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Index to War of 1812 Pension Application Files
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This site provides a free index to the War of 1812 pension application files. It is part of the free tutorial Researching Your Revolutionary War Patriot Ancestor
Digitized pension files for soldiers with surnames beginning with A, B, C, and D are available for FREE at Fold 3.
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Husband Husband State of Wife Wife Marriage
Last Name First Name Service Residence Maiden Name First Name Date Comments
Haag John PA Sarah
Haas Adam MO Susan
Haas John VA Sarah
Haas Samuel US
Habel Daniel d. 1848 PA Berks County, PA Smith Mary 18 Oct 1826
Haber William H. Blank
Habersham Joseph GA Susan D.
Habgood Theophilus NC Sallie
Habourn Joseph NC
Hackelman Thomas IN
Hacker Thomas Sleeth 1788-1858 VA Shelby County, IN Keith Margaret 17 Dec 1817
Hacket Seth NY
Hackett Barnabas MA Abigail
Hackett Daniel H. KY Mary M.
Hackett Ebenezer VT Sally
Hackett James c1792-1826 MD Ann Arundel County, MD Sheldon Hannah Jane 08 Jun 1815
Hackett John S. US
Hackett True W. d. 1858 US Washington County, VT Rich Ada or Adah 03 Nov 1814
Hackley James KY Susan M.
Hackly John KY Jane W.
Hackney David 1794-1873 NY Montgomery County, NY Diefendorf Magdalena (1st wife) 2nd wife Christiana Scott m. 18 Oct 1846
Hackney P. Charles MD
Hackney Thomas VA
Hackney William 1789-1875 NY Macoupin County, IL Wands Anne (1st wife) 2nd wife Margaret Kegler m. 13 May 1817
Hackstaff Jesse L. NY Laura A.
Hackstaff John L. d. 1867 NY Clinton County, NY Clark Sally 25 Dec 1817
Hackworth Reuben c1788-1863 VA Boyd County, KY Holigan or Holligan Mary 21 Dec 1815
Hadcock Adam NY Barbara
Hadcock William NY Anna
Haddaway Daniel L. MD Clemmy
Hadden Moses NY
Hadden Smith NY Phebe
Hadden Thomas GA Easter
Hadden William NY Sarah
Haddix John OH
Haddock James SC
Haddock Joseph GA
Haddon/Hadden Jesse US
Haddox Henry US/VA
Haden Bartholomew KY
Haden James M. VA Sarah
Haden William US Mary
Haden William M. MS Mary
Hadley Abel MA/US
Hadley Abijah NH
Hadley Ira NH
Hadley James NH
Hadley James NY
Hadley Robert NY Elizabeth
Hadley Simeon MA Malinda
Hadley Smith B. 1792-1863 US Knox County, OH Kettle Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Margaret Johnston, 3rd wife Calista Reynolds m. 02 Oct 1836
Hadley Thomas MA
Hadley William d. 1841 NY West Chester County, NY Connor Jane 13 Sep 1815
Hadley Zenus Blank Elizabeth
Hadlock Colburn US Lydia
Hadlock Hosea NY
Hadsall Hubbard 1788-1854 PA Susquehanna County, PA Miller Elizabeth 04 Mar 1812 spelled HADSEL
Hadsall William NY
Hafer Henry 1784-1863 PA Berks County, PA Lorah Catherine (1st wife) 2nd wife Catherine Zweizig m. 19 Jul 1828
Hafer John PA
Hafer Mathias 1788-1857 PA Berks County, PA Klez Catherine 06 Oct 1812
Haff Abraham NY
Haffer Peter PA Rachel
Haffner Daniel MD
Haffner Jacob VA Susanna
Hafford Samuel 1790-1871 NY Sandusky County, OH Graves Esther (1st wife) 2nd wife Betsey Lay Griswold, 3rd wife Sarah Smith Griswold m. 1852
Hafner John NC
Haft Jacob OH
Haga David VA Sarah
Hagaman Abraham d. 1860 NY Albany County, NY Carpenter Martha 27 Mar 1811
Hagaman Jacob NY
Hagaman Joseph d. 1867 NY Montgomery County, NY Hoagland Eleanor 13 Jan 1813
Hagan Bernard US
Hagan Daniel GA Sarah
Hagan Francis 1793-1833 KY Nelson County, KY Davis Susan Berkley 19 Jan 1821
Hagan John MA Electa
Hagan William S. d. 1819 KY Monroe County, KY Crews Nancy Jane 25 Oct 1808
Hagar John NC
Hagar Jonas US
Hagar Joseph d. 1850 MA Norfolk County, MA Mills Celia 28 Aug 1810
Hagar Sewell d. 1854 MA Knox County, ME Law Eleanor 09 Mar 1834 probably 2nd wife
Hageman Isaac NY Maria
Hageman Simon OH
Hager Christian KY Sarah
Hager Daniel S. NY
Hager Francis d. 1883 US Worcester County, MA Blandin Martha 15 Jan 1808
Hager George 1794-1857 NC Davidson County, TN Hagar Elizabeth 15 Sep 1810
Hager George MD
Hager Peter NY Mary Ann
Hagerman John US Elizabeth
Hagerty Asher T. NJ
Hagerty James US Letitia
Hagerty Levi d. 1871 US Washington DC Herring Martha E. (2nd wife) 25 Jul 1838
Hagewout John 1798-1841 NY Richmond County, NY Christopher Margaret 23 Jan 1813 spelled HAUGHWOUT
Haggard Gray c1785-1853 TN Hancock County, IL Gilliland Jane 18 Dec 1810
Haggard Harmon KY Sarah
Haggard James TN Jane
Haggard John Samuel 1791-1848 TN Perry County, IL Smith Sarah 10 Apr 1810
Haggard Martin 1789-1857 KY Clark County, KY Hampton Sally 16 Jan 1820
Haggard Samuel 1794-1866 TN Roane County, TN Montgomery Elizabeth 25 Dec 1813
Haggard William KY
Haggart Gilbert NY Hannah
Haggerty Taylor NJ
Haggett Ebenezer d. 1864 ME Lincoln County, ME Benner Sarah 13 May 1819
Haggett John MA
Haggett John VT Rebecca
Hagin Charles 1790-1829 NY Tompkins County, NY Smith Mary Ann 25 Dec 1814
Hagins William KY
Hagish Charles VA Julia
Hagler Abram SC Mary
Hagler Joel TN
Hagler Thomas 1791-1841 TN Roane County, TN Peak Susannah "Sukey" 14 Nov 1815
Hagler William NC Elizabeth
Hagler William Robins 1787-1832 TN Madison County, IL Hagler Elizabeth B. 01 May 1807
Hagner Charles V. d. 1878 PA Philadelphia, PA Bunting Susanna 06 May 1827
Hagood Buckner TN Eleanor
Hagood Robert TN Harriet
Haguewood Asa d. 1878 GA Fannin County, GA Higgins Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Abby Sanders, 3rd wife Sarah Barnes m. 15 May 1837
Hagwood Benjamin TN
Hahn Adam OH Sarah
Hahn Andrew 1781-1849 OH Mahoning County, OH Crossen Fannie 29 Dec 1807
Hahn Bazil MD Elizabeth
Hahn Benjamin MD Mary A.
Hahn Caleb OH Isabella
Hahn Israel MD
Hahn Jacob OH
Hahn Jacob d. 1870 US Stark County, OH Wickard or Wickert Mary Magdalena "Martha" 16 Jun 1812
Hahn John KY
Hahn John OH
Hahn John OH Mary S.
Hahn Joseph MD
Hahn Samuel H. KY Sophia
Haigh George d. 1821 MD Norfolk, VA Carline Elizabeth 05 Feb 1819
Haight Daniel C. 1793-1854 NY Monroe County, NY Tallman Catherine 20 Feb 1817
Haight Daniel H. US
Haight Henry NY
Haight Joseph B. d. 1865 NY Putnam County, NY Meeks Phoebe 29 Jul 1814
Haight Marvel G. NY
Haigler Henry VA
Haigler John VA
Hail John A. c1790-1852 TN Lawrence County, TN Badgett Tabitha (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha Sullivant m. 22 Mar 1838
Hail Lewis VA Celia
Hail Stephen VA Lenora
Hail Stephen d. 1854 VA Grayson County, VA Bourne Frances 22 Apr 1803
Hail Thomas Lewis VA
Haile John GA Mary
Haile Meshack d. 1837 VA Bedford County, VA Creasy Lucy 11 Jan 1816
Haile Thomas c1787-1875 VA Carter County, KY Oliver Frances (3rd wife) 15 Jun 1825
Haile William TN
Hailey Benjamin d. 1846 KY Lincoln County, KY Sisk Nancy
Hailey David NC Sallie
Hailey Henry VA Joanna
Hain Adam PA Elizabeth
Hain Nathaniel NH
Hainburgh Henry KY/OH Sarah
Haines Benjamin MD
Haines Benjamin US
Haines Daniel NH Sophronia
Haines Francis F. MA Abigail B.
Haines George PA Caroline B.
Haines Horace NY Jane
Haines John 1797-1868 NH Rockingham County, NH Parker Hannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Neal m. 07 Apr 1844
Haines John S. d. 1874 NY Orange County, NY Miller Sarah 26 Jun 1819
Haines Josiah PA Olive
Haines Levi NY
Haines Nathaniel US Miriam
Haines Nathaniel C. VT
Haines Robert 1787-1844 OH Clermont County, OH Tremper Catherine 25 Jul 1815
Haines Samuel OH
Haines Simeon 1777-1862 KY Fayette County, KY Miles Elizabeth (1st wife) spelled HAYNES 2nd wife Jane Armstrong m. 14 Nov 1811
Haines Solomon 1794-1873 US Licking County, OH Lowe Isabella 16 Jan 1825
Haines Stephen NY
Hainline Jesse d. 1865 KY Montgomery County, NY Duncan Charlotte 26 Nov 1813
Hains John NY Hannah
Hains John PA Elizabeth
Hains Joseph B. NJ
Hair James VA Abigail
Hair James d. 1860 VA Prince George County, VA Lee Nancy Apr 1811
Hair John NC Rebecca
Hair John A. SC
Hair Joseph TN Delilah
Hair William VA Elizabeth
Haire Isaac TN
Haire Thomas OH Louisa
Hairgrove Asa SC Jerusha
Hairgrove Stephen Marion 1784-1858 TN Shelby County, TX Brown Nancy Mary 29 Aug 1805
Hairston Samuel VA
Haislip John TN
Haislip Robert VA Mary T.
Hake Daniel PA
Hakes George NY Pamelia
Hakes Lyman NY
Hakes Samuel A. NY
Hakes Willet NY
Hakes William 1793-1846 NY Oneida County, NY Jones Eunice 20 Mar 1814
Halaway Barnes US Jane
Halbert James VA
Halbert John VA
Halbert William NY Nancy M.
Halbrook William IN Nancy
Halcomb Hiram 1789-1869 TN Simpson County, KY West Isabella (1st wife) 2nd wife Frances Rice, 3rd wife Mahala West m. 02 Aug 1848
Haldeman Peter MO
Hale Benjamin VA
Hale Cage TN Rebecca
Hale Charles 1795-1864 KY Mercer County, KY Buchanan Margaret A. 29 May 1824
Hale Chase PA
Hale Christopher 1790-1853 TN Owen County, IN Bible Mary Ann "Polly" 05 Jan 1812
Hale Consider NY
Hale Daniel US
Hale Ezekiel 1788-1868 MA Concord, NH Cookson Hannah Church 25 Sep 1810
Hale G. Jehu VA
Hale George d. 1850 MA Cumberland County, ME Roberts Martha 11 Jun 1816
Hale George TN
Hale Hezekiah 1791-1855 TN Jackson County, TN Wheelock Rosanna 25 Jul 1820
Hale Hugh d. 1850 US Chester County, PA Hackett Margaret 26 Mar 1809
Hale Hugh D. TN
Hale Isaac VA Nancy
Hale Jacob d. 1867 PA Onondaga County, NY Borden Betsey B. 20 Dec 1814
Hale Jeremiah d. 1859 ME Cumberland County, ME Green Lydia (1st wife) 2nd wife Rebecca J. Stone m. 28 Dec 1825
Hale Joseph NY Eliza A.
Hale Joseph TN Margaret
Hale Kinchen PA
Hale Lewis TN Elizabeth L.
Hale Micajah B. TN
Hale Nathaniel GA Nancy
Hale Nathaniel MA Hannah
Hale Nicholas TN
Hale Philip Smith 1793-1867 TN Hawkins County, TN Bachman Elizabeth 01 Jun 1818
Hale Richard TN Margaret
Hale Richard C. TN Drucilla
Hale Samuel MA
Hale Samuel VT
Hale Solon MA Sarah
Hale Thomas c1787-1875 VA Carter County, KY Oliver Frances (3rd wife) 15 Jun 1825 spelled HAILE
Hale Thomas OH
Hale William d. 1854 SC Marion County, SC Eliza M. 26 Jun 1817
Hale William VA
Hale Willis TN Elizabeth
Hales Andrew OH Mary
Hales Corbin VA Emily
Hales James GA
Hales Joseph d. 1849 GA Pike County, GA Linney 11 Nov 1820
Hales Peter VA
Haley Abraham MA Harriet T.
Haley Charles NC Rachel
Haley David W. 1793-1857 TN Madison County, MS Fleinor Elizabeth "Betsy" (1st wife) 2nd wife Margaret C. Ervin m. 30 May 1848
Haley Edward VA
Haley Eleazor P. NY
Haley Henry NC
Haley James NC
Haley John KY Matilda
Haley John d. 1838 ME Sagadahoc County, ME Eaton Susan 04 Apr 1820
Haley John d. 1825 PA Montgomery County, PA Parke Catherine 27 Apr 1815
Haley John T. MA Betsey R.
Haley Mark d. 1873 VA Fauquier County, VA Garrett Harriet 29 Jan 1823
Haley Nathaniel US
Haley Samuel NH Mary A.
Haley Simeon CT Priscilla A.
Haley Sterling VA Mary
Haley Thomas VA
Haley William MA
Haley William VA
Haley Winston d. 1866 VA Caroline County, VA Wright Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Margaret Young, 3rd wife Frances H. Bell m. 09 Jul 1851
Halfpenny David NJ Jane
Haling Andrew CT
Haling William CT
Hall Abner OH Nancy
Hall Abraham B. NY
Hall Adam 1793-1874 NY Delaware County, NY Gray or Grey Hannah 16 Jan 1814
Hall Adolphus US Lydia A.
Hall Alexander TN Mahala
Hall Alexander Stuart d. 1849 VA Augusta County, VA Paxton Jane S. 18 Aug 1818
Hall Alfred VA
Hall Amos NY
Hall Andrew 1777-1857 KY Boone County, MO Dudgeon Mary Polly 18 Feb 1808
Hall Andrew MA Martha P.
Hall Archibald 1792-1863 MA St. George, ME Linnekin or Lininken Clarissa Dec 1818
Hall Asa MA Lovisa
Hall Asa d. 1859 TN Walker County, AL Swindle Elizabeth 17 Jan 1808
Hall Asahel d. 1877 US Dutchess County, NY Catherine R. 19 Feb 1818
Hall Asbury NY
Hall Asher Blank Hopa
Hall Barzillai 1786-1831 MA Bristol County, MA Robinson Hannah 13 Oct 1813
Hall Benjamin MA Arabella M.
Hall Benjamin MA Eunice
Hall Benjamin MA Henrietta
Hall Benjamin NY Betsey
Hall Benjamin VA
Hall Benjamin US
Hall Brice d. 1865 DC Washington DC Fowler Mary H. 18 Aug 1812
Hall Christopher NY
Hall Christopher d. 1872 SC Greenville County, SC Christopher Sarah 04 Oct 1813
Hall Christopher Spry MD Hannah
Hall Clark VA
Hall Cyprian MA Lucy
Hall Cyrus US
Hall Daniel d. 1873 MA Cook County, IL Stevens Ann Eliza 19 Jan 1826
Hall Daniel OH Sophia
Hall Daniel VA Nancy
Hall David KY Martha
Hall David S. NY
Hall Dennis VA
Hall Drewry NC Blanch
Hall Drury TN Judith
Hall Ebenezer d. 1867 MA Essex County, MA Johnson Lydia 01 Dec 1811
Hall Edmond TN
Hall Edward OH
Hall Edward US Eliza Ann
Hall Edward B. OH
Hall Eli NY Ann
Hall Elijah MA
Hall Elijah 1792-1871 MA Washington County, ME Sevey or Seavey Joanna 03 Aug 1821
Hall Elijah d. 1877 VA Montgomery County, IN Ruckman Delila (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy m. 23 May 1866
Hall Elisha NY
Hall Elisha SC Elizabeth
Hall Equillar KY
Hall Ezra d. 1861 NY Oswego County, NY King Betsey 22 Feb 1814
Hall Ezra US
Hall Francis GA
Hall Francis US Jane
Hall Frederick N. 1791-1866 MA Reading, MA Hammond Sally (1st wife) 2nd wife Almira S. Prentiss m. 09 Jun 1853
Hall Freeburn IN
Hall Freeman MA Rebecca
Hall Frye MA Eliza P.
Hall Furney d. 1840 NC Jackson County, FL Williams Susan Dec 1811
Hall Gardner NY
Hall Garrett KY
Hall Garrett 1785-1862 TN Morgan County, TN Davidson Telitha 08 Mar 1811
Hall Genyser GA Sarah
Hall George 1793-1863 GA Chautauqua County, NY Hutchins Sally 27 Apr 1817
Hall George d. 1859 KY Hardin County, OH Bowman Nancy 08 Nov 1807
Hall George MA Amanda H.
Hall George PA Amy
Hall Gurden CT Polly
Hall Harry d. 1866 NY Cayuga County, NY Cole Deidamia 21 Dec 1817
Hall Henry d. 1874 MA Cumberland County, ME Lovett Huldah N. (1st wife) 2nd wife Abby Knight M. 18 Dec 1860
Hall Henry 1795-1867 MA Essex County, NY Clark Patty (1st wife) 2nd wife Emeline Wyman m. 18 Feb 1833
Hall Henry NH
Hall Henry d. 1872 NC Sampson County, NC McLamore Nancy Feb 1858 probably 2nd wife
Hall Henry SC
Hall Henry TN Susan
Hall Henry TN Jane
Hall Henry 1784-1844 TN Saline County, IL Rumsey Cynthia (2nd wife) 10 Dec 1819
Hall Henry d. 1869 VA Campbell County, VA Tompkins Catharine W. 16 Jul 1822
Hall Henry VA Lucy W.
Hall Henry J. 1795-1872 NH Kalamazoo County, MI Wood Emily A. 28 Aug 1828
Hall Henry Jr. NH
Hall Horace NY Zylpha
Hall Hosea NY Caroline
Hall Ira NH
Hall Ira NY
Hall Ira S. NY Harriet
Hall Isaac ME Hannah B.
Hall Isaac MD Rachel
Hall Isaac MA Mercy
Hall Isaac MA Elizabeth M.
Hall Isaac NY
Hall Isaac C. 1788-1869 GA Wilkinson County, GA Ross Susannah Matilda (1st wife) 2nd wife Cuzza A. Tapley m. 12 Feb 1861
Hall Isaiah MA/NY
Hall Israel Jr. NY
Hall Israel R. NY Alethia C.
Hall Jacob NH Abigail
Hall Jacob US
Hall Jacob R. NY Laura
Hall James MD
Hall James MS Debora
Hall James NY Lucy
Hall James NY? Persis
Hall James OH
Hall James d. 1866 OH Paulding County, OH Baird Honorah 04 Mar 1813
Hall James OH Mahala
Hall James d. 1844 OH Fulton County, IL Cochran Hannah 11 Dec 1823
Hall James TN Retha
Hall James US
Hall James VA
Hall James VA
Hall James A. 1782-1855 KY Barren County, KY Stockton Prudence (1st wife) 2nd wife Permelia Ashby m. 07 Jan 1834
Hall James S. US Amy
Hall Jared CT Emily
Hall Jeremiah ME
Hall Jeremiah NY
Hall Jesse A. SC Elizabeth W.
Hall Job US
Hall Joel 1791-1881 KY McDonough County, IL Clark Mary "Polly" (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary McClure m. 02 Dec 1849
Hall Joel NY
Hall John DE Elizabeth
Hall John d. 1860 MA Washington County, ME Howe Susan 27 Sep 1821
Hall John NY Nancy
Hall John NY
Hall John d. 1861 NY Chenango County, NY Castor Temperance 03 Sep 1812
Hall John NY
Hall John PA Jane
Hall John VA
Hall John 1792-1865 TN Anderson County, TN Yarnell Susannah Jan 1813
Hall John 1782-1867 TN Dickson County, TN Brown Rosanna 07 Feb 1805
Hall John TN Mary
Hall John d. 1837 VA Dickson County, TN Smith Elizabeth 22 Feb 1809
Hall John B. KY Margaret
Hall John Byrd 1787-1862 US Spotsylvania County, VA Stringfellow Harriet 23 Oct 1817
Hall John C. GA
Hall John D. SC Mary
Hall John E. LA Catherine
Hall John G. MA
Hall John Jr. 1796-1861 NY Washington County, NY Allen Jane (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth McCarter m. 16 Feb 1834
Hall John Jr. NY Susan
Hall John P. CT Nancy B.
Hall John T. 1789-1857 VA Jackson County, TN Simpson Annie (1st wife) 2nd wife Sallie Scanland, 3rd wife Telitha Van Hoosir m. 1850
Hall John Warren US Delilah
Hall Johnson SC
Hall Jonathan d. 1871 NH Strafford County, NH Demeritt Lydia M. 28 Jun 1827
Hall Jonathan d. 1852 NY Genesee County, NY Wilcox Almira (1st wife) 2nd wife Ann Curtis m. 03 May 1829
Hall Joseph MA Lydia
Hall Joseph 1793-1859 MA Boston, MA Howe Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Eliza Parkman m. 29 Jan 1826
Hall Joseph NY Joanna
Hall Joseph NY
Hall Joseph NY
Hall Joseph d. 1878 NY Steuben County, NY Glimour Jane 05 Jan 1820
Hall Joseph NY Elizabeth
Hall Joseph NC Sallie
Hall Joseph US Rachel A.
Hall Joseph OH Jerusha
Hall Joseph H. MD
Hall Joshua TN
Hall Josiah d. 1873 GA Franklin County, AL Brown Elizabeth 25 Apr 1815
Hall Josiah MA
Hall Josiah MA
Hall Josiah R. ME Nellie
Hall Kimball MA
Hall Lapsley 1793-1872 KY Wayne County, IL Crask Nancy 07 Dec 1820
Hall Lemuel DE
Hall Levi d. 1829 US Harpers Ferry, VA Bruce Sarah 29 Mar 1808
Hall Lewis d. 1839 ME Waldo County, ME Segar Dorcas 04 Jun 1808
Hall Lewis d. 1873 NY Passaic County, NJ Lyons Rosannah 16 Jan 1814
Hall Lorenzo VA
Hall Lot US Eveline
Hall Luke TN Agness
Hall Luther 1795-1872 ME Kennebec County, ME Greeley Eliza (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Greeley, 3rd wife m. 05 Jan 1865
Hall Luther MA
Hall Luther French NH Mary
Hall Martin VT
Hall Martin E. VA
Hall Moses d. 1848 MA Cumberland County, ME Douglas Sarah T. Apr 1812
Hall Moses OH
Hall Mott d. 1867 NY Erie County, OH Noble Electa (1st or 2nd wife) 3rd wife Julia m. 30 Mar 1862
Hall Nathan MA
Hall Nathan 1791-1845 VT Lincoln, MA Royce Abigail 29 Sep 1814
Hall Nathan VA
Hall Nathan C. NC Annie
Hall Nathaniel VA Rachel C.
Hall Obed NH
Hall Oliver d. 1858 NJ Cumberland County, NJ Davis Elizabeth 30 Mar 1814
Hall Oliver d. 1874 NY Crawford County, PA Thresey (1st wife) 2nd wife Laura H. m. 07 Nov 1852
Hall Orrin US
Hall Patrick d. 1849 OH Highland County, OH Reese Mary 01 Jan 1810
Hall Peleg d. 1851 MA Lincoln County, ME Redlon Mary 03 Jul 1828
Hall Peletiah 1787-1864 NY Jefferson County, NY Crook Abulah 25 Nov 1813
Hall Percival c1794-1875 MA Oakham, MA White Vienna 15 Jun 1826
Hall Peter MA
Hall Peter A. VA Lucinda S.
Hall Peter C. OH
Hall Philip 1789-1830 VT Franklin County, VT Barber Achsah 30 Apr 1809
Hall Pomeroy 1796-1865 CT Colchester, CT Bulkeley Emeline Ursula 05 Oct 1823
Hall Preston KY
Hall Purnel d. 1848 DE Kent County, DE Coulter Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Hammons, 3rd wife Ann P. Millechop m. 24 Nov 1833
Hall Randolph VA
Hall Reason B. Blank Martha
Hall Reuben 1795-1869 CT Fulton County, OH Sheldon Mary 22 Feb 1814
Hall Reuben NY/Navy Bridget
Hall Richard 1784-1831 KY Hardensburg, KY Perrin or Perrine Martha Mar 1809 aka Stephen Richard Hall
Hall Richard 1783-1838 KY Harrison County, KY Whitsett Rebecca 23 Jan 1808
Hall Richard ME
Hall Richard Thomas d. 1833 MD Prince Georges County, MD Blake Sarah Bond (1st wife) 2nd wife Henrietta Maria Claggett, 4th Alice E. Ester m. 19 May 1831
Hall Richmond PA
Hall Rivers d. 1867 NY Queens County, NY Loscy Jemima 18 Jan 1824
Hall Robert 1778-1862 GA Troup County, GA Newton Cynthia 28 Mar 1809
Hall Robert 1788-1860 KY Trimble County, KY Reed Elizabeth 06 Feb 1817
Hall Robert 1776-1841 NY Montgomery County, NY Gilmore Nancy 20 Aug 1807
Hall Robert d. 1877 US/NC Wilkes County, NC Wright Elizabeth 16 Nov 1815
Hall Robert Miller d. 1857 KY Nebraska City, NE Furgeson Sarah 18 Dec 1814
Hall Robert R. US Catharine
Hall Salmon CT Cornelia A.
Hall Samuel KY
Hall Samuel MA Elizabeth W.
Hall Samuel NY Mary E.
Hall Samuel d. 1845 OH Henry County, IA Bender Caroline 08 Jul 1817
Hall Samuel US Abigail
Hall Samuel VT Louisa
Hall Samuel VA
Hall Samuel VA Spicy
Hall Samuel US
Hall Samuel US
Hall Samuel L. US Sarah A.
Hall Silas US Hannah
Hall Simeon NY Belinda
Hall Simeon NY Elizabeth
Hall Simeon d. 1862 VA Louisa County, VA Hall Mary H. 11 Dec 1823
Hall Simon d. 1864 NY South Bristol, NY Stid Susan 11 Feb 1813
Hall Solomon NY Nancy
Hall Solomon VA Morning
Hall Stephen MA Catharine
Hall Stephen d. 1869 MA Strafford County, NH Seaward or Seward Lydia 29 Mar 1821
Hall Stephen MA
Hall Stephen NY Mary
Hall Stephen c1780-1842 TN Jackson County, AL Powers Sarah P. 25 Apr 1816
Hall Sylvester NY Julia A.
Hall Thomas KY Nancy W.
Hall Thomas PA Mary
Hall Thomas d. 1870 SC Calhoun County, AL Benson Lucinda 12 Oct 1813
Hall Thomas 1792-1855 TN Greene County, IL McVey Mary "Polly" 04 May 1815
Hall Thomas d. 1822 VT Rutland County, VT Royce Rosannah 30 Oct 1810
Hall Thomas VT
Hall Thomas VA
Hall Thomas VA Nancy
Hall Thomas VA Ann
Hall Thompson VA Elizabeth
Hall Truman G. VT Laura M.
Hall William GA Elizabeth
Hall William GA Martha
Hall William 1793-1859 KY Scott County, KY Stone Malinda 14 Mar 1824
Hall William 1802-1858 MA Oxford County, ME Pike Almira (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Farnham Town m. 01 May 1839
Hall William d. 1847 NH Grafton County, NH Hall Charlotte 02 Feb 1824
Hall William NH Sarah R.
Hall William NY Silence
Hall William NY
Hall William NY
Hall William NC Rebecca
Hall William SC Mary Ann
Hall William VA
Hall William VA Jane
Hall William Navy Marie D.
Hall William Force 1794-1842 NY Saratoga County, NY Shipman Diana 16 Jul 1815
Hall William Henry 1796-1878 MD Anne Arundel County, MD Sellman Eleanor 10 Feb 1825
Hall William Orlando 1786-1873 NY Hancock County, IL Bellinger Elizabeth 18 Jul 1812
Hall William S. d. 1871 US Jackson County, MI Griggs Rachel (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Harrington, 3rd wife Harriet E. m. 28 Dec 1851
Hall Woodson OH Susannah
Hall Wyllys CT Lucretia P.
Hall Zachariah GA
Hall Zachariah 1791-1861 TN Knox County, TN Nelson Polly (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha Mahala Bradley m. 21 Oct 1847
Hallack Augustus V. C. 1794-1874 NY Kalamazoo County, MI O'Neil Catherine (2nd wife) 24 Nov 1827
Hallack Jonathan NY Lucinda
Halladay Elijah NY
Halladay Josiah NY Jemima
Hallam Jeremiah GA Jeremiah Moriah
Halleck James NY
Hallenbeck Thomas NY
Hallenbeck William 1788-1849 NY Columbia County, NY Fosdick Mary 23 Nov 1810 spelled HOLLENBECK
Haller Isaac 1782-1858 Navy Orange County, IN Norris Hannah 01 Sep 1808
Haller Jacob MD
Haller John C. d. 1876 VA Warren County, OH Rossman Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Hannah Winner, 3rd wife Eliza Sill m. 05 May 1839
Haller John V. OH Mary V.
Hallet James NY Rachel
Hallet Solomon 1793-1869 MA Kennebec County, ME Scudder Joanna 28 Jan 1815 spelled HALLETT
Hallet Zenith ME
Hallett Benjamim Wright d. 1837 CT Fairfield County, CT Sturges Hannah 25 Oct 1805
Hallett Elisha 1794-1848 MA Kennebec County, ME Crowell Tamson 18 Jan 1821
Hallett Ezekiel MA Patience
Hallett John d. 1868 MA Kennebec County, ME Odlin Mary Wilson 13 Nov 1814
Hallett Joseph H. MA Elizabeth C.
Hallett Josiah M. Blank
Hallett Samuel 1792-1863 NY Allegany County, NY Green Mercy 01 Jan 1813
Hallett Samuel P. d. 1853 NY New York, NY Myer Ann Maria 20 Mar 1816
Hallett Solomon d. 1849 KY Lawrence County, IL Waldrop Nancy 24 Nov 1825
Hallett Watson MA
Halley Cornelius 1792-1874 US Hamilton County, IL Drummond Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Jane Burton m. 30 Dec 1860
Halley Daniel KY
Halley John VA Sarah E.
Halliburton Martin TN
Halliburton Samuel TN Sarah
Hallinan John SC Zilpha
Hallock Augustus V. C. 1794-1874 NY Kalamazoo County, MI O'Neil Catherine (2nd wife) 24 Nov 1827 spelled HALLACK
Hallock Daniel B. CT Sylvia
Hallock Isaac NY Deborah
Hallock Micah W. NY
Hallock Noah NY Nancy
Hallock Powell NY
Hallock Thomas d. 1846 NY Potter County, PA Kibbee Sarah 29 Mar 1807
Hallock William NY
Halloway Edmund TN Susan
Halloway Joel MA Rhoda
Halloway John NC Ceily
Hallowell John PA Mary
Hallowell Joseph PA Martha
Hallowell Theophilus MA Clarissa
Hallowick Aaron US
Hallum William TN
Hally Don A. NY
Halsey Anthony P. NY Irene U.
Halsey James NY Rachel
Halsey Jarvis OH
Halsey Jasper NY Hannah
Halsey Nicholas d. 1851 NY Bridgehampton, NY Carpenter Helen J. 01 Jan 1829
Halsey Silvanus NY
Halstead Alexander B. KY Elizabeth
Halstead David Wade 1786-1842 NJ Paterson, NJ Miller Harriet Ann 29 Nov 1809
Halstead Frederick VA
Halstead Jacob US Mary
Halstead Joel c1795-1863 NY Cayuga County, NY McLoud Elizabeth 25 Dec 1827
Halstead Robert Wade 1792-1859 NJ Franklin County, IN Munson Elizabeth 23 Apr 1814
Halstead Stephen NY Elizabeth
Halsted Henry N. NY Amelia C.
Halsted John NY
Halsted Underhill NY
Ham Adam TN
Ham Andrew NH Elizabeth
Ham Benjamin d. 1825 NH Stafford County, NH Pray Abigail 07 Dec 1817
Ham Ephraim NH
Ham George NH
Ham Ivory d. 1829 US Durham, NH Pickering Sarah "Sally" 13 May 1813
Ham Jabez 1796-1842 KY Callaway County, MO Todd Hannah 13 Jan 1814
Ham John ME Mary
Ham John d. 1871 NH Belknap County, NH Brown Mercy C. 27 Dec 1821
Ham John NH
Ham John d. 1864 US Rockland, ME McAllister Mary 29 May 1822
Ham Reuben ME Lucinda A.
Ham Samuel d. 1869 NY Tompkins County, NY Blanchard Harriet Jun 1822
Ham Samuel MA Mary
Ham William d. 1863 MA Kennebec County, ME Hewins Rebecca (1st wife) 2nd wife Hannah Wyman m. 19 Jul 1824
Ham William VA
Ham Willis VA
Hamblen Ichabod 1791-1871 MA Oxford County, ME Fickett Lydia Webb 11 Oct 1815
Hamblen Nathaniel 1794-1867 MA Cumberland County, ME Shane Sarah 06 Nov 1825
Hamblen Thomas TN Emeline
Hamblen William Henry 1794-1869 TN Davidson County, TN Fowlkes Verrinia Hill 03 Jul 1817
Hambleton Henry MD Annie
Hambleton James KY
Hambleton Samuel Navy/Blank
Hamblett Hezekiah NH Mary
Hamblin Abraham H. NY Susan
Hamblin Charles MA
Hamblin Eli CT
Hamblin Joel US
Hamblin Stephen VA Sarah E.
Hamblin William Henry 1794-1869 TN Davidson County, TN Fowlkes Verrinia Hill 03 Jul 1817 spelled HAMBLEN
Hambrick Meshack GA
Hambright Benjamin 1793-1865 TN Bradley County, TN Howe Thirza (1st wife) 2nd wife Eliza Jane Mitchell m. 30 Oct 1848
Hambright Frederick PA
Hambright James SC
Hambright John 1788-1858 SC York County, SC Sandlin Sarah 04 Aug 1812
Hambright Josiah 1791-1826 SC York County, SC Moss Elizabeth 11 Jun 1816
Hambruck Joseph MS Louisa C.
Hamburg Conrad 1790-1849 PA Washington County, MD Nichols Margaret 25 Jun 1821
Hambury Benjamin MA
Hamby John 1790-1852 SC Lumpkin County, GA Cook Sarah 23 Oct 1833 spelled HAMBEY
Hamby Reuben VA
Hamer John MA
Hamer William 1792-1866 NY Sandusky County, OH Cleveland Keziah (1st wife) 2nd wife Priscilla S. Blanchard m. 27 Mar 1861
Hamersly James B. VA
Hamilton Aaron 1791-1852 MA Kennebec County, ME Furbush Sarah 30 Nov 1818
Hamilton Adin GA Lucinda
Hamilton Adriel ME
Hamilton Alexander OH
Hamilton Alexander US
Hamilton Andrew 1792-1862 KY Lewis County, MO Chowning Nancy 02 Nov 1825
Hamilton Andrew OH Elizabeth
Hamilton Arthur SC Mahany
Hamilton Asa NH Almira
Hamilton Bemiss NY Sarah M.
Hamilton Benjamin KY Asenath
Hamilton Benjamin NJ
Hamilton Benjamin d. 1863 NY Suffolk County, NY Gardner Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Julia m. 08 Nov 1851
Hamilton Chester OH
Hamilton David 1785-1875 KY Floyd County, KY Fitzpatrick Sarah "Sally" 29 Jul 1813
Hamilton David d. 1878 US Norfolk County, MA Towle Betsey 06 Apr 1831 probably 2nd wife
Hamilton David K. SC
Hamilton David P. TN
Hamilton Edward Ignatius 1797-1841 MD Washington DC Spalding Maria Editha (1st wife) 2nd wife Ann Louisa Spalding m. 08 May 1832
Hamilton Eleazer 1793-1871 TN Davidson County, TN Perry Emily 20 Nov 1823
Hamilton Everard 1791-1847 GA Savannah, GA Floyd Mary Hazzard 31 Oct 1816
Hamilton George KY Dollythia
Hamilton George MD
Hamilton George US Martha
Hamilton George US
Hamilton James US
Hamilton James KY
Hamilton James 1792-1872 OH Union County, OH Blue Mariah 05 Aug 1817
Hamilton James d. 1824 PA Philadelphia, PA Dick Phoebe 10 Mar 1814
Hamilton James PA Dorcas
Hamilton James PA Isabella
Hamilton James d.1848 TN Alabama Childers Nancy 1819
Hamilton James d. 1872 US Madison County, NY Bacon Rebecca 03 Aug 1818
Hamilton James VA
Hamilton James VA
Hamilton James VA
Hamilton James VA
Hamilton James VA Margaret
Hamilton James C. SC
Hamilton James S. VA
Hamilton John KY
Hamilton John KY
Hamilton John d. 1852 MA Newton, MA Simpson Mary 19 Feb 1816
Hamilton John 1786-1864 NY Madison County, NY Cannon Artemisia 15 Oct 1811
Hamilton John NY
Hamilton John NC Terrissa
Hamilton John OH Elizabeth
Hamilton John d. 1836 PA Philadelphia, PA Weyman Jane 05 Nov 1816
Hamilton John PA
Hamilton John PA Margaret
Hamilton John US
Hamilton John US
Hamilton John KY
Hamilton John C. d. 1877 US Washington County, VA Moore Sarah E. (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha Dinkins m. 29 Nov 1859
Hamilton John Washington d. 1824 VA Cumberland County, VA Boatright Rebecca 01 Oct 1812
Hamilton Joseph NC
Hamilton Joseph P. TN
Hamilton Leonard VA
Hamilton Levi NY Orpah
Hamilton Matthew Thompson c1792-1876 GA Gwinnett County, GA Baskin Isabella "Isa" 25 Apr 1839 probably 2nd wife
Hamilton Morris KY Elizabeth
Hamilton Moses c1795-1841 US Meriwether County, GA Fain Nancy 23 Dec 1817
Hamilton Nathaniel d. 1851 VA Mathews County, VA Callis Ann Maria 02 Sep 1830 probably 2nd wife
Hamilton Nelson VA Mary
Hamilton Richard NY
Hamilton Robert GA
Hamilton Robert d. 1871 PA Ohio County, WV McCartney Elizabeth 16 Nov 1815
Hamilton Robert US
Hamilton Robert Dunbar 1798-1872 SC Attala County, MS Jolly Nancy 23 May 1825
Hamilton Robert Mandeville Moore 1788-1859 Navy Fauquier County, VA Armitage Mary Ann 06 May 1813
Hamilton Robinson d. 1871 KY Washington County, IN Bough Elizabeth 13 May 1814
Hamilton Samuel KY
Hamilton Samuel MD Elizabeth
Hamilton Samuel OH Miriam
Hamilton Samuel PA
Hamilton Schuyler VA
Hamilton Sewall 1789-1824 MA Worcester County, MA Fullerton Nancy H. 11 Oct 1810
Hamilton Seymour NY
Hamilton Silas 1791-1868 US Allegan County, MI Harrington Charlotte 25 Aug 1814
Hamilton Simeon NC Kasiah
Hamilton Solomon S. Blank
Hamilton Squier 1789-1860 MA Worcester County, MA Adams Catherine (1st wife) 2nd wife Rhoda Walker m. 23 Nov 1826
Hamilton Stodart VT
Hamilton Thomas GA Malinda
Hamilton Thomas TN Hannah
Hamilton Thomas TN Mary
Hamilton Thomas TN Reteh?
Hamilton Thomas 1781-1833 US St. Louis, MO Whistler Catherine 24 May 1806
Hamilton Tillman VA Nancy
Hamilton Timothy 1788-1837 TN Sullivan County, TN Craft or Croft Ellen 11 Oct 1827 probably 2nd wife
Hamilton William CT
Hamilton William GA Martha
Hamilton William d. 1878 KY Nicholas County, KY Burnaw Polly (1st wife) 2nd wife Kitty Ann m. 29 Nov 1849
Hamilton William MA
Hamilton William MA
Hamilton William 1793-1866 NY Tompkins County, NY Bower Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Calista Baker m. 31 Oct 1841
Hamilton William OH
Hamilton William OH Barbara
Hamilton William PA Ruth
Hamilton William d. 1870 SC Pickens County, AL West Amy 28 Sep 1807
Hamilton William TN
Hamilton William VT Zeriah
Hamilton William VA Elizabeth
Hamilton William B. PA Elizabeth
Hamilton William Newton 1779-1854 TN Madison County, TN McCullough Mary Jane 08 Sep 1802
Hamilton Yale NY Dorcas
Hamler William d. 1873 NJ Somerset County, NJ Allen Ann 19 Oct 1837
Hamlet Jesse NC Susan G.
Hamlet John TN
Hamlet John TN
Hamlet Jonathan MA Abigail
Hamlett Elias VA Rebecca
Hamlett James TN
Hamlett Thomas US Sallie
Hamley Samuel d. 1872 SC Pickens County, GA King Catherine 28 Feb 1820
Hamlin Calvin NY Sarah
Hamlin Charles MA Susan
Hamlin Cook NY
Hamlin Horace NY Nancy
Hamlin Isaiah 1789-1864 MA Kennebec County, ME Hallett Temperance (1st wife) 2nd wife Polly Wilson m. 06 Feb 1850
Hamlin John 1786-1839 NY New Hartford, NY Treadway Susan 05 Mar 1809
Hamlin Josiah 1795-1860 MA Kennebec County, ME Hanson Abigail 12 Apr 1819 listed as HAMBLIN
Hamlin William 1791-1837 KY Lewis County, KY Smith Mary 03 Feb 1811
Hammack John VA
Hammack Martin TN Eleanor A.
Hamman Abner MA
Hamman Jacob PA Elizabeth
Hamman Jacob VA Anna
Hamman John IN
Hammer James VA
Hammer John VA Cynthia
Hammer William OH
Hammers Francis Blank Coneginda
Hammett Charles RI
Hammett Henry Blank Catharine
Hammett Ignatius B. MD
Hammett Isaac PA
Hammett James GA Nancy
Hammill John VA Elizabeth
Hammill Robert NY
Hammitt Benjamin d. 1873 PA Wapello County, IA Austin Margaret 19 Apr 1822
Hammock Benjamin KY Annis
Hammock Daniel US
Hammock Martin c1793-1839 TN Claiborne County, TN Janeway Sarah 24 Apr 1812 spelled HAMIC
Hammock Thomas GA Mary
Hammock William d. 1828 TN Lincoln County, TN Burris Polly 01 Jan 1812
Hammon Anson NY
Hammon Charles NY
Hammon George VA Regina
Hammon Henry NY
Hammon James MD Mary A.
Hammon Levi d. 1869 ME Androscoggin County, ME Gould Mary 10 Nov 1814
Hammond Abel US Margaret
Hammond Bela MA Dorothy
Hammond Benjamin 1788-1870 MA Penobscot County, ME Hersey Ruth 14 Mar 1814
Hammond Benjamin PA Mary Ann
Hammond Charles SC
Hammond David MA Hannah
Hammond David d. 1825 NY Salem, MA Kitchel Emily 13 Nov 1817
Hammond Elias US
Hammond Elihu 1795-1872 MA Plymouth County, MA Snow Phoebe (1st wife) 2nd wife Almira Snow m. 14 Dec 1822
Hammond Elijah NY
Hammond Elisha 1792-1869 US Chemung County, NY McMillen Maria (1st wife) 2nd wife Abigail m. 02 Dec 1866
Hammond Frederick 1795-1874 MA Plymouth County, MA Coleman Mary "Polly" 19 Nov 1818
Hammond Gideon MA Rebecca
Hammond Ira VT
Hammond Isaac NY
Hammond James NY
Hammond James NY
Hammond James US
Hammond James NY Julia P,
Hammond Job MS
Hammond John 1786-1865 NY Crawford County, PA Tibbals Huldah (1st wife) 2nd wife Eliza Butterfield m. 21 Mar 1821
Hammond Jonathan OH Lovisa
Hammond Joshua US
Hammond Josiah CT
Hammond Lemuel MS
Hammond Lewis Denny d. 1872 KY Orange County, IN Davis Rachel 12 Feb 1809 spelled HAMMON
Hammond Micajah TN
Hammond Mickey TN Elizabeth
Hammond Miles d. 1834 NY Oakland County, MI Yaple Rachel 15 Dec 1815
Hammond Mordecai Talbot MD/PA Zilla
Hammond Nathan d. 1860 NY Geauga County, OH Boom Polly 03 Oct 1813
Hammond Nathaniel 1790-1873 CT Summit County, OH Hatch Lucy 10 Jan 1822
Hammond Paul d. 1851 MA Oxford County, ME Lovejoy Eliza 17 Oct 1814
Hammond Rolly or Raleigh GA
Hammond Rowland NC
Hammond Samuel H. PA Nancy
Hammond Sherrod S. MS Mary
Hammond Siphorus 1795-1873 NY Erie County, NY Scott Betsy (1st wife) 2nd wife Lovina Tucker, 3rd wife Ann Eliza m. 08 Apr 1871
Hammond Stephen MA Betsey D.
Hammond Thomas MA Mary
Hammond Thomas NY
Hammond Thomas W. KY
Hammond William GA Lucy C.
Hammond William 1791-1866 ME Winnebago County, WI Robbins Olive J. 19 Oct 1820
Hammond William MA
Hammond Zenas Navy
Hammonds John GA Elizabeth
Hammonds Lewis d. 1855 VA Lancaster County, VA Lowery Lucy 16 Oct 1820
Hammons Edmund 1776-1857 US Glenburn, ME Hill Betsey 23 Mar 1800
Hammons Edward TN
Hammons Jacob GA Mary B.
Hammons Joel US Hannah
Hammontree Alexander d. 1874 VA Buckingham County, VA Howell Judith 16 Aug 1821
Hammontree David US Rachel
Hammontree William TN Leah
Hamn Obadiah or Obed GA
Hamon Joel Blank/TN Mary Ann
Hamor David MA Experience
Hamor Jacob PA
Hamor James MA
Hamor William MA Experience
Hampshire Jacob NY
Hampshire John D. c1790-1876 MD Baltimore County, MD Dorsey Mary 08 May 1817
Hampton James 1788-1847 KY Grant County, KY Jack Jane 16 Nov 1814
Hampton James TN Elizabeth
Hampton James TN
Hampton Jeremiah VA Pamela
Hampton Jesse 1789-1871 NY Barry County, MI Willison Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Mahala Tolles m. 04 Feb 1847
Hampton John TN
Hampton Jonathan NC
Hampton Joseph GA Elizabeth G.
Hampton Samuel NC/US
Hampton Thomas GA Roena
Hampton Timothy NJ
Hampton Tollerson TN
Hamrick Benjamin 1782-1863 VA Webster County, WV Gregory Nancy Agnes 19 Apr 1811
Hamrick Daniel VA Amelia
Hamrick John C. 1786-1856 GA Lauderdale County, MS Myers Catherine Hampton 23 Apr 1809
Hamsher Jacob PA
Hamsley Henry d. 1864 VA Floyd County, IN Rhodes Nancy 1809
Hamson John d. 1862 MA Essex County, MA Cross Rebecca 14 Feb 1819
Hamtramck John F. IL Sallie E.
Han James VA
Hanaway Samuel VA
Hanaway Thomas US
Hanberry John GA
Hanby James SC
Hanby John TN
Hance Benjamin OH Nancy
Hance James d. 1865 MD Baltimore, MD Sweetser Ann 09 Jan 1816
Hance Jeremiah NY Abigail
Hance John MD
Hancher John VA Nancy Ann
Hanchet Asahel NY
Hanchet Ebenezer NY Mary
Hancock Absalom MD Rachel S.
Hancock Andrew d. 1857 US Cleburne County, AL Pannell Susan 15 Jun 1809
Hancock Hardy d. 1871 SC Tallapoosa County, AL Laney Margaret 13 Jan 1813
Hancock Henry 1790-1874 SC Lancaster County, SC Roane or Rone Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Wilmoth m. 10 Jun 1867
Hancock Henry d. 1847 VA Chesterfield County, VA Gibson Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Burton, 3rd wife Deniza B. Anderson m. 08 Apr 1845
Hancock Higgison d. 1866 VA Richmond, VA Walthall Hannah Wooldridge 20 Oct 1819
Hancock James d. 1858 NC Beaufort, NC Davis Julia P. 16 Dec 1835 probably 2nd wife
Hancock James OH
Hancock Joel US Susannah
Hancock John GA Sarah M.
Hancock John GA Ellen
Hancock John US
Hancock John d. 1866 VA Bedford County, VA Rucker Frances 28 Feb 1813
Hancock John VA Nancy
Hancock John VA
Hancock Joseph VA
Hancock Lewis KY
Hancock Lewis ME
Hancock Micagen DE
Hancock Simon VA
Hancock Stephen US Elizabeth
Hancock William GA Nancy
Hancock William KY
Hancock William d. 1873 NJ Paterson, NJ Harris Polly (1st wife) 2nd wife Hannah Terhune, 3rd wife Maria m. 15 May 1847
Hancock William d. 1871 NC Carteret County, NC Shacklesford Hannah H. 08 Jan 1818
Hancock William d. 1844 TN Campbell County, TN Agee Keziah 23 Apr 1809
Hancock William Wilson d. 1863 TN Clay County, NC West Margaret (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah "Sallie" Harbison m. 17 Jun 1824
Hand Aaron NJ
Hand Abial H. NY Catharine C.
Hand Abner 1790-1854 NY Wayne County, NY Pettis Mary Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Abigail Tuttle m. 20 May 1825
Hand Caleb NY Asena
Hand Charles R. NY
Hand Ellis NJ Priscilla
Hand Gilbert R. 1783-1863 NJ Darke County, OH Hole Elizabeth 17 Jan 1807
Hand Henry H. SC/GA Sarah
Hand James VA Malinda
Hand Jasper OH Pheby A.
Hand John GA
Hand Lemuel OH Sarah
Hand Robert Forrest d. 1860 NY Sag Harbor, NY Pineo Louisa 12 Jun 1824
Hand Thomas 1794-1868 OH Philadelphia, PA David Hester (1st wife) 2nd wife Judith Johnson, 3rd wife Rebecca Whitaker m. 11 May 1835
Hand William J. d. 1866 NC Pinder County, NC Smith Ellen 10 Jan 1818
Handel Nicholas VA
Handley Isaac VA
Handley Michael Blank Rhoda
Handly Robert C. TN Elizabeth
Handshy Frederick 1787-1852 PA Madison County, IL Gletner or Kleckner Catherine 01 Sep 1810
Handwork Henry 1783-1858 PA Berks County, PA Hoffman or Hoseman Mary 27 Apr 1811
Handy David d. 1857 NY Fulton County, NY Baum Anna 15 Jan 1812
Handy Erastus NY Polly
Handy Jabez 1794-1844 MA Rochester, MA Briggs Joanna (1st wife) 2nd wife Ruth Briggs m. 29 Aug 1833
Handy John 1798-1860 US Wilkes County, NC Stamper Margaret "Peggy" (1st wife) 2nd wife Frances Adams m. 18 Jun 1836
Handy John VA
Handy Lemuel W. MA Sarah
Handy Samuel L. d. 1852 DE Dorchester County, MD Robinson Clarissa 14 Sep 1830
Handy Samuel W. d. 1856 DC Washington DC Wilson Margaret H. (1st wife) 2nd wife Margaret W. Keer m. 20 Dec 1825
Handy Thomas B. CT Lydia
Hane David d. 1864 MD Georgetown DC Webster Catharine 05 May 1818
Haner Jonas NY Frances B.
Hanes Azariah TN Elizabeth
Hanes Henry H. OH Nancy
Hanes Hurman NY Betsey
Hanes Joseph d. 1865 MD Washington County, MD Colbert Deliliah 25 Mar 1810
Hanes Joshua Blank
Hanes William PA
Hanevius Philip d. 1854 PA Lebanon County, PA Hoffard Molly (1st wife) 2nd wife Anna Marian Killian m. 02 Dec 1845
Haney Alden IL Jerusha
Haney James PA
Haney John NJ
Haney John VA
Haney John VA Elizabeth
Haney John B. SC
Hanford John M. NY Polly
Hanford John Williams 1784-1866 CT Chautauqua County, NY Pearsall Polly 14 Feb 1806
Hanford Levi NY
Hanford Simeon CT Rachel D.
Hanger Frederick 1793-1869 VA Floyd County, IN Cook Margaret 1814
Hanger George VA Mary Ann
Hanger Jacob VA
Hanger John 1792-1862 VA Augusta County, VA Allen Mary 04 Apr 1822
Haning James 1791-1860 OH Athens County, OH Brooks Gertrude 07 Jul 1813
Haning Moses 1786-1862 OH Athens County, OH McKinstry Elizabeth 09 Nov 1809
Haning Simon NC Catherine
Hankins Gilbert d. 1839 NJ Pike County, OH Land Mary 18 Sep 1811
Hankins Nimrod TN Rebecca
Hankins William 1793-1873 VA Charlotte County, VA Staples Susan 27 Apr 1815
Hankinson William d. 1867 NJ Yates County, NY Perrine Mary 13 Dec 1814
Hanks Chichester 1781-1868 KY Anderson County, KY Elizabeth 15 Jul 1823
Hanks Pitman KY Emma
Hanks Stiles MD Nancy
Hanks William VA Elizabeth
Hanley James d. 1874 PA Clinton County, PA Mett Ann 19 Jan 1817
Hanley Pierce NY Sarah
Hanley Samuel PA
Hanlon Richard 1785-1878 VA Washington County, OH French Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Margaret Williamson m. 27 Sep 1846
Hanmer Alanson NY
Hanmer Jabez 1787-1865 NY Schuyler County, NY Maxwell or Maxfield Eleanor "Ellen" 26 Jul 1809
Hanmer John d. 1869 US Essex County, NY Spinks Peggy 01 Nov 1812
Hann Christopher d. 1875 CT Livingston County, MI Sophia 01 Oct 1836 probably 2nd wife
Hann Henry MD Bridget
Hann Jacob US
Hann John d. 1873 PA Richland County, OH Ellaberger Barbara Mar 1810
Hanna Alexander PA
Hanna Alexander TN
Hanna David d. 1836 NY St. Lawrence County, NY Armstrong Elizabeth 17 Mar 1812
Hanna David G. IN Mary
Hanna Edward PA
Hanna James VA Ann
Hanna Reuben d. 1873 SC Sebastian County, AR Keaton Mary 16 Nov 1814 leaf from family genealogical record in pension file
Hanna Robert IN Olive
Hanna Robert NY
Hanna Sammel TN
Hanna William OH
Hanna William US Eleanor
Hanna William PA
Hanna William d. 1847 PA Henrico County, VA Harris Margaret 20 Feb 1831 probably 2nd wife
Hanna William d. 1872 SC St. Clair County, AL Martin Feriby (1st wife) 2nd wife Margaret Pierce m. 01 Nov 1843
Hannaford William MA Olive
Hannah Cullinas TN Mary
Hannah George CT
Hannah James OH Jane
Hannah James VA
Hannah James S. VA
Hannah John SC
Hannah John TN Summerfield
Hannah John R. d. 1871 VA Kanawha County, WV Black Lucretia 13 Dec 1822
Hannah Joseph VA
Hannah Raymond S. d. 1866 NY Jefferson County, NY James Mary 23 Sep 1830 probably 2nd wife
Hannah Thomas SC
Hannan Jacob NY Lucretia
Hannen William US Rosanna
Hannes James NJ
Hannis Enoch P. TN Elizabeth
Hannon John T. NC Maria
Hannon William US
Hannum Davis 1792-1857 PA Carroll County, OH Hannum Ann 25 Feb 1823
Hannum Gamaliel MA Elizabeth P.
Hannum George PA Susan
Hannum Grove Wright 1791-1858 MA Hampshire County, MA Newell Amelia Brown 04 Apr 1820
Hannum Sidney 1796-1858 MA Hampshire County, MA Blair Betsey 18 Oct 1821
Hannum Warren NY Martha
Hanon James IL Jane
Hansard John TN
Hansbarger Jacob VA Elizabeth
Hansbarger John VA Rebecca
Hansbrough Elijah d. 1857 VA Saline County, MO Sampson Fanny 14 Aug 1806
Hansbrough Marias KY
Hanscom Alpheus MA Louisa
Hanscom Dependence US Jane
Hanscom Jeremiah c1794-1870 US Penobscot County, ME McLaughlin Eleanor 17 Jun 1818
Hanscom John ME
Hanscom Nathaniel d. 1859 MA Allamakee County, IA Croxford Keziah (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary C. Currier m. 23 Apr 1837
Hanscom Nathaniel d. 1862 US York County, ME Fernald Betsey 03 Jul 1820
Hanscom Reuben MA Susanna
Hansell George VA Margaret
Hansell Morris d. 1839 PA Philadelphia, PA Jamison Nancy 06 Nov 1820
Hansford John d. 1875 VA Norfolk County, VA Adkins Mahala J. Jul 1831 probably 2nd wife
Hansford John M. GA Martha
Hanshaw Benjamin VA
Hanshew Henry 1785-1862 MD Frederick County, MD Stover Catharine Susan 03 Mar 1825
Hanson Abel OH Nancy
Hanson Andrew Navy
Hanson Benjamin d. 1863 NH Strafford County, NH Hanson Clarissa Jane 18 Jan 1822
Hanson Daniel d. 1843 ME Somerset County, ME Hanson Dorothy 10 Jun 1804
Hanson David d. 1848 NY Washington County, NY Johnson Maria 25 Feb 1821
Hanson Elijah 1794-1875 NH Belknap County, NH Batchelder Sally 29 Sep 1818
Hanson Hollis OH
Hanson Isaac NH Sarah
Hanson Jacob NH
Hanson James d. 1868 NH Strafford County, NH Place Hannah 13 Jun 1811
Hanson Jeremiah US
Hanson Jeremiah S. US
Hanson Jesse GA Mary
Hanson John 1796-1860 NH Orange County, VT Batchelder Olive 2nd wife Mahala Batchelder m. 14 Apr 1826
Hanson John B. NY Isabella
Hanson John H. GA Nancy H.
Hanson Joseph E. OH Ellen
Hanson Josias H. MD Priscilla
Hanson Peter OH
Hanson Samuel OH Catharine
Hanson Truman d. 1879 US Saratoga County, NY Killmer Lanar 22 Dec 1815
Hanson William 1791-1871 VA Greenbrier County, WV Aery or Airy Margaret 03 Apr 1817
Hanson William G. US Fanny
Hantsch William PA
Hanum Peter VA Mary
Hanvey James US Margaret
Hanway Thomas MD Sarah Ann
Hanyan John NY
Hapgood Oliver 1794-1851 MA Oxford County, ME Welch Abigail 08 Feb 1826
Haraden Benjamin US
Harback Charles W. MA
Harbaugh Alexander MD Rosanna
Harbaugh Elias MD
Harbaugh Frederick 1790-1860 US Preble County, OH Bolton Mary 24 Dec 1811
Harbaugh Frederick C. OH Margaret
Harberger Henry d. 1858 PA Philadelphia, PA Stower Elizabeth 22 Mar 1818
Harbert Allen OH Mary
Harbert John OH
Harbert Thomas 1791-1870 OH Putnam County, MO Houston or Hueston Elizabeth D. 01 May 1814
Harbert Thomas 1783-1833 OH Ross County, OH Curren Elizabeth 17 Aug 1809
Harbert Zebedee d. 1840 MD Philadelphia, PA Cloak Elizabeth 17 Nov 1814
Harbeson John PA
Harbin James TN
Harbison Aaron TN Dicy
Harbison Absalom IN
Harbison John SC Jane
Harbison John US
Harbison Matthew 1796-1849 SC Hardin County, OH McCoy Sarah 10 Feb 1818 spelled HARLISON
Harbison William Pledge TN Mary A.
Harbold John KY Judith S.
Harbour Benjamin OH
Harbour Jeremiah US Louisa F.
Harbour Moses c1797-1872 TN Sullivan County, TN Shipley Malinda Apr 1823 spelled HARBOR
Harbour Thomas 1791-1837 VA Patrick County, VA Slaughter Martha 24 Aug 1820
Harbourt Walter NJ Eliza
Harbout Peter VA Catherine
Harbridge Harvey NY Betsy
Harcourt Daniel US Jane
Hard Giles US Julia A.
Hard Jonathan Benedict 1793-1841 OH Scioto County, OH White Sophronia 22 Feb 1816
Hardage John Thomas US Nancy Jane
Hardaway William 1796-1873 VA Amelia County, VA Gibson Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary A. Berry m. 11 Nov 1833
Hardbarger Thomas VA
Hardee Robert Navy
Hardeman Thomas TN
Harden Aquila NC
Harden Crocker d. 1832 Navy Washington DC Dameron Frances C. 04 Apr 1823
Harden Edward GA Mary Ann E.
Harden Elbridge MA
Harden Hudson d. 1868 GA Lee County, AL Neves Mary 05 Jan 1813
Harden Jabez MA Almira
Harden James MD
Harden James c1792-1854 GA Warren County, GA Staples Julia 18 Nov 1813 spelled HARDIN
Harden John GA
Harden Pelham MA
Harden Robert Walker c1796-1871 SC Union Parish, LA Gresham Priscilla 02 Dec 1812
Harden Samuel NH
Harden Thomas ME
Harden Thomas Henry TN
Harden Thompson KY
Harden William TN Agnes
Hardenbergh Tunis NY Jane
Hardendurf Abraham US
Harder Henry P. NY
Harder John J. d. 1855 NY Bradford County, PA Mesick Elizabeth 14 Apr 1814
Harder Zachariah NY
Hardesty Christopher KY Phoebe Ann
Hardesty Henry OH
Hardesty Isaac VA
Hardesty Joseph MD Mary Ann
Hardesty Lewis US
Hardesty William d. 1877 VA Summit County, OH McMullen Martha 08 Feb 1816
Hardey William F. MD/DC Elizabeth M.
Hardick Leonard NY Elizabeth
Hardiman James E. VA
Hardin Callaway TN Luisiana
Hardin Cato PA
Hardin Frederick NC
Hardin Gabriel SC
Hardin George KY
Hardin George W. KY
Hardin Hiram US
Hardin Isaac SC
Hardin James c1792-1854 GA Warren County, GA Staples Julia 18 Nov 1813
Hardin James KY America
Hardin John 1791-1851 OH Delaware County, OH Carpenter Sarah 03 Jul 1818 spelled HARDEN
Hardin John GA
Hardin John NC
Hardin John TN
Hardin John 1788-1844 TN Greene County, TN Newman Clarissa 12 Feb 1808
Hardin John C. K. SC Mary
Hardin Mark TN
Hardin Obediah TN
Hardin Otho KY
Hardin Robert Walker c1796-1871 SC Union Parish, LA Gresham Priscilla 02 Dec 1812 spelled HARDEN
Hardin William d. 1850 KY Jefferson County, KY Innis Caroline C. (2nd wife) 16 Nov 1824
Hardin William KY Elizabeth
Harding Amos MA Sarah J.
Harding Amos MA Cynthia
Harding Austin 1784-1851 ME died at sea Murch Mary "Polly" 23 Feb 1809
Harding Benet VA
Harding Benjamin VA
Harding Charles ME Nancy
Harding Daniel OH
Harding Dexter NY
Harding Eddy MA Louisa
Harding Elisha MA Patience
Harding Ezekiel d. 1843 MA Hancock County, ME Pratt Abigail 21 Oct 1837 probably 2nd wife
Harding Freeman MA Eunice
Harding George SC Melinda Jane
Harding Hiram VA
Harding Isaiah MA Tryphena
Harding James NY Margaret
Harding John NY
Harding John OH
Harding John d. 1869 VA Lunenburg County, VA Harper Fanny (1st wife) 2nd wife Julia Foulkes m. 01 Sep 1839
Harding Mark VA
Harding Martin KY/IL Isabella
Harding Nicholas MD
Harding Philip MD
Harding Richard VA
Harding Stephen KY Jane
Harding Thomas KY
Harding Thomas VA Elizabeth W.
Harding William VA
Harding William d. 1822 VA Richmond, VA Farrar Polly 13 May 1810
Harding William VA Sarah
Hardison Charles TN
Hardison Nathaniel US
Hardman Benjamin VA
Hardman Henry NY
Hardman Henry 1781-1870 OH Lewis County, WV Hacker Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Juliana Rinehart m. 14 Apr 1815
Hardman James VA
Hardman John GA
Hardon Alfred 1792-1854 MA Taunton, MA Pierce Elizabeth "Eliza" 11 May 1817
Hardon Simeon d. 1856 MA Mansfield, MA Skinner Polly 02 Jan 1817
Hardway Andrew 1786-1871 VA Clark County, IL Sharrit Margaret 1809
Hardwick Benjamin VA
Hardwick James M. US
Hardwick John D. US
Hardwick Mitchell P. US Lucy
Hardwick Moses US Charlotte
Hardwick Thomas SC
Hardy Aquilla GA Nancy F.
Hardy Arthur US/Navy
Hardy Bannister 1785-1865 VA Pittsylvania County, VA Yeatts or Yates Alsey (1st wife) 2nd wife Evey Pigg m. 20 Jan 1834
Hardy Benjamin d. 1852 MA Penobscot County, ME Atwood Roxanna 09 Mar 1820
Hardy Benjamin d.1878 NY Essex County, NY Chubb Nancy 21 Jan 1823
Hardy Benjamin US Polly
Hardy Bird US Mary
Hardy Calvin NY Elizabeth
Hardy Chesley VA
Hardy Coleman c1784-1860 TN Giles County, TN Pratt Lucy 27 Aug 1807
Hardy Daniel MA Malinda
Hardy David NH
Hardy Francis NY Sally
Hardy Francois LA Caridad
Hardy George KY Rachel
Hardy George Washington c1778-1871 NY Lee County, IL Brownell Lydia 06 Oct 1811
Hardy Henry GA Amy
Hardy James NY
Hardy John Blank Margaret
Hardy John MA
Hardy John MA Miranda
Hardy John PA Elizabeth
Hardy John PA
Hardy John d. 1816 Navy West Indies Parsons Mary 03 Apr 1812
Hardy John US Ann or Nancy
Hardy Miles GA Phillis
Hardy Sherry NY
Hardy Truman VT Elizabeth
Hardy William SC
Hardy William VA
Hardyman Beverly VA
Hare Abraham MD Elizabeth
Hare Henry NY
Hare Jacob MD
Hare Jesse 1789-1861 MD Campbell County, VA Welch Catherine 11 Oct 1810
Hare John 1794-1853 MD Carroll County, MD Hoffacker Catherine 30 Jun 1816
Hare John SC Matilda
Hare Michael MD
Hare Roswell d. 1861 CT Windham County, CT Brackett Olive 12 Mar 1815
Hare Wyatt VA
Haren Joshua 1796-1878 KY Buncombe County, NC Mackey Nancy 23 Jan 1817
Harford George MA
Harford Harry NY
Harford Harvey NY
Harford Henry d. 1858 VA Warren County, OH Rambo Sally 23 Jul 1818
Harford James VA
Harford Lewis 1796-1853 MA Lincoln County, ME Mollus or Mullus Amelia P. 24 Feb 1820
Harford Thomas NY
Harford William MA Temperance
Hargeshimer Jacob d. 1866 MD Fairfield County, OH Mary 21 Nov 1858 probably 2nd wife
Hargess William A. MO Sarah
Hargis John 1792-1859 KY Pulaski County, KY Morgan Sabra 05 Nov 1815
Hargis Whiteside US
Hargrave David d. 1850 VA Richmond, VA Parker Catherine Bedolph 02 Mar 1826
Hargrave Jeremiah IN
Hargrave John VA
Hargrove Garland VA
Hargrove Howell d. 1856 GA St. Clair County, AL Thompson Nancy 28 Aug 1816
Hargrove James NC
Hargrove Joseph VA
Hargrove Nelson VA
Hargrove Solomon SC Lucy
Hargrove Thomas d. 1871 TN Cocke County, TN Hargrove Mildred 22 Oct 1825
Hargrove William KY
Hargrove William d. 1830 VA Hanover County, VA Mason Martha G. 15 May 1819
Hargroves Willis VA Margaret Ann
Haring Samuel NJ
Harington Richard NY Sarah
Harkins William PA
Harkleroad Henry TN Margaret A.
Harkless Benjamin Sr. VA Mary L.
Harkness Charles NY
Harkness James Pelham 1792-1878 NY Peoria County, IL Waters Maria D. 18 Nov 1826
Harkness Joel H. Blank Elmina
Harkness William 1789-1857 MA Waldo County, ME Nutt Joanna 28 May 1820
Harl Baldwin KY
Harl James d. 1834 VA Cass County, IL Shoemaker Susan F. 22 Jan 1816
Harlan Enos d. 1853 IN Delaware County, IN Gorman Jane 19 Mar 1812
Harlan Isaac PA
Harlan Jacob KY Elizabeth
Harlan Levi 1796-1872 MD Scott County, IL Street Frances Eliza (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Eliza Evans m. 15 Sep 1835
Harlan William G. VA Adaline R.
Harle Baldwin d. 1877 TN Bradley County, TN Lea Mary Hightower 06 Jun 1822
Harlein Philip PA
Harleman Conrad PA Sophia
Harless Abraham VA Lucy
Harley Hiram NC Elizabeth
Harley Joseph 1794-1876 MA Boston, MA Gould Lucinda 26 Aug 1819
Harllee John US
Harlow Branch 1792-1861 MA Plymouth County, MA Keith Lurana or Lurany 31 Dec 1815
Harlow Cornelius OH
Harlow David d. 1874 MA Franklin County, ME Murdock Lydia 25 Nov 1813
Harlow George KY
Harlow Isaac MS Sophronia
Harlow Jesse VA
Harlow John MA Hannah
Harlow Lazarus d. 1863 MA Cumberland County, ME Baker Almira 07 Jan 1816
Harlow Pleasant d. 1844 VA Albemarle County, VA Ferguson Martha 11 Sep 1833 probably 2nd wife
Harlow Samuel d. 1875 MA Sagadahoc County, ME Niles Charity C. 23 Sep 1871 probably 2nd or 3rd wife
Harlow Thomas J. 1790-1864 VA Louisa County, VA Butler Rosanna 18 Mar 1829
Harlow William US/ME
Harlow William VA Maria
Harman Anthony VA
Harman Benjamin C. d.1841 MA Standish, ME Hanscom Priscilla 06 Nov 1823
Harman Daniel H. d. 1844 MD Baltimore County, MD Lowery Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Eliza Brown m. 07 Oct 1828
Harman David OH
Harman Frederick W. MA
Harman George MA Elizabeth
Harman Henry VA
Harman Jacob MD
Harman Jacob PA
Harman James K. VA Nancy K.
Harman John MD Ann
Harman John 1792-1870 MD Carroll County, MD Sell Margaret 04 Feb 1819 spelled HARMON
Harman Joseph PA
Harman Lawrence NJ
Harman Thomas d. 1853 VA Franklin County, VA Blankenship Lucy 1820
Harman William VA Elizabeth
Harmanson William 1791-1876 VA Northampton County, VA Mapp Margaret C. 22 Dec 1825
Harmanson William VA
Harmon Bartholomew GA
Harmon Benjamin d. 1867 MA Carroll County, NH Sanborn Mary 16 Feb 1815
Harmon Benjamin MA
Harmon Chauncy NY Margaret
Harmon Enos NY
Harmon George OH
Harmon Henry MA Ruth
Harmon Hiram MA Cynthia
Harmon Israel NY Submit
Harmon Jacob SC
Harmon Jesse P. 1795-1877 US Millard County, UT Barnes Anna (1st wife) 2nd wife Margaret Allen, 3rd wife Nancy Calkins m. 21 Jun 1849
Harmon John KY
Harmon John MA
Harmon John OH Abigail M.
Harmon John TN Sarah
Harmon John VA Susannah C.
Harmon John Mulberry 1795-1854 MA San Francisco, CA Lang Eliza (1st wife) 2nd wife Duesberry Soule m. 25 Mar 1835
Harmon John S. 1784-1847 ME Cumberland County, ME Babb Anna 02 Jun 1818
Harmon John Samuel VA Nancy
Harmon Joseph IL
Harmon Joseph PA Lydia
Harmon Joseph VA
Harmon Leander MA Vesta D.
Harmon Levi M. d. 1821 MA Cumberland County, ME Jose Martha R. 22 Dec 1819
Harmon Luke 1785-1862 MA Berkshire County, MA Sheldon Roxana 30 Dec 1811
Harmon Peter 1785-1870 TN Greene County, TN Bowman Elizabeth "Betsey" 24 Feb 1820
Harmon Rowson NC Miriam
Harmon Samuel ME
Harmon Shadrack NY Phebe
Harmon Thaddeus NY
Harmon William 1789-1866 US Carroll County, IL Campbell Nancy 15 Dec 1814
Harmon William VA Margaret
Harn Thomas S. PA Mary
Harned David TN
Harned Nathan d. 1854 VA New York, NY Morrison Mary Ann 24 Mar 1846 probably 2nd wife
Harner Andrew MD
Harner George PA
Harness Adam VA Eunice
Harney Samuel US Emilia
Harns William NY Mary Ann
Harnsberger Jeremiah Blank Elizabeth
Harp Caleb DC Margaret Ann
Harp Caleb DC Mary
Harp George NY
Harp Hezekiah d. 1832 MD Baltimore County, MD Hurst Ellen 13 Dec 1816
Harp Jacob d. 1857 PA Montgomery County, OH Bowman Elizabeth Mar 1803
Harp James M. GA
Harp Samuel GA Emily
Harp Solomon d. 1863 TN Newton County, AR Bohannon Sarah (1st wife) listed as SALMON 2nd wife Nancy Wright m. 15 Jun 1843
Harper Andrews US Eliza
Harper Anselum Lee GA Lucinda
Harper Archibald OH
Harper Asa TN
Harper Benjamin TN Cynthia
Harper Claiborne VA Mary
Harper Elias SC
Harper Elliot MA
Harper Francis OH Mary J.
Harper George W. S. d. 1865 MD Louisa County, VA McGehee Angelina (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha A. Hester m. 20 Aug 1860
Harper Henry TN Esther
Harper Henry TN Nancy
Harper Henson c1783-1865 VA Wood County, VA Pettit Nancy May 1808
Harper Hezekiah KY
Harper Jacob d. 1878 OH Columbiana County, OH Hayden Caroline 22 Jun 1820
Harper James d. 1858 KY Clinton County, KY Huff Elizabeth 18 Aug 1813
Harper Joel 1794-1864 DC Fauquier County, VA McCoull Frances 1820
Harper Joel B. KY
Harper John 1794-1865 NY Delaware County, NY Harkness Jane 29 Jan 1818
Harper John OH
Harper John OH Kezia
Harper John B. GA Mary
Harper John C. 1787-1849 TN Cape Girardeau County, MO Hurst Sarah 1807
Harper John P. MS Martha
Harper Joseph d. 1874 GA Houston County, GA Owens Sarah Ann 24 Ap 1825
Harper Joseph MD Sarah
Harper Joseph PA Elizabeth
Harper Reuben TN
Harper Reuben TN Eliza
Harper Robert US
Harper Thomas US
Harper Thomas 1789-1874 VA Perry County, OH Kinsel Elizabeth 21 Mar 1811
Harper Warren NY Amanda
Harper Whitman TN
Harper Wiley V. US Sarah
Harper William d. 1831 MD Baltimore County, MD Gafford Harriet 16 Sep 1812
Harper William PA Marinda
Harper William TN Julia A.
Harper William c1786-1857 US Anderson County, SC Cox Barbara May 1806
Harper William d. 1824 Navy lost at sea Jackson Margaret 20 Jul 1809
Harper William P. d. 1825 GA Morgan County, GA Dennis Mary S. 03 Apr 1806
Harper Wyatt 1791-1865 GA Hancock County, GA Choice Ruth M. 26 Feb 1823
Harpham James d. 1855 PA Centre County, PA Leonhart Catherine 09 Jan 1809
Harpold Solomon VA Margaret
Harpst John PA
Harr Everard MD Martha M.
Harr Frederick PA Susannah
Harr John PA Abigail
Harrah Thomas VA Elizabeth
Harralson William TN
Harrar John PA
Harred Redden NC
Harrel Asa TN
Harrel Levi SC Edith
Harrell Alexander SC
Harrell Dempsey US Mary
Harrell Hezekiah Middleton 1782-1833 LA East Feliciana Parish, LA Neyland Cassandra Dorton 01 Sep 1808
Harrell Jacob LA
Harrell James 1793-1860 LA Amite County, MS Haygood Caroline 22 Feb 1827
Harrell James VA
Harrell Jesse J. NC Elizabeth
Harrell Lewis LA Permelia
Harrell Raby TN
Harrell Robert d. 1874 US Johnson County, KY Turman Lucinda (1st wife) spelled HERRELL 2nd wife Elizabeth Dixon m. 30 Oct 1853
Harrell William c1790-1840 GA Washington County, FL Fowler Olive 09 Jan 1814
Harrell William H. 1793-1862 KY Daviess County, KY Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Rose, 3rd wife Miranda C. Nunn m. 07 Feb 1854
Harridine Andrew d. 1864 MA Androscoggin County, ME Watts Sarah 01 Oct 1807
Harrigan John US Elizabeth
Harriman Benjamin d. 1863 MA Waldo County, ME Emerson Catherine Dec 1816
Harriman Charles OH
Harriman David NH Cleora
Harriman David OH
Harriman David OH Sarah
Harriman David E. 1793-1861 NH Merrimack County, NH Burnap Mary "Polly" 23 Mar 1815
Harriman John d. 1878 MA Lincoln County, ME Fitzgerald Eliza 21 Aug 1825
Harriman John MA Cordelia
Harriman John NH Almira
Harriman John NY
Harriman John OH
Harriman Jonathan MA Elizabeth
Harriman Levi 1794-1855 MA Kennebec County, ME Hale Mary 04 Jan 1832 probably 2nd wife
Harriman Luther US
Harriman Moses ME/MA
Harriman Moses NH Emeline L.
Harriman Nathaniel ME/MA
Harriman Orlando NH Thebe or Phebe
Harriman Simon B. MA Eliza D.
Harriman Stephen NH Hannah D.
Harrington Alexander NY
Harrington Amasa 1791-1867 MA Middlesex County, MA Davis Clarissa 30 Aug 1835 probably 2nd wife
Harrington Asa d. 1848 VT Addison County, VT King Lucretia 04 Dec 1818
Harrington Charles LA
Harrington Charles d. 1836 MA Boston, MA Earthurt Jael 22 Jun 1813
Harrington Charles TN
Harrington Charles US Sinai
Harrington Doctor NY Dolly
Harrington Emory d. 1852 MA Worcester County, MA Harrington Lucy (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Robinson m. 06 Apr 1830
Harrington Gardner NY
Harrington George CT Thankful
Harrington George NY Sally
Harrington George P. DE
Harrington Hudson B. MS Lurana
Harrington James 1795-1878 NY Erie County, NY Pelton Orpha 15 Aug 1824
Harrington Job 1792-1869 VT Summit County, OH Hartle Susan (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary M. Page m. 30 Oct 1851
Harrington Job NY Lydia
Harrington John NY
Harrington John US/NY Charlotte
Harrington John T. NY
Harrington Jonathan M. OH Adaline
Harrington Moses NC Rhoda
Harrington Schuyler MA Lucena B.
Harrington Stephen OH Sarah "Sally"
Harrington Thomas d. 1855 NY Jefferson County, NY Hills Mary 24 Sep 1816
Harrington Thomas NC
Harrington William LA
Harrington William NY
Harrington William VT
Harrington William Navy
Harrington William D. DE Sarah
Harris Aaron US/Blank
Harris Abraham PA Margaret
Harris Abraham NY Eve
Harris Adlai TN Malinda
Harris Alexander TN Elvira
Harris Alfred US Patsey
Harris Allen KY
Harris Arthur ME
Harris Benjamin d. 1854 GA Talladega County, AL Wilbourn Amy 15 Mar 1814
Harris Benjamin c1778-1861 VA/KY Harlan County, KY Weaver Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah S. Buckhart m. 16 Jan 1854
Harris Benjamin Navy Betsey
Harris Benjamin VA Rebecca
Harris Beverly TN
Harris Brittain Dawson 1794-1856 GA Russell County, AL Saunders Jane Warren (1st wife) spelled BRITAIN 2nd wife Sarah Ann Walton m. 30 Dec 1830
Harris Caleb MA
Harris Charles d. 1865 SC Greene County, AR Cannon Jane 24 Dec 1807
Harris Charles VA Abbie
Harris Cincinnati B. GA
Harris Claiborne TN Mary
Harris Daniel H. d. 1852 VA Pittsylvania County, VA Wilson Jane S. 12 Jul 1827
Harris David PA Elizabeth
Harris David VA Mary
Harris David VA
Harris David W. d. 1871 VA Albemarle County, VA Newcomb Elizabeth 06 Jun 1820
Harris Dexter NY
Harris Ebenezer NY Eunice
Harris Edmund NY Hannah
Harris Edward TN
Harris Elijah OH Jane H.
Harris Elijah TN
Harris Elisha PA Delia Ann
Harris Elisha B. US
Harris Ezekiel US Elenor
Harris Francis F. d. 1864 SC Anderson County, SC Gillham Emelia C. 17 Jan 1830
Harris Frasier NY Florella
Harris George MD Lydia
Harris George NY Amandy
Harris George OH Mary
Harris George OH
Harris George TN Elizabeth
Harris George VA Catharine
Harris George C. TN Sarah
Harris George W. NY
Harris Henry US Sophia
Harris Henry VA Jane W.
Harris Henry J. US Temperance
Harris Henry T. VA Mary W.
Harris Hiram 1796-1867 VA Powhatan County, VA Harris Margaret Christian (1st wife) 2nd Margaret Wilson, 3rd Elizabeth Gathwright, 4th Frances Gordon
Harris Ira NY Eliza
Harris Isaac KY
Harris Isaac MD
Harris Isaac d. 1843 NC Caldwell County, NC Wilkinson Mary 14 Oct 1802
Harris Isaac 1795-1863 VT Waupaca County, WI Miller Irene 01 Jan 1816
Harris Isaac M. CT
Harris Jabal VA Sallie Wood
Harris James 1795-1869 GA Titus County, TX Jones Lucretia 11 Nov 1817
Harris James d. 1857 MA Knox County, ME Wells Ruth (1st wife) 2nd wife Abigail m. 10 Dec 1835
Harris James NY
Harris James NY
Harris James 1795-1860 TN Shelby County, TX Christopher Susannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Asenath Hairgrove m. 29 Jul 1830
Harris James VT
Harris James VA Lucy A.
Harris James Wright VA Mary
Harris Jedediah NY/CT
Harris Jesse d. 1871 OH Jefferson County, IL Davis Sarah 25 Jul 1809
Harris Jesse VA
Harris Jesse VA
Harris John GA Dorinda
Harris John GA Jane M.
Harris John MD Mary
Harris John d. 1860 MA Turner, ME Record Betsey (1st wife) 2nd wife Betsey Daggett m. 06 Sep 1827
Harris John MD Mary A.
Harris John OH
Harris John SC Sarah
Harris John 1784-1877 US Chenango County, NY Prentis Maria (1st wife) 2nd wife Polly Wait m. 25 Dec 1837
Harris John c1786-1862 US Chicago, IL Skinner Sarah 14 Nov 1811
Harris John 1796-1848 VA Marion County, VA Powell Sarah 21 Jun 1819
Harris John VA Drusilla
Harris John VA
Harris John VA Mary
Harris John B. MD Lucinda
Harris John Hunter SC Margaret A.
Harris John M. VA
Harris John N. US Margaret
Harris Jonah KY
Harris Jonathan d. 1851 NY Monroe County, NY Wilson Martha 12 May 1814
Harris Joseph MA
Harris Joseph d. 1867 NY Ashtabula County, OH Loomis Isabel 05 Jul 1832 probably 2nd wife
Harris Joseph B. VA Rachel
Harris Joshua 1795-1859 VA Lawrence County, IN Badger Jane 10 Jun 1812
Harris Josiah NC Sally
Harris Larkin d. 1869 SC Chesterfield County, SC Seals Temperance 06 Mar 1814
Harris Leonard NY Eunice
Harris Luther US Susan B.
Harris Martin NY Caroline
Harris Micajah GA Mary
Harris Michael MD
Harris Milo NY
Harris Moses US
Harris Moses d. 1859 NY Warren County, NY Shaw Mary 09 May 1824
Harris Nathan VA
Harris Nathaniel KY Elizabeth
Harris Nathaniel D. VA Martha
Harris Newsom TN Sarah "Sallie"
Harris Noah d. 1847 NC Wayne County, NC Braxton Hannah 06 Apr 1810
Harris Obadiah IN Ruth
Harris Obadiah MA
Harris Orris NY Lucinda K.
Harris Overton 1789-1844 KY Boone County, MO Woods Mary "Polly" Rice
Harris Peter VA Mary
Harris Peter VA Elizabeth
Harris Peter B. CT
Harris Peyton VA
Harris Pliney MA Lucy
Harris Richard 1793-1869 MD Carroll County, MD Freeland Nakey or Nackey (1st wife) 2nd wife Molly Freeland m. 21 Aug 1845
Harris Richard NC
Harris Richard NC Ellen
Harris Robert KY
Harris Robert d. 1846 NY Orange County, NY Forgerson Hannah 28 Aug 1813
Harris Robert TN Elizabeth
Harris Robert d. 1851 VA Johnson County, IL Goen Nancy 25 Dec 1816
Harris Russel US Diantha
Harris Sampson KY Harriet
Harris Samuel KY Phebe B.
Harris Samuel PA Deborah
Harris Samuel 1783-1859 MA Lincoln County, ME Pierce Mary 08 Oct 1809
Harris Samuel I. VA Catharine W.
Harris Samuel J. VA Sally
Harris Simpson NC
Harris Sterling GA Elizabeth
Harris Theodore MD Sarah
Harris Theophilus NY
Harris Thomas d. 1821 SC Laurens County, SC Walker Polly 31 May 1807
Harris Thomas d. 1866 US Pickens County, GA Tally Jonah (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucinda Deadman m. 22 Nov 1841
Harris Thomas VA
Harris Thomas VA
Harris Thomas VA Ann
Harris Thomas H. 1791-1866 OH Preble County, OH Dooley Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Denny, 3rd wife Elizabeth Hunt m. 16 Dec 1849
Harris Thomas N. MD Mary D.
Harris Timothy NY Rosa
Harris Tyre c1776-1847 GA Gwinnett County, GA Edwards Elizabeth 15 Jan 1812
Harris Vickers 1789-1853 NJ Philadelphia, PA Reeves Maria Jul 1813
Harris Walton 1775-1820 GA Clarke County, GA Billups Virginia Beverly 19 Jan 1802
Harris Wiley NC Nancy
Harris William DE Martha J.
Harris William GA Dicey
Harris William GA Elizabeth
Harris William KY
Harris William KY Hester
Harris William MD Ann
Harris William NC
Harris William 1792-1873 OH Licking County, OH Mires or Myers Mary 18 Jan 1815
Harris William PA
Harris William SC
Harris William TN
Harris William d. 1851 TN Itawamba County, MS Trupel Sarah 09 Oct 1811
Harris William US Martha Ann
Harris William US Rebecca
Harris William VA
Harris William d. 1845 VA Charlotte County, VA Fitzpatrick Martha 22 Aug 1811
Harris William VA Mary
Harris William B. GA Rebecca
Harris William B. NY Clara
Harris William B. VA Elizabeth T.
Harris William C. KY Martha
Harris William H. VA
Harris William O. SC
Harris William O. d. 1861 VA Louisa County, VA Tyler Mary Ann 14 Dec 1825
Harris William W. NC
Harris William W. VA Mary
Harris Williamson GA Mary Ann
Harris Willie 1783-1864 TN Robertson County, TN Lucas Jane 13 Nov 1811 listed as WILLEY Harris
Harrison Alexander OH
Harrison Andrew 1786-1851 TN Allen County, KY Strader Catharine 10 Dec 1807
Harrison Benjamin TN Rebecca
Harrison Carter Henry 1792-1843 VA Fluvanna County, VA Fisher Janetta R. 16 Jan 1819
Harrison Charles GA Ann
Harrison Charles MI
Harrison Charles OH Rhoda
Harrison Charles VA Mary F.
Harrison Charles L. US
Harrison Chester d. 1874 US Essex County, NY Nancy 24 Oct 1872 probably 2nd or 3rd wife
Harrison Colman GA Fannie
Harrison Colman GA Frances
Harrison Dennis NY Sarah M.
Harrison Edward SC Susan
Harrison Eli IN Nancy
Harrison Frederick T. VA
Harrison George P. VA Leonora
Harrison Gilbert NY Lucretia
Harrison Henry T. VA
Harrison Isaac A. d. 1866 NJ Essex County, NJ Ward Joanna 28 Oct 1812
Harrison Jabez NY
Harrison James NY
Harrison James TN
Harrison James d. 1852 VA Spotsylvania County, VA Helmstatter Susan P. 23 May 1839 probably 2nd wife
Harrison James VA
Harrison James d. 1835 VA King George County, VA Farmer Margaret 10 Mar 1815
Harrison James Joseph Waterman 1786-1869 MA Washington County, ME Shaw Deborah 13 Aug 1812
Harrison James M. d. 1845 VA Monroe County, OH Mazena or Mozena Elizabeth 09 Mar 1807
Harrison Jeremiah MD
Harrison Jeremiah 1787-1866 US Greene County, TN Jones Elizabeth 01 Aug 1805
Harrison Jesse VA
Harrison John d. 1874 GA Taliaferro County, GA Lunceford Fidilia 31 Oct 1844 probably 2nd wife
Harrison John NC
Harrison John 1792-1876 TN Hamilton County, IL McClung Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Thomas m. 26 Apr 1838
Harrison John VA
Harrison John 1796-1877 VA Todd County, KY Gorin Lucinda 17 Sep 1822
Harrison John VA Penelope
Harrison John C. VA/WV
Harrison Joseph MD Mary
Harrison Joseph TN
Harrison Joseph VA Mary
Harrison Joseph B. NY Esther
Harrison Joseph Parker NY Sarah Ann
Harrison Josiah MD
Harrison Josiah 1792-1851 NY Essex County, NJ Harrison Nancy 15 Apr 1814
Harrison Kinsey MD Margaret H.
Harrison Lewis US Elizabeth
Harrison Major G. d. 1841 KY Campbell County, KY Warwick Margaret 16 Aug 1813
Harrison Malcolm VA Mary A.
Harrison Micajah KY
Harrison Michael KY
Harrison Nathaniel MS
Harrison Peter LA
Harrison Reuben 1786-1857 GA Hall County, GA Miller Sarah "Sally" (1st wife) 2nd wife Margaret Miller m. 06 Jun 1825
Harrison Richard TN
Harrison Robert US Ritha A.
Harrison Robert L. NY
Harrison Rufus NY Sarah
Harrison Samuel VA Caroline
Harrison Selden P. VA/MD Mary B.
Harrison Stephen MD Susanna
Harrison Stephen 1793-1858 NJ Licking County, OH Condit Martha 09 Oct 1827
Harrison Stephen P. d. 1865 VA Nanesmond County, VA Coleburn Ann (2nd wife) 12 Jan 1820
Harrison Thomas GA
Harrison Thomas MD Eliza A.
Harrison Thomas SC Jane
Harrison Thomas J. US Rebecca
Harrison Timothy J. Navy Ann R.
Harrison William VA
Harrison William B. SC Hannah
Harrison William B. US Rhoda
Harrison William H. TN Mary A.
Harrison William H. VA Sally
Harrison William Henry 1773-1841 US Washington DC Symmes Anna 25 Nov 1795 died while President of the United States
Harrison Zephaniah 1795-1867 MD Frederick County, MD Haller Mary 12 Apr 1818
Harriss Moses d. 1873 VA Patrick County, VA Clardy Lucinda (2nd wife) 02 Oct 1866
Harriss William d. 1864 MD Montgomery County, MD Granger Matilda (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Ann White m. 02 Feb 1831
Harrit Robert OH
Harrod Charles LA Mary M.
Harrod Samuel 1790-1863 OH Knox County, OH Mills Eleanor 02 Apr 1810
Harrod William 1785-1863 OH Knox County, OH Pipes Rhoda 27 Aug 1807
Harrod William K. MA
Harrold Leonard 1782-1875 MO St. Charles County, MO Crow Katherine (1st wife) spelled HAROLD 2nd wife Clarissa Pressley m. Feb 1852
Harrold Samuel GA Lucetta
Harrold William PA
Harrouff Andrew PA
Harroun Andrew S. NY
Harroun Jesse NY
Harroun John NY Elizabeth
Harrow Charles A. d. 1874 VA Spotsylvania County, VA Hove Ellen S. 25 Jun 1829
Harruff William d. 1843 OH Marion County, OH Hess Elizabeth 07 May 1813
Harrup Jonathan VA
Harry Benajah 1790-1864 PA Chester County, PA Gitchel or Gatchell Hannah 26 Sep 1816
Harry David MD
Harry Eli VA
Harry Evan 1781-1869 KY Lewis County, KY Staton Ruth 13 Jun 1813
Harry John MD
Harry John VA Caroline E.
Harry Samuel 1791-1867 MD Greene County, OH Towler Lucey Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Ann Manor m. 25 Feb 1834
Harry Thomas PA Mary Jane
Harryman Charles US Margaret D.
Harryman Sabret MD
Harryman Samuel US
Harsha Elias 1789-1858 NY Cayuga County, NY Cooper Sarah 24 Oct 1819
Harsha George NY
Harsha John d. 1868 NY Cayuga County, NY Cooper Jane 26 Apr 1813
Harshman Peter 1785-1862 OH Preble County, OH Sellers Christina (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Glines m. 14 Apr 1828
Harsin George d. 1827 NY New York, NY Brombush Catharine 15 Dec 1813
Harstock Peter OH Sarah
Hart Aaron US Polly
Hart Aaron KY Mary
Hart Adam PA
Hart Alford or Alfred NC Hannah
Hart Alva OH
Hart Archibald VA
Hart Arthur MD
Hart Avery US
Hart Billy SC
Hart Charles d. 1876 NH Merrimack County, NH Sargent Polly 19 Jan 1817
Hart Cornelius NY Eleanor
Hart Daniel MD
Hart Eber NY
Hart Edward KY
Hart Eli TN Nancy
Hart Elijah NY Maria
Hart Elijah Sr. PA/US
Hart Elonzo CT
Hart Ephraim MA Rachel
Hart Ezra MD Mary
Hart Fisher d. 1865 MA Knox County, ME Bartlett Matilda 02 Aug 1840 probably 2nd wife
Hart Gasper NJ
Hart Harvey NY Mary
Hart Harvey US/Blank Polly
Hart Henry 1796-1863 NY Fulton County, NY Stoller Dorothy 02 Sep 1819
Hart Henry NY Eve
Hart Henry M. KY Patsey E.
Hart Henry S. VA Elizabeth
Hart Isaac GA Polly
Hart Jacob d. 1859 NY Jefferson County, NY Baum Betsey 02 Jan 1817
Hart Jacob Jr. 1790-1838 MA Penobscot County, ME Farrington Nancy 07 Jan 1817
Hart James DE Susan
Hart James MA
Hart James d. 1864 NY Richmond County, NY Taylor Esther P. 13 Feb 1813
Hart James d. 1840 NY Ontario, Canada Dusenbury Ann 07 May 1817
Hart James US Marilla
Hart John CT Margaret S.
Hart John 1795-1867 GA Monroe County, GA Floyd Marian or Mary 13 Jan 1820
Hart John KY Elizabeth
Hart John MA
Hart John d. 1867 NY Orange County, NY Rockfellow Hannah 03 Apr 1809
Hart John NY Jane
Hart John PA
Hart John US Louiza
Hart John US Matilda
Hart John C. NY Mary A.
Hart Joseph MD Anne Elizabeth
Hart Joseph NY Clarissa
Hart Joseph NY
Hart Joseph PA
Hart Martin MA
Hart Michael PA Rosanna
Hart Moses VA Margaret
Hart Newton CT Martha S.
Hart Peter NC Hannah
Hart Robert Navy/US
Hart Russell 1794-1877 MA Penobscot County, ME Brettun Wealthy 16 Nov 1820
Hart Samuel MA Jane C.
Hart Samuel 1793-1865 NY Onondaga County, NY Curtis Nancy 22 Jun 1813
Hart Samuel NC
Hart Samuel VA
Hart Samuel L. NY
Hart Seth NH Roxana
Hart Smiten NY
Hart Solomon 1793-1874 US Morgan County, IL Waggoner Nancy 17 Jul 1817
Hart Thomas TN
Hart Truman CT
Hart Warren NY Mariah
Hart William KY Sally
Hart William OH Anabella
Hart William 1792-1860 US Portland, ME Randlet or Mitchell Sally 24 Apr 1813
Hart William VA Rebecca
Hartenstine John PA Mary
Harter Adam VA Margaret
Harter George M. d. 1865 KY Delaware County, IN Brush Mary 18 Sep 1805
Harter Jacob OH
Harter Jacob D. KY
Harter Lawrence P. d. 1838 NY Herkimer County, NY Kellogg Lydia 17 Oct 1820
Harter Nicholas 1783-1860 NY Herkimer County, NY Petrie Catharine (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary A. Crosby m. 20 Aug 1841
Harter Peter OH
Harter Philip OH Mary
Harter William OH
Hartford John NH
Hartford Samuel NY Martha E.
Hartford William PA
Harth John SC Clarissa
Hartin Henry D. NY
Hartis Charles NC Ann
Hartley Abner NC Lydia
Hartley Clinton NC
Hartley Daniel TN
Hartley Hillory 1794-1856 GA Wilkinson County, GA Swearingen Rhoda 22 Dec 1816
Hartley James c1785-1838 GA Fayette County, GA Lee Mary 31 Aug 1809 leaf from family Bible record in file
Hartley John TN
Hartley Michael NC
Hartley Samuel US/VT Lois
Hartline Henry US
Hartman Abraham c1790-1853 VA Rockingham County, VA Long Susannah 15 Nov 1810
Hartman Andrew PA
Hartman Conrad d. 1871 NY Herkimer County, NY Shell Delia 30 Jan 1814
Hartman Daniel PA Rebecca
Hartman Frederick d. 1832 DC Washington DC Carlin Ann 17 Aug 1815
Hartman Frederick Blank/PA Nancy
Hartman George PA
Hartman George Blank Jane
Hartman George PA Kate
Hartman Jacob NY Hannah
Hartman Jacob OH Christina
Hartman Joseph NY
Hartman Marshall 1788-1864 TN Greene County, TN Squibb Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Susannah Hull, Margaret Lauchner m. 23 Apr 1844
Hartman Michael NY
Hartman Peter 1784-1849 PA Chester County, PA Fetters Margaret 10 Nov 1813
Hartman Samuel OH Elizabeth
Hartsell Jacob TN Nancy
Hartsfield Andrew GA
Hartshorn Amos OH
Hartshorn Ephraim c1785-1849 VT McHenry, IL Crowell Martha "Patty" 25 May 1807
Hartshorn Fisher d. 1867 MA Norfolk County, MA Carpenter Polly 09 Apr 1818
Hartshorn John NY
Hartshorn John d. 1850 US Suffolk County, MA Mann Mary 01 Nov 1808
Hartshorn Joseph US
Hartshorn Richard 1778-1854 MA Norfolk County, MA Paine Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Nabby Capen m. 30 Sep 1838
Hartshorn Silas VT Dorcas
Hartshorn William d. 1848 MA Portland, ME Messerve Abigail 30 Mar 1807
Hartshorn William 1786-1871 VT Chittenden County, VT Perkins Althea 26 May 1813
Hartson Ebenezer CT
Hartsook Peter 1792-1864 VA Madison County, IA Woten or Wooten Ann 03 Jun 1821
Hartt Israel NY
Hartwell Calvin d. 1861 NY Cattaraugus County, NY Higbee Minerva 24 Apr 1822
Hartwell Daniel NY
Hartwell Daniel L. 1795-1877 MA Oxford, NH Josselyn Priscilla 05 Dec 1822
Hartwell John NH
Hartwell Jonas 1792-1873 MA Plymouth County, MA Howard Sally (1st wife) 2nd wife Amy Howard m. 04 Jun 1853
Hartwell Lawrence NY Betsey
Hartwell Peter NY Hannah
Hartwell William NY
Hartwick John NY
Hartwick Samuel NY
Hartzel John Adam PA Rachel
Hartzel John Jr. OH Margaret
Hartzell Abraham OH Sarah
Hartzell Abraham 1778-1854 PA Northampton County, PA Yeisley Christina 27 Sep 1803
Hartzell Andrew PA Frances
Hartzell John 1789-1859 PA Northampton County, PA Schweitzer Catharine 02 Dec 1810
Hartzell John A. PA Eva
Hartzell Peter OH Rachel
Hartzell Samuel PA Catherine
Hartzog David SC Rebecca
Harvell Dotson GA Nancy
Harveson Daniel H. TN Sarah Jane
Harvey Absalom IN Eleanor
Harvey Absalom d. 1868 NC Alamance County, NC Hall Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Eleanor m. 24 Feb 1858
Harvey Andrew 1791-1868 MD Cecil County, MD McCauley Lydia (1st wife) 2nd wife Lydia Quarll m. 27 Oct 1842
Harvey Andrew d. 1853 VA Laporte County, IN Owen Prudence 27 Mar 1825
Harvey Arnold NY Maletta
Harvey Benjamin IN
Harvey David NH Elsey
Harvey Elisha MD
Harvey Erastus C. US
Harvey Francis Navy Mehitabel
Harvey Gideon VA
Harvey Glover 1787-1871 VA Appomattox County, VA Wooldridge Judith "Judy" 09 Feb 1811
Harvey Isham 1792-1864 VA Charlotte County, VA Harris Elizabeth 04 Sep 1812
Harvey Isham VA
Harvey James MA
Harvey James MD Elizabeth McFadden
Harvey James PA/MO Rosetta L.
Harvey James H. LA Elizabeth
Harvey Jesse TN Harriet V.
Harvey Joel KY Sarah A.
Harvey Joel NY Olive
Harvey Joel NY Polly
Harvey John MA
Harvey John OH Anna
Harvey John PA Deborah
Harvey John TN Abigail
Harvey John Duncan 1794-1843 NC Austin County, TX Sugg Elizabeth 26 Sep 1815
Harvey Joseph CT Betsey B.
Harvey Joseph d. 1847 MA Essex County, MA Carter Betsey (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Griffin, 3rd wife Charlotte Jones m. 16 Nov 1834
Harvey Joseph 1783-1861 OH Clermont County, OH Wright Sara (1st wife) 2nd wife Sophia Thompson m. 20 Oct 1842
Harvey Joshua US Lucinda
Harvey Joshua B. US/MA Lucinda
Harvey Leonard d. 1865 MA Bristol County, MA Tisdale Mary "Polly" (1st wife) 2nd wife Eliza Walker m. 02 Feb 1838
Harvey Luther 1789-1878 OH Monroe County, MI Choate Mary "Polly" 20 Mar 1817
Harvey Paul 1784-1852 MA Stafford County, CT Green Betsey (1st wife) 2nd wife Margaret Fitch m. 14 Dec 1823
Harvey Rufus L. US Chloe
Harvey Solomon 1783-1866 NY Medina County, OH Stearns Mary "Polly" (1st wife) 2nd wife Permelia m. 27 Nov 1840
Harvey Spencer NY
Harvey Thomas Navy/Marine
Harvey Thomas GA Syntha
Harvey Thomas N. TN Rachel
Harvey Thomas P. MS Frances
Harvey William IN Jane
Harvey William NY Hannah
Harvey Zachariah 1779-1868 VA Jefferson County, IL Ward Elizabeth "Betsey" (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Tyler, 3rd wife Ellen Rieff m. 12 Oct 1852
Harvil Nedium GA Elizabeth
Harvy James SC Jane
Harward Otis d. 1854 MA London, England Chandler Charlotte 27 Sep 1832
Harward Thomas MA
Harwood Abel US
Harwood Andrew 1796-1878 MA Franklin County, NY Latham Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Abigail m. 22 Nov 1840
Harwood Hiram 1792-1874 US Cass County, MI Reed Sylvia 28 Nov 1816
Harwood Solomon 1795-1846 MA Knox County, ME Nason Sally 22 Mar 1821
Harwood Thomas A. MA
Harwood William Nathan TN Nancy M.
Hasbrouck Peter Elias 1780-1858 NY Ulster County, NY Freeman Phebe 04 Nov 1804
Hascoll John NY Almira
Haselton Leonard MA Lucinda
Haselton Mansel US Clarissa
Haselton Moses 1782-1864 NH Rockingham County, NH Ayer Sarah "Sally" 12 Sep 1805 spelled HAZELTON
Haselton Uriel 1788-1853 VT Windham County, VT Eddy Amy 01 Dec 1811 spelled URIAL HAZELTINE
Haselton William NJ
Haselwood William VA
Hashberger Christian OH
Hasilton Joseph OH Mary
Haskell Abel Tandy 1790-1852 NY St. Lawrence County, NY Rockwell Cynthia (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane H. m. 15 Mar 1849
Haskell Andrew Navy
Haskell Benjamin 1795-1872 ME Kennebec County, ME Allen Abigail S. 27 Apr 1821
Haskell Benjamin 1786-1859 MA Cumberland County, ME Pride Nancy B. (1st wife) 2nd wife Eleanor Nason m. 26 Mar 1843
Haskell Benjamin US Sarah
Haskell Caleb 1778-1869 ME Norfolk County, MA Collins Judith (1st wife) 2nd wife Maria m. 25 Sep 1857
Haskell Charles MA Mary
Haskell David 1788-1865 ME Piscataquis County, ME Irish Hannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucy m. 29 Apr 1839
Haskell Edward MA Nancy
Haskell Elias ME
Haskell Elias Navy Sarah
Haskell Enoch Navy/MA Agnes
Haskell George c1795-1868 MA Piscataquis County, ME Partridge Nancy Ann 29 Dec 1825
Haskell Gideon 1772-1855 US Rock Island County, IL Beckwith Mary Ann 10 Jan 1815
Haskell Ignatius MA Sally
Haskell Israel MA
Haskell James US
Haskell Job US
Haskell Joseph 1792-1873 MA Plymouth County, MA Morton Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Susanna A. Delano m. 14 May 1857
Haskell Joshua 1794-1866 MA Sagadahoc County, ME Haskell Deborah Allen 02 Aug 1818
Haskell Moses Navy
Haskell Nathaniel MA Mercy
Haskell Roger US Abigail
Haskell Samuel MA Betsey
Haskell Thomas MA
Haskell William US Betsey
Haskell Zelotus MA
Hasken Moses d. 1828 SC Marlborough County, SC John Nancy 1812
Haskin Phineas NY Martha
Haskins Adin NY Clarissa L.
Haskins Clark MA
Haskins Dennis US Sarah M.
Haskins Elijah MA Mercy
Haskins Henry US
Haskins James 1786-1860 SC Campbell County, GA Tapp Anna 14 Jan 1819
Haskins Jeduthan VT
Haskins John 1782-1856 NY Jefferson County, NY Talman or Tallman Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary m. 05 Nov 1825
Haskins Jonathan NY
Haskins Joseph T. d. 1851 MA Essex County, MA Perley Ruth (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Jane Robson m. 22 Nov 1849
Haskins Josiah A. NY
Haskins Levi US
Haskins Price NY
Haskins Seymour US
Haskins Solon d. 1866 VT Genesee County, NY Hasey Sophia 07 Nov 1813
Haskins Thomas US Louisa
Haskins William VT Ruth
Haskins William B. MA Betsy
Haslet Samuel IN
Hassell Benjamin NH
Hassell John B. d. 1819 Navy New York, NY Billington Patience 15 Dec 1808
Hasselton John OH Susanna
Hassler George Bortner 1794-1863 PA Morrow County, OH Rohrbaugh Maria Catharine 11 Apr 1815 spelled HOSLER
Hasson Charles OH
Hasson John PA
Hasson John PA
Hastain Isaac TN
Hasten Harrison GA Martha
Hasten Peter OH
Hastings Asa US
Hastings Daniel d. 1854 MA Boston, MA Harrington Rebecca 04 Nov 1823
Hastings Elihu DE/MD
Hastings Francis NY Nancy
Hastings Henry OH
Hastings Henry TN
Hastings John MA Melinda
Hastings John VA
Hastings Lyben NY
Hastings Matthew MA Ann
Hastings Oliver MA Huldah
Hastings Onesimus MA Mary
Hastings Samuel MA
Hastings Simeon d. 1869 US Kanawha County, WV Martin Sarah 24 Dec 1818
Hastings States d. 1862 NY Lorain County, OH Crowner Caroline 13 Dec 1814 spelled STATS
Hastings Timothy Blank Hannah
Hasty Benjamin 1787-1870 MA Waldo County, ME Evans Sarah "Sally" 11 Apr 1811
Hasty Marcus L. US Nancy
Hasty Robert MA Abigail
Hatch Anselm MA Sarah M.
Hatch Cyrus NY
Hatch Daniel 1790-1867 NY Ashtabula County, OH Shoulder Mary 24 Nov 1814
Hatch David MA
Hatch David 1798-1875 NH Belknap County, NH Dockham Judith Edgerly 09 Feb 1826
Hatch Davis MA Betsy D.
Hatch Dorastus NY
Hatch Ebenezer 1785-1874 NY Greene County, OH Greene Cynthia (1st wife) 2nd wife Violet Barber m. 29 Jan 1846
Hatch Edward NY
Hatch Elisha 1791-1861 MA York County, ME Hobbs Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucretia L. Hatch m. 04 Apr 1843
Hatch Enoch MA Sally
Hatch Ephraim d. 1873 MA Kennebec County, ME Blen Catharine 17 Sep 1817
Hatch Ezekiel d. 1869 VT Franklin County, VT Stinehour Eliza 19 Jan 1845 probably 2nd wife
Hatch Francis US Rebecca R.
Hatch Gaylord Henry d. 1866 NY Ingham County, MI Gould Melinda 03 Nov 1814
Hatch George d. 1858 NY Fulton County, IN Burba Mary "Polly" 13 Sep 1804
Hatch Harvey US
Hatch Henry B. NH
Hatch Isaac NY Electa
Hatch James MA Mary
Hatch James MA
Hatch John MA Susan J.
Hatch John d. 1859 MA Lincoln County, ME Bluisdel Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Murphy m. 28 Nov 1842
Hatch John d. 1871 NY Suffolk County, NY Colley Betsey 28 Dec 1806
Hatch Jonathan OH Mary
Hatch Jonathan US Mary Ann
Hatch Josiah d. 1853 MA Androscoggin County, ME Prudence (2nd wife) 23 Oct 1832
Hatch Luman 1791-1863 NY Ontario County, NY Perry Anna 04 Oct 1818
Hatch Martin US Mims
Hatch Nathan 1794-1873 US Ely, IL Eaton Chloe 05 Oct 1818
Hatch Oakes MA Nancy
Hatch Rufus 1800-1857 NY Watertown, NY Hatch Evelina D. 12 Mar 1836 probably 2nd wife
Hatch Silvanus or Sylvanus d. 1864 MA Wood County, OH Mary 06 Feb 1839 probably 2nd wife
Hatch Sylvanus LA
Hatch Sylvanus 1789-1855 MA Barnstable County, MA Hatch Tirza or Tirzah 25 Nov 1818
Hatch Thomas d. 1874 MA Knox County, ME Hasey Margaret 13 Apr 1826
Hatch Thomas MA
Hatch Walter US
Hatch Warner NY Ann M.
Hatch William NY
Hatch Zacheus d. 1874 MA Lincoln County, ME Clark Lydia 06 Sep 1810
Hatchell Obediah VA
Hatcher Benjamin d. 1853 VA Shelby County, AL Flippen Lucinda B. 23 Dec 1830
Hatcher Isham NC
Hatcher James TN Margaret
Hatcher John VA Martha
Hatcher Julius W. VA
Hatcher Rutledge SC Nancy Jane
Hatcher Thomas TN
Hatcher William 1793-1866 VA Williamson County, TN Rucker Lucy 21 Dec 1815
Hatchet William VA Tabitha
Hatchett Archibald 1792-1856 VA Barren County, KY Love Mary Elizabeth 17 Feb 1817
Hatchett Edward VA
Hatchett Thomas TN
Hatfield Benjamin E. NC Maria J.
Hatfield Elias NY
Hatfield Frazee 1791-1867 OH Warren County, OH Dunham Elizabeth 10 Apr 1817
Hatfield James VA Zerrilda
Hatfield John d. 1830 US Philadelphia, PA Swallow Catherine Aug 1805
Hatfield Jonathan 1786-1866 TN Sequatchie County, TN Gulley Jane 30 Dec 1812
Hatfield Joshua NY Elizabeth
Hatfield Samuel US
Hathaway Abraham NY
Hathaway Abraham 1786-1842 US Miami County, OH Cox Bathsheba 17 Apr 1810
Hathaway Arthur NY
Hathaway David H. d. 1845 OH Clark County, OH Stitt Rachel 18 Mar 1813
Hathaway Dean NY
Hathaway Elanthan d. 1823 NY Natchez, MS Simmons Nancy 11 Oct 1811 two leaves from family Bible record in pension file
Hathaway Elisha US
Hathaway Ennis MA
Hathaway Ezra MA Maryetta
Hathaway Gideon 1784-1841 MA Bristol County, MA Davis Keziah 01 May 1805
Hathaway Job MA Abigail
Hathaway John NY Margaret
Hathaway Joseph NY Elsie
Hathaway Levi VT Jackson County, IA
Hathaway Luther d. 1851 MA Bristol County, MA Dunham Sally Apr 1816
Hathaway Nehemiah d. 1844 NY Kent County, MI Sears Lucretia 31 May 1820
Hathaway Nicholas MA Tamzay
Hathaway Paul NY
Hathaway Paul VT Clarissa
Hathaway Peleg MA
Hathaway Peleg MA Thankful
Hathaway Royal d. 1863 NY Steuben County, NY Coon Hannah Apr 1848 probably 2nd wife
Hathaway Samuel MA
Hathaway Simeon 1781-1858 US Jackson County, IA Powell Eunice 09 Apr 1809
Hathaway Stephen c1796-1867 MA Essex County, MA Williams Mary 26 Apr 1818
Hathaway Thomas 1793-1862 MA Bristol County, MA Snell Charity 06 Dec 1818
Hathaway William 1792-1831 MA Essex County, MA Wyman Sophia 10 Mar 1816
Hathaway Wilson MA Eunice A.
Hatheway Martin MA
Hathfield Adam PA Elizabeth
Hathorn Aaron MA Mary Louisa
Hatley John 1795-1872 NC Cocke County, TN Shipten Elizabeth 02 Oct 1812
Hatley Mark TN
Hatley Sherwood NC Bethena
Hatmaker Jacob US Mary
Hattaway Elisha Blank Tabitha
Hatten Elijah 1796-1866 VA Wayne County, WV McGinnis Elizabeth 12 Feb 1818
Hatten Philip VA
Hatton Boling VA
Hatton Eli MD Abriella
Hatton Elijah 1796-1866 VA Wayne County, WV McGinnis Elizabeth 12 Feb 1818 spelled HATTEN
Hatton Henry D. MD Emily
Hatton Jacob OH Jane
Hatton Jacob OH
Hatton James NY
Hatton James 1789-1844 OH Fountain County, IN Malone Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Rebecca Malone m. 31 Jul 1817
Hatton John H. SC Rebecca K.
Hatton Nathaniel d. 1832 MD Prince Georges County, MD Burch Ann Newton (1st wife) 2nd wife Eleanor B. Hawkins m. 03 Aug 1824
Hatton Peter Dent 1792-1849 LA Prince Georges County, MD Lambert Elizabeth J. 01 Jan 1822
Hatton William OH Nancy
Hatton William VA
Hauber Frederick C. 1776-1869 NY Steuben County, NY Conklin Phebe E. May 1810
Haughawont Lefferd d. 1865 PA Juniata County, PA Rothrock Barbara 08 Apr 1827
Haughawont Peter PA Mary
Haught Joseph d. 1876 VA Washington County, OH Haught Ann Elizabeth 19 Feb 1815
Haught Tobias PA Abigail
Haughton Asaph d. 1870 MA Suffolk County, MA Ham Clarissa 22 Mar 1855 probably 2nd or 3rd wife
Haulenbeck David NY Getty
Haun David PA Mary M.
Haune George NY Phebe
Hauptman Daniel MD
Hause Peter d. 1858 MD Cincinnati, OH Hoffman Mariah 02 Oct 1810
Hausenfluck John c1789-1872 VA Shenandoah County, VA Roland or Rolland Catherine (1st wife) spelled HOSSENFLUCK 2nd Rebecca Davis, 3rd Mary m. 18 Jan 1866
Hauser Daniel 1794-1876 NC Forsyth County, NC Holder Susannah 19 May 1816
Hauser William d. 1868 NY Ingham County, MI Hauser Elizabeth 05 Feb 1815
Hautzman Henry MD Elizabeth
Havans Charles VA Nancy
Havely Isaac B. d. 1852 VA Knox County, TN Crider Elizabeth
Haven George d. 1838 PA Cincinnati, OH Irwin Fanny B. 30 Jun 1814
Havener Benedict 1794-1864 MD Prince Georges County, MD Summers Ruth (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Ann m. 07 Aug 1849
Havens Elisha 1790-1869 VA Preble County, OH Davis Sarah 01 Mar 1810
Havens George 1794-1876 KY Fleming County, KY Francis Katharine (1st wife) 2nd wife Isabella Hamilton, 3rd wife Elizabeth Boyd m. 02 Oct 1855
Havens George H. d. 1871 NY Essex County, NY Collins Huldah (1st wife) 2nd wife Ursula G.Gibbs m. 29 Sep 1853
Havens James M. NY Lavina
Havens Joseph Mallory 1792-1858 NY Essex County, NY Low Fanny (1st wife) 2nd wife Eunice Cole Ruscoe m. 15 Jun 1819
Havens Nathaniel d. 1871 NY Steuben County, NY Rose Sarah 02 Dec 1814
Havens Richardson NY
Havens Silas 1794-1858 CT New London County, CT Griffin Sabra S. (1st wife) 2nd wife Mariette Griffing m. 24 Sep 1826
Havens William KY
Haver Frederick d. 1870 NY Ulster County, NY Eckert Magdalen 11 Jan 1804
Haver Thomas NY Cloe
Haviland Thomas NY Roselinda
Havins Thomas TN
Havis Jesse D. SC Martha E.
Havner Joseph VA
Hawes Caleb MA Silence
Hawes Cornelius 1786-1828 NY Westchester County, NY Field Phoebe 11 Nov 1813
Hawes Dan d. 1852 MA Genesee County, NY Church Clarissa 10 Sep 1818
Hawes David 1795-1874 MA Lincoln County, ME Prescott Eliza (1st wife) 2nd wife Adeline Baxter, 3rd wife Ann m. 17 Apr 1862
Hawes Eleazer MA Eleanor
Hawes Elijah NY Huldah P.
Hawes Frederick d. 1875 MD Cecil County, MD Towson Charlotte 11 Sep 1836 probably 2nd wife
Hawes Moses ME Rebecca
Hawes Nathaniel MA Sally
Hawes William B. MA Martha A.
Hawk Henry 1787-1862 OH Hancock County, IN Flaugher Susannah 06 Oct 1808
Hawk Henry d. 1863 TN DeKalb County, AL McGuire Elizabeth 08 Nov 1824
Hawk Isaac OH Margaret
Hawk Jacob d. 1873 PA Berks County, PA Davis Rachel (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Beard m. 14 Feb 1837
Hawk John 1788-1857 PA Medina County, OH Hahn Susannah 27 Mar 1810
Hawk Levi US
Hawk Philip OH
Hawk Philip OH Sarah or Mary
Hawk Richard d. 1839 MD Baltimore, MD Storm Lucy A. 22 Feb 1824
Hawk Robert OH
Hawk Robert US Francis
Hawk Shepherd MA
Hawke John B. d. 1841 MA St. Augustine, FL (died at sea) Blackington Harriet 15 May 1815 listed as HAWKS
Hawken Samuel MD
Hawkes Benjamin MA
Hawkes John VA
Hawkes Micajah Navy Sarah "Sally"
Hawkins Abraham VT
Hawkins Alexander VA Nancy
Hawkins Banister SC
Hawkins Benjamin 1793-1877 KY Jefferson County, IL Patterson Elizabeth (2nd wife) 28 Oct 1847
Hawkins Benjamin d. 1875 NH Strafford County, NH Brown Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Gray m. 08 Jan 1824
Hawkins Benjamin NY
Hawkins Benjamin VT Axie
Hawkins Benjamin W. OH Ruth T.
Hawkins Bird OH Rebecca
Hawkins Calvin NY
Hawkins Dudley NH
Hawkins Ebenezer NY Hannah M.
Hawkins Elisha d. 1860 KY Franklin County, KY Steele Sally C. 07 Dec 1819
Hawkins Elliott VA Nancy
Hawkins Gregory R. 1789-1869 KY Coles County, IL Ballar Elizabeth 08 Jun 1809 listed as GEORGE R. Hawkins
Hawkins Heman 1787-1830 NY Delaware County, NY Brewer Sarah 15 Oct 1814
Hawkins Henry KY
Hawkins Hiram 1794-1860 SC Pickens County, SC Salmon Leana 24 Dec 1813
Hawkins Ichabod SC
Hawkins James KY
Hawkins James OH Elizabeth
Hawkins James VA Christena
Hawkins James M. KY Sally
Hawkins Jarvis H. KY Nancy
Hawkins Jeremiah d. 1875 NY Monroe County, NY Tooker Mahala 10 Feb 1816
Hawkins Joel d. 1822 TN Wilkes County, NC Paisley Cynthia 11 Mar 1814
Hawkins John GA Mary
Hawkins John GA
Hawkins John KY
Hawkins John VA Susanna
Hawkins John VA
Hawkins Joseph OH
Hawkins Joseph OH Lois
Hawkins Joseph US
Hawkins Lemuel US
Hawkins Martin Luther d. 1841 US Carroll County, AR Walker Jane C. 04 Jul 1823
Hawkins Micajah NC Maria Eaton
Hawkins Moses KY
Hawkins Philip US
Hawkins Reuben c1790-1851 KY Mercer County, KY Quigley Elizabeth 27 Aug 1812
Hawkins Richard MD
Hawkins Richard NC Jane
Hawkins Richard OH Julia A.
Hawkins Samuel US
Hawkins Samuel NY
Hawkins Samuel d. 1877 US Kalamazoo County, MI Drown Mercy (3rd wife) 15 Feb 1836
Hawkins Stephen GA Mary H.
Hawkins Strother J. GA Pinn Gabriella
Hawkins Thomas US Susannah
Hawkins Thomas Jefferson 1794-1878 VA Cabell County, WV Perry Mary Level 24 Dec 1816
Hawkins Thomas L. d. 1862 US