren 1790-1875 VA Campbell County, VA Snead Elizabeth 03 Jun 1819
Gannaway William 1783-1816 KY Grayson County, KY Gannaway Sallie 23 Sep 1804
Gano Elijah c1794-1834 OH Vermilion County, IL Evans Ellender 16 Oct 1828 spelled GANOE
Gano John A. c1780-1867 PA Fayette County, PA McGee Elizabeth "Betsy" (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Clovas or Sarah Swager m. 22 Jun 1830
Ganoe Elijah c1794-1834 OH Vermilion County, IL Evans Ellender 16 Oct 1828
Ganoe Russell B. b. 1788 NY Santa Clara County, CA Wicks Mary Ann 27 Jul 1814
Ganong Daniel 1782-1868 NY Putnam County, NY Ganong Adah Nov 1805
Ganong James d. 1872 NY Westchester County, NY Ruxer Maria 10 Feb 1829
Ganong Thomas 1783-1876 NY Putnam County, NY Ganong Jane 1811
Ganoung Elam 1796-1845 NJ Harrison County, IN Tucker Elizabeth (1st wife) spelled GENUNG 2nd wife Susan Tucker m. 19 Jan 1834
Ganson John d. 1862 VT Rutland County, VT Sessions Sybil B. 1816
Gant John d. 1880 TN Jefferson County, TN Barnes Margaret (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane M. Shadden m. 19 Sep 1839
Ganthier Hippolyte d. 1861 LA Avoyelles Parish, LA Juneau Marguerite 24 Oct 1815
Gantley Daniel W. c1787-1881 NY Greene County, NY Hosmer Maria Sep 1817
Gantz John 1795-1846 PA York County, PA Renoll Anna Maria (1st wife) 2nd wife Anna Maria Shaeffer or Sheffer m. 22 Jan 1828
Ganung Joseph d. 1865 NY Putnam County, NY Pinckney Chloe Nov 1814 spelled GANONG
Garabrant David b. 1790 NY Essex County, NJ De Groot Margaret c1841 probably 2nd wife
Garard Caleb 1795-1884 VA Harrison County, WV Murphy Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Pultz m. 04 Oct 1831
Garard Corbly 1793-1870 PA Greene County, PA Hickleberry Sarah 31 Dec 1815
Garber John d. 1871 NY Oswego County, NY Moyer Catherine 25 Mar 1817
Garbry William d. 1855 OH Miami County, OH Manson Margaret 10 Oct 1822
Garbutt William d. 1867 NY Monroe County, NY Sinclair Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Doud m. 14 Nov 1829
Garcelon Daniel 1795-1863 MA Androscoggin County, ME Davis Alice 10 Mar 1825
Garcia Manuel Joseph Luis 1795-1884 LA New Orleans, LA Fortier Eliza 29 Dec 1822
Gard John d. 1825 OH Tuscarawas County, Oh Oswalt Susanna Catherine 31 Mar 1812
Gardenhire George Washington 1796-1892 TN Meigs County, TN Bottoms Mary Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Eliza J. Hale, 3rd wife Emma M. Acuff m. 20 Mar 1889
Gardiner Adam 1781-1843 NY Monroe County, NY Corliss Abigail (1st wife) spelled GARDNER 2nd wife Amy Leonard m. 15 Jan 1806
Gardiner Asael 1790-1877 RI Stonington, CT Mooney Susan 10 May 1818
Gardiner Benjamin S. c1790-1866 NY Suffolk County, NY Horton Mehitable 09 Feb 1817
Gardiner David N. b. c1788 US Barrington, RI Sherman Sarah 1816 spelled GARDNER
Gardiner Henry d. 1867 KY Vermilion County, IL Trover Nancy 1815
Gardiner Lawrence d. 1867 NY Saratoga County, NY Groat Sarah A. 15 Nov 1827
Gardiner Peter G. d. 1872 KY Passaic County, NJ Wright Deborah
Gardiner Richard b. 1793 PA Philadelphia, PA Rice Hannah 26 May 1814
Gardiner Samuel 1792-1876 US Washington County, RI Sherman Ann Jun 1816 listed as GARDNER
Gardiner Thomas 1794-1873 OH DeWitt County, IL Gardiner Elizabeth Fertig 28 Dec 1837 probably 2nd wife
Gardner Aaron 1790-1878 US Philadelphia, PA Kavanaugh Margaret Oct 1815
Gardner Abel b. 1789 MA Marblehead, MA
Gardner Abner 1793-1874 MA Washington County, ME Wilder Eunice (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane F. Babb m. 29 Nov 1825
Gardner Adam 1781-1843 NY Monroe County, NY Corliss Abigail (1st wife) 2nd wife Amy Leonard m. 15 Jan 1806
Gardner Asa Bennett 1793-1876 VA Warren County, KY Bowles Amelia (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane Keel, 3rd wife America R. Elam m. 07 Mar 1850
Gardner Benjamin 1797-1875 PA Adams County, PA Pilkington Hepzibah Oct 1839 probably 2nd wife
Gardner Benjamin d. 1883 NY Boone County, IN Hoag Phebe Ann Nov 1814
Gardner Benjamin H. 1783-1866 NY Oneida County, NY Kent Lois 25 Dec 1806
Gardner Charles d. 1876 US Boone County, IL Stow Sally 14 Apr 1816
Gardner David Miller 1788-1867 NY Niagara County, NY Scott Lucy 11 Sep 1813
Gardner David Mitchell 1788-1873 OH Adams County, OH Chambers Phebe 30 Jan 1817
Gardner Francis A. d. 1862 VA Montgomery County, VA Hall Zernah 26 Aug 1834 probably 2nd wife
Gardner Furman 1793-1856 NY Steuben County, NY Myrtle Elizabeth 26 Jun 1817
Gardner George d. 1857 CT DeKalb County, IL Avery Harriet 04 Mar 1818
Gardner George 1769-1825 MD Anne Arundel County, MD Hopkins Margaret 20 Jun 1797
Gardner George d. 1856 VA Trigg County, KY Atkinson Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Hawkins m. 09 Nov 1837
Gardner Henry b. 1791 NY Essex County, NY Jucket Silva 15 Apr 1820
Gardner Henry 1798-1863 CT Waterford, CT Miner Mary (1st wife) 16 May 1824 2nd wife Wealthy Ann Powers m. 15 Mar 1840
Gardner Ira 1795-1870 MA Oxford County, ME Gray Naomi (1st wife) 2nd wife Julia A. m. 06 May 1866
Gardner Isaac 1792-1858 MA Washington County, ME Johnson Susan (1st wife) 2nd wife Leah Leighton m. 31 Dec 1837
Gardner Isaac 1796-1860 OH Hocking County, OH Selby Julia Ann 22 Jan 1818
Gardner Isaac Richardson d. 1863 VA Jackson County, IN Rust Comfort M. 23 Sep 1815
Gardner Isaiah d. 1867 US Penobscot County, ME Hannah 30 Sep 1830
Gardner Jacob 1792-1866 PA York County, PA Danner Lydia Ann 24 Jan 1814
Gardner Jacob H. d. 1855 PA Philadelphia, PA Foulkrod Ann 02 May 1813
Gardner James d. 1861 NY Orange County, NY Poppino Adaline 18 Mar 1823
Gardner James d. 1879 SC DeKalb County, GA Keys Martha 12 Jan 1822
Gardner James d. 1858 VA Spotsylvania County, VA Young Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucy T. Quisenbery m. 16 Feb 1848
Gardner James D. 1794-1876 VA Sullivan County, IN Glover Huldah
Gardner James Fones 1790-1818 NY Meigs County, OH Ireland Anne 16 Aug 1809
Gardner Jeremiah d. 1880 NY Wyoming County, NY Beziah (1st wife) 2nd wife Paulina Bartlett m. 25 Feb 1863
Gardner John c1789-1863 US Cleveland, OH Sherwin Achsa (1st wife) 30 Oct 1808 Bible record in file, 2nd wife Marietta Canfield m. 18 Nov 1847
Gardner John b. c1797 OH Morgan County, OH Keefer Catharine 20 Jan 1820
Gardner John d. 1853 VA Montgomery County, VA Page Elizabeth 21 Jan 1813
Gardner John d. 1861 VA Spotsylvania County, VA Grady Jane 20 Dec 1818
Gardner John Dana 1791-1880 NY Columbia County, WI Smith Elizabeth
Gardner John H. d. 1876 NY Summit County, OH Wilson Betty (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Johnson m. 17 Sep 1836
Gardner John Lane 1793-1869 US Wilmington, DE Goldsborough Caroline 06 Oct 1825
Gardner Joseph b. 1795 NJ Jackson County, MI Allen Malinda 08 Mar 1820
Gardner Joseph b. 1790 TN Mercer County, MO Lauderdale Anne
Gardner Joseph W. d. 1882 CT Lackawanna County, PA Carr Susan (1st wife) 2nd wife Harriet m. 18 Aug 1872
Gardner Josiah 1794-1875 MA Plymouth County, MA Dyer Deborah
Gardner Levi c1793-1873 NY Tioga County, NY Horton Elizabeth 26 Jun 1821
Gardner Lewis 1793-1865 GA Ashley County, AR Yon Keziah children's names and birth dates listed in file
Gardner Morris John 1796-1869 PA York County, PA King Ann B. 18 Jun 1832 probably 2nd wife
Gardner Obadiah or Obediah b. 1784 MA Knox County, ME
Gardner Perez 1781-1821 Marines Suffolk County, MA Bell Sarah "Sally" 28 Aug 1800
Gardner Richard 1785-1872 GA Richland County, IL Duncan Martha Jane 1806
Gardner Richard d. 1889 PA Philadelphia, PA Windling Ann Catherine 30 Jun 1815
Gardner Robert 1782-1851 VA Montgomery County, VA Smith Juliet (1st wife) 2nd wife Ellen T. Wright m. 14 Dec 1822
Gardner Russell D. b. 1789 GA Mitchell County, GA
Gardner Samuel b. 1797 MA Merrimac County, NH
Gardner Samuel 1794-1862 PA Centre County, PA Lucas Elizabeth
Gardner Saunders 1793-1879 MA Plymouth County, MA Cushing Clarissa
Gardner Silas B. 1792-1875 NY Orange County, NY Weid or Weed Anna (1st wife) 2nd wife Catharine Wilson m. 1860
Gardner William d. 1881 MD Anne Arundel County, MD Mask Annie (1st wife) 2nd wife Ellen Enly m. 12 May 1839
Gardner William d. 1866 OH Butler County, OH Stewart Rebecca 19 Dec 1811
Gardner William Ford b. 1791 NJ Washington DC
Gardner William H. d. 1870 Navy Philadelphia, PA Selden Frances Eliza (1st wife) 2nd wife Virginia Selden m. 15 Apr 1853
Garey Daniel d. 1876 US Cumberland County, ME Knight Martha (1st wife) 2nd wife Keziah Berry m. 15 Jul 1838
Garey Frederick d. 1873 MD Somerset County, PA Stull Ann Catharine 30 Mar 1816
Garey Laman H. b. 1796 NY Saginaw County, MI Polly 18 Feb 1820
Garfield Daniel b. 1789 NH Crocker County, IA Carlton Rebecca
Garfield George W. b. 1798 MA Weston, MA
Garland Amos 1760-1832 NH Carroll County, NH Fullerton Mary M. "Polly" 16 Aug 1803
Garland Clifton b. 1785 VA Albemarle County, VA Kinsolving Diana 07 Nov 1810
Garland Hiram d. 1880 MA Strafford County, NH Clements Sarah 1851 probably 2nd wife
Garland Jabez d. 1842 NH Coos County, NH Goodwin Sabrina (1st wife) 2nd wife Phebe Drew m. Oct 1825
Garland James 1792-1885 VA Campbell County, VA Burch Sarah Johnson 22 Sep 1814
Garland John 1782-1862 MA Hancock County, ME Wormwood Sally 07 Mar 1805
Garland John 1790-1865 PA Perry County, PA Minich Mary Ann
Garland John b. 1782 NH Rockingham County, NH
Garland Joseph b. 1786 TN Hancock County, TN Hann Margaret 17 Oct 1811
Garland Josiah b. 1795 MA Hancock County, ME Maddocks Eliza J. (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah M. Goodwin m. 13 Oct 1848
Garland Levi 1793-1863 NH Rye, NH Perkins Polly (1st wife) 21 Nov 1811 2nd wife Mary Watson m. 29 May 1838
Garland Patrick d. 1856 GA Stewart County, GA Hawkins Elizabeth 25 Jul 1813
Garland Samuel 1787-1869 NH Essex County, MA Ham Elizabeth 08 Jul 1810
Garland Samuel 1794-1888 US Penobscot County, ME Stevens Sally (1st wife) 2nd wife Salome Smith
Garland Samuel 1789-1861 VA Coahoma County, MS Anderson Mary Lightfoot 26 Aug 1818
Garland Simon G. 1793-1878 NH Rockingham County, NH Garland Mary Ann 16 Sep 1823
Garland Thomas 1796-1882 NH Susquehanna County, PA Tewksbury Judith 18 Sep 1818 wife's named also spelled Tukesbury
Garland William G. d. 1839 VA Richmond County, VA Leckie Mary 19 Dec 1816
Garland William M. c1787-1861 TN Jackson County, AL Williams Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Rebecca Hudson m. 25 Nov 1834
Garlick Heman 1785-1858 NY Clinton County, NY Fanning Martha A. (1st wife) listed as HERMAN 2nd wife Fanny Waterman m. 06 Jun 1837
Garlick Samuel b. 1790 NY Wayne County, NY Hough Sally 06 Mar 1862 probably 2nd or 3rd wife
Garling Michael d. 1873 Blank Fairfield County, OH Sarah 12 Aug 1858 probably 2nd wife
Garlington Benjamin 1793-1870 MS Newton County, TX Vick Caroline Cynthia 01 Apr 1819
Garlington Christopher 1792-1864 GA Gordon County, GA Aycock Elizabeth "Eliza" 17 Jan 1819
Garlock Charles d. 1826 NY Montgomery County, NY Bookman Christina 1813
Garlock George A. 1790-1847 NY Montgomery County, NY Lambert Margaret 04 Jul 1813
Garlock Henry A. c1792-1844 NY Montgomery County, NY Bort Laney 25 Apr 1822
Garlock Jacob b. 1796 NY Wayne County, NY Williams Rachel 14 May 1817
Garlough Henry d. 1858 MD Montgomery County, OH Harmison Polly (2nd wife) 23 Mar 1828
Garlow John d. 1864 US Wayne County, PA Whitaker Elizabeth 09 Jan 1817
Garman Michael b. c1782 SC Cleburn County, AL Campbell Mary "Polly" bef 1812
Garmon Michael b. c1782 SC Cleburn County, AL Campbell Mary "Polly" bef 1812 spelled GARMAN
Garner Benjamin R. d. 1842 US Providence County, RI Brown Elizabeth 25 Nov 1811
Garner Daniel d. 1861 VA/VT Culpeper County, VA Howard Elizabeth 23 Nov 1811
Garner Enoch 1781-1852 OH Delaware County, IN Ratcliff Elizabeth 11 Mar 1813
Garner Francis J. 1788-1860 IL Carroll County, IL Crain Amelia 31 Jan 1811
Garner George b. 1795 SC Edgefield County, SC Miller Sidney 15 May 1820
Garner Job B. 1794-1879 OH Bremer County, IA Jones Rebecca Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah M. m. 19 Feb 1877
Garner John d. 1832 NY Greene County, NY Salisbury Elizabeth "Eliza" 13 Jan 1802
Garner John d. 1878 VA Miami County, OH Read Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Harriet A. Read m. 02 Nov 1842
Garner John G. d. 1872 NY Jefferson County, NY Watts Mary 03 Sep 1810
Garner John Harrison 1788-1867 NC Moore County, NC Whinte Dolly (1st wife) 2nd wife Judith Ritter m. Jun 1839
Garner Joseph T. d. 1870 SC Cleburne County, AL Bell Maria Billups 26 Sep 1833
Garner Lewis 1782-c1860 VA Rockingham County, VA Haga Margaret 25 Jun 1812
Garner Luke b. 1788 SC Gwinnett County, GA Young Mary 1814 spelled GARNEN
Garner Robert Samuel H. M. 1793-1844 MD Anne Arundel County, MD McPherson Harriet Ann 2nd wife Anne Sockett Smith m. 15 Dec 1831
Garner Samuel d. 1856 AL Jackson County, AR Pew Rachel (1st wife) 2nd wife Myrel Williams m. 24 Dec 1840
Garner Thomas d. 1879 NC Guilford County, NC Williams Sarah Jan 1817
Garner Thomas Heslip 1797-1879 TN Colorado County, TX Wadlington Cynthia (1st wife) 2nd wife Eliza V. Wadlington m. 30 Jan 1829
Garner Vincent c1794-1874 OH Tipton County, IN Ratcliffe Rachel Oct 1822
Garner William 1794-1889 IN Hancock County, IL Robertson Sarah
Garner William 1790-1876 US Franklin County, TN Graves Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Delitha "Eltha" Garner m. 19 Feb 1835
Garner William d. 1841 VA Williamsburg, VA Doggett Lucinda 22 Sep 1825
Garner William d. 1868 VA Fentress County, TN Lockey 12 Feb 1829
Garner William Everet 1786-1851 KY Davidson County, TN Hill Lucinda 23 Oct 1817
Garnett Larkin 1782-1838 VA Culpeper County, VA Garnett Elizabeth J. (2nd wife??) 13 Jun 1812
Garnett Reuben d. 1873 KY Cole County, MO Zena (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane Hayter m. 09 Mar 1857
Garnett Smedley d. 1875 VA Caroline County, VA Sarah 13 May 1850 probably 2nd wife
Garnett William Ira 1790-1862 KY Barren County, KY Willis Emily (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Ann Williams m. 31 May 1838
Garnsey John 1786-1871 NY Jefferson County, NY Coffin or Coffeen Charlotte (1st wife) 2nd wife Sally Blood m. 09 Jun 1834
Garoutte John Sheridan 1794-1883 NJ Clinton County, OH Stevenson Elizabeth Jones (1st wife) 2nd wife Agnes Hunter m. 17 Mar 1867
Garr Solomon 1791-1876 VA Hendricks County, IN Chelf Martha 15 Sep 1817
Garrabrant Peter 1796-1867 NJ Rockland County, NY White Margaret 23 Apr 1814
Garrard Allen T. 1800-1875 GA Wilkes County, GA Black Margaret (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Maddox m. c1825
Garrard Daniel 1780-1866 KY Clay County, KY Toulmin Lucinda Jane (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Adkins
Garrard James 1790-1868 Blank Marshall County, AL Pinnion Rebecca 24 Jul 1815
Garrason Isaac c1795-1865 GA Hernando County, FL Jewett Laura M. 06 Mar 1839 probably 2nd wife
Garratt John b. 1793 GA Berrien County, GA Danielby ?? Elizabeth 18 Jun 1812
Garretson George C. d. 1859 NY Richmond County, NY Lane Susan 25 Jun 1814
Garretson John C. b. 1788 NY Richmond County, NY Lake Ann Elizabeth Jan 1816
Garretson John S. d. 1880 NY New York, NY Dustin Ann C. 28 Jun 1832 probably 2nd wife
Garretson William Morrow 1776-1851 VA Warren County, TN Ross Nancy 01 Sep 1810 listed as GARRESTON
Garrett Abraham 1796-1882 SC Gwinnett County, GA Alston Frances (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Ann Beny m. 18 May 1876
Garrett Alderson W. 1791-1871 KY Spencer County, KY Miller Mary "Polly" 02 Sep 1817 listed as ANDERSON Garrett
Garrett Andrew d. 1857 PA Hardy County, VA Earles Fanny 26 Nov 1830 probably 2nd wife
Garrett Charles b. 1796 NY Langlade County, WI
Garrett Conrad b. c1785 US Hardy County, WV Gable Christina 1816 spelled GARRET
Garrett Edward H. 1795-1875 SC Cherokee, AL Putnam Millie 13 Dec 1814
Garrett Gilbert b. 1788 NY Westchester County, NY
Garrett Ira d. 1870 VA Albemarle County, VA Watson Elizabeth J. "Eliza" 14 Mar 1817
Garrett Jacob c1780-1840 KY Madison County, KY Sloan Rachel 17 Apr 1806
Garrett James d. 1854 KY Sullivan County, IN Johnston Anne
Garrett James H. b. 1782 NY Tompkins County, NY
Garrett Joel d. 1854 KY Darke County, OH James Sarah 20 May 1813
Garrett John d. 1861 MD Baltimore, MD Drummond Eliza 25 Mar 1827
Garrett John 1789-1872 PA Delaware County, PA Smedley Hannah 17 Apr 1817
Garrett John d. 1857 TN Fentress County, TN Parrish Luvisa 01 Feb 1814
Garrett John "Jack" b. 1794 VA Russell County, VA
Garrett Matthew 1788-1878 NC Swain County, NC Dill Sarah 03 Nov 1815
Garrett Pleasant 1781-1826 TN Jefferson County, TN Bavard Margaret 06 Aug 1809
Garrett Reuben 1784-1857 VA Ross County, OH Toombs Sarah 27 Dec 1813
Garrett Richard c1795-1872 NY Kings County, NY Hallock Anna 18 Jul 1812
Garrett Samuel T. 1787-1856 GA Berrien County, GA Barrow Frances "Fanny" 25 May 1825
Garrett Shubal 1793-1864 IN Gibson County, IN White Martha 16 Aug 1811
Garrett Thomas d. 1870 VA Charlotte County, VA Crawley Mary D. 11 Oct 1826
Garrett Walker d. 1863 KY Scott County, KY Singleton Elizabeth 1824
Garrett William b. 1787 VA Smith County, TN Haley Anna 1816
Garrett William 1788-1852 IN Hopkins County, TX Melton Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Susannah Huggins m. Feb 1818
Garrett William Booker 1795-1884 VA Callaway County, MO Ockerman Mary C. 03 Jun 1824
Garriott James d. 1874 KY Vinton County, OH Brelsford Latacia 1818
Garrisine Jacob b. 1768 PA Jefferson County, OH Thompson Clarissa 19 May 1810
Garrison Alexander d. 1875 VA Robertson County, KY Brashear Resa 1815
Garrison Allen S. c1795-1876 GA Logan County, AR Pool Frances 06 Jul 1820
Garrison David 1769-1857 NY Luzerne County, PA Haynes Rachel
Garrison David Charles d. 1853 SC Greenville County, SC Wood Mary Tyles 18 Sep 1804
Garrison Ezra 1790-1878 NY Madison County, WI Green Lydia 21 May 1855 probably 2nd wife
Garrison French d. 1859 VA Tyler County, VA Ellis Eleanor 18 Jun 1825 listed as GARRETSON
Garrison Isaac c1795-1865 GA Hernando County, FL Jewett Laura M. 06 Mar 1839 spelled GARRASON probably 2nd wife
Garrison Isaac Drake 1792-1883 NY Ulster County, NY Snyder Anna
Garrison Jacob d. 1837 NJ Cumberland County, NJ Robbins Sarah 29 Mar 1809
Garrison John d. 1847 NY Richmond County, NY Grandine Margaret 13 Jun 1812
Garrison John d. 1868 VA Jessamine County, KY Alexander Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Isabella McNut m. 18 Feb 1833
Garrison John R. P. d. 1876 NJ Appanoose County, IA Turk Lavina 13 Mar 1851 probably 2nd wife
Garrison Joseph c1780-1833 NY Philadelphia, PA Jenkins Anna 20 Oct 1803
Garrison Joshua b. 1789 PA Montcalm County, MI Chesnut Elizabeth 1813
Garrison Lemuel 1788-1872 OH Peoria County, IL Rippy Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Anna Batson m. 14 Dec 1823
Garrison Lewis b. c1792 NY Bradford County, PA Kelly Anna May 1813
Garrison Marvels or Marvelous d. 1849 NY Westchester County, NY Sherwood Sarah 22 Jan 1817
Garrison Nehemiah 1776-1862 GA Cherokee County, GA Evans Sarah 23 May 1799
Garrison Richard 1788-1861 NJ Cumberland County, NJ Dare Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Ann Bacon m. 02 Mar 1831
Garrison William C. d. 1865 NY Ingham County, MI Appleton Susanna 03 Jan 1812
Garritt Matthias d. 1860 CT Monroe County, NY Bacon Theda 22 Jan 1817
Gartner Philip b. 1786 VA Botetourt County, VA Adams Mary
Garton Jonathan 1796-1879 NJ Wells County, IN Souder Elizabeth 16 Apr 1816
Garver John W. 1796-1879 PA Morrow County, OH Mead or Mitta Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Hepzibah Foster m. 04 Oct 1857
Garvey John b. 1792 Blank Ontario, Canada
Garvey John d. 1829 MI West Feliciana Parish, LA Brown Hannah 22 Oct 1813
Garvey Samuel 1794-1880 KY Sangamon County, IL Elliston Mariah 26 Dec 1816
Garvin Alexander 1777-1862 VA Appomattox County, VA Lack Nancy S. Dec 1809
Garvin John d. bef 1886 PA Louisa County, IA Nolin Hannah 11 Mar 1819
Garvin William J. b. 1787 KY Miami County, KS Bridwell Elizabeth Mar 1815
Garwood Isaac 1773-1868 PA Crawford County, PA Garwood Rebecca
Garwood Jesse 1792-1869 PA Fulton County, OH Gregg Sidney (1st wife) 2nd wife Rachel m. 20 May 1847
Garwood Jose Hewlings 1794-1879 OH Logan County, OH Colver or Culver Angeline 11 Nov 1826
Gary Eli Bush c1791-1865 VT Winnebago County, WI Easton Frances Orilla 19 Jan 1817
Gary Nathaniel b. 1794 GA Hancock County, GA
Gary Peter b. 1788 US Franklin County, OH
Gary Rudolphus d. 1850 NY Wolcott, NY Crofoot Electa 25 Feb 1827
Gasaway Nicholas 1787-1854 MS Franklin County, IL Russell Ann
Gaskill Charles 1791-1876 NJ Cumberland County, NJ Campbell Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Abigail Godfrey m. 11 Jul 1857
Gaskill Evans d. 1867 TN Gilmer, TX Cottingham Nancy 28 Feb 1804
Gaskill John d. 1858 OH Meigs County, OH Jones Martha 01 Dec 1825
Gaskill Silas b. 1796 NY Niagara County, NY Brown Jane 01 Feb 1818
Gaskin James b. 1793 SC Jones County, MS Barkley Agnes H. 19 Jun 1821
Gaslin Thomas d. 1877 MA Anoka County, MN Nichols Hannah 31 Aug 1812
Gasper Freeman d. 1888 NY Oswego County, NY
Gasper John 1792-1877 NY Oswego County, NY Canfield Pauline (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucy M. Griswold m. 22 Dec 1875
Gasque Absalom d. 1850 SC Marion County, SC Deuiex ? Rebecca (1st wife) 2nd wife Ann m. Feb 1842
Gass Charles 1793-1882 US/TN Greene County, TN Adams Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Hoyle, 3rd wife Elizabeth Hull m. 28 Sep 1869
Gass James T. 1795-1874 TN Jefferson County, TN Van Dyke Elizabeth 01 Jun 1815
Gass John 1788-1871 TN Jefferson County, TN Cox Anna (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Ross m. May 1856
Gass Patrick McLene 1771-1870 US Brooke County, WV Hamilton Maria
Gassner John B. d. 1856 NY New York, NY Richards Rachel 08 Oct 1812
Gassway John d. 1868 TN Franklin County, IL Phillips Priscilla 05 Sep 1813
Gaston James 1787-1872 NY Tompkins County, NY Irish Lydia 22 Jan 1807
Gaston James Cyrus 1798-1878 IL Cooper County, MO Clark Margaret 19 Jun 1821
Gaston James Nickels 1789-1876 SC Spartanburg County, SC Powers Mary spelled GASTEN
Gaston John d. 1875 IL Wayne County, IL Tredaway Jane 02 Dec 1817
Gaston John P. b. 1792 OH St. Clair County, MO Cooper Rebecca 20 Aug 1850 probably 2nd wife
Gaston Joseph N. b. 1791 NY Story County, IA Cadwell Eleanor 12 Mar 1811
Gaston Matthew b. 1786 GA Butts County, GA
Gaston William 1786-1869 IL Jefferson County, IL McMillan Jane (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Couch m. 01 May 1823
Gaston William 1794-1862 NY Cayuga County, NY Baker Ann 30 Nov 1817
Gaston William 1795-1852 OH Bartholomew County, IN Van Fosson Martha 28 Dec 1823
Gates Aaron d. 1843 NY Warren County, NY Kellum Martha 03 Mar 1798
Gates Alvin 1796-1883 US Orange County, VT Haynes Sarah Nov 1830
Gates Ardel d. 1880 NY Meeker County, MN Longstreet Rachel 21 Dec 1857 probably 2nd wife
Gates Charles Rush 1788-1871 SC Fulton County, GA Reid Rose 05 Oct 1819
Gates Daniel b. 1793 NH Coos County, NH Aldrich Azubah Sep 1817
Gates David 1786-1863 NY Chautauqua County, NY Hall Polly 11 Jan 1816
Gates Dudley b. 1792 NY Ontario County, NY Woodworth Asenath 10 Mar 1813
Gates Elias d. 1829 VA Alexandria, VA Simpson Susannah 14 May 1815
Gates Europe 1790-1863 NY Jefferson County, NY Thomas Amy 20 Mar 1823
Gates Henry 1797-1869 OH Ross County, OH Day Margaret 10 Jun 1831
Gates Henry 1795-1877 OH Belmont County, OH Brown Elizabeth 17 Apr 1817 spelled GATZ
Gates Isaac Palmer 1790-1869 CT Hartford County, CT McFarland Sarah 17 Mar 1814
Gates Jacob 1795-1878 PA Blair County, PA Koitzbower Mary 22 Jul 1819 wife also known as Mary Kay Bowers
Gates James 1790-1876 OH Clermont County, OH McMichael Margaret 06 Jul 1809
Gates James R. 1789-1871 VA Chesterfield County, VA Forshee Judith (1st wife) 2nd wife Ann Obedience Pinchbeck m. 21 May 1863
Gates Jared d. 1868 NY Cayuga County, NY Patchin Derinda 31 Dec 1805
Gates Jirah b. 1785 NY Jefferson County, IA Bolt Hannah 08 Jan 1807
Gates John d. 1868 NY Marshall County, IL Rhoda (1st wife) 2nd wife Mercy Rathbun m. 19 Mar 1846
Gates John d. 1870 OH Union County, IN Litteral Elizabeth 22 Apr 1817
Gates John d. 1859 NY Seneca County, NY Scott Amanda 01 Sep 1836 probably 2nd wife
Gates John b. 1803 US Franklin County, MS Burch Louisa Sep 1842 probably 2nd wife
Gates John E. d. 1875 US Gordon County, GA Richardson Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Annis Taylor m. 01 Jul 1863
Gates Julius c1793-1876 CT Middlesex County, CT Smith Eliza 25 Sep 1855 probably 2nd wife
Gates Leonard b. 1791 DC Daviess County, IN
Gates Levi b. 1791 MA Worcester, MA Uranah 17 Apr 1811
Gates Levi 1790-1878 MA Lewis County, WA Paine Hannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth
Gates Levi d. 1858 NH Cheshire County, NH Porter Permelia 08 Mar 1821
Gates Nathaniel Ranson d. 1882 PA Bedford County, PA Scofield May (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary J. Rhodes m. 1825
Gates Noah 1793-1859 US/Navy New London County, CT Fitch Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Spicer m. 10 Dec 1848
Gates Noah d. 1843 MA Middlesex County, MA Whitney Persis 08 May 1821
Gates Ralph I. b. 1788 NY Boone County, IL Woodworth Betsey 01 Jan 1814
Gates Roswell d. 1883 NY Logan County, OH Gates Keziah 17 Mar 1815
Gates Roswell d. 1856 NY Portage County, OH Le Barron Harriet 06 Oct 1847 probably 2nd wife
Gates Stephen 1792-1862 OH Lawrence County, OH Mills Jane
Gates Thomas b. 1792 VA Floyd County, VA Richerson Sally 17 Jan 1816
Gates Timothy 1785-1852 OH Jersey County, IL Chandler Matilda 27 Apr 1815
Gates Uri 1783-1868 CT Middlesex County, CT Gates Betsey 29 Apr 1813
Gates Warren d. 1868 US Lewis County, NY Lakin Allona 15 Feb 1829
Gates Willard d. 1872 Navy Cattaraugus County, NY Unice (1st wife) 2nd wife Mehitable m. Oct 1856
Gates William d. 1860 VA Amelia County, VA Davis Ann E. 13 Nov 1832 probably 2nd wife
Gates William d. 1872 KY Bracken County, KY Collins Theodocia Apr 1819
Gates William 1791-1878 SC Chickasaw County, MS Ramsay Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Eliza H. Ketchum m. 23 Nov 1859
Gates Wilson d. 1849 US Scioto County, OH Kinney Elizabeth 30 Nov 1820
Gates Wilson Lee b. 1796 OH Athens County, OH Gates Mary "Polly"
Gatewood John b. 1785 VA Brooke County, WV
Gatewood William Bernard 1793-1882 VA Caroline County, VA Hodges Margaret White
Gathney Robert S. d. 1878 VA Jefferson County, KY Able Deborah Apr 1817
Gatlin Aaron Philip 1794-1872 TN Yell County, AR May Mary 08 Feb 1815
Gatlin Edward d. 1859 GA Russell County, AL Walker Margaret M. 28 Apr 1813
Gaubert NIcholas d. 1884 MA Sagadahoc County, ME
Gaudet Eugene Jerome 1797-1825 LA St. James Parish, LA Richard Constance Melisaire 06 Jun 1814
Gaudin Edward b. 1791 LA Ascenson Parish, LA Gaudet Marie Lise 20 Jan 1820
Gaudin Valentine d. 1863 LA St. James Parish, LA Dugat Anna S. 30 Dec 1816
Gaudry John B. d. 1846 GA Savannah, GA Robillard Catharine Ann 01 Nov 1813
Gaugler Gilion d. 1861 PA Snyder County, PA Roush Barbara 20 Jul 1814
Gaugler William 1793-1870 PA Snyder County, PA Eyer Margaret 05 Jan 1817
Gaul Christian 1785-1874 PA Philadelphia, PA Parkinson Rachel 03 Sep 1820
Gaul Philip b. 1788 PA Northumberland County, PA Eberhart Catherine 31 Mar 1812
Gaulden Samuel B. 1791-1858 VA Pittsylvania County, VA McDaniels Chloe (1st wife) spelled GAULDING 2nd wife Mary M. Nance m. Mar 1838
Gauldin Samuel B. 1791-1858 VA Pittsylvania County, VA McDaniels Chloe (1st wife) spelled GAULDING 2nd wife Mary M. Nance m. Mar 1838
Gault Charles 1792-1880 SC Union County, SC Peidmore Hannah 01 Oct 1814
Gault Hugh Coffey 1793-1877 TN Randolph County, IL Askins Nancy M. Feb 1817
Gault Jacob 1789-1871 OH Fayette County, OH Blair Rebecca 18 Mar 1832 probably 2nd wife
Gault James 1783-1859 PA Mercer County, PA Chain Margaret
Gault James b. c1775 US Philadelphia County, PA
Gault John d. 1867 NY Lewis County, NY Dodge Mary Jun 1809
Gault William D. 1788-1871 SC Union County, SC Johnson Frances "Fannie" 10 Oct 1807
Gaumer Daniel 1781-1859 OH Muskingum County, OH Baughman Hannah 04 Oct 1801
Gaumer John 1794-1862 OH Coshocton County, OH Shirer Mary Magdalene 18 May 1823
Gaunt James d. 1828 NJ Evesham, NJ Burkett Rebecca 1815
Gautier Joseph B. d. 1852 Blank Tazewell County, VA Collins Frances M. Nov 1845 probably 2nd wife
Gautreaux Joseph c1783-1841 LA St. James Parish, LA Landry Henriette Adelaide 12 Aug 1805 spelled GAUTHREAUX
Gautreaux Pierre Isidore 1780-1835 LA Terrebonne Parish, LA Seville Marie Rosalie 06 Feb 1809 listed as GAUTREAU
Gaves James A. d. 1841 VT Bennington County, VT Hitchcock Hermoine 20 Jan 1820
Gavin John 1795-1880 IN Nodaway County, MO Richardson Elizabeth 01 May 1814
Gavitt Joseph 1781-1872 RI Washington County, RI Bliven Thankful 29 Nov 1809
Gawen William d. 1844 VA Westmoreland County, VA Garner Alice Jefferson 17 Dec 1818
Gawley Joseph 1790-1852 NY Suffolk County, NY Havens Sabrina 13 Jul 1816
Gawthorp Richard Thomas 1781-1855 OH Kosciusko County, IN Catharine (1st wife) spelled GAWTHROP 2nd wife Sarah Martin M. 14 Feb 1838
Gawthorp Thomas 1792-1878 MD Jasper County, MO
Gay Briggs d. 1867 NY Steuben County, NY Smith Emily 16 Feb 1825
Gay Daniel 1796-1869 VT Stockbridge, VT Baker Sarah "Sally" 19 Jul 1818
Gay Ebenezer 1788-1868 NY Putnam County, NY Wetherell Clarissa "Klara" 14 Jul 1814
Gay Edward Scott 1795-1874 VA Staunton County, VA Tazewell Catherine Nivison 15 Dec 1840 probably 2nd wife
Gay Elisha 1788-1865 NY Onondaga County, NY Luce Almeda 22 Feb 1819
Gay George d. 1877 VA Mason County, WV Lot Ruth
Gay Henry d. 1872 US Muskingum County, OH Derwater Mary "Polly" 07 Jul 1825
Gay Joseph b. 1789 VA Halifax County, NC DeLoach Elizabeth 04 Feb 1813
Gay Luminary 1796-1880 US Black Hawk County, IA Ranney Lucinda 16 Nov 1820
Gay Martin 1796-1878 MA Plymouth County, MA Thayer Martha E. 01 Sep 1818
Gay Mills 1770-1838 TN Tuscaloosa County, AL Harkins Rhoda Apr 1809
Gay Phineas d. 1840 MA Woodstock, CT Chucking ?? Mary P. 06 Apr 1817
Gay Van d. 1882 VA Warren County, IL Mead Mary 1818
Gay William d. 1868 AL Dallas County, AL Wyatt Lucy 30 Nov 1816
Gay William 1790-1854 MA Columbia County, NY Stanton Mary or Maria 02 Jul 1817
Gay William d. 1880 NC Johnson County, NC Oliver Susan (1st wife) 2nd wife Sallie Wall m. 06 Dec 1859
Gayle Elijah d. 1863 VA Mathews County, VA Gayle Mary 24 Dec 1813
Gayle John Minor 1801-1872 VA Franklin County, KY Stewart Elizabeth Holmes 06 Apr 1823
Gaylord Asa d. 1868 VT Orleans County, VT Barker Eleanor C. 28 Dec 1824
Gaylord Asa Ashley d. 1812 NY died in service Blakeslee Love (1st wife) 14 Sep 1792
Gaylord Levi 1794-1876 OH Ashtabula County, OH Prentice Selina 02 Jul 1818
Gaylord Luther c1801-1879 NY Ontario, Canada Hartman Rosina or Resina (1st wife) 2nd wife Hulda T. Babcock m. 03 Apr 1871
Gazlay William d. 1858 Blank Genesee County, MI Betsey (2nd wife) Feb 1834
Gealey William 1792-1877 PA Lawrence County, PA Stewart Joanna 21 Nov 1822
Gealy Renwick 1794-1882 PA Lawrence County, PA Glenn Elizabeth 27 Mar 1837 spelled GEALEY probably 2nd wife
Gear Hezekiah Henry 1791-1877 MA Jackson County, IA Clark Charlotte (1st wife) 2nd wife Deborah Rose, 3rd wife Francenia Trego m. 10 Oct 1851
Gearhart Charles 1781-1863 PA Northumberland County, PA Ephlin Sarah 14 Jul 1814
Gearhart Daniel 1787-1861 PA Mercer County, PA Treaster Mary 22 Oct 1813
Gearhart George 1792-1885 PA Luzerne County, PA McPherson Rebecca 06 Jun 1813
Gearhart Isaac 1792-1873 KY Howard County, MO Welch Sarah Elizabeth 05 Mar 1818
Gearhart John b. 1788 PA Montgomery County, OH
Gearhart John Henry d. 1863 VA Montgomery County, VA Edwards Elizabeth (1st wife) listed as Henry GEARHEART 2nd wife Mary Willis m. 06 May 1823
Gearheart Henry d. 1863 VA Montgomery County, VA Edwards Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Willis m. 06 May 1823
Geary Alexander b. 1795 PA Montgomery County, PA Evans Mary 04 Mar 1818
Geary James b. 1794 PA Noble County, OH
Geary John O. d. 1836 MA Stoneham, MA Wheeler Betsey 15 Dec 1814
Geary Thomas Joshua b. 1791 SC Tishomingo County, MS Norris Catharine
Geary William 1789-1880 PA Delaware County, PA Abbott Anne 03 Sep 1821
Geasling William 1794-1886 GA Marshall County, MS Hays Parthena 06 Feb 1814 spelled GEESLIN
Gebhart Anthony 1776-1864 US Vermilion County, IL Miller Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Ellen m. 04 Jan 1835
Gebhart John b. 1794 OH Butler County, OH Howard Juliet Sep 1848 probably 2nd wife
Gee Abner 1796-1885 US Cumberland County, ME Cox Mary "Polly" (1st wife) 2nd wife Lydia Templeton m. 26 May 1845
Gee Anderson b. 1794 VA Christian County, KY Torian Elizabeth "Betsy" (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha Torian
Gee Benjamin d. 1852 VA Brunswick County, VA Harper Frances Wilkins 23 Dec 1812
Gee David William b. 1794 TN Williamson County, TN Russell Lucinda 04 Jun 1826
Gee Edmund W. 1786-1876 TN Andrew County, MO Hudson Lucy 04 Dec 1817
Gee Henry d. 1845 VA Prince George County, VA Sturdivant Mahala Ann 30 Nov 1826
Gee James b. 1795 KY Anderson County, KY Young Nancy Aug 1817
Gee James d. 1876 US Amelia County, VA Fisher Mary G. 17 Nov 1846 probably 2nd wife
Gee James d. 1871 NY Portage County, WI Sylvia (2nd wife) 11 Mar 1859
Gee James Hicks 1799-1883 TN Hunt County, TX Hawkins Ann Warren 07 Nov 1826
Gee John 1790-1871 NY Jackson County, MI Henderson Clarissa 26 Dec 1813
Gee John 1784-1852 KY Boyle County, KY Coulter Martha "Patsy" 07 Aug 1808
Gee Joshua 1795-1875 NY Caswell County, NC Cronk Christiana (1st wife) 2nd wife Arabella Sprague m. 09 May 1839
Gee Moses 1793-1868 NY Wapello County, IA Rupe Christina 17 Sep 1820
Gee Nelson W. 1784-1859 VA Williamson County, TN Byers Catherine 15 Dec 1811
Gee Samuel 1794-1877 SC Rains County, TX Kennedy Margaret H. 1828
Gee Thomas H. 1788-1851 TN Carroll County, TN Warrington Mary 23 Dec 1812
Geeding George Adam c1793-1863 VA Augusta County, VA Teaford Elizabeth 03 Sep 1818
Geer Amos C. 1789-1874 VT Lorain County, OH Thompson Dolly (1st wife) 2nd wife Harriet Chapin m. 03 Oct 1849
Geer Elisha 1776-1873 NY Lapeer County, MI Mundoon Martha
Geer Frederick "Fred" c1791-1867 TN Putnam County, TN Cooper Rebecca Nov 1814
Geer Gilbert 1795-1882 NY Saratoga County, NY Spicer Audria (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary DeWolf
Geer John Coin 1790-1871 VA Allen County, OH Forbes Mary Ward Jul 1811
Geer Joseph 1790-1864 CT New London County, CT Witter Lura 21 Feb 1816
Geer Joseph Carey 1795-1881 CT Clackamas County, OR Johnson Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Dixon, 3rd wife Mary m. 02 Jun 1856
Geer Martin Luther 1796-1875 NY Jefferson Cunty, PA Spiers or Spires Nancy A. 05 Mar 1818 listed as Luther Geer
Geer Samuel 1788-1877 CT New London County, CT Geer Anna "Nancy" 05 Oct 1820
Geer Samuel d. 1857 NY Whiteside County, IL Pitman Margaret 26 Sep 1855 probably 2nd wife
Geesling William 1794-1886 GA Marshall County, MS Hays Parthena 06 Feb 1814 spelled GEESLIN
Geeting Jacob 1793-1879 MD Carroll County, MD Wine Catharine 1818 spelled GEETHING
Gehr Baltzer 1782-1884 PA Crawford County, PA Fleming Elizabeth
Gehring John G. d. 1843 MD Baltimore, MD Hyman Mary Magdalene 17 Jul 1825
Geiger George d. 1819 PA Philadelphia, PA Jordon Hannah 14 Jan 1810
Geiger Henry b. 1789 PA Champaign County, OH
Geiger Jacob 1794-1877 OH Fairfield County, OH Howdyshell Molly 18 Jun 1818 spelled GIGER
Geise Samuel 1792-1876 PA Synder County, PA Bowman Hannah 07 Jan 1811 spelled GEIS
Geisendoffer John d. 1862 MD/DC Alexandria, VA Wilke Barbara (1st wife) 2nd wife Sabina Keene m. 31 Oct 1839
Geist Valentine 1794-1875 PA Berks County, PA Geary or Gery Susanna 02 Jul 1815
Geistwite Henry b. 1784 PA Dauphin County, PA Ricker Christiana 20 Oct 1820
Gelatt John 1795-1869 MA Bristol County, MA Dillingham Catherine (Mrs.) 30 Mar 1834 spelled GELETT probably 2nd wife
Gelston William 1787-1875 CT Middlesex County, CT Bigelow Lucy 21 Oct 1821
Gensimer George d. 1879 PA Lancaster County, PA Brosey Elizabeth 12 Sep 1815
Genthner Benjamin 1795-1882 ME Piscataquis County, ME Hall Lucy A.
Genthner Samuel 1788-1864 MA Lincoln County, ME Vannah Eunice (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Cunningham m. 03 Feb 1834
Gentile John 1791-1846 OH Preble County, OH Hendricks Julia A. 06 Jan 1814 spelled GENTLE
Gentle John 1791-1846 OH Preble County, OH Hendricks Julia A. 06 Jan 1814
Gentry Bright Berry 1784-1859 KY Madison County, KY Jones Martha (1st wife) 2nd wife Cynthia Mourning m. 23 Oct 1831
Gentry Daniel 1795-1853 SC Shelby County, AL Whatley Mary "Polly" 08 Feb 1814
Gentry John c1796-1850 VA Henrico County, VA Foulkes ?? (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Ann Willis m. 01 Apr 1834
Gentry Lewis 1797-1858 SC Shelby County, AL Rebecca (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Ann Swinney m. Apr 1847
Gentry Martin 1794-1863 TN Anderson County, TN Mitchell Sarah 16 Oct 1817
Gentry Robert 1788-1879 VA Albemarle County, VA Wingfield Mary 21 Jan 1821
Gentry Samuel c1774-1844 SC Spartanburg County, SC Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Milly m. 15 Jan 1838
Gentry Samuel 1795-1871 KY Webster County, KY Newkirk Elizabeth
Gentry Shadrick d. 1873 AL Randolph County, AL Martha J. 1853 probably 2nd wife
Gentry William 1788-1858 TN Clark County, AR Narrad Jane
Gentry Wilson 1783-1877 VA Mendocino County, CA Runkles Mary
Genung Aaron 1787-1879 NY Tompkins County, NY Snyder Rebecca
Genung Elam 1796-1845 NJ Harrison County, IN Tucker Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Susan Tucker m. 19 Jan 1834
Genung Eleazar or Eleazer B. d. 1879 NJ Brooklyn, NY Ross Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Electa Genung m. 21 Oct 1824
Genung Pierson 1792-1875 NY Orange County, NY Duryea Elizabeth 18 Mar 1818
George Adam d. 1877 PA Crawford County, PA Drawbaugh Elizabeth 28 Jan 1816
George Alexander Gordon Young 1790-1873 KY Johnson County, KY Evans Rachel (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth May m. Jul 1817
George Asa b. 1797 VT Calais, VT Betsey (1st wife)
George Charles Noden 1791-1869 TN Cherokee County, NC Smith Celia 08 Feb 1816
George Cornelius d. 1873 NY Washington County, NY Reynolds Eunice 26 Dec 1814
George Ebenezer 1787-1878 VT Orange County, VT Kiblinger Betsey 03 Jan 1813
George Edward d. 1875 VA Dinwiddie County, VA Harriet Mar 1856
George Elias 1793-1870 TN Hale County, AL White Nancy Ewell 05 Jan 1832
George Henry d. 1826 NY Onondaga County, NY Cornelius Hannah 20 Dec 1811
George Henry 1789-1883 NY Delaware County, NY Tremper Elizabeth Sep 1811
George Hervey d. 1864 NY Ogle County, IL Slawson Maria 06 Jan 1820
George Jesse b. 1791 VA Perry County, OH Jemima c1816
George Joel 1793-1869 NY Erie County, NY Sumner Delila 06 May 1815
George John 1793-1837 LA St. Helena Parish, LA Kemp Sarah 01 Dec 1808
George John b. 1787 US Wilson County, TN Atwood Elizabeth 05 Oct 1815
George Joseph c1794-1883 NY Sandusky County, OH McMillen Sally Nov 1816
George Joseph 1793-1868 MD Cecil County, MD Rothwell Matilda 28 May 1857 probably 2nd wife
George Moses S. d. 1881 US Clinton County, NY Ames Martha (1st wife) 2nd wife Parthena Baker m. 15 Feb 1835
George Presley d. 1849 VA Shelby County, KY Read Mary
George Reuben 1795-1849 VA Fluvanna County, VA Johnson Elizabeth Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Rebecca Turner m. 05 Nov 1828
George Richard 1793-1880 OH Licking County, OH Thomas Rachel 1816
George Robert b. 1797 US Stewart County, TN Owens Sally 18 Sep 1821
George Samuel b. 1794 NY Onondaga County, NY Fort Elizabeth 15 Apr 1847 probably 2nd wife
George Stephen d. 1855 NH Cass County, MI Curtis Margaret 01 Dec 1810
George Weston 1791-1862 MD Guernsey County, OH Purviance Sarah 09 Sep 1815
George Wiley 1797-1862 GA Calhoun County, TX Jones Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Anna Bronson m. 24 Dec 1845
George William 1789-1871 MD Cook County, IL Price Anne 26 Jul 1817
George William 1776-1852 MA Norfolk County, MA Tower Lydia 31 Jul 1810
George William c1798-1872 OH Sangamon County, IL Hazlett Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Hays m. 27 Jul 1854
George William b. 1793 US Orange County, VT Foster Miriam
George William d. 1836 VA Goochland County, VA Holeman Susan W. 14 Oct 1819
George William 1789-1828 VA Goochland County, VA Payne Alice Bickerton 03 Mar 1813
George William 1790-1871 VA Mason County, WV Eastham Nancy 24 Dec 1820
George William N. 1793-1851 KY Boone County, MO Keith Sarah Ann 23 Dec 1815
Geraghty Francis 1773-1828 NY Orange County, NY Hepburn Catherine 18 Dec 1808
Gerald Randolph d. 1858 GA Coosa County, AL Pogue Nancy Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Caroline m. Dec 1843
Gerard Jacob 1780-1845 OH Madison County, OH Buckles Mehetable (1st wife) 2nd wife Mrs. Martha Hollar m. 14 Feb 1837
Gerard William 1785-1836 US Hamilton County, OH Muchmore Mary 11 Jan 1810 spelled GARARD
Gerber John d. 1869 PA Lancaster County, PA English Mary 10 May 1835 probably 2nd wife
Gere Joseph 1790-1864 CT New London County, CT Witter Lura 21 Feb 1816 spelled GEER
Gere William Stanton 1785-1852 CT Onondaga County, NY Brewster Lovisa 14 Feb 1816
Germain Stephen b. 1787 NY Page County, IL Mead Hannah 04 Jan 1810
German David d. 1868 NY Wayne County, MI Secor Catherine 02 Jan 1810
German John d. 1870 NC Anson County, NC Fort Penelope "Penny" 02 Oct 1813
German William d. 1859 PA Philadelphia, PA Rementta Elizabeth 19 Jan 1820
German William 1786-1875 US Meigs County, OH Osborn Margaret 02 Mar 1817
German Zacheus 1789-1878 TN Grayson County, TX Cooper Nancy Webb Feb 1818
Germany William c1782-1842 GA Coweta County, GA Harkins Mary "Polly" Aug 1815
Germon Vincent 1789-1855 MD Washington DC Edmonson Eliza Sep 1821
Germond James H. d. 1875 NY Dutchess County, NY Barlow Maria 21 Dec 1822
Gerrard William G. d. 1836 NC New Hanover County, NC Rouse Rowena N. 18 Feb 1825
Gerrell Bland d. 1855 VA Spotsylvania County, VA Faulkner Mary T. Aug 1845 probably 2nd wife
Gerrish Franklin d. 1852 MA Essex County, MA Eaton Elizabeth 06 Apr 1843 probably 2nd wife
Gerrish Joshua Strout 1794-1875 ME Androscoggin County, ME Sydleman Charlotte 21 Oct 1817
Gerrish Thomas d. 1852 US Suffolk County, MA Richards Abigail F. 18 Apr 1819
Gerrish William d. 1862 MA Androscoggin County, ME Sydleman Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Sophia Thomas, 3rd wife Anna Hoyt m. 14 Jun 1850
Gerry Benjamin 1790-1874 MA Norfolk County, MA Kennedy Sally F. 19 Apr 1821
Gerry Elbridge 1793-1868 MA Middlesex County, MA Cowdrey Betsey (1st wife) 2nd wife Minerva H. Griffin m. 12 Jun 1828
Gerry John 1792-1862 US Piscataquis County, ME Carr Mehitable 08 Jul 1815
Gervais Jean b. 1795 LA New Orleans, LA Brou Celeste 1815
Gesner Henry 1785-1851 NY Rockland County, NY Townsend Rachel 16 Jan 1806
Gesner William Herbert 1790-1866 NY Rockland County, NY Mann Mary Ann 30 May 1814
Gess James d. 1836 KY Fayette County, KY Price Nancy 31 Oct 1805
Gessell William d. 1872 OH Fairfield County, OH Geiger Margaret 21 Sep 1820
Getchell Asa 1787-1873 ME Kennebec County, ME Spear Charlotte 18 Feb 1816
Getchell Howard H. b. 1796 ME Johnson County, IA Ann 01 Feb 1825
Getchell Isaac b. 1798 US Somerset County, ME Beckey Jane
Getchell John 1785-1875 VA Washington County, ME Berry Rebecca (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane Berry, 3rd wife Remember Ellis m. 01 Mar 1850
Getchell Joseph A. 1796-1871 MA York County, ME Webber Jane 27 May 1823
Getman Benjamin 1791-1879 NY Fulton County, NY Van Antwerp Mary (Marytje) 05 Jul 1815
Getman Daniel d. 1881 NY Jefferson County, NY Timmerman Delia Jun 1812
Getman Frederick d. 1851 NY Herkimer County, NY Oxner Mary 24 Aug 1818
Getman John b. 1788 NY Oswego County, NY
Getman John d. 1846 PA Bucks County, PA Herr Maria Magdalena 19 Mar 1820 spelled GETTMAN
Getman Joseph d. 1851 NY Fulton County, NY Delia 26 Oct 1828 probably 2nd wife
Getman Samuel b. 1796 PA Bucks County, PA Ruth Nancy 08 Oct 1820
Getman Timothy 1793-1876 NY Herkimer County, NY Haggerty Vashti
Gettier George d. 1861 MD Baltimore, MD Kroft Marguerite 05 Nov 1818
Gettier Peter 1781-1859 MD Carroll County, MD Sellers Anna Maria "Polly" 24 Jun 1810
Gettings Thomas d. 1878 TN Franklin County, IL Jones Priscilla Feb 1816 spelled GIDDINGS
Gettman John d. 1846 PA Bucks County, PA Herr Mary 19 Mar 1820
Getty Thomas d. 1879 NY Limestone County, AL Harron Fanny (1st wife) 2nd wife Dorothy Dygert m. 12 Jan 1826
Getty William d. 1877 NY Lawrence County, NY Turner Jane 10 Jan 1809
Gettys Joseph 1773-1850 PA Greene County, PA Scott Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Rachel Wisecarver m. 02 Feb 1842
Getz Conrad 1786-1863 PA Monroe County, PA Weiss Margaret
Getz George 1788-1872 PA Monroe County, PA Diehl Rachel 06 May 1819
Geyer George 1785-1872 PA Philadelphia, PA
Geyer Jonas 1794-1883 MD Douglas County, KS Hunter Dorcas 02 May 1826
Ghiselin William N. d. 1847 VA Norfolk County, VA Wells Mary B. 28 Feb 1826
Gholson James H. d. 1844 KY Lawrence County, OH Wolfe Sarah 15 Jan 1824
Ghormley Hugh 1789-1843 TN Blount County, TN Charles Nancy 07 Jan 1813
Ghormley Michael 1794-1879 TN Indian Territory, OK Vaught Malinda 1814
Ghost Philip d. 1876 PA Venango County, PA Walter Christena (2nd wife) 01 Apr 1840
Gibb Thomas C. d. 1828 VA Accomack County, VA Taylor Margaret 11 Jun 1817
Gibbany James D. 1792-1878 KY Gentry County, MO Henton Persis 19 Aug 1819
Gibbens Daniel L. d. 1853 MA Suffolk County, MA Howe Mary Richardson (2nd wife) 03 Jun 1819
Gibbens David d. 1835 KY Morgan County, IN Batman or Botman Hannah 15 Mar 1814
Gibbins John b. 1782 MD Noble County, OH Warfield Ellen 10 Jan 1804
Gibbins Samuel b. 1791 NY Jefferson County, NY Price Hannah 08 Jun 1814
Gibbon Joseph F. d. 1865 US Monroe County, AL Purrie ?? Polly (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary A. Gasky 09 Feb 1842
Gibbons Adam b. 1789 GA Orleans Parish, LA
Gibbons Charles d. 1857 PA Luzerne County, PA Sarah 23 Feb 1806
Gibbons Isaac 1796-1880 VA Larue County, KY Richardson America
Gibbons James H. d. 1863 MD Prince George County, MD Walls Jane (2nd wife) 29 Jan 1839
Gibbons John d. 1870 MD Switzerland County, IN Nelson Elizabeth Dec 1811
Gibbons Samuel d. 1854 DE Sussex County, DE Wright Ann Mov 1851 probably 2nd wife
Gibbons Thomas B. d. 1860 MD Calvert County, MD Smith Rachel Ann 03 Dec 1824
Gibbons William 1784-1819 TN Hawkins County, TN Smith Agatha 27 Aug 1806
Gibbs Aaron c1785-1846 NY Wayne County, NY Clark Mary 20 Feb 1812
Gibbs Anson b. 1791 NY Cattaraugus County, NY Reynolds Nancy L. 06 Mar 1820
Gibbs Birdsey 1798-1843 US Henderson County, KY Bishop Salome J. (1st wife) spelled Birdseye 2nd wife Emily Catlin m. 11 Sep 1829
Gibbs Charles R. c1790-1872 VA Sumter County, AL Strother Harriet (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary G. Trueheart, 3rd Eleanor Stuart Thornton m. 1 Dec 1836
Gibbs David 1787-1840 US Huron County, OH Lockwood Elizabeth 20 May 1810
Gibbs Ebenezer d. 1839 Blank Trumbull County, OH Rathburn Phebe 15 Aug 1824
Gibbs Ezra d. 1879 MA Oxford County, ME Doughty Susan 17 Jul 1817
Gibbs George 1794-1872 MA Hancock County, ME McCrate Mary 13 Apr 1833 probably 2nd wife
Gibbs George Washington 1784-1870 TN Obion County, TN Dibrell Lee Ann 12 Apr 1810
Gibbs James b. 1773 LA New Orleans, LA Maria 1812
Gibbs James d. 1871 NY Schoharie County, NY Tubbs Rebecca 28 mar 1813
Gibbs James b. 1788 OH Richland County, OH Shanks Nancy 18 Aug 1812
Gibbs Jeremiah 1793-1873 US Jackson County, AL Lord Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Mrs. Frances Huffman m. 17 Jun 1868
Gibbs Jesse Ange c1793-1885 NC Weakley County, TN Hartsfield Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Susan Myzell m. 13 Feb 1866
Gibbs John W. d. 1877 PA Fairfield County, OH Hood Eliza 08 Feb 1831
Gibbs Joseph b. 1789 NY Calhoun County, MI Lewis Eliza 18 Jan 1857 probably 2nd wife
Gibbs Josiah 1782-1865 MA Barnstable County, MA Swift Jane (1st wife) 2nd wife Hannah McFarlin m. 08 Aug 1847
Gibbs Julius 1792-1880 VT Lenawee County, MI Davison Sarah Nov 1818
Gibbs Leman 1788-1858 NY Livingston County, NY Stedman Julianna (1st wife) 2nd wife Betsey Stanley m. 20 May 1847
Gibbs Luman d. 1873 US Jefferson County, WI Porter Philena 01 Jan 1810
Gibbs Pelham Ellis 1789-1856 MA Plymouth County, MA Bryant Sarah "Sally" 25 Mar 1813
Gibbs Philip d. 1835 VA Simpson County, KY Jones Paulina 13 Apr 1812
Gibbs Reuben Marshall 1794-1871 US Litchfield County, CT Cole Catherine 06 Jun 1820
Gibbs Robert d. 1869 MA Barnstable County, MA Baxter Jediah 25 Aug 1815
Gibbs Samuel c1795-1867 NY Osage County, AR Harris Ruth 17 Mar 1814
Gibbs Seth 1793-1872 US Windsor County, VT Stone Caroline (1st wife) 2nd wife Sophronia M. Gardner m. 11 Mar 1866
Gibbs Seth 1792-1840 MA St. Thomas, Virgin Island Perry Deliverance "Delia" 06 Aug 1818
Gibbs Sheldon c1794-1851 VA Meigs County, OH Dashner Sarah "Sally" 15 May 1813
Gibbs Stephen 1787-1853 MA Nantucket County, MA Swift Deborah 19 Nov 1807
Gibbs Sylvanus b. 1797 MA Sullivan, ME Uran Joanna 16 Mar 1823
Gibbs Thomas Dyer 1785-1824 VA Fairfax County, VA Skinner Winifred 30 Nov 1815
Gibbs Uriah d. 1831 MA Cumberland County, ME Kimball Roxana 17 Jun 1823
Gibbs William A. 1794-1849 PA Chester County, PA Evans Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Rachel Harley m. 12 May 1840
Gibbs Wilmot Stuart d. 1852 SC Chester County, SC DeSaussure Anna Frances 10 Dec 1805
Gibbs Zachariah 1796-1856 NC Hyde County, NC Clarissa (1st wife) Oct 1840 2nd wife Elizabeth Burrus m. Oct 1840
Giberson Jesse d. 1857 NJ Atlantic County, NJ Sarah
Gibert Stephen b. 1792 SC Habersham County, GA
Gibler George d. 1834 PA Somerset County, PA Stull Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Tressler m. c1812
Gibner Augustus d. 1881 PA Mercer County, PA Carmichael Nancy 01 Jan 1825
Gibner William d. 1883 PA Mercer County, PA Parrish Eleanor "Nelly" 07 Apr 1821
Giboney Andrew 1792-1875 MO Cape Girardeau County, MO Hunter Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah H. Haight m. 16 Dec 1859
Gibson Abel 1790-1852 MA Oxford County, ME Howard Ann 22 Feb 1817
Gibson Abiram or Byram 1792-c1885 TN Izard County, AR Ballard Mary
Gibson Amos d. 1859 Blank Alcorn County, MS Redshaw Matilda 1813
Gibson Andrew d. 1878 OH Brown County, OH Perce Mary 05 Jul 1814
Gibson Andrew 1790-1869 PA Chester County, PA Ramsey Jane 16 Mar 1820
Gibson Andrew d. 1873 SC Cherokee County, AL Inje Lucinda 20 Jun 1837 probably 2nd wife
Gibson Arrington 1788-1860 NY Outagamie County, WI Crum Elizabeth 04 Sep 1817
Gibson David 1796-1875 NY Branch County, MI Campbell Janet (1st wife) 2nd wife Almedia Peevy m. 24 Jan 1867
Gibson Dudley A. d. 1873 VA Randolph County, WV Armstrong ?? (1st wife) 2nd wife Susam Kimbrau m. 1852
Gibson Isaac b. 1796 TN Golaid County, TX
Gibson Isaac d. 1857 PA Lawrence County, PA Johnston Margaret 30 May 1814
Gibson Isaac 1792-1862 VA Atchison County, MO Johnson Mary 01 Dec 1814
Gibson Israel S. d. 1863 PA Decatur County, IN Freeman Mary 03 May 1821
Gibson James d. 1838 Blank Plantersville, AL Ross Priscilla Ann 16 Apr 1818
Gibson James b. 1793 KY Lawrence County, OH Markins Eliza Jane minor children
Gibson James d. 1844 KY Trumble County, KY Hosking Elizabeth Oct 1808
Gibson James c1790-1869 NY Kent County, MI Grant Mary
Gibson James d. 1859 PA Floyd County, IN Mayo Mary F. 19 Dec 1822
Gibson James R. d. c1890 NY Westchester County, NY Van Keuren Catherine 12 Aug 1817
Gibson Jesse b. 1786 VA Fauquier County, VA Bell Catherine 04 Jul 1815
Gibson Joel b. 1789 GA Fulton County, GA Carrell Delia 31 Oct 1815
Gibson John b. c1803 GA Pickens County, SC Brock Nancy 07 Jan 1821
Gibson John d. 1853 KY Chattanooga, TN Cook Susan H. 09 Mar 1841 probably 2nd wife
Gibson John b. 1773 OH Gallia County, OH Williams Rhoda
Gibson John b. 1790 PA Harrison County, MS Rogers Nancy 27 Jun 1827
Gibson John 1786-1872 PA LaSalle County, IL Yates Elizabeth 17 Dec 1808
Gibson John d. 1876 VA Harrison County, WV Hoskins Lucinda 27 Feb 1823
Gibson John d. 1869 MO Callaway County, MO Patton Rebecca 27 Oct 1814
Gibson John D. b. 1789 PA Crawford County, PA Kilday Polly 20 Jan 1824
Gibson John W. 1784-1863 US Bulloch County, GA Denmark Clarissa 28 Jan 1818
Gibson Johnson McDowell 1787-1872 VA Crawford County, IN Pence Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Temperance Ann Perkins m. 24 Jun 1824
Gibson Jonathan d. 1834 VA Alexandria County, VA Leonard Elizabeth 11 Jul 1813
Gibson Jonathan Catlett 1793-1849 VA Culpeper County, VA Shackleford Mary Williams 28 Dec 1824
Gibson Joseph 1793-1881 PA Allen County, IN Keiffer Elizabeth 25 Dec 1816
Gibson Joshua b. 1789 US Barton County, GA Lowry Elizabeth 10 May 1818
Gibson Lewis b. 1791 NY Wyoming County, NY Chamberlin Asenath 15 May 1817
Gibson Oliver 1791-1879 VT Waukesha County, WI Burnap Annis Parker (1st wife) 2nd wife Barbara m. 24 Jul 1864
Gibson Park 1795-1877 TN Lawrence County, TN Buchanan Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Ann Norwood m. 22 Nov 1848
Gibson Reuben G. b. 1794 MS Catahoula Parish, LA Briggs Harriet Dec 1830
Gibson Richard d. 1866 VA Bracken County, KY Best Mary "Polly" 06 Nov 1827
Gibson Richard Thomas b. 1796 TN Tyler County, TX Meadows Mahala McDonald (2nd wife) 14 Jul 1825
Gibson Robert 1793-1877 NC Washington County, MO Belton Martha (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha Bays m. 18 Apr 1869
Gibson Samuel 1797-1865 US Oxford County, ME Howard Rebecca 25 Dec 1818
Gibson Samuel d. 1832 US Philadelphia, PA Curren Lydia 16 Sep 1820
Gibson Samuel Baxter 1796-1878 NC Macon County, NC Black Elizabeth Jane (1st wife) 2nd wife Charity White m. 18 Dec 1866
Gibson Stephen b. 1790 NC Rockingham County, NC Moore Elizabeth 25 Feb 1816
Gibson Thomas 1788-1877 KY Pulaski County, KY Cowan Elizabeth 16 Feb 1815
Gibson Thomas 1792-1880 US Oconee County, SC Palmer Martha 26 Feb 1818
Gibson Thomas 1784-1871 VT Addison County, VT Cutter Hannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Mrs. Martha Wilker, 3rd wife Mrs. Annis Whitcomb
Gibson Thomas 1791-1869 TN Lincoln County, TN Short Elizabeth A. 29 Jun 1865 probably 2nd or 3rd wife
Gibson Turner 1786-1871 KY Hart County, KY Cave Mary "Polly" (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Avery m. Oct 1856
Gibson Walter M. d. 1857 PA Scott County, IA Brown Mary 03 Jul 1817
Gibson William d. 1867 OH Ohio County, IN Gibson Jane "Jinney" 14 Mar 1811
Gibson William d. 1880 LA Cooper County, MO Harris Rhoda (1st wife) 2nd wife Emily m. 04 Jun 1845
Gibson William d. 1869 VA Augusta County, VA Rankin Mary "Polly" 23 Nov 1813
Gibson William c1792-1865 VA Russell County, VA Dickenson Tabitha 06 Jul 1820 spouse's name also spelled Tabitha DICKERSON
Gibson William d. 1858 VA Henrico County, VA Longest Nancy 1817
Gibson William D. c1796-1865 VA Buchanan County, MO Johnson Margaret 28 Jul 1825
Gidcumb John 1795-1872 KY Butler County, KY Felty Mary Augusta "Polly" 05 Jul 1815 spelled GIDCOMB
Giddens Jacob 1794-1873 NC Bienville Parish, LA Waters Eliza 01 Apr 1817
Giddens William d. 1845 TN Buchanan County, MO Miller Mary 1810
Giddings Aaron 1789-1864 MA Essex County, MA Brooks Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Mrs. Mary Chapman m. 15 Apr 1858
Giddings Henry c1795-1836 MA Windsor County, VT Curtis Betsey Dec 1816
Giddings Hiram 1790-1875 Navy Windsor County, VT French Rebecca 08 Jun 1837
Giddings Joshua Reed 1795-1864 OH Ashtabula County, OH Waters Laura
Giddings Linus 1789-1879 NY Crawford County, PA Parsons Electa 18 Aug 1818 listed as LESTER
Giddings Lorain c1795-1858 CT Hartford County, CT Cowdery Desdemonia 04 Jan 1816
Giddings Orris 1791-1873 CT Hartland, CT Stebbins Deborah
Gideon George 1788-1880 VA DeWitt County, IL Miller Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Luann Rowley m. 03 Oct 1866
Gideon Jacob 1788-1864 DC Washington DC
Gideon William 1796-1875 VA Linn County, IA Blackburn Elizabeth Starr (1st wife) 2nd wife Frances Jacobs Booth, 3rd wife Esther Ackley m. 21 Jan 1858
Gidley John d.1860 VA Monongalia County, VA Draper Rebecca (2nd wife) Jun 1826
Gidney David b. 1797 NY Orange County, NY Birchard Ann 19 Feb 1819
Giebner Augustus d. 1881 PA Mercer County, PA Carmichael Nancy 01 Jan 1825 spelled GIBNER
Gier Frederick 1794-1861 PA Clinton County, MI Mary 08 Jul 1814 listed as GIN
Giesler Jacob 1789-1865 PA Sullivan County, TN Schultz Susan
Giffen John d. 1847 TN Cole County, MO Rainwater Harriet 20 May 1824
Giffin Azariah d. 1828 NJ Middlesex County, NJ Moore Rachel 30 May 1810
Giffin David 1796-1880 NY St. Lawrence County, NY Giffen Anna 29 Oct 1820
Giffing William d. 1854 NY Erie County, NY Keating Margaret Van Rensselaer 05 Feb 1813
Gifford Abner 1774-1864 NY Chenango County, NY Lord Lucy 12 Jan 1802
Gifford Allen 1792-1870 NY Herkimer County, NY Clark Sally 19 Oct 1814
Gifford Annaniah d. 1877 NY Barry County, MI Hulse Mary 1814
Gifford Asahel 1793-1858 VA Harrison County, WV Waldo Sarah 20 Feb 1817
Gifford Bethuel 1789-1876 MA Bristol County, MA Swift Susan 15 Jan 1815
Gifford David 1784-c1881 MA Plymouth County, MA Briggs Betsey 15 Dec 1813
Gifford George 1788-1864 MA Bristol County, MA Maxfield Judith (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Rider m. 21 Jan 1816
Gifford Gideon 1777-1864 TN Macon County, TN Slaughter Catherine 19 Oct 1813
Gifford Hanuel H. b. 1794 NY Erie County, PA incorrectly filed under TN
Gifford Humphrey Almy 1794-1868 MA Westport, MA Davis Phebe 16 May 1821
Gifford James C. 1796-1880 MA Boston, MA Hatch Mary Nye 12 Aug 1824
Gifford James M. d. 1860 NJ Atlantic County, NJ Sooy Christiann 10 May 1813
Gifford James N. d. 1878 NY New York, NY McKee Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Christina A. Walker m. 22 Jul 1846
Gifford John 1790-1851 US Monroe County, NY Blauvelt Maria 08 Dec 1814
Gifford Jonah 1792-1872 MA Brimfield, MA Fuller Betsey 14 Mar 1813
Gifford Jonathan 1784-1872 MA Fairhaven, MA Robbins Love or Lovey 18 Mar 1807
Gifford Jonathan 1797-1871 KY Mason County, KY Jefferson Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Malinda Cracraft m. 01 May 1839
Gifford Joshua 1783-1861 KY Pendleton County, KY Allen Eleanor "Ellen" 15 Aug 1812
Gifford Joshua 1781-1852 NJ Cumberland County, NJ Hankins Sarah 22 Feb 1811
Gifford Nathan 1790-1881 NY Washington County, NY Kenyon Elizabeth "Betsey"
Gifford Obed d. 1874 MA Bristol County, MA Bumpus Almira 31 Aug 1828
Gifford Pardon Almy 1790-1835 MA Cambridge, MA Lombard Hannah 14 Jun 1819
Gifford Paul 1796-1875 MA Dartmouth, MA Rider Jane Davis 06 Jan 1827
Gifford Pilgrim D. d. 1862 NY Livingston County, MI Van Buskirk Keziah or Kesiah 03 Nov 1835 probably 2nd wife
Gifford Prince Palmer b. 1795 MA Barnstable County, MA Weeks Temperance (1st wife) 2nd wife Desire Fuller, 3rd wife Temperance Potter m. 06 Apr 1863
Gifford Shubel d. 1853 MA Bristol County, MA Clark Lucy Augusta 23 Apr 1820
Gifford William d. 1845 ME Kennebec County, ME Hammond Rebecca 16 Mar 1806
Gifford Zacheus 1787-1865 MA Bristol County, MA Crapo Waity 30 Aug 1807
Gift Peter d. 1877 OH Preble County, OH
Gignet Louis B. b. 1790 NY Madison County, NY
Gilbert Abijah d. 1881 US Otsego County, NY Youngs Patty c1820
Gilbert Aquilla d. 1868 VA Breckinridge County, KY Hewitt Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Rachel Farmer m. 03 Feb 1839
Gilbert Arad 1787-1849 NY Monroe Countyf, NY Howard Lorinda 01 Sep 1811
Gilbert Bailey 1793-1864 MA Piscataquis County, ME Smart Sarah B. 30 Apr 1815
Gilbert Baruch Hoskins 1795-1890 NY Orleans County, NY Kellenger Sally (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Ann m. 09 Nov 1834
Gilbert Coleman 1796-1877 MA West Brookfield, MA Gilbert Dorothy M. 06 Dec 1821 listed as COLMAN
Gilbert Daniel D. d. 1883 NY New Haven County, CT Mains Harriet May 1824
Gilbert Dexter b. 1793 VT Enosburgh, VT
Gilbert Edward 1795-1882 NY Jefferson County, NY Balch Anna (1st wife) 2nd wife Polly Vorce m. Feb 1833
Gilbert Eli b. 1791 NY Oneida County, NY Thankful 17 Feb 1814
Gilbert Elias c1780-1862 NY Bureau County, IL Durkee Susannah "Susan" 22 Feb 1802
Gilbert Elijah d. 1849 NY Buffalo, NY Barnett Orril 1814
Gilbert Ephraim F. d. 1863 NY Erie County, NY Selina (2nd wife) 26 Mar 1835
Gilbert Ezekiel d. 1878 GA Tallapoosa County, AL Brewster Nancy 18 Nov 1820
Gilbert Ezra 1798-1838 OH Louisville, KY Robinson Margaret 15 Mar 1824
Gilbert Ezra B. b. 1794 NY Montgomery County, NY Philips Nancy 12 Nov 1817
Gilbert Franklin 1797-1890 NY Steuben County, NY Covill Mary "Polly" 19 Oct 1816
Gilbert George d. 1859 NY Dutchess County, NY Palmer Betsey 28 Dec 1816
Gilbert George B. b. 1794 CT New York, NY Maria
Gilbert George Nye 1789-1870 VT Washington County, OH Putnam Lucy Eaton 08 May 1825
Gilbert Hiram c1797-1870 NY Licking County, OH Smith Sarah 01 May 1817
Gilbert Isaac 1790-1863 GA Gwinnett County, GA Albright Elizabeth 18 Feb 1813
Gilbert Jabez c1793-1864 GA Upson County, GA Harkness Margaret C. Dec 1820
Gilbert Jacob b. 1792 PA Clark County, OH Retter Elizabeth
Gilbert Jacob d. 1851 PA Snyder County, PA Frederick Magdalene 01 Jan 1804
Gilbert James C. d. 1881 NY Cook County, IL Clark Nancy
Gilbert Jesse c1787-1851 TN Montgomery County, TN Edmonds Mary 12 Jul 1810
Gilbert John d. 1882 NY Wayne County, NY Porter Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Deitz m. 22 Oct 1824
Gilbert John d. 1837 NH Belknap County, NH Gilman Lydia 17 Jun 1823
Gilbert John d. 1864 US Ogle County, IL Smice Mary 18 Sep 1830
Gilbert John 1799-1836 US Newport County, RI Blake Clarissa 02 Aug 1821
Gilbert Joseph M. d. 1861 CT Raleigh, NC Raymond Antoinette 09 Sep 1832 probably 2nd wife
Gilbert Joshua b. 1782 SC Laurens County, SC Goodwin Jane Mar 1804
Gilbert Kenas 1790-1862 TN Anderson County, TN Stookesberry Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Rebecca Skaggs m. Aug 1823
Gilbert Lucius 1790-1859 CT Fairfield County, CT Beard Polly 15 Apr 1821
Gilbert Luman d. 1846 NY Ontario County, NY Noble Clarissa (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Batchellor m. 12 Oct 1824
Gilbert Lyman d. 1882 CT Wetzel County, WV Anderson Nancy c1852 probably 2nd wife
Gilbert Marcus 1791-1876 MA Cumberland County, ME Sampson Jane 07 Dec 1816
Gilbert Oliver 1788-1861 PA Bradford County, PA Ely Lucretia 08 Jun 1819
Gilbert Richard 1796-1881 NY Rice County, MN Logan Philinda
Gilbert Richard or Richmond d. 1823 NY Charleston, SC McKnight Catherine 06 Jan 1814
Gilbert Samuel 1796-1877 VA Patrick County, VA Sharp or Sharpe Lucy 05 Mar 1823
Gilbert Simon d. 1833 OH Mahoning County, OH Whitezel / Whitesel Mary 24 Mar 1811
Gilbert Thomas c1788-1872 NY Knox County, IL Dibble Annis 04 Dec 1827
Gilbert Thomas 1792-1823 Navy Essex County, MA Graves Elizabeth 14 Jun 1818
Gilbert Thomas d. 1881 GA Chattahoochee County, GA Carswell Margaret 19 Jul 1819
Gilbert Thomas d. 1878 NY Dane County, WI Corell Sarah 07 Dec 1820
Gilbert Thomas 1795-1880 US Lawrence County, TN Green Margaret 1822
Gilbert Thomas G. 1794-1862 LA Davidson County, TN Walker Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Dancy Thurmond m. 02 Jan 1840
Gilbert William Alexander 1793-1877 NC Washington County, FL Cain Margaret (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Loyd m. 30 Dec 1856
Gilbreath Benjamin Franklin 1787-1868 KY Mercer County, MO Sanderson Elizabeth 24 Nov 1808
Gilbreath James 1792-1845 KY Maury County, TN Baker Elizabeth 28 Nov 1816
Gilbreath William H. c1802-1840 TN Marshall County, AL Vestal Elizabeth "Betsy" 02 Apr 1824
Gilbreth Samuel b. 1793 US Waldo County, ME Taggert Emily 20 Jun 1821
Gilchrest Joseph b. 1793 MA Worcester County, MA Sanderson Sally 02 Feb 1819
Gilchrest Robert c1796-1872 MA Knox County, ME Hall Elizabeth "Betsey" Nov 1820
Gilchrest Samuel b. 1788 ME Knox County, ME
Gilchrist Archibald J. 1791-1877 NY Washington County, NY McNaughton Margaret 10 Jul 1819 listed as GILCRIST
Gilchrist James b. 1787 SC Charleston, SC
Gilchrist James d. 1842 VT Bath, NH Kent Ann Frances 03 Aug 1820
Gilchrist Robert c1794-1871 PA Howard County, IA Fleming Jane (1st wife) spelled GILCRIST 2nd wife Mary Ann Powers m. 09 Apr 1847
Gilchrist William 1786-1875 NY Rockland County, NY Tenure Letty 30 Jun 1814
Gilcrease John d. 1872 ME Oxford County, ME Smith Achsah (2nd wife) 25 Jan 1855
Gildersleeve Joel 1793-1873 NY Butler County, KY Jones Charlotte (1st wife) Jun 1813 listed as GILDERSLEAVE 2nd Marian Harper, 3rd Elizabeth McDonald
Gildersleeve Joseph Burt 1794-1865 NY Queens County, NY Baker Rosetta 02 Jun 1813
Gildersleeve Josiah 1796-1876 NY Queens County, NY Smith Elizabeth 08 Feb 1814
Gile David d. 1864 NH Hillsborough County, NH Griffin Susan Mar 1829
Gile David Simpson 1794-1880 NH Cook County, IL Gage Emily
Gile Enoch Eaton 1794-1857 NH Philadelphia, PA Wood Philomena (1st wife) 2nd wife Priscilla Barber m. 06 Oct 1833
Giles Harvey b. 1790 KY Monroe County, MO Gannaway Elizabeth Jan 1825
Giles James 1784-1852 GA Bowie County, TX Christopher Martha 06 Jan 1814
Giles James d. 1875 OH Jackson County, WV Flesher Elizabeth 12 May 1817
Giles Jesse 1789-1871 TN Cocke County, TN Baxter Phoebe 1818
Giles John 1788-1871 GA Sumter County, GA Tarver Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Hoskins
Giles Joseph d. 1870 US Hancock County, ME Pinkham Alice P. 15 Jul 1834 probably 2nd wife
Giles Joseph 1789-1868 US Hancock County, ME Jordan Sarah "Sally" 24 Oct 1816
Giles Perrin 1794-1865 VA Gibson County, TN Abbott Mary B. 11 Nov 1813
Giles Samuel Shepherd 1796-1883 NH Jefferson County, NY Leam Elizabeth 14 Feb 1819
Giles Thomas 1794-1875 GA Walton County, GA Ogletree Isabella 23 Sep 1821
Giles Thomas c1795-1847 VA Rockingham County, NC Ellington Sally Tucker 01 May 1828
Gilfillan Adam 1792-1876 OH Ross County, OH Depoy Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Catherine Fidler m. 04 Apr 1819 spelled GILLFILLAN
Gilfillan Alexander 1786-1863 OH Ross County, OH Monroe Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary E. Camelin m. 23 Jul 1846 spelled GILLFILLAN
Gilfrey John 1793-1874 PA McDonough County, IL McHam Elizabeth B. 02 Feb 1815 spelled GILFRY
Gilham Aaron d. 1870 PA St. Joseph County, MI Parker Sarah 20 Sep 1812
Gilham Levi Carr 1790-1875 VA Harrison County, IN Buher Elizabeth 10 Jan 1813
Gilham Peter d. 1873 VA Frederick County, VA Jackson Eliza 01 Oct 1822
Gilham Thomas d. 1875 VA Spencer County, IN Davis Cynthia (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Wiseman m. 29 Nov 1838
Gilinger John A. d. 1858 PA Montgomery County, PA Fie Elizabeth 25 Feb 1808
Gilkerson John 1794-1857 VA Wayne County, WV Drown Delilah 05 Jul 1823
Gilkerson Thomas d. 1864 VA Wayne County, WV Adkins Nancy Jul 1813
Gilkey John 1795-1878 KY Hood County, TX Woodall Harriet 14 Dec 1837 probably 2nd wife
Gilkey John 1794-1865 ME Franklin County, ME Storer Mary G. Feb 1821
Gilkey John F. 1795-1863 KY Putnam County, IN Ray Sally 12 Jan 1823
Gilkey William d. 1864 KY Montgomery County, KY Matsin Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Barbara m. 12 Apr 1838
Gilkison Benjamin N. d. 1878 KY Jones County, IA Powell Christina (1st wife) 2nd wife Sibbie Ann Taylor m. 22 Jul 1841
Gilkison Jonathan 1793-1864 OH Richland County, IL Tanquary Delilah 06 Jan 1820
Gill Adolphus b. 1793 NY Wyoming County, NY Parmlee Eliza Nov 1817
Gill Bolling d. 1866 VA Charles City County, VA Woodward Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Durfey m. 27 Aug 1859
Gill Caleb d. 1864 KY Union County, KY Wheeler Susan (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Wheeler m. 31 Mar 1836
Gill Edward W. 1785-1866 SC Clay County, GA Rambo Sarah 1810
Gill Gardner c1789-1876 VA McNairy County, TN Flournoy Elizabeth 18 Sep 1818
Gill George d. 1833 VA Northumberland County, VA Jones Sarah H. 01 Mar 1820
Gill George 1798-1892 PA Muskingum County, OH Mullen Elizabeth c1813
Gill Hugh d. 1861 NY St. Lawrence County, NY Clarissa 07 Jul 1808
Gill Jacob 1792-1880 PA Centre County, PA Fike Susannah "Susan" 10 Oct 1815
Gill James d. 1879 VA Meigs County, OH Derenberger Christena 27 Oct 1829
Gill James 1792-1872 MS Clarke County, AL Till Catherine Oct 1819
Gill Jesse d. 1856 TN Blount County, AL Foust Mary 17 Oct 1816
Gill Jesse A. c1795-1856 GA Meriwether County, GA Thompson Susannah "Susan" 24 Nov 1819
Gill John Brown d. 1870 OH Clay County, IL Corson Elizabeth 27 Feb 1817
Gill John C. B. d. 1843 NC Austin County, TX Thomas Matilda M. 29 Dec 1813
Gill Joseph 1785-1873 VA Chesterfield County, VA Henry Judith 04 Apr 1810
Gill Robert b. c1790 SC Laurens County, SC Gray Elizabeth 1820
Gill Robert G. c1785-1840 GA Marion County, GA Pridgeon Martha Horn 09 Feb 1810
Gill Rowlett d. 1875 VA Chesterfield County, VA Morris Martha (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth m. 10 Oct 1853
Gill Selmon b. 1790 MD Henry County, IA Dorrett Margaret
Gill Teney b. 1791 VA Chesterfield County, VA Irvin Margaret (1st wife) c1819 2nd wife Maiza H. Belcher m. 08 Mar 1855
Gill Thomas c1793-1849 PA Mercer County, PA McCord Rachel Ellen 01 Apr 1816
Gill Thomas d. 1862 US Cumberland County, NC Game Nancy 03 Mar 1814
Gill Thomas d. 1861 VA Hampshire County, VA Young Elizabeth Aug 1817
Gill William 1786-1876 PA Centre County, PA Barklow Elinor
Gill William d. 1844 VA Gallatin County, KY Rountree Jane 09 Apr 1817
Gill William d. 1871 TN Maury County, TN Cooper Sarah E. 15 Mar 1828
Gill William L. 1798-1880 Navy/US Baltimore, MD Stewart Elizabeth Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Ann E. W. Ball m. 12 May 1835
Gillam James 1791-1878 SC Abbeville County, SC Satterwhite Sarah
Gillam Jesse b. 1800 VA Pike County, KY Fields Elizabeth 15 Sep 1813
Gillam Samuel b. 1785 OH Coshocton County, OH Roberts Jemima 18 Nov 1813
Gillam Simon 1790-1858 MD Schuyler County, IL Clayton Anne A. (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane Harbison m. 07 Jul 1841
Gillaspey Robert d. 1825 OH New Orleans, LA Brown Sarah 29 Sep 1808
Gillaspy James d. 1885 VA Highland County, VA McGlaughlin Elizabeth 20 May 1854 probably 2nd wife
Gillaspy William 1786-1864 KY Brown County, IN Connell Leah 10 Mar 1807
Gillchrest Joseph C. d. 1821 MA Maine Fater Harriet 16 Sep 1816
Gilleland Shepherd b. 1786 VA Alleghany County, VA Haynes Jennet Harriet "Jane" 06 Aug 1811 spelled GILLILAND
Gilleland William 1788-1842 PA Fayette County, PA Henry Mary 16 Jul 1814 listed as GILLILAND
Gilleo Isaac d. 1883 US Cayuga County, NY Piersons Mary 26 Jul 1870 spelled GUILLIO probably 2nd or 3rd wife
Gillespie Alexander d. 1874 SC Monroe County, IN Neill Elizabeth Sep 1816
Gillespie David d. 1878 NY Chenango County, NY Brounell Helen 25 Jun 1824
Gillespie Hugh Wylie b. 1790 VA Caswell County, NC Harris June 14 Feb 1817
Gillespie James 1787-1847 PA Guernsey County, OH Gillespie Nancy Agnes 26 Jan 1809
Gillespie James Alcorn b. 1794 TN Adams County, MS Smith Maria Philomela (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane Amanda Smith
Gillespie James Richard 1790-1849 TN Lawrence County, AL Johnson Lucy 09 Sep 1818
Gillespie John 1788-1881 NY Trimble County, KY Smith Lucy A. (2nd wife) 1832
Gillespie John d. 1842 TN Blount County, TN Houston ?? (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Gallagher, 3rd wife Jane Kilbourn m. 16 Oct 1823
Gillespie John C. b. 1796 TN Gibson County, TN Boyd Jane 15 Jan 1822
Gillespie Jonathan D. d. 1840 NY Susquehanna County, PA Dunning Leah 27 Jan 1815
Gillespie Jonathan H. d. 1873 VA Albemarle County, VA Breedlove Matilda C. (1st wife) 2nd wife Susan Margaret m. 11 Feb 1858
Gillespie Patrick d. 1833 PA Butler County, PA Meehen Catherine c1823
Gillespie Richard Brown 1790-1870 NY Lenawee County, MI Gray Margaret (1st wife) 2nd wife Clarinda Roberts m. Jun 1828
Gillespie Robert 1788-1860 US Marion County, OH Rice Sarah 14 Aug 1814
Gillespie Robert 1795-1871 VA Kanawha County, WV Cole Margaret
Gillespie Robert D. 1778-1854 OH Butler County, OH Robinson Mary 10 Dec 1799
Gillespie Tarlton 1787-1867 VA Amherst County, VA Reynolds Mahala 27 May 1816
Gillespie William d. 1865 NY Albany County, NY Ertzberger Mary 27 Sep 1817
Gillespie William d. 1864 PA Franklin County, PA Stroman Ann 01 Oct 1812
Gillespie William 1798-1881 VA Braxton County, WV Wanless Rosanna
Gillespie William Granville c1793-1852 VA Alleghany County, VA Franklin Mildred 18 Nov 1829
Gillespie William P. b. 1794 SC Wayne County, MS Singleton Susanna 17 Oct 1824
Gillett Anson 1792-1863 NY Wells County, IL Brown Olive 21 Apr 1814
Gillett Bethuel b. 1791 CT Geauga County, OH Pitkins Elizabeth Apr 1828
Gillett Ebenezer 1792-1855 NY Oneida County, NY Keech Elizabeth Mar 1814 spelled GILETT
Gillett Eleazor d. 1855 NY Warrick County, IN Taylor Sylvia 30 Aug 1804
Gillett Francis d. 1875 US St. Lawrence County, NY Poland Julia (1st wife) 2nd wife Ann Gilbo m. 10 May 1869
Gillett Griswold 1780-1863 OH Monroe County, WI Tracy Clarissa 12 Feb 1807
Gillett Grove 1789-1871 NY Woodbury County, IA Belford Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Deborah Fuller m. 21 Nov 1858
Gillett Henry b. 1793 NY Wayne County, NY Dickey Mary
Gillett Henry 1789-1883 VT Orange County, NY
Gillett Jehiel d. 1867 NY Berrien County, MI Lackore Martha 11 Jun 1807
Gillett John 1794-1873 TN Cocke County, TN Christian Sarah Jalah 04 Jan 1816 spelled GILLET
Gillett John D. d. 1875 NY Jefferson County, NY Webb Susan (1st wife) 2nd wife Eliza Ann m. 08 Jul 1871
Gillett John Milton d. 1847 NY Ontario County, NY Salisbury Phebe 04 Jan 1812
Gillett Joseph d. 1848 NY Steuben County, NY Hunt Catherine (1st wife) Listed as GILLET 2nd wife Charlotte Hill m. 08 Mar 1842
Gillett Philo d. 1861 CT LaFayette County, WI Bishop Mary Ann (1st wife) spelled GILLETTE 2nd wife Elizabeth Anderson m. 19 Aug 1849
Gillett Plumley 1798-1855 NY Bradford County, PA Georgia Charlotte 09 Dec 1818
Gillett Thomas 1786-1864 NY Vernon County, WI Pratt Sophia 24 Oct 1810
Gillett Truman d. 1841 NY Greene County, NY Sagues Mary 18 Oct 1813 family Bible record in file
Gillette Cyrel d. 1843 VT Albany, NY Wright Octavia W. 19 Feb 1828
Gillette Thomas 1786-1864 NY Vernon County, WI Pratt Sophia 24 Oct 1810 spelled GILLETT
Gilley Benjamin 1796-1875 MA Hancock County, ME Manchester Abigail C. 05 Oct 1818
Gillfillan Adam 1792-1876 OH Ross County, OH Depoy Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Catherine Fidler m. 04 Apr 1819
Gillham James 1796-1870 US Scott County, IL Lofton Sarah Love 24 Mar 1818
Gillham James Harvey b. c1794 US Nevada County, CA Whiteside Mary 1819 spelled GILHAM
Gillham William Campbell 1788-1849 IL Scott County, IL McDow Mary 02 Jan 1812
Gilliam Drury 1769-1829 VA Sussex County, VA Long Sally 11 Dec 1811 spelled DREWRY
Gilliam Hartwell 1794-1883 VA Clinton County, OH Jennings Crecia (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Townsend m. 03 Jan 1843
Gilliam James 1797-1877 VA Red River County, TX Bagby Harriet Nov 1822
Gilliam James S. 1782-1865 SC Newberry County, SC Gaulden Keren Happuck (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucy Lake m. 16 Jun 1824
Gilliam Nathaniel 1790-1869 NC Rhea County, TN Davis Sarah "Sally" 17 Sep 1822
Gilliam Stephen d. 1860 VA Amherst County, VA Godson Edie Nov 1836 probably 2nd wife
Gillian Major M. d. 1865 TN Johnson County, AR Grimets Mary 25 Dec 1818
Gillian William Allen 1784-1815 VA Washington DC Kidd Rosamond A. 15 Jun 1809
Gillies Jesse d. 1862 NY Orange County, NY Owen Jane 20 Feb 1808
Gillies Theodore d. 1866 PA Philadelphia, PA Hyde Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Barnett m. 28 Aug 1838
Gillihan Clement 1788-1860 KY Smith County, TN Gray Martha "Patsy" (1st wife) spelled GILLEHAN 2nd wife Nancy Shores m. 06 Mar 1823
Gillilan George Russell 1794-1854 VA Johnson County, MO Hill Martha 09 Dec 1813
Gilliland Hugh 1782-1859 OH Jackson County, OH Martin Rebecca 24 Jan 1811
Gilliland Hugh Madison 1793-1857 GA Coosa County, AL Sanders Lucinda (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth "Betsy" Ann Stewart m. 14 Mar 1841
Gilliland James d. 1853 TN Johnson County, TN Buckner Nancy Aug 1813
Gilliland James d. 1889 VA Warren County, NC Colly Sallie 24 Dec 1822
Gilliland Joel 1794-1847 TN Gibson County, TN Taylor Susannah 31 May 1816
Gilliland John 1785-1873 IN Mills County, IA McCurry Sarah 13 Jul 1817
Gilliland John 1789-1856 OH Champaign County, IL Thomas Elizabeth 16 Jun 1811
Gilliland John J. 1774-1873 NC Bartholomew County, IN Harris Susannah 26 Feb 1797
Gilliland Joseph 1790-1838 VA Alleghany County, VA Griffith Mahaleth or Mahala 11 Jun 1829
Gilliland Joseph d. 1819 US Floyd County, IN Hill Eleanor 02 May 1812
Gilliland Robert 1796-1879 SC Laurens County, SC Robinson Martha 1821
Gilliland Robert Samuel 1794-1862 TN Blount County, AL McCabe Margaret "Peggy" (1st wife) 2nd wife Caroline Center, 3rd wife Elizabeth Abston m. 13 Jun 1840
Gilliland Shepherd b. 1786 VA Alleghany County, VA Haynes Jennet Harriet "Jane" 06 Aug 1811
Gilliland Thomas b. 1796 NY Potter County, PA Carson Jane
Gilliland William b. 1789 US Lincoln County, KY Brady Elizabeth Oct 1821
Gillis David 1787-1873 NC Cumberland County, NC Black Christian 23 Sep 1819
Gillis Dougal Patterson 1794-1876 MS Hardin County, TN Murchison Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah McFadden m. 09 Dec 1841 spelled DUGALD
Gillis Hector 1796-1864 NY Oswego County, NY Hawley Mary E.
Gillis James Lyle 1792-1881 NY Henry County, IA Ridgway Mary B. Nov 1816 2nd wife Cecelia Ann Berry
Gillis Joel W. b. 1784 NY Warren County, PA
Gillis Jonathan b. 1798 NY Edgar County, IL
Gillis Samuel 1789-1871 NY Fulton County, OH Wilmarth Belinda (1st wife) 2nd wife Naomi Garlick, 3rd wife Fannie Downing m. 22 Feb 1844
Gillison John d. 1852 IL White County, IL Moreland Nancy 02 Feb 1809
Gillispie James Richard 1790-1849 TN Lawrence County, AL Johnson Lucy 09 Sep 1818 spelled GILLESPIE
Gillispie Robert J. d. 1868 VA Buckingham County, VA Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Marinda Ransom m. 21 Jun 1837
Gills Pleasant b. 1784 VA Amelia County, VA Hewey M. A. 26 Jan 1864 probably 2nd or 3rd wife
Gillum Benjamin d. 1871 KY Pike County, IL Campbell Martha A. 20 Nov 1856 listed as GILLIM probably 2nd wife
Gillum Charles c1790-1847 KY Trimble County, KY Spillman Phoebe (1st wife) 2nd wife Polly Newgent m. 05 Nov 1818
Gillum James c1791-1835 KY Trimble County, KY Faulkner Jemima 21 Jun 1818
Gilman Andrew b. 1788 NY Niagara County, NY Gleason Mary Ann 02 Oct 1867 probably 2nd or 3rd wife
Gilman David b. 1790 NH Somerset County, ME Stetson Deborah Aug 1827
Gilman Dudley d. 1871 NH Belknap County, NH Taylor Sally 01 Oct 1811
Gilman Ebenezer d. 1869 NH Hillsborough County, NH Nelson Mary 06 Jun 1808
Gilman Ezekiel b. 1789 NY Allegan County, MI Nancy 1814
Gilman Ichabod W. 1793-1879 OH Sullivan County, IN Mattox Lydia (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Rhodes m. 02 Oct 1852
Gilman James b. 1798 NH Monroe County, NY
Gilman John 1790-1867 MA Cumberland County, ME Shaw Almira 22 Oct 1818
Gilman John d. 1860 NH Kennebec County, ME Beckett Sarah 02 Feb 1823
Gilman John 1785-1874 NY Steele County, MN Wyles Eunice
Gilman John 1794-1871 NY Livingston County, NY Scott Jenny 01 Apr 1819
Gilman John T. d. 1883 MA Erie County, NY Fenton Mary 01 Jan 1818
Gilman John Taylor 1795-1875 US Clearfield County, PA Cramer Catharine 27 Sep 1834 probably 2nd wife
Gilman Jonathan 1789-1877 US Carroll County, NH Dinsmore Sally 23 Aug 1812
Gilman Joseph Philbrick 1785-1876 NY Mitchell County, IA Tague Eliza 1815
Gilman Joshua b. 1792 NH Carroll County, NH Warren Sarah 22 Nov 1815
Gilman Leonard b. 1789 NY Ingham County, MI Barlow Sophia or Sophronia 17 Oct 1813
Gilman Moses 1793-1854 NH Belknap County, NH Burleigh Sophia 26 Aug 1814
Gilman Nehemiah d. 1837 VT Detroit, MI Culver Abigail 04 May 1823
Gilman Robinson d. 1865 MA Somerset County, ME Young Mary 06 Feb 1823
Gilman Salmon 1791-1876 NY Jefferson County, NY Wyles Mary Nov 1813 spelled SALMAN
Gilman Samuel 1791-1878 NH Merrimack County, NH Cheney Betsey (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Jackman, 3rd Mary Ann Webster, 4th Mary "Polly" Ham
Gilman Samuel F. d. 1853 NH Grafton County, NH Barton Susan 12 Jan 1814
Gilman Smith d. 1886 MA Penobscot County, ME Whitten Jane 15 Mar 1813
Gilman William d. 1869 Blank Todd County, MN Eggleston Hannah 26 Jan 1819
Gilmer Archibald 1794-1873 SC Lamar County, AL Stewart Margaret "Peggy" 20 Nov 1826
Gilmer Campbell 1793-1865 KY Lee County, IA Jones Cassandra (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha Taylor
Gilmer James 1784-1862 KY Jefferson County, IA Tilford Elizabeth "Betty"
Gilmor John d. 1862 GA Macon County, GA Brady Mary 06 Apr 1815
Gilmore Aaron b. 1792 US St. Lawrence County, NY Dixon Betsey 15 Mar 1815
Gilmore Arunah 1792-1855 NY Madison County, NY Bushnell Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Eliza Chapman, 3rd wife Judith Whitecomb
Gilmore Dewey F. c1798-1880 NY Dodge County, WI McIntyre Rebecca 14 Sep 1820
Gilmore Elijah 1787-1870 TN Clarke County, MS Spurlin Karen Happuck 22 Oct 1812 wife's name also spelled Caren Happuch Spurlin
Gilmore George Washington 1794-1873 TN Washington County, TX Newton Nancy Ann 10 Dec 1818
Gilmore Hugh c1781-1859 NC Cumberland County, NC Gully Elizabeth 03 May 1814
Gilmore Hugh 1783-1877 TN Grainger County, TN Gallion or Galyon Sarah 21 Dec 1809
Gilmore Humphrey 1790-1884 GA Chambers County, AL Jenkins Martha B. 04 Jul 1815
Gilmore James 1791-1863 KY Douglas County, OR Poteet Mary "Polly" 10 Jul 1814
Gilmore James 1794-1858 AL Montgomery County, TX Gilmore Mary 26 Oct 1826
Gilmore John b. 1785 KY Pulaski County, KY
Gilmore John d. 1854 PA Crawford County, PA Burnside Jane 19 Mar 1821
Gilmore John 1795-1867 PA Venango County, PA Hanna Mary 10 Apr 1828
Gilmore Millard b. 1795 ME Washington DC
Gilmore Robert 1787-1842 KY Pulaski County, KY Ford Frances "Frankie" 08 Feb 1817 Copy of family record in file
Gilmore Robert 1793-1873 VA Preble County, OH Paxton Martha
Gilmore Rufus 1790-1871 MA Waldo County, ME Fairbanks Julitta or Julietta (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary E. Sargeant m. 20 Nov 1855
Gilmore Thomas 1792-1880 VA Effingham County, IL Leech Margaret 29 May 1815
Gilmore Wiley 1792-1873 TN Barbour County, AL Hammond Elizabeth 30 Dec 1818 spelled WILIE
Gilmore William 1784-1815 GA Jackson County, GA Downing Jane May 1809
Gilmore William b. 1798 NY Cayuga County, NY Sackett Anna 09 Apr 1823
Gilmore William H. 1793-1870 OH Fulton County, IL Van Dolah Adah (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane Pinkerton, 3rd wif Sophia P. White m. 02 Jul 1835
Gilmour John d. 1877 PA Warren County, OH Scott Mary 15 Oct 1815
Gilpatrick Benjamin d. 1870 MA Hancock County, ME Ruth 20 Sep 1835
Gilpatrick Charles 1788-1858 MA Trenton, ME Blunt Lydia 25 Jan 1819 listed as GILPATRIC
Gilpatrick Dyer 1796-1873 MA Lisbon, ME Galusha Esther H. 30 Jun 1823 listed as GILLPATRICK
Gilpatrick Samuel 1790-1871 ME Hancock County, ME Richardson Esther 18 Feb 1816
Gilpatrick Samuel d. 1864 MA York County, ME Clark Lydia (1st wife) 2nd wife Hannah Chadbourne, 3rd wife Eliza A. Allen m. 10 Feb 1851
Gilpatrick Thomas 1794-1877 US Aroostook County, ME Ross Abigail (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Huse Johnson m. 15 Apr 1832 spelled GILLPATRICK
Gilpatrick Timothy d. 1871 ME Lincoln County, ME Jaques or Jaquis Charity 24 Mar 1811
Gilpatrick William 1792-1819 US Waldo County, ME Learned Susan 22 Dec 1814
Gilpin Jabez or Jabesh b. 1787 NY Shiawasee County, MI Davis Hanner 15 May 1816
Gilreath Hillery or Hilliar H. d. 1856 NC Wilkes County, NC Jones Lucy 26 Dec 1829
Gilreath James H. 1792-1872 SC Chattooga County, GA Chandler Mary 23 Dec 1812
Gilruth James 1793-1873 OH Scott County, IA Koontz Hannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Westlake m. 25 Sep 1823
Gilson Alpheus c1801-1868 MA California Bell (1st wife) INCORRECTLY listed as GIBSON, Abigail Emma Gardner m. Apr 1846
Gilson Benjamin 1794-1878 PA Crawford County, PA Lafferty Frances W.
Gilson John d. 1866 NH Hillsborough County, NH Wood Sally (1st wife) 2nd wife Eunice K. m. 04 Apr 1850
Gilson Peter 1792-1874 PA Erie County, PA McGhee Anne (1st wife) 2nd wife Margaret m. 15 May 1853
Gilston James d. 1859 OH Holt County, MO Walker Harriet 10 Jul 1828
Giltner Bernard 1791-1870 KY Woodford County, KY Edwards Fanny R. 27 Feb 1814
Giltner John b. 1789 NY Tioga County, NY Davenport Mary
Giltner Richard 1796-1873 NY Tompkins County, NY Crooker Mary 26 Dec 1830
Gindry Donate b. 1796 LA Ascension Parish, LA Theriot Mary 29 Mar 1820
Gindry Pierre d. 1860 LA St. Martin Parish, LA Thibodeau Josephine 20 Oct 1817
Ginger David 1798-1878 US Christian County, MO Johnson Sarah Ann 08 Jan 1824
Ginger John 1789-1871 TN Hardin County, IL Vinyard or Vineyard Martha
Ginn Jesse 1789-1875 US Union Parish, LA Sutton Nancy 12 Aug 1814
Gipson Ezra d. 1852 NH Somerset County, ME Paine Hannah 18 Apr 1843 probably 2nd wife
Gipson Henry d. 1861 VA Kentucky Collins Orna (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Baker m. Mar 1822
Girdinston William d. 1844 US Washington DC Alldridge Lucresia 09 Dec 1819
Girdler Richard d. 1836 Navy Essex County, MA Bridges Nancy B. 20 May 1835 probably 2nd wife
Girdner Conrad Isaac 1787-1882 TN Greene County, TN George Eva Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Lydia Bowers m. 08 Aug 1854
Girdner Michael 1794-1881 US Monroe County, TN Wear Eliza 28 Oct 1824
Girtman Bartholomew c1795-1834 MS Pike County, MS O'Quinn Ellender 11 Mar 1810
Girton William 1793-1847 PA Columbia County, PA Shoemaker Catherine 11 Apr 1816
Girts Andrew 1786-1861 PA Clarion County, PA Beaty Jane 20 Apr 1824
Gish Christian 1792-1882 VA Woodford County, IL Houtz Elizabeth 01 Nov 1818
Gist Joshua 1793-1873 TN Colbert County, AL Grooms Susannah 17 Apr 1817
Gist Rezin Hammond d. 1834 US Bath County, KY Dawson Rachel 07 May 1812
Gist Thomas b. 1785 VA Guernsey County, OH
Gittings Michael D. 1796-1877 MD Harrison County, WV Williams Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Caroline Sophia Meigs Jackson m. 02 Feb 1832
Gittings William Hensen 1791-1869 KY Henderson County, IL Mudd Eleanor (1st wife) 2nd wife Christina Cambron m. 09 Oct 1862
Given Benjamin d. 1863 ME Androscoggin County, ME Ross Martha K. 07 Feb 1845 probably 2nd wife
Given George 1789-1877 PA Chester County, PA Klingaman Catharine
Given James d. 1881 ME Kennebec County, ME Johnson Betsey 24 Aug 1820
Given James 1781-1835 VA Nicholas County, VA Graham Elizabeth 31 Jul 1806
Given Thomas d. 1856 ME Cumberland County, ME Woodward Mary 31 May 1811
Given William 1796-1865 VA Webster County, WV Sands Elizabeth 28 Nov 1822
Givens Alexander d. 1859 TN Limestone County, AL Martin Jennie (1st wife) 2nd wife Anna Christiana Randolph m. 15 Dec 1836
Givens Alexander R. 1796-1851 KY Scotland County, MO Walker Catherine "Kitty" 24 Dec 1818
Givens David 1794-1850 VA Braxton County, VA Le Masters Catherine 03 Nov 1816
Givens John Allen 1790-1836 KY Hopkins County, KY Givens Martha "Patsey" 20 May 1816
Givens Philip d. 1868 SC Beaufort Courty, SC Firth Mary Eliza 19 Feb 1814
Givens Robert b. 1792 TN Winston County, AL Harbison Anne 12 Mar 1829
Givens William R. 1788-1842 IN Posey County, IN Bird Mary Polly 30 Dec 1815
Gividen John Jeoviden 1787-1850 VA Trimble County, KY Woody Martha "Patsey" 28 Nov 1816
Givin William d. 1849 PA Philadelphia, PA Purden Jane 12 Aug 1816
Givins Boyd d. 1868 OH Noble County, IN Bailey Rebecca 09 Jan 1821
Givins George b. 1797 US Allegheny County, PA Boner Jane 1816
Glacken William McKindrie 1796-1856 US Boone County, KY Lancaster Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Mahala Rossel Holliday m. 6 Sep 1836
Glackin William McKindrie 1796-1856 US Boone County, KY Lancaster Nancy (1st wife) spelled G:ACKEN 2nd wife Mahala Rossel Holliday m. 6 Sep 1836
Gladden Barnett 1792-1879 MD Greene County, PA Foster Isabelle 01 Apr 1812 listed as BARNET
Gladden Solomon 1792-1873 OH Richland County, OH Harlen Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Rachel Young m. 06 Jun 1820
Gladden William 1796-1884 MD Marion County, IN Negley Eva 09 Aug 1823
Gladden William Alexander 1784-1879 TN Oregon County, MO Wilson Violet 04 Jan 1810 spelled GLADIN
Gladding Hubbard d. 1855 US Hartford County, CT Belden Maria 05 Apr 1818
Gladding Josiah d. 1874 CT Essex, CT Pratt Lodisca 05 Nov 1821
Gladding Solomon d. 1874 NY Green County, WI Lawton Pamelia 12 May 1819 spelled GLADING
Gladdon James d. 1865 VA Rockingham County, VA Pifer Elizabeth 1810
Gladhill James c1796-1862 MD Frederick County, MD Ambrose Mary Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Catherine Wissinger m. 28 Jun 1846
Gladhill John 1796-1878 MD Frederick County, MD Ambrose Sophia 10 May 1822
Gladney Samuel G. 1795-1872 SC Chambers County, AL Young Mary 31 Dec 1819
Gladson Michael d. 1841 MD Baltimore, MD Sands Rebecca 25 Feb 1813
Gladstone William d. 1887 PA Cumberland County, PA Albert Fanny (1st wife) 2nd wife Hetty McIntire m. May 1827
Gladstun Daniel d. 1886 VA Rappahannock County, VA Heflin Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Creel, 3rd wife Edna Goff m. 25 Oct 1869
Gladwell William d. 1883 VA Greenbrier County, WV Dean Betsy (1st wife) 2nd wife Matilda A. Jones m. 02 Dec 1852
Gladwin Nathan 1788-1876 CT Middlesex County, CT Miller Sarah "Sally" Feb 1816
Glaize Henry 1794-1879 VA Frederick County, VA Yeakley Anne 23 Mar 1819
Glapion Christopher d. 1855 LA New Orleans, LA Lavdeaux Marie 13 Jun 1813
Glascock Gregory 1793-1869 TN Blount County, AL Ryan Sarah 18 Apr 1811 spelled GLASSCOCK
Glascock John c1792-1856 KY Breckinridge County, KY Casey Eleanor "Nelly" 28 Dec 1813 spelled GLASSCOCK
Glascock Joseph 1791-1872 US Fountain County, IN Crystal Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Philpot m. 08 Jan 1857
Glascock Thomas 1796-1872 US Mason County, KY Asberry or Asbury Elizabeth 22 Jan 1815
Glascock William d. 1884 KY Trimble County, KY Margaret (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucy P. Force m. 11 Apr 1837
Glasgow George d. 1874 KY Hardin County, KY Warren Mary 14 Jan 1817
Glasgow James b. 1793 PA Osage County, MO Groff Elizabeth 04 Jun 1825
Glasgow Jehiel d. 1878 NY Ontario County, NY Houghton Lucy M. 25 Jul 1865 probably 2nd or 3rd wife
Glasgow Nathan 1795-1876 KY Boone County, MO Graham Peggy (1st wife) 2nd wife Anna B. Allcorn m. 17 Feb 1835
Glasgow Robert Barclay 1783-1861 OH Peoria County, IL Finley Rosannah
Glasier Archibald d. 1874 NY Washington County, NY Grover Sally (1st wife) 2nd wife Margaret m. 08 Nov 1838
Glasier Elias d. 1870 NY Lewis County, NY Hill Clarissa 2nd wife Rebecca Canfield m. 17 Feb 1822
Glaskow Nathan 1795-1876 KY Boone County, MO Graham Peggy (1st wife) spelled GLASGOW 2nd wife Anna B. Allcorn m. 17 Feb 1835
Glass Aaron b. 1796 VA Belmont County, OH
Glass Benjamin 1782-1853 VA Barren County, KY Franklin Susannah
Glass Daniel b. 1795 US McKean County, PA Hamilton Lydia Oct 1814
Glass David 1785-1855 VA Christian County, MO Crump Rebecca Nov 1813
Glass Dudley b. 1783 VA Halifax County, VA Tune Frances
Glass Ezekiel 1795-1873 MA Piscataquis County, ME Byram Sabina S. (1st wife) 2nd wife Eunice E. Washburn m. 16 Jun 1836
Glass George W. b. 1796 NC St. Clair County, MO Morris Ann 27 May 1857 probably 2nd wife
Glass Henry b. 1784 VA Caswell County, NC
Glass James 1781-1847 VA Lee County, VA Finley Hannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Eagle m. Sep 1821
Glass James b. 1790 VA Stokes County, NC
Glass John 1793-1873 PA La Porte County, IN Valens Martha 17 Apr 1817
Glass John c1794-1878 GA Richland County, SC Snead Susan Poindexter (1st wife) 2nd wife Julia Sarah Susannah m. 10 Aug 1841
Glass John d. 1860 VA Campbell County, VA Wilcox Susan 04 Nov 1819
Glass Martin d. 1836 VA Fluvanna County, VA Marks Nancy 1820
Glass Morgan d. 1846 VA Perry County, OH Humphrey Nancy 01 Apr 1815
Glass Moses d. 1850 MA Kennebec County, ME Rankins Polly 30 Dec 1813
Glass Richard c1790-c1781 VA Jackson County, AL Camden Polina 1816
Glass Thomas b. 1782 VA Kanawha County, VA (WV) Celia
Glass Thomas c1794-1865 SC Spartanburg County, SC Huckaby Jane (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Blackwell m. 23 Dec 1858
Glass Thomas 1792-1862 VA Frederick County, VA Wood Catherine (1st wife) 2nd wife Margaret M. Cramer m. 09 Nov 1848
Glass Thomas d. 1861 VA Hanover County, VA Martin Fannie (1st wife) 2nd wife Sally Butler m. 25 Dec 1823
Glass Thomas W. d. 1847 VA Amherst County, VA minor children listed in file
Glass William b. 1791 VA Hamilton County, OH
Glassburn George 1787-1877 OH Jackson County, OH Russell Lucy (1st wife) 2nd wife Barbara Miller m. 02 Nov 1858
Glasscock Enoch c1791-1849 VA Fauquier County, VA Rector Mary 02 Apr 1811
Glasscock Gregory 1793-1869 TN Blount County, AL Ryan Sarah 18 Apr 1811
Glasscock John Hathaway c1790-1870 VA Gallatin County, IL Holmes Elizabeth Nov 1813
Glasscock Scarlet d. 1850 MO Cape Girardeau County, MO Day Jane 22 Sep 1822
Glassell Andrew 1793-1873 VA Los Angeles, CA Thornton Susan Thompson
Glatfelter Daniel 1796-1880 PA York County, PA Kling Catharine
Glattfelder Daniel 1796-1880 PA York County, PA Kling Catharine
Glaze Charles d. 1859 Blank Montgomery County, PA States Polly 1816
Glaze George b. 1792 PA Knox County, OH Graham Margaret 08 Jun 1815
Glaze George d. 1876 VA Brown County, IL Lynn Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Rachel Rearden m. 22 Feb 1846
Glaze James Wilson 1789-1862 OH Brown County, OH Kinnett Mary "Polly" 19 Dec 1813
Glaze John 1785-1869 VA Highland County, OH Wolfe Anna 13 Mar 1813
Glaze Nathan 1793-1883 OH Hancock County, IL Wiles Elizabeth 31 Mar 1817
Glaze Thomas b. 1796 GA Sumter County, GA Hooks Mary G. 1831 probably 2nd wife
Glazebrook Clifton 1787-1848 IN Putnam County, IN Brinton Nancy
Glazier Abraham F. b. 1796 MA Gardner, MA Coe Lucinda 01 Jul 1817 listed as ABRAM
Glazier Asa 1785-1852 NY Otsego County, NY Parshall Elina 03 May 1810
Glazier John b. 1783 PA Huntingdon County, PA Lydia 06 Jan 1841 probably 2nd wife
Glazier Joseph b. 1790 PA Hartford County, CT Bennett Polly A. 20 Mar 1814
Glazier Reuben d. 1879 MA Worcester County, MA Pierce Catherine 09 Nov 1819
Gleason Abijah 1793-1852 MA Franklin County, MA Beviens Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Amanda Clark m. 06 Mar 1845
Gleason Abishai c1790-1865 NY Genesee County, NY Hinckley Susannah 10 Jan 1813
Gleason Asa 1797-1842 NY Jefferson County, NY Wilcox Lucy 17 Oct 1810
Gleason Daniel 1782-1859 NY Allegany County, NY Houck Eleanor 20 Nov 1809
Gleason Darius b. 1797 US Onondaga County, NY
Gleason Elon d. 1873 CT Hartford County, CT Belden Sarah 17 Jan 1821
Gleason Isaac d. 1879 NY Franklin County, IN MacLaulin Anna (1st wife) 2nd wife Rebecca Bulmer m. 24 Sep 1877
Gleason Jared 1795-1881 NY New York, NY Averill Amy 07 Dec 1817
Gleason Jason 1790-1848 NY Cedar County, IA Packard Melighty 04 Jul 1813
Gleason Joel d. 1873 MA Middlesex County, MA Brown Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Mersilva Oaks m. 02 Oct 1822
Gleason John d. 1844 Navy York County, PA Firsch Catharine 10 Sep 1820
Gleason John d. 1887 NY Wyoming County, NY Robinson Cynthia (1st wife) 2nd wife Rosannah m. 07 Apr 1853
Gleason Nathan B. d. 1876 NY Albany County, NY Drury Abigail 03 Feb 1821
Gleason Orsamus d. 1853 NY Oneida County, NY Morse Ruth 15 Sep 1822
Gleason Phineas 1790-1873 CT Pike County, OH Pomeroy Sally (1st wife) 2nd wife Catherine DeWolf
Gleason Sherman C. 1794-1838 VT Franklin County, NY Goodrich Rhoda 26 Oct 1815
Gleaves William F. d. 1845 MD Kent County, MD Campbell Harriet (2nd wife) 01 Jul 1828
Glen Simon 1798-1862 Navy Schenectady, NY Goodhue Hester E. 16 Jan 1819
Glendenning George b. 1791 VA Taylor County, WV Keener Hannah (1st wife) listed as GLENDENING 2nd wife Margaret Johnson
Glenn Damarcus "Mark" d. 1868 NC Sullivan County, TN Ball Fanny 1813
Glenn Elijah B. 1796-1898 MD Essex County, NJ McCready Mary Ann 29 Dec 1829
Glenn James d. 1839 PA Philadelphia, PA Davis Mary 08 Apr 1824
Glenn James 1792-1880 TN Moniteau County, MO Hunter Margaret "Peggy" 13 Oct 1813
Glenn James d. 1849 SC Monroe County, IN McDonald Nancy J. 13 Sep 1838
Glenn James d. 1850 MO Crawford County, MO Fine Martha 15 Jun 1815
Glenn James Erwin 1793-1880 SC Pike County, MO Watson Betty (1st wife) 2nd wife Susan Foster, 3rd wife Sarah Jane Love m. 02 Jul 1835
Glenn John d. 1878 GA Jackson County, GA Embry Charlotte (1st wife) 2nd wife Polly Casey, 3rd wife Emily Pool m. 05 Nov 1854
Glenn John b. 1797 KY Grundy County, MO Reed Lorena 20 Nov 1820
Glenn John 1789-1871 PA Butler County, PA McElvain Dorcas 20 Apr 1829
Glenn Major Anderson 1796-1873 US Linn County, KS Estes Eliza Jane 01 Mar 1823
Glenn Moses Ferguson 1791-1869 KY Muhlenburg County, KY Vaught Mary Martin 05 Jun 1827
Glenn Robert d. 1864 MD Harford County, MD Montgomery Orpah 12 Nov 1818
Glenn Terry d. 1854 VA Pittsylvania County, VA Whitehead Mary A. 15 Nov 1821
Glenn Thomas d. 1828 Navy Queen Annes County, MD Collembur Gartha (1st wife) 2nd wife Rachel Cromwell m. 26 Jan 1826
Glenn Thomas F. d. 1864 KY Brown County, IL Milligan Melinda 15 Oct 1815
Glenn William F. 1793-1874 GA Anderson County, SC Alexander Mildred "Milly"
Glenser John b. 1793 PA Jay County, IN Johnson Barbara Ann 24 May 1863 probably 2nd or 3rd wife
Glessner Jacob 1795-1865 PA York County, PA Klinedinst Sabina 26 Jul 1814
Glick Jonathan 1794-1866 PA Fairfield County, OH Kerschner Catherine Jan 1816
Glidden John c1790-1875 US Kennebec County, ME Braun Elizabeth 1815
Glidden John d. 1864 MA Lincoln County, ME Loveth Mary Jordin 31 Dec 1812
Glidden Nathaniel 1790-1871 ME Lincoln County, ME Winslow Bethiah (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary J. Chapman m. 17 Feb 1850
Glidden Nathaniel c1766-1857 MA Lincoln County, ME Wheeler Martha (1st wife) 2nd wife Susan Jones m. 28 Nov 1841
Glines Daniel 1789-1848 MA Oxford County, ME Swett Mary 25 Apr 1813
Glines Jeremiah 1790-1881 NH Essex County, VT Wood Welthea Marsh 08 May 1827
Glines Jonathan c1795-1856 NH Grafton County, NH Noyes Eliza 25 Dec 1821
Glines Joseph c1795-1882 NH Merrimack County, NH Puffer Polly
Glines Moses E. 1794-1877 NH Orange County, VT Clark Eliza "Betsey" (1st wife) 2nd wife Clarissa Noyes m. 17 May 1829
Glines Nathaniel S. c1788-c1875 NH Strafford County, NH Richardson Elizabeth 91st wife) 18 Nov 1810 2nd wife Sabra Stackpole
Glines Samuel Gault 1791-1880 US Lamoille County, VT Leavitt Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Priscilla Soule m. 22 Nov 1868
Glinn William Fleming 1793-1839 KY Scott County, KY Masterson Matilda 07 Jan 1817
Glisan Charles 1793-1834 MD Frederick County, MD Boyer Mary 26 Jan 1814 spelled GLISON
Glisan Samuel 1797-1875 VA Frederick County, MD Poole Eliza 24 Feb 1818
Glisson Thomas G. 1795-1863 KY Scott County, AR Reynolds Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Lavinia Blackstock m. 20 Mar 1835
Gloshen Nicholas 1792-1877 NY Franklin County, IN Miers Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Keziah Colyer m. 07 Aug 1834
Glosson James 1792-1872 GA Gwinnett County, GA Shaw Jane "Jiney" 1820 spelled GLASSON
Glossup William c1784-1864 TN Franklin County, AL Cox Martha (1st wife) spelled GLOSSOP 2nd wife Martha "Patsey" Luttrell m. 1841
Glover Andrew c1799-1852 Blank Dutchess County, NY children listed in file
Glover Benjamin b. 1789 US Shelby County, IN Frazier Mourning Oct 1819
Glover Benjamin d. 1869 SC Shelby County, AL Wren Polly (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary W. Bailey m. 06 Mar 1850
Glover Benjamin b. 1791 US Boston, MA
Glover Charles d. 1827 DC Washington DC Cocking Jane 19 Aug 1813
Glover Edward d. 1870 Navy Boston, MA Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Lydia P. m. 23 Dec 1847
Glover James d. 1871 VA Marshall County, MS Parker Mary Ann 08 Nov 1814
Glover James Nettle 1793-1873 MD Minneapolis, MN Dozier Elizabeth 09 Sep 1821
Glover James S. 1790-1871 GA Madison County, AL Green Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Matilda Green m. 07 May 1822
Glover Jesse 1790-1879 VA Galloway County, MO Anderson Eliza (1st wife) 2nd wife Susan Williamson m. 04 May 1848
Glover Larkin 1790-1881 GA Sumter County, GA Jones Sarah "Sally" (1st wife) Dec 1818 2nd wife Elizabeth Bellew
Glover Nathaniel d. 1844 TN Schuyler County, IL Smith Elizabeth Apr 1807
Glover Philip 1795-1872 MD Marion County, OR Koontz Sarah "Sally" (1st wife) 13 Nov 1819
Glover Thomas d. 1864 Blank Sullivan County, TN Walling Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Rebecca m. Feb 1855
Glover William 1789-1872 OH Clark County, IL Travioli Lucinda 10 Jan 1860 probably 2nd or 3rd wife
Glover William b. 1796 MD Anne Arundel County, MD
Gloyd David 1792-1836 MA Plymouth County, MA Ripley Mary 24 May 1818
Glynn Horatio d. 1878 US New Haven County, CT Lovina 09 Sep 1822
Glynn Samuel A. 1797-1852 NY Rutland County, VT Eddy Mary Ann 12 Jul 1818
Goad Aaron Aser 1790-1858 VA Carroll County, VA Cock Eleanor 26 Mar 1823
Goad Andrew 1778-1871 VA Bedford County, VA Jacobs Mary "Polly" 26 Jul 1815
Goad Edward d. 1828 TN Rhea County, TN Milliken Ruth 01 Feb 1809
Goad John 1788-1850 KY Hopkins County, KY Bourland Rachel 28 Jun 1813
Goad Joshua b. 1786 TN Scott County, TN Smiddy Sarah "Sally"
Goad Reuben 1794-1890 TN Madison County, AR Davis Nancy Ann 26 Jan 1834 probably 2nd wife
Goad William d. 1855 KY Crawford County, IN Elizabeth 20 Mar 1825
Gobbard Mikel d. 1865 KY Breathitt County, KY Peters Polly 01 Jun 1811
Gober George Wisdom 1795-1881 GA Hunt County, TX Gober Mary Ann 1817
Goble Daniel 1789-1871 OH Clay County, IN Pound Eunice Feb 1816
Goble Daniel 1799-1871 OH Pulaski County, IN Cox Eunice 07 Mar 1821
Goble Henry d. 1870 NY Orange County, NY Short Phebe 01 Apr 1814
Goble Moses d. 1879 NY Niagara County, NY Lucinda (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha m. 26 Feb 1862
Goble William 1789-1874 OH Fountain County, IN Clark Elizabeth 02 Sep 1809
Gochenour Samuel 1792-1873 VA Blackford County, IN Wolgamuth Catherine Apr 1814
Godard Daniel 1793-1877 GA Monroe County, GA Rogers Elizabeth Aug 1819
Goddard Charles d. 1872 MD Baltimore, MD Gordon Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Rosanna M. Reif, 3rd wife Elizabeth Kennedy m. 10 Feb 1846
Goddard Daniel 1783-1841 CT Coles County, IL Pettibone Percy Amanda 20 Jan 1807 listed as DAN
Goddard David d. 1865 TN Roan County, TN Richardson Polly (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Wilson m. 07 Feb 1843
Goddard James d. 1877 VA Williamson County, IL Lewis Cynthia (2nd wife) 13 Oct 1847
Goddard Josiah 1792-1883 US Winneshiek County, IA Harris Hannah 01 Dec 1814
Goddard Lyman 1792-1875 MA Livingston County, NY Bacon Levania 06 Nov 1832 probably 2nd wife
Goddard Nathaniel 1797-1887 MA Worcester County, MA Gale Rhoda 27 Oct 1820
Goddard Solomon 1795-1871 TN Jefferson County, IL Adcock Nancy Ellender (1st wife) 2nd Jane Hamilton, 3rd Sarah Cook, 4th Mary Leach, 5th Nancy Corbet
Goddard Thornton C. 1794-1884 TN Monroe County, TN Cunningham Polly 04 Feb 1817
Goddin Hugh d. 1848 KY Madison County, KY Curle Sophia I. 21 Dec 1815
Godding William 1791-1873 NY Schuyler County, NY Bennett Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Byram m. 27 Oct 1852
Godfrey Benjamin 1794-1862 Navy/NY Madison County, IL Cooper Harriet (1st wife) 2nd wife Rebecca E. Petit m. 15 Aug 1839
Godfrey Caleb 1789-1854 NY LaSalle County, IL Gardner Harriet 10 May 1814
Godfrey Enoch T. c1787-1872 NJ Cape May County, NJ Townsend Amelia
Godfrey Francis d. 1861 DC Washington DC Hayes Hester (2nd wife) 25 Dec 1836
Godfrey Frederick 1795-1870 MA Steuben, ME Haskell Joanna 10 Aug 1826
Godfrey John H. d. 1872 NY Ostego County, NY Thomas Harriet 31 Aug 1861 probably 2nd wife
Godfrey Maxon 1792-1870 NY Erie County, PA Barber Laura 11 Jul 1811
Godfrey Moses 1790-1880 VT Orange County, VT Kennay Charlotte
Godfrey Robert d. 1859 KY Shelby County, KY Payne Eleanor 08 Oct 1837
Godfrey Rufus d. 1866 MA Bristol County, MA Caswell Silence (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Kingman m. 12 Oct 1834
Godfrey Thomas 1792-1878 SC Fannin County, GA Bailey Anna 04 Aug 1814
Godfrey William 1785-1881 SC Rabun County, GA Mitchell Anna 04 Oct 1811
Godfrey William d. 1879 VA Norfolk County, VA Williamson Mary (6th wife) 01 Dec 1863 Names of other wives not given.
Godfrey Zachariah d. 1844 US Martin County, IN Catherine
Godsey Burley c1791-1826 US Meigs County, TN Poe Mary 13 Jun 1816
Godsey Drury Lacy 1795-1873 VA Mills County, IA Cox Sarah 16 Dec 1825
Godsey Henry d. 1864 VA Campbell County, VA Davidson Margaret 01 Oct 1810
Godsey Solomon 1779-1850 VA Chesterfield County, VA Hancock Phebe (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth m. Mar 1844
Godsey Thomas O. b. 1796 VA Mecklenburg County, NC Fink Elizabeth 15 May 1827
Godwin Alexander M. 1795-1881 TN St. Clair County, AL McLaughlin Margaret (1st wife) 2nd wife Missouri T. Lovett m. 15 Dec 1871
Godwin David 1793-1841 VA Nansemond County, VA Bess Eliza S. (1st wife) 2nd wife Cherry or Charity Kelly m. 29 Sep 1819
Godwin Edmund b. 1792 NC Johnston County, NC Holly Sally 12 May 1817
Godwin Robert 1792-1876 VA Barbour County, WV Barb Mary 20 Mar 1816
Godwin Wiley d. 1856 GA Washington County, FL Dorcas c1841 probably 2nd wife
Goe Nathaniel Boone 1791-1865 KY Estill County, KY Frame Elizabeth 24 Jan 1815
Goen Dillard b. 1792 SC Milton County, GA Sigmond Nancy 05 Dec 1817
Goetchens Matthew d. 1860 NY Ulster County, NY Goetchins Ann 26 Jan 1822
Goetschins Harmen d. 1859 NY Rockland County, NY Van Buskirk Fanny 28 Feb 1818
Goewey Daniel d. 1859 NY Kansas Betsey (1st wife) 2nd wife Harriet m. 18 Apr 1853
Goewey Peter D. 1792-1872 NY Rock County, WI Vanantwerp Maria 11 Jun 1815 transcription of Bible record in file
Goff Asa d. 1844 CT Middlesex County, CT Minor Harriet B. (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucinda Dickinson m. 03 May 1841
Goff Brainard 1792-1881 NY LaPorte County, IN Hungerford Electa Strong (1st wife) 2nd wife Abigail Coon m. 25 Sep 1831
Goff David d. 1869 Blank Tuscola County, MI Chloe (2nd wife) 28 Dec 1863
Goff Elisha 1797-1869 NY Winnebago County, IL Doud Chlorinda or Clarinda 03 Feb 1825
Goff Frederick 1787-1839 NY Cass County, MI Crandall Melinda Oct 1823
Goff James d. 1868 MA Bristol County, MA Goff Deborah 14 Dec 1817
Goff James 1796-1872 MA Androscoggin County, ME Brown Rachel (1st wife) 2nd wife Ann M. Fogg m. 26 Aug 1858
Goff John d. 1860 KY Pulaski County, KY Barnes Nancy 15 Mar 1804
Goff John d. 1872 US Baldwin, PA McCollum Margaret (1st wife) 2nd wife Emerline A. m. 09 Jan 1844
Goff Jonathan d. 1880 US Hampden County, MA Hanks Lucilia 29 Mar 1817
Goff Peter d. 1868 PA Jefferson County, PA Christiana (1st wife) 2nd wife Casean Fasnacht m. 24 Feb 1832
Goff Salathiel 1783-1863 OH Preston County, WV Lipscombe Lucinda (1st wife) 2nd wife Malinda Garner m. 20 Nov 1819
Goff Squire 1791-1877 NY Monroe County, NY Newton Lodima Apr 1815
Goff Theodore 1794-1881 NY Adams County, WI Tyler Harriet
Goff William 1786-1870 MO Washington County, MO Oglesby Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Eliza Gilbert m. 19 May 1844
Goff William b. 1795 VA Licking County, OH Wright Susannah 1825
Goff William H. d. 1851 TN Choctaw County, AL Broom Mahala A. 27 Apr 1841 probably 2nd wife
Goforth Andrew 1791-1854 MO Washington County, MO Harris Lydia 11 Nov 1824
Goforth George Washington 1791-1886 NC Madison County, NC Frady Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Margaret Elizabeth Freeman m. 10 Aug 1845
Goforth William 1792-1858 NC Iredell County, NC Foster Sarah 'Sally" B. 18 Jul 1813
Gohagan Timothy N. d. 1887 US Alleghany County, PA Redman Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary J. Logue m. 10 Dec 1834
Goin Charles F. d. 1835 MO Detroit, MI Aubuchon Matilda 30 May 1819
Goin Isaac Abraham 1793-1875 TN Claiborne County, TN Gray Temperance Alice 24 Mar 1809
Goins Francis d. 1853 KY Garrard County, KY Jett Nancy 16 Mar 1803
Goins John J. d. 1868 GA Bibb County, GA Holland Betsey (1st wife) 2nd wife Winifred m. 22 Nov 1865
Goit Philo b. 1792 NY Oakland County, MI
Gold John b. 1792 VA Montgomery County, TN
Gold Josiah 1792-1859 VA Saline County, IL Averitt or Averett Martha "Patsey"
Gold Samuel William b. 1797 PA Clarion County, PA George Isabella 1849 probably 2nd wife
Gold Thomas 1794-1874 TN Jackson County, AL Holland Nancy 27 Feb 1816
Golden Aaron S. 1794-1826 NJ Essex County, NJ Oakley Dorcas 26 Nov 1823
Golden Enoch b. 1775 TN White County, TN Googe Lucy 01 Sep 1799
Golden Henry d. 1854 NY New York, NY Bedell Mary C. 13 May 1810
Golden James d. 1852 PA Summit County, OH Homan Abigail 30 Nov 1802
Golder Archibald d. 1858 MD Baltimore, MD Howard Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Jane Butler m. 27 May 1815
Golder John b. 1793 MD Westchester County, NY listed as GOLDEN
Golder Nicholas d. 1834 NY Kings County, NY Hendrickson Jane 20 Jan 1813
Goldey William d. 1842 PA Philadelphia, PA Schrack Elizabeth 01 Jun 1816
Goldsborough Robert d. 1840 US Wayne County, OH Corbin Catherine 1811
Goldsby Edward Thomas 1796-1840 KY Henry County, TN Graham Minerva 03 Oct 1817
Goldsby George P. d. 1867 OH Washington County, IN Wheeler Mary (3rd wife) 11 Dec 1842
Goldsmith Caleb d. 1858 NY Orange County, NY Savage Julia A. 18 Dec 1834 probably 2nd wife
Goldsmith Charles b. 1791 US St. Clair County, IL
Goldsmith John d. 1866 OH Preble County, OH Bridge Joanna Oct 1799
Goldsmith John M. d. 1847 DC Charles County, MD Crain Eliza (2nd wife) 25 Jan 1844
Goldsmith Jonathan d. 1847 OH Lake County, OH Jones Abigail 06 Jun 1808
Goldsmith Joshua R. 1781-1873 NY Jackson County, MI Van Zant Ann 30 Sep 1807
Goldsmith Moses d. 1844 NY Orange County, NY Smith Abigail 08 Feb 1815
Goldsmith Roe 1786-1870 NY Ashtabula County, OH Hurd Esther 02 Mar 1806
Goldsmith Samuel d. 1844 NJ Gloucester County, NJ Denike Vashti R. 02 Aug 1812
Goldsmith William d. 1869 MA Middlesex County, MA Rice Eunice 19 Nov 1826
Goldsmith William d. 1868 NH Carroll County, NH Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucinda Stevens m. 17 Jul 1859
Goldson William 1788-1884 PA Ohio County, IN Stout Elizabeth 15 Feb 1815
Goldston Eli 1795-1875 TN Wilson County, TN Bennett Elizabeth 24 Dec 1816 spelled GOLDSTONE
Goldthrite Sylvester 1789-1875 NY Jefferson County, NY Peck Elizabeth 25 Dec 1813
Goldthwait Jacob d. 1858 MA Penobscot County, ME Barnes Mary A. Oct 1832 probably 2nd wife
Goldthwait Thomas d. 1871 MA York County, ME Goldthwait Abigail 19 Oct 1817
Goldthwait Timothy d. 1883 MA Kennebec County, ME Stevens Sophia 18 Dec 1814
Goldwaite Jonathan d. 1836 NY Albany County, NY Abbott Jane W. 10 Jul 1814
Goleman Young 1793-1873 MS Jackson County, MS Gill Phoebe (1st wife) 2nd wife Isabella McGregor m. 04 Jul 1858
Golladay David 1789-1872 VA Warren County, IA Dade Magdalin 1816
Golladay Frederick 1786-1871 VA Miami County, OH Loury Eliza Jane Mar 1814
Golladay Jacob 1785-1872 VA Shenandoah County, VA Funk Margaret Mar 1813
Golliday Frederick 1786-1871 VA Miami County, OH Loury Eliza Jane Mar 1814 spelled GOLLADAY
Gollihor James d. 1864 TN Madison County, NC Blackston Ally 10 Sep 1813
Golliver John c1765-1857 VA Delphos, Allen County, OH Evans Lydia Ann 15 May 1813
Gollohorn John d. 1862 VA Stafford County, VA Hagan Penelope 20 Mar 1809
Gomillion John c1792-1838 SC Edgefield County, SC Hatcher Mary A. 06 Jul 1820
Gominger Joseph 1784-1871 PA Philadelphia, PA Fried Ann 08 Apr 1804
Gonder Daniel b. 1792 OH Muskingum County, OH Riley Rosanna Margaret Jun 1813
Gonzales Jean b. 1788 LA Assomption Parish, LA Cavaliero Marietta 24 Jun 1810
Gooch Daniel b. 1798 MA York County, ME
Gooch Joseph d. 1875 NH Belknap County, NH Davis Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Susan Berry m. 29 Nov 1849
Good Felix 1794-1875 VA Frederick County, VA Orndorff Rachel Nov 1820
Good Jacob 1788-1863 VA Greene County, MO Widock or Wideck Eve (1st wife) 2nd wife Catherine Burner m. 11 May 1843
Good John b. 1792 PA Northampton County, PA Helfrich Elizabeth 12 Apr 1818
Good Joseph 1780-1873 PA Lancaster County, PA Kendig Elizabeth 24 Apr 1814
Good Lewis 1790-1877 VA Page County, VA Tanner Susannah "Susan" 1828
Good Samuel d.1878 VA Highland County, OH Detamore Mary Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Arabella Hullinger m. 17 Mar 1859
Goodale Daniel b. 1795 US Cumberland County, ME Soule Eunice 04 Jul 1839 probably 2nd wife
Goodale Darius 1789-1850 CT Hartford County, CT Vorra Abigail 11 Jan 1816
Goodale David b. 1795 NY Lewis County, NY Shaffer Charity 15 Oct 1824
Goodale David d. 1850 NY Suffolk County, NY Payne Betsey 01 Dec 1813
Goodale James 1796-1873 NH Hancock County, ME Homer Harriet 01 Dec 1819
Goodale Joseph 1784-1876 NY Suffolk County, NY Sanford Huldah 27 Jan 1806
Goodale Obadiah 1793-1877 NH Worcester County, MA Farwell Martha Haskell 28 Mar 1826
Goodale Silas b. 1798 NY Orange County, NY Brown Cynthia M. 16 Aug 1824
Goodall Fountain 1793-1885 VA Mason County, WV Seal Margaret "Peggy" 06 Nov 1816
Goodall John Turner 1794-1882 TN Wilson County, TN Akins Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Harris, 3rd wife Nancy Huffman m. 07 Nov 1870
Goodall Parks or Parke c1791-1878 TN Muhlenburg County, KY Palmer Elizabeth Dec 1815
Goodall Philander 1796-1890 VA Madison County, VA Marshall Mourning Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Jemima Catherine Gallihugh m. 27 Nov 1872
Goodbee John L. d. 1868 LA St. Tammany Parish, LA Loyd Nancy 30 May 1829
Goodbread John Starling 1797-1875 GA Suwannee County, FL Crews Charity (1st wife) 05 Jun 1817 2nd wife Frances Rebecca Rogers listed as John B. Goodbread
Goodcourage John d. 1874 US St. Lawrence County, NY Murphy Ellen 27 Sep 1827
Goodding Abraham 1794-1877 KY Randolph County, MO Rogers Nancy 28 Aug 1817 spelled GOODING
Goode Abraham d. 1872 VA Montgomery County, VA Sullins Nancy 1822 spelled GOOD
Goode Edward c1795-c1875 VA Ballard County, KY Spears Sarah
Goode Ewing d. 1839 VA Essex County, VA Patterson Dorothy 16 Feb 1816
Goode Henry Jones d. 1879 OH Shelby County, OH McKay Margaret 20 Mar 1824
Goode Jacob d. 1887 VA Franklin County, VA Mullins Alice
Goode John Hawkins c1795-1851 KY Christian County, KY Clark Sarah "Sally" A. 1816
Goode Mackerness "Mack" c1785-1850 VA Mecklenburg County, VA Hayes Mary Eliza 25 Mar 1822
Goode Philip 1795-1891 VA Saline County, MO Young Sarah Parish 19 Dec 1819
Goode Richard 1798-1873 KY Bullitt County, KY Robey Louisa (2nd wife) 27 Dec 1864
Goode Samuel d.1878 VA Highland County, OH Detamore Mary Elizabeth (1st wife) spelled GOOD 2nd wife Arabella Hullinger m. 17 Mar 1859
Goode Timothy d. 1850 KY Casey County, KY Smith Elizabeth "Betsey" 02 Jan 1806
Goodell Amos d. 1871 NY Onondaga County, NY Babcock Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Susan m. 22 Mar 1837
Goodell Clement d. 1845 NY Monroe County, NY Eldred Sarah "Sally" A. 30 Apr 1822
Goodell Daniel b. 1795 MI Wayne County, MI Banan Susannah 1822
Goodemett Jacob d. 1874 NY Livingston County, NY Hannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Isabel m. 04 Oct 1860
Goodemote Jacob d. 1874 NY Livingston County, NY Hannah (1st wife) spelled GOODEMETT 2nd wife Isabel m. 04 Oct 1860
Goodemote Philip d. 1872 NY Cattaraugus County, NY Vosburgh Hannah 1820
Gooden James 1790-1833 KY Barren County, KY Piper Elizabeth 30 Apr 1818
Gooden Thomas c1785-1853 VA Upshur County, VA Huffman Susannah "Susan" 21 Mar 1815 spelled GOODIN
Goodenough Levi d. 1856 NY Brattleboro, VT Mixer Clarissa Nov 1816
Goodenough Liberty d. 1813 US Jefferson County, NY Barney Susannah May died in service; heirs mentioned in file
Goodenow William d. 1863 US Cumberland County, ME Quincy Elizabeth "Eliza" 10 Jun 1835 probably 2nd wife
Goodfellow Peter Buckloon 1784-1869 NY Randolph County, MO Grow Anna 25 Dec 1814
Goodhue James Stickney 1789-1838 MA Essex County, MA Willey Lydia Thompson 18 Dec 1809
Goodhue John Mitchell 1793-1873 NY Monroe County, NY Gilman Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Hannah Potter m. 12 Apr 1846
Goodin Daniel b. 1791 NY Huron County, OH
Goodin John c1781-a1850 KY Whitley County, KY Arthur Sarah "Sally" 29 Oct 1811
Goodin Thomas c1785-1853 VA Upshur County, VA Huffman Susannah "Susan" 21 Mar 1815
Gooding Abraham 1794-1877 KY Randolph County, MO Rogers Nancy 28 Aug 1817
Gooding George 1796-1856 MA Delaware County, OH Williams Phebe T. 25 Jan 1818
Gooding Isaac d. 1838 KY Fountain County, IN Hinton Peggy (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Cox m. 13 Mar 1820
Gooding Samuel b. 1800 VA Washington County, OH
Gooding Stephen 1792-1873 NY Kane County, IL Lewis Anna 09 Jul 1815
Goodlin Thomas b. 1796 MD Jefferson County, OH Finch Elizabeth 11 Aug 1813
Goodloe Henry b. 1791 KY Bath County, KY Lail or Lale Rachel 02 Nov 1817
Goodman Achilles Marcellus 1796-1877 VA Campbell County, VA King Mary J.
Goodman Andrew d. 1864 TN Washington County, TN Saunders Catherine 15 May 1812 spelled GOODMON
Goodman Charles M. 1788-1818 VA Madison County, KY Barksdale Mary 11 Jan 1816
Goodman Curtis d. 1877 SC Richmond County, NC Knight Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Catherine Moore m. 01 Feb 1824
Goodman David d. 1876 VA Hardin County, KY Needermons Barbara (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary E. Lucas m. 07 Sep 1861
Goodman George 1796-1858 VA Smyth County, VA Wassom or Wassum Rachel 29 Jan 1818
Goodman Holyoton 1794-1879 NY Warren County, NY Rumrill Lucy
Goodman James Blackwell c1795-1883 VA Bedford County, VA Padgett Nancy
Goodman Jesse 1794-1859 KY Titus County, TX Flippin Rhoda (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Isabella
Goodman Jesse b. 1782 KY Madison County, KY
Goodman Jesse W. d. 1856 VA Campbell County, VA Morris Martha (1st wife) 2nd wife Philadelphia C. Day m. 1846
Goodman John d. 1874 VA Smyth County, VA Kinder Mary 25 Oct 1814
Goodman Noah b. 1789 US Quebec, Canada Fralich Rebecca 06 Feb 1813
Goodman Robert 1796-1875 VA Osage County, MO Mahon Susan Dec 1818
Goodman Thomas d. 1848 NY Branch County, MI Upson Roxy 18 Feb 1810
Goodner James 1792-1883 TN Davidson County, TN Fite Martha Aug 1817
Goodnight Christopher 1787-1866 VA Clinton County, IN Mason Jane 07 Jan 1821
Goodnight George 1790-c1874 KY Harrison County, KY Pock Elizabeth
Goodnight John 1794-1879 KY McDonough County, IL Brown Rhoda (1st wife) 2nd wife Agnes Jones
Goodno Asa b. 1792 VT Addison County, VT
Goodno William Artemus 1795-1882 VT Windsor County, VT Clark Randilla
Goodnow Asher b. 1795 VT Eaton County, MI Olive 26 Apr 1841 probably 2nd wife
Goodnow Elisha d. 1851 MA Boston, MA Hunter Jane R. 11 Dec 1828
Goodnow Isaac b. 1794 MA Worcester County, MA Ester M.
Goodnow Jonas 1791-1851 MA Middlesex County, MA Frost Eliza 11 Apr 1817
Goodnow Thomas 1790-1871 MA Franklin County, MA Chandler Electa 22 Jan 1813
Goodpaster Michael 1791-1855 KY Morgan County, IN Carpenter Margaret A.
Goodrich Aaron d. 1868 MA Cayuga County, NY Henderson Affable 23 Mar 1815
Goodrich Allen d. 1819 NY Delaware County, NY Lord Elizabeth 08 Feb 1809
Goodrich Andrew d. 1861 NY Calhoun County, MI Miller Susan 05 Nov 1815
Goodrich Barzilla d. 1854 NY Crawford County, PA Freeman Maria 03 Mar 1816
Goodrich Chauncey c1788-1856 VT Fair Haven, VT Spratt Phebe 23 Mar 1828
Goodrich George d. 1874 NY Chautauqua County, NY Parsons Tryphena 19 Jan 1822
Goodrich George d. 1834 VA/DC Washington DC Gates Dolly D. 01 Jun 1810
Goodrich Gilman 1797-1874 NH Rock County, WI Harvey Lydia Edith 28 Dec 1821
Goodrich Henry d. 1839 NY Livingston County, NY Paddock Judith Sep 1809
Goodrich Henry d. 1883 US Franklin County, OH Jones Ellen 1817
Goodrich Hiram 1791-1871 NY Delaware County, NY Butler Elizabeth "Betsey" 10 Jun 1814
Goodrich James 1791-1858 NY Oneida County, NY White Harriet 22 Mar 1822
Goodrich James 1790-1879 NY Tioga County, PA McLean Deborah A. 24 Jan 1815
Goodrich John 1794-1869 NH Rockingham County, NH Gay Mary W. 29 Mar 1816
Goodrich John c1791-1844 NY Warren County, PA Hopkins Leva 01 May 1814
Goodrich John B. 1790-1865 US Knox County, OH Huffman Eleanor "Ella" 01 Sep 1825
Goodrich John Ford 1786-1865 VT Franklin County, NY Norton Samantha 04 Jan 1811
Goodrich Joshua 1789-1854 CT Wethersfield, CT Francis Clarissa (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Ann Wells m. 15 Dec 1840
Goodrich Oliver S. d. 1873 NY Trumbull County, OH Levins Catherine 25 Dec 1825
Goodrich Peter d. 1886 US Rutland County, VT Murray Betsey 02 Jan 1827
Goodrich Samuel d. 1880 NY Oswego County, NY Luce Esther 12 Dec 1824
Goodrich Stephen Goodwin 1790-1865 OH Licking County, OH Powell Sarah 09 Aug 1823
Goodrich Warren b. c1790 CT Hampden County, MA Bowers Ann 02 Feb 1811
Goodrick Eli d. 1826 MD Baltimore, MD Senseny or Senceny Susan 09 Mar 1813
Goodridge Benjamin 1789-1868 ME Somerset County, ME Baker Melinda (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Morrow m. 02 Jun 1844
Goodridge Ebenezer 1793-1884 MA Somerset County, ME Walker Olive 14 Jan 1812
Goodridge Ira d. 1871 US St. Lawrence County, NY Nickols Chloe 13 Nov 1810
Goodridge Joseph d. 1842 MA Suffolk County, MA Emerson Abigail (1st wife) 2nd wife Rebecca Emerson m. 11 May 1836
Goodridge Noah 1794-1875 MA Somerset County, ME Salisbury Philinda (1st wife) 2nd wife Betsey m. 17 Sep 1863
Goodrum John Jackson 1794-1865 TN Allen County, KY Carruthers Marjorie (1st wife) 2nd wife Eliza Ragsdale, 3rd wife Mary Ann Cornwell m. 17 May 1843
Goods George d. 1850 PA Delaware County, PA Arnold Rachel 31 May 1812
Goodsell John d. 1857 CT New Haven County, CT Smith Malinda (1st wife) 2nd wife Huldah Bassett m. 11 Nov 1829
Goodsell Orman d. 1879 NY Bradford County, PA Broughton Abigail 01 Oct 1815
Goodsell Samuel Penfield d. 1873 NY Oneida County, NY Barker Mercy Cushman 16 Mar 1816
Goodsell Zalmon L. d. 1878 NY Lenawee County, MI Cowles Lucy (1st wife) 2nd wife Ann Showerman m. 03 Jan 1846
Goodson Abram d. 1875 GA Dooly County, GA Wood Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane Stephens m. 24 Mar 1873
Goodson David c1794-1863 MS Jefferson County, MS Bell Elizabeth 10 Feb 1815
Goodson George b. 1793 VA Nansemond County, VA Green Elizabeth 11 Mar 1818
Goodson John W. c1789-1817 US Providence, RI Martin Dorcas D. 26 May 1811
Goodson Leander L. b. 1797 VA Grayson County, VA
Goodson William 1793-1852 VA Floyd County, VA Banks Abigail (1st wife) 2nd wife America Sandifer m. 08 Jan 1837
Goodspeed Charles 1796-1856 MA Barnstable County, MA Marston Sophronia 05 Feb 1824
Goodspeed Ezra 1793-1835 MA Barnstable County, MA Wiley Lydia 12 Apr 1817
Goodspeed Levi c1786-1870 MA Barnstable County, MA Morse Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Cadet m. 10 Jan 1852
Goodwill George d. 1856 CT Portage County, OH Harden Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Babcock m. 11 Apr 1844
Goodwin Aaron b. 1796 OH Greene County, IN Graves Lydia Jun 1816
Goodwin Allen B. d. 1827 VA Rockbridge County, VA Hickman Elizabeth 05 Dec 1811
Goodwin Andrew 1792-1872 ME Litchfield, ME Clifford Margaret
Goodwin Benjamin 1784-1859 MA Cumberland County, ME Lilly Sally (1st wife) 2nd wife Hannah S. Scott m. 22 Oct 1844
Goodwin Benjamin d. 1843 ME York County, ME Stone Adah 28 Nov 1822
Goodwin Burr d. 1871 CT Dubuque County, IA Kearns Mary 04 Aug 1849 probably 2nd wife
Goodwin Charles b. 1791 NH Bennigton County, VT Hawkins Amy Jul 1819
Goodwin Charles 1797-1874 VA Baltimore, MD Carmichael Janet Gordon 21 Dec 1819
Goodwin Charles 1792-1871 MA Plymouth County, MA Harlow Hannah 03 Nov 1815
Goodwin Daniel d. 1882 Navy St. Lawrence County, NY Clarke Alvira or Elvira 17 May 1824
Goodwin Daniel 1786-1875 NH Rockingham County, NH Heath Sarah Folsom 10 Sep 1816
Goodwin David 1794-1885 NH Belknap County, NH Chesley Abigail 20 Mar 1820
Goodwin David H. c1789-1885 NY Douglas County, CO Dodson Hannah 18 Apr 1820
Goodwin David S. d. 1879 MA Lincoln County, ME Tuycross Lydia 27 Nov 1834 probably 2nd wife
Goodwin Edmond d. 1883 US York County, ME Sargent Lydia Sep 1827
Goodwin Elisha 1793-1881 NH Carroll County, NH Gilman Elizabeth
Goodwin Francis 1793-1880 US York County, ME Sherman Lucy 11 Dec 1815
Goodwin Hezekiah d. 1873 CT Hartford County, CT Pratt Emily (1st wife) 2nd wife Melissa m. Apr 1843
Goodwin Horace 1787-1864 CT Hartford County, CT Ramsey Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Phebe C. Berry m. 01 Feb 1860
Goodwin Isaac b. 1785 Navy Walworth County, WI Brown Mary E. 1815
Goodwin Jacob b. 1791 SC Richmond County, GA
Goodwin James b. 1793 VT Orange County, VT
Goodwin James d. 1844 US Clermont County, OH Chandler Lucina 25 Nov 1819
Goodwin Jedediah 1782-1870 MA Clinton, ME Wing Mercy )1 May 1811
Goodwin Jeremiah c1796-1853 NH Strafford County, NH Ham Caroline (1st wife) 11 Oct 1821 2nd wife Sarah H. Hervey m. 17 Mar 1841
Goodwin John 1795-1884 MA Somerset County, ME Hutchins Elizabeth 25 Sep 1831
Goodwin John 1790-1874 NC Jackson Parish, LA Babbit Margaret 06 Mar 1817
Goodwin Joseph 1797-1870 NH Hillsborough County, NH Peaslee Mary 24 Mar 1822
Goodwin Joseph d. 1874 NY Macomb County, MI Wheeler Sarah "Sally" 24 Dec 1818
Goodwin Levi d. 1882 VT Union County, IN Martin Eunice 22 Oct 1818
Goodwin Moses 1790-1865 MA Waldo County, ME Ricker Hannah 29 Apr 1830 probably 2nd wife
Goodwin Nathan d. 1843 NH Rockingham County, NH Marden Mehitable c1804
Goodwin Robert d. 1879 US New London County, CT Goffery Eunice (1st wife) 2nd wife Elvira D. m. 02 Mar 1851
Goodwin Samuel 1790-1864 ME Franklin County, ME Jones Wealthy 20 Jan 1812
Goodwin Samuel b. 1791 NH Lamoille County, VT Stevens Hannah 11 Nov 1812
Goodwin Stephen b. 1797 MA Hancock County, ME Neannah Jan 1827
Goodwin Theophilus d. 1873 NH Rockingham County, NH Dutch Lois 28 May 1826
Goodwin Urban 1794-1884 US York County, ME Harn Peacy A. 10 Jan 1822
Goodwin William 1791-1857 NC Williamsburg County, SC Graham Agnes Jane 15 Dec 1831 probably 2nd wife
Goodwin William d. 1864 NY Richland County, OH Bullock Phebe 11 Apr 1813
Goodwin William d. 1861 VA Prince William County, VA Carter Nancy A. 07 Feb 1818
Goodwin William 1791-1863 VA Louisa County, VA Goodwin Frances Jane 08 May 1823
Goodwyn John T. b. c1790 VA DeKalb County, AL Nance Jincy 10 Dec 1810 listed as Jesse J. T. Goodwyn
Googins George 1776-1832 MA Hancock County, ME Butler Sarah 26 Dec 1805 listed as GOOGING
Googins John d. 1854 Navy Biddeford, ME Ward Anna 23 Mar 1839 probably 2nd wife
Gookin John Wingate 1788-1856 US Cumberland County, ME Smith Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Hamilton m. 14 May 1837
Gookins Elisha Folger 1796-1879 NY Parke County, IN Ross Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Lana Loree m. 09 Jan 1844
Gookins Seymour 1798-1879 NY Boone County, IL Loomis Fedelia
Goold Jonathan 1793-1875 MA Cumberland County, ME Graffam Charity (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Rea Graffam m. 01 Apr 1858
Goolden Thomas 1792-1871 NY St. Lawrence County, NY Cook Elnora 24 Feb 1824
Gooley Jacob 1779-1868 OH Pickaway County, OH Shively Margaret 1809
Goolsby Alexander d. 1854 VA Amherst County, VA Lawhorn Abigail (2nd wife) 03 Apr 1839
Goolsby Barnett d. 1833 GA Lincoln County, GA Matthews Catharine 15 May 1817
Goolsby Jeremiah b. c1786 GA Hart County, GA Wood Mary "Polly" 18 Jul 1822
Goolsby Nathaniel D. 1794-1855 VA Albemarle County, VA Tindall Susan 21 Oct 1819
Goolsby Reuben 1781-1861 GA Jefferson County, AL Gross Elizabeth Catherine 14 Jan 1806
Goorley William 1793-1877 VA Morrow County, OH Archer Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Margaret Harper or Hooper m. 23 Nov 1854
Gootee John d. 1878 MD Worcester County, MD Virdin Mary 13 Aug 1820
Gorbet Henry D. 1795-1865 NY LaSalle County, IL Robinson Sarah "Sally" (1st wife) 2nd wife Eva Catherine Hess m. 17 Apr 1850
Gorby Ebenezer d. 1852 OH Marshall County, VA Parsons Prudence 26 Mar 1805
Gordan Thomas d. 1854 US Caswell County, NC Hamlet Nancy D. 02 Nov 1817
Gordinier Peter d. 1867 NY Kankakee County, IL Woodward Juliana 01 Oct 1811
Gordon Addison Marye 1798-1881 VA Taylor County, WV Triplett Jane Botts 28 Jan 1819 spelled Adison
Gordon Alexander 1790-1856 VA Louisville, KY Sallee Obedience 31 Jul 1838
Gordon Alfred 1794-1880 MA Pike County, IL Jones Mary D. 14 Mar 1824
Gordon Amos 1791-1890 OH Rock Island, IL Bucklin Amy 08 Apr 1821
Gordon Amos d. 1866 MA York County, ME Roberts Susan 24 Jan 1833 probably 2nd wife
Gordon Anderson 1787-1863 IN Madison County, IN James Lydia 28 Dec 1815 spelled GORDEN
Gordon Benjamin d. 1878 US Piscataquis County, ME Welch Anna
Gordon Chapman d. 1855 VA Goochland County, VA Layne Mary 30 May 1811
Gordon Charles d. 1873 MA Waldo County, ME Tyler Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Eliza W. Jones m. 09 Oct 1841
Gordon Charles d. 1880 NY Montgomery County, NY Lyckers Mary Oct 1821
Gordon Christopher 1790-1851 US Gibson County, IN Tichenor Mary (1st wife) 21 Sep 1845 2nd wife Eliza Ellen m. 21 Sep 1845
Gordon George 1786-1879 MA Greene County, OH McDaniel Agnes
Gordon George d. 1850 NY Cattaraugus County, NY Fatty Betsey c1810
Gordon George d. 1880 OH Sullivan County, IN Malinda 26 Mar 1846 probably 2nd wife
Gordon Henry b. 1784 OH Muskingum County, OH Bradshaw Mary (1st wife) 1810 2nd wife Elizabeth Rose m. 20 Dec 1820
Gordon James d. 1855 OH Scott County, IA Glines Elizabeth 22 Jan 1824
Gordon James 1793-1880 NY Benton County, TN Kirk Sarah Elizabeth
Gordon James 1796-1872 NH Merrimack County, NH Philbrick Lydia 19 Dec 1822
Gordon James d. 1864 NY Erie County, PA Earll Annie 09 Nov 1815
Gordon John b. 1792 MA Oxford County, ME Sanders Sally Chambers 28 Nov 1816
Gordon John b. 1797 MA Hancock County, ME Uran Betsey 14 Apr 1823
Gordon John d. 1845 NH Suffolk County, MA Gordon Frances 11 Mar 1814
Gordon John d. 1859 SC McMinn County, TN Martha (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Carr, 3rd wife Jane m. 01 Aug 1853
Gordon John d. 1841 VA Augusta County, VA Knowles Sarah 10 Sep 1812
Gordon John J. d. 1875 NY Calhoun County, MI Green Laura 11 Mar 1821
Gordon John L. d. 1855 VA Madison County, VA Bradley Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Judy Carter m. 18 Jan 1845
Gordon John T. d. 1865 NH Rockingham County, NH Folsom Sarah 20 May 1823
Gordon John W. d. 1877 VA St. Louis, MO McKinney Delia 23 Aug 1812
Gordon Jonathan 1786-1876 MA Kennebec County, ME Pettingill Sarah 25 Nov 1808 spelled GORDEN
Gordon Jonathan 1796-1869 MA Franklin County, ME Clark Susan 02 Apr 1823
Gordon Jonathan 1788-1866 US Lincoln County, MO Bowen Sarah Sep 1805
Gordon Joseph 1780-1870 KY Todd County, KY Hadley Nancy 19 Jan 1809
Gordon Joseph 1781-1871 MA Carroll County, NH Dresser Mary 10 Sep 1807
Gordon Joseph d. 1850 PA Franklin County, PA Seitz Magdalena 11 Aug 1811
Gordon Obediah d. 1862 VA Appomattox County, VA Pamplin Mary Jane 15 Oct 1834 probably 2nd wife
Gordon Philip b. 1796 VA Jefferson County, WV Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Harris m. Sep 1838
Gordon Richmond b. 1793 NC Lee County, AL Fletcher Elizabeth 15 Jan 1818
Gordon Ross d. 1853 OH Hardin County, OH Clark Ann 01 Sep 1813
Gordon Rufus b. 1793 NY Essex County, MA Floyd Sarah F. 1828
Gordon Samuel 1792-1873 PA Henderson County, IL Hill Susannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Rachel Robbins, 3rd wife Sarah A. m. 04 Apr 1850
Gordon Samuel 1791-1860 OH Preble County, OH Gard Sarah "Sally" 28 Sep 1818
Gordon Samuel b. 1787 SC Union County, SC Henderson Jane 07 Sep 1807
Gordon Samuel 1793-1878 TN Lowndes County, AL Gilliland Elizabeth 20 Nov 1819
Gordon Samuel b. 1792 MA Hancock County, ME Uran Phebe 27 Nov 1818
Gordon Simeon d. 1880 ME Kennebec County, ME Carr Joanna (1st wife) 2nd wife Sabrina A. Lawrence m. 19 Apr 1835
Gordon Stephen L. d. 1843 NH Rockingham County, NH Thorn Rebecca T. (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Ann Taylor Gilman m. 01 Jul 1824
Gordon Thomas 1792-1864 MA Franklin County, ME Oakes Mary 11 Nov 1819
Gordon Thomas 1766-1841 OH Trumbull County, OH Irwin Isabella 03 Aug 1789
Gordon Thomas d. 1859 PA Mercer County, PA Calvert Mary 19 Oct 1813
Gordon Thomas 1794-1870 MA Somerset County, ME Hutchinson Elizabeth "Betsey" 20 Mar 1827
Gordon Thomas Kennedy 1792-1880 TN Giles County, TN Lane Elizabeth Feb 1819
Gordon William d. 1871 NH Susquehanna County, PA Smith Eliza E. 28 Oct 1823
Gordon William d. 1853 PA Sussex Countty, NJ Albert Margaret "Peggy" 20 Mar 1814
Gordon William 1783-1872 PA Mercer County, PA Hawthorn Agnes (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth m. 16 Nov 1847
Gordon William d. 1872 SC Walker County, GA White Martha 14 Jul 1820
Gordon William James 1787-1847 IN Randolph County, IL Wilson Leah 10 Feb 1814
Gordy Peter c1798-1856 GA Baldwin County, GA Russell Sarah "Sally" 29 Dec 1815
Gore Henry b. 1790 GA Harris County, GA Ruse Jane 04 Jul 1820
Gore James c1798-1873 GA Graves County, KY Jain Lucy (1st wife) 2nd wife Rebecca Owens m. Oct 1860; daughter Lucy mentioned in file
Gore John d. 1878 NC Horry County, SC Mary 13 Sep 1863 probably 2nd or 3rd wife
Gore Joseph c1795-1863 NC Columbus County, NC Best Nancy Ann 12 Oct 1815
Gore Joshua c1774-1866 VA Warren County, VA Cochran Frances (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Elizabeth Rountree m. 17 Dec 1816
Gore Orson 1794-1871 MD Baltimore, MD Harwood Mary Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary E. Alfred m. 10 Jul 1856
Gore Samuel d. 1815 NY Jefferson County, NY Bowry Rebecca 22 Feb 1798
Gore William d. 1840 KY Grayson County, KY Taylor Eleanor 08 Jun 1809
Gorham Barlow 1787-1883 NY Rutland County, VT Moses Sybil (1st wife) 2nd wife Statira Daniels, 3rd wife Elizabeth Lindsay
Gorham David d. 1870 MA Androscoggin County, ME Gorham Mary 01 Jan 1818
Gorham John 1789-1877 MA Barnstable County, MA Parker Mehitable 17 Dec 1845 probably 2nd wife
Gorham Sanford d. 1859 GA Calhoun County, GA Farrar Elizabeth Howard 07 May 1807
Gorin John Darns 1790-1846 KY Fayette County, IL Thomas Martha 25 Feb 1808
Gorman Henry d. 1879 PA Lancaster County, PA Johnson Lucinda 19 Mar 1818
Gorman John 1788-1863 KY Fleming County, KY McCoy Sarah 12 Oct 1814
Gorrell James 1790-1882 PA Defiance County, OH Henry Margaret (1st wife) 2nd wife Margaret Patterson m. 22 Jan 1856
Gorsage Jeremiah 1796-1844 TN Schuyler County, IL Marcus Elizabeth 20 Apr 1841 probably 2nd wife
Gorsuch Abraham d. 1814 MD Baltimore, MD James Ann 01 Apr 1811
Gorsuch Charles 1789-1869 PA Butler County, OH Rutledge Ruth (1st wife) 2nd wife Hannah m. 23 Dec 1831
Gorsuch Elijah b. 1790 MD Randolph County, IL Gore Savannah
Gorsuch Elisha d. 1873 MD Carroll County, MD Ebaugh Susan (2nd wife) Dec 1843
Gorsuch George Washington 1795-1866 MD Carroll County, MD Gardner Mary 20 Oct 1819
Gorsuch John d. 1838 MD Baltimore, MD Slocum Mary Ann 09 Apr 1812
Gorsuch Nicholas d. 1877 VA Muskingum County, OH Davis Susanna Oct 1804
Gorsuch Samuel d. 1859 MD Baltimore, MD Bloodgood Lydia 1854 probably 2nd wife
Gorsuch Stephen 1795-1878 MD Butler County, OH Gorsuch Rachel 04 Apr 1822
Gorsuch Stephen b. 1783 US Baltimore, MD
Gorton George d. c1889 NY Oakland County, MI Lucretia 01 Mar 1857 probably 2nd wife
Gorton Hezekiah 1793-1882 NY Larimer County, CO Capron Alpha 04 Jun 1816
Gorton Thomas 1795-1865 CT Chenango County, NY West Clarissa (1st wife) 2nd wife Eliza Alcott m. 16 Dec 1827
Goshart Isaac b.1787 PA Scott County, IL Lertraw Susannah 22 Dec 1845 probably 2nd wife
Goshorn Robert 1784-1873 PA Louisa County, IA McConnell Agnes Stuart 18 Jan 1816
Goslin Thomas c1783-1822 DE Caroline County, MD Skinner Margaret 29 Dec 1814
Gosline Jacob d. 1849 NY Richmond County, NY Hillyer Tabitha D. 28 May 1808
Gosline Joseph P. d. 1863 NY Ontario County, NY Denike Mary 23 Mar 1811
Gosnell Benjamin d. 1855 KY Bracken County, KY Blythe Lucinda 1813
Gosnell Joseph d. 1881 KY Oregon County, MO Saddler Martha 22 Jul 1815
Gosnell Joshua d. 1854 MD Westmoreland County, PA Martin Christiana Dec 1824
Gosnell Lemuel Ward 1796-1876 MD Baltimore, MD Odell Prudence Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Adeline P. Kite m. 06 Jan 1836
Gosnell Thomas d. 1872 MD Baltimore, MD Lockard Mary 04 Aug 1820
Gosnell William d. 1845 MD Baltimore, MD Marsh Elizabeth
Gosney James d. 1874 IN Campbell County, KY Lovelace Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Stewart m. 11 Mar 1868
Gosney Peter 1792-1873 KY Lewis County, MO Barker Julia Ann 03 Apr 1828
Goss Henry b. 1788 VA Boone County, KY Stewart Catherine 14 Feb 1810
Goss John b. 1801 OH St. Landry Parish, LA
Goss Jonathan 1793-1872 NH Merrimack County, NH Yeaton Sally (1st wife) 2nd wife Betsey C. m. 13 Nov 1867
Goss Joseph b. 1795 NH Rockingham County, NH Seavey Eliza M. 09 Apr 1822
Goss Matthew 1785-1883 SC Henry County, GA Rampas Diaisampi (1st wife) 2nd wife Evalene McWhorter m. 07 May 1833
Goss Philemon Cassady 1793-1869 MA Androscoggin County, ME Rowe Dorcas (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Rowe m. 04 Feb 1855
Goss Thomas 1768-1857 NH Rockingham County, NH Marden Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Abigail Locke m. 02 Jun 1816
Goss William d. 1882 MA Worcester County, MA Fairback Abigail (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Johnson m. 10 Dec 1844
Goss William Riley 1796-1887 GA Paulding County, GA Brumbloe Divinity 03 Feb 1834 TWO separate files one listed as Riley Goss, the other as William R.
Gosseline Thurston J. d. 1878 NY Jones County, IA Cole Polly A. 24 Jun 1827
Gosser Jacob 1797-1877 PA Schuyler County, MO Walthour Margaret 16 Jun 1844 probably 2nd wife
Gossett Irwin or Irvin L. b. c1793 SC Fannin County, TX
Gossett Isaac c1794-1860 TN McNairy County, TN Pogue Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Margaret S. m. 01 Jun 1852
Gossett Joseph 1794-1860 OH Henry County, IN Warnock Rebecca 07 May 1815
Gossett William P. c1786-1864 US Hickman County, TN Barnhill Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary P. m. 16 Jun 1860
Gosson James d. 1843 LA Baton Rouge, LA Claudine V. 27 Jan 1820
Gotcher Jesse B. 1796-1884 TN Benton County, AR Payne Lucinda Anna 22 Mar 1822
Gotham Samuel 1795-1861 US Erie County, PA Gee Susan 07 Nov 1815
Gotham Solomon Ullin 1794-1849 NY Jefferson County, NY King Elizabeth 25 Nov 1816
Gothard Allen d. 1856 US Rhea County, TN Hughes Mariah 26 May 1813
Gothard George 1795-1872 TN Rhea County, TN Carter Nancy 01 Apr 1814
Gotschall Daniel 1793-1881 OH Harrison County, OH Hospelhorn Mary spelled GOTSHALL
Gott James 1788-1863 MA Essex County, MA Pool Lydia 05 Mar 1809
Gott Peter 1783-1839 MA Essex County, MA Richardson Puah or Pauh 01 Jan 1808
Goucher Henry d. 1866 OH Mercer County, PA Sterrett Margaret May 1814
Goucher Robert c1788-1855 OH Mahoning County, OH Patterson Margaret "Peggy" 23 May 1810
Goudy John 1785-1860 MA Lincoln County, ME Fitch Elizabeth 09 Dec 1810
Goudy Samuel d. 1876 KY Hart County, KY Burnett Nancy Feb 1814
Gouge Joseph d. 1877 NY Union County, NJ Oliver Catherine 20 Apr 1820
Gough William d. 1875 MS Clarke County, MS Prince Letitia 16 Feb 1837 probably 2nd wife
Goul Christian 1780-1839 VA Rockbridge County, VA Orbison Nancy 24 Jun 1824 minor children listed in file
Gould Aaron 1792-1864 VA Upshur County, WV Bartlett Calysta (3rd wife) 28 Nov 1841
Gould Abner b. 1794 NH Oswego County, NY Marcellus Mary Esther 16 Nov 1859 probably 2nd wife
Gould Abraham 1794-1837 CT Fairfield County, CT Batterson Molly 28 Jun 1815
Gould Abram or Abraham J. d. 1893 MA Essex County, MA Brown Mary B. 08 Jul 1824
Gould Amos F. 1792-1867 VA Ashland County, OH Johnson Polly 17 Mar 1814
Gould Asa 1796-1875 MA Highland, IL Chaney Susan 29 May 1826
Gould Charles 1790-1860 NY Genesee County, NY Brooks Olive Feb 1812
Gould Charles C. P. d. 1880 CT Fond Du Lac County, WI Erwin Experience 28 Oct 1832 probably 2nd wife
Gould Christopher 1790-1882 NY Lewis County, NY Van Valkenburg Catherine 26 Feb 1815
Gould Daniel b. 1797 NY Jefferson County, NY Denson Fanny
Gould Daniel 1794-1887 OH Fulton County, IL Rounds Lucy (1st wife) 2nd wife Mrs. Lorena Woods m. 28 Mar 1854
Gould David 1795-1865 ME Mount Vernon, ME French Hannah 23 Feb 1820
Gould David c1793-1865 NC Shelby County, AL McAdams Rebecca 19 Feb 1826
Gould David d.1861 VT Washington County, VT Carroll Polly 05 Jul 1807
Gould Edward d. 1839 ME Penobscot County, ME Long Eunice W. 21 Dec 1814
Gould Edward d. 1876 NY Shiawassee County, MI Emory Hannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Ruth Sim m. 07 Aug 1833
Gould Ezekiel d. 1880 NY Chautauqua County, NY Ostrander Elizabeth 15 Jul 1815
Gould Franklin 1793-1856 MA New Brunswick, Canada Davidson Mary 08 Nov 1812
Gould Frederick Hillamon d. 1877 VT Ashtabula County, OH Bartlett Lavinia Oct 1815 spelled GOOLD
Gould George 1786-1851 VA Monongalia County, VA Atkins Lydia 15 Dec 1804
Gould George 1792-1878 PA Buffalo County, WI Fiscus Christina 14 Jul 1812 spelled GULD
Gould Gilbert 1779-1877 VA Upshur County, WV Taylor Mehitable
Gould Gurdon Carlton d. 1836 CT Hartford County, CT Chapman Catherine 21 Dec 1814
Gould James 1795-1843 MA Eastham, MA Paine Ruth 18 Nov 1819
Gould James d. 1864 VT Washington County, VT Pamelia 17 Mar 1860 probably 2nd or 3rd wife
Gould James 1783-1852 VA Morgan County, OH Thayer Rhoda 23 Jan 1806
Gould James H. d. 1872 VT Tioga County, NY Houghton Rhoda (2nd wife) 15 Dec 1839
Gould James Stuart 1796-1858 MA Penobscot County, ME Gardner Rebecca Nov 1824
Gould Joel 1789-1869 NY St. Lawrence County, NY Roberts Fanny (1st wife) 2nd wife Delany or Delang C. Clark m. 27 Sep 1853
Gould John d. 1862 NY Lapeer County, MI Mariah (3rd wife) 26 Dec 1838
Gould John d. 1877 MA Columbia County, OH Carter Sophronia 21 Sep 1826
Gould John b. 1782 OH Cuyahoga County, OH Conda Eliray 11 Feb 1834 probably 2nd wife
Gould John d. 1849 TN Lawrence County, AL Teresa 05 Nov 1833 probably 2nd wife
Gould John M. 1789-1863 PA Armstrong County, PA Rupp Mary Magdalena 12 Nov 1809
Gould Joseph 1769-1846 VT Rutland County, VT Hawkins or Haskins Susan 27 May 1794
Gould Joshua 1797-1872 MA Norfolk County, MA Croom or Croome Maria 11 May 1823
Gould Kiah 1792-1886 NY LaGrange County, IN Sturge or Sturgess Mehitable
Gould Moses E. 1795-1883 NJ Essex County, NJ Gould Rebecca 13 May 1819
Gould Myrick or Merrick d. 1879 NY Cuyahoga County, OH Lucinda (2nd wife) 06 Mar 1859
Gould Nathan d. 1852 NY DeKalb County, IN Deborah 21 Nov 1833 probably 2nd wife
Gould Nathaniel d. 1857 MA Lancaster County, MA Peabody Hannah 19 Dec 1833
Gould Nehemiah d. 1816 ME Vassalboro, ME Crowell Abigail 03 Sep 1800 died in service
Gould Noah 1795-1875 MA Coos County, NH Peabody Nancy Apr 1818
Gould Page d. 1879 VT Quebec, Canada Peavey Sarah Mar 1816
Gould Peter Warren 1789-1873 ME Hillsborough County, NH Flint Cynthia 17 Nov 1816
Gould Richard 1787-1871 NJ Morris County, NJ Gould Susanna (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth m. 26 Oct 1865
Gould Richard 1793-1860 US Hillsborough County, NH Upton Lydia 13 Sep 1815
Gould Rufus 1795-1879 MA Kennebec County, ME Ames Ruth 08 Oct 1820
Gould Samuel d. 1832 MD Louisville, KY Holliday Mary Ann 23 Nov 1819
Gould Samuel G. d. 1876 MA Franklin County, ME Eliza N. 07 Mar 1865 probably 2nd or 3rd wife
Gould Silas d. 1868 NY Van Buren County, MI Bates Ruth 28 Aug 1814
Gould Simeon 1784-1879 Blank Washington County, VT Davis Anne
Gould Stephen 1792-1875 MA Androscoggin County, ME Prince Dolly (1st wife) 2nd wife Lydia Jane Prince m. 24 Jun 1833
Gould Thomas d. 1874 US Muskingum County, OH Anders Rezeimer (1st wife) 2nd wife Margaret E. Dutro m. 24 Sep 1857
Gould Timothy 1787-1868 NY Branch County, MI Green Susan 18 Oct 1810
Gould Wilbur D. c1800-1880 NY Tioga County, NY Jones Jane S. 25 Nov 1839 probably 2nd wife
Gould William 1796-1876 MA Franklin County, ME Whitney Betsey H. 08 Sep 1819
Goulding Timothy 1782-1873 NY Herkimer County, NY Ely Lydia 07 Jan 1808
Gouldsmith David d. 1878 MA Waldo County, ME Roxie Rhoda
Gourlay Robert d. 1858 US New York, NY Clinton Mary DeWitt 01 May 1816
Gourley Abel 1793-1877 VA Livingston County, IL Richards Elizabeth Feb 1815
Gourley Absalom Abel 1793-1877 VA Livingston County, IL Richards Elizabeth Feb 1815 listed as Abel Gourley
Gourley William d. 1860 VA Frederick County, VA Lewis Hannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Catherine Trenary m. 02 Oct 1845
Gouser David d. 1856 IN DeKalb County, IN Miller Catherine 22 Aug 1813
Goutremont Apollos d. 1865 NY Niagara County, NY Polly (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah m. 10 Jan 1863
Gouyd James d. 1872 US Saratoga County, NY Burbey Esther E. 30 Mar 1837 probably 2nd wife
Gove Elijah 1795-1878 MA Lincoln County, ME Herrin Rebecca (1st wife) 2nd wife Permelia Lewis m. 31 May 1869
Gove James d. 1862 MA Lincoln County, ME Baker Abigail 05 May 1816
Gove John d. 1855 ME Lincoln County, ME Kenney or Kinney Susannah "Susan" 25 Jul 1813
Gove Solomon James 1795-1874 MA Lincoln County, ME Chase Jane Albion (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Bickford, 3rd wife Betsey Grant m. 12 Oct 1848
Gover Daniel C. d. 1841 Blank Cincinnati, OH Sarah S. 29 Dec 1815
Gowan James C. 1795-1874 TN Jefferson County, MO True Lucinda 25 May 1824
Gowan William Henry 1789-1870 VA Madison County, TN Atkinson Judith Harriet 17 Dec 1812
Gowdey William d. 1825 NY New York, NY Campbell Hannah 05 May 1804
Gowdy Alexander b. 1794 OH Greene County, OH
Gowdy Bennett 1793-1850 NY Hillsdale County, MI Collins Sallie 18 Mar 1818
Gowell Charles d. 1873 ME Sagadahoc County, ME Starbird Sarah 10 Sep 1813
Gowell John d. 1846 US Kennebec County, ME Frost Lucy 1813
Gowell Timothy d. 1827 US Rochester, NH Sarah F. 29 Mar 1818
Gowen Alpheus d. 1849 MA York County, ME Noble Mary 19 Dec 1816
Gowen James Burns 1785-1880 TN Bedford County, TN Price Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucy Embry m. 08 Apr 1841
Gowen John 1795-1871 US Clinton, ME Thurston Abigail 24 Mar 1817
Gowen Levi 1790-1852 MA Cumberland County, ME Hawkes Deborah 13 Dec 1821
Gower Elisha d. 1844 MS Wilkinson County, MS Alexander Abigail Jan 1815
Gower James Ragen 1795-1882 US Washington County, ME Scott Susan (1st wife) 2nd wife Almira Thurston m. 05 Jun 1836
Gowin Nathan 1794-1879 TN Jersey County, IL Midgett Sabra (1st wife) 2nd wife Sylvia Wilcox m. 12 Jun 1862
Gowin Samuel b. 1797 VA Bedford County, VA Ferguson Elizabeth (1st wife) 15 May 1815
Gowin William P. d. 1873 VA Gallia County, OH Amos Anna 23 Feb 1823
Gowin or Gowen Joseph d. 1873 ME Penobscot County, ME Beal Ruth
Grabert Ambroise c1798-1876 LA New Orleans, LA Picou Regina Uranie (1st wife) 2nd Anne E. Hamilton, 3rd Maria Cecile Capdeveille, 4th Eliza La Blanc
Grace Henry d. 1828 NY Otsego County, NY Crissey Nancy 18 Jan 1806
Grace John b. 1792 US Crawford County, GA Brooks Sarah F. 19 Nov 1819
Grace Lawrence d. 1844 NY Rensselaer County, NY Vanderheyden Leah 09 Mar 1814
Grace Nimrod B. 1789-1851 PA Jefferson County, IN McCulley Mary Ann 11 Nov 1813
Grace Oliver b. 1796 Blank Monroe County, NY Lee Sarah R. Aug 1817
Grace Richard 1791-1870 MA Washington County, ME Jordan Sarah "Sally" 21 Dec 1820
Grace Samuel 1795-1882 US Monroe County, AL Sawyer Hettie or Hetty (1st wife) 2nd wife Catherine Skinner m. 01 Aug 1871
Grace Skinner d. 1877 MD Talbot County, MD Edgar Lucretia Sep 1818
Grace William 1790-1874 MD Cecil County, MD Price Eliza 07 Dec 1814
Gracey John B. 1787-1858 TN Morgan County, MO Shores Mary "Polly" 13 Feb 1818 spelled GRACY
Grady Edward Butcher 1781-1849 MA Alexandria, VA Taylor Sarah 21 May 1809
Grady Reuben d. 1861 US Red River County, TX Davis Elizabeth 14 May 1817
Grady William b. 1781 GA Etowah County, AL Collins Elizabeth 05 Jun 1808
Grady William d. 1825 TN Meigs County, TN Eaves Susan
Graeff Balthazar d. 1873 PA Philadelphia, PA Brewton Ann 28 May 1818
Graeff Daniel d. 1887 PA Berks County, PA Levan Catharine 19 Nov 1820
Graeff Mathias 1793-1887 PA Lancaster County, PA Hostetter Elizabeth 10 May 1815 spelled Matthias
Graff Henry d. 1866 PA Philadelphia, PA Wells Susanna 16 Dec 1813
Graff John d. 1822 MD Baltimore, MD Greenfield Araminta 19 Aug 1807
Graff Samuel d. 1872 PA Berks County, PA Koons Catherine (1st wife) 2nd wife Catharine Shaefer m. 20 Mar 1831
Graffam Daniel W. d. 1884 ME Franklin County, ME Davis Lydia (1st wife) 2nd wife Anna Davis m. 02 Nov 1859
Graffam Jacob d. 1844 MA Camden, ME Andrews Sarah 02 Sep 1810
Graffam Jeremiah d. 1855 MA Cumberland County, ME Burnham Abigail (1st wife) 2nd wife Dolly Sanborn m. 08 Apr 1838
Graffam John 1793-1871 US York County, ME Cole Jane Hartford 05 Dec 1822
Grafley George 1791-1874 PA Montgomery County, PA Shull Elizabeth 20 Aug 1820 spelled GRAFLY
Graft Ira b. 1794 NY Putnam County, NY Dascam Lucy Dec 1813
Graft John N. d. 1869 PA Adams County, PA Jane (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Jones m. Jan 1840
Grafton Ambrose 1792-1866 OH Champaign County, OH Kelly Elizabeth 28 Oct 1817
Grafton Thomas 1790-1852 MS Madison County, MS Forman Mary 25 Jul 1816
Gragg Benjamin 1791-1871 TN Clay County, MO Porter Martha (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Ann White m. 25 Oct 1867
Gragg Malcolm 1788-1862 TN Henry County, MO Broadhurst Rebecca spelled MALCOM
Gragg Moses d. 1885 MA Middlesex County, MA Alden Rebecca N. 06 Jan 1820
Gragg Titus 1773-1849 IL Shelby County, IL Renfro Charlotte (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Matney m. 02 Sep 1824
Graham Alexander c1799-1874 NC Cumberland County, NC McFarland Anna "Annie" 27 Sep 1827
Graham Andrew d. 1868 NY Lenawee County, MI Peters Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Tereberry m. Jun 1822
Graham Benjamin d. 1841 NY Lenawee County, MI Morey Fanny 15 Sep 1805
Graham Charles 1792-1875 TN Cass County, TX Rayburn Jane Sep 1823
Graham Charles b. c1795 VA Breckinridge County, KY Haynes Elizabeth "Betsy" 22 Jan 1818
Graham Christopher Columbus d. 1885 US Jefferson County, KY Sutton Theresa
Graham Edward d. 1867 PA Butler County, PA Wilson Lydia 17 Apr 1823
Graham Edward c1790-1876 US Hardin County, IA Milton Mary Polly 1816
Graham Elijah d. 1864 KY Switzerland County, IN Abrary ? Jane 28 Jan 1815
Graham Francis 1796-1881 PA Ashland County, OH Shepard Amelia 13 Mar 1823
Graham Gabriel 1792-1871 OH Athens County, OH Bickle Mary 02 Apr 1815
Graham George b. 1791 GA Lee County, GA White Deborah
Graham George d. 1856 TN Lawrence County, AL Menafee Ann 02 Mar 1811
Graham Isaac 1793-1881 VA Pendleton County, WV Kile Barbara Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Lydia Ann Kimble m. 29 Jul 1869
Graham Isaac H. d. 1882 KY Washington County, KY Fowler Rachel 09 Apr 1815
Graham Jacob d. 1863 MD Lancaster County, PA Remick Catherine 21 May 1817
Graham James b. 1794 OH Gallia County, OH Campbell Nancy 13 Feb 1817
Graham James d. 1868 PA Armstrong County, PA Nutter Margaret M. 02 Jul 1818
Graham John b. 1787 Blank Washington Territory Bankley Elizabeth May 1823
Graham John 1778-1815 GA Oglethorpe County, GA Taylor Mary 09 Sep 1802
Graham John 1775-1827 OH Clermont County, OH English Elizabeth 12 Jul 1808
Graham John 1782-1855 OH Jackson County, OH Rickabaugh Catherine 02 Feb 1810
Graham John 1785-1859 PA Wayne County, PA Mary 10 Sep 1826
Graham John 1793-1856 PA Mercer County, PA Barnes Mary
Graham John 1792-1829 PA Marion County, IN McLain Phanuel 18 Jan 1821
Graham John b. 1794 PA Venango County, PA Nancy 21 Sep 1814
Graham John d. 1863 TN Lawrence County, AL Rushing Lydia P. 07 Apr 1814
Graham John d. 1870 TN Van Buren County, TN May (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Graham m. 1841
Graham John 1784-1871 VT Yates County, NY Dean Rachel 1803
Graham John 1790-1872 SC Kershaw County, SC Nelson Margaret 15 Apr 1834 probably 2nd wife
Graham John Christopher 1792-1864 SC Clarendon County, SC Stukes Helena Rebecca 21 Feb 1820
Graham Joseph b. 1799 NY Scotland County, IA
Graham Joseph 1794-1880 PA Butler County, PA Frayer Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Thompson, 3rd wife Margaret Balph m. 03 Mar 1836
Graham Joseph 1795-1872 PA Champaign County, OH Duer Maria 18 Dec 1818
Graham Josiah 1791-1869 GA DeKalb County, GA Porterfield Rebecca 09 Dec 1815
Graham Lewis d. 1843 TN Kemper County, MS Wilson Martha 12 Apr 1811
Graham Moses 1784-1862 GA Jackson County, GA Ellison Rebecca 19 Jul 1823
Graham Moses 1792-1872 IN Spencer County, KY
Graham Richard b. 1786 TN Tipton County, TN
Graham Robert b. 1783 GA Pike County, GA Reeves Hannah 1819
Graham Robert d. 1870 NY Allegany County, NY Brooks Dolly 19 Aug 1819
Graham Robert d. 1862 PA Meade County, KY Winchell Roxana 27 Jul 1820
Graham Robertson 1795-1885 KY Monroe County, IN Moberly Phebe (1st wife) 2nd wife Sabina Loughmiller m. 19 Apr 1849
Graham Thomas 1791-1881 NY Blue Earth County, MN Cumming Isabella (1st wife) 2nd wife Louisa A. Borst m. 15 Jan 1848
Graham Thomas 1788-1878 OH Wood County, WV Reeder Elizabeth 27 Aug 1828
Graham Thomas d. 1841 OH Pickaway County, OH Moore Keturah 09 Jan 1823
Graham Thomas 1786-1869 VA Highland County, VA Koontz Elizabeth Mar 1849 probably 2nd wife
Graham Wanton 1790-1865 NY Ingham County, MI Hamilton Mary B. 08 Dec 1811
Graham Welcome d. 1862 NY Lenawee County, MI Page Nancy 23 Oct 1814
Graham William d. 1861 TN Bledsoe County, TN McCarver Lucretia (1st wife) 2nd wife Charlotte M. Scroggins m. 26 Sep 1855
Graham William d. 1856 NY Wayne County, NY Maxwell Jennett Jan 1815
Graham William Watson 1793-1878 KY Mahaska County, IA Long Rachel Sarah 12 Dec 1816
Graham Winthrop d. 1871 NY Atchinson County, KS Munson Leve 24 Jan 1815
Graham Zachariah Goodwin 1791-1880 MS Barnwell County, SC Dowling Sarah Guinn (1st wife) 2nd wife Eliza I. Mason m. 25 Jul 1855
Graley James d. c1875 VA Lincoln County, WV Trail Sarah "Sally"
Grammer Joseph d. 1875 TN Overton County, TN Richardson Nancy 1808
Grammer Peterson 1797-1885 US Lawrence County, MO Whenrey or Whinery Martha 16 Aug 1816
Grammer Seth 1790-1858 MA Pike County, IL Marshall Lydia spelled GRAMMAR
Gramps John Henry 1796-1860 US Montgomery County, NY Snell Mary
Granberry Jonathan 1793-1867 GA Perry County, MS Travis Nancy Ann 16 Nov 1815
Grandin Daniel 1787-1862 NY Wayne County, NY Lewis Ann 08 Mar 1812
Grandstaff Benjamin 1794-1873 VA Shenandoah County, VA Clinedinst Elizabeth 15 Oct 1820
Grandstaff George 1787-1878 VA Shenandoah County, VA Reedy Mary 18 Mar 1810
Grandy Benjamin 1793-1873 NY Wayne County, NY Johnson Rowena 28 Feb 1815
Grandy Elijah d. 1860 VT Addison County, VT Hammond Abigail (1st wife) 2nd Esther m. 28 Dec 1820
Grandy Levi 1793-1882 VT Eau Claire County, WI Graham Amanda (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane Fox m. 02 Nov 1865
Granfell Thomas Miles 1793-1845 OH Harrison County, OH Swan Mary 04 Jan 1816
Granger Amos Phelps 1789-1866 NY Onondaga County, NY Hickox Charlotte 21 Dec 1813
Granger Chester 1794-1869 NY Washington County, NY Greene Elizabeth 12 Aug 1810
Granger Ephraim d. 1866 NY Wyoming County, NY Glasier Harriet 31 Dec 1855 probably 2nd wife
Granger James 1788-1874 MD Muskingum County, OH Moorhead Matilda Vance
Granger John 1777-1859 NY Ingham County, MI Robinson Rosanna 02 Nov 1797
Granger Lyman 1792-1861 NY St. Clair County, MI Wells Achsah 18 Aug 1814
Granger Martin b. 1797 NY Washington County, NY Potter Maria 31 Mar 1814
Granger William Henderson 1786-1872 NY Jefferson County, NY Nelson Jael 1806
Grant Abram b. 1795 NY Steuben County, IN Sutton Mercy 20 Feb 1816
Grant Alexander d. 1864 SC Coffee County, TN Butler Martha 18 Aug 1824
Grant Benjamin 1792-1884 PA Warren County, PA Sedgwick Clarissa (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane Mudge m. 11 Sep 1838
Grant Benjamin Hamilton 1792-1876 MA Androscoggin County, ME Peare Martha 11 Feb 1816
Grant Charles 1795-1862 NJ Essex County, NJ Nutman Caroline (1st wife) 2nd wife Hannah J. Andruss m. 20 Nov 1856
Grant Charles 1794-1885 NY Clinton County, MI Hines Margaret "Peggy" (1st wife) 2nd wife Matilda Close, 3rd wife Emaline Gillett m. 10 Jun 1838
Grant Charles B. d. 1867 NC Macon County, NC Morris Mary "Polly" Feb 1819
Grant Christopher d. 1876 VA Columbia County, WI Bowles Sarah (2nd wife) 03 Feb 1844
Grant Daniel d. 1879 NY Jefferson County, NY Anderson Mercy 10 Mar 1812
Grant Daniel 1788-1876 KY Boone County, MO Elgin Agnes 08 Jun 1819
Grant Edward d. 1875 MA Columbia, ME Tracy Sarah 1820
Grant Elijah 1794-1873 MD St. Louis, MO Meek Anna Marie 04 Jan 1816
Grant Gardner d. 1856 VA Washington County, VA Gilliland Hannah 23 Jan 1815