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Index to War of 1812 Pension Application Files
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This site provides a free index to the War of 1812 pension application files. It is part of the free tutorial Researching Your Revolutionary War Patriot Ancestor
Digitized pension files for soldiers with surnames beginning with A, B, C, and D are available for FREE at Fold 3.
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Husband Husband State of Wife Wife Marriage
Last Name First Name Service Residence Maiden Name First Name Date Comments
Hesket James VA Henrietta
Heskett Benjamin OH Pharaby
Heskett Spicer VA Nancy
Heslep David D. 1794-1875 TN Polk County, GA Delilah (1st wife) 2nd or 3rd wife Margaret McCorkle m. 30 Aug 1835
Heslep Thomas AL Ann B.
Heslep William N. TN Elizabeth
Heslip Joseph MD
Hess Abraham PA Mary M.
Hess Conrad 1792-1876 NY Oswego County, NY Maybee Mary 13 Mar 1814
Hess Conradt NY Laura
Hess Daniel NY
Hess George NY Catherine
Hess George PA
Hess George W. PA
Hess Henry A. NY Prudence
Hess Jeremiah d. 1875 PA York County, PA Crull Susan (1st wife) 2nd wife Catharine m. 06 Dec 1866
Hess Jeremiah US Mary
Hess John d. 1865 NY Delaware County, NY Miller Jane 26 Dec 1809
Hess John US Catharine
Hess Peter PA
Hess Peter c1786-1857 VA Rockingham County, VA Romick Elizabeth 31 Mar 1826
Hesser Jonathan PA
Hessey Edward d. 1866 KY Bullitt County, KY Venable Catherine 22 Mar 1807
Hesson John MD
Hester Elijah GA Frances
Hester Jacob OH
Hester Jasper NC Keziah
Hester John OH
Hester John D. NJ Beulah E.
Hester Middleton d. 1855 KY Pickens County, AL Hester Nancy 09 Jun 1818
Hester Obediah SC
Hester William 1781-1867 TN Roane County, TN Riggs Christina (1st wife) 2nd wife Devina Wakefield m. 13 Oct 1846
Heston Edward d. 1874 PA Philadelphia, PA Pugh Mary 06 Feb 1823
Heter John PA
Hetfield Ezra D. NJ
Hetfield Richard NY Susan
Hethcock Thomas TN
Hetler George d. 1869 PA Carbon County, PA Fritz Christena 15 May 1816
Hetsler George NY Anna
Hetsler John NY
Hettinger John 1787-1865 OH Ross County, OH Dumm Barbara Ellen 16 Feb 1813
Hettrick Jacob PA Elizabeth
Hetzell Barnet PA
Hetzen George US Matilda
Hetzer Philip MD Sarah
Hetzler John 1791-1865 OH Miami County, OH Redenbaugh Margaret A. 08 Oct 1829
Heuline William Blank Nancy
Heuness William OH Nancy
Hevener George VA
Hevner William VA
Hewell James D. US Martha
Hewell Jesse Wyatt 1793-1852 GA Newton County, GA Berry Martha 17 May 1814
Hewes Elihu MA Betsey
Hewes George R. T. F. CT
Hewet Anson NY
Hewett Caleb c1778-1865 NY Wyoming County, NY Green Joanna (1st wife) spelled HEWITT 2nd wife Lydia Holcomb m. 19 Dec 1858
Hewett Daniel DC Rebecca S. M.
Hewett Daniel MA Nancy M.
Hewett Harvey MA Miriam
Hewett Henry W. d. 1868 NY Carroll County, IL Harris Eunice E. 09 Apr 1818
Hewett John MA Esther
Hewett Joseph US
Hewett Paul P. NY Margaret
Hewett Randall d. 1872 NC Brunswick County, NC Roberson Martha 18 Dec 1812
Hewett Waterman T. MA Sarah W.
Hewett William NC
Hewey James MA Margaret
Hewey James MA
Hewey Jonathan S. d. 1818 MA New Brunswick, Canada Hewey Hannah 08 Dec 1816
Hewitt Alvin VT
Hewitt Asa d. 1869 NY Ogle County, IL Lesure Orpha 25 Nov 1817 spelled HEWIT
Hewitt Asa 1791-1860 NY Hillsdale County, MI Pixley Laney 09 Feb 1815
Hewitt Benjamin US
Hewitt Elmer MD
Hewitt George OH Elizabeth
Hewitt Gideon NY Deborah
Hewitt Gideon Pierce d. 1869 NY Milwaukee, WI Hunter Mary C. 11 Apr 1820
Hewitt Israel US Lucy
Hewitt Jacob R. MD Mary E.
Hewitt James NJ Ann
Hewitt James SC child Cassandra Cox
Hewitt John PA
Hewitt Joseph NY
Hewitt Lewis NY
Hewitt Norris NY
Hewitt Parley NY
Hewitt Pitt E. d. 1875 VT Chittenden County, VT Roots Louisa (1t wife) 2nd wife Lucy W. Harris m. 05 Feb 1829
Hewitt Richard NY Esther M.
Hewitt Starr c1794-1864 NY Huron County, OH Niles Harriet 10 Jan 1818
Hewitt Thomas SC Martha E.
Hewitt Thomas B. NY Dorcas
Hewitt William d. 1840 MD Cecil County, MD Purnell Ann 10 Dec 1818
Hewlet Silvenus NY Ruth A.
Hewlett John LA New Orleans, LA
Hewlett Peter T. NY
Hewlett Richard 1785-1848 NY Queens County, NY Mott Hannah 20 Jan 1810
Hewlett William NY Lucinda D.
Hews Samuel US Mary Ann
Hewson John NY Charlotte
Heyberger Adam d. 1853 PA Lehigh County, PA Diehl Judith 27 Dec 1816
Heyberger Jacob PA
Heyer Duncan US Eunice
Heyer Hendrick W. NJ
Heyer Tunis NJ Martha
Heyer William NY
Heyl George d. 1843 NY New York, NY Smith Rachel 08 Jan 1815
Heyser William 1796-1863 PA Franklin County, PA Bentz Elizabeth 26 Jun 1821
Heywood Robert S. VA Ann B.
Hiatt Caleb NC Elizabeth
Hiatt Elzy US Mary
Hibard Solomon Fisk NH
Hibbard Calvin CT
Hibbard Harmon 1795-1866 NY Monroe County, NY Ferguson Sarah 29 May 1825
Hibbard Jacob US Polly
Hibbard John NY Mary
Hibbard John NY
Hibbard John d. 1821 US Macon County, NC Stiles Julia Jun 1805
Hibbard Jonathan F. US
Hibbard Joshua US Abigail
Hibbard Orlin VT Chloe
Hibbard Ralph d. 1857 CT Tioga County, NY Maynard Jemima 06 Nov 1814
Hibbard Samuel CT
Hibbard Walter 1792-1856 CT Hartford County, CT Jones Lucinda 31 Mar 1814
Hibben Thomas US Lydia
Hibbetts David C. TN
Hibbs William TN
Hibler Jacob 1793-1857 PA Montour County, PA Woodside Hannah M. 20 Mar 1823
Hibler John KY Rosanna
Hibray Abner NY
Hichborn Henry c1790-1860 MA Waldo County, ME Griffin Desiah (1st wife) 2nd wife Sophia Rendell m. 29 Nov 1832
Hick Elijah VA
Hick William S. d. 1820 NY Egg Harbor, NJ Weeden Mary 28 Sep 1806
Hickcox Cjester NY
Hickcox Daniel NY
Hickel Samuel VA
Hickerson John KY
Hickerson Little NC
Hickey John G. NY
Hickey William VA Harriet
Hickle Stephen d. 1874 VA Fairfield County, OH Sigler Hannah 16 Oct 1816
Hicklin James GA Nancy
Hickman Aaron C. IL Delilah
Hickman Asa VA Elizabeth
Hickman Edward GA Anna
Hickman Elias TN
Hickman Henry d. 1877 PA Baltimore, MD Clark Mary Jane 25 Aug 1818
Hickman Jacob d. 1858 SC Lawrence County, MS Price Susanna 15 Jul 1823
Hickman Jacob V. VA
Hickman James Lewis 1788-1855 KY Todd County, KY Shackelford Mariah or Maria 10 Sep 1818
Hickman John DE Anna B.
Hickman John DE Elizabeth
Hickman John GA
Hickman John d. 1855 PA Perry County, OH Brown Sarah 08 Mar 1813
Hickman John M. 1794-1870 TN Giles County, TN Trice Martha 04 Apr 1813
Hickman John T. VA
Hickman Joseph 1790-1839 US Allen County, KY Johnson Martha 29 Dec 1810
Hickman Joseph VA Lucinda
Hickman Josiah GA Mary
Hickman Nicholas d. 1868 OH Columbiana County, OH Martin Eleanor 02 Jun 1814
Hickman Peter VA Catherine
Hickman Robert VA
Hickok Ela NY
Hickok John VA Sally A.
Hickok Morris VA
Hickox Benjamin c1788-1844 NY Schoharie County, NY Guernsey Polly 25 Mar 1811 spelled HICKOK
Hickox Horace NY Eliza
Hickox James H. US Hannah
Hickox Wait d. 1845 US Portage County, OH Cynthia M. 09 Jan 1831 probably 2nd wife
Hicks Able TN
Hicks Abram NY
Hicks Absalom 1793-1877 GA Fannin County, TX Matheny Christena 07 May 1826
Hicks Amzi NY
Hicks Archibald TN
Hicks Benjamin d. 1845 VA Gallia County, OH McBane Jane 22 Nov 1814
Hicks Benjamin VA Clarissa
Hicks Benjamin US
Hicks Benjamin A. d. 1861 VA Richmond, VA Sale Sarah B. 10 Nov 1835 probably 2nd wife
Hicks Charles VA
Hicks David US Elizabeth M.
Hicks Ephraim NY Phebe
Hicks Gardner NY Rebecca
Hicks George MA
Hicks Gilbert NY
Hicks Hillyard US Caroline
Hicks Isaac 1791-1842 TN Monroe County, TN Walker Sarah Long 11 Oct 1812
Hicks Isaac TN Annie
Hicks Isaac VT
Hicks Israel c1789-1865 NH Lancaster, NH Stillings Sally 01 Dec 1813
Hicks James GA
Hicks James KY Clarissa
Hicks James d. 1866 MA Cumberland County, ME Stevens Sophia (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth S. Wight m. 09 Jan 1843
Hicks James 1793-1856 NY Oyster Bay,NY Tappan Hannah 08 Jun 1824
Hicks James 1780-1865 NY Lagrange, NY Stillwell Keziah (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Weeks m. 03 Sep 1835
Hicks James TN Sarah
Hicks James US
Hicks Jeremiah d. 1834 VA Franklin County, VA Williams Mary 06 Sep 1810
Hicks John NY
Hicks John NY Betsy
Hicks John PA
Hicks John VA Frances
Hicks John VA Rebecca
Hicks John c1787-1857 VA Russell County, VA Hamly Nancy 28 Mar 1803
Hicks John US
Hicks John US Charlotte
Hicks John G. VA Mary
Hicks John H. GA
Hicks Johnson US Nancy Cook
Hicks Lawson NY Eleanor
Hicks Lemuel 1793-1852 NY Ontario County, NY Evarts Lucy Stone 30 Apr 1816
Hicks Levi VT
Hicks Oliver NY Sally
Hicks Paschal or Pascal 1783-1853 VA Brunswick County, VA Hall Lucy 29 Apr 1807
Hicks Philip NY
Hicks Queen or Henry Queen NC Charlotte
Hicks Reuben VA Nancy
Hicks Reuben VA Nancy
Hicks Richard Navy
Hicks Richard US Mary
Hicks Riley GA
Hicks Robert d. 1869 NC Wake County, NC Aycock Margaret Aug 1812
Hicks Samuel 1793-1861 KY Grant County, KY Cox Fannie 20 Jun 1813
Hicks Samuel NY Nancy
Hicks Stephen NY Mary
Hicks Stephen d. 1842 NY North Hempstead, NY Losea Elizabeth 10 Jan 1809
Hicks Stephen TN Hannah
Hicks Thomas NY
Hicks Thomas NY
Hicks Thomas VA Sally E.
Hicks Thomas S. 1796-1870 VA Spotsylvania County, VA Bradford Ann A. 30 Jul 1823
Hicks Vines TN
Hicks Washington VA
Hicks Weston J. d. 1863 NY Ulster County, NY Herrick Lydia W. 16 Jul 1820
Hicks William 1794-1868 KY Gallatin County, KY Alcorn Rebecca 12 Jan 1815
Hicks William NY
Hicks William 1792-1877 NY Calhoun County, MI Younglove Abigail "Nabby" 24 Feb 1816
Hicks William SC Elenor Leisure
Hicks William TN
Hicks William d. 1852 TN Massac County, IL Hensy Margaret 1806
Hicks William c1788-1875 US Claiborne County, TN Clements Susan 13 Aug 1811
Hicks Wyatt US Malinda
Hickson Henry d. 1835 MD Frederick City, MD Crapster Mary E. 06 Dec 1810
Hickson Joel US
Hicock Moses d. 1865 MA Berkshire County, MA Baker Laura 09 Mar 1812
Hidacre Jacob d. 1876 VA Barbour County, WV Woodford Frances (1st wife) 2nd wife Christina Mace m. 23 Feb 1854
Hidden William US Sybil
Hier Joseph US
Hiermann Frederick NC Eliza
Hiers Daniel SC
Hiers Garret NJ Sarah
Hiers Stephen SC
Hiers William IN
Hiett Joseph d. 1842 VA Franklin County, VA Ferguson Susan (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Forbes, 3rd wife Elizabeh Ann Waid m. 17 Aug 1828
Higbee Amasa OH
Higbee Benjamin NY
Higbee Jeremiah 1793-1878 NH Cuyahoga County, OH Brainerd Cornelia (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Hunt Converse, 3rd Melissa Virginia Foote m. Jun 1848
Higbee Larner NY Jane
Higbee Lemuel d. 1843 MA Salem, MA Francis Betsy 05 Jul 1812
Higbee Levi NY
Higbie Samuel NY
Higby Andrew W. d. 1873 US Livingston County, IL Sity E. (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary A. Chambers m. 05 Jun 1856
Higby Daniel C. NY Eliza
Higby Loring 1790-1863 NY Broome County, NY Roberts Mary 13 Jan 1818 spelled HIGBEE
Higby Solomon 1791-1870 NY Lewis County, NY Pelton Abiah 20 Feb 1811
Higdon Charles TN Minerva
Higganbotham Robert VA
Higginbotham Benjamin G. GA Mary F.
Higginbotham David US/FL
Higginbotham James G. VA Isabella
Higginbotham William GA Susan
Higgins Amasa NY
Higgins Asa CT
Higgins Charles OH Ellen
Higgins Christopher d. 1865 NY Oneida County, NY Hibbard Lydia 23 Aug 1812
Higgins Cornelius VA Alonza ??
Higgins Cyrus 1789-1850 MA Penobscot County, ME Turner Mary 13 Feb 1813
Higgins Daniel 1787-1876 OH Jefferson County, OH Revenaugh Delilah 26 Sep 1824
Higgins David MD Letitia W.
Higgins David MA Mary S.
Higgins David Navy Asenath
Higgins Ebenezer ME Ruth Smith
Higgins Ebenezer US
Higgins Eli NY Lucy
Higgins Elijah TN Laura A.
Higgins Enoch F. MA Miriam
Higgins Fitch A. CT Lucretia
Higgins George NY Margaret
Higgins Henry MA Huldah
Higgins Hiram NC Martha N.
Higgins Isaac d. 1841 NJ Delaware County, PA Evans Elizabeth 25 Dec 1817
Higgins Jabez MA
Higgins James Shannon c1800-1873 OH Johnson County, MO Ellis Eleanor or Ellenor 10 Feb 1814
Higgins John MD Mary
Higgins John MA Margaret
Higgins John NY Therza
Higgins John J. VA
Higgins Jonathan MA
Higgins Jonathan 1786-1831 NY St. Lawrence County, NY Woodworth Nancy 18 Sep 1813
Higgins Josiah d. 1850 VA New Kent County, VA Pollard Elizabeth Hewlett 21 May 1807
Higgins Myrick OH
Higgins Nathan MA
Higgins Nathaniel d. 1863 MA Palmyra, ME Blaisdell Remember 09 May 1816
Higgins Oliver MA Rhoda
Higgins Reuben MA
Higgins Samuel d. 1857 KY Mason County, KY Bryrily Isby 24 Feb 1814
Higgins Samuel d. 1853 MA Sagadahoc County, ME Winslow Sarah 11 Jun 1815
Higgins Samuel MA
Higgins Samuel d. 1863 MA Penobscot County, ME Hopkins Betsey 07 Sep 1847 probably 2nd wife
Higgins Samuel MA Hannah
Higgins Samuel US Mary
Higgins Saul C. MA
Higgins Seth d. 1861 CT Chatham, CT Brooks Asenath 14 Feb 1827
Higgins Seth 1791-1844 MA Penobscot County, ME Higgins Lucy 01 Apr 1817
Higgins Silas d. 1866 OH Trumbull County, OH Wolcott Nancy 22 Aug 1816
Higgins Thomas IL
Higgins Thomas SC
Higgins William c1797-1872 US Sagadahoc County, ME Blanchard Susan T. 22 May 1823
Higgins William IN
High David 1785-1869 NJ Cape May County, NJ Hann Mary 13 Dec 1806
High Jacob VA
High John MD Ruth
High John d. 1827 NJ Cumberland County, NJ Hann Alice or Alce 18 Jul 1809
High John NJ Jane
High John PA
High Joseph NJ
High Samuel d. 1876 VA Rockingham County, VA Shoemaker Frances (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Ann Mitchell m. 23 Feb 1872
Highbarger David MD
Highbarger Joseph KY
Highfield Leonard KY
Highfield William US Sarah
Highland John d. 1873 US Philadelphia, PA Coleman Susan (1st wife) 2nd wife Margaret Ashman m. 10 Aug 1842
Highland John B. d. 1852 NH Merrimack County, NH Chloe B. (2nd wife) 09 Jun 1840 spelled HILAN
Highlands Thomas PA Sarah
Highsmith William LA Elmira
Hight Charles PA
Hight Humphrey d. 1871 MA Kennebec County, ME Gould Eliza 22 Jan 1822
Hight James 1790-1860 PA Huntingdon County, PA Brown Nancy 13 Feb 1814
Hight William H. PA/Navy
Hightower Charnall GA Glovina
Hightower Elisha GA
Hightower Epaphroditus TN Jane
Hightower James d. 1874 TN Dickson County, TN Bull Rebecca (1st wife) 2nd wife Amanda Ham m. 27 Mar 1853
Hightower Joshua KY Ann
Hightower William GA Cela
Higinbotham James OH Mary
Higley Charles NY Margaret
Higley Chauncey NY Margaret A.
Higley Elihu US
Higley Hezekiah OH
Higley Thompson OH Margaret
Hikes John KY
Hilan John B. d. 1852 NH Merrimack County, NH Chloe B. (2nd wife) 09 Jun 1840
Hilbert James H. KY Elizabeth
Hilbrant John VA Nancy
Hilburn Charles J. Navy Mary
Hilburn Samuel TN Mary J.
Hildebrand Jacob N. PA Susanna
Hildebrand John VA Susannah
Hildebrandt Augustus PA Elizabeth
Hilderbrand Henry VA Susannah
Hilderbrand John NJ
Hildreth Amos NY
Hildreth Curtis NY Hannah
Hildreth Daniel NY
Hildreth Jared 1789-1844 VT Washington County, VT Rice Arathusa or Arethusa 03 Feb 1814
Hildreth Jesse KY Mary Ann
Hildreth John T. US Jane E.
Hildreth Jonathan NY Julia Ann
Hildreth Lester d. 1871 NY Suffolk County, NY Sanford Susan (1st wife) 2nd wife Anna Maria Goodale m. 21 Sep 1834
Hildreth Ozni NY
Hildreth Samuel d. 1860 VT St. Lawrence County, NY Luddington Polly 06 Aug 1807
Hildrup Jesse CT Sophia
Hile John PA
Hileman John PA
Hiler David NY
Hiler Eliezer US
Hiler John N. NJ
Hiler Martin NY
Hiles Christian 1794-1876 KY Bracken County, KY Sullivan Judith (1st wife) 2nd wife Ellen Speese m. 02 Oct 1867
Hiles Christopher OH
Hiles Isaiah NJ Hester
Hiles John 1788-1875 OH Perry County, OH Reed Charity (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Crosby m. 26 Aug 1838
Hill Abner GA Mary S.
Hill Abraham US
Hill Alden d. 1841 VT Chittenden County, VT Snow Mary "Polly" 18 Feb 1814
Hill Anderson TN
Hill Andrew NH Sally
Hill Andrew U. NY
Hill Anthony NY
Hill Archibald KY
Hill Arunah NY Olivia
Hill Augustus NY Lydia
Hill Barney S. MA
Hill Benjamin GA Lucy
Hill Benjamin TN
Hill Benjamin d. 1855 US Windsor County, VT Scales Sarah 12 Sep 1814
Hill Branham TN Mary A.
Hill Carney NY
Hill Chase NH Nancy
Hill Chester NY
Hill Clement C. US Elizabeth
Hill Daniel US
Hill Daniel d. 1872 US Crawford County, PA Stockings Almira M. 05 May 1823
Hill David CT
Hill David CT Maria
Hill David d. 1871 NH Merrimack County, NH Brown Elizabeth B. 22 Feb 1820
Hill David NY Eliza J.
Hill David OH
Hill David US
Hill David US
Hill David A. MS Sarah Ann
Hill Eben NY Francis
Hill Ebenezer NY
Hill Elza KY Verlinda C.
Hill Ezra c1795-1868 NY Schuyler County, NY Perkins Lucy Jan 1819
Hill Felix NY Maria
Hill Francis VA Emeline
Hill George d. 1869 KY Hopkins County, KY Baldwin Mary Ann 01 Sep 1812
Hill George MA Clarissa
Hill George d. 1860 NY Gratiot County, MI Marshall Charlotte 31 Aug 1810
Hill George NY Mary
Hill George PA
Hill Hardy 1794-1876 KY Sullivan County, IN Shelburn Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Ally Sine Hodges m. 15 Oct 1863
Hill Harry VT Electa
Hill Heman 1795-1871 VT Franklin County, NY Cook Charlotte 15 Mar 1816
Hill Henry NY
Hill Henry NY
Hill Henry V. DC Ann Maria
Hill Ira VT
Hill Isaac SC Mariann
Hill Isaac TN
Hill Jacob MD
Hill Jacob NY Bethiah
Hill Jacob d. 1868 OH Warren County, IL Smith Catharine 25 Dec 1813
Hill Jacob TN Laura
Hill James d. 1856 GA Benton County, AL Hill Sarah Oct 1805
Hill James KY
Hill James MD
Hill James NY
Hill James OH Delila
Hill James SC Sarah
Hill James TN
Hill James d. 1868 TN Marshall County, AL Taylor Martha 15 Oct 1822
Hill James d. 1844 US Botetourt County, VA Pannell Elizabeth 25 Dec 1804
Hill James M. OH Abigail
Hill James Reston 1793-1858 VA Stokes County, NC Leake Sophronia M. 15 Jan 1824
Hill Jeremiah MD/DC Annie
Hill Jeremiah US
Hill Joab TN Elizabeth
Hill John Blank Mary Ann
Hill John KY Sally
Hill John MA
Hill John 1789-1858 PA Schuylkill County, PA Warner or Werner Susan 27 Sep 1827
Hill John LA
Hill John d. 1858 TN Davidson County, TN Covington Margaret 06 Jun 1800
Hill John d. 1846 TN Williamson County, TN Wade Rebecca 27 Apr 1809
Hill John Navy
Hill John VA Sarah H.
Hill John VA
Hill John TN Erixene
Hill John A. VA
Hill John B. KY Mary S.
Hill John Langdon 1797-1847 MA Sagadahoc County, ME Cushing Silence Alexandra 19 Jan 1819
Hill John P. d. 1849 NH Franklin County, NY Drew Betsey 19 Jul 1813
Hill John P. VA
Hill Johnson KY
Hill Johnson NY Anna A.
Hill Joseph d. 1842 NY New York, NY Cregier Sarah 11 Apr 1812
Hill Joseph OH
Hill Joseph Blank
Hill Joseph OH
Hill Joseph d. 1852 TN Henry County, TN Moore Rebecca 10 Dec 1812
Hill Joseph Davidson 1793-1859 VA Monongalia County, VA Houston Sarah 22 Sep 1814
Hill Joshua GA
Hill Levi d. 1844 US Charlestown, VA Pennell Sarah 26 Oct 1841 probably 2nd wife
Hill Levi VA Mary
Hill Louis MD
Hill Ludlow NY Lydia
Hill Mark TN
Hill Martin L. d. 1842 GA Upson County, GA Hays Elizabeth 07 Oct 1817
Hill Nathaniel d. 1856 KY Carroll County, KY Yager Nancy 04 Nov 1821
Hill Nathaniel d. 1862 MA Sagadahoc County, ME Hills ?? Sarah L. 05 Aug 1814
Hill Nathaniel d. 1862 SC Darlington County, SC Odom Sally (1st wife) 2nd wife Mariah Flowers m. 09 Feb 1839
Hill Nathaniel J. NY Mary
Hill Nathaniel S. MA
Hill Nehemiah NJ Susannah
Hill Notley 1792-1877 OH Warren County, OH McMullen Rachel (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha J. m. 11 Sep 1876
Hill Obadiah MD
Hill Peter d. 1837 PA Berks County, PA Kolley Susanna 31 Mar 1811
Hill Philander CT
Hill Philip CT
Hill Reuben NY
Hill Richard VT
Hill Richard d. 1855 VA Madison County, VA Hill Elizabeth 25 Sep 1798
Hill Richard VA
Hill Rufus MA
Hill Samuel NJ Elsey
Hill Samuel d. 1842 PA Baltimore, MD Dipple Jane 07 May 1823
Hill Samuel TN
Hill Samuel VT Elizabeth
Hill Samuel VT
Hill Samuel H. VT Rebecca
Hill Shadrack NC Susie
Hill Sion L. or Hurbert d. 1871 GA Dale County, AL Dismuke Frances 05 Dec 1818
Hill Stephen NY
Hill Theodore NH
Hill Thomas d. 1866 KY Grayson County, KY McAtee Therisa (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Newton m. 11 Jul 1836
Hill Thomas MA
Hill Thomas NY
Hill Thomas OH
Hill Thomas PA Frances
Hill Thomas SC
Hill Thomas TN
Hill Thomas TN Elizabeth
Hill Thomas d. 1875 US Grant County, IN Barrett Susannah Nov 1817
Hill Thomas d. 1866 VA Stafford County, VA Hill Mary 26 Jan 1812
Hill Thomas Smith NC Elizabeth
Hill Thomas W. NY Clarissa E.
Hill William IL
Hill William MA Sarah
Hill William d. 1829 OH Highland County, OH Duckwell Mary 16 Jan 1812
Hill William 1790-1867 OH Fairfield County, OH Ruffner Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Allen m. 17 Jan 1830
Hill William OH Rhoda
Hill William d. 1864 SC Rutherford County, NC Rachel 04 Jun 1805
Hill William SC
Hill William 1793-1872 TN Ray County, MO McCroskey Elizabeth 02 Jan 1823
Hill William TN
Hill William US
Hill William VA
Hill William VA
Hill William VT Anna
Hill William B. GA
Hill William E. d. 1862 SC Jackson County, SC Cockerel Elizabeth 18 Dec 1823
Hill William W. NY Mary Ellen
Hillard Bartlett MA Sally
Hillard John c1793-1851 PA Butler County, PA McMillan Jane 20 Apr 1826
Hillard Samuel H. PA
Hilldrup Robert d. 1872 VA Spotsylvania County, VA Powers Elizabeth L. 07 Oct 1819
Hilleary William MD
Hillegas Jesse NY
Hiller Edward Navy
Hiller Richard NY
Hillery John d. 1873 VT Barre, VT Vose Mehitable "Hitty" Jan 1807
Hilley Richard B. GA Elizabeth
Hillhouse David d. 1858 VA Cass County, IN Collings Mary Ann 26 Nov 1822
Hillhouse Hugh VA Lucy
Hillhouse William 1788-1867 CT New London County, CT Goodell Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Eliza Fitch m. 19 Apr 1825
Hilliard Abraham M. 1790-1851 PA Butler County, PA Mohney Mary Catherine 25 Apr 1815
Hilliard Adam PA
Hilliard Charles NH
Hilliard David US
Hilliard George B. PA
Hilliard James OH/US Kissia
Hilliard John OH
Hilliard Jonathan 1783-1827 NH Rockingham County, NH Hodgdon Mary 10 Dec 1810
Hilliard Joseph PA Elizabeth
Hilliard Smith NY
Hilliard William VA
Hilliary Elijah d. 1873 VA Perry County, OH Freeman Eleanor 18 Aug 1818
Hillier Joseph MA Charlotte
Hilliker Augustus NY Mary
Hilliker Samuel NY Comfort
Hilliker William W. NY
Hillix James Hambleton d. 1849 KY Fayette County, KY Walker Ann Bolton 05 Dec 1815
Hillman Eliakam PA
Hillman Erastus B. MA Clarinda
Hillman James KY Nancy M.
Hillman John KY
Hillman Simeon 1789-1860 Navy Frederick County, VA Copenhaver Charlotte Susanna 11 Jun 1829
Hillman Squire VA
Hillpot John G. PA Rebecca
Hills Benjamin NY
Hills Daniel 1788-1874 NY Chenango County, NY Hill Ruth 08 Oct 1815
Hills George 1789-1874 NY Washington County, NH Reynolds Polly (1st wife) 2nd wife Lura m. 04 Apr 1844
Hills Ira d. 1878 NY Oneida County, NY Foote Clara 05 Jan 1837 probably 2nd wife
Hills James GA Harriet E.
Hills John C. c1787-1866 NY Schenectady County, NY Alger Jerusha 14 Apr 1810
Hills Joseph NH
Hills Justin 1791-1877 NY Allegany County, NY Burrows Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary m. 14 Oct 1846
Hills Leonard NY Anna
Hills Lorain OH Lucy R.
Hills Matthew A. c1791-1846 NY Ogle County, IL Galusha Marcia 25 Jan 1812
Hills Parker 1785-1865 NH Rockingham County, NH Prescott Charlotte 26 Nov 1818
Hills Thomas MA Nancy W.
Hills William NY Roxilana
Hilly Francis GA
Hillyard Benjamin R. d. 1877 US Baltimore, MD Allen Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Harriet McNeir m. 25 Feb 1816
Hillyard Jacob 1784-1864 VA Page County, VA Taylor Elizabeth "Betsy" (1st wife) spelled HILLIARD 2nd wife Phoebe Elliott m. 1842
Hillyard Truman M. NY/US
Hillyer John NY
Hilsman Reddick NC Mary Arendell
Hilt John PA
Hilt Moses PA Mary
Hilt William OH
Hiltabidel John MD
Hiltabiedel Jacob MD Rebecca
Hiltebridle George MD Mary Ann
Hilton Abraham NY Catherine
Hilton Burrell SC Elizabeth
Hilton Henry KY
Hilton James P. MA
Hilton John 1786-1874 MA Somerset County, ME Williams Lucinda 28 Feb 1813
Hilton John NY Maria
Hilton John d. 1857 NY Dutchess County, NY Burnett Hannah 08 Jul 1812
Hilton John OH Margaret
Hilton Joshua MA Harriet B.
Hilton Josiah VT
Hilton Nathan MA Hannah A.
Hilton Rufus 1787-1868 MA Lincoln County, ME Kenney Esther (1st wife) 2nd wife Rejoice "Joicy" Kenney m. 23 Mar 1828
Hilton Seth US
Hilton Simeon US Elizabeth
Hilton William US Betsey
Hilton William W. d. 1861 MD Baltimore, MD Gorton Catherine 24 Nov 1820
Hilts George G. NY Elizabeth
Hilts Nicholas George d. 1856 NY Herkimer County, NY Shute or Schutt Anna 24 Nov 1816
Hilyard Jacob 1789-1878 NJ Salem County, NJ Pierson Clarissa (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Sough Shimp m. 10 Feb 1838
Hime Andrew d. 1872 PA Henry County, OH Leitner Mary 15 Apr 1824
Himel Alexis LA
Himel Pierre 1794-1874 LA Assumption Parish, LA Courat or Conrad Catherine 03 Feb 1812
Himes Alva NY
Himes John c1797-1873 TN Sullivan County, TN Webb Jane 12 Oct 1823
Himmah Charles NY
Himmeger Joseph Claypool PA Esther
Himrod William 1791-1873 PA Erie County, PA Reed Aurelia H. (1st wife) 2nd wife Phoebe Vincent m. 09 Jul 1845
Hinch Uriah H. MO Elizabeth
Hinchen William H. d. 1849 VA Cass County, IL Barley Margaret 23 Apr 1812
Hinchey Bartlett NC
Hinckley Abner MA Mary
Hinckley Abraham MA
Hinckley Barnabas MA Sally
Hinckley Charles MA
Hinckley Edmund 1790-1867 MA Androscoggin County, ME Dwinal Huldah (1st wife) spelled HINKLEY 2nd wife Eliza Joy Sinclair m. 12 May 1827
Hinckley Enoch MA
Hinckley Floyd MA Polly C.
Hinckley Ira D. MA
Hinckley John William 1793-1849 NY Naples, NY Lyon Harriet (1st wife) 2nd wife Sophia S. Stewart m. 12 May 1839
Hinckley Luther MA
Hinckley Matthew 1782-1845 MA Sagadahoc County, ME Robinson Bethia 17 Mar 1805
Hinckley Oliver MA
Hinckley Stalham US
Hinckley Thomas 1787-1876 CT New London County, CT Scholfield Mary 09 Dec 1810
Hinckley Thomas Gage NY
Hinckley William MA
Hind William KY
Hindes James B. MD Mary A.
Hindes John d. 1838 MD Baltimore, MD Travers Rebecca 11 Jul 1811
Hindman John OH
Hindman John US Margaret
Hinds Asher 1792-1860 ME Kennebec County, ME Turner Lucy Harding 24 Jan 1833 probably 2nd wife
Hinds Byram TN
Hinds Christopher NY
Hinds David VT
Hinds Edward MD Eunice
Hinds James d. 1864 NY Monroe County, NY Holmes Charity 30 Jun 1811
Hinds John d. 1838 MD Baltimore, MD Travers Rebecca 11 Jul 1811
Hinds Joseph B. NY Rebecca
Hinds Nimrod US
Hinds Richard d. 1876 PA Butler County, PA Brandon Elizabeth 09 Apr 1822
Hinds Silas NY Maria
Hinds Uzal VT Sarah
Hine Harvey d. 1867 NY Greene County, NY Smith Sally (1st wife) 2nd wife Sally Walters m. 14 Dec 1843
Hine Homer 1776-1856 OH Mahoning County, OH Skinner Mary 03 Oct 1807
Hiner Alexander VA
Hines Abram W. US
Hines Adam OH
Hines Alexander NC Elizabeth
Hines Barney PA
Hines Benjamin GA
Hines Charles S. d. 1837 VA Hanover County, VA Thomas Mary C. 27 Jan 1819
Hines Christian DC
Hines Gabriel TN
Hines Isaac 1795-1872 TN Knox County, TN Don Carlos Mary Lane (1st wife) 2nd wife Rhoda Hickey m. 30 Jul 1863
Hines Jacob c1786-1863 VA Grayson County, VA Briles or Biles Hannah 16 Sep 1805
Hines James VA Nancy R.
Hines John c1797-1873 TN Sullivan County, TN Webb Jane 12 Oct 1823 spelled HIMES
Hines John GA Elizabeth
Hines John US
Hines John VA Hester
Hines John E. Blank Sallie
Hines John W. VA Aurora B.
Hines Joseph d. 1860 NJ Cumberland County, NJ Shaw Elizabeth O. 21 Feb 1811
Hines Philip 1780-1860 DC Washington DC Howard Julia A. 28 May 1826
Hines Philip OH
Hines Phillip d. 1866 OH Jay County, IN Deal Mary 15 Dec 1810
Hines Robert TN Ibby
Hines Silas NY
Hines William VA
Hinesley Michael TN Mary
Hiney George PA Elizabeth
Hingle Pierre Ursin LA Elizabeth
Hining John H. Blank Charlotte
Hinish John d. 1853 PA Bedford County, PA Baker Mary 1812
Hinkle Daniel OH
Hinkle George TN
Hinkle John d. 1873 VA Carter County, TN Arrowood Elizabeth 30 Nov 1834 probably 2nd wife
Hinkle Peter 1792-1872 PA Philadelphia County, PA Bechtel Susan 02 May 1822
Hinkle Randolph VA Charlotte
Hinkle Ziba MD Abigail
Hinkley Aaron ME Rachel
Hinkley Alanson MA
Hinkley James d. 1875 MA Washington County, ME Sinclair Martha 15 Nov 1815
Hinkley James Marines
Hinkley John Navy Sarah A.
Hinkley John MA Hannah
Hinkley John Coulier 1797-1865 US Penobscot County, ME Orr Lurana Knights 23 Sep 1824 spelled HINCKLEY
Hinkley Josiah d. 1866 NY Albany County, NY Slawson Clarissy 01 Jan 1811
Hinkson Benjamin OH
Hinkson William Blank Sarah
Hinman Alvah NY Lydia
Hinman David NY Maria
Hinman John 1791-1873 NY Onondaga County, NY Warner Sally Mariah 04 Jan 1817
Hinman John E. NY
Hinman Joseph NY Aurelia
Hinman Michael 1791-1852 NY Fayette County, IA Wright Lois 05 Feb 1812
Hinman Peleg c1780-1850 NY Oswego County, NY Clarissa (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Irons m. 11 Oct 1831
Hinman Seth US
Hinman Solomon US
Hinsdale Wolcott 1795-1870 CT Litchfield County, CT Jones Hannah 31 Aug 1825
Hinseman John Henry NC Mary
Hinsley Thomas NC
Hinsman John C. CT Ellen
Hinson John DE Sarah
Hinton David VA Polly
Hinton Griffith PA Rachel
Hinton Michael OH Rachel
Hinton Moses d. 1849 PA Guernsey County, OH McBride Susannah 17 Apr 1810
Hinton Thomas GA
Hinton Thomas KY Rachel
Hinton Thomas OH Mary
Hinton William Riley 1791-1863 MS Perry County, MS Everett Martha Jane 20 Feb 1828
Hipes Samuel VA Catherine
Hipkins Andrew DC
Hipkins John VA
Hippel Casper PA
Hippel Henry PA
Hipple George PA
Hire George OH
Hiscock Amos NY
Hiscock Benjamin MA Vorelette M.
Hiscock Elisha NY
Hiscock James NY
Hiscock William NY
Hiscox John NY Emma E.
Hiser Adam VA
Hiser Enoch MD Martha I.
Hiser George VA Elizabeth
Hiser Samuel d. 1878 VA Augusta County, VA Showalter Catherine 19 Jul 1823
Hisey Jacob VA Abigail
Hisler William MA
Hiss Jacob MD
Hiss Jesse L. d. 1876 MD Baltimore, MD Millemon Eliza 24 May 1821
Hiss Philip MD
Hissey Henry d. 1840 MD Baltimore County, MD Lineberger Mary Ann 25 Dec 1814
Hissom David VA Elizabeth
Hissom James US
Histed John NY
Hitaffer John d. 1871 VA Fauquier County, VA Dutroe Sarah 20 Jul 1820
Hitch Garner Burgess d. 1840 VA St. Louis County, MO Barbee Mary 10 Dec 1815
Hitch John KY
Hitch Samuel DE
Hitchcock Asher MA Pamelia
Hitchcock Daniel MA
Hitchcock David d. 1865 NY Dutchess County, NY Vermilyea Rachel A. 20 Feb 1805
Hitchcock David NY Susan
Hitchcock David VT
Hitchcock George A. VA
Hitchcock George R. MA Electa
Hitchcock Isaac NY
Hitchcock Isaac OH Keziah
Hitchcock James 1794-1874 NY Lenawee County, MI Welch Hannah 28 Feb 1815
Hitchcock Jerah NY Abigail
Hitchcock John CT
Hitchcock John NY
Hitchcock John d. 1854 NY Wyandot County, OH Harsner or Hosmer Mary 04 Nov 1817
Hitchcock John 1781-1861 OH Martin County, IN Mahan Jane 09 Mar 1805
Hitchcock John B. OH
Hitchcock Jonathan NY Hannah
Hitchcock Lemuel 1787-1862 NY Greene County, NY Hull Hannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Emily H. Belden M. 02 Jun 1842
Hitchcock Lorenzo NY Lucinda
Hitchcock Manna US
Hitchcock Nicholas 1793-1864 MD Putnam County, OH Clark Ellen (1st wife) 2nd wife Rachel Taylor m. 27 Dec 1819
Hitchcock Oliver NY Sarah
Hitchcock Otis NY
Hitchcock Robert MD Elizabeth
Hitchcock Samuel d. 1854 CT McHenry County, IL Bunnell Clarissa "Clary" 18 Oct 1815
Hitchcock Samuel 1787-1868 OH Lorain County, OH Osborn Amelia 28 Feb 1813
Hitchcock Walter MA
Hitchings James T. d. 1863 MA Essex County, MA Coffin Mary 15 Feb 1823
Hitchings Joseph 1785-1871 MA Kennebec County, ME Combs Betsey (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah m. 06 Apr 1856
Hitchings William US Caroline
Hite Andrew VA
Hite Jacob KY
Hite James KY
Hite James PA
Hite Joseph KY Elizabeth
Hite Joseph VA Magdaline
Hite Samuel TN
Hite Vincent VA Rebecca A.
Hite William VA Sarah
Hites David PA
Hites George OH
Hites John 1789-1876 OH Hardin County, OH Bowers Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Margaret Hubbard m. 10 Nov 1841
Hites Michael OH
Hiteshew Abraham MD
Hitsman Henry NY Florrilla
Hitt Daniel 1795-1862 KY Livingston County, MO Lafferty Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Joanna Murdock Jett m. 26 Apr 1825
Hitt Ephraim F. d. 1870 NY Jackson County, MI Radcliff Ellen 12 Nov 1814
Hitt John d. 1851 VA Culpeper County, VA Vaughan Elizabeth A. 22 Feb 1822
Hitt Thaddeus N. 1793-1877 VA Jo Daviess County, IL Brown Rebecca 29 Jul 1831
Hitt Thomas NY
Hitt Thompson KY Elizabeth
Hitt William NY
Hitt William VA Polly
Hittson Thomas VA
Hitzelberger George PA
Hitzer Philip Blank Sarah
Hively John VA Martha E.
Hivon Charles MI
Hivon Joseph MI
Hix Achilles d. 1874 VA Putnam County, WV Lykins Delila (1st wife) 2nd wife Harriet Jenkins m. 19 May 1844
Hix Burden NY Grace G.
Hix Daniel SC Susan
Hix Drury VA Sophia
Hix Edward SC
Hix Elisha SC Faraba
Hix Howard G. VA Sarah H.
Hix Samuel d. 1870 VA Richmond, VA Mullen Catharine 03 Sep 1819
Hix Thomas J. d. 1860 TN Fentress County, TN Stepp Mary 04 Feb 1811
Hix William d. 1861 KY Jasper County, MO Townsend Patsey 16 Oct 1815
Hix William d. 1829 MD Baltimore County, MD Ralson Mary A. 20 Jun 1814
Hixon Jonathan PA
Hixson Ephraim 1797-1855 TN Hamilton County, TN Hixson Margaret 25 Mar 1815
Hixson George d. 1846 GA Taliaferro County, GA Evans Sallie (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah G. Porter m. 08 Feb 1826
Hixson John TN
Hixson Jonathan c1790-1853 VA Prince William County, VA Woodyard Priscilla 20 Jun 1820
Hizer Joshua VA Jemima
Hizur John NY Olive
Hoadley Clark 1792-1864 OH Lake County, IL Hine Sarah Hoadley "Sally" 05 Aug 1811
Hoadley Henry 1784-1861 NY Jefferson County, NY Searles Levina 03 Jul 1814
Hoadley Leonard CT Betsey R.
Hoadley/Hoadly Ebenezer CT
Hoag Eusebius OH Frances
Hoag Greene NH
Hoagland Andrew 1795-1872 NY Miami County, OH Hoagland Jane 09 Feb 1828
Hoagland George d. 1864 OH Knox County, OH Welker Eleanor 09 Apr 1811
Hoagland Henry NY Margaret
Hoagland Henry L. d. 1827 NJ Somerset County, NJ Bowers Jane 10 May 1806
Hoagland John KY Mary H.
Hoagland John d. 1873 NJ Hunterdon County, NJ Hart Charity 18 Sep 1828
Hoagland John PA Katherine
Hoagland Samuel PA Mary
Hoar Job MA
Hoar Peter 1789-1871 NY St. Lawrence County, NY Graves Matilda 26 Oct 1817 spelled HOR
Hoard Ashael NY
Hoard Elisha NY Betsey
Hoard Gideon NY
Hoard Henry NY
Hoard William 1791-1855 TN Lawrence County, IN Blair Catherine 30 Jan 1812
Hoback Jacob VA Cynthia
Hobart Baxter NY
Hobart Benjamin MA Jane
Hobart George Navy
Hobart Harvey NY
Hobart Henry 1790-1862 MA Norfolk County, MA Briggs Anna (1st wife) 2nd wife Mehitable S. C. m. 16 Jan 1840
Hobart Jonas VT
Hobart Josiah G. MA Elsie J.
Hobart Thomas NY Mary
Hobaugh George OH
Hobaugher Conrad PA
Hobbs Alfred 1791-1868 NY Washington County, MI Hutchinson Polly 13 Jan 1813
Hobbs Benjamin KY
Hobbs Colin S. d. 1831 TN Davidson County, TN Holmes Theodosia 09 Dec 1812
Hobbs Daniel P. NY Clarissa
Hobbs Edmund VA
Hobbs Elisha ME
Hobbs Elisha OH
Hobbs Enos TN
Hobbs George MA
Hobbs George W. MD Julia
Hobbs Hazel MD
Hobbs James GA
Hobbs James VT Charlotte
Hobbs John 1794-1873 MA Boston, MA Diewaide or Dieuaide Mary Ann 04 Apr 1824
Hobbs John MA
Hobbs John MA
Hobbs John VA Elizabeth "Betsy"
Hobbs Joseph IN Anna
Hobbs Lamech MD Catharine
Hobbs Levi US
Hobbs Nathan 1792-1868 MA Middlesex County, MA Hutchinson Elizabeth 18 Sep 1825
Hobbs Nathan d. 1872 VA Scott County, VA Smith Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Eliza Olinger, 3rd wife Eliza
Hobbs Peregrine MD Sarah
Hobbs Rezin MD
Hobbs Warfield MD
Hobbs William MD
Hobbs William MD Ann
Hobby Hervey CT Patty
Hobdy John US Elizabeth C.
Hobert Silas MA
Hobkirk John B. US Charlotte M.
Hoblet David OH Celia
Hobron William Navy Maria
Hobson Adcock d. 1830 VA Davidson County, TN Edith 02 Dec 1819
Hobson John VA Louisa W.
Hobson Samuel D. 1789-1858 MA York County, ME Sawyer Hannah 01 Feb 1818
Hobson William 1789-1853 KY Green County, KY Kirtley Lucy Ann 25 Mar 1814
Hobson William 1796-1868 MA York County, ME Townsend Anna 12 Nov 1820
Hoch Jonathan PA Catherine
Hocker Alexander VA Sarah
Hocker Nicholas KY Hester
Hoddy Robert d. 1871 OH Ross County, OH Putnam Elizabeth 29 Oct 1818
Hodgden Silas W. VT Fanny
Hodgden William C. NH
Hodgdon Aaron US Jane
Hodgdon Caleb 1786-1874 MA Lincoln County, ME Parsons Eliza A. 30 Jun 1834
Hodgdon Charles d. 1861 US Somerset County, ME Hossom Lucy 09 Sep 1811
Hodgdon John c1793-1866 MA Oxford County, ME Smith Elizabeth "Eliza" 03 Dec 1820
Hodgdon Joseph d. 1858 NH Strafford County, NH Hiner Sally 13 Mar 1808
Hodgdon Stephen d. 1859 NH Orange County, VT Batchelder Polly 25 Jul 1819
Hodgdon Timothy ME
Hodge Benjamin d. 1870 MA Hampshire County, MA Callender Adaline 10 Aug 1825
Hodge Hugh R. TN
Hodge Jacob d. 1856 MA Suffolk County, MA Gabriel Rebecca (1st wife) 2nd wife Eliza m. 08 Oct 1846
Hodge James SC
Hodge John NH
Hodge Joseph MA
Hodge Loving NY Patience
Hodge Moses KY Katharine
Hodge Samuel NY
Hodge Samuel 1794-1865 SC Lafayette County, MS Wilson Susanna 08 Apr 1814
Hodge Thomas d. 1861 SC Abbeville County, SC Pringle Martha 15 Feb 1804
Hodge Uriah SC
Hodge William GA Sarah
Hodge William L. PA Sarah B.
Hodges Abel GA Charlotte
Hodges Barnum MA
Hodges Benjamin 1780-1843 IN Shelby County, IN McCombs Jane 14 Feb 1809
Hodges Benjamin MA
Hodges Charles TN
Hodges Darius NY
Hodges Delavan NY
Hodges Drury TN
Hodges Edmund 1794-1831 TN Hardeman County, TN McClain Sarah 29 Jul 1813
Hodges Elisha VA
Hodges George W. SC
Hodges Hymen NY
Hodges Isaac NY Rachel
Hodges Isham VA Mary Jane
Hodges Jacob NY Agnes
Hodges James H. VA Lucinda
Hodges Jesse TN
Hodges John SC Sarah
Hodges John TN Mary
Hodges John VA Harriet
Hodges John d. 1859 VA Halifax County, VA Bomar Sarah Mar 1823
Hodges John M. MO
Hodges Josiah VA Mary T.
Hodges Lewis VA Carolina
Hodges Mathew d. 1877 NY Allegany County, NY Sweet Isabel 12 Feb 1837 probably 2nd wife
Hodges Micajah TN
Hodges Moses KY Nancy Ellis
Hodges Peyton 1785-1876 VA Franklin County, VA Hall Elizabeth 10 Apr 1816
Hodges Samuel KY
Hodges Samuel MD
Hodges Samuel TN Mary
Hodges Stephen TN Caroline
Hodges William d. 1861 MD Clermont County, OH Groves Elizabeth 26 Mar 1814
Hodges Wilson B. NC
Hodgins Reuben US Margaret
Hodgkin Robert Garland c1796-1876 VA Alexandria, VA Taylor Clara (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Beall Fraser m. 28 Jun 1831
Hodgkin Stickney VT Nancy
Hodgkins Cyrus NY Arvilla
Hodgkins David MA Nancy
Hodgkins George MA
Hodgkins James MA Rebecca
Hodgkins Joseph d. 1864 MA Lincoln County, ME Jane (2nd wife) 24 Apr 1842
Hodgkins Joseph S. NY
Hodgkins Morris MA Lydia P.
Hodgkins Samuel ME
Hodgkins True 1785-1869 MA Franklin County, ME Davis Joanna (1st wife) 2nd wife Lucy A., 3rd wife Betsy Soper m. 14 Aug 1865
Hodgkins William MA
Hodgman Asa MA
Hodgman David US Mary F.
Hodgman James NY
Hodgman Jonathan VT Adaline
Hodkins Hiram VT
Hodnett John P. 1786-1867 GA Haralson County, GA Tigner Elizabeth 30 May 1809
Hodnett William GA Caroline
Hodsden Daniel d. 1869 MA Oxford County, ME Richardson Mary R. 03 Sep 1837 probably 2nd wife
Hodsden Stephen US
Hodsdon Elijah MA Elizabeth
Hodsdon Nathaniel NH
Hodsdon Reuben US Eunice
Hoel James Blank Sarah M.
Hoes Lucas 1786-1851 NY Kinderhook, NY Waterous Abby 30 Jun 1808
Hoes Nicholas d. 1865 NY Friendship, WI Kellum Eunice 27 Sep 1811
Hoey John MD Keziah
Hoey William NY
Hoeye John OH
Hofday William VA
Hoff Frederick d. 1864 PA Montgomery County, OH Briggle Barbara 22 Jul 1811
Hoff George d. 1861 PA Philadelphia County, PA Leatherman Catharine 05 Jul 1815
Hoff James VT Philinda
Hoff John GA Martha Ann
Hoff William VA Martha
Hoffacker George MD Mary
Hoffhines William OH Mary
Hoffman Chauncey NY Mary
Hoffman Daniel PA Hannah
Hoffman David 1784-1854 MD New York, NY McKean Mary A. 08 Jan 1816
Hoffman Frederick W. d. 1840 US Frederick County, MD Lieutaud Mary Desire 28 Nov 1816
Hoffman George NY Aline
Hoffman George PA
Hoffman George d. 1832 PA Lancaster County, PA Mengle Ann 16 Mar 1810
Hoffman George PA Elizabeth
Hoffman Gideon PA
Hoffman Jacob MD Catharine
Hoffman Jacob OH
Hoffman Jacob d. 1856 PA Philadelphia County, PA Connor Jane 05 Apr 1835 probably 2nd wife
Hoffman Jacob VA Elizabeth
Hoffman Jacob D. NY
Hoffman John MD Susan
Hoffman John PA Elizabeth
Hoffman John PA
Hoffman John PA
Hoffman John PA
Hoffman John N. NY Mary
Hoffman Julius 1787-1874 OH Fairfield County, OH Smart Mary Elizabeth 20 Oct 1814
Hoffman Leonard NY
Hoffman Michael PA
Hoffman Nicholas PA
Hoffman Peter PA
Hoffman Samuel MD Elizabeth R. B.
Hoffman Samuel 1793-1873 NJ Cape May County, NJ Swain Judith (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Jane Brooks m. 20 Mar 1848
Hoffman William Davis 1795-1866 MD Baltimore County, MD Morrison Sarah (1st wife) 2ne wife Susannah Densifor Hoffman m. 01 Apr 1822
Hoffmire William 1792-1868 NY Monmouth County, NJ Lippincott Patience 09 Nov 1824
Hoffner Charles B. d. 1859 PA Philadelphia County, PA Blizzard Prudence 16 Oct 1828
Hoffner Richard d. 1820 PA Philadelphia County, PA Steel Margaret 13 Jun 1816
Hoffner Thomas OH
Hogan Anderson TN Ann E.
Hogan Elijah GA
Hogan Garrit or Garret d. 1848 NY Albany County, NY Flensburgh Sophia 17 Feb 1810
Hogan James SC Elizabeth
Hogan John d. 1855 TN Marshall County, TN Wood Lucinda 22 Jan 1819
Hogan John VT
Hogan John M. d. 1866 KY Fayette County, KY Baker Margaret May 1831 probably 2nd wife
Hogan Richard H. VA Martha
Hogan William KY
Hogan William d. 1835 KY Warren County, KY Mallory Sallie (2nd wife) 23 Jun 1822
Hogan William d. 1851 TN Johnson County, AR Atkinson Anna 13 May 1813
Hogan William 1777-1875 TN Overton County, TN Spears Mary W. 15 Jun 1813
Hogancamp Daniel 1792-1874 US Bradford County, PA Gibson Mary "Polly" 01 Apr 1811 spelled HOGENCAMP
Hogans William US Lucy Hildrup
Hogbin Wilson 1777-1858 PA Jackson County, OH Mathews Charity 1805 spelled HOGBEN
Hogeland Abraham PA Mary Ann
Hogeland Isaac PA
Hogeland Israel C. VA Jane
Hogeland John d. 1873 NJ Hunterdon County, NJ Hart Charity 18 Sep 1828 spelled HOAGLAND
Hogeland John KY Nancy
Hogencamp Daniel 1792-1874 US Bradford County, PA Gibson Mary "Polly" 01 Apr 1811
Hogencamp Thomas US
Hogg James PA Elizabeth
Hogg John VA Julia
Hogg Muhlenburg VA Mary E.
Hogg Richard NC Isle
Hogg William AL
Hogg William PA
Hoggard Thomas NC
Hogle Daniel R. NY
Hoglin George d. 1864 OH Knox County, OH Welker Eleanor 09 Apr 1811 spelled HOAGLAND
Hogoboom Isaac NY
Hogoboom John Taylor NY Mary
Hogoboom Nicholas d. 1864 NY Otsego County, NY Bidwell Mary D. 15 Jun 1812
Hogue William R. OH
Hogwood Mortice VA Amelia
Hohne Westol M. MD
Hohstadt John VT Mary Ann
Hoisington Ephraim NY
Hoisington Horace NY
Hoit David VY
Hoit James S. NH Asenath
Hoit Joseph NH
Hoit Kenaz NH
Hoitt Jesse NH
Hoke David US
Hoke Henry PA Martha
Hoke Henry VA Mary
Hoke William VA
Holaday Henry NY
Holbert Robert NY Sarah
Holbrook Daniel CT Harriet
Holbrook Daniel MA Lydia
Holbrook Ebenezer US
Holbrook Ellis MA
Holbrook Ezekiel d. 1863 MA Lincoln County, ME Linekin Lucy (1st wife) 2nd wife Dorcas Farnham m. 01 Jan 1807
Holbrook Festus A. NY
Holbrook George W. NY
Holbrook Green B. GA Priscilla
Holbrook Green Berry GA
Holbrook Isaac US Ann
Holbrook Jesse MA
Holbrook Jesse MA Mary
Holbrook John US
Holbrook John 1794-1866 MA Kane County, IL Lovell Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Betsey N. Huntoon m. 01 May 1839
Holbrook John Thompson VA Nancy
Holbrook Richard 1793-1873 MA Plymouth County, MA Reed Anna 16 Mar 1815
Holbrook Sheldon 1793-1872 US Cattaraugus County, NY Curtis Mary "Polly" 10 Jun 1815
Holbrook Thestor T. d. 1873 NY Hillsdale County, MI Lord Jerusha 21 Apr 1814
Holbrook Warren US Mary Ann
Holcom Thomas SC
Holcom William GA Rachel
Holcomb Alanson NY Ann
Holcomb Benoni d. 1866 NY Onondaga County, NY Marshall Jane B. 16 Sep 1814
Holcomb Caleb OH Abigail
Holcomb Drayton CT
Holcomb Edmund MA Sally
Holcomb Elam CT
Holcomb Erastus NY
Holcomb Gardner MS Serene
Holcomb George VA Francis B.
Holcomb Hampton GA
Holcomb Harry 1793-1865 CT Hartford County, CT Hayes Polly Birge (1st wife) 2nd wife Betsey Barton m. 09 Mar 1830
Holcomb Henry D. GA
Holcomb Hiram 1793-1869 TN Simpson County, KY West Isabella (1st wife) listed as HALCOMB 2nd wife Frances Rice, 3rd wife Mahala West
Holcomb Horace NY
Holcomb James TN
Holcomb Jesse c1793-1862 GA White County, GA Rusk Susannah 29 Jun 1816
Holcomb John S. US Anne
Holcomb Joseph IL
Holcomb Lyman CT
Holcomb Michael 1794-1874 PA Cumberland County, PA Risinger ?? (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Mahon, 3rd wife Hannah Brewster, 4th Susan Zells
Holcomb Nathaniel CT Harriet
Holcomb Perlin US Sarah
Holcomb Samuel VT Verona
Holcomb Truman NY
Holcomb Vincent CT Susanna Mills
Holcomb Virgil d. 1855 NY Monroe County, MI Hubbard Sophronia (2nd wife) 08 Feb 1818
Holcomb William IL
Holcombe Harry 1793-1865 CT Hartford County, CT Hayes Polly Birge (1st wife) spelled HOLCOMB 2nd wife Betsey Barton m. 09 Mar 1830
Holcombe Isaac 1780-1875 SC York County, SC Caldwell Nancy (1st wife) spelled HOLCOMB 2nd wife Susan Henry m. 15 Oct 1872
Holcombe Jeptha R. 1788-1866 US Warren County, TN Newby Martha E. 17 Jun 1817 spelled HOLCOM
Holcombe Jesse c1793-1862 GA White County, GA Rusk Susannah 29 Jun 1816 spelled HOLCOMB
Holcombe Leonard c1795-1857 NY Eaton County, MI Palmer Mercy (1st wife) spelled HOLCOMB 2nd wife Louisa Jane Willis m. 16 Aug 1848
Holcombe Michael 1794-1874 PA Cumberland County, PA Risinger ?? (1st wife) HOLCOMB 2nd Elizabeth Mahon, 3rd Hannah Brewster, 4th Susan Zells
Holcombe Orator CT
Holcombe Rufus 1786-1862 NY Dearborn County, IN Gloyd Nancy 04 Jun 1814 spelled HOLCOMB
Holcombe Schuyler 1793-1819 CT Wolcott, NY Crow Huldah 09 Dec 1813 spelled HOLCOMB
Holden Alexander C. VA Sarah
Holden Ambrose VT Abigail
Holden Asa 1787-1864 NY Oneida County, NY Wilcox Pluma 16 Jan 1811
Holden Chapin MA Lucy J.
Holden Charles F. Navy Sarah
Holden Ebenezer MA Julia
Holden Elijah VT
Holden Giles H. VT Susan
Holden Hannibal VT Achsah
Holden Horace NJ Catharine P.
Holden Horace VT Betsy
Holden James 1796-1829 MA Middlesex County, MA Butterfield Charlotte 17 Jun 1821
Holden James NJ Lucinda
Holden John d. 1865 US Franklin County, MA Marsh Nabby 22 May 1801
Holden Joseph TN Rachel
Holden Lyman VT
Holden Moses NJ
Holden Richard KY Mary
Holden Richard SC
Holden Richard W. d. 1855 VT Niagara County, NY Sage Maria 12 Apr 1821
Holden Samuel C. 1794-1880 NY Genesee County, NY Towner Delia 10 Dec 1823
Holden Timothy 1781-1853 VT Westminster, VT Wellman Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Melinda Blandin m. 30 Sep 1824
Holden Willard VT
Holden William G. US Malinda
Holden William H. VT Eliza
Holder Daniel OH
Holder George PA Mary
Holder John NC
Holder John TN Mary E.
Holder John A. MS Mary A.
Holder Joseph TN Mary E.
Holder Taliaferro or Toliver VA
Holder William VA Nancy
Holderby Robert VA Susan A.
Holderby William d. 1870 VA Lawrence County, OH Hoskins Rebecca 12 Feb 1809
Holding Samuel S. KY
Holdrege Ethiel NY Rhoda A.
Holdren John 1777-1873 OH Athens County, OH Canny Rosanna 02 Mar 1802
Holdridge Elisha NY
Holdridge Elisha NY Phila B.
Holdridge Henry A. CT
Holdridge Ira MA Eunice
Holdridge James SC Nancy
Holdridge John NY Rachel
Holdridge William d. 1856 NY Queens County, NY Dean Elizabeth 03 Aug 1797
Holdrige John VT Content
Holdroyd John D. d. 1856 VA Cabell County, VA Chapman Sarah 02 Feb 1819 spelled HOLDRYDE
Holdryde John D. d. 1856 VA Cabell County, VA Chapman Sarah 02 Feb 1819
Holdson Bartholomew VA Jane
Holdson Joseph PA Martha
Holdson Robert NY
Holdway William d. 1870 TN Webster County, MO Cunningham Amer 12 Feb 1848 probably 2nd wife
Holeman Reuben KY
Holeman William VA
Holeman William B. KY Margaret P.
Holford Edward MA Harriet
Holgate Abraham Levering 1791-1847 PA Van Buren County, IA Jones Elizabeth 26 Mar 1818
Holgate Griffith PA
Holgate Reuben PA Elizabeth
Holiday Joseph NC
Hollabush Jacob PA Polly
Holladay Elliott 1786-1869 KY Pike County, MO Johnson Rachel 04 Oct 1814 spelled HOLLIDAY
Holladay James C. 1787-1844 SC Sumter District, SC Carr Mary Caroline 20 Mar 1819
Holladay Thomas KY
Hollaman Cornelius SC Elizabeth
Hollaman William NC
Holland Absalom MS Catherine
Holland Charles TN
Holland Charles M. MS
Holland Enos NC Celia
Holland Ephraim d. 1859 NH Cheshire County, NH Mead Nancy 22 Jul 1820
Holland Green TN
Holland Henry VA Margaret
Holland Jacob TN
Holland James PA Elizabeth
Holland James c1791-1847 PA Montgomery County, PA Litzenberg Mary 25 Mar 1813
Holland James Chester TN Margaret
Holland John d. 1831 GA Putnam County, GA Gallaway Margaret S. 15 Jan 1808
Holland John MA
Holland John NC
Holland John PA
Holland John 1798-1878 TN Franklin County, AL Barrett Elizabeth 21 Jan 1816
Holland John TN Priscilla
Holland John VA
Holland John W. d. 1824 NY Jamaica, NY Lambertson Sarah 27 Jul 1811
Holland Jonathan VT Mary
Holland Lawson F. VA Polly
Holland Richard VA
Holland Robert T. SC
Holland Samuel 1791-1865 GA Newton County, MS Kendrick Tabitha 24 Dec 1812
Holland Thomas d. 1850 OH Clermont County, OH Gundy Hannah 16 Nov 1826
Holland Thomas TN
Holland Thomas MS
Holland Willi TN
Holland William VA Christina
Holland William J. d. 1867 NY Broome County, NY Fields Almira 01 Jan 1824
Holland Woodard NC Celia
Hollbrook Samuel F. Navy
Holleman Jonathan VA Nancy
Holleman Jordan VA
Holleman Josiah J. 1785-1862 KY Rusk County, TX Elliot Jane "Jennie" 15 Apr 1183
Hollenback Clark OH Ann
Hollenback George c1787-1854 OH Hancock County, OH Eversole Nancy 09 Apr 1812
Hollenback John PA Rebecca
Hollenback William NY
Hollenbake Daniel NY
Hollenbeck Anthony d. 1826 NY Montgomery County, NY Wilber Mary 19 Jul 1813
Hollenbeck Aramont Chapman NY
Hollenbeck Benjamin F. VT
Hollenbeck Daniel 1792-1871 NY Chautauqua County, NY Lownsbury Phebe 12 Feb 1814 also spelled Lounsbury
Hollenbeck Derrick d. 1868 NY Cattaraugus County, NY Wilmot Tenta 10 Oct 1810
Hollenbeck Dorus C. d. 1864 NY Wayne County, NY Butler Amanda (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary m. 31 Mar 1834
Hollenbeck Ezra NY
Hollenbeck John B. VT
Hollenbeck Lewis NY
Hollenbeck Martin 1780-1849 VA Cabell County, VA Hampton Eleanor 01 Sep 1811 spelled HOLLENBACK
Hollenbeck William A. 1784-1871 NY Jefferson County, NY Van Hoesen Charity 14 Sep 1803
Hollenberger William d. 1848 MD Frederick County, MD Stern Elizabeth 18 Mar 1817
Holley Benjamin VT Hepzibah
Holley Bricy GA
Holley Ephraim NY Betsy
Holley James d. 1873 NY Webster, NY Stratton Sally 19 Mar 1816
Holley James E. NY
Holley Joel c1795-1863 VA Orange County, IN Smith Sophia 14 Jun 1810
Holley Winter H. VT Mary
Holliday Elliott 1786-1869 KY Pike County, MO Johnson Rachel 04 Oct 1814
Holliday Jesse MD
Holliday Joel TN
Holliday R. Martin d. 1850 GA Jackson County, GA Maria 11 Jan 1817
Holliday Robert B. VA
Holliday Samuel 1791-1857 DC Fairfax County, VA McDonough Ann P. 17 Oct 1815
Hollingshead Francis d. 1842 PA Columbia County, PA Richards Sarah Aug 1814
Hollingshead Levi NJ
Hollingshead William d. 1841 OH Williams County, OH Myrinda Louisa 26 Nov 1810
Hollingsworth Elias SC
Hollingsworth John GA Zilpha
Hollingsworth Joseph d. 1851 SC Henderson County, NC Rush Sarah 23 Mar 1803 spelled HOLLINSWORTH
Hollingsworth Thomas d. 1841 MD Smithsburg, MD Hoeflich Elizabeth "Betsy" (1st wife) 2nd wife Henrietta Miller m. 12 Jul 1832
Hollingsworth William SC
Hollins George N. d. 1878 Navy Baltimore, MD Sterett Maria (1st wife) 2nd wife Louisa A. Sterett m. 24 Feb 1859
Hollins John VA Mary
Hollins Richard VA
Hollins Richard F. VA
Hollinshead Samuel PA
Hollinsworth William VA Elizabeth
Hollis Ambrose US
Hollis Hosea d. 1862 MA Weymouth, MA Burrell Lydia 30 Apr 1795
Hollis Ira P. NY Eunice
Hollis James TN
Hollis James W. d. 1871 KY Anderson County, KY McClain Nancy 03 Aug 1813
Hollis Stephen 1795-1863 MA Rensselaer County, NY Cobb Caroline 06 Aug 1820
Hollis Thomas MA
Hollis William PA Susan
Hollis William US
Hollister Chester CT Emeline
Hollister Enos d. 1865 CT Cuyahoga County, OH Birdwell Lydia 15 Aug 1811
Hollister Ephraim CT Lawrenceburg, IN Rice Fanny 1821
Hollister Hiram NY Sophronia
Hollister John B. NY Mary
Hollister Joseph NY Lovisa
Hollister Josiah NY
Hollister Justin G. NY Esther
Hollister Silas NY Maryett
Holloway David VA
Holloway George d. 1867 NY Marion County, OH Gooding Elizabeth "Betsey" 09 Apr 1812
Holloway George VA Jane
Holloway Gideon d. 1871 RI Kingston, RI Gavit Sarah 19 Dec 1816
Holloway James VA
Holloway John TN
Holloway Joseph TN Mary
Holloway Joseph Haynes 1794-1849 VA Mason County, VA Hinton or Henton Mary S. 17 Aug 1813
Holloway Moses KY Delilah
Holloway Nathan VA
Holloway Samuel KY Jane P.
Holloway Stephen TN
Holloway Thomas VA
Holloway William GA Matilda
Holloway William VA Margaret
Holloway Windell or Windle 1789-1865 PA Philadelphia County, PA Stern Mary 11 Aug 1811 spelled WENDEL
Holly Abraham NY
Holly Darius US Deborah
Holly Francis OH
Holly James d. 1860 VA Patrick County, VA Ralph Betsey 02 Nov 1809
Holly Jesse NY Jerusha
Holly Numan NY Elizabeth
Holly Paul P. US Elmira
Holly William TN
Holly William Wells NY
Hollyfield William US
Holman Daniel NJ
Holman James IN Phebe
Holman James VA
Holman John 1789-1866 TN Carroll County, AR Clarke Frances 17 Oct 1844 spelled HOLEMAN probably 2nd wife
Holman Jonas MA Harriet
Holman Joseph IN
Holman Moses IN Mary A.
Holman Richard D. MA
Holman Samuel 1792-1845 MA Salem, MA Hodges Lydia 28 Nov 1825
Holman Thornton US
Holman William c1784-1857 KY Henderson County, TN Bibb Sarah 10 Feb 1814
Holmead Anthony DC
Holmead James B. DC
Holmes Adam d. 1843 NY Queens County, NY Henderson Susanna 23 Apr 1814
Holmes Ambrose NY
Holmes Andrew NH
Holmes Asa MA Mary
Holmes Benjamin d. 1876 NY Madison County, NY Childs Louisa (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Chapin m. 04 Sep 1851
Holmes Benjamin NY
Holmes Benjamin NY
Holmes Benjamin VT Julia A.
Holmes Caleb US
Holmes Charles MA Hannah
Holmes Charles OH Sarah
Holmes Christian Navy Betsey Ann
Holmes Elkanah d. 1853 NY Saratoga County, NY Rice Jane Ann 30 Apr 1831
Holmes Ellis MA
Holmes Elwell NH Lydia
Holmes George US
Holmes Gideon V. GA Rachel
Holmes Henry d. 1834 MA Plymouth County, MA Forbes Bethiah 04 Dec 1823
Holmes Isaac NY
Holmes Isaac Navy
Holmes Israel 1781-1865 NY Madison County, NY Sparks Mary Ann 01 Jan 1801
Holmes Israel NY Amanda
Holmes Jabez NY Harriet
Holmes James KY Margaret
Holmes James d. 1851 MD Norfolk County, VA Ryan Elizabeth S. 14 Oct 1835 probably 2nd wife
Holmes James Noal 1796-1869 TN Kanawha County, wv Horton Elizabeth Barnette 25 Sep 1814
Holmes Jeremiah Navy/US
Holmes John GA
Holmes John MA Achsah
Holmes John MA Hannah
Holmes John c1796-1874 NH Grafton County, NH Baker Lydia (1st wife) 2nd wife Caroline Cook m. 05 Jan 1858
Holmes John NH Priscilla W.
Holmes John 1789-1857 NY Erie County, NY Treat Jemima Feb 1812
Holmes John NY Nancy
Holmes John OH
Holmes John OH Patience
Holmes John TN
Holmes John d. 1856 US Somerset County, ME Lord Mollie 15 Sep 1803
Holmes John B. VT Mary Elizabeth
Holmes John C. US
Holmes Jonathan MA
Holmes Joseph US
Holmes Joseph US
Holmes Josiah GA Milly
Holmes Levi CT Mary
Holmes Manasseh NH Mahala
Holmes Manley d. 1864 VT Chittenden County, VT Howe Sarah 21 Sep 1808
Holmes Morgan L. d. 1874 MO Natchitoches County, LA Lacy Anna E. 04 May 1830 probably 2nd wife
Holmes Nathan NY Mary
Holmes Nathan VT Julia R.
Holmes Nathaniel VA
Holmes Nathaniel B. NY
Holmes Noah NH Abigail
Holmes Robert SC
Holmes Salmon IN
Holmes Salmon MA
Holmes Samuel ME Martha
Holmes Samuel MS Rebecca
Holmes Samuel d. 1863 NH Coos County, NH Bump Lois 30 Apr 1818
Holmes Samuel d. 1877 NY Chautauqua County, NY Calkins Eunice 27 May 1814
Holmes Samuel 1791-1865 NY Westchester County, NY Seely Hannah 06 May 1814
Holmes Samuel OH
Holmes Samuel VA
Holmes Samuel MA Elmira W.
Holmes Sandiford SC Martha
Holmes Theron VT Amanda
Holmes Thomas NY Martha
Holmes Thomas d. 1859 OH Belmont County, OH Mowrey Nancy 06 Oct 1814
Holmes Thomas OH Margaret
Holmes Truman C. MA
Holmes William 1795-1868 NH Strafford County, NH Hayes Phebe (1st wife) 2nd wife Margaret m. 14 Mar 1849
Holmes William NC
Holmes William OH
Holmes William US Polly
Holsan William OH Temperance
Holsapple Henry VA Elizabeth V.
Holsonbake Robert M. d. 1863 SC Macon County, AL Walker Anna 10 Apr 1814
Holsopple Henry VA Susannah
Holsted John NY
Holstein King MS
Holstein Matthias PA Sarah
Holstein Stephen c1783-1856 VA Kanawha County, VA Wilson Jane Jan 1808
Holstine Thomas J. VA Martha
Holt Abial d. 1869 NY Erie County, NY Abbott Mary 20 Jan 1817
Holt Alva NY
Holt Amos d. 1853 VT Washington County, VT Howland Hopy 01 Jan 1805
Holt Archibald SC Emeline
Holt David GA Juliet
Holt Edmund d. 1854 NH Concord, NH Kelley Phebe 09 Mar 1809
Holt Edward VA
Holt George NY Emily
Holt George US Miranda
Holt George G. NY Elizabeth
Holt Henry TN Elizabeth
Holt Henry TN
Holt Isaac MA
Holt Jacob TN Sarah A.
Holt James US
Holt Jesse TN
Holt Jesse TN Lucretia
Holt Joel 1790-1864 CT New London County, CT Douglas Hannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Eliza Morgan m. 25 Apr 1842
Holt John Navy
Holt John R. DC Susanna
Holt Jonathan US Betsey
Holt Joseph d. c1827 TN Boilvar, TN Clark Sally 01 Jul 1800
Holt Larkin c1786-1855 GA Gilmer County, GA Blair Mahala 23 Apr 1805
Holt Michael TN Hannah
Holt Miles d. 1851 VA Pittsylvania County, VA Fowlkes Sally (1st wife) 2nd wife Wilmoth Bradley m. 13 May 1841
Holt Nathaniel 1782-1860 NY St. Lawrence County, NY Farnham Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Ann Anderson m. 31 Jan 1846
Holt Raleigh 1776-1853 GA Talbot County, GA Dixon Caroline McDonald 20 Nov 1806
Holt Robert VA Winifred M.
Holt Simeon Navy
Holt Thaddeus G. GA Nancy F.
Holt William GA
Holt William TN Nancy
Holt William VA
Holten George MD
Holton Abner KY Molly Ann
Holton Alexander d. 1836 KY Marion County, MO Allen Caroline 13 Dec 1819
Holton Elias 1790-1868 MA Franklin County, MA Mattoon Fanny 04 Jul 1822
Holton George NH
Holton John NY Matilda
Holton Thomas MD
Holtsclaw William IN
Holtz John OH
Holtzclaw Benjamin KY Letty
Holtzclaw Elijah GA Elizabeth
Holtzclaw Josiah 1781-1856 KY Lincoln County, KY Pence Nancy 15 Dec 1825 listed as JEZIAH Holtzclaw
Holtzman George d. 1864 MD Baltimore, MD Dearer Margaret H. 06 Apr 1823
Holtzman John d. 1857 MD Fayette County, PA Hayden Catherine 23 Jul 1829
Holtzman John PA
Holtzworth William d. 1837 PA Adams County, PA Hooner Mary 09 May 1812
Holway Freeman MA
Holway Joseph MA Cynthia B.
Holyfield Watson NC
Homan Benjamin NY
Homan Daniel W. d. 1860 NY Ontario County, NY Wiggins Sarah 13 Nov 1829 probably 2nd wife
Homan Heinrich "Henry" 1793-1858 PA Berks County, PA Kutz Elizabeth 22 Aug 1813 listed as HENRY Homan
Homan Mark VA Rachel
Homan Peter MA Eliza C.
Homan Peter 1786-1858 PA Berks County, PA Schwartz Sarah 09 Aug 1807
Homan Platt NY Francis
Homan Samuel MD Mary
Homan Samuel MA
Homan Samuel d. 1843 PA Berks County, PA Boyer Elizabeth Oct 1821
Homan Selah d. 1826 NY Suffolk County, NY Bartlett Sarah W. 26 Jul 1812
Homan Seth NJ
Homan Thomas d. 1850 Navy Havana, Cuba Doliber Sarah B. 13 Jul 1819
Homber George KY
Hombs Silas KY
Homer John TN
Homer William ME Ruth
Homes Joseph VA
Homiston Miles D. US
Homler Alexander PA
Hommel Abraham 1796-1865 NY Ulster County, NY Newkirk Annatje (1st wife) 2nd wife Catharine Freese m. 28 Mar 1833
Hommel Abraham TN
Hommel John A. d. 1853 NY Ulster County, NY Lutzel Margaret 20 Sep 1807
Hommel Matthew d. 1861 NY Ulster County, NY Loun or Louw Hannah D. 17 Jul 1803
Hommer John d. 1847 PA Mercer County, PA Hesh Catharine 12 Aug 1807
Homrick George MD
Homsher John PA
Honaker Jacob VA Anna
Honaker James KY Louisa
Honbarger Daniel d. 1843 US Rowan County, NC Lingle Catharine 06 Nov 1804 spelled HORNBERRIER
Hondlette Francis d. 1845 MA Philadelphia County, PA Theobald Nancy 02 Jun 1814
Honea Wilkes d. 1852 MS Copiah County, MS Smith Celia Ann 17 Jun 1812
Honey John W. MO
Honeycut Henry NC
Honeycutt Ady or Aidy d. 1837 TN Warrick County, IN Haycock Dolly 1807
Honeyman John VA
Honeywell Jesse NY
Honnoll Robert W. 1798-1870 TN Monroe County, MS McGanghey Jane 10 Sep 1818 also spelled McGanghen
Honnors Oliver MA Mary C.
Honore Isidore d. 1850 LA New Orleans, LA St. Arnand Maria Aime 04 Oct 1810
Honore Zacharie LA
Hontz Leonard PA
Hood Andrew KY
Hood Benjamin US
Hood Daniel d. 1864 PA Fayette County, PA Shelto Mary 29 Sep 1818
Hood David NY
Hood Elijah US
Hood James d. 1833 US Salem, MA Hood Sarah 1809
Hood James PA
Hood James SC
Hood Jesse VA
Hood Joel GA
Hood John NY
Hood Jonah VA
Hood Josiah d. 1873 PA Cumberland County, PA Campbell Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth m. 06 Sep 1854
Hood Landon NY
Hood Nathaniel VA Nancy
Hood Otis MA
Hood Robert KY
Hood Robert VA
Hood Samuel NY Nancy
Hood Thomas NY Abigail G.
Hood William KY Jane
Hoodenpyle Philip TN
Hooe John VA Virginia
Hoofstitler John d. 1861 PA Delaware County, PA Cummings Jane 08 Dec 1811
Hoogland Enoch OH
Hoogland Tunis 1787-1844 NY Queens County, NY Luyster Catharine 15 Apr 1813
Hook James KY Cynthia Ann
Hook John 1787-1867 OH Brown County, OH Garnell Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Adda m. 14 Aug 1845
Hook Johnsey MD
Hook Joseph MD
Hook Leavitt US
Hook Rezin MD
Hook Robert S. VA
Hook Samuel MD
Hook Samuel MA Charlotte
Hook Samuel VT Huldah
Hook Solomon d. 1840 MD Baltimore County, MD Watts Eliza 1805
Hook Thomas B. MD
Hooke Robert d. 1858 VA Rockingham County, VA Fisher Elizabeth 25 Dec 1821
Hooker Alexander A. 1789-1849 KY Monroe County, NY Case Lucy 25 Feb 1819
Hooker Amos B. MD
Hooker George KY
Hooker James NC
Hooker John MD
Hooker John NY Polly
Hooker John TN Mary A.
Hooker Parker NY
Hooker Ralph US
Hooker Robin NC
Hooks Patrick d. 1859 SC Horry County, SC Osborne Margaret Oct 1818
Hooper Benning US
Hooper Cyrus NC
Hooper Edward MA
Hooper Edward NY
Hooper Eleazer 1793-1830 MA East Cambridge, MA Kennard Ann 19 Aug 1821
Hooper George US Catherine
Hooper Henry DE Bersetta
Hooper Jacob 1791-1846 MA Manchester, MA Hooper Elizabeth "Betsy" (1st wife) 2nd wife Deliverance Hooper m. 21 Dec 1820
Hooper James Navy Sarah E.
Hooper Jesse C. GA
Hooper John MD
Hooper Jonathan Navy Manchester, MA Abigail
Hooper Joseph d. 1866 MA Manchester, MA Story Lucy (1st wife) 2nd Mary Burgess, 3rd Elizabeth Lee Cheever, 4th Mehitable Bosworth
Hooper Joseph MA
Hooper Joshua W. Jane
Hooper Levi MA Abigail
Hooper Lyman 1787-1833 MA Plymouth County, MA Shaw Hannah 28 May 1820
Hooper Matthew B. GA
Hooper Philip OH Rachel
Hooper Samuel NJ Ursula
Hooper Thomas d. 1844 MO St. Louis County, MO Brown Rebecca 1801
Hooper William MD
Hoopes John 1784-1871 PA Chester County, PA Hawthorne Sarah 29 Dec 1808 also spelled Hanthorn
Hoopman John MD Eliza J.
Hoose Albern VT Gratia
Hoose Joseph NY Rebecca
Hooton Andrew PA
Hooton Joseph PA Rebecca M.
Hoots Lawrence US Polly Ann
Hooven John PA May
Hooven John G. PA Sarah
Hoover Abraham NY Mary
Hoover Adam d. 1854 KY Warren County, OH Crumley Euphemia 20 Mar 1823
Hoover Christian MS Susannah Sophia
Hoover Emanuel VA
Hoover Henry PA Sarah
Hoover Henry VA Barbara
Hoover Jacob US Ann Maria
Hoover Jacob PA
Hoover Jacob VA
Hoover Jesse MD
Hoover John 1791-1878 DC Washington DC Meem Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Frankland m. 29 Jun 1856
Hoover John d. 1860 US Bradford County, PA Wheeler Polly 01 Jan 1813
Hoover John VA
Hoover John Diden VA Elizabeth
Hoover Jonas PA Elizabeth
Hoover Peter NY
Hoover Philip d. 1851 PA Sullivan County, IN Hall Martha J. 22 Mar 1820
Hoover Samuel d. 1850 OH Licking County, OH Boyd Ann 29 Sep 1816 son and heir William H. Hoover
Hoover William PA Sarah
Hope Daniel d. 1859 MD Talbot County, MD Cain Catharine 10 Oct 1808
Hope James T. VA
Hope Richard d. 1850 KY Boyle County, KY Whoberry Hope 03 Nov 1836 probably 2nd wife
Hope Robert PA Eliza M.
Hope William TN Sarah
Hope William P. VA
Hopkins Alexander PA
Hopkins Alexander d. 1851 US Laurel County, KY Jackson Margaret "Peggy" 25 Sep 1809
Hopkins Allen MA Sarah
Hopkins Alvah NY
Hopkins Anderson MA
Hopkins Archibald OH
Hopkins Arnold c1792-1868 NY Eaton, NY Vanderhoof Elizabeth "Betsey" 25 Jan 1826
Hopkins Arthur VA
Hopkins Asa MA
Hopkins Benjamin US
Hopkins Caleb VA
Hopkins Chandler ME
Hopkins Charles MD Elizabeth
Hopkins Cyrus NY
Hopkins Cyrus 1782-1863 NY Winnebago County, IL Bissell Charlotte 03 Mar 1811
Hopkins David W. d. 1860 NY Allegany County, NY Chapman Amy 11 Sep 1805
Hopkins Dennis GA Margaret
Hopkins Elkanah MA
Hopkins Fay VT
Hopkins George LA
Hopkins George B. VA
Hopkins George W. d. 1878 TN Worth County, MO McFarland Polly 30 Sep 1820
Hopkins Ginnethon KY
Hopkins Greenbury MD
Hopkins Harris NY Minerva
Hopkins Henry NY Mary E.
Hopkins Hiram VT
Hopkins Horatio 1788-1841 NY Steuben County, NY Lindsley Flavilla 19 Feb 1818
Hopkins Isaac 1784-1875 MA Somerset County, ME Bryant Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth Betsey Bixby m. 28 May 1861
Hopkins Isaac d. 1853 NY Putnam County, NY Stevens Sarah 27 Nov 1807
Hopkins Isaac US
Hopkins Jacob d. 1849 NJ Philadelphia County, PA Ketz Sarah 20 Feb 1834 probably 2nd wife
Hopkins James 1784-1867 LA New Orleans, LA Lasmartres Maria Delphine (1st wife) 2nd wife Nellie Elizabeth Miltenberger m. 30 Nov 1835
Hopkins James d. 1873 ME Penobscot County, ME Porter Lucinda H. 14 Nov 1860 probably 2nd or 3rd wife
Hopkins James VA Mary
Hopkins James M. VA Ann E.
Hopkins Jeremiah SC Lucinda
Hopkins John 1792-1835 MA Framingham, MA Mellen Deborah 16 Oct 1814
Hopkins John MA Abigail
Hopkins John NH
Hopkins John NY
Hopkins John NC Phoebe
Hopkins John OH
Hopkins John OH
Hopkins John 1796-1872 VA Henderson County, IL Erwin Jane (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Andrew, 3rd Dorothy Proctor Choate m. 03 Aug 1848
Hopkins John VA
Hopkins John VA
Hopkins John P. d. 1841 VA Surry County, VA Bailey Patsey 22 Jan 1823
Hopkins Joseph US
Hopkins Joseph W. NY
Hopkins Joshua 1787-1870 MA Huron County, OH Small Bridget (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah D. m. 27 Jul 1862
Hopkins Joshua D. VA
Hopkins Joshua L. d. 1871 VA Norfolk County, VA Morely Fanny (1st wife) 2nd wife Susan Kelles m. 10 Apr 1857
Hopkins Josiah ME Mary L.
Hopkins Josiah 1792-1869 MA Penobscot County, ME Treat Rosella or Rosilla 02 Jun 1831 probably 2nd wife
Hopkins Luck VT Eunice
Hopkins Maturen US
Hopkins Moses KY Phylena
Hopkins Nathan d. 1848 MA Waldo County, ME Thomas Susan 27 Dec 1824
Hopkins Nathan G. VA Susan
Hopkins Nathaniel US Elizabeth
Hopkins Nelson 1783-1846 VA Smyth County, VA Matthews Mary "Polly" 30 Dec 1802
Hopkins Nicholas W. 1789-1863 NY Shiawassee County, MI Wright Esther (1st wife) 2nd wife Permelia Hosford m. 06 Mar 1843
Hopkins Norman d. 1852 NY Wayne County, MI Loucks Mary Cynthia 21 Jan 1814
Hopkins Perry G. VT Alice
Hopkins Richard d. 1872 MA Waldo County, ME Asenath 24 May 1842 probably 2nd wife
Hopkins Robert OH
Hopkins Robert d. 1864 OH Marion County, OH Vezey or Vesey Nancy 08 Jan 1814
Hopkins Ruben NY
Hopkins Rufus VA
Hopkins Russell CT Fanny
Hopkins Samuel GA Elizabeth
Hopkins Seth Blank
Hopkins Smith MA Susan
Hopkins Solomon 1787-1875 NY Putnam County, NY Everett Levisia 01 Feb 1810
Hopkins Theodore ME
Hopkins Thomas KY
Hopkins Thomas NY
Hopkins Thomas NY Samantha
Hopkins Thomas d. 1836 VA Jefferson County, OH Perry Elizabeth 15 Sep 1834 probably 2nd wife
Hopkins Thomas d. 1854 VA Philadelphia County, PA Patton Mary Ann 29 May 1817
Hopkins William d. 1869 MA Lincoln County, ME Libby Roxana 17 Oct 1834 probably 2nd wife
Hopkins William OH Elizabeth
Hopkins William TN
Hopkins William US
Hopkins William d. 1853 VA Fairfax County, VA Wells Nancy 06 Jun 1812
Hopkins William H. US
Hopkins William R. VA
Hopkins William S. CT
Hopkinson George NY
Hopkinson John d. 1856 MA York County, ME Cole Elizabeth 13 Mar 1817
Hopkinson Samuel US
Hoppell George OH
Hopper Albert P. NJ
Hopper Andrew 1789-1833 NY Paterson, NJ Harp Mary 12 Sep 1812
Hopper Charles TN
Hopper Jesse TN
Hopper John d. 1864 KY Fleming County, KY Strode Anna 05 Sep 1823
Hopper John KY
Hopper John VA Martha
Hopper John VA Elizabeth B.
Hopper John G. NY
Hopper Levi d. 1873 KY Rowan County, KY Logan Polly 02 Sep 1811
Hopper Nathaniel NY
Hopper Peter d. 1869 NY Rockland County, NY Smith Phebe 07 May 1822
Hopper Philip NJ
Hopper Thomas NY Gertrude
Hopper Thomas TN
Hopper William OH Susie
Hoppers John NC Mary
Hoppes Adam NC
Hopping Silas 1779-1869 NY Cayuga County, NY Hunt Mary Mar 1801
Hopple Daniel d. 1848 PA Berks County, PA Smith Mary 18 Oct 1826
Hoppock Peter NJ
Hopson John A. NY
Hopworth William MA
Hord John TN Mary
Hord John US Matilda
Hord William VA
Hord William VA Elizabeth
Horlacher Peter 1792-1876 PA Lehigh County, PA Walfinger Elizabeth 04 Jul 1816 listed as HARLACHER
Horn Abraham PA Eliza
Horn Christian OH
Horn Christopher c1787-1856 KY Buchanan County, MO Horne Margaret 15 Aug 1813 spelled HORNE
Horn Daniel NH Sally
Horn Edward d. 1854 VA Montgomery County, IN Tolly Nancy 12 Jan 1809
Horn Eli GA
Horn Harmon MS
Horn Hopewell NY
Horn Isaac GA Margaret
Horn Isaac NJ Tabitha
Horn James d. 1877 KY Monroe County, MO Yocum Mary 21 Feb 1830
Horn Jeremiah NC
Horn Jesse NC Betsy
Horn Jesse VA Sussex County, VA
Horn John KY Ann
Horn John PA Elizabeth
Horn John TN Penelope
Horn John VA Nancy
Horn John R. VA Ann
Horn Joseph PA
Horn Joshua US Dollie
Horn Melchoir PA Frederica M.
Horn Michael d. 1860 KY Mercer County, KY Gabhart Polly 20 Jan 1820
Horn Nathan NH Sarah
Horn Nathaniel E. d. 1838 ME Ellis Judith 24 Aug 1809
Horn Solomon PA
Horn Thomas US
Horn William MA Betsey
Horn William d. 1875 PA Montgomery County, PA Supplee Sarah 08 Jan 1845 probably 2nd wife
Horn William US
Hornback Daniel 1785-1859 KY Larue County, KY Fulkerson Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Margaret Miller m. 23 Oct 1828
Hornback Isaac KY
Hornbeck Daniel 1785-1859 KY Larue County, KY Fulkerson Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Margaret Miller m. 23 Oct 1828
Hornberger Stephen d. 1847 PA Lancaster County, PA Hyde Barbara 26 Jan 1815
Hornberrier Daniel d. 1843 US Rowan County, NC Lingle Catharine 06 Nov 1804
Horne James NH Eliza C.
Horne John SC
Horne Jonathan NH Elizabeth
Horne Sebastine LA
Horner Alexander PA Anna
Horner Isaac TN Lucy
Horner John NJ
Horner John TN
Horner Major 1787-1867 VA Randolph County, MO Morgan Keturah 07 Nov 1812
Horner Mathew R. PA Margaret
Horner Richard T. VA
Horney Samuel MD
Horning Henry NY Margaret
Horning Jacob R. NY
Hornish John B. d. 1831 OH Westmoreland County, PA Kuhns Hannah 20 Jul 1815
Hornor James Yard 1793-1872 VA Harrison County, WV Ferguson Dolly Olifant (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Asson Robinson m. 01 Apr 1834
Horns Sion NC
Horr Peter 1789-1871 NY St. Lawrence County, NY Graves Matilda 26 Oct 1817 spelled HOR
Horrell Jonathan NC Mary Jane
Horrid Redin NC
Horsefall John J. MA
Horsey Nathaniel DE Eliza T.
Horsford John VT
Horsley James KY
Horsley William 1790-1876 KY Greenup County, KY Madden Nancy R. Mar 1818
Horstmer Charles MD
Hortez John B. MO
Horton Archibald TN Mahala C.
Horton Charles H. d. 1857 NY New York, NY Harmony Naamah 15 Sep 1811
Horton Cornelius NY
Horton Daniel KY
Horton David OH Margaret
Horton David E. NC Sarah
Horton Edward 1777-1835 NY Cayuga County, NY Seward Charlotte 10 Aug 1798
Horton Elijah NY Elizabeth
Horton Elisha NY
Horton Elisha Perry 1790-1843 CT Grafton County, NH Wheaton Avis 01 Jan 1811
Horton Enoch d. 1850 MA Bristol County, MA Phebe T. (3rd wife) 11 Jun 1835
Horton Ezra NY Naomi
Horton Gabriel 1796-1868 NY Winona County, MN Corwin Elizabeth "Eliza" 17 Oct 1822
Horton Hector T. 1789-1825 NY Suffolk County, NY Tuthill Dency 28 Nov 1812
Horton Heyron VA Elizabeth
Horton Horace CT
Horton Isaac Blank Ann
Horton Isaac T. NY Esther
Horton Isaiah NY Mariah
Horton James NY
Horton James NY
Horton James US Philadelphia County, PA Joyce Rebecca 12 Aug 1822
Horton James E. NY Rejoice
Horton James Henry 1778-1837 MD Baltimore County, MD Dieffenderffer Elizabeth 15 Dec 1808
Horton James R. NY Amy
Horton Jehiel d. 1873 NY Franklin County, IA Hammond Anna 12 Dec 1816
Horton Jesse SC Mary
Horton Jesse C. 1797-1873 NJ Northumberland County, PA Headley Harriet (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha Lemon m. 12 Dec 1825
Horton John d. 1840 CT Madison County, NY Matteson Eliza (1st wife) 2nd wife Maria Chappell m. 25 Nov 1835
Horton John GA
Horton John KY
Horton John NY Priscilla
Horton John US Maria
Horton Jonathan J. SC Emily Reeves
Horton Jonathan P. NY
Horton Joseph CT
Horton Joseph NY Sarah
Horton Joseph VA
Horton Joseph H. NY
Horton Levi NY Keziah
Horton Lovel d. 1843 VT Oswego County, NY Rathbun Sylvia 14 Sep 1818
Horton Pearce NY Mariam
Horton Phineas NC
Horton Robert VA Joanna
Horton Ryal A. US
Horton Samuel d. 1815 Navy Essex County, MA Brown Emma 01 May 1814
Horton Seth CT Sally
Horton Simeon CT Lucretia A.
Horton Simeon d. 1873 MA Bristol County, MA Chace Huldah 01 Jun 1820
Horton Stephen 1794-1849 GA Gwinnett County, GA Parish Martha 13 Mar 1807
Horton Thomas 1790-1861 KY Iron County, MO Jones Cassandra 20 Oct 1817
Horton Thomas 1784-1852 NY Broome County, NY Lindsey or Linsey Charlotte 01 Dec 1803
Horton Thomas NC Judith
Horton William B. GA
Horton William M. NY Polly
Horton William W. TN Mary
Hosack David PA Rebecca
Hosack John PA Mary
Hosack Thomas NY Susan R.
Hosack William d. 1863 OH Guernsey County, OH Staley Lavinia (2nd wife) 03 Jan 1856
Hosbrook Daniel 1785-1868 OH Hamilton County, OH Bates Eunice 14 Aug 1808
Hoschar Andrew d. 1865 VA Mason County, WV Pritchett Susan 09 Sep 1813
Hosford Aaron NY
Hosford Ammi 1791-1862 CT Litchfield County, CT Dean Sarah 04 Jul 1810
Hosford Daniel D. VT Catharine
Hosford Suel MA
Hoshall Jesse MD
Hosier Jacob 1778-1855 OH Greene County, OH Robinson Anne 10 Nov 1813
Hosier Stephen US
Hoskin Isaac NY Susannah
Hoskins Ellis NC Sally
Hoskins George NY
Hoskins Timothy d. 1872 CT Chittenden County, VT Drew Betsey E. 10 Mar 1839 probably 2nd wife
Hoskins William 1795-1851 OH Union County, OH Whinegar or Wynegar Mary 23 Aug 1838 probably 2nd wife
Hoskinson Andrew c1785-1872 OH Adams County, IN Beard Sarah 21 Oct 1813
Hoskinson Joshua OH
Hosler George Bortner 1794-1863 PA Morrow County, OH Rohrbaugh Maria Catharine 11 Apr 1815
Hosley David 1797-1837 NH Sullivan County, NH Gale Hannah 06 Mar 1823
Hosley Eli 1790-1868 VT Potter County, PA Arms Angeline 10 Mar 1811
Hosmer Arnold d. 1862 CT Cuyahoga County, OH Clark Fanny (1st wife) 2nd wife Olive Clark m. 03 Dec 1818
Hosmer Ashbel Alfred 1786-1864 NY Monroe County, NY Wood Anna (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Whitney m. 02 Feb 1818
Hosmer Costalio d. 1869 MA Middlesex County, MA Ruth (1st wife) 2nd wife Dolly m. 09 Jun 1850
Hosmer Cyrus 1795-1833 MA Northfield, MA Wheeler Lydia Parkman 23 Jan 1823
Hosmer Elisha d. 1845 NY Rowley Clarissa 04 Jul 1815
Hosmer Esquire Martin 1788-1873 Blank St. Lawrence County, NY Watkins Eunice 14 Sep 1814
Hosmer Henry CT Lucy
Hosmer Horace 1794-1860 CT Hartford County, CT Grant Marilda 21 Sep 1820
Hosmer John d. 1864 MA Concord, MA Turner Mary Eliza H. 28 Feb 1864
Hosmer John B. 1786-1854 NY Erie County, NY Abbe Lura 09 Jun 1809
Hosmer Josiah Wheeler 1792-1860 MA Waldo County, ME Heal Lydia P. 08 May 1823
Hosmer Nathan d. 1875 MA Franklin County, MA Moore Betsey 04 Mar 1819
Hosmer Prentice NY Ellen
Hosmer Samuel MA Susan
Hosmer Sherman NY
Hosmer Silas 1791-1872 MA Acton, MA Hopgood or Hapgood Molly (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Jacobs, 3rd wife Mary Puffer m. 13 Jan 1848
Hosmer Sylvester 1786-1854 NY Livingston County, NY Smith Laura 21 Apr 1811
Hosmer Sylvester VT
Hoss Isaac US Hannah
Host Peter d. 1840 VA Dinwiddie County, VA Gibbs Angelina Sep 1816
Hosteter John VA
Hostetter Andrew 1787-1864 VA Rockbridge County, VA Standoff Nancy 12 Sep 1811
Hotchkiss Andrew NY
Hotchkiss Archibald NY
Hotchkiss Henry 1785-1871 US Greene County, NY Cochran Sarah Dorrance 30 Oct 1806
Hotchkiss Hiram NY Mary
Hotchkiss John O. MA Annie
Hotchkiss Joseph 1790-1831 NY Delaware County, NY Davenport Lydia 10 Feb 1813
Hotchkiss Levi CT
Hotchkiss Sherman NY
Hottel Joseph VA Catharine
Hottel Paul VA
Houch John US Barbara
Houck Abraham PA
Houck Benjamin PA Nancy
Houck George 1787-1840 MD Carroll County, MD De Hoff Catherine 20 Jun 1813
Houck George VA
Houck John MD
Houck John NY
Houck John 1787-1850 NY Crawford County, PA Stilwell Sarah 01 Jan 1815 spelled HUYCK
Houck Larkin MD
Houck Samuel NY
Houck Solomon 1783-1841 OH Fairfield County, OH Gawthraup Gawthrop Sarah A. 12 Nov 1805
Hough Abel IN Anna
Hough Alvah NY Harriet
Hough Clement CT
Hough David d. 1852 NY Oswego County, NY Filkins Sarah 24 Mar 1813
Hough Erastus A. d. 1860 NY St. Lawrence County, NY Pierce Susan 29 Apr 1829
Hough Ezra NY Sally
Hough Garrett 1787-1851 VA Loudoun County, VA Gover Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Anna Maria "Mary" Trout m.05 Jul 1841
Hough John d. 1868 NY Lewis County, NY Jones Sally Oct 1851 probably 2nd wife
Hough John VA Mary S.
Hough Joseph OH Hannah
Hough Luman NY
Hough Mathew NY
Hough Paten OH
Hough Theophilus CT Esther
Houghtaling James 1795-1871 NY Delaware County, NY Durham Amelia (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha Shaver m. 05 Oct 1843
Houghtaling James d. 1871 NY Saratoga County, NY Travise Jane 01 Jun 1816
Houghtaling John NY Polly
Houghtaling Simeon 1786-1859 NY Onondaga County, NY Jones Anna 21 Sep 1808
Houghtaling Tennis W. NY Nancy
Houghtaling Teunis d. 1836 NY Ulster County, NY Elmendorf Blandina (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Krom m. 16 Dec 1817
Houghtaling Tunis NY Catharine
Houghtelling Christopher NY
Houghton Harvey d. 1871 US Outagamie County, WI Lathrop Jerusha (1st wife) 2nd wife Mariam m. 26 Jan 1852
Houghton Jacob 1777-1861 NY Chautauqua County, NY Douglas Lydia 28 Jan 1806
Houghton Jason Wadsworth 1793-1867 MA Norfolk County, MA Davenport Nancy 11 Jan 1821
Houghton Jonas M. 1787-1865 NY Delaware County, NY Cass Hannah 22 Sep 1808
Houghton Luther US
Houghton Oliver 1782-1861 NY Medina County, OH Dye Nancy (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth McCabe m. 19 Sep 1827
Houghton Phineas MA Alice
Houghton Willard d. 1862 MA Worcester County, MA Powers Lucy 14 Jun 1833
Houghton William P. NY Tamar
Houglin Abraham KY
Houk Enoch TN
Houk William 1789-1870 PA Lawrence County, PA White Mary Elizabeth "Eliza" 10 Dec 1818
Houke David KY
Houlditch George 1792-1862 SC Pontotoc County, MS Finley Jane 29 May 1817
Houpt Jacob MD
House Ansel 1782-1853 CT Tioga County, PA Beal Nancy 06 Nov 1805
House Bug Blank
House Conrad NY
House Conrad P. NY
House Darling B. GA
House David TN Jane
House George KY
House George A. Blank Sarah
House Henry MD
House Henry d. 1875 NY Bergen County, NJ Smith Elizabeth (1st wife) 2nd wife Martha Van Houten m. 09 Apr 1851
House Henry 1795-1875 TN Sumner County, TN Bowles Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy Senter m. Jan 1858
House Henry d. 1849 VA Brunswick County, VA Owen Lucy S. 20 May 1820
House Jacob NC
House Jacob US
House Jacob P. TN Sarah A.
House Jared 1792-1877 NY Lewis County, NY Kelsey Lucy Ann (1st wife) 2nd wife Esther Elizabeth Cushing m. 10 Oct 1855
House Jehiel CT Eunice C.
House Jesse 1793-1872 MD Baltimore, MD Grover Catherine (1st wife) 2nd wife Elizabeth A. Harford m. 11 Jan 1844
House John 1789-1863 MA Lincoln County, ME Holden Abigail 03 Dec 1818
House John PA
House John d. 1852 VA Rush County, TX Perkins Elizabeth 15 Aug 1821
House John 1795-1876 MA Kennebec County, ME Perry Nancy 16 Dec 1815
House Joseph NY Permelia
House Joseph NY
House Joseph P. d. 1865 NY Steuben County, NY Shaut Sarah 23 Mar 1836
House Joshua MA
House Lewis NY Catharine
House Little B. or Littleberry GA Malinda
House Matthew NY
House Matthias TN
House Nathaniel Palmer 1778-1847 MA Franklin County, ME Cushman Zerviah (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Parcher m. 18 Mar 1820
House William 1770-1848 SC Coosa County, AL Thornton Olive 12 Sep 1804
House William TN
House William TN
House William SC
House William H. 1797-1845 GA Tallapoosa County, AL Potts Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Nancy T. Franklin m. 19 Apr 1827
Householder George OH
Householder John d. 1862 PA Bedford County, PA Ensley Mary 14 Oct 1814
Householder John VA Ann
Householder John OH Catherine
Housel John M. PA
Houseman George OH Susannah
Houser Henry OH
Houser John PA
Houseright James VA Malinda
Housinger Wait OH Roda
Houston Alexander M. IN Emily J.
Houston Carter SC
Houston Charles C. KY Julia C.
Houston Edward NC Nancy
Houston George GA Mary
Houston James TN Delilah
Houston John Blank Jane M.
Houston John George 1795-1858 NY Orange County, NY Bronson Susan (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary W. Bradner m. 15 Jan 1851
Houston Leonard IN
Houston Oliver GA Martha A.
Houston Samuel Navy Charity M.
Houston Samuel US
Hout Adam PA
Houts Christopher G. KY Sarah
Houts Jacob KY Elizabeth
Houtz John 1795-1871 PA Synder County, PA Rudy Elizabeth 02 Sep 1811
Hoven John MS Mary
Hover Solomon NC
Hoverman Peter MA
Hovey Alfred MA
Hovey Alvin NY Calista
Hovey Asa US Almire
Hovey Daniel NY Mary
Hovey Ebenezer MA
Hovey Edward NY Sarah G.
Hovey Isaac US
Hovey James NY
Hovey Samuel NH
Hovey Simeon NY Jerusha
Hovey Suel NY
Hovis Earnest Blank Margaret
How John d. 1859 MA Portland, ME Gates Susan 25 Dec 1817
How William US Betsy
Howard Aaron OH
Howard Abner MA
Howard Abner 1788-1872 OH Brown County, OH Bayne Priscilla (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Rain, 3rd wife Mary Ellen Willoughby m. 31 Oct 1850
Howard Abraham IL
Howard Allen VA
Howard Allen H. US Elizabeth
Howard Amasa MA
Howard Ancil NY Anna
Howard Augustus Clark 1790-1876 VT Grafton County, NH Heaton Malinda (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary Gary m. 04 Dec 1850
Howard Beal DC
Howard Benjamin VA Eliza
Howard Benjamin Beal 1788-1867 MA New Bedford, MA Howard Olive (1st wife) 2nd Susan Mitchell, 3rd Jane Bates Taylor, 4th Harriet M. Pratt m. 1862
Howard Benjamin Chew 1791-1872 MD Baltimore, MD Gilmore Jane Grant 24 Feb 1818
Howard Bethuel d. 1872 NY New York, NY Corwin Ann 14 Feb 1819
Howard Calvin MA
Howard Calvin NY Emeline P.
Howard Charles d. 1859 MA Norfolk County, MA Harding Susanna 19 Jan 1808
Howard Charles TN Mary H.
Howard Charles VT
Howard Charles S. OH
Howard Daniel NY Phebe
Howard Daniel C. 1790-1870 MA Lincoln County, ME Simpson Theodosia 27 Dec 1818
Howard Daniel W. MA Lucy
Howard David US
Howard David John Morgan 1797-1838 CT Jefferson County, NY Hinds Susan 06 Dec 1826
Howard Dexter NY
Howard Edward MA
Howard Edward NH Emily
Howard Edward d. 1853 US Boston, MA Mary T. (2nd wife) 25 Sep 1832
Howard Edward L. Navy Lydia
Howard Eliphalet M. CT Patty
Howard Elisha MD
Howard Ephraim NJ
Howard Ezekiel d. 1857 Navy Essex County, MA Rhodes Lydia 03 Jul 1809
Howard George VA
Howard George d. 1860 VA Henrico County, VA Roberts Sarah (2nd wife) 02 Apr 1838
Howard George W. d.1838 MD Washington DC Eliza 31 Oct 1833 probably 2nd wife
Howard Harvey VA
Howard Henry d. 1865 KY Mason County, KY Douglass Sarah 02 Aug 1814
Howard Henry US Eunice
Howard Ira NY
Howard Isaac 1795-1876 TN Van Buren County, TN Moore Sarah (1st wife) 2nd wife Judy Griffin m. 10 Mar 1856
Howard Jacob NY
Howard James d. 1862 KY Madison County, KY Taylor Mary (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah Kightley m. 15 Apr 1820
Howard James MD
Howard James SC
Howard James TN Elizabeth
Howard James VA
Howard James P. d. 1854 KY Butler County, KY Carson Ann D. (1st wife) 2nd wife Rebecca McCracken m. 21 Dec 1843
Howard Joel 1797-1872 US Rutland County, VT Marsh Lucy (1st wife) 2nd wife Dulcena Bixby Rhoads m. 12 Feb 1834
Howard John d. 1876 PA Hancock County, OH Simpson Abigail Jun 1813
Howard John NY
Howard John TN
Howard John US Elizabeth
Howard John d. 1868 VA Henrico County, VA Dickerson Nancy S. 20 Mar 1810
Howard John VA
Howard John d. 1840 GA Baldwin County, GA Smith Harriet 14 Sep 1815
Howard John GA
Howard John IN Hannah
Howard John NY Mary
Howard John G. NY
Howard John Littleton 1791-1874 KY McLean County, KY Moore Margaret (1st wife) 2nd wife Sarah m. 18 May 1871
Howard Johnston VA
Howard Jonathan d. 1875 NH Chemung County, NY Beardsley Susanna 15 Oct 1822
Howard Jonathan NY
Howard Jonathan NY
Howard Joseph IL
Howard Joseph 1797-1872 KY Putnam County, IN Allison Mary 30 Mar 1817
Howard Joseph MD Susanna
Howard Joseph NY Mary
Howard Joseph US Lavina
Howard Josiah US Ann
Howard Josiah M. d. 1877 CT New London County, CT Keeney Susan 14 Jan 1827
Howard Junio 1794-1864 US Clinton County, NY Spaulding Rebecca Jane 11 Jul 1816
Howard Lewis 1794-1865 MA Plymouth County, MA Ford Eliza 14 May 1828
Howard Martin NY Ruth
Howard Matthew KY Else
Howard Maurice 1793-1873 NY Grant County, IN Sabin Matilda 24 Jan 1822
Howard Morris 1784-1862 US Racine, WI Smith Hannah (1st wife) 2nd wife Jane Scott m. 17 Dec 1858
Howard Nathaniel d. 1836 MA Plymouth County, MA Briggs Mary 29 Aug 1813
Howard Perez MA Eliza
Howard Phineas NY
Howard Richard NY Meribah
Howard Richard VA
Howard Samuel IN
Howard Samuel ME
Howard Samuel TN Hannah
Howard Samuel VA Sarah B.
Howard Samuel 1785-1876 MD Muskingum County, OH Cole Arianna 13 Feb 1810
Howard Samuel G. MA
Howard Simeon NY Mary
Howard Sylvanus d. 1853 VA Bedford County, VA Rhodes Mary P. (2nd wife) 29 Aug 1825
Howard Thomas US Julia S.
Howard Thomas PA
Howard Thomas M. d. 1875 VA Campbell County, VA Clark Mary 19 Dec 1816
Howard Thomas V. ME
Howard Vincent KY Lucina D.
Howard William DE Rhoda
Howard William KY
Howard William KY
Howard William d. 1859 MD Baltimore, MD Boyce Elizabeth 13 Sep 1810
Howard William d. 1872 MA Wareham, MA Barlow Susannah 08 Sep 1808
Howard William NH Rebecca F.
Howard William NH Polly
Howard William NY
Howard William NY
Howard William NY
Howard William c1792-1836 TN Bradley County, TN Moore Frances "Fanny" 20 May 1811
Howard William L. MA
Howden Henry C. VT
Howdershelt Daniel d. 1846 VA Barbour County, VA Foreman Katy (1st wife) 2nd wife Mary m. 30 Dec 1844
Howdin Michael NY
Howe Almon CT Belinda L.
Howe Amos VT
Howe Asa NY Betsey
Howe Asahel NY Julia Ann
Howe Benjamin US
Howe Berzela US
Howe Cyrenus OH